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Humanoid Reports  from 2357 BC to 1869 AD
Complied By Albert S. Rosales  

Echoes of a dim past prove to be reflections of the future.
- Albert Rosales

#. Location. Japan (unknown location)
    Date: 2357-2258 BC   Time: unknown
According to Tau-se from an ancient manuscript called "Sey-to-ki", during the time of Emperor Ton-Yo, in the year of "Mon-Sham" a "divine man" descended from the sky, using a "monster that was emitting light" (spacecraft??). The people called this man "the master." He received the name Tan-kun (Sandalwood God) and his country was called Peson.
     HC addendum
     Source: Space Visitors in Ancient Japan by Mikhail Rosenshpitz in:
     "Unbelievable World" #8 August 2004   Type: B?

#. Location. Illyrian Apollonia Greece (Modern day Albania)
    Date: 83 BC   Time: unknown
In this year the Roman General Syllas gathered his army to march against Greece. As his army passed the Illyrian Apollonia, a city near today's city of Dirach in Albania they encountered a strange being.
"Near Apollonia and the surrounding area is Nympaio, a sacred place with a steep and narrow valley and rivers of fire. There the soldiers of Syllas caught a "satyr" as the status and paintings depict. The soldiers brought the strange creature in front of Syllas and he questioned the satyr but it could not speak, only moaned and cried like a goat or a horse."
     HC addendum
     Source:  quoting Plutarch   Type: H?

#. Location. Rome Italy
    Date: 214 AD
At Hadria a fiery bridge was seen in the sky and next to him the figure of man wearing white clothing.
     HC addendum
     Source: Henry Durrant, 1970   Type: C?

#. Location. Cannes, France
    Date: 216 AD
Round objects and the shapes of ships with occupants were observed over the region.
     HC addendum
     Source: Pierre Vieroudy 1979   Type: A?

#. Location. Katsuraki Mountain, Japan
    Date: 460 AD   Time: unknown
According to the ancient Japanese manuscript "Nihoni" the Emperor Oho-Hatsuse-Vaka-taka-no-Mikoto had gone hunting in the mountain with bow and arrows when unexpectedly a tall man in a strange cap and tight-fitting clothes descended from the sky. By his face and manner of behavior the Emperor thought that he had encountered "God" himself and decided to ask him who he was. The tall man answered, "I am the God of visible people. You give me your king's name and I will give you mine's". The Emperor answered, "I am---Vaka-Taka-no-Mikoto". And the tall man gave his name, "Your obedient servant God Hito-Koto-Musi" (which literally meant, "God of one word. Goodness that sprays evil with one word and the good by one word"). He left his "chariot" (spacecraft?) that was emitting light and joined the emperor in his hunting expedition.
     HC addendum
     Source: Space Visitors in Ancient Japan by Mikhail Rosenshpitz in:
     "Unbelievable World" #8 Aug. 2004   Type: B
     Comments: Ancient Contact tale from Japan

#. Location. Japan, exact location unknown
    Date: 556 AD   Time: unknown
A strange man, a visitor from the sky was encountered during the rule of Emperor AMe-Kuni-Osi-Hiroki-Niro-niha and told the emperor when he met him: "In the past during the rule of Emperor Oho-Hatsuse, your country has experienced strong pressure from Korea and was in a quite critical situation. If after a respectful prayer to the divine being---founder of your country---you will help the ruler who is threatened by destruction, the state will then achieve tranquility and peace will be established among nations. Recently I was informed that your country has stopped honoring the Supreme God. If you will now repent of your former sins, and build a temple to this God and make a sacrifice in honor of his divine spirit...your country will flourish. Don't forget about this."
     HC addendum
     Source: Space Visitors in Ancient Japan. By Mikhail Rosenshpitz in: "Unbelievable World,"
     Kiev Ukraine #8, August 2004   Type: E?

#. Location. River Setomi, near present-day modern Kiev, Ukraine
    Date: 1065   Time: daytime
Local residents observed a strange sign in the sky---a huge star with blood red beams of light. This phenomenon lasted for 7 straight days. It was seen only during the evening. Around the same time a child-like dwarf type entity was found by fishermen in the river Setomi (this river does not exist at present). The dwarf was pulled out of the river in a net. The fishermen kept watch over the strange entity until late afternoon and then threw back into the river out of fear and repugnancy. The dwarf like entity was very strange with a much-wrinkled face and other "shameless" details on his face and body (not specified).
     HC addendum
     Source: "Povest Vremennyh Let" (Ancient Manuscript) and Dmitriy Lavrov (All-Ukrainian News)
     February 18 1998   Type: E or D?

#. Location. Railbach, Freienstein, Germany
    Date: 1125   Time: 2300 to midnight
Near the above town witnesses, including one Georg Miltenburger reported seeing a bizarre entity described as resembling a "burning man" or a man of fire. It was seen running over the hills, spitting fire from its nose and mouth. Some said that they could plainly see its burning ribs. It reportedly wandered around the mountainous area for quite some time.
     HC addendum
     Source: Michel Bougard, Inforespace #23, And Jean Ferguson "Humanoids"   Type: E?
     Encounter with solitary humanoid. High Strangeness Index: 7 ROS: 6
     Comments: Do we have here a description of an entity wearing luminous clothing and using
     beams of light that was interpreted in a very primitive and superstitious way?

#. Location. Germany (exact location not specified)
    Date: 1138   Time: unknown
It was reported that a "dwarf" was captured in the cellar of a German monastery. It was very black and did not speak any known language. He was tied up briefly but the rope was slackened to see what he would do. He returned to the cellar where he was found. He raised a stone on the ground and disappeared through a tunnel where nobody was able to follow him. The mysterious tunnel was reportedly sealed with a cross.
     HC addendum
     Source: Jacques Bergier "Extraterrestrials throughout history" 1970   Type: E?

#. Location. Woolpit, Suffolk, England
    Date: 1173   Time: daytime
This village was named after its deep trenches in which wolves were formerly capture. One day local villagers were amazed to see two very unusual children crawling out of one of these trenches. A girl and a slightly younger boy, they were both dressed in strange clothing and spoke an unintelligible language. But by far the most striking characteristic of these children was their skin color, which was green. Unable to communicate with them, and thoroughly perplexed as to what should be done, the villagers took the girl and boy, who were weeping and very forlorn to the home of Sir Richard de Calne a local landowner. Here they remained treated with great care and kindness by Sir Richard and his servants. But the boy fell ill and in less than a year he had died. Happily however the girl survived and as she grew older her skin's green hue gradually disappeared. She eventually married a man from King's Lynn in Norfolk, a senior ambassador of Henry II according to some sources, and became known as Agnes Barre. During her years in Sir Richard's household, Agnes learned English and was eventually able to reveal something about where she and her brother had come from and the manner in which they had reached Woolpit. She claimed that they were from a Christian place called St. Martin's Land, where it was always twilight (and also where according to one medieval chronicler of this story, everything was green), and which was separated from a much sunnier place by a wide river. One day while tending their father's flocks in a field, Agnes and her brother had been led away by the sound of church bells into an underground realm, and then somehow found themselves in Woolpit.
     HC addendum
     Source: Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker in Fate Magazine May 2001   Type: E?
     Comments: Sounds like sojourners from some parallel realm that somehow stumbled into
     our three-dimensional world.

#. Location. Tilbury, England
    Date: 1207   Time: unknown
Tilbury Gervase of Tilbury writes in Otio Imperialia about an aerial ship that caught its anchor on a pile of stones. An occupant came down from the ship and managed to free it, however he was asphyxiated by the atmosphere (?).
     HC addendum
     Source: http://www.bibleufo.com/ufos2.htm   Type: B?

#. Location. Gravesend, Kent, England
    Date: 1211   Time: unknown
During a Sunday mass it is said that the congregation saw an anchor descend and catch on a tombstone in the churchyard. The churchgoers rushed outside to see a strange "ship" in the sky, with people on board. One occupant of the vessel leaped over the side, but did not fall, "as if swimming in water" he made his way through the air toward the anchor. The people on the ground tried to capture him. The man then hurried up to the ship. His companions cut the anchor rope, and the ship then "sailed out of sight". The local blacksmith made ornaments from the abandoned anchor to decorate the church lectern.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://www.bibleufo.com/ufos2.htm   Type: B

#. Location. Russia (no exact location given)
    Date: 1319   Time: night
At night, over Russia, people observed "fiery pillars"; they extended from the ground toward the sky. Some also sighted a "heavenly arc". Yet others saw horse-like flying entities, equipped with "lanterns".
     HC addendum
     Source: Phillip Mantle, Paul Stonehill "UFO-USSR"   Type: E?

#. Location. Jaen, Andalusia, Spain
    Date: June 10 1430   Time: 2330
On Saturday for more than one half hour, four rather scared and separate peasants sighted, from different places in town, some 500 people performing a strange procession commanded by a handsome lady in white robes who carried on her hands a baby. The noisy unidentified crowd walked slowly through isolated streets following an itinerary ending at the San Ildefonso church. The charming woman and infant threw off a powerful light, which blinded the observers and illuminated the area like "noon." The Señora was taller than her attendants and wore a glowing mantle with iridescent colors. The picturesque parade was headed by seven young men in white clothing bearing white crosses, followed by 20 clergymen - in two rows - praying aloud in some unintelligible speech. Right after them went the lady and child with a man and a woman by the sides escorting them. Behind and clustered, came along some 300 men and women also in white garments. Finally ran a troupe of 100 individuals in white armed with lances, beating loudly their pikes with each other. At the tail end of this staggering display, pursued many barking dogs. When the crowd arrived at an open space behind the church, the imposing dame sat herself on a resplendent silvery throne in front of a luminous altar staged with red and white ornaments, while her companions sat down around her intonating chants. At midnight the entire "holy army" vanished inexplicably into thin air. Afterwards one of the witnesses went through the procession route and found no ground traces. Two days later, one of the witnesses heard a mysterious voice that whispered to him: "Do not sleep and you will see good things." Civil and ecclesiastical Spanish authorities cautiously and carefully investigated the odd happening. This bizarre happening was the origin of a local sacred Marian cult that persisted for several centuries.
     HC addendum
     Source: Anonymous, Historia de Jaen, Gonzalo Argote de Molina, "Nobleza de Andalucia" etc

#. Location. Milan, Italy
    Date: August 13 1491   Time: evening
Noted philosopher Fazio Cardano was resting in his home after a day's work. As he sat in the kitchen area, suddenly out of nowhere seven "majestic" looking men appeared in front of him. He described them as wearing bright flowing robes and sandals and what appeared to be Greek tiaras on their heads. They had black hair and were of an unnatural beauty and appeared to be 30 to 40 years of age. They briefly spoke about philosophy, the existence of the human soul about life and death on earth and basically about the transient nature of man's existence on Earth. When asked who they were, they said that they were men composed, as it were, of air, and subject to birth and death. It was true that their lives were much longer than ours, and might even reach to three hundred years duration. Questioned on the immortality of the soul, they affirmed that nothing survives, which is peculiar to the individual. They remained for over three hours and when questioned about as to the cause of the universe there was disagreement between the men. The tallest of them denied that God had made the world from eternity. On the contrary, the other added that God created it from moment to moment, so that should he desist for an instant the world would perish.
     HC addendum
     Source: CUN Campania & Jacques Vallée Passport To Magonia   Type: E

#. Location. Tenochtitlan, Mexico
    Date: 1502   Time: unknown
In this Aztec city, the goddess Cihuacoatl takes the form of a beautiful lady draped in white garments. Throughout the night she cries out in misery: "Oh hijos mios...ya ha llegado vuestra destruccion. Donde os llevare?" (Oh my children...your destruction has arrived. Where can I take you?) Many believe that Cihuacoatl was speaking of the future conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards.
     HC addendum
     Source: The Spirit of La Llorona, Timeline   Type: E?

#. Location. Prostynia, Poland
    Date: 1510   Time: unknown
Magorzata Baszkowska, a poor woman saw a wondrous female entity who introduced herself as St Ann and as proof she gave her four wreathes. Three of them were joined together and interpreted as the symbol of the Holy Trinity. The other wreath had the symbol of St Ann. A church was built at Prostynia as the woman ordered. The wreaths were then placed on a silver crown and are still used to bless pilgrims. Around the same time an extraordinary looking woman asked a local peasant from Zlotki for a lift to Prostynia. The peasant didn't know the woman but agreed to take her. But immediately the oxen turned into the marshes and the peasant became frightened. However the woman assured him that they would be safe. Soon they stopped at Prostynia Hill and the woman said, "I am St Ann. I've have come here to worship the Holy Trinity." The peasant stood on the hill praying the whole time.
     HC addendum
     Source: direct from   Type: E

#. Location. Ozarks Region
    Date: circa 1516   Time: various
In the 1530s and 40s, the Spaniard Cabeza de Vaca and his Conquistadores followed the Mississippi River and came in contact with various Native American tribes of varying dispositions. Upon befriending the Avavares further westward they were told a most unusual tale. According to the Indians, approximately sixteen years earlier the region had been visited by another "bearded" character of unusual aspect. This fellow was called by the Indians "Malacosa" or Mr. "Bad thing" (according to the Spaniards) an accurate appellation given his proclivities. Even though bearded his facial features were "never seen clearly" or where otherwise indistinct or else clouded by a mist. This character "invaded" Indian homes by night, accompanied by a light and an electrical sensation that would make the hair of the inhabitants "stand on end." Apparently paralyzed, the poor tribes-people would stand helpless as, armed with a "blazing brand" or wand the bearded creature would rush inside and perform intrusive surgeries upon its victims. This included abdominal intrusions and taking of intestinal samples, to incisions or perhaps partial amputation of arms and legs, which would then be surgically stitched or otherwise, repaired. The androgynous ambiguity of this creature was not lost on the Indians, for it happened that during this season of visitation, "Malacosa" would appear in the midst of their celebrations, dressed alternately as an Indian man or woman, which raises the question: Was he in a possible quest for genetic material based on seduction? The Indians offered him food but he never ate; they inquired as to his place of origin, and "Malacosa" pointed to a nearby "hole" on the ground and told them that his home was there, in the regions below. At first the Spaniards laughed at the account of the "barbarian bogey man" until the Indians brought forward numerous people who still bore the visible scars of the intrusive or amputation reattachment surgeries.
     HC addendum
     Source: Michael Mott, Entities, Electromagnetism and EMPs   Type: E?

#. Location. Western Moldavia
    Date: November 8 1517   Time: night
A great blue sign shinning like a face of a man appeared in the western sky over Moldavia. It remained quite a long time, at the same place, after which it "hid itself" in the sky again.
     HC addendum
     Source: USSR UFO History, Vol. 1 #2   Type: E or F?

#. Location. Yugiu, Jiangsu, China
    Date: 1523   Time: daytime
A teacher named Lu Yu who lived in the village of Yugiu was out standing outside his home under a torrential rain when he noticed two "ships" which were sailing on top of the clouds above some ruins across from his home. On the two ships "which measured more than ten arms each" he could see several tall men wearing each one a hat and multicolored clothing. They were holding each a "pole" in each hand as the ships moved quickly overhead. The teacher Lu Yu then alerted "ten well read men" who came beside him to observe the phenomenon. The ships then descended over the teacher, the ten other men and the men onboard the ships wearing the multicolored clothing, "then passed their hands over the mouths of the well-read scribes who could not speak anymore." At this time another men appeared on one of the ships, escorted like a Mandarin and accompanied by a bonze. Some time later the ships flew away, through the clouds and were seen descending about a kilometer away near a cemetery. When the ships left the "ten well read scribes" were able to speak again. But five days later, Lu Yu died of unknown causes.
     HC addendum
     Source: Shi Bo "China and the Extraterrestrials" 1983   Type: B?
     Comments: Obviously a garbled early UFO report.
     One must wonder what caused Lu Yu's demise.

#. Location. Moscow, Russia
    Date: 1530's-1540's   Time: unknown
At the end of the 20th century, academician and anthropologist Dr. Rudolph Vanzhaev made a stunning discovery. While he was reconstructing the facial features of the famous Russian Tsar Ivan the Fourth (or Ivan the Terrible), Dr. Vanzhaev discovered a diminutive metallic plate in Ivan's skull. The strange artifact, a little more than one centimeter in diameter, remotely resembled a complicated electronic mechanism. The Doctor concluded that this object somehow increased the intellectual abilities of the Tsar but at the same time, caused his periodic uncontrolled fits of anger. The tiny metallic object with sharp teeth-like protrusions was discovered quite accidentally. Dr. Vanzhaev was studying the exhumed skeleton of Ivan the Terrible, attempted to find the physiological cause of his death (later it was established that the Tsar's bones contained a huge quantity of mercury, or quicksilver). Moving his hand along the inner surface of Ivan's skull, Vanzhaev felt a small protrusion. Trying to see it better, he took a large magnifying glass and saw something very small and metallic, halfway covered by bone tissue. The device was similar to an electronic chip used in computers or other electronic equipment. When the device was studied closing, using different kinds of techniques and equipment it appeared to be a miniature transmitter of electric impulses to the brain and the heart. Such impulses, emphasized Dr. Vanzhaev, sharply increased the brain's ability to solve the difficult intellectual tasks but at the same time, created various collateral effects that influenced the man's psyche. The layer of bone tissue that had grown around the metallic device was quite noticeable. This meant according to Vanzhaev, that when Ivan was "implanted" he had been quite young, possibly in his childhood. Ivan the Terrible was born in 1530, so the supposed alien abduction had apparently occurred during the 1530's or 1540's. He became the "Great Duke of all Russia" in 1533 and the Tsar in 1547, and died in 1584. The historic detail in favor of this assumption is that it was known that Ivan the Terrible had the habit of placing his hand on his head, even though he never complained to his doctors of feeling any pains in his head. Another Moscow based researcher Vladimir Alexeevich Smemshuk also mentioned in his books that Ivan the Terrible was under "alien control" and experienced several humanoid encounters at night when he was alone in his bedroom.
     HC addendum
     Source: Alexander Bogatikov in: "Inoplanetyanin" (Extraterrestrial newspaper)
     Ukraine, January 9 2005

#. Location. Near Tolpetlac, Mexico
    Date: December 9 1531   Time: early morning
57-year old Juan Diego, an Aztec Indian, who six years before, had converted to Christianity, was on his way to a town nine miles away in order to take part of the holy mass. The route he took led him through stony fields and over small hills. In the vicinity of a small hillock, which is known to the Indians as "Tepeyac" and later became the Spanish name "Guadalupe," he became aware that he was hearing an unknown unearthly music. This music was coming from the top of the hill. He looked up to the hillock, to the side where the sun was rising and from where the wonderful singing originated. And when the singing suddenly stopped, when it was no longer perceivable, he heard how someone from the top of the hillock called, "Juan Dieguito!" And when he reached the top of the hill, he saw a noble lady standing there. She invited him to come nearer. Her garment shined like the sun, as if it was reflected by light, and the stone, the rock on which here feet stood, as if sparkled of beams; the glow of her gleamed like jewels, like the most beautiful ornament, the Earth, as if was shining in the glow of the rainbow. Juan Diego fell down to his knees. The apparition once more spoke to him and named herself as the "perfect holy Virgin Mary." She claimed to have come so that the people would build her a sanctuary on the "Tepeyac." She said that Juan Diego was the chosen messenger who should bring this request to the bishop of Mexico City. Bishop Juan de Zumarraga listened to Diego tell his story, but he did not believe his allegations. He sent Juan Diego away with the comment that he wanted to deal with the subject later. Disappointed, Juan Diego went back to the "Tepeyac". When he arrived, he again met with the "queen of the heavens." He bewailed his misfortune and asked her to choose another messenger, preferably someone who was better prepared for the mission. However, the Virgin stressed, "It is absolutely necessary that you go personally and that you request that my Will be carried out." The bishop still did not believe Diego and sent him back and asked him to request some kind of evidence so the bishop could really believe that the "queen of the heavens" had really sent him. Once again Juan Diego returned to the "Tepeyac" where the mysterious woman was waiting for him. He informed her about the bishop's request and the "Virgin" told him to return tomorrow in order to obtain such evidence. He was told to go to the top of the hill where he had seen the Virgin and there he would see different flowers and pick them, put them together and to then bring them to her presence. Even though it was during the winter and frost covered the grounds, these flowers had apparently grown on top of the barren hill. Juan Diego was ordered to put the flowers into his tilma, an upper garment similar to an apron. Then the light figure or virgin took the flowers with her venerable hands, then she put them back into his tilma and she told him that go back with the flowers since these were the evidence. He again waited several hours before he could see bishop Zumarraga. When he opened his white tilma the splendid flowers fell to the ground there the tilma transformed into an omen. Suddenly there appeared the beloved image of the Perfect Lady, of the Holy Virgin Mary. All in the room fell to their knees and admired it greatly. Convinced with the evidence a chapel was built on the hillock.
     HC addendum
     Source: Johannes Fiebag, PhD.   Type: E or F?

#. Location. Chile, exact unknown
    Date: 1540   Time: noon
Just before the Mapuche Indians were preparing for an attack on the Spaniards, a comet fell among them, on Saturday at midday, and which was seen by many Christians at the Spanish fort as it traveled with greater brightness than other comets, and from which, once fallen, a beautiful woman came out, also dressed in white, who told the Indians. "I serve the Christians, don't go against them because they are very brave, and will kill you all." The Indians did not follow her advice and continued with their plan, only to face defeat at the hands of the Conquistadores shortly afterwards, just as it had been foretold.
     HC addendum
     Source: Chris Aubeck, Return To Magonia   Type: B?

#. Location. Wittenberg, Prussia
    Date: 1553   Time: unknown
Locals saw giant men in the sky over Wittenberg in formerly East Prussia.
     HC addendum
     Source: T. Peter Park, The Anomalist #10   Type: E

#. Location. Guadalupe, Ecuador
    Date: August 13 1554   Time: unknown
During a terrible drought afflicting the region a group of Christian Indians decided to abandon the new religion and return to their old Gods. As they prepared a pagan rite suddenly they saw a "woman" that was floating over the earth's surface. The apparition told the Indians that if they build a temple where she was she would put an end to the famine. They did what the strange woman ordered and the famine ended. Interpreted as a Marian vision.
     HC addendum
     Source:    Type: E
     Comments: Again we see the conditioning and manipulation of humans.

#. Location. Babocsa, Hungary
    Date: September 1556   Time: sunrise
Local people saw two naked boys in the sky after sunrise fighting with short swords and shields on their arms.
     HC addendum
     Source: T Peter Park, The Anomalist #10   Type: E?

#. Location. Nuremberg, Germany
    Date: April 4 1561   Time: dawn
At dawn over the skies of Nuremberg many men and women saw a very alarming spectacle, where various objects were involved, including spheres, "approximately 3m in length, from time to time, and four in a square" and between the spheres one saw a number of crosses the color of blood. Then one saw large pipes, in which small and large pipes (cigars?) and 3 spheres could be seen. "All these elements started to battle one against each other." The events lasted one hour and had such repercussions that the artist, Hans Glaser, drew a woodcut of it at the time. It portraits two immense black cylinders launching numerous blue and black spheres, blood red crosses and flying discs, they then appeared to fight a battle in the sky and it also appears that some of these spheres and objects crashed outside the city.
     HC addendum
     Source: Gazette of the Town of Nuremberg   Type: H?

#. Location. Kolomenskoye, south of Moscow, Russia
    Date: August 29 1566   Time: unknown
Local peasants in this village located south of Moscow encountered a tall hairy humanoid entity (so-called wood goblin) in this legendary place near the banks of the River Moskva. The frightened locals quickly fled in terror. Other reports indicated that these giant hairy entities have been seen in this area on several occasions and for centuries and reputedly are able to slip into our realm from another dimension. Rumors indicated that there was a gateway or portal into another dimension in the area where large dolmens were located, at the bottom of the Golosovyi gully. Decades later, between 1825 and 1917, there were reports of mysterious disappearances of residents in the nearby villages of Dyakovo and Sadovniki.
     HC addendum
     Source: Vadim A Chernobrov, "Encyclopedia of Mysterious Places in Russia," First World
     Guidebook of Anomalous Zones and Mysterious and Wonderful Places Moscow 2004   Type: E?
     Comments: These Dolmens are located throughout the Crimean Peninsula and other places
     in the Ukraine.

#. Location. Siberia, Russia (exact location not given)
    Date: October 25 1582   Time: unknown
A local nomadic warrior Khan Kuchum observed a phenomenon he termed as a "znameniye". He actually saw the sky open up in "the four corners of the Universe", and exiting it were "bright, armed, winged warriors". As they approached Kuchum's camp, the "warriors" surrounded it, and ordered the Khan to flee. He was shaken, and ordered his camp to leave. They left in fear, and hid in the forest, and it seemed to the Khan he was chased by some "heavenly armies".
     HC addendum
     Source: Phillip Mantle, Paul Stonehill "UFO-USSR"   Type: E?
     Comments: Otherworldly interference in man's warfare?

#. Location. Lezajsk, Poland
    Date: 1590   Time: unknown
Tomasz Michaek a man from Giedlarowa was working at a brewery in Lezajsk when he once saw two strange figures interpreted as St Joseph and the Virgin Mary, standing on a forest path. The woman spoke to him, "Michaku don't be afraid. Here you will find my son's glory and experience my help. I've chosen this place to save people. So go to the elders of your city and tell them that it's my son will that a church should be built here in which people would pray for things they need." But the witness didn't tell anybody about it. He thought that no one was going to believe him, a simple man that he was. He asked Mary to choose another person instead of him. She then appeared in a vision again and ordered him to go to the city council and state her will. He spoke about it to Wojcieh Wyszogradow a local priest who was also a member of the city council. They didn't agree to build a new church since the city was small and it already had a church. Michaek himself then built a pillar with the figure of Christ's Martyrdom on it in the place he saw Mary. Soon people began to gather around it and soon a small chapel was build there. Soon father Jan Teolog announced the location to be hollowed ground or saintly. Michaek had another vision in which Mark asked him again to build a temple. A church was soon built at the location.
     [Note: The brewery in Lezajsk is still in operation!!]
     HC addendum
     Source:     Type: E
     Comments: One can only speculate as to why in many of these "Marian" apparitions the Mary
     entity always ask for a "temple" or church to be built at the location. Like the apparitions of
     Guadalupe in Mexico.

#. Location. Freiburg, Germany
    Date: 1594   Time: unknown
People saw the form of Jesus Christ sitting on a rainbow, "as if to announce the Last Judgment." Again in 1594, a dead man on a bier, with many figures in black carrying trumpets, was seen in the sky over Saxony.
     HC addendum
     Source: T. Peter Park, The Anomalist #10   Type: E?

#. Location. Trei-Gruinard, Scotland
    Date: 1598   Time: unknown
Before the battle at Trei-Gruinard, a little man called Du-Sith (Black Elf) was hired, who was generally believed to be one of the Good Folk. He killed the opponent with an arrow considered an Elf-bolt.
     HC addendum
     Source: ASSAP, quoting Gardner.
     High Strangeness Index: 7   Reliability of      Source: 7

#. Location. Baie des Anges, Nice, France
    Date: August 5 1608   Time: evening

Three luminous craft visited the sky over the location much to the dismay of its citizens. They watched the objects race errantly about for some time, when they suddenly stopped and hovered a few feet above the water. The craft were long, oval in shape and flattened along their lengths, each with a "strange mast" sitting on top of them. The bay waters began to froth underneath them, giving off a dense orange vapor, accompanied by a loud, unpleasant noise. From one of the craft two vaguely human looking beings appeared. They were described as being dressed in red clothes covered with silvery scales, with huge heads and luminous eyes. The two creatures, holding cables or tubes attached to the craft, jumped into the water and moved about their ship for around two hours. When they returned inside the object, all three left at a high rate of speed, leaving the terrified residents of Nice wondering at what this omen from God could possibly mean.
     HC addendum
     Source: www.subversiveelement.com/UfoNiceFrance.html   Type: B

#. Location. Genoa, Italy
    Date: August 22 1608   Time: unknown
Locals reportedly saw a bizarre creature emerging from sea right off the coast. It was described as a human shaped figure covered in scales and with what appeared to be "snakes" protruding from its hands. Canon fire was directed towards the creature without any apparent effect. Around the same time off the coast of Nice in France fishermen saw an object that descended towards the sea, a blood-like substance was seen to drop from the object. Others saw three "vessels" moving at high speed above the city. The three vessels then approach the local fortress and descend to the water causing a great boiling of the sea and emitting ochre-red vapor. To the great stupor of those present, two humanoid beings, with large heads and large luminous eyes dressed in red scaly combination outfits emerge from the vessels. These humanoids appeared to be connected to their vessels by long tubes. The humanoids spent several hours involved in "strange" work around their vessels. Meanwhile soldiers in the fortress shot cannon at the intruders without any apparent effect.
     HC addendum
     Source: CUN Genoa; also Jean Pierre Petit France   Type: E & B

#. Location. Near Marseilles, France
    Date: August 25 1608   Time: evening
Three days later, a single vessel appeared near Marseilles over the fishing village of Martigues, and again displayed the same erratic flight maneuvers that had been displayed over Nice. It stopped in midair and two beings got out, appearing to engage in an aerial duel of some kind. The following week there was a heavy fall of red rain, and in the months after churches were packed with worshipers begging to be spared whatever disastrous fate that was about to befall them. While accounts of these events are sometimes ambiguously worded, it is remarkable that so many people in three separate locations could have imagined such strange occurrences at a time when no flying machines existed.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://www.subversiveelement.com/UfoNiceFrance.html   Type: B?

#. Location. Quimper-Corentin, France
    Date: February 1 1620   Time: 1930
The local cathedral had on its roof a pyramid covered with lead, on the above date between 1930 and 2000 thunder fell on that pyramid, and it caught fire, exploded, and fell down with a stupendous noise. People rushed to the cathedral from all parts of the town and saw in the midst of the lighting and smoke, a "demon" of a green color, with a long green tail, doing his best to keep the fire going. This account, which was published in Paris, is supplemented by a more complete version printed in Rennes. This latter version adds that the demon was seen clearly by all, inside the fire, sometimes green, sometimes blue and yellow. The authorities threw into the roaring fire a quantity of Agni Dei, close to one hundred and fifty buckets of water, and forty or fifty carloads of manure---to no avail. The demon was still there, and the fire kept happily burning. Something drastic had to be done, a consecrated host was placed inside a loaf of bread and thrown into the flames, and then blessed water was mixed with mile given by a nurse of above-reproach conduct and spread over the demon and the burning pyramid. This the visitor could not stand, he whistled in a most horrible fashion and flew away.
     HC addendum
     Source: Jacques Vallée, "Passport to Magonia"   Type: E?
     Comments: Very early report describing a green entity or humanoid.

#. Location. Gierstedt, Anhalt, Germany
    Date: May 12 1624   Time: 2000
From six to eight o'clock in the evening a multitude of men and chariots emerged from the clouds over this city in Germany.
     HC addendum
     Source: Chris Aubeck, Return to Magonia   Type: E?

#. Location. Wiltshire, England
    Date: 1634   Time: night
A Mr. Hart was assaulted by a group of elves one night. Whilst walking over the "downes" he saw an innumerable quantity of pigmies or very small people dancing in a typical fairy ring and making all manner of small odd noises. Hart was very "amazed" but was not able to run away from them, being as he supposes, kept there in a kind of enchantment fell to the ground in a daze. The little creatures surrounded their prey and pinched him all over and made a sort of quick humming noise all the time. The following morning, Hart awoke to find himself fin the center of a ring pressed into the grass---a fairy ring.
     HC addendum
     Source: Chris Aubeck, Return To Magonia   Type: E

#. Location. Near Saalfeld, Germany
    Date: 1635   Time: unknown
Hans Krepel encountered a little creature described as a "moss woman" and had a chat with her. No other information.
     HC addendum
     Source: Ulrich Magin   Type: E

#. Location. Lublin, Poland
    Date: 1638   Time: midnight
There is a table in the town hall of Lublin that bears the burned imprint of a human hand. Today this town hall is used as a court-house. Once at night a secretary reported seeing mysterious creatures that frightened her. She claimed to have seen horns on their heads, hidden in their thick black hair. The next day the burned imprint that resembled the palm of a man was found. It is said that "devils" had visited the location summoned by a woman who remarked, "If devils would be the judges, the sentence will be more just."
     HC addendum
     Source:    Type: E?

#. Location. Muddy River, Boston Massachusetts
    Date: March 1639   Time: night
James Everell and two companions boarded a little boat and set out for a trip on the Muddy River. They had been moving downstream for about a mile when the night's mysterious events began. The three men were suddenly confronted with the appearance of a huge bright light hovering in the sky. The light "flamed up" as it hovered and appeared to be about "three yards square". As they watched, the light "contracted into the figure of a swine" and moved swift as an arrow in the direction of Charlton. For two or three hours the unidentified light moved back and forth in the sky between Everell's location and Charlton. When the light finally disappeared, the men noticed to their dismay that they had somehow been carried against the tide back to the place where they had started their trip. Other credible persons saw the same light, after about the same place. Some witnesses said the light was occasionally seen shooting out flames and sparks and indeed two UFOs matching that description were again seen in Boston in 1644.
     HC addendum
     Source: Paul Deveraux, Earth Lights   Type: E?

#. Location. Hormigueros, Puerto Rico
    Date: 1640   Time: afternoon
When beautiful Maria Monserrate, 8-years old, vanished from her house in Hormigueros one day, her father, Don Geraldo, mobilized his entire household to find her, imagining her lost amid the exuberant tropical vegetation of southwestern Puerto Rico. Fifteen days later, she was found sitting besides a huge ceiba tree, singing merrily. When questioned by her overjoyed father, Maria stated, "A lady dressed in white had fed her sweet fruit and stroked her face." The girl's physical description of the "white lady" corresponded with that of her family's patroness, Our Lady of Monserrate.
     HC addendum
     Source: Samizdat Summer 1994, Religious apparitions & UFOs
     Type: E or F

#. Location. Boston Massachusetts
    Date: April 11 1643   Time: night
A group of men saw two lights arise from the water in the form of a man. Then more people witnessed the event. The lights shot out flame and sparkled. The form moved from its location to a distance and back again on several occasions. The same or similar phenomenon was again seen on the 18th.
     HC addendum
     Source: Paul Deveraux, Earth Lights   Type: E

#. Location. Near Chemnitz, Germany
    Date: August 18 1644   Time: unknown
Johann Georg I caught a female dwarf 2 feet in height. It's not known what became of the dwarf. No other information.
     HC addendum
     Source: Ulrich Magin   Type: E or H?

#. Location. St Teath, Cornwall England
    Date: 1645   Time: unknown
Anne Jeffries was found on the ground outside apparently unconscious. She then described her kidnap by strange little entities. She remembering a sound similar to "the ringing of bells" and immediately thereafter was confronted by six little men, wearing feathered hats and with brilliantly shiny eyes. The little men suddenly climbed on her and kissed her repeatedly. They supposedly floated her to a brightly lit place, where she saw beautiful temples, persons wearing splendid glowing customs. The little men, now somehow resembled normal humans. The one that appeared to be the leader seduced Jeffries and during sexual relations returned her back to the garden while she heard a loud humming sound. She never again suffered a similar experience but reportedly gained curative powers after the incident.
     HC addition #3387
     Source: Jenny Randles, The Little Giant Encyclopedia Of UFOs   Type: G?

#. Location. The Hague, The Netherlands
    Date: May 1646   Time: unknown
Strange people and animals appeared in the sky of this city. Coming from the southeast a significant fleet of air ships with many sailors (occupants) on board approached this strange spectacle. A gigantic combat followed and at the time of the disappearance of the phenomenon a great cloud appeared where there was nothing before.
     HC addendum
     Source: Michel Bougard "The Chronicle of the UFO"   Type: A or E?

#. Location. Volga region, Russia
    Date: about 1650   Time: daytime
One of the local legends from the area of the Great Russian River of Volga tells about the encounter with a huge entity and its horrible fate. A very tall "man" walked into the outskirts of a small Cossack settlement. It was absolutely incomprehensible to the Cossacks where this strange giant had come from. The giant behaved quietly, he was said to be no less than 6 meters in height, (!) and by all signs, the humanoid seemed extremely upset. The giant emanated a powerful "energy wave" or feeling of melancholy. While close to the strange entity the locals felt uncomfortable and pregnant women in the settlement suffered miscarriages (this of course was blamed on the giant). The giant caused fear and hostility (enmity) by the local residents who eventually killed. (No other information on how this was done)
     HC addendum
     Source: R. Dolya, Volhvy Oriona Moscow 2005   Type: E

#. Location. Czestochowa, Poland
    Date: Winter 1655   Time: unknown
During the Swedish siege of the Jasna Gora monastery some strange events took place. Many of the Swedish soldiers claimed that they had seen an extraordinary appearing blue clad woman pacing the walls of the bastion. Others reported seeing a woman in white holding a sword. Even the Swedish commander, General Burchard Mueller saw the extraordinary woman who ordered him to give up the siege. Many other sightings, miracles and strange events also took place.
     HC addendum
     Source: quoting "Nasza Arka" (Our Arc) Catholic Magazine

#. Location. Cardiganshire, Wales
    Date: 1656   Time: night
In a letter written by John Lewis he describes the experience of an acquaintance of his: A man lay in bed at night while his family was all fast asleep. Just after midnight "he could perceive a light entering his little room." Suddenly a dozen or so little beings "in the shape of men, and two or three women, with small children in their arms" walked in. The room seemed different somehow. It was illuminated, and appeared to be "wider" than before. The beings began to dance around and tuck into a special feast, inviting the witness to try the meat. This went on for four hours, and in the meantime "he could perceive no voice" except for the occasional whisper in Welsh "bidding him hold his peace." He found it impossible to wake up his wife. Finally, the party of little spirits moved their dancing on to another room, and then departed. Until the man cried out at last and woke up his family, for some reason left unexplained "he could not find the door, or the way into bed."
     HC addendum
     Source: Chris Aubeck, Return to Magonia   Type: E
     Comments: Modern accounts of bedroom visitations describe how the witness is unable to
     awaken a sleeping companion in the same room of the encounter.

#. Location. Ragunda, Sweden
    Date: 1660   Time: night
Peter Rahm alleges that he and his wife were at their farm one evening late when there came a little man, swart of face and clad in gray, who begged the witness's wife to come and help his wife then in labor. The witness, seeing that they had to do with a troll, prayed over his wife, blessed her, and bade her in God's name go with the stranger. She seemed to have been borne away by the wind. The woman accepted no food in fairyland and was therefore returned unharmed.
     HC addendum
     Source: Chris Aubeck, Return to Magonia   Type: G?

#. Location. Shenly, Hertfordshire, England
    Date: October 17 1660   Time: evening
Five "exceedingly bright and glorious" and naked men were seen in the evening sky at Shenly in Hertfordshire according to "Mirabilis Annus."
     HC addendum
     Source: Chris Aubeck, Return to Magonia   Type: E

#. Location. River Seavern, near Bristol England
    Date: October 1661   Time: afternoon
Several persons (to the number of 15 or 16) having been at a wedding, did after dinner walked abroad by the riverside, some of them walked upon the bank close by the water, others of them at a greater distance, but they all, as they have since reported, saw a cloud rise up out of the water, much resembling the kites flown by local boys. It rose higher and higher until it became a direct cloud in the proper region, and as they stood looking up and gazing upon it, they plainly saw the cloud open, and therein beheld the form and proportion of a tall black man, with a thin meager countenance, who seemed to move to and fro very swiftly, and then suddenly vanished. After this the cloud closed again and within a very little while they saw it open the second time, and then there appeared a man on horseback, who moved to and fro with great swiftness for a very short space of time, and soon disappeared, upon which the cloud immediately (as before) was shut up, but presently opening again the third time, there appeared the form of a very comely and beautiful lady, who after she had for a while moved backwards and forwards (as the other two had done before) suddenly vanished also, and then the whole cloud dispersed. None of the spectators are in the lest suspected to have any inclination to fanaticism therefore we doubt not but upon that account the relation will gain credit amongst those, who otherwise are too slow of hear to believe these things.
     HC addendum
     Source: Water UFO quoting "Mirabilis Annus Secundus" year 1662 and Chris Aubeck from the
     Magonia group   Type: A?

#. Location. Near Saalfeld, Germany
    Date: 1662   Time: unknown
An "earth-woman" tried to steal a human child and replace it with her own near this city. The humanoid was a short dwarf-like creature.
     HC addendum
     Source: Ulrich Magin   Type: E

#. Location. High Tatras, Mt. Slavkovsky Stit, Slovakia
    Date: August 6 1662   Time: noon
A luminous body hit the top of Slavkovski Hill and smashed it into pieces. Next the UFO landed at the Strba village and vanished. The event was witnessed by many people and later described in the Levoca town's chronicles. The UFO came from the Polish side of the border.
     HC addendum
     Source: Robert K. Lesniakiewicz   Type: H?

#. Location. Grenoble, France
    Date: May 1664   Time: daytime
17-year old shepherdess Benoit Rencurel was out working on the hillside near a ruined chapel and had just finished her rosary when an elderly man in a red robe appeared to her, introducing himself as St. Maurice. He found for her a spring of water that she had not seen before, and then told her to go with her sheep to a small valley near St. Etienne "where a great grace would be granted her." Being a devout girl, she went to the valley the next day. At a spot known as Les Fours she saw the first of a series of visions of a lady and child that were to occur regularly over a period of two months. When asked who she was the figure replied: "I am Mary, the Mother of Jesus. It is the will of my son that I should be honored in this parish though not in this spot. You will therefore ask the priest to come here with his people in procession." A number of healings and miraculous cures were claimed and accepted by ecclesiastical authorities. It is interesting to note that at times the apparition was accompanied by "delicious perfumes" or odors.
     HC addendum
     Source: Marian Apparitions; Appearances of The Blessed Virgin Mary Our Lady of La Laus
     Type: E or F?

#. Location. Lutzen, Germany
    Date: 1665   Time: unknown
A strange and tiny humanoid creature dwelled in a cellar in this city, and was observed several times during the year. No other information.
     HC addendum
     Source: Ulrich Magin   Type: E

#. Location. Torgau, Germany
    Date: 1669   Time: unknown
Several witnesses in this city saw a strange dwarf-like creature. No other information.
     HC addendum
     Source: Ulrich Magin   Type: E

#. Location. Lisbon, Portugal
    Date: September 17 1680   Time: 1130A
Numerous witnesses heard a loud report coming from the sky and saw three tongues of flames shooting down into the fields. This occurred three times in a row. A powerful lighting struck parts of the city causing some fires. Around the same time on the nearby fields a large black cloud-like mass descended towards the ground emitting a loud thunder like sound. From the cloud emerged a huge hair covered figure that ran swiftly across the fields. Several locals attempted to chase the creature but this one was to fast. It ran so quickly that it was able to run circles around the stunned locals. It was able to seemingly appear behind them and then in front of them in a matter of seconds. Those who were able to see it close described it as having a huge multi-colored tail, white, blue, and red. Soon after the appearance of this terrible beast a powerful storm destroyed many farms and houses in the area killing over 80 persons.
     HC addendum
     Source: Chris Aubeck, Return to Magonia, quoting Don Julio Alberto de la Hinojosa
     Type: C or E?

#. Location. Cape Ann, Massachusetts
    Date: Summer 1692   Time: night
Ebenezer Babson was returning home late one night when he saw two men step out of his house and dash into a cornfield. When he ran inside to check on his family's welfare, his wife and children were nonplussed by his questions; no intruders had entered the house, they insisted. Babson grabbed a gun and went outside, where he spotted the two men bolting up from behind a log. As they escaped to a nearby swamp, one was overheard saying to the other, "The man of the house is now come; else we might have taken the house." The family retreated to a military garrison not far away, and Babson then sneaked outside, where he encountered the two men again. The following day he came upon them a third time and they chased him into the garrison. Over the next week or two Babson, sometimes alone, sometimes in the company of others, had further encounters with mysterious strangers, suspected to be French-Canadian scouts in league with hostile Indians. On July 14 the entire garrison watched half a dozen of the strangers. A pursuit party, with Babson in the lead, got within gunshot range. Babson fired on them, and three fell to the ground, only to rise to their feet with no apparent signs of injury. As they fled one turned to fire on Babson; the bullet narrowly missed him and lodged in a tree, from which its intended victim subsequently retrieved it. A few minutes later the garrison group trapped one of the strangers. Babson shot him, and the man dropped. But when Babson and his companions rushed to the spot, no one was there. Several days' later two scouts from the garrison observed eleven of the strange men as they performed what looked like peculiar incantations. Richard Dolliver fired on them, causing them to scatter. As sightings continued, the strangers were accused of beating on barns, throwing stones, and other acts. Babson experienced one of the last sightings. Seeing three strangers, he dived behind a bush and waited in ambush---only to have his gun misfire. The strangers gave him a disdainful glance and walked on. Soon after that they were never seen again.
     HC addendum
     Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!   Type: E
     Comments: It seems to me like a visitation by travelers from the future.

#. Location. Poland, exact location unknown
    Date: 1693   Time: morning
"One noble and God-fearing man woke up in the morning and was praying in the garden when he saw a 'flying man' who was flying without wings, because evil was carrying him."
     HC addendum
     Source: direct from quoting ancient agriculture handbook by
     Jan Kazimierz Haur   Type: E

#. Location. Eastern Finland
    Date: Summer 1700   Time: mid-day
A local old man---who was a healer and a witch, saw a bird flying to the forest three times in a row and a voice reportedly invited him to the forest. He went to the forest. Soon he saw a flying disk come and stop for a while above the village. The old man did not come back from the forest. The next day his son went to the forest looking for him where he met a bear-like creature that spoke to him and told him that his father was gone. "The ship of sky took and carried him to a better world where a race which is higher than people on Earth lives."
     HC addendum
     Source: Tapani Kuningas   Type: G?

#. Location. Midwest, United States
    Date: circa 1700   Time: unknown
According to Chippewa Indian lore some Indians were walking over the plains when they saw someone sitting on the grass. It was a man. When they approached, he halted them by raising his hand. "He said, I don't belong here. I dropped from the above." They wished to take him home with them. He told them to go home and clean the place where he was to stay. Then he would return with them. After they had done this, they came back for him. He was a nice-looking man, clean and shining bright. He stayed with them. "Every day at sundown, he watched the sky. In a clear voice he said, something will come down, I will go up." He said he had been running in the sky. There was an open place; he couldn't stop running, so he dropped through. One day in the afternoon he said, "Now it's coming." Everyone looked up but they could see nothing for a long time. The man who had kept the "Sky man" at his home could see better than the others. He saw a brilliant star shining way up in the sky. The other Indians didn't see it until it came near the ground. They had never seen anything nicer in the world. Two men got a hold of it and pulled it down. The "sky-man" got into it. Then it rose and he was gone. They had tried to get him to stay but he said that he must go.
     HC addendum
     Source: Charles Brown, Historical Society of Wisconsin   Type: B?

#. Location. Urals, Ekaterinburg region, Russia
    Date: 1700   Time: daytime

Two men working in a mine extracting malachite and other ore had gone for a brief rest on a nearby meadow. They lied down on the grass and went to sleep. Suddenly one of the men named Stepan Petrovich awoke by a sudden push on his side. He then saw a strange "woman" sitting in front of him near a large stone. Her outer appearance was that of a very attractive young woman with black plaited hair, she had several red and green beads attached to her plaits. She was not very tall and moved with inhuman speed, like "mercury" changing her position numerous times. Petrovich called her "mercury-girl". Petrovich then heard her speaking to someone that was apparently invisible in a language that was totally unknown to him, evidently laughing at the witness and obviously talking about him. Her manner of dress amazed Petrovich, she wore something like a silk dress but apparently made out of malachite stone (?). The witness became frightened, since he had already heard tales of encounters with a strange female entity in this same area. She was called "The Mistress of Copper Mountain". He also heard of the different tricks played on humans by entity or entities, he thought to escape, but she suddenly turned around and smiling said, "So why are you staring at my beauty Stepan Petrovich? People pay money just to look at me, come closer, we will talk a bit". Somehow the stranger knew the witness name. Seized by fear Stepan told her that he had no time to talk, but she insisted and the young man was forced to obey. The stranger ordered Stepan to approach her and at this point he noticed what appeared to be hundreds of "lizards" all around her, off different colors, green, bluish, brown ones with gold spots, etc. "Don't step on them!" The strange woman warned, "They are my army". "Look how big and heavy you are and they are small". She then clapped her hands and the lizards went away. Stepan came closer to her and stopped, but the strange woman clapped her hand again speaking to him in a humiliating manner, and threatening him, "Now you have no place to go, if you step on my servants, you will be in trouble!" He looked down and saw hundreds of lizards gathered at one spot. The female then said, "Now you have recognized me Stepan. Don't be afraid. I will not harm you." But Stepan pointed out that he was indeed very afraid. The strange woman then ordered Stepan that tomorrow once he was down at the mine he must tell his bosses the following words, "The owner-mistress of the Copper Mountain is ordering you, you stinking he-goat (!) to leave the Red Mountain pit at once. If you continue in destroying my iron cap, I will drop the entire copper deep into the bowels of the earth and it will never be found". She made Stepan repeat her order and again told him not to be afraid. She then ordered Stepan to leave and not to tell anything to his companion. She clapped her hands once more and the lizards again went away. She jumped up grabbed a stone and also ran away. At this moment the stunned Stepan noticed that her outer appearance had suddenly changed, he could see now that she had green paws, a tail with a black crest running down her back, but her head still remained human in appearance. She climbed to the top of the mountain and said, "Don't forget what I told you Stepan, if you follow my instructions, I will marry you!" Stepan replied disgusted that he would never marry a lizard and spit in her direction. She laughed and said, "We will meet again later, maybe then you would have reached a decision." She then jumped again and disappeared behind a large rock. The stunned Stepan pondered what to do since he was both afraid of the reptile woman and his boss. But soon he made the decision to do what he was asked. The next morning he approached his boss in the pit and gave him the message. This infuriated his boss, who accused Stepan of being either drunk or crazy. But Stepan remained firm stating that it was the Mistress of the Copper Mountain's will. The boss then ordered the others to tie up Stepan with a chain and to beat him mercilessly. He was then imprisoned deep in an underground pit, riveted by a long chain, and exposed to mockery and humiliation.
When Stepan was left alone he began beating on the rock, causing the malachite to crumble. Suddenly it became dry around him and in a moment he saw a bright light and the lizard woman standing before him, she said, "Good man, Stepan Petrovich. You have honored me, you were not afraid of your boss." The woman then told Stepan to follow her, that she always kept her word, she was going to show him her dowry. She clapped her hands and hundreds of lizards appeared quickly removing Stephan's chain. She then invited Stepan into her realm. They went deep into the mountain. She walked ahead, Stepan following closely. Amazingly Stepan watched as they penetrated deeper and deeper into the rock, which appeared to recede in their path. He then saw huge tunnels, caverns and large underground rooms, with decorated walls, with copper flowers. The surroundings looked stunning to Stepan. The woman's dress also appeared to be changing colors, sparking like a diamond, and then shining with a greenish tint. Soon they entered a huge room with beds, chairs, and stools, all made out of copper. The walls were made of malachite, encrusted with diamonds and the ceiling was dark red with copper flowers. The "Lizard Queen" then ordered Stepan to sit and asked him if he liked her dowry and if he would marry her. Stepan was hesitant since he already had a bride named Anastasia. He answered that her dowry was a king's ransom but he was just a working simple man. She frowned, and said, "Don't hesitate, will you marry me or not?" Stepan answered that he couldn't since he already had a bride. He was afraid that the woman would become angry. But incredibly, the "Lizard Queen" was thankful and appreciative for his honesty and gave Stepan a present for his wife, a malachite box filled with all types of jewelry. Stepan then asked how he would get back. She told him not to worry, that it all will be arranged, and added that he would be liberated from his boss and that hew would live a rich life with his bride. He was then fed various kinds of food and then the "Lizard Queen" bade farewell giving Stepan several stones pointing out that they would make him rich. Stepan then asked which way he should go, the "Lizard Queen" then pointed with her clawed hands at the stone wall and a hole appeared in front of his eyes that led into a tunnel. Stepan followed the tunnel in which he saw many "treasures". As he walked the tunnel closed behind him automatically.
Soon after this adventure, Stepan became rich and lucky and people rumored that he had "traded his soul with the Devil". The work in the mine soon stopped and everything happened as the "Lizard Queen" had predicted. But unfortunately Stepan's health deteriorated and he began "fading away". Several years his dead body was found near the abandoned Red Mountain pit mine, it is said that he had a smile on his face and his rifle was lying nearby. Locals reported seeing a tall green lizard type figure standing over him and crying over his body.
     Source: Pavel Bazhov (1879-1950) "Mistress of Copper Mountain"
     Also Published in Moscow in 1983.
     Comments: Reputed to have been a "folk tale" based on true events.
     There are indeed similarities to modern encounters and reports of underground facilities.

#. Location. Yekaterinburg region, Ural, Russia
    Date: 1719   Time: unknown
Men working for the famous plant owner, industrialist, Demidov, engaged in finding ores in this region of the Ural reported capturing a strange gnome-like entity, which they found living underground in a cave. The weird creature reportedly lived for a time inside Demidov's canary cage, but it died several days or weeks after it was caught, either as a result of inadequate shelter, or more likely as a result of inadequate nourishment. Knowing about the interest in weird things by the first Russian Czar Peter the Great, Demidov ordered that the body of the strange gnome-like creature be "pickled" and shipped by convoy to the capital of Saint Petersburg where the dead body of the dwarf was eventually put into what was called a "Kunst-camera" (a sort of special museum for bizarre and weird things created by Peter the Great). Hundreds of years later during the 1960's one of the scientific research team members working with professor Dr. V. F. Porshnev PhD (a famous Soviet anthropologist) investigated the story and Dr. Porshnev who was also a researcher on relic hominoids and "snow man" reports, made an inquiry to the museum (despite the fact he had no interest on so-called dwarfs or gnomes). The answer was strange: There wasn't any gnome in the "Kunst-camera" the whole thing apparently had just been an unusual "dwarf-monkey" that was transferred to the Zoological museum in 1936. The researchers were puzzled and realized that Demidov could have hardly fooled Peter the Great by sending him 'bogus' materials, and they also knew that there were no such "monkeys" living among the cold pine forests of the Ural Mountains. Apparently what had happened was that researchers in the 1930s became interested in this extremely unorthodox and inconvenient exhibit and for the sake of "modern science" it was transferred to a hidden repository away from people. Evidently was uncommon in appearance and was not a monkey, and was very difference from Homo sapiens. According to ancient legends, there are underground cities, caves and tunnels under the Ural Mountains where these alien entities dwell on a regular basis.
     [Note: Compare this case to the 1996 Kyshtym dwarf entity who allegedly also died after
     being captured.]
     HC addendum
     Source: Tatyana Samoylova in: "NLO" magazine Saint Petersburg #44 October 25 2004
     Type: H?

#. Location. Isle of Man, England
    Date: 1720   Time: evening
A man reportedly encountered several little figures, playing and leaping over some stones in a field, whom, a few yards distant, he imagined were school boys, and intended, when he came near enough, to reprimand, for being absent from school, within maybe 20 ft, they all immediately disappeared. He never took his eyes off of them.
     HC addendum
     Source: Janet Bord, Faeries, And Real Encounters with The Little People   Type: E

#. Location. Faroe Islands Denmark
    Date: 1723   Time: unknown
Members of a Royal Danish Commission investigating supposed sightings of "mermaid" like creatures in the area watched such a figure approached their vessel. It sank into the waters but surfaced shortly afterwards to stare intently at them with its deep-set eyes. A few minutes of this scrutiny proved so unsettling that the ship affected a retreat. As it was doing so, the merman puffed out his cheeks and emitted a "deep roar" before diving out of sight.
     HC addendum
     Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!   Type: E

#. Location. Bologna, Italy
    Date: December 17 1728   Time: unknown
Residents in the area saw in the sky an object having the appearance of a cross, followed by the appearance of a young man on a horse, with a helmet on his head, decorated with feathers. This caused great consternation among the people. On the 18th there was a great earthquake in the province of Marche.
     HC addendum
     Source: Pierre Delval "Contacts of the 4rth Type"   Type: E

#. Location. Aleut Islands, Alaska
    Date: August 10 1741   Time: unknown
The naturalist Georg William Steller observed a playful, curious "Sea Ape" swimming around his ship for two hours. The creature was five feet long, with a dog-like head, large eyes, pointed erect ears, and whiskers hanging down from its upper and lower lips. Its thick round body tapered gradually toward a tail with two fins, the upper one longer than the lower as in sharks. It had neither forefeet nor fore fins. Its skin was covered with thick hair, gray on its back but reddish-white on its belly. It could "just possibly" have been "some aquatic form of primate," as implied by Steller's "Sea Ape".
     HC addendum
     Source: Coleman and Huyghe "The Filed Guide to Bigfoot, Yeti and Other Mystery Primates
     Worldwide" 1980   Type: E

#. Location. Scotland, exact location not given
    Date: June 23 1744   Time: dusk
Some 26 witnesses saw troops of aerial soldiers marching for two hours on and over a mountain in Scotland. Disappearing at dusk.
     HC addendum
     Source: T Peter Park, The Anomalist #10   Type: E

#. Location. Culloden Scotland
    Date: 1746   Time: unknown
Just before the disastrous battle of Culloden a horrifying winged creature with a human head and red glowing eyes, hovered on black leathery wings over a detachment of terrified soldiers emitting spine-chilling shrieks.
     HC addition # 1785
     Source: Karl P. N. Shuker, Fate # 534, Sept 1994
     Type: E

#. Location. Near Culloden, Scotland
    Date: August 5 1748   Time: 1400
Several locals saw three globes of light in the sky over the area, which at first they took to be weather galls but increased in brilliance. Soon after twelve tall men wearing bright clean attire were seen crossing the valley.
     HC addendum
     Source: John Prebble, "Culloden"   Type: D?

#. Location. Kazan province, Russia
    Date: 1752   Time: daytime
A small boy (servant) named Yashka regularly visited the forest in order to collect berries. During one of his visits, he encountered a strange man that suddenly appeared in front of him out of nowhere. The strange man was dressed in white clothing. He took the curious boy into a large "copper cauldron or boiler" (bell-shaped flying vehicle, broader on the lower section and narrower on top and vertically elongated) and sat him on a chair. The alien man sat near the boy on another chair, and both ascended to the sky to an unknown location. Soon they arrived in "another planet" where the boy lived for a year and a half (!) (In his own perception) in a house that remotely resembled the wooden house he lived on earth. At the same time quite a bit of time passed on earth. The alien presented the boy some mysterious "coins" to cure him from an illness and returned him to the very same place he was taken from amid the forest. The alien man then told the boy to convey his "fatherly instructions" to the newly christened villagers in the settlement to "pray better". (?)
     HC addendum
     Source: Synodic Archive, Kazan University, 1752 #635/135 1909 Vol. XXV, issue 5 and
     Vadim Chernobrov   Type: G
     Comments: Very bizarre tale, which includes quasi-religious overtones and otherworldly details.
     Possibly one of the earliest alien abduction reports.

#. Location. Catania, Sicily, Italy
    Date: May 3 1753   Time: daytime
Respected local artisan, Alberto Gordoni was walking in the castle's yard when he suddenly disappeared in plain sight, before the eyes of his stunned wife and other witnesses, including the Duke of Zenini and other fellow countrymen. The stunned witnesses immediately dug around the area but failed to find any tract of Gordoni or hollow pits where he could had fallen into. 22-years later (!) Gordoni appeared back at the very place where he had disappeared---in the dominion's yard. Alberto himself claimed that he had not disappeared at all, so he was then immediately taken to a rest home for the "feeble minded". 7-years later the doctor, Father Mario spoke with Alberto there. He understood that somehow Alberto felt that a short time had only elapsed between his disappearance and appearance. Alberto told Father Mario that on that fateful day he had suddenly found himself in something like a tunnel and walked along the tunnel toward a vague white light. He did not see any familiar objects there only "weird mechanisms" totally unknown and unrecognizable to him. Alberto then saw something that looked like a large canvas all covered with stars and "dots" which seemed to pulsate independently. There he also encountered a tall thin human-like figure with long hair, probably a female. The entity told him that he had fallen into a "cleft" (fissure, crack) of "time and space" and it will be very difficult to deliver him back. While Alberto waited for his return, begging the strange entity to "send him back", Alberto was told about "holes opening up in the darkness" and about "white drops" and "thoughts that move with the speed of light" she also told him about "souls without flesh and body" and bodies without souls, about flying cities, where eternally young entities dwell. Doctor Mario was convinced by the witness story, realizing that Alberto had not lied. So he took Alberto back to Takoni, to the location where it had occurred. Incredibly, Alberto took one step at the location and again disappeared in plain sight, this time forever. He was never found. Father Mario crossed himself and ordered the location fenced in calling it "The Trap of the Devil". Apparently within that "trap" time and space flowed at a very much slower pace that than on Earth or in our dimension.
     HC addendum
     Source: "The Trap of the Devil" in: "Planet X" monthly newspaper, Kiev Ukraine July 2005
     Type: G
     Comments: I say why was only Gordoni apparently able to slip into that bizarre
     other-dimensional Netherworld?

#. Location. Cae Caled Wales
    Date: Summer 1757   Time: about noon
Several children playing in a field encountered a group of dwarf like beings that appeared to be dancing with great briskness. The beings were all clothed in red military like uniforms. They also wore red handkerchiefs wrapped around their heads. The children fled the field in order to obtain adult witnesses but upon returning the short beings were already gone.
     HC addition #2011
     Source: Randall Jones Pugh & F W Holliday The Dyfed Enigma   Type: E

#. Location. Glaisdale, Yorkshire, England
    Date: circa 1760   Time: unknown
At a local farm, what appeared to have been a "goblin" like creature reportedly collected sheep and repaired fences that had been broken down by a vindictive neighbor. He was described as a little old fellow, with very long hair, large feet, eyes and mouth, stooping much as he walked and carrying a long holly stick.
     HC addendum
     Source: Mystery Magazine, UK   Type: E

#. Location. Noirmontier Island, France
    Date: 1762   Time: morning
Two girls on the island while searching for shells in rock crevices, encountered "an animal of a human form, leaning on its hands," One girl promptly stabbed it with a knife. It moaned and died. Afterwards a physician went to the site and examined the body, finding it "as big as the largest man" with the white skin of a drowned person and "the breast of a full-chested woman" a flat nose, a large nose, a large mouth; the chin adorned with a kind of beard, formed of fine shells, and over the whole body, tufts of similar white shells. It had the tail of a fish, and at the extremity of it a kind of feet.
     HC addendum
     Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!   Type: H?

#. Location. Near Leipzig, Germany
    Date: September 1768   Time: night
The German poet, dramatist, author and scientist Johann Goethe was himself a witness to a strange luminous object. He was journeying from Frankfurt to Leipzig by stagecoach. At one point the rough uphill track was so treacherous from mud and rain that the passengers were forced to alight and follow on behind, it was then that Goethe suddenly became aware of lights in the ravine below them. Writes Goethe: All of a sudden, in a ravine on the right hand side of the track, I saw a sort of "amphitheatre", wonderfully illuminated. In a funnel shaped space there were innumerable little lights shining, ranged step---fashion over one another; and they shone so brilliantly that the eye was dazzled. But the sight was even more confusing because these objects did not keep still, but jumped about here and there, as well as downwards from above, as if they were animated luminous creatures.
     HC addendum
     Source: The Bible UFO Connection---UFOs in History   Type: C?

#. Location. Matemblewo, Poland
    Date: winter 1769   Time: night
The witness, a carpenter from Materna was on his way to Gdansk. In Matemblewo he encountered a young woman surrounded in bright light announcing the birth of his son. The woman walked toward the nearby forest and then disappeared. (Interpreted as a Virgin Mary encounter).
     HC addendum
     Source: direct from    Type: E?

#. Location. Staffordshire, England
    Date: 1770   Time: unknown
A laborer moved a large flat stone he had encountered in a field while digging a trench, beneath which he discovered a descending stone staircase which he followed deep into the earth, finding that the staircase switch-backed now and then until he emerged into a large underground chamber several hundred feet below that was filled with strange objects and large machines and illuminated by a strange ever-luminous sphere which revealed a man on a throne like chair, dressed in a hooded robe. The man in the chair saw the intruder and stood up with a baton like object in his hand as he went over to the luminous sphere and smashed it, plunging the cavern into darkness, as the laborer stumbled back up the surface in surprise and terror.
     HC addendum
     Source: Hargrave Jennings, The Rosicrucian's---Their Rites and Mysteries   Type: E?

#. Location. Barao de Alfenas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
    Date: 1790   Time: unknown
An escaped black slave, Joao Antao escaped from a local ranch and hid in a cave in the region. In the cave he encountered a tall man dressed all in white, very elegant and educated. The man identified himself as Saint Thomas and asked the slave to build a shrine in the locale. Antao did what he was told and today the place is the site of the church at Vila de Sao Thome.
     HC addendum
     Source: Sao Tome das Letras   Type: E?

#. Location. Between Denbigh & Wrexham, England
    Date: 1790   Time: after dusk
A stagecoach traveling in a lonely road was attacked and overturned by an enormous black beast almost as long as the coach horses. The terrifying animal tore into one of the horses and killed it, while the other horse broke free from its harness and galloped off into the night. The moon that month seemed blood red, probably because of dust in the stratosphere from a recent forest fire in the Hatchmere area. The locals thought the moon's color was a sign that something evil was at large.
     HC addendum
     Source: BBC North East Wales   Type: E

#. Location. Near Alençon France
    Date: June 12 1790   Time: 0500A
At 0500A, some peasants perceived an enormous globe apparently wrapped in flames, which flew at a high speed with a hissing noise. It slowed down, oscillated, and then fell on the crest of a hill, uprooting some plants on the hillside. It emitted such great heat that it started a brush fire, which the peasants brought under control. By evening, the sphere was still warm. A crowd including among others, 2 mayors, a doctor, and "5 other authorities" had assembled. A sort of door suddenly opened, and a person dressed in a skintight garment emerged. Seeing the crowd, he muttered something incomprehensible, and ran into the woods. Shortly afterwards, the sphere silently exploded, throwing in every direction fragments that burned to a powder. A search for the mysterious man proved fruitless. A police inspector named Liabeuf made a repot to the Académie des Sciences, which did not take it seriously. The crater in the hillside left by the sphere remained visible for years.
Humcat 1790-1
     Source: Inspector Liabeuf & R Jack Perrin   Type: H?

#. Location. Near Gresford, England
    Date: winter 1791   Time: night
A farmer went into his snow-covered field one night and saw enormous tracks that looked like those belonging to an overgrown wolf. He followed the tracks with a blacksmith for two miles, and they led to a scene of mutilation, which made the villagers in the area quake with fear that night. One snow-covered field was a lake of blood dotted with carcasses of sheep, cattle, and even the farmer's dog. The farmer was found locked up in his house in a terrible state. He wasn't harmed physically, but he was terrified. He had barricaded himself in after witnessing an enormous black animal that resembled a wolf ripping the throat out of his sheepdog. The animal had then gone for the farmer, but he had managed to run into the farmhouse in time. He had bolted the heavy oaken door and hid under a table in the kitchen armed only with a pitchfork. The farmer said the wolf pounded on the heavy oak door, almost knocking it off its hinges. The weird looking animal then stood up on its hind legs like a human and looked in through the windows of the farmhouse. Its eyes were blue and seemed intelligent and almost human like. The beast foamed at the mouth as it peered in, then bolted from the window to the farm.
     HC addendum
     Source: BBC North East Wales   Type: E

#. Location. Don Region Russia
    Date: March 1796   Time: morning
The inhabitants of a Russian village in the region were surprised to find a large metal ball in one of their fields. It was ten feet in diameter. People from everywhere flocked to see it, and they wondered where it had come from. It could have fallen from the sky, they thought, but there was no crater. Except for a regular pattern of circles etched into it the surface of the ball was as smooth as marble. The village folk tried to move the object but their effort was useless, it would not budge an inch. Then the local drunkard, a man named Pouchkine arrived, he was known as a gambler, even a heretic, and everyone looked down on his ways. But despite his faults, he was known to be very courageous. He was led to the spot. Pouchkine cursed at the object and struck it with his sable several times. Suddenly the crowd around him began to howl with terror; one of the circles on the ball had opened up, revealing a single inhuman eye. Pouchkine sneered and carried on with his blows against the object. He struck it so hard, in fact that the blade snapped off. The peasants fled in fear. Behind them they saw the drunkard and his steed were both becoming transparent and then finally disappear into the air. They could still faintly hear his voice, however, as his angry cursing faded away. Two days passed and nothing was seen or heard of Pouchkine. Then to everyone's surprise both he and his trusty horse staggered back into the village as if drunk. He seemed calm enough, but he soon "flew into a great rage and began to howl" that he was going to put an end to the unholy globe and set fire to it and the woods and everything around it. Everybody trailed along after him to enjoy the spectacle. But much to Pouchkine's mortification, the ball was no longer there.
     HC addendum
     Source: Chris Aubeck, Return to Magonia   Type: A or G?

#. Location. New Minas, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia
    Date: October 12 1796   Time: sunrise
A contemporary report states that a fleet of "ships" had been seen in the air in some part of the Bay of Fundy. A frightened girl saw the spectacle and called out and two men that were in the house went out and saw the same sight, being fifteen ships and a man forward of them with his hand stretched out. The "ships" traveled eastward. They were so near that the people saw their sides and ports.
     HC addendum
     Source: Don Ledger, Maritime UFO Files, quoting Judge Simeon Perkins   Type: A?

#. Location. Near Quang Tri, Vietnam
    Date: 1798   Time: night
During a period of persecution of Vietnamese Catholics, these had taken refuge in the deep forest of Lavang. Unexpectedly, one night they were visited by an apparition of a beautiful lady in a long cape, holding a child in her arms, with two angels at her sides. The people recognized the Lady as Our Blessed Mother. She comforted them and told them to boil the leaves from the surrounding trees to use as medicine. She also told them that from that day on, all those who came to this place to pray, would get their prayers heard and answered. All those who were present witnessed this miracle. After this first apparition the Blessed Mother continued to appear to the people in this same place many times throughout the period of nearly one hundred years of religious persecution.
     HC addendum
     Source: Our Lady of Lavang, Vietnam   Type: E or F?

#. Location. Siberia, exact location not known Russia
    Date: circa 1799   Time: various
During this time reports of "black men" riding in circular crafts that spurted fire from the rear leaving behind long wakes of fire circulated in the region.
     HC addendum
     Source: Peter Kolosimo, "Sombra en Las Estrellas"   Type: A?

#. Location. Marion Indiana
    Date: 1800   Time: unknown
A Methodist minister in the area had heard tales from his congregation that a certain tree in the woods along the river was the entrance to an underground lair of little people. The few remaining Native Americans who still lived in the area confirmed this story. The minister, in an attempt to prove that there was no validity to the local superstition, went to the tree with an ax and started to chop the huge tree down. After striking the tree a couple of times, a hole opened up at the base and a group of fifteen to twenty small men clambered out and began attacking the now frightened minister. The little men quickly overcame their much larger foe and cut his throat with a flint blade. The minister survived his terrifying ordeal, despite the jagged cut to his neck. However, he never again made fun of his congregation when they told stories of the little wild men of the woods.
     HC addendum
     Source: Unnatural Indiana   Type: E

#. Location. Yantic River area, Connecticut
    Date: 1800   Time: unknown
A child name Martha Uncas was traveling with her parents in a canoe down the Yantic River when they spied several small man-like figures running along the shore, vaguely visible among the pine trees. Martha's mother said: "Don't look at the dwarfs. They will point their fingers at you and you cannot see them." The local Indians called these mysterious little people the "Makiawisag". These creatures apparently had the power to become invisible at will.
     HC addendum
     Source: Joseph A Citro, Passing Strange   Type: E

#. Location. Colonsay Island, Inner Hebrides, Scotland
    Date: 1800   Time: daytime (date is approximate)
A local woman named Rhona was sitting in her garden knitting when she heard a rustling of the leaves. Thinking of her sweetheart she pretended not to have heard. Then came a tiny laugh and a tinkling sound from her rose arbor. Looking up she spied six handsome little men dressed in green from head to toe, except, that is for a red feather in their caps. Rhona extended her hand to the group and each in turn alighted on her offered palm. Becoming totally delighted with them she favored the six with every courtesy. Suddenly and without warning one of the fairies touched his fingers to her eyes, plunging her into darkness. In this state of total blackness she experienced herself moving through what could only be time and space, But this was more than a three-dimensional flight. Rhona's flight had taken her through a fourth dimension. After what seemed like only a few moments, Rhona felt her feet touch the ground. Opening her eyes she found herself in the most beautiful and wondrous place she had ever seen. Into her vision came lush trees, brilliantly colored songbirds, flower gardens and castle of every description shining forth in gold and silver. Each castle in turn shimmered with diamonds, garnets, pearls and emeralds. Along the streets were magnificently clad little people promenading, resting, dancing and indulging in favorite pastimes. Now, Rhona who noted that she was clad in the same fine manner as everyone else had also become the same size as everyone else. She immediately thought that she could stay there forever but all at once Rhona was once again plunged into darkness, whisked through the air and dropped safely onto the floor of her rose arbor, where a group of people had gathered concerned over her absence. It is said that for the rest of her life, Rhona was guarded by the fairies that nourished her with fairy food. At one point local authorities imprisoned Rhona and refused to feed her, but this did not effect Rhona at all, for she was fed daily by the fairies during her enclosure.
     HC addendum
     Source: Virginia Martin August 12 2002   Type: G
     Comments: The parallels with some modern day alien abduction scenarios are obvious.

#. Location. Croydon England
    Date: 1803   Time: various
A strange figure described as dressed in a black mask and cape, attacked over 50 people in the Hare and Hounds and Purley Way area. It escaped by leaping over 12-foot walls. No other information.
     HC addendum
     Source: Strange Croydon   Type: E
     Comments: Maybe one of the earliest depictions of "Springheeled Jack"

#. Location. Harayadori Japan
    Date: February 22 1803   Time: unknown
Several villagers and anglers gathered on the beach to see an object, which had appeared on the shore. The object was about 20 feet in diameter, having a Saturn like shape with the upper dome apparently made out of glass, and appeared to have transparent sliding doors. The villagers looked inside the dome and saw some strange lettering and a bottle that appeared to have water inside. A very beautiful young woman was also seen inside the craft. She had pale features and had long shoulder length hair. She stepped out of the object and spoke in an unknown language; she also carried a small box, which she would not let anyone touch. Eventually she went back inside the craft and the villagers pushed it out to see where it drifted out of sight.
     HC addition # 514
     Source: Jenny Randles, Abduction   Type: B

#. Location. Mays Landing, New Jersey
    Date: 1804   Time: unknown
The famous American naval hero Stephen Decatur was said to have briefly skirmished with a bizarre creature known as the "Jersey Devil." He was test firing a new cannon when the weird winged creature suddenly appeared overhead. Decatur reportedly fired a shot at the thing but missed, and it flew off.
     HC addendum
     Source: Phillip L Rife, America's Nightmare Monsters   Type: E

#. Location. Koyuk Alaska
    Date: 1805   Time: unknown
Natives told of seeing a silver disc like object that sailed through the air and then landed. Apparently three human-looking "little men" emerged from the object and reportedly stayed in the village for a while.
     HC addition # 3016
     Source: Mark Chorvinsky, Fate January 1990   Type: B

#. Location. Providence, Rhode Island
    Date: July 1806   Time: evening
The reverend Abraham Cummings was informed that two persons had seen what appeared to have been a specter in a field. Ten minutes later he went to check the field. At first as he looked toward an eminence 12 ft distance from the house he saw what appeared to be a white rock on the ground, he ignored it. Three minutes later, he accidentally looked again in the same direction and the supposed white rock was now in the air, its form a complete globe, with a tincture of red and its diameter about two feet. Curious, he walked towards it to obtain more accurate information. The globe then approached to within 11 ft of the witness, it did so at very high speed. It then instantly assumed the form of a female dress, but did not appear taller than a girl seven years old. While he looked upon her, he thought in his mind "you are not tall enough for the woman who has so frequently appeared among us!" Immediately she grew up as large and tall as what a normal woman would be. The female entity appeared glorious and on her head was the representation of the sun diffusing the luminous, rectilinear rays all around. Through the glow, the witness saw the form of a woman in a dress. Others apparently saw it in the area accompanied by a small luminous cloud.
     HC addendum
     Source: Chris Aubeck, Return to Magonia   Type: E

#. Location. Chimney Rock, North Carolina
    Date: July 31 1806   Time: unknown
Numerous witnesses among them a Mrs. Reaves reported seeing thousands of human-like shiny white figures floating in the air over the mountain. They seemed to be wearing brilliant white clothing that hurt the eyes when looking at it. Some of the witnesses felt weak looking at the spectacle and others had a solemn and pleasing impression while looking at the beings. No other information.
     HC addition # 3339
     Source: John Keel, Our Haunted Planet   Type: E

#. Location. Sandside, Caithness, Scotland
    Date: January 12 1809   Time: morning
Two women standing on a beach in a remote area of northeastern Scotland saw what looked like the face of a young woman "round and plump and of a bright pink hue" in the sea. It then disappeared into the water, to reappear a short time later. When they were able to observe more of the top part of its body, they could see that it had well-formed human breasts. From time to time it lifted a long, thin white arm above the waves to toss back its long green hair.
     HC addendum
     Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!   Type: E

#. Location. Outside Meklong, Thailand
    Date: August 1810   Time: unknown
On a road outside the city Dr Jacob Hazlitt, a missionary, reported that he saw a man dressed in silver clothing. He described the skin of the humanoid as "gleaming" and that the entity had only one eye.
     HC addendum
     Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin   Type: E

#. Location. Meklong Thailand
Date. September 1810   Time: night
Awoken by an unknown force one night, a local Siamese woman was surprised to hear that the surrounding area was devoid of the usual animal noises. Looking out the window, the woman beheld a strange humanoid in her backyard. She claimed that the humanoid had only one eye and was dressed in a suit, which seemed to be made out of metal. The episode ended with the woman claiming to have been abducted to a "palace of lights."
     HC addendum
     Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin   Type: G?
     Comments: Early abduction report conducted by Cyclopean humanoids.

#. Location. Chimney Rock Pass, North Carolina
    Date: September 1811   Time: afternoon
Several Rutherford County mountaineers reported the "Specter Battle of Chimney Rock Pass." The principal witnesses, an elderly farm couple living in the deepest part of the ravine, described a battle between "two opposing armies of horse-men, high up in the air all mounted on winged horses." The "battle" lasted 10 minutes after the commander of one army cried "Charge!" the two armies dashing into each other, thrusting and hacking, the ring of their clashing swords audible, their blades glittering and flashing in the setting Sun's rays. When one army was routed and left the field, the shouts of the victors and wails of the defeated were plainly heard. On subsequent evenings, the old couple and three "respectable men" visiting them again saw the "specter troopers", but not in battle.
     HC addendum
     Source: T Peter Park, The Anomalist #10   Type: E?

#. Location. Corphine, Kintyre, Scotland
    Date: October 13 1811   Time: unknown
John McIsaac reported seeing sitting on top of a black rock on the seacoast a bizarre creature. "The upper half of it was white, and of the shape of a human body; the other half towards the tail, of a brindled or reddish gray color, apparently cover with scales; but the extremity of the tail itself was of a greenish red shining color." The head was covered with long hair and at times it would put it back the hair on both sides of its head, it would also spread its tail like a fan and while so extended the tail continued in tremulous motion and when drawn again it remained motionless. It had very long brown hair and its face was human-like, with very hollow eyes.
     HC addendum
     Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!   Type: E

#. Location. Kintyre, Scotland
    Date: October 13 1811   Time: afternoon
That same afternoon, Katherine Loynachan stated that she was herding some cattle near the sea shore when she saw a creature sliding off one of the rocks and dropping into the water, surfacing six yards out. It had long black hair, white skin on its upper part, and dark brown skin on its lower, which was fish-like.
     HC addendum
     Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!   Type: E

#. Location. Between Manosque & Villenueve d'Apert, France
    Date: March 20 1812   Time: night
Several persons traveling by couch during the night of the earthquake saw what appeared to be a luminous balloon, which flew over them and seem to divide itself into 4 fiery pieces. At this point the stunned travelers saw around them four men carrying lanterns, locked hand to hand and dancing around the couch.
     HC addendum
     Source: Pierre Delval Contacts of the 4rth type   Type: D

#. Location. Havarah Park, England
    Date: October 28 1812   Time: morning
Near Ripley, witnesses saw troops of phantom soldiers in the sky.
     HC addendum
     Source: T Peter Park, The Anomalist #10   Type: E

#. Location. Near Leipzig, Germany
    Date: 1813   Time: unknown
Tomasz Kossowski a nobleman and smith from Izabelin was wounded during the battle of Leipzig. He was lying in the bushes praying when he saw the "Immaculate" clad in amaranth and golden robes with the white eagle in the center of her chest. She assured him that he will recover and back to the homeland. She also ordered him to find the image of Mary and place it in Lichen. The soldier was then found by locals and when recovered was returned to his hometown Izabelin. After nearly 25 years of searching he found the holy image in Ligota near Czestochowa. In 1844 he place the image in the Forest of Grablin. He died in 1848. The basilica of Lichen is one the largest churches in Europe. Its one of the most important pilgrimage destinations for Polish Christian Catholics.
     HC addendum
     Source: direct from    Type: F?

#. Location. Portgordon, Scotland
    Date: April 20 1814   Time: 1600
Two fishermen were returning from fishing in Sprey Bay, when about a quarter of a mile from the shore, the sea being perfectly calm, they observed, at a small distance from their boat with its back turned towards them, and half its body above the water, a creature of a tawny color, appearing like a man sitting, with his body half bent. Surprised, they approached the creature, till they came within a few yards, when the noise by the boat occasioned the creature to turn about, which gave the men a better opportunity of observing him. They described his countenance as swarthy, his hair short and curled, of a color between a green and a gray, he had small eyes, a flat nose, his mouth was large, and his arms of extraordinary length. Above the waist, he was shaped like a man, but as the water was clear the men could perceive that form the waist downwards, his body tapered considerably or, as they expressed it, "like a large fish without scales." The creature then dived and surfaced some distance away and was not alone. With him was what appeared to be a female of his species for she had breasts and hair that reached past her shoulders. The two men then rowed as fast as they could to land.
     HC addendum
     Source: The Historical Mermaid   Type: E

#. Location. West coast of Scotland
    Date: Summer 1814   Time: afternoon
A frightened boy reported seeing a creature half human and half fish, he got nothing but ridicule for his efforts. A month later a group of children saw what they thought was a drowning woman, whom closer examination revealed to be something else entirely. The upper part was exactly like a woman, the skin appeared very white, and a good deal of color in the cheeks, and very long darkish looking hair; the arms were well proportioned above, but tapered very much towards the hands, which were no longer than a child's. The tail was like an immense large cuddy fish in color and shape. Other witnesses arrived, including a man with a rifle that was dissuaded by the others to shoot at it. The creature remained in sight for two hours, at times making a hissing noise like a goose.
     HC addendum
     Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!   Type: E

#. Location. Ilkley Moor England
    Date: 1815   Time: morning
William Butterfield a bath operator at the local White Wells natural springs was about to open the door to the spa and had inserted the keys in the lock when it spun around on its own accord. He looked inside and saw numerous little creatures dressed in green, no more than 18 inches high, making jabbering noises and dipping in the water, apparently taking a bath. Upon noticing the witness, the creatures began bounding over the walls, running madly, heads over heels. They were quickly lost from sight.
     HC addition # 3453
     Source: Peter Hough & Moyshe Kalman, The Truth about UFO Abductions   Type: E

#. Location. Gallardon, Beauce, France
    Date: January 15 1816   Time: twilight
33-year old ploughman Joseph Martin was in the fields collecting horse manure when he heard a voice challenge him from behind; at first he turned around and did not see anything. Afraid he picked up his pitchfork and again heard the voice, this time more insistent. This time when he turned around he distinctly saw a strange figure, which he described as a small caped man, with a hat and a clear frock coat. The stranger ordered Martin (addressed him a "my friend") to go to Tileries and ask an audience with King Louis XVIII and speak to him on the stranger's behalf. As night fell, the stranger vanished. Martin goes home and tells his wife what had occurred, she makes fun of the situation and advises him to down to the cellar to fetch some cider. Once in the cellar the short caped stranger who tells him to trust him because he is "an Angel of God" again confronts Martin. The supposed angel formulated a secret message for him to present to the King. The next morning Martin tells the abbot of Laperruque about the encounter and this one recognizing Martin's excellent reputation in town, passes the information over to higher authorities. On April 2 Martin is granted his audience with the King, which lasts for about an hour. The message has given to the king has remained secret to this day, but the next morning King Louis XVIII abdicated and along with the Duke of Angouleme went in exile to England never to return.
     HC addendum
     Source: Louis Pauwels, "Martin of Gallardon"   Type: E or F?

#. Location. Adams, Robertson County, Tennessee
    Date: 1817   Time: daytime
In the early 1800's John Bell moved his family from North Carolina to the Red River bottomland in Robertson County, Tennessee, setting in a community that later became known as Adams. Bell purchased some land and a large log home for his family. The Bells quickly made many friends and gained prominence in the community. John Bell acquired additional land and cleared a number of fields over the next several years. One day in 1817, John Bell was inspecting his cornfield when he encountered a strange-looking animal sitting in the middle of a cornrow. Shocked by the appearance of this animal, which had the body of a dog and the head of a rabbit, Bell shot at it several times without any apparent effect. The animal then vanished. Bell thought nothing more about the incident---at least not until after dinner. That evening, the Bells began hearing "beating" sounds on the outside of their house. These mysterious sounds continued with increased force each night. Bell and his sons often hurried outside to catch the culprit but always returned empty handed. The noises were soon followed by more problems. The Bell children began waking up frightened and complaining of sounds much like rats gnawing at their bedposts. It wasn't long until the children began complaining of more terrifying things---having their bed covers pulled and their pillows were tossed onto the floor by a seemingly invisible force.
     HC addendum
     Source: The Bell Witch Legend of Tennessee   Type: E or F?
     Comments: This is of course the start of the infamous "Bell Witch" disturbance in this remote
     area of Tennessee. It is intriguing that it all started with the encounter with some sort of "crypto"
     animal or entity.

#. Location. Atlantic Ocean
    Date: May 1817   Time: 1400
Witnesses onboard the ship "Leonidas" sailing from New York to Havre France reported seeing around two in the afternoon at a distance of about half the ship's length, they saw a strange fish. Its lower parts were like a fish; its belly was all white; the top of the back brown, and there was the appearance of short hair as far as the top of the head. From the breast upwards it had a near resemblance to a human being and looked upon the observers very earnestly. It apparently remained in sight all afternoon.
     HC addendum
     Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!   Type: E

#. Location. Manchester, New York
    Date: Spring 1820   Time: afternoon
Mormon spiritual leader Joseph Smith, 15-years of age at the time, said that he had gone out into the woods to meditate after a particular harrowing day. As he headed toward a hill near his home: "Immediately I was seized upon by some power which entirely overcame me, and had such an astonishing influence over me." He could not speak as thick darkness gathered around him. Moments later a pillar of light descended gradually until it fell upon him. His next memory was of seeing two "personages" that were glowing brightly and stood above him in the air. They called him by name and introduced themselves as father and son.
     HC addendum
     Source: Chris Aubeck, Return to Magonia   Type: C or F?

#. Location. Manchester, New York
    Date: September 21 1823   Time: night
According to Joseph Smith the most important visitation happened on this date. He discovered a light appearing in his room, which continued to increased until the room was lighter than at noonday, when immediately a personage appeared at his bedside, standing in air, for his feet did not touch the floor. The entity had no shoes but wore a loose white robe that shone so brightly that Smith declared that he did not "belied that any earthly thing could be made to appear so exceedingly white and brilliant." The figure introduced himself as Moroni a messenger sent by God. Moroni had a message for the young man. Smith had been chosen to translate part of the scriptures then would let the world know the true story of the American continent. All he had to do was to dig them up at a particular spot on the Hill of Cumorah, where they had lain buried for centuries, and translated them into English. Adding a few quotes from the Old Testament for good measure, mainly about ancient prophesies that were shortly going to be fulfilled. Moroni then left. This is how Joseph Smith described the moment that this happened: "I saw the light in my room gather immediately around the person of him who had been speaking to me, and it continued to do so until the room was again left dark, except just around him: when, instantly I saw, as it were, a conduit open right into heaven, and he ascended until he entirely disappeared." A little while later, on the same night, the "angel" reappeared in Smith's room. According to the visitor, the future was grim, and "great desolations by famine, sword and pestilence" would be coming. Having related those things, he again ascended as he had done before. The mysterious Moroni appeared again that night.
     HC addendum
     Source: Virtually Strange.net   Type: E

#. Location. Kolomenskoye, Moscow, Russia
    Date: 1825   Time: evening
Two local peasants (possibly slightly inebriated) were returning to their village south of present day Moscow on the banks of the River Moskva when they decided to take a short cut through the bottom of a deep gully. Unexpectedly as both men walked between two huge stones they fell down some kind of corridor apparently into some parallel reality or world. There they saw large hairy humanoid entities that communicated with them and explained to them that they had indeed slipped into another dimensional space and that it would be difficult for them to return back to their plane, but they would attempt to assist the men in doing just that. After some time both peasants found themselves back in the gully and immediately ran to their village but to their surprise more than 20 years had gone by since they had initially disappeared. Luckily some of their relatives still remained in the village and remembered them. The men thought that they had only been gone no more than one day. The police intervened in the manner and interrogated the men, incredibly while being interview in front of the police and other local citizens one of the men suddenly disappeared without a trace. The second man fell into a deep depression after seeing his friend disappear and later committed suicide.
     HC addendum
     Source: "Inoplanetyanin" (Extraterrestrial) weekly newspaper, Ukraine #19 May 24 2005,
     Vadim A Chernobrov, "Encyclopedia of Mysterious places in Russia" quoting Evgeniy Ivanov,
     Moscow 2004   Type: G?
     Comments: Rumors circulated that the area was some kind of portal or gateway to some other
     dimension, somehow connected with the large stones or dolmens. There are other cases on
     record of local residents disappearing without a trace. UFOs have also been seen in the area
     including some videotaped by journalist Vladimir Revenko.

#. Location. Taganrog, Russia
    Date: November 19 1825   Time: night
Feyodor, the old gardener of the estate belonging to the Russian Tsar (Emperor) Alexander the First (1777-1825) was returning home from the christening of his granddaughter. The night was cold and windy. The witness later was to allege on his deathbed that he was "completely sober" explaining that he couldn't use alcohol since birth because of a distinct allergy to it. The closer Feyodor got to the garden the stormier it seemed to become. The wind was literally knocking him down when suddenly everything became quiet. The gardener was amazed by the sudden change in the weather and looked around. And then unexpectedly the whole garden was lit up by an unbelievably bright "diabolic" light. Feyodor raised his head to the sky and saw a huge bluish sphere or globe "as if made out of fire". The garden became illuminated just like broad daylight as a result of the light. The old man's knees became weak as he then lay down next to a bush to observe what occurred next. The scene he beheld was spectacular. The globe-shaped fiery object descended lower and lower straight down onto the garden. Near the ground three narrow shiny landing props jutted out of the object. And at the same time the verandah's door was flung open, and Tsar Alexander the First and his wife Elizabeth appeared, both casually dressed for a night's walk. Amazingly, as appeared to the witness the incredibly sight did not seem to bother them or affect them in any way. The Emperor then turned to his wife and kissed her on her forehead; he then sharply turned and began walking along the garden path towards the fiery globe. The Empress remained standing in place and covered her face with her palms. The elderly witness then saw Alexander approach the fiery globe. The Emperor was then levitated into the air and seemed to melt into the fiery globe. The next second Feyodor lost consciousness and blacked out. Later he woke up feeling a strong icy wind all around him. In the morning of November 19 1825 at 0900A the death of the Emperor was publicly announced. The empress testified about the fact. The body in the closed coffin was never examined to establish the fact that it was really that of Alexander the first. Feyodor only confessed about the incident on his deathbed and died in complete belief that the Tsar was taken to God and the skies alive because "of his good deeds."
     HC addendum
     Source: "Sekretnye Isslendovaniya" (Secret Research) Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine #11 2005
     Type: G
     Comments: Is this proof that "extraterrestrials" have had hundreds of years of direct influence
     in human affairs.

Additional information: Tsar Alexander I, the man of mystery became increasingly more involved in mysticism and increasingly more suspicious of those around him. On the way to a conference in Aachen Germany, an attempt had been made to kidnap him. Now he would trust no one. At home, his young daughter an only child, died and his wife became ill. In 1825 the "Tsar of all the Russians" died in the city of Taganrog. After an official announcement of the Tsar's death, a British ambassador at the Russian court said he had seen Alexander boarding a ship. It was later rumored that a monk, Feodor Kuzmich, was really the former ruler. Whatever the truth when the Soviet Government opened Alexander's grave many years later it was empty. (!)

#. Location. Tjerwerk, Friesland, The Netherlands
    Date: 1827   Time: night
A man named Lieuwe Klaasens together with a local pastor saw a fireball descending from the sky and land nearby. The fireball took the shape of a human; it then strolled towards a small "terp" (an ancient Frisian burial ground). There, the fiery human rolled itself up to a ball and disappeared in the air.
     HC addendum
     Source: M D Teenstra, K. ter Laan, Folkloristisch Woordenboek Van Nederland   Type: E

#. Location. North of Wingen Australia
    Date: March 1828   Time: unknown
The Australasian Post reported that a large silvery cigar shaped object had landed at the Burning Mountain Nature Reserve setting fire to all the vegetation and killing nearby cattle. "The noise was dreadful and there was a serious of loud bangs." Tall man-like strangers later appeared in the town. They never said a word but always pointed to the things they wanted. Around the same time several locals and domesticated animals disappeared.
     HC addendum
     Source: Strange Nation   Type: C?

#. Location. Benbecula, Outer Hebrides, Scotland
    Date: 1830   Time: morning
A group of crofters in an island were cutting seaweed when one of them stumbled across an animal "in the form of a woman in miniature" on the shore. The men in the party tried and failed to capture her, but as she tried to swim to safety a boy hurled a stone that struck her in the back. Two days later, her dead body washed up two miles from where she had been seen, and a careful examination was made of it. "The upper part of the creature was about the size of a well-fed child of three or four years of age, with abnormally developed breasts." The hair was long, dark, and glossy, while the skin was white, soft, and tender. The lower part of the body was like a salmon, but without scales. It was reportedly buried near the sea.
     HC addendum
     Source: Mike Dash, Borderlands   Type: E or H?

#. Location. Paris, France
    Date: Summer 1830   Time: night
24-year old novice of the Sisters of Charity, Catherine Laboure, was awakened by a young child, about five years old, dressed in white who called to her: "Catherine, Catherine, wake up. Come to the chapel, the Blessed Virgin is waiting for you." Catherine decided to follow the child down to the chapel. The candles were burning as if at a midnight Mass. About 30 minutes later, at midnight, she heard a noise that sounded like the rustle of a silk dress. When she looked up she saw a beautiful young woman surrounded by a blaze of white light sitting in the Father Director's chair. The child who brought her to the chapel told her: "Here is the Blessed Virgin!" Catherine fell to her knees and placed her hands on Mary's lap. During this discourse with the Blessed Mother, Catherine was warned of dire future occurrences. Mary told her: "The times are very evil. Sorrows will befall France; the throne will be overturned. The whole world will be plunged into every kind of misery." Catherine was to have another encounter that same November.
     HC addendum
     Source: Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal   Type: E or F?

#. Location. Near Zarnow Germany
    Date: 1831   Time: night
In was reported that a terrible wolf was loose in the woods and was causing great harm to humans and cattle. Once he even ripped a child to pieces. All the peasants in the region banded together and pursued him, finally surrounding him in some brush. They were about to kill it when suddenly a large man-like figure holding a club appeared before them. Thinking that the terrifying figure was a werewolf the peasants scattered.
     HC addendum
     Source: J. D. H. Temme   Type: E

#. Location. Off the Isle of Yell, Scotland
    Date: July 1833   Time: unknown
Six fishermen reported that their fishing line had become entangled with a mermaid. They said they had kept her onboard their boat for three hours, and said that she was about three feet long. "She offered no resistance nor attempted to bite, but she moaned piteously." A few stiff bristles were on top of the head, extending down to the shoulder, and these she could erect and depress at pleasure, something like a crest. She had neither gill nor fins and there were no scales on her body. The men, who were very superstitious threw her overboard eventually and said that she dived "in a perpendicular direction."
     HC addendum
     Source: The Historical Mermaid   Type: E

#. Location. Szeged, Hungary
    Date: 1836   Time: night
Near the Romanian border, spherical lights and the appearance of what looks like a "lady in white" create uproar in a part of the town. No further information or details.
     HC addendum
     Source: Ion Hobana, & Julien Weverbergh, UFO's Behind the Iron Curtain   Type: E?

#. Location. London England
    Date: February 20 1838   Time: 2030
Lucy Scales, 18 and her sister Margaret Scales were returning home, from their brother's house in the Limehouse area. Reports indicate that Spring Heeled Jack jumped out in front of Lucy Scales and spat blue fire in her face. Written evidence indicates that Lucy was "blinded"---whether this blindness was temporary, permanent or simply a figure of speech is not known. After the attack, witnesses claim that Spring Heeled Jack jumped from the ground to the roof of a house and made his escape.
     HC addendum
     Source: Spring Heeled Jack, London England   Type: E

#. Location. London England
    Date: February 22 1838   Time: night
18-year old Jane Alsop was in her home on Bearhind Lane in the Bow district, when she heard rapping on the door. Answering the door, a black-cloaked man exclaimed, "I'm a police officer. For God's sake, bring me a light, for we have caught Spring Heeled Jack in the lane." Jane, who lived with her father and two sisters, went to fetch a light for the man. She returned with a candle and as she was handing the light to the man, it shone on his face and she noticed that it was Spring Heeled Jack. He immediately spat a blue and white "gas" into her face. She attempted to run back into the house but he held on tightly to the back of her hair. One of her sisters managed to pull her out of his grasps and drag her back into the house. Spring Heeled Jack continued banging on the door some time before hastily leaving. Jane described him as wearing a large helmet and a sort of tight-fitting costume that felt like oilskin. But the cape was just like the ones worn by the police officers. His hands were as cold as ice and like powerful claws. The most frightening thing about him was his eyes, which shone like balls of fire.
    HC addendum
     Source: Spring Heeled Jack London England   Type: E

#. Location. London England
    Date: February 23 1838   Time: night
The following day on Turner Street near Commercial Road a strange figure knocked on the resident's door. When a servant boy answered the door, the figure asked to speak to the master of the house, Mr. Ashworth. The boy turned to call Mr. Ashworth when he noticed, out of the corner of his eye, that the visitor was none other than Spring Heeled Jack. With glowing orange eyes and clawed hands, Spring Heeled Jack waved his fist at the boy and leapt over the houses on Commercial Road. The lad noticed that under his cloak, an embroidered letter "W" on his shirt.
     HC addendum
     Source: Spring Heeled Jack, London England   Type: E

#. Location. Stowmarket, England
    Date: 1842   Time: night
A man claimed an encounter with "fairies" when walking through a meadow on his journey home. He encountered about a dozen of them, the biggest about 3 ft tall and small ones like dolls. They were moving around hand in hand in a ring, no noise came from them. They seemed light and shadowy, not like solid bodies. He ran home and got three other witnesses but when they got to the location the small entities were gone.
     HC addendum
     Source: The Elusive Little People, Part 1   Type: E

#. Location. Near Warwick Ontario Canada
    Date: October 3 1843   Time: daytime
A man was laboring in a field under a slight rain when soon the sky became clear and the witness heard a distant rumbling coming from the west, he did not see anything so he kept working. The rumbling sound became louder and seemed to approach. The witness looked again and saw a strange cloud approaching and underneath the cloud, the saw three men, all three completely white in color. These men sailed through the air one following the other. The three men passed directly above the witness at treetop level. The men were motionless and seemed to emit "moaning" sounds. The moans sounded like loud "Woe's." The three figures eventually drifted out of sight.
     HC addition # 1335
     Source: John Robert Colombo, UFOs over Canada   Type: C? Or E

#. Location. Near Balashov, Saratov region, Russia
    Date: October 12-13 1847 until October 6 1848   Time: various
During the night local residents noticed four fiery columns of light in the clear northeastern sky. The columns or beams of light were in close proximity of each other, with blue and white shades. The phenomenon lasted for about 2hours. After that the area became dark again and the sky again appeared normal. Soon after this observation, bizarre looking strangers appeared in the Saratov region. These "men" looked aged, like elderly men, with strange yellow-greenish looking faces, and all the men were beardless. These strangers visited several villages but never begged for alms. When the locals attempted to communicate with the strangers these only mumbled in an unrecognizable language, which the Russian villagers could not understand. So the strangers were then considered eccentric or crazy (if indeed extraterrestrials, a perfect disguise which did not attract too much attention). Neither village elders nor district policemen detained the strangers. But as was found out later the strangers aroused the suspicion of local representatives and authorities. The strangers seemed to move very quickly in between villages, and never stayed one night in any of the villages. But the authorities could never corner or pinpoint the whereabouts of the strangers. All of the strangers appeared to vanish soon after October 6 1848 when a report was sent to the Ministry of Internal affairs from the town of Balashov. This report stated that on the above date at around 2100 there was very bright lighting over the area corresponding with the rumble of thunder that lighted the sky. And then at 2200 a blood red colored spot appeared in the center of the sky which was visible for 5 minutes, the spot then took an elongated form, becoming pinkish in color and moving towards the northwest, in half an hour the sky appeared to clear and the red "spot" moved to the west and separated into several dozen cone-shaped columns stretching to the horizon and becoming dark red in color. After that the north was covered with whitish-red stripes that slowly drifted towards the west. The phenomenon vanished around 2300.
     HC addendum
     Source: "Sekretnye Isslendovaniya v Ukraine" (Secret investigations, Ukrainian variant) #6 2003
     Type: D?

#. Location. Quigley's Point, Lough Foyle, Ireland
    Date: September 9 1848   Time: early morning
The sky turned dark and seemed to open, with a reddish opening, with a regiment of soldiers appearing in the reddish area. These were followed by war vessels under full sail, then "a man and a woman and a swan and a peahen," after which the "opening" closed.
     HC addendum
     Source: T. Peter Park, The Anomalist #10   Type: E?

#. Location. Lacar Lake, Neuquen, Argentina
    Date: 1850   Time: unknown
A mermaid like creature, apparently half amphibian, and half human was reportedly seen in the area. The mermaid was reported to be able to levitate over the water, and supposedly lived in an underwater city. No other information.
     HC addition # 3382
     Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine #10   Type: E

#. Location. Lichen, Poland
    Date: May 1850   Time: daytime
Devout Catholic Mikoaj Sikatka a local shepherd was working on a pasture when he saw a beautiful woman. She blessed God and said, "Mikoaj, tell the people that the punishment for their sins is approaching. The plague will appear in this area...encourage them to do penance and prayer. If they are righteous there will be no punishment. Especially they should pray to the rosary and consider the life of Jesus Christ and his martyrdom." Mikoaj was also told that a great war was approaching. She also asked him to fix up the nearby chapel since there will be many visitors soon. But the modest and shy shepherd didn't tell anybody about the encounter. After a few weeks and while praying in the field he saw the woman again. The extraordinary looking woman prayed for humanity's sins, and called for penance and to pray with the rosary. She then spoke about Polish history and foretold the rebirth of Poland. She reprimanded him for his passivity in revealing her predictions. However he became more confused since he didn't know how. He shared his views with the woman (Mary?) during a prayer in the woods in August 15. The woods shone with brilliance and he saw Mary for the third time. He had a white eagle on her chest. She repeated the warnings and added, "I will never leave the people and will save them just like this white eagle." She told him that her image should be removed from the forest chapel and placed in a more accessible location, since soon pilgrims will be arriving from different locations in Poland. "A magnificent temple devoted to me will be built there soon". And she said to Mikoaj, "Preach about what you have seen and heard" and as proof she made the old shepherd younger (!).
     HC addendum
     Source: quoting "Nasza Arka" (Our Arc) Catholic Family Magazine
     Comments: The cholera plague took place in 1852 as Mary foretold.
     Poland lost its independence in 1795 and regained it in 1918.
     [Note: The White Eagle with a crown is the national symbol of Poland.]

#. Location. Hawick, Northumberland, England
    Date: July 1851   Time: morning
A local and highly respectable and intelligent farmer reported a most remarkable phenomenon. Walking over a hill on his farm early one morning, his attention was arrested by a light cloud of pale mist of remarkable form, being perfectly circular, slowly uprising from the neighboring valley. The sun was shining brightly around him from the other side and as the cloud gradually floated up still retaining its form, which was very like that of the halo often observed around the moon, he found it present an inner circle much smaller but well defined, and containing, as in a frame a human figure of most colossal proportions. Instead of standing aghast in the mute amaze of motionless horror, as many would have done, he saluted the specter with a bow, which was returned by the airy phantom with the utmost promptitude and civility. He then walked away for a little and on returning found the shadow still visible, which continued to bow and otherwise imitate every motion he made, thus proving it to be a reflection of his own form in the cloud (?).
     HC addendum
     Source: Th. Paijmans in Magonia data-exchange Quoting News of the World July 13 1851
     Type: A?

#. Location. Washington Island, Wisconsin
    Date: circa 1853   Time: evening
An eight-year old girl named Anna was out in the fields collecting wild berries when she was reportedly accosted by several tiny human-like figures wearing shiny clothing and small funny pointy hats and shoes. They told her they were very hungry and asked for some of the berries. They talked to the girl and allowed her to dance with them they also taught her a new son, that resembled "a haunting melody."
     HC addendum
     Source: W. Files   Type: E

#. Location. Waldoboro, Maine
    Date: 1855   Time: unknown
A local man wrote a letter to a local publication describing how he chased and captured a "miniature human being" near this town. It was 18 inches in height, with limbs in perfect proportion. With the exception of his face, hands and feet, he was covered with hair of a jet-black hue. The man concluded his letter by inviting any interested parties to come by to view the "strange specimen" for themselves. Its not known what became of the little men.
     HC addendum
     Source: Phillip L Rife, America's Nightmare Monsters   Type: H?

#. Location. Central Russia, European Part (Exact location unknown)
    Date: circa 1855   Time: unknown
The famous Russian writer Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev (1818-1883) was once swimming in a quite forest lake in a remote area of Central Russia when he felt someone's hand touching his shoulder. He turned around and saw a "horrible" female humanoid creature, similar to a monkey, with a huge grimacing face, covered in long red hair. Turgenev was seized by panic and horror and rushed to the shore, but the "monster" chased him. Luckily there was another witness near the shore, a young boy, a shepherd who came running, reacting to Turgenev's screams. Using a lash or whip the boy kept the monster away from Turgenev until he reached safety.
     HC addendum
     Source: Alexander Bogatikov "Water Man" in: Interesnaya Gazeta" Kiev #101 D+ bock, June
     2005   Type: E

#. Location. Off the coast of Britain
    Date: June 4 1857   Time: unknown
A Scottish seaman reported spotting a creature, "in the shape of a woman with full breast, dark complexion, and comely face." No other information.
     HC addendum
     Source: The Historical Mermaid   Type: E

#. Location. Near Neston England
    Date: July 1857   Time: evening
On the outskirts of town a young shepherd named Robert Clancy was tending his flock---and his sweetheart---when he noticed a round gleaming vessel sanding on three legs at the side of a field. A golden haired woman in unusual green clothes stood by the unearthly craft watching Clancy and his girlfriend for a while, then waved and climbed into the vehicle, which afterwards took off into the sky and headed northwards. For months afterwards, no sheep would graze on the spot where the craft had stood.
     HC addendum
     Source: Tom Slemen, quoting Charles Fort   Type: B

#. Location. Ft. Bridger, Utah
    Date: 1858   Time: unknown
During the founding of Ft Bridger by the colonists they reportedly found a "tribe" of small, smelly people, who were called the Northern Paiutes. They only ate corn, which they got from the local Indians and lived, in "holes" in the ground. They left shortly before the main force of "white people" made it to the area.
     HC addendum
     Source: UFO Updates, Toronto   Type: E

#. Location. Lourdes, France
    Date: February 11 1858   Time: mid-day
14-year old Bernadette Soubirous was scavenging for animal bones along the banks of a stream just outside the town. Her two young companions decided to cross to the opposite side and Bernadette paused in front of a small grotto in the cliff face to remove her shoes and stockings. She soon noticed a white object in the shape of a woman or girl inside the cave. This vision seems to have sent her into a state of ecstasy, since she proceeded to paddle across the stream without being bothered by the freezing waters. She described the woman as being dressed in white, a white dress and a blue sash and a yellow rose on each foot the color of the chair of her rosary. At first she thought she was seeing things and found her rosary. She attempted to make the sign of the cross but could not get her hand up to her forehead. The vision made the sign of the cross, and then Bernadette's hand shook. After reading her rosary, the vision suddenly disappeared. Interpreted as a Virgin Mary encounter.
     HC addendum
     Source: Mike Dash, Borderlands   Type: E or F

#. Location. Lourdes, France
    Date: April 10 1858   Time: afternoon
Some women from Lourdes claimed to see the Blessed Virgin while praying at the grotto, and they were the first of many. They climbed up to the back of the grotto and along a small shaft to a hidden cavern. One of these, Claire-Marie Cazenave, aged 22, claimed to have seen something in the shape of a woman, carrying a child, and dressed in white. Two older women alleged that they too saw "something" but they variously described it as a ten-year old or a four-year old girl. Their only source of lighting was candles.
     HC addendum
     Source: Theotokos.org   Type: E or F

#. Location. Lourdes, France
April 14 1858   Time: afternoon
Another woman also claimed to have seen "something" in the cavern. A few days later a young girl had to be brought down from the cavern in some distress, claiming to have seen, "the immaculate Conception, carrying a child in her arms, and standing beside her a man with a long beard." This led to a great deal of confusion.
     HC addendum
     Source: Theotokos.org   Type: E or F

#. Location. Jay Ohio
    Date: 1858   Time: daytime
Mr. Henry Wallace and other residents of this town reported seeing a shadow that was thrown over the place where they were; this necessarily attracted their attentions to the heavens, where they one and all beheld a large and curiously constructed vessel, not over one hundred yards from the earth. They could plainly discern a large number of people onboard of her, whose average height appeared to be about twelve feet. Wheels and other mechanical appendages all of which worked with a precision and a degree of beauty never yet attained by any mechanical skill upon this planet evidently worked the vessel.
     HC addendum
     Source: Chris Aubeck, Return To Magonia   Type: A

#. Location. Mohan, India
    Date: February 25 1858   Time: unknown
What was termed as "phantom soldiers" wearing traditional Hindu costumes were seen in the sky above this city by British witnesses.
     HC addendum
     Source: T Peter Park, The Anomalist #10   Type: E

#. Location. Robinsonville, Wisconsin
    Date: October 9 1859   Time: afternoon
Adele Brise was on her way to the grist mill with a sack of wheat on her head and as she came near the place, she saw a lady in white standing between two trees, one a maple, the other a hemlock. Adele was frightened and stood still. The vision slowly disappeared, leaving a white cloud after it. Adele continued on her errand and returned home without seeing anything more. On the following Sunday, she had to pass on her way to Mass at Bay Settlement this time she was not alone, but was accompanied by her sister Isabel and a neighbor Mrs. Vander Niessen. When they came near the trees, the same lady in white was at the place where Adele had seen her before. Adele was again frightened, and said, almost in a tone of reproach, "Oh, there is that lady again." The other two did not see anything, but they could tell by Adele's look that she was afraid. Adele then saw the lady disappear as the first time, and all she could see was a little mist or white cloud. After Mass, her two companions and a man who was clearing land for the Holy Cross Fathers at Bay Settlement accompanied Adele. As they approached the "hallowed" spot Adele could see the beautiful lady, clothed in dazzling white, with a yellow sash around her waist. Her dress fell to her knees in graceful folds. She had a crown of stars around her head, and her long, golden wavy hair fell loosely around her shoulders. Overcome by this heavenly light and the beauty of her amiable visitor, Adele fell to her knees. At this point the mysterious lady told Adele: "I am the Queen of Heaven, who prays for the conversion of sinners, and I wish you to do the same. You received Holy Communion this morning, and that is well. But you must do more. Make a general confession, and offer Communion for the conversion of sinners. If they do not convert and do penance, my Son will be obliged to punish them." Soon the manifestation then lifted her hands, as though beseeching a blessing for those at her feet and slowly vanished, leaving Adele overwhelmed and prostrate on the ground.
     HC addendum
     Source: Sister Pauline LaPlant, Robinsonville, Wisconsin   Type: E or F?

#. Location. Cwmdwr, Wales
    Date: August 1862   Time: 1400
Two men, David Evans and Evan Lewis had stopped their horses for a rest opposite to a farm known as Maestwynog, and were looking in the direction of a hillside not far off, when they noticed several little figures walking up a hill on a winding footpath. As they reached the top of a hill the little men jumped up and made a circle and began dancing in earnest. Suddenly all the little men suddenly scattered in different directions and disappeared from sight.
     HC addendum
     Source: Janet Bord, Faeries, Real Encounters with The Little People   Type: E

#. Location. Indian Ocean
    Date: September 1862   Time: unknown
The Danish brig "Christine" was wrecked on a desert rock or island several miles in size. The survivors, including a Mr. Oleson had gathered at the base of a cliff waiting for the end as the waves dashed & the winds howled on the rocks. Suddenly from high in the air they saw what seemed to be an immense ship, driven, uncontrolled in the elements. It was headed straight toward the frightened mariners, who cried aloud in despair. But suddenly a whirl of wind changed the course of the object and it crashed against the cliff a few hundred yards from the miserable sailors. Afraid they crept toward the wreck. It appeared to be a vessel as large as a modern battleship, but the machinery was so crushed that they could form no idea as to how the power was applied to the immense wings or sails. Strange implements and articles of furniture could be seen jumbled in an almost shapeless mass. They found in metal boxes covered with strange characters what they afterward discovered to be very wholesome and palatable food, which, with the water in the rocks, saved them from immediate death. Their horror was intensified when they found the bodies of more than a dozen men dressed in garments of strange fashion and texture. The bodies were dark bronze in color, but the strangest feature of all was the immense size of the men. They were estimated to have been more than 12 ft high. They had long hair and beards. They found tools of almost every kind but to large to be used. One man was driven insane & jumped from the cliff into the boiling waters. The others fled in horror from the fearful sight. But hunger forced them to return to the site. After eating heartily of the strange food, they summoned courage to drag the gigantic bodies to the cliff and tumble them over. The survivors were finally able to build a raft and left the island.
     HC addition # 3012
     Source: Jerome Clark, Fate September 1990   Type: H?

#. Location. Lorenco Marques, Mozambique
    Date: 1862   Time: unknown
Just before the war between the two rival Gaza chiefs, a "mulungwana", or little white man, alighted on a hill in the area, many people saw it. It was reported that the "white men" had seized the little entity and took him to the capital. No other information.
     HC addendum
     Source: Brian Aubeck, Return to Magonia   Type: H?

#. Location. Near Lewisburg, West Virginia
    Date: September 1 1863   Time: 1500
A remarkable phenomenon was witnessed a few miles west of this place, at the house of Mrs. Pearcy, by Mr. Moses Dwyer, her neighbor, who happened to be seated in her porch at the time, as well as by others at or near the house. The weather was quite hot and dry, not a cloud could be seen, and no wind even ruffled the foliage on the surrounding trees. All things being propitious the grand panorama began to move---just over and through the tops of the trees on the adjacent hills on the South, immense numbers of rolls resembling cotton or smoke, apparently thousands of them, and were, perhaps, an hour in getting by. After these had passed over and out of sight, the scene was changed from the air above to the earth beneath, and became more intensely interesting to the spectators who were witnessing the panorama from different standpoints. In the deep valley beneath thousands upon thousands of apparently human beings (men) came in low traveling in the same direction of the rolls marching in good order, some thirty or forty in depth, moving rapidly---"double quick," and commence ascending the sides of the almost insurmountable hills opposite, and had the stoop peculiar to men when they ascend a steep mountain. There seemed to be great variety in the size of the men, some were very large whilst others were quite small. Their arms, legs, and heads could be distinctly seen in motion. They seemed to observe strict military discipline and there were no stragglers. There was uniformity of dress, loose white blouses or shirts with white pants wore hats and were without guns, swords, or anything they indicated "men of war." On they came through the valley and over the steep hill crossing the road and finally passing out of sight, in a direction due North from those who were looking on. On the 14th of the same month, the same scene almost identical, was seen by 8 or 10 of our pickets at Bunger's Mill, and by many of the citizens in that neighborhood; this is about 4 miles east of Pearcy's. It lasted about an hour.
     HC addendum
     Source: Chris Aubeck, Return to Magonia   Type: E

#. Location. Siberia, Russia, exact location not given
    Date: 1865   Time: afternoon
A shepherd was looking for a lost animal from his herd when he came upon a forest glade. There he saw a giant sphere with supports, and large humanoid looking "monsters." Right next to them lay his lost cow. It was dead, and its stomach was slit open, yet there was no blood anywhere in sight. The "monsters" bent over the animal, and studied something inside it. It appeared to the witness that they were cutting something out. Some time later they noticed the young man, and gestured to him in a strange fashion. Frightened he ran away from the area.
     HC addition # 3239
     Source: Paul Stonehill, The Soviet UFO Files   Type: C

#. Location. Cadotte Pass, Missouri
    Date: September 1865   Time: evening
Rocky Mountain trapper, James Lumley was engaged in trapping in the mountains about 75 five or 100 hundred miles above the great falls of the Upper Missouri when after sunset one evening he beheld a bright, luminous body in the heavens, which was moving with a great rapidity in an easterly direction. It was plainly visible for at least five seconds, when it suddenly separated into particles, resembling the bursting of a skyrocket in the air. A few minutes later he heard a heavy explosion, which jarred the earth very perceptibly, and this was shortly after followed by a rumbling sound, like a tornado sweeping through the forest. A strong wind sprang up about the same time, but as suddenly subsided. The air was filled with a peculiar odor of a sulfuric character. On the ensuing day he discovered at a distance of about 2 miles from his camping place, that, as far as he could see in either direction, a path had been cut through the forest, several rods wide---giant trees uprooted or broken off near the ground---the tops of hills shaved off, and the earth plowed up in many places. Great and widespread havoc was everywhere visible. Following up this track of desolation, he soon ascertained the cause of it in the shape of an immense stone that had been driven into the side of a mountain. An examination of the stone, or so much of it as was visible, showed that it had been divided into compartments, and that in various places; it was carved with curious hieroglyphics. More than this, Lumley also discovered fragments of a substance resembling glass, and here and there dark stains, as though caused by a dark liquid. He was confident that the hieroglyphics were the work of human hands, and that the stone itself, although but a fragment of an immense body, must have been used for some purpose by animated beings. During that time a bright meteor was visible in the area of Leavenworth and Galena. At Leavenworth it was seen to separate in particles and explode.
     HC addendum
     Source: UFO Research Cincinnati, quoting "The Cincinnati Commercial" October 30 1865
     Type: H?

#. Location. Bracken County, Kentucky
    Date: February 13 1866   Time: late night
On Monday night the owner of a local plantation and his family had retired to rest when suddenly they were aroused by a great outcry from the Negro quarters, which was immediately to the rear of the house. They heard men, women and children screaming in terror, creating a scene of utter pandemonium. His wife and him sprang from their bed. Their room was illuminated as brightly as by a flood of sunlight, though the light was of a bluish cast. At first they thought that the Negro cabins were being consumed by fire. They rushed to the windows and beheld a sight that fairly curdled the blood in their veins with horror and filled their hearts with outmost terror. Their daughters, shrieking loudly, came flying into the room, hysterical with fear. They beheld, standing to the right of the upper cabin, near the fence that separated the Negro's garden from the house yard a creature of gigantic stature, and the most horrifying appearance. It was nearly as high as the cabin and had a monstrous head not similar in shape to that of an ape, with two short white horns above each eye, and it had long arms, covered with shaggy hair of an ashen hue that terminated in huge paws, not unlike those of a cat, and armed with huge and hooked claws. Its breast was as broad as that of a large sized ox, its legs resembled the front legs of a horse, and only the hoofs were cloven. It had a long tail armed with a dart shaped horn, which it was continually switching about. Its eyes glowed like two living coals of fire, while its nostrils and mouth were emitting sheets of blue colored flame, with a hissing sound, like the hissing of a serpent only a thousand fold louder. Its general color, save the arms, was a dull dingy brown. The air was powerfully impregnated with a smell of burning sulfur. The poor Negroes were evidently laboring under extreme terror, and two of them, an old woman and a lad were actually driven to insanity by their fears and have not recovered their reason up to this writing. The strange creature then was enveloped in a spiral in a spiral column of flame that reached nearly to the top of the locust trees adjacent, and which hid its horrid form completely from view. The extinction of the flame was instantaneous, and with its disappearance they were relieved of the presence of this remarkable visitor. It was reported that the same or similar creature appeared on several nights at neighboring plantations.
     HC addendum
     Source: Jerome Clark, Anomalistic List, quoting Nathaniel G. Squires   Type: E

#. Location. Copiago, Chile
    Date: March 17 1868   Time: 1700
When the day's work in the mine was over and all the workers were gathered together waiting for their dinner, we saw arrive through the air on the side of the mine known as "La Ternera" an enormous bird that at first we took for the clouds that a that moment were covering a part of the atmosphere, supposing that it had been separated from other clouds by a chance gust of wind as the object in question approached, causing us great surprise, we could see it was an unknown flying object. It was moving from the northeast to the southeast and its flight was fast and in a very straight line. It passed over just above our heads and we could see the strange structure of its body. Its great wings were covered in brownish feathers, the head of the monster looked like that of a lobster and its eyes open wide and bright like embers, and it seemed to be covered in something resembling thick hair, like a sow. Its body was long like a snake's and only bright scales could be seen on it, which sounded like metallic pieces when the strange animal moved them. Surprise soon became panic amongst the workers before such a strange phenomenon. Some claim they detected a terrible smell in those moments, a smell similar to arsenic when it is burnt. Others say their senses were not so injured in such an odd manner. The superstitious believe it was the devil himself who they saw pass over, while others remember having witnessed in that city, years ago, the passing of a similar monstrous bird.
     HC addendum
     Source: Chris Aubeck, Return to Magonia   Type: E?

#. Location. Parramatta New South Wales, Australia
    Date: July 25 1868   Time: unknown
Frederick Birmingham was standing on his cottage verandah when he saw a "vision" of heads floating by him. He then saw an "ark" flying overhead. A voice told him that it was a flying machine. A man-like figure then appeared and invited the witness to board the object, which had landed on a nearby park. The witness was led into a room where he was shown a paper with an equation written on it. The witness then fell asleep and then awoke the next morning in his house.
     HC addition # 445
     Source: Mark Moravec, Psiufo Phenomena   Type: G?

#. Location. Nice, Alpes Maritime, France
    Date: August 1868   Time: unknown
An unspecified number of witnesses watched an enormous sphere of flames land on top of a hill. Two very small occupants, about 1.20m, wearing with greenish luminous clothing exit the sphere and disappear into the woods. No other information.
     HC addendum
     Source: Yves Naud, "UFOs and Extraterrestrials" Famot 1977   Type: B

#. Location. Willow Creek, Bracken County, Kentucky
    Date: October 10 1868   Time: night
A wonderful phenomenon has recently made its appearance in this locale about two miles from Brooksville and has been seen by quite a number of the worthy citizens of the county. On the above date one of our citizens, a prominent tobacco merchant, residing in Brooksville was returning home from the southern portion of the county where he had been buying some crops of tobacco and belated was riding along the road when suddenly he beheld a most frightful object in the middle of the road, immediately in front of him. The "object" was about six feet in height and walked upright. The face was at times that of a man, very pale, with curls of flame falling over his shoulders, eyes of sulfurous blue, changing constantly in size, one moment large as a tin cup, and then gradually decreasing in size until it was almost invisible. Its arms were those of a man, and hands deadly pale. In one hand, it held a torch, and in the other a sword that seemed to be about four feet in length. Its lower extremity was that of a horse, with legs well proportioned, and hoofs as those of a horse. Its tail, which was about three feet in length, was of flame. Its breath was a solid sheet of fire, which vibrated with the heaving of its breast, like the pendulum of a clock. It was certainly the most frightful thing the witness ever beheld. It walked off to the side of the road, and then vanished. When it disappeared the witness immediately put spurs to his horse and galloped by the spot where he had seen it. When he arrived at the summit of the hill, about 200 yards off, he looked back and saw the creature in the same spot where he had first beheld it. He stopped his horse and watched for a moment, it walked over to the left side of the road and mounted a rail fence that stood there, and commenced running toward the witness. The witness did not stay to see remainder of the drama. He immediately rode to town, and having told the adventure to some of the citizens, they immediately formed a party and started out to see the strange visitant. When they arrived at the spot, some of them beheld the specter and the others could not see it. It was when they saw it on the fence, and running rapidly along up and down it passed the crowd for the distance of a quarter of a mile. About 2300 it vanished and was seen no more that night. Since then it has been on hand every night, and the excitement is at a very high state now and is increasing.
     HC addendum
     Source: Jerome Clark, Anomalistic List, quoting Atlanta Daily Constitution November 4 1868
     Type: E

#. Location. Near Independent Hill, Virginia
    Date: December 1868   Time: night
A man named Silas Brown who lived at the edge of a wooded area reported that for the last few weeks he has had visions or encountered an alarming character in the nearby forest but more particularly in the copse adjacent to Mr. Brown's barn and stable. At numbers of times has an immense figure been seen passing to and fro near the barn, with large horns and terrible claws, which it contracts to a sort of hoof, and has assaulted Mr. Brown, when he attempted after dark to feed his horses and stock, in such a manner and with such violence that he has been compelled to flee to his house for safety. The figure, to the best of Mr. Brown's recollection seemed about three times as large as a man in its front, and having a back converging from its neck and shoulders horizontally to the distance of some six to eight feet, and supplied on each side with huge and tremendous arms. It is of a pale bluish color when first seen, but upon being irritated by the near approach of any person becomes a deadly white, and issues from its surface a small volume of smoke, accompanied with a sickening smell. This ghoul or unnatural and horrible animal or demon, has been see as often as four times near Mr. Brown's stable, and when seen, it has lingered till its deadly effluvia has completely impregnated the surrounding atmosphere. One evening Mr. Brown, desiring to have another beside himself see this terrible visitant, induced a courageous gentleman called Siger, who happened with his wife to spend the evening at Mr. Brown's to go to the stable to feed his horses. Siger, not believing the story, went without hesitation, when, upon entering the stable, he was alarmed by the fall at or near his feet, with a deep rumbling sound, of a tremendous stone. Siger without looking to see whence the rock came, picked the stone up, and it was so hot that he was compelled to drop it. Upon looking up he beheld the unearthly monster not over fifty yards from him, and the air became quickly filled and inoculated with brimstone. Not wishing to be thought a coward, he did not mention anything of this at the house, but upon walking home with his wife the same night he told her of what happened at the stable, and instantly she became alarmed, and was carried home in a state of apparent insensibility.
     HC addendum
     Source: Jerome Clark, Anomalistic List, quoting Petersburg Daily Index December 18 1868
     Type: E

#. Location. Assen Norway
    Date: Summer 1869   Time: unknown
A man named Just encountered a small man, that wore brown clothing, without any buttons, and on its head he had a large hat. The small man claimed he was an angel and opened up his coat and a bright light shone from inside of it. Apparently the small man gave the witness a letter of "heavenly" origin.
     HC addition # 2179
     Source: Ole Jonny Braene   Type: E

#. Location. Young New South Wales, Australia
    Date: June 1869   Time: night
Three men working on splitting posts and rails for fencing were startled to see a small white object of no particular form, on the ground nearby. The object suddenly grew into a white eight-foot tall humanoid figure. One of the men struck it with a stick and it sounded hollow. The figure then chased the men. The men encountered this same figure on another occasion and also saw a strange animal resembling a dog with a chain attached to it.
     HC addition # 1156
     Source: Mark Moravec, Psiufo Phenomena   Type: E

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