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Humanoid Reports - 2006
Complied By Albert S. Rosales  

This year will be the last of my report summaries.
I will update and correct my reports with updated summaries, correct dates, names, etc and will finally initiate the creation of a master
UFO / entity / humanoid catalog that will conclude in 2006.
This year has already brought forth some enigmatic occurrences that will be summarized for everyone to know.
The truth will indeed set us free and knowledge is the key.

1. Location. Near Nacogdoches, Texas 
    Date: early January 2006   Time: night

David Salomen, 60’s, was riding his dirt bike in a secluded forest north of the location and had stopped to rest when suddenly he saw a figure standing about 12 feet away from him. The figure was short, willowy whitish in color, with large dark eyes. The figure said, “May I connect with you?” Terrified the witness prayed in agony. But he could still hear a voice in the area of his frontal lobe that said, “Say yes.” And he said “yes”. He could plainly hear a voice behind his left ear, in the region of the brain that handles speech and verbal logic. The short figure then began to tell him many things, about the pyramids, and the sphinx, of ancient Nephilim giants, of 50 terrestrial races more devout than monks, of a flying miniature planet that sets up the gravity of planet Earth on the bottom and its atmosphere and flies at 12,000 miles per second without subjecting its occupants to G-force, of chimera experiments gone awry, of Mothman, Bigfoot, Champ, Nessy, etc. It will be the first of several “sit-downs” Salomen would have with this entity. His small mouth never moved. His pushed-in furrowed face reminded the witness of a Pekinese. His nose was nearly non-existent and his enormous eyes were like two black almonds that slanted upwards at a forty-five degree angle. The large veins of his bulbous bald head were clearly visible. The entity called itself “Magnuss” and told the witness, “I am using your own lexicon embedded in your mind to communicate with you." On February 3 2006, Magnuss would dictate to the witness 38 pages of information he wished for him to pass on to “Abo” or humans. At one point he asked Magnuss about Atlantis but his answer was ominous and he enquired no further, basically the entity said that it was too much information and it wouldn’t be “wise” for the witness to know about it. He also asked about implants and was told that each piece of metal is attached to nerve endings, which transmit location and biological data to an “object” not unlike a mainframe, where all whom they tag are kept. There is no hand on manipulation required. The data is continually transmitted to each abductee’s cell in the mainframe. If one of the implants is surgically removed, a cell becomes dormant and the monitor alien is alerted. The witness is apparently a biblical scholar and found many parallels in the bible of alien intervention. In fact Magnuss told him that they have been monitoring the earth for thousands of years. A lot of the information was indeed compared to religious dogma and according to the alien there is a definite connection.
    HC addendum
    Source: Direct from     Type: E or G?
    Comments: There was a lot more mostly religious related information given, I summarized the
    event that I find very intriguing.

Location. Near Atlanta, Georgia   Date: January 2006
    Time: night

The witness, a security guard at a granite quarry across the old landfill outside the city limits, was one night sitting inside the guard shack tuning up his guitar in the dark when he noticed dark brown smoke come out from behind the wall heater. He smelled the air and didn’t smell anything, and it didn’t really look like smoke; it seemed to be staying together and moving slowly one way. As he watched, it began to take the form of a large cloud. Puzzled, he sat there just watching. Soon, in front of the amazed witness the cloud turned into a giant robed man. He appeared to be looking down at the ground. As soon as the witness realized what he was watching, he jumped back into the wall, but as the giant looked at him straight in the eyes, a great comfort came over him. The figure was huge, almost 10ft tall, and sat on a crate, not even feet in front of the witness. He had a giant brown beard, large comforting eyes, and giant almost perfectly woven locks from his beard. He began to “talk” to the witness, not with his mouth, but with his hands and eyes. He gestured in such a way that it made all his gestures completely clear. But as he began to do this, the witness noticed another man appear out of nowhere. He was much smaller, like a normal person’s height. He had jet-black hair, all slicked back and shiny. His eyes though were black and almost like smoke. He began looking out the windows of the shack, as if waiting for something. He didn’t say a word either, but it seemed like they were together. So excited and in awe was the witness that he began rambling to them out loud saying, “Who are you? Where are you from? Please visit me any time.” Moments later the giant entity gestured to the witness to come close and when he did he began turning back into smoke. Then as the witness stepped back, he turned back with a big smile on his face; the witness did this several times to assure himself he wasn’t seeing things. The giant then pointed to the sidewall in the dark with a worried look on his face, so the witness shone his flashlight over and saw a stop sign with a can of gas and a fire extinguisher in front of it. After about 20-25 minutes after the encounter he started walking to the door to see if any of the drivers were around because he wanted additional witnesses, he turned around and saw the giant entity begin to dissipate and go back into the wall behind the heater. He did not see the black haired man again.
     HC addendum
     Source: Your True Tales---May 2006   Type: E?

3. Location. Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
    Date: January 10 2006   Time: night

Irina Karimova was watching television late at night, when suddenly she saw in her peripheral vision a bright glow coming from the window. At first she thought it was a fire, but the glow became “cold” and blinding. Strangely when she thought of going to see what it was an unspoken command came into her mind it said, “You do not need to go to the window”. She remained sitting in the couch. The rest of the night both Irina and her husband suffered from a restless night filled with nightmares while their dog barked all night as if disturbed by something. Despite the noise and commotion both remained in bed and did not get up until the morning. When Irina looked outside into the court she was surprised to see a strange round, spot several diameters on the roof of an adjacent house. Irina’s husband later recalled that the week before he had seen strange bright red lights hovering outside and then shooting up into the sky.
     HC addendum
     Source: Komsomol Truth in Ufa January 18 2006 in
     UFO Navigator 93 Type: F?

4. Location. Chicago, Illinois
    Date: January 12 2006   Time: night
The witness walked into her home to find a devil-like creature violently attacking her 6-year old Labrador dog. The creature seemed to be an unusual combination of a monkey, wolf, and "devil". There was a camera nearby so she grabbed it and snapped a picture. Shortly after the photo was taken the creature sprang to its hind legs and ran nearly pushing the witnesses over to get to the open door, they just had come through. This creature seemed to have long fangs, monkey-like tail, and extremely bright glowing eyes. The Labrador was checked afterwards and was unharmed by the attack because they had apparently arrived just in time. Lately round their neighborhood there had been reports of missing cats and small dogs and reports of a creature matching this creature's description hanging in trees by its tail.
     HC addendum
     Source: Alien Abduction Experience and Research   Type: E

5. Location. New Zealand, exact location not given
    Date: January 13 2006   Time: night
The witness, Laura, (involved in other encounters) woke up in the middle of the night to see three figures standing next to her bed. The figures wore dull metallic suits, made out of a fiber akin to "Lurex" and looked like parachute suits with long selves and legs. The gray suits had a shiny thread interwoven in the fabric that shone slightly like pewter might. They stood about four and a half feet tall and had round chubby faces that matched their broad bodies. They communicated via telepathy and told the witness that she was being lied to. By whom she does not know. No other information.
     HC addendum
     Source: Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher   Type: E\

6. Location. Unidad Jardín 2, Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico
    Date: January 14 2006   Time: 2000
On a foggy cold night several witnesses including, Gerson Michel Rodriguez, Nydia Lopez, and the brothers Jose Manuel & Jordi Ortiz reported seeing a very tall humanoid figure at least 3m in height, bright white in color, floating very quickly above a field. It moved quickly behind a light pole and disappeared. The witnesses attempted to videotape the entity but nothing came out on the video. The same or similar figure was seen on a football field by other witness and the Ortiz brothers. UFOs were also reported in the same area.
     HC addendum
     Source: Rossana Tejeda Lopez, El Durmiente de Orizaba Type:D or E?

7. Location. Fairborn, Ohio
    Date: January 21 2006   Time: various
Around 0100A the witness woke up feeling very disoriented and sick to his stomach, it took him about an hour to go back to sleep again. Over the rest of the day he had multiple unexplained bizarre sightings and apparitions. At 0700A he woke up to take a shower, it was still very dark and he spotted a small figure moving across his back porch, it was approximately 3ft in size. He was so frightened by the figure that he locked himself in the basement room. There were no windows to peek in or out. Around 0730A he heard unexplained noises, anywhere from a bang to a boom to a loud ring in only one ear. At 1400 he decided to drive to a friend's house in the outskirts of the city. As he drove he saw a large diamond shaped light come from a patch of woods off New Trebien Road, the light proceeded to fade and he could spot movement towards the car, it had a dark graphite type of texture and color, the object moved away from the car and disappeared into the woods. At 1430 he arrived at his friend's house and they talked about the strange appearances. By the time he leaves around 0400A the next morning the witness and his friend arrived at his house at 0430A. At 0700A he sees the small figure again and at the same time his television goes haywire, he then gets into his car and drives 2 miles out of town, stops on the side of the road and vomits. He proceeds to the nearest church he can find and speaks to the pastor at around 0800A. The pastor tells him that the bad things have to do with the house. The witness is not convinced with the pastor's explanation.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC   Type: D?

8. Location. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
    Date: January 22 2006   Time: 1800
A couple of friends drove outside Scarborough to "enjoy the stars" Then in a "short time" they "somehow ended up over 298km from Toronto, near Ottawa." They claimed that as they were headed back they observed the landing of three UFOs. One of them had already had some sightings the summer before, and they had earlier in the evening mentally "asked for this" and felt that they had been "guided to the three landing spots." "The discs are the size of a one-man aircraft," one of them wrote. "They all landed in a slow, falling leaf motion! We were able to communicate...as if through telepathy. We were being invited to approach...We wished we had the courage to approach, but they were all across dark fields of snow and we realized we had to wait for next time." They did not get back home until 0600A.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://www.mysterious-america.net/uforeports.html   Type: F
     Comments: Appears to have been an unexplored abduction event.

Location. Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada
     Date: January 30 2006     Time: 0200A
A low humming sound and clattering against all the windows of the house awakened two witnesses. They looked outside and saw 20 or more tiny blue lights in the sky. They quickly picked up the video camera and began to film the. The objects were very high in the sky, and moved freely in any direction or hovered together, one on top of the other a few miles apart in the sky. This continued for about an hour. They then noticed the objects getting much larger, as they slowly descended to earth. They claimed they managed to get one or two close up on video but the quality was not the best. The ridge above the house, about 11/2 miles to the north, began to emit a day-like glow. Most of the objects were no longer visible but the humming sound had become almost deafening. Suddenly a strong wind began to rip at the house, out of the north, the light pulsated in the horizon and clouds of smoke appeared to rise up slowly from each light, there were about six lit up areas. One of the witnesses attempted to call somebody on the phone but it was not working, it was making a peculiar buzzing sound. They then both leaned out the window to see better and listen. Soon they heard a very eerie howl, not like any coyote they had ever heard, almost like a siren, but not as perfect. It was followed by a loud blood-curdling deep scream, definitely not human. It filled the entire valley, and what followed was odd for mid winter in Canada, a warm strong breeze came from the north, almost hot, and it smelled like burning plastic, or something similar. The sensor light outside kept coming on and they heard crashing and banging against the house, scratching through the walls on every side. Both witnesses then saw a tall very pale figure that had a human-like shape and glowing eyes, running across the driveway. Petrified, they shut themselves in and listened intently. They looked out the window for a bit longer to see the smoke puff up from the lighted hilltops again, and again saw tiny blue lights like they had seen earlier that shot up, hover briefly and then began getting smaller as they flew higher into the sky, they remained visible for a long time.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC  Type: D?

10. Location. Near Eucla, Nullarbor Plains, Australia
     Date: February 2006   Time: night
Two women were driving in a desolate stretch of road, one was suckling her baby, while her girlfriend was driving and their two young boys were in the back seat asleep when she experienced a strange discontinuity or dissociation. She can't recall everything in a linear sequence and there are gaps in her memory, but she remembers being pushed back in her seat, her vagina was inflamed and painful as if she'd been violated and started menstruating out of cycle. She remembers her girlfriend screaming at someone outside the car, they were stationary, but she couldn't see anything. Apparently she was screaming at blue colored men with strange small noses. The boys were still asleep. Then they both found themselves just sitting in the van on the side of the highway at night. Completely freaked out they made record time back to Melbourne and were even more disturbed when their youngest son recounted a strange dream he had that night about blue men with small noses saying hello to him and taking his mother and the other woman up into the clouds. The main witness had a similar encounter in the Nullarbor back in 1998 involving temporal dissociation, same violation and menstruation although no memories of any sort of beings just a very bright light parallel to and trailing the car.
     HC addendum
     Source: Diane Harrison Frola, The Australian UFO Research Network
     Type: G?

11. Location. Granite Falls, Washington
      Date: February 8 2006   Time: 0048A
The witness watched a huge object descend overhead, described as a thick large disk shaped craft with a large rotating dome on top and four equally spaced domes of a smaller sort underneath. It glowed an intense white glow that enveloped the whole ship. The witness put his sunglasses on and was able to see additional details. The craft had a diameter of 6 city buses. When he looked closely at the rotating dome he saw strange runes or glyphs encircling the top dome emitting a blue glow that outlined these odd symbols. It went the same for the smaller rotating domes underneath, yet they were colored separately purple, red, green and yellow. It circled around his house practically brushing the treetops. After about 15minutes of circling it hovered directly over the house. Intrigued, he went outside to obtain a better view. The glyphs on the small domes then became brighter and the domes began to spin faster and faster. Then all of the sudden a dazzling blast of light focused on the witness. Terrified, he couldn't move. Suddenly there was a horrible shrieking noise inside his head. It was deafening and incredibly painful and forced the witness to the ground clutching his throbbing head as though he was going to die. Then there was a brilliant blaze of light and the shrieking stopped. The ship then began a steady climb towards the stars. As it did, four orbs about the size of a car appeared to have risen out of the forest and began circling in bizarre patterns around the ship. The craft rose faster and faster into the night sky, until it was only a speck in the sky. Steeling feeling an intense pain in his head the witness went to sleep.
     HC addendum
     Source: UFOs Northwest   Type: F

12. Location. Southeast England (exact location not given)
      Date: February 11 2006   Time: night
The witness was taking out the rubbish when he heard an extremely low-pitched sound, very deep and rumbling, he felt it more than he heard it. He peered at the forest which is at the end of his garden, separated only by a small, barred fence and could see two large circular objects that glinted with a soft yellow, sort of like cat's eyes, except they were much larger and without pupils. The circles got darker towards the edges. He then switched on the outside light, which increased the pitch of the rumbling and the discs got brighter in color. He dropped the rubbish and began to walk down the path, towards the end of his garden. After a few steps the pitch of the sound increased.

He hesitated but then continued. With every few steps, the pitch increased, and when he was almost at the bottom of the garden, it was almost painful. He decided then to go no further, but he had a fairly obscured look of what was there. The discs were high on the thing, which made him think they were eyes. He could see that they were on the sides of a head, not on the front and he was merely seeing the front of almost orb-like eyes. He thought that the creature was furry, or at least had hair of some kind, but it was dark and he couldn't see very well, it was rather large, about six or seven foot high. He couldn't see much more of it, and it was slowly moving backwards. Scared he ran into the house and locked the door. Later during the night he heard a low pitched rumbling a few times. Oddly enough it sometimes came from above and sometimes from below. When he turned the light on to take a look out the window he saw something pretty much the same shape as what he had seen earlier in the woods (vaguely humanoid rather wide and covered with humps) fluttering about in short hops, in his garden and the field next to it. In the morning when he went to the yard to investigate he found the rubbish strewn about. Also the wire they used to make sure rabbits do not simply slip through the bars was sunken to the ground. He found many broken branches and scattered debris in the woods.
     HC addendum
     Source: Unexplained Mysteries Forum    Type: E?

13. Location. Near Cerro del Chiquihuite, Mexico
     Date: February 12 2006  Time: 1826

A man named Arturo Lopez Lopez “El Burro” reportedly filmed from the roof of his home the figure of a small “flying man” (hombrecito Volador). After an examination of the images it was determined that the flying figure had an elongated head, and arms and legs were clearly visible. Below the small flying man there appears to be a distorted “energy” image of a falling figure, without any specific details visible.
     HC addendum
     Source: Rossana Tejeda Lopez
     ‘El Durmiente de Orizaba”  Type: E

14Location. Caguas, Puerto Rico
      Date: February 13 2006  Time: night
A couple saw a small humans-shaped "light" flying over the area. In one instance the woman went outside and saw the luminous figure. On another, the husband went into the bathroom and the luminous figure followed him, only to vanish. The woman has heard voices in a strange language.
     HC addendum
     Source: Andrew Alvarez http://www.andrewalvarez.net and
     Lucy Guzman http://www.ovni.net     Type: E

15. Location. Crumrod, Arkansas
      Date: February 15 2006   Time: 0600A
The witness was driving alone on a highway from Elaine to Crumrod when he noticed 2 bright lights on each side of the car which began following the witness. He turned into the first house he saw and the lights did the same, he did not get out of the car and blew the car horn for about 45minutes and the bright lights were still there. Then he saw figures standing all around the house, which were looking at the witness with glowing eyes. He began calling a family members and friends on his cell phone but it soon went dead so did the car. A friend came by to pick him up but did not see anything. His car was still dead an hour later and he had to jump start it. The resident of the house refused to come out because he thought hat there was something "strange" happening outside.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC   Type: C?

16. Location. Near Lajas, Puerto Rico
      Date: February 15 2006   Time: night
Several witnesses reported to police encountering "extraterrestrials" on the 303 road near Lajas, however no details were given. Others later reported seeing a UFO. The police while investigating the report encountered several electrical workers on the 303 road fixing a light pole and using a powerful flashlight. Investigation is ongoing.
     HC addendum
     Source: Lucy Guzman http://www.ovni.net   Type: C?

Location. Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York
      Date: February 17 2006   Time: 0200A
The witness had been watching television and when a commercial came on decided to look out the window, since the curtains were drawn. He found himself looking at a cluster of stars when suddenly there was a disturbance, one of the supposed stars blinked hard, not like a normal twinkling star, it was different. At first he thought it was a small plane since there is an airport nearby but the "star" got brighter and seemed to come towards him and then a small dark shadow about 150 yards away and 200feet above the ground started to open and inside there was a green glowing saucer shaped craft with around five orange glowing circles across the bottom. The witness felt very nervous and couldn't move. There was no noise from it but suddenly the witness heard a telepathic message from it, he heard a simple message that said, "Yes, we are here and watching, to be patient that there is more to life and to remember what he saw when he was 12-years old" (apparently he had a sighting then. Soon the object seemed to dip slowly down and to the right diagonally and then flare white-hot and zoom out of sight at incredible speed.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/sightings    Type: F

18.  Location. Kuala Pahang, Pahang, Malaysia
       Date: February 20 2006    Time: daytime
A fisherman, Ahmad Affendi, 22, and a few friends found a small bottle on a beach. After shaking the bottle he realized that there was a small figure inside, measuring about 15cm in height. However the tiny figure, which was greenish in color and had a pair of red eyes did not move. The tiny being was wrapped in a black cloth and tied with a white string. Ahmad Affendi took it to an elderly man, Ismail Omar, 94, who then opened the bottle. He claimed that the being was still alive. The witness then took it to the police station but was advised to hand it to the museum. While at the museum over 600 people managed to have a look at the strange figure but unfortunately due to superstitious beliefs they threw it away into the sea less than 24 hours later. It is a common belief in Malaysia that such creatures have bad spiritual effects and should not be kept.
     HC addendum
     Source:     Type: E or H?

19. Location. Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico
      Date: February 28 2006   Time: 0030A

Miguel Camacho and other witnesses observed a large very intense bright white object descend and land on the ground at about 600-700 feet away. Soon after the UFO landed they observed three to four alien figures that appeared to be working or gathering something around the bright object. The aliens had large heads, with large almond-shaped eyes that swept back and up at an angle and long thing arms and bodies with four fingered hands. The fingers were very long also. They stood about 3 to 4 ft high. The witnesses could not see their skin color or their legs. After about 60 minutes of this activity the glow appeared to be surrounded by some sort of covering or possibly closing whatever access or hatch that was opened. A sequence of lights started to flash from the top and sides of a bell-shaped area of the craft. This went on for about 20minutes then afterwards all lights except for a probe-like arm with a single white light on the end went dark. It hovered and moved within 20ft or so of its original position on the ground. This activity went on for several hours until well after sunrise. At this point a second object was observed flying/hovering about 500 ft directly above the object on the ground.
     HC addendum
     Source: John Hayes from UFOINFO, Brian Vike HBCC   Type: C

20. Location. Traiguen, Chile
      Date: March 2006   Time: night
On an isolated route two local police (Carabineros) who were patrolling a local train crossing reported encountering two strange entities that appeared not to have any facial features except for a pair of glowing red eyes similar to "lasers", the beings were dressed in black cowl-like outfits. According to the officers several passengers in a car apparently had a similar experience.
     HC addendum
     Source: quoting
     Ufologist Erick Bellido   Type: E?

21. Location. Santa Catarina, Monterrey, Mexico
      Date: March 2006  Time: night

Policeman, Gerardo Garza Carbajal was on guard duty on a road near the Panteon Municipal (Municipal Pantheon) when he suddenly someone started pelting him stones. Then he saw two “people” with wings and “wrinkled faces”. Terrified he ran into his squad car. In the meantime he could hear the entities laughing in “a weird way” and flying a short distance from him. “I thought they were witches---I saw them very close,” added the veteran police officer. Garza Carbajal immediately requested back up and in a matter of minutes was surrounded by several municipal police cars and even some from the Ministerial police. “The witches flew off, but the police officers who came to my aid saw what I saw.” Said the terrified officer, who swears he had never seen anything like it in his life. He was subsequently taken to a medical center, since his blood pressure dropped excessively. He soon recovered from the powerful shock.
     HC addendum
     Source: S. Corrales IHU and Marco Reynoso “Fundacion Cosmos”   Type: E

     Comments: Date is approximate. Unfortunately there are no additional details on the
     flying entities or “witches

22. Location. Near Niedrzwica Koscielna, Poland
        Date: March 2 2006   Time: 2300
The witness was driving on Road # 19 between Lublin and Krasnik when he observed a huge "animal" that ran at unbelievable speed without leaving any prints on the soft snow. The witness couldn't hear any noise but the entity emitted odd vocalizations, which resembled snoring, and growling sounds that were also detected by dogs several kilometers away (!). He was briefly able to see the strange humanoid at about 50m in distance and he wasn't able to see a lot of details. Upon arriving home the witness's dog refused to greet him and began howling strangely, it also behaved the same way the next day. The witness went to the location the next day but failed to find any evidence or prints.
     HC addendum
     Source: TINH Institute Poland, Piotr Cielebias in
     Polish UFO Journal   Type: E

Location. East Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
      Date: March 3 2006   Time: 0300A-0400A
At a health care facility for the elderly one of the residents awoke late at nigh to find two strange looking men standing beside her bed, they apparently told her to go back to sleep as they wanted to examine her stomach. However she became scared and refused to close her eyes. The two men apparently got a bit agitated, as they wanted her to sleep so they could get on with their examination. She instead started to get out of her bed, at this point the two men turned and left the room, she was not clear on whether they used the door or just vanished. Apparently one man was extremely tall but average looking. The second man was fairly short and although she knew he was a man he did not look like any ma she had ever seen. They were both light skinned and the shorter man really scared her because he looked so strange. She couldn't explain what it was about him, just that he looked. The elderly resident is reported to have a clear mind and to be very alert for her age. She suffered a very sore throat after the encounter.
     HC addendum
     Source: Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research   Type: E

Location. General Pico, La Pampa, Argentina
      Date: March 3 2006   Time: 2120
A local police officer, Corporal Sergio Pucheta a member of the regional unit from the Abigeato division reported having a bizarre encounter with two short entities with glowing red eyes which "followed him around and gave him orders" telepathically. He was missing for approximately 20 hours. His last communication was via cell phone when he reported a "strange situation", but his communication was suddenly interrupted. Backup arrived about 10 minutes later, finding only his motorcycle, his personal weapon, helmet, and other personal items belonging to Pucheta. Later after an extensive search of the area he was found the next day at 1630 lying on a road in a fetal position between the towns of Trili and Quemu Quemu, at about 20km from his original location. He was found by a local farmer who commented that Pucheta seemed to be in a state of 'nervous shock". He was immediately transported to the Centeno Regional Hospital where a Doctor Covella attended to him. He was given numerous analyses and examinations, in which his physical state was found to be normal and hydrated. According to Covella, Pucheta appeared to be sleepy, and only wanted to sleep. Immediately after being found Pucheta reported that he had been approached by 2 small men with glowing red eyes which apparently communicated by using telepathy and gave him orders, he attempted to get away from the entities but not could not remember anything after that and did not know how he ended up where he was found. It was noted that Pucheta had patrolled the area regularly and had previously reported seeing anomalous lights that he had attempted to film. The officer is now under psychiatric care, his suffering from headaches and his hands itch. Additional details indicate that Pucheta had been driving his Honda 125 cc when he reached an area of wilderness called "Las Cañas." There he saw a red light similar to that of a car, however upon reaching the site the light vanished. He got off his motorcycle to explore the area and when he was getting ready to go back on his motorcycle a very strong red light appeared in front of him. He felt mesmerized by the light and could only move his hands. The light then rose into the air and caused him "considerable headache and eye pain" a situation the officer tried to escape from, running away on foot into the fields, without recalling ever having dismantled his service pistol or the police Walkie-talkie which were subsequently found at the site with other belongings, such as a cell phone which lost all of its stored phone numbers, except for the last call Pucheta made to his fellow officers, calling for help. He was then pursued in the fields by the two entities that seemed to levitate and were additionally described as being smaller than him, somewhat transparent, with large heads and clear very red eyes. He explained that the entities appeared to be "utilizing his mind and performing tests". He reached a cornfield and there saw a large figure that appeared to be chewing the corncobs and was breaking something. He felt very scared and stood there gazing at it. It was getting closer and closer and that's when he heard the two small entities tell him, "either you go forward or backward". He then walked right past the figure, and the fear sort of left him at that moment. When asked if the figure could have been that of an animal, he said, no, because, "It was taller than me and much larger". Some two weeks ago, a fellow officer was driving along the access road to Agustoni and saw a light in the middle of the road. He thought it was a car and flashed his headlights at it, but the light wouldn't budge. When he was about to overtake it, the light moved from one side to another and flew straight up.
     HC addendum
     Source: Source: Raul Oscar Chaves “Ciufoslapampa” and
     Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)   Type: G?

Location. St. Louisville, Ohio
      Date: March 5 2006   Time: 0200A

A couple, last name Callis who lived in a remote country area were returning back from a restaurant when they spotted a "nude" color creature about 6ft tall, hunched over with hands pulled up in a fetal position. It acted as if it was running from something because when the headlights hit it, it didn't even turn its head to look at the witnesses. It ran so fast that it took like five steps to cross a two-lane road. It didn't have any hair and appeared to be "skeletal" in nature. The couple claims to have seen military helicopters circling the area lately.
     HC addendum
     Source: direct from    Type: E

Location. Nabouwalu, Bua, Fiji Islands
      Date: March 6 2006   Time: unknown
Local residents say they have discovered giant footprints that belong to a large human-like creature from the sea. An Indian talkback show on Radio Fiji received numerous calls this morning from people claiming to have seen the footprints. "It does look like a human footprint but bigger. Where ever the footprints are the grass in that area is dead," said Nabouwalu resident Suresh Chand. "He came out from the sea and went to a nearby house which belonged to a Fijian family". According to locals this has never happened in Bua before. Attempts to obtain verification from police in Nabouwalu regarding the footprints proved futile.
     HC addendum
     Source: Fijilive   Type: E?
     Comments: It is unclear if any entity was indeed seen emerging from the sea or not,
     we are waiting for additional details.

27. Location. Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta, Veracruz, Mexico
      Date: March 9 2006   Time: night
In a farm belonging to a Mrs. Bella Utrera several young goats have been found mutilated and bloodless. Strange deep bite marks have been found on the neck area of most of the animals. At night Mrs. Utrera herself reported seeing a strange "goat-like" animal, but hairy and bipedal and with an "evil face". Also Mrs. Utrera and her neighbors have heard strange sounds on their roofs and patios. According to some of the witnesses it sounds like a small entity running along the roof that then jumps to the ground and disappears from sight at great speed. It is said that one witness who is a deaf mute saw this being but obviously he is unable to describe it. The mutilations in the area began on February 22.
     HC addendum
     Source: Ana Luisa Cid www.analuisacid.com   Type: E

28. Location. Off Anse de Miquelon, Saint Pierre & Miquelon Islands
      Date: March 10 2006   Time: 2132
Two brothers had anchored their small vessel in Saint Pierre Harbor and while one of them went ashore for some food and drink the other remained behind observing the ocean. When the other one returned to the vessel at 2210 he found his brother in a terrible frightened state. After calming him down, his brother told him that he had seen strange lights flying low over the ocean. He then saw the lights emerging from the ocean and flying near the water, minutes later the lights, which flew in a triangular formation approached the vessel as he watched stunned. Suddenly a bright light shone on him and he felt being held down by a great force. He remembered seeing several humanoid creatures standing around him, he couldn't see their faces, but remembers being in a circular room very brightly illuminated by white light and filled with what appeared to be a gaseous mist. The creatures held his hand and examined his body with metallic chrome plated objects. He felt asleep and suddenly woke up on the prow of the vessel.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://ufocasebook.conforums.com   Type: G

29. Location. Glenwood, Indiana
     Date: March 12 2006    Time: 1700

The witness was riding down State Road 44 when he saw a white object in the sky. He didn’t know what it was at first and it then began to get closer. When it was about 200 or 300 yards away he noticed that it was a disk. The craft began moving downward at about 30 miles per hour as if it was going down a spiral staircase. He watched it for about 5 minutes. When it was about 20 feet from the ground it disappeared. In exactly a week he saw the same object again in Rushville. This object disappeared too. At 1930 that night he saw it again in Connersville. This time it had red and blue lights on the bottom. The disk sightings plagued the witness up to May. Every time he saw a disk in the sky the witness felt that the aliens wanted something with him. He could not sleep on the night of March 31. He looked at his clock to see that it was 2300. About five minutes later he had a sore throat. It felt like something had been stuck down his throat. He also had a really large headache. He got out of bed to take some medicine noticing that it was 530A. Out of his window he noticed a really bright blue light in the sky. It slowly moved to the left and stopped. It disappeared about 5 seconds later. From that night on every time he closed his eyes he would see a flying saucer or an alien being with what seemed to be a headdress and some kind of dress with squares all over it. The alien looked like it had a large head with huge eyes. On the morning of March 26 he noticed more missing time, about 2 hours. The next morning he woke up sleeping on a tissue. The tissue could only get there if he was out of bed. The morning after he noticed a fiery object right outside his window, it disappeared 3 seconds later. He claims to see “alien faces” in the clouds.
     HC addendum
     Source: www.ufocasebook.com     Type; G?

30. Location. Near Las Vegas, Nevada
      Date: March 19 2006      Time: 1500
The night before the main witness and his son had seen a large bright light hovering over the mountains next to their house. Planes had flown overhead and it did not resemble any aircraft they had seen. It flew around the top part of the mountain until it settled on top and remained there. The next day the father went outside to see very plainly two disks on the mountain, exactly where they had been the night before. Unfortunately he did not have a camera and had to leave. When he returned later the two disks were still there. Using a very rudimentary telescope to see closer, he could see that one of the crafts was gray in color and the other had an orange-pink glow around it. He could also see some human forms or figures walking around it. He had seen similar craft before on the mountain. On March 20 he saw a strange object on the mountain with lights.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC     Type: C

31. Location. Piqua, Ohio
      Date: March 27 2006   Time: 0045A
The witness, a nurse by profession, was walking on top of the bridge at Lockington Dam and decided to sit at the edge of the bridge. It was late and the witness felt like being alone and relaxing. He laid down at the edge of the cement and began gazing at the stars. As he counted the stars he suddenly saw a round object in the sky. Fascinated he watched to see if it would go anywhere but it seemed to be descending in the distance. He continued watching the craft as it descended lower into a wooded area. He wanted to know what it was so he ran back to the house, grabbed a flashlight, and then dashed into the woods where he had seen the object landing. He began walking deep into the woods shining the flashlight on the path ahead. He then saw a line of lights shining through the trees just ahead of him. He walked slowly towards the lights and turned the flashlight off. He poked his head through the woods and saw a tall shadowy figure walking in his direction scared he ran as fast as he could to the house and never returned to the location.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/sightings   Type: C?

32. Location. Chepachet, Rhode Island
      Date: April 2006      Time: 0200A
A farmer reported hearing a loud howling at night for a week straight. One night he went out to look and saw a small creature banging on the doors of his shed. He has rabbits in the shed and they were going crazy in their cages. He put the lights on and got his gun. He described the creature as about 4ft tall, hairy, reddish eyes and smelling awful. It emitting a grunting sound and ran off into the woods.
     HC addendum
     Source: Linda Godfrey    Type: E

33. Location. Cabo Polonio, Rocha, Uruguay
      Date: April 2006   Time: 0600A
The witness was staying in an isolated cabin with her boyfriend by the water and was sleeping by an open window that had a perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean. In the middle of the night the witness suddenly awoke and looked out the window to see two small figures staring at her. She felt a strong sense of peace and tranquility as she watched the two entities, which she described as white in color with large black oval-shaped eyes. The entities were about 1.20m in height and according to the witness they had "pleasant" facial features. In a state of complete peace the witness closed her eyes and fell asleep. She did not see the entities again.
HC addendum
     Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org   Type: E
     Comments: Translation by Albert S Rosales

34. Location. Somerset, Massachusetts
      Date: April 4 2006   Time: 2230 & 2330
A husband and wife were just getting into bed when the wife looked out the window and saw what she thought was a very bright star. After looking at it a moment she realized this "star" was blinking red, white and blue. She called her husband over and he too said it was twinkling the same colors. They watched it for about 20 minutes and watched it move to the right a little and then go back to its original spot. A few minutes later they saw an airplane approaching the light, and as the plane passed over it the blinking light, it jerked down real fast and moved back to its original spot once the plane passed. Both husband and wife like to look up at the sky and see "stars" move about but this was something they hadn't seen before. That very same night the wife woke up and saw an image of a tall thin human shape at the window they had been looking out earlier. It had long arms that reached to the knee area and a bulbous head, not the typical size though. She couldn't move. She was hypnotized by it and when she started to think about what it was it blended into the curtain and she immediately felt very tired.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://www.hbccufo.org   Type: D?

35. Location. Rome, Georgia
      Date: April 22 2006   Time: 2100
The witness was walking his bike back home after attending the movie theater and was on Highway 100 when he looked into the dark woods and the beam of his Army flashlight illuminated three pairs of eyes about 70 yards away, gazing at him. He hopped on the bike and took off in terror. A few minutes alter when he looked out into the woods he saw the same three pair of eyes again, and they watched him without blinking for at least ten minutes as he peddled as fast as he could. They moved fast enough to keep up and stay with him just out of the range of his LED light to only show their eyes. He was coasting down a hill at 35-40mph; the eyes matched his speed as they moved through the thick forest in a smooth sailing manner. They overtook him and cross the road at the curve ahead of him. Soon after that, his mother drove by and picked him up, upset that he had been out so late. Incredibly it was already 0100A. He had somehow lost four hours that seemed like 15 minutes to him.
     HC addendum
     Source: Brian Vike, http://www.hbccufo.org   Type: E or G?
     Comments: Appears to be an unexplored abduction event.

36. Location. Puerto Rico (exact location not given)
      Date: April 22 2006   Time: 2100
At a ranch in a rural area the witness suddenly sees a bright light coming from the area of the granary. She went outside to investigate and as she walked closer to the area from out of some brush emerged a short humanoid figure, green in color and black staring eyes. The humanoid then pointed a finger at the witness, who terrified ran into the house and did not see the entity depart.
     HC addendum
     Source:    Type: C?

37. Location. La Pampa, Argentina
      Date: April 22 2006     Time: night

On April 18, 50-year old E.R. who lived with her husband began to feel herself affected by intense back pain. 4 days after being in said condition, she went to a local clinic where she was treated by a doctor who detected---after a thorough checkup---a considerable inflammation to the liver, bladder, pancreas, kidney and left lung. Issuing a primary diagnosis: pancreatic cancer. She immediately ordered tests which were evaluated by another professional and confirmed the diagnosis. The physician began to administer medications. In spite of this E.R. condition worsened, compelling her to remain at rest in her bedroom. While listening to the sound of the TV set coming in from the dining room, she entered into a crisis and felt herself floating toward a very large, white light. When she was about to be absorbed into the light, she felt herself “…snatched away by several shadows…” who told her mentally that “…this was not the time…” At that moment she was able to see the figures clearly, realizing at the same time that she was somewhere else and not in her bedroom. Fully lucid and awake, she was able to observe that she was lying on a sort of platform, oval shaped and bathed in an intense light which seemed to be suspended from a type of structure or support a meter and a half in diameter, silvery-colored and seemingly metallic. Around this platform she noted the presence of the 5 beings who debated the critical condition of her health. One of these beings stood at her left and the remaining 4 on the right. These indicated that “…there was no other alternative other than to go in…” After this the being on her left introduced one of its long, thin arms into E.R. on her left side under her ribs, while she was held by her arms, legs and head. She felt that something was “…torn out and dragged…” from within her body, causing intense pain. The extracted material was given to the other beings. The intense pain was followed by a feeling of emptiness and gradual relief that permeated throughout the entire area. While she clearly remembers the physiognomy of the beings, she has also been able to recall some of the statements they made “…from this moment on you will put aside all medications…” and “…from this moment on you will be a different person…” After a period of time she could not determine, she regained consciousness this time in her bed, able to her the sound from the television set. Upon remembering her experience, she began to touch the affected area and felt a void, as though something was missing. Upon pressing her body, she felt the characteristic pain that follows an operation. Two days after the experience, E.R. got up from bed on which she had remained for nearly a week, noticing that her pains were almost completely gone. The next day she went to the clinic for a consultation with the physician, requesting an immediate clinical examination. With the results in her hands and after the corresponding review, she attested to the noticeable reduction in her condition’s levels, while experiencing a slow but steady recovery, stressing that she has no answers that may account for the change or development observed. As far as the beings are concerned, E.R. states that they were tall, thin, with long slender arms. Their heads were medium-sized with a pronounced volume in the occipital region. Their mouths were small, like their noses, eyes were medium-sized, slanted, very dark, smooth angular faces, small chins, with no visible cheekbones. No clothing was visible. Their bodies were lead-blue in color and their movements were swift. E.R. did not notice any hands, and was uncertain about the use of instruments during the procedure. She did remember noticing a small isolated platform to the left of her location. It was seemingly metallic, silver-hued and very bright.
     HC addendum
     Source: The Journal of Hispanic Ufology June 7 2006,
     CIUFOS-La Pampa Argentina
     Comments: Remarkable case and cure claim.

38. Location. East of Powers Lake, Kenosha, Wisconsin
      Date: April 25 2006     Time: 0300A
A high security clearance employee at Mitchell Airport was on his way to work when he observed a strange creature crouching in a ditch then rising easily to stand on two legs with its arms at its sides “much like a humans”. The creature resembles a bipedal wolf. He has seen the creature previously in February and has seen it cross the road on all fours and estimated it was at least five feet long from nose to rump and its back stood almost three feet off the ground. It appeared unafraid of him and stared at him with yellow, glowing eyes. When it stood it appeared slightly hunched over, as many other witnesses have said.
     HC addendum
     Source: Linda Godfrey     Type: E

39. Location. Aguada, Puerto Rico
      Date: April 28 2006     Time: 0300A

On November 2005 the witness and her daughter had heard a strange sound like a hurricane wind whistling over their house. When they looked outside they observed what appeared to be a disc-shaped object moving towards the rear of the house towards a rain forest or wooded area which led all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. After that both heard the same sound at least twice a week. Friday on the above date the witness again heard the same sound going by her house. About 10 or 15 minutes later her dog (Dora) began barking continuously in the backyard. When she went to investigate by turning on the backyard lights and looking through the dining room window, she observed the dog lying on her back with her 4 legs up apparently unconscious or hypnotized. The dog was chained to a metal pole next to the rear fence which separated her property with the rain forest in the back. The witness called the dog’s name, but there was no response. When the witness raised her eyes and looked at the back fence which was about 25 ft from where she was standing, she observed two creatures (extraterrestrials) standing close to and behind the chain link fence staring at her. One of the aliens was about 3 ft away from the dog and the other alien was bout 5 feet away from the other alien. They were about 3 and a half feet tall with a large oval head and large slanted eyes. They had grayish skin and had a very thin slit for a mouth and two little holes for a nose. They also had very skinny arms and they seem not to be wearing any clothes. She could not see their legs because a cinder block covered them. The aliens were staring at the witness and she was staring at them. They then communicated with the witness telepathically and apparently controlled the witness’s actions. She decided to wake up her husband Nelson but somehow she went to her daughter’s bedroom and woke her up instead. Both then went to the dining room window and observed the creatures still standing in the same location. Again they stared at the witnesses and they stared back straight into their eyes for a while. Her daughter then said to the witness that she was going back to bed because she was scared. She followed her daughter to her bedroom and approximately 10 minutes later she returned to the dining room window and the aliens were still there. And while staring straight into their eyes the one closest to the dog was telling her in her mind to open the door leading to the backyard. However the witness said in her mind, “I am not going to open the door.” The alien then demanded telepathically, “You are going to open the door”. The witness then felt herself become drowsy and move slowly towards the door. She doesn’t remember what happened next, she woke up in her bed. She asked her daughter if she had seen the same thing and her daughter described the incident and the creatures the same way the witness had seen them. Her husband had heard the dogs barking around 0300A but did not look towards the fence area. On May 1 2006 at about 1250A while sitting in the living room and while talking on the phone the main witness saw through the dining room window a bright light, like an enormous light bulb, moving through the woods. She informed her husband and they immediately closed the louver windows in the kitchen and the dining room. At approximately 0200A that same night the witness heard the same sound again over the house. Seconds later while laying in bed her husband and her heard a loud crashing noise like something hitting the flat concrete roof that shook the house. They were afraid and did not come out to investigate or call the police.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://mufoncms.com     Type: D

40. Location. Califon, New Jersey
      Date: April 28 2006    Time: 1525
An 11-year old boy was walking home from school when he spotted an object shaped like a pancake with windows on all the sides hovering overhead. In the windows he saw about 11 large headed figures. He stood there for about 1 minute, just enough time to get a sketch of the object and draw a symbol he saw on the top. Then as he heard a car approaching the craft just disappeared. He says he was quite shaken by the experience.

     HC addendum
     Source: UFOs Northwest    Type: A

41. Location. Vansant, Virginia
      Date: April 28 2006    Time: 1625
An anonymous witness claims that he was driving by the “Food City” store when he saw a flying disc hovering over the store. It seemed to be at least 5feet above the top of the store. Apparently he was the only one who saw it. He reportedly saw a grayish figure come out of the object and grabbed a man by the neck and carry him onboard the flying disc. The door on the craft then closed and it flew away. He made the drawing (at right) of what he claims he saw. 
     HC addendum
     Source: UFOs Northwest     Type: G?
     Comments: Permanent abduction or a fancy story?

42. Location. Devon, England
      Date: April 29 2006   Time: 1025A
Retired teacher Barry Marsh was in his car when he saw a strange shape in the sky, which reminded him of a man wearing a "jetpack" on his back, similar to those he had seen in James Bond movies. The figure flew at about 100 meters over the road. The flight dynamics were dissimilar to that of a balloon. The police investigated but did not receive any other reports.
     HC addendum
     Source: Greyhunter UFO, Germany   Type: E

43. Location. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      Date: April 29 2006     Time: 1800
A man and his wife were walking towards an apartment complex from their car when above the trees in front of them they saw what at first they thought was a small plane, but they noticed that it had no sound with two lights and a large “picture window” like that of a car. As it got closer they could see two beings behind the window on each side of the craft. The man pointed at the object but his wife no longer wanted to look. As he stared at the craft the two beings looked at each other and then the craft and quickly disappeared from sight.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC  Type: A
     Comments: The two beings are not described.

44. Location. Nittedal, Oslo, Norway
      Date: May 2006     Time: daytime
The 17-year old witness was on his way to a local cinema named ‘El Dorado’ located in central Oslo with two of his friends. He was feeling kind of tired from not sleeping but otherwise felt fine. At about 500meters away from the cinema the streets suddenly went quiet, and it was a very busy Saturday. He looked around him and did not see a single person around him even his friends were gone. When he turned around he saw a 2 meter tall “person” dressed in a blood red in front of him, it had no face or hair. The only thing on its head was a round shaped metal object on what would have been its forehead, except from this the figure looked like a middle age male. The suit was seamless and the texture looked like wool. It started to walk towards the witness and the suddenly all the people in the street returned and red dressed entity was gone. Shocked the witness again saw his friends and asked them what had happened, they thought he was crazy since at no time had they noticed anything strange. A few days later the witness was awakened by his cell phone ringing, he answered the phone and got no reply. He said hello once more and heard strange unexplainable noises. It was a sound he had never heard before that he is unable to describe in detail, when the mysterious sounds ceased he turned off his phone and dozed off again. When he woke up that morning he noticed that his cell phone was still on. He checked the incoming and outgoing calls and saw nothing. 2 weeks later he had almost forgotten the incidents and he was now on the subway (T-Bane) on his way to see a friend. Suddenly the eerie quiet returned, and the same strange entity was now sitting in the opposite seat from him, a half meter from him. It was wearing the same red suit, he still could not see a face, and he could see the metallic disc on its forehead, he then heard the sounds he had heard on the cell phone previously, they had no distinct direction or origin so he assumed they were telepathic, then the disc opened and revealed an eye, a human eye, but in a shade of red and violet. This scared the witness and he cried and screamed. The being seemed to ignore the witness’s terrified state, until it took his hand with an incredibly strong grip, but soft. The witness tried to pull out of his grip but to his surprise he touched his hand with his other hand in an attempt to calm the witness, who stopped crying but was still terrified. Suddenly the entity uttered in Norwegian “Roder morgenen” which directly translates to “Red is the morning” or “The morning is red”. His voice sounded kind of neutral, not masculine or feminine. Then in a flash everything went back to normal, the witness looked around him, too afraid to do anything. He decided not to tell his friend about the encounter. He has not encountered the strange entity again.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/sightings    Type: E
     Comments: Definitely the “Oz” factor at work here where the witness was somehow
     transported into some other type of reality without affecting the normal time continuum.

45. Location. Saki, Crimea, Ukraine
      Date: May 2006     Time: night
Tatyana Victorovna (involved in a previous encounter) was sleeping in her room when she suddenly woke up and opened her eyes. Amazed she saw a female humanoid figure standing near her bed. Tatyana couldn’t understand how the alien had entered her locked room. The female humanoid’s skin appeared to be greenish in color and she appeared to be wearing a chemise with short sleeves. Seconds later the tall female humanoid disappeared in plain sight of the stunned witness who had felt terrible fear during the encounter.

     HC addendum
     Source: Dr. Anton A. Anfalov PhD.     Type: E

46. Location. Portsmouth Harbor, England
      Date: May 2 2006      Time: 1357
The above image was captured by “George” over Portsmouth Harbor. It appears to be a “flying man” similar to those seen over Mexico and was photographed very close to the MOD Portsmouth Naval base. The source has been unable to come up with an explanation as of May 2006 and there is an on-going investigation as to the source of the image.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://www.sufog.freeserve.co.uk  Type: A
     (The image is displayed with permission of the source)

47. Location. Przemysl, Poland
      Date: May 2 2006     Time: 1530
The witness, Mrs. Anna was hanging out the laundry on the balcony of her house when all of the sudden she heard something resembling the buzzing of a swarm of bees and she noticed out of the corner of her eye a shiny sphere that had stopped perhaps 2 or 3 meters away moving in a constant up and down motion and vibrating. Suddenly she felt “a total emptiness in her head” she could not hear any sounds around her and she lived on a busy street with heavy traffic. She was enveloped in silence. Scared she ran into her house and grabbed her son’s camera that was lying on a desk. She managed to snap a couple of photos and then the camera shut down. She then heard a low cracking sound and the shiny sphere vanished in plain sight.
     HC addendum
     Source: NPN http://www.npn.ehost.pl   Type: F?       

48. Location. Galway, Ireland
      Date: May 2 2006   Time: 1900
A mother and father were putting their 2 young children to bed and the mother was sitting in the armchair when she caught a glimpse of something stride past the living room door. She says stride, because the figure was about 6ft tall and had very long legs. Terrified she told her fiancé what she saw. He did not believe her, so she switched places and sat in the other armchair beside the window. A few moments later she turned to speak to her fiancé and as she turned the entity was standing right beside her. Her fiancé did not see it at this time but knew that something was very wrong and that she was not imagining it. Then the father/fiancée caught a glimpse of the figure while he sat on the sofa by the living room door changing the baby's diaper. They decided that they could not stay in the house and went to her mother's house nearby. She described the being as at least 6ft tall without hair, no facial features were visible although somehow she knew it had facial features, it was naked only there was no actual genitalia and was what she describes as the most ugliest color of yellow she had ever seen. Soon after the incident the couple went abroad to Portugal and she was taken into a Portuguese hospital complaining of feeling extremely weak and with pains all over the body.
     HC addendum
     Source: UFO Casebook Newsletter May 7 2006 Type: E

49. Location. Newark, Ohio
      Date: May 3 2006   Time: 0200A
The main witness her husband and a friend were heading west on Purity Road when they spotted a creature about 6ft tall hunched with its arms pulled up like one would if they were hopping like a bunny. It had big feet, it was thin, and moved very fast. It took only about five steps to cross the road. It was nude color but the witnesses could not recall any facial details. When they got back to their house they discussed the incident with their friend. They thought that it wasn’t human but it was not an animal.
     HC addendum

     Source: http://www.ufoinfo.com/news/creature3.shtml  Type: E

50. Location. Near Lansing, Michigan
      Date: May 6 2006     Time: night

The witness was driving to his girlfriend’s house that lives out in the country completely isolated and the only way to get there is to go down dirt roads that are surrounded by fields. As he drove he saw something moving on a little hill that was right on the side of the road. So he stopped because if it was a deer he didn’t want to hit it. Suddenly a human-like hand (except much larger than a normal hand) reached over the edge of the hill and this huge silhouette came into view. It was much larger than a normal man and it had a wolf-like face and its eyes reflected on the witness headlights. It just sat there and looked across the field on the other side of the road and then just very calmly turned its head and looked directly at the witness. The witness froze out of fear and sat staring at the creature for about 20 seconds. The creature then started to move down the hill, so he hit the gas and flew past it. When he got to the stop sign he looked in the rearview mirror and saw it sitting in the middle of the road just looking at his car, so he took off again. Looking again he saw calmly move onto the adjacent field and out of sight.
     HC addendum
     Source: Linda Godfrey  Type: E

51. Location. Colorado (exact location not given)
      Date: May 7 2006     Time: night

The witness happened to glance out her bedroom window and saw a “landed starship”. The object was a “seaweed green” color. Sort of silvery with white lights, the ship had as set steps built into the hatch that lowered down to exit the ship. The ship was round with an “octagon dome”. The lights were turn down and went to a “dark blue” color. She said three entities walked across the street and stood by a tree and street lamp. They seemed to be talking to each other. She isn’t sure all three were actually from the “starship.” The number of entities varied as the witness reported her story, sometimes 3 and sometimes 5.
One male was approximately 5’7”, he had dark hair, and wore a sort of “Count Dracula” type cape, with a pointed collar, and he wore all black with a red sash across the front. He had black boots which came up almost to the thigh. There was a female with a pink sequence type jumpsuit, with shorter boots. Another male had a bad case of skin rash or sunburn; he had “worry” lines on his forehead. One side of his face was covered with an eye-patch of some sort. He was dressed in tan colors with tan thigh length boots. He wore a chocolate vest with pins on it. The witness became frightened and closed the curtains and apparently did not see the object and its occupants depart.
     HC addendum
     Source: MUFON reports     Type: B

52. Location. Priorato de Nuestra Señora de Duero, Tudela, Valladolid, Spain
      Date: May 12 2006   Time: 0325A
From a distance a 25-year old anonymous woman observed a huge humanoid figure standing on a wooded field, its body emanated luminous light and it appeared to have a sort of helmet on its head. It had thin legs and long arms; she could not tell if it wore any clothing. Near the figure floated a large luminous bluish-gray sphere just above the ground, it was about 3m in height and 7m in width. She thought that the whole experience had been “pleasant”. She claims the area is known for other paranormal events and encounters and it is rumored to be a kind of portal to another reality.
     HC addendum
     Source:    Type: C

53. Location. Cerro de las Mitras,
      Nuevo Leon, Mexico
      Date: May 17 2006   Time: evening
Renowned Mexican research group OVNI Club Nuevo Leon was holding a meeting in the northern area of Cerro de las Mitras when they had the chance to witness a strange figure crossing the skies. The image was captured by the camera of Diana Perla Chapa. The alleged entity flew at constant speed, always at the same altitude making a sudden 90 degree movement heading toward Cerro de la Silla, flying from north to south and subsequently from south to east. During a close up of the image, researchers noted that it appears to have a “dog” or sheep in its hands, according to Diana Perla Chapa’s report. Witnesses stated that total silence reigned over the area, not even crickets were audible.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://ufoinfo.com/news   Type: E

54. Location. Greenwater Lake Provincial Park, Saskatchewan, Canada
      Date: May 18 2006   Time: 0100A-0700A
Two witnesses reportedly experienced a 6-hour encounter with a disk, two other white “things” (on the lake) and approximately four camouflaged humanoid beings. The beings appeared not to be breathing. One witness recalled hearing “clicking” sounds coming from the beings themselves. The disk spent most of the time over the lake and then landed on the lake, creating a vortex, or fog formation around itself. The beings were seeing on the water and on the land. The beings would not move until the witnesses left, which they did but then they returned again. Additional details indicate that the beings in the water were wearing something that looked like “hip waders”. The beings on land blended in really well with their surroundings. A witness said one being stood 50 yards off in the willows and was almost impossible to see. The beings saw the witnesses and the witnesses felt they were being stalked. The disk came close to the shore at one time and then back to the lake again. The lights on the disk were in the shape of a peace sign “V”. The lights flashed red and green. It followed the witnesses at times and then took off again. The lake is reportedly very shallow. The case is still being investigated by source.
     HC addendum
     Source: Barb Campbell “Saskatchewan Paranormal Research Center”  Type: C?


55. Location. Port Shepstone, Cape Town, South Africa
     Date: May 20 2006   Time: afternoon
Port Shepstone rescuers are monitoring a mysterious situation in which “numerous” eye-witnesses reported an unidentified object crashing into the sea, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) said on Sunday. Eddie Noyons, NSRI Shelley Beach Station Commander, said eye-witnesses reported that an unidentified object, possibly an aircraft, had crashed into the sea behind the breaker line off-shore of the Port Shepstone High School. Police, rescue craft and a fixed wing aircraft were alerted to the scene to investigate. “Following a full scale search of the area covering 12 square nautical miles nothing has been found.” “There are no reports of activity in the area that may be related to this incident and there are no aircraft reported to be overdue or missing,” said Noyons.
He said numerous eye witnesses---including teachers and pupils attending a sports event at the high school and other by-standers including local fishermen---were convinced they had seen an aircraft go into the water, including seeing smoke and water exploding. Interviews with the witnesses revealed that some also reported seeing flames. “Some reported seeing something, an unidentified object, splash into the sea causing a ripple effect of waves,” Noyons said. Due to the number of eye-witnesses with similar reports, it was presumed that weather activity in the area at the time might have given the impression of something falling into the sea. “We will continue to monitor the situation which remains a mystery,” he said.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://iafrica.com/news/sa/694256.htm    Type: H?

56. Location. Centerville, Massachusetts
     Date: May 22 2006     Time: 1846
Seven witnesses watched a large triangular-shaped craft flying very slow over the area. Underneath it was one large dome that emitted light. The craft was black and then approached in a steep descend. At one point they could see what appeared to be two rods protruding from the object. Inside the dome there were shadows of people-like figures. The craft moved slowly. They could see it for a long time over an open field. As the craft moved it emitted a hazy trail that remained in the air for about 15 minutes. The whole craft also had a gray haze around it.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC   Type: A

57. Location. Camyazi, Usak, Turkey
      Date: May 30 2006     Time: 0730A
Two shepherds reported seeing a flying robot-like entity. According to the witnesses the being briefly walked on the ground and then flew off into the sky. Yasar Yildirim, one of the witnesses, said he saw the humanoid at about 150meters away. It was approximately 1meter in height, and seemed to be “rotating”. The humanoid bent over several times when walking. As it ascended into the sky it seemed to be revolving. Later both witnesses checked the ground for any traces and found about 10-15 “unnatural” tracks very similar to each other.
     HC addendum
     Source: Murat Aksoy, UFO Turkey quoting Zaman Gazetesi (Newspaper) May 30 2006  Type:E

58. Location. Tel Aviv, Israel
      Date: June 2, 2006     Time: various
During the Shavuot Holiday eyewitnesses at the Knesset (The House of Parliament House in Israel) reported that the building and areas around it were visited by a luminous white body or figure. Eyewitnesses assert that the luminous white body “strolled” for several minutes along the court at the entrance into the building and disappeared. A commotion was caused among the numerous guards and security personnel in the building, who some assert that the luminous figure also visited during the day and was seen inside the legislative assembly. Some claim that it was seen coming from the direction of a “cave” located at the old cemetery next to the House of Parliament. Another guard on duty reported that at around 0200A he saw a shiny white cloud which entered the Parliament, assumed a shape of a “body” and strolled along the court. Security cameras capture a strange “halo” or afterglow in the video. However later the chief of Security at the Knesset one Itshak Shadar denied that nothing “mystical” was seen, but in the same breath directed experts to study the video film since according to other sources “he was not entirely convinced of a mundane explanation to the event”.
     HC addendum

     Source: http://www.d-pils.lv/news/2/212143
     Quoting Israeli publication “Maariv” June 6 2006

59. Location. Near Reed City, Michigan
      Date: June 7 2006     Time: 0230A

Several college students were hanging out a building were a reputed “monster” had been seen before when something caught their eye. About 50 yards to the right of them they saw something moving. At first they didn’t think anything of it until they heard large twigs begin to snap. One of them took out a Mag-light and pointed it at the area. The crickets suddenly stopped chirping as the witness with the light saw something moving out of a wooded area, kind of a silhouette. Shining the light right on it, they saw a huge 6’ 9” figure, apparently humanoid and bipedal. The hair was either dark brown or black, probably dark brown, and it must had covered most of the body, and was maybe an inch long. It stood unmoving partly exposed behind a tree not moving at all while the light was on it. Its arms were longer than a human and appeared a bit hunched over. The face was human like but hairy, the mouth seemed to be narrow but the witnesses didn’t see a nose at the end of the “snout” or ears. The eyes were yellow and slanted; it had a very large forehead. The frightened students then left in their vehicle but about ½ mile away decided to return to figure out what it was. They pulled back by the building and sat there for about 5 minutes before strange things began to happen. First of all they all heard noises around them, they couldn’t explain the noises but they “put shivers down their spines”. Then as soon as the noise stopped a motion light on the building turned on and they heard something run very fast. Suddenly they see something behind them; the driver pushes the clutch and slowly rolls back to get a closer view. One of them shines the light on the figure and two yellow eyes stare at them. They felt that the creature whatever it was “wanted to harm them”. The driver floors it and going at about 40mph sees in his break-lights that something was chasing them on 4 legs. Eventually they lost the creature and had to pull over the side of the road to calm down.
     HC addendum
     Source: Weird Michigan.com     Type: E

60. Location. Montreal, Quebec, Canada
      Date: June 12, 2006     Time: 0100A
The witness was sleeping but had the feeling that there was someone else in the bedroom, he finally got up and checked around the room and the house. Finding nothing he went back to bed, only to be woken up again by someone knocking on the window. He went to the window slowly and when he got there he could hear someone he could not see telling him to come outside. Once outside he was surrounded by several “unfamiliar species” or humanoids (unfortunately not described). When he tried to run back to the house one of the aliens came right in front and grabbed him. The witness apparently blacked out and later woke up again surrounded by the humanoids staring at him. The room was very dark and cold. The aliens seemed to be very pleased and not eager to harm the witness. For some reason he could understand what the aliens were saying but felt that they couldn’t understand him (!). They told him to relax that they meant no harm that he was going to be safe and then mentioned something about a mission with NASA (?). They held him for 3 hours and then took him back to earth. He woke up in his backyard and found a stone that he believes is from another planet.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC     Type: G?

61. Location. Fullerton, California
     Date: June 19, 2006     Time: 2030
A 6-year old child reported seeing a flat bottom, lenticular, domed disk in a straight level flight from North to South over the west end of Fullerton. He described the craft as “a flat tire with lights spinning and bumps on top.” He reported that the craft made a quiet noise that he described as “kind of like a rocket and motorcycle” and imitated it with a muted whoosh. He described the craft as having legs underneath the flat white bottom. He described the sides as having a long string of lights that were blinking rapidly and spinning faster clockwise. He reported that the lights were in a repeating pattern from right to left of white, red, blue and purple. He said that the craft was black except where it was lit. He also reported that it had two “bumps”; a small bump that did nothing was on top of a big bump. He could see a pilot visible inside the larger dome because there was a blinking light behind the pilot’s head. He described the interior light as a “green fish light”. He said the pilot had “dots” for eyes and a big or normal nose. The pilot never turned his head and kept his face towards the direction of travel.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC  Type: A

 62. Location. Northwest River, Labrador, Canada
       Date: June 24, 2006   Time: afternoon
As an 11-year old girl and several friends waited to be picked up by her mother down by the river where the town had erected a monument to honor the trappers of the town she saw what she claimed to have been “little people”. One, she said, was next to the monument, another was peeping at her from parked trucks that belonged to people who went down the bay by boat to camp out for the weekend. She another one up the hill a bit to the town office, he was just standing there looking at her and her friends. He had his hands on his hips, legs split apart, not moving. He was dressed in black, like all the others he wore a pointed hat. Across from the monument is the old Grenfell hospital that used to be the main location to go for the whole coast of Labrador. There in the path amongst the trees she spotted a little person. He was marching back and forth under the trees. Another one came out from amongst the trees and marched happily across the road toward the monument, arms swaying back and forth. As she kept walking toward the main road, one went and sat down on a resident’s step, legs crossed he just sat there. Straight across from this resident’s home at the Community Center, she spotted a little person sitting on the ground, his knees folded in front of him while he wrapped his hands around them. While she kept walking she saw yet another one dressed in blue clothing that hung down to his ankles. He was dancing upon a rock, going around in circles, happily dancing. She then walked up the path toward her friend’s house. There were two more little people sitting in the tree, staring down at them. From there she called her mother again to be picked up, she was frightened. She began to cry, wondering what she had seen. She thought they were trying to get her, and that they might come to where she lived.
     HC addendum
     Source: Your True Tales---July 2006   Type: E

63. Location. Emlichheim, Germany
      Date: June 26, 2006     Time: early morning
The witness had gone to bed late after surfing the web and fell asleep around 0315A. Something woke him and he opened the light curtain and could see an object hovering over his neighbor’s rear garden farm. Their house is about 175meters away and in the early morning sun the object was clear and sharp. The craft was about ten to twelve meters long and round like a trash can. It was metallic silver in color with a dome. On that dome was a much smaller black half dome and it had a beam under it almost as wide as the ship, with a white light that was not shining. The witness tried to scream, and the craft started to fly towards him and flew real close and he could see that the underside was dark with three domes. He does not remember what happened next and then woke up in his bed with a feeling of panic.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://www.ufocenter.com  Type: G?
     Comments: The possibility of an unexplored abduction event cannot be discarded.

64. Location. Nabada Kottiyahena, Sri Lanka
      Date: June 30 2006     Time: various
A young girl named Piyumi Kaushalya went outside of her house in the evening and saw a 2ft tall humanoid figure standing near the well. “It seemed to write something and when I talked it ran away and got down to a paddy field. It disappeared after yellow, blue lights flashed on top of its head” Kaushalya says. Two weeks prior to this incident her mother had seen 3 bright red colored objects in the eastern sky. Later D.D. Kusumawathi and six other people went to a jungle, marsh land sort of area in the evening in order to see the creatures. “Other people were about 20ft behind me and suddenly I smelled something burning…when I looked around I saw a brownish reddish face with red glowing eyes looking at me…the red color in its eyes was rotating. I was looking at it for a while and screamed. I felt like my head was going to explode and I fainted” reported Kusumawathi. Chamila Prashadini and two of her friends walked into the wooded area hoping to see the creatures. She had a similar experience as D.D. Kusumawathi and also says she heard a humming sound. Also people have heard a humming sound in the evenings from marshy wooded areas near the village.
     HC addendum
     Source: MUFON UFO reports     Type: D?

65. Location. Nabada, near Kalatura, western Sri Lanka
      Date: late June 2006   Time: various
Numerous witnesses reported bizarre events in the area, an elderly man reported seeing 2 small beings in the woods and then a 9-year old girl came upon a small being sitting under a tree. The being spoke to her in a squeaky, bird like noise. Then that same night she says she was “taken up” and transported away in limbo to “a rock” and then back to her bed. Others saw a bright pinkish light in the sky. The beings were described as very small, about 2.0’ to 2’.6” in height, faded gold in color and with human like faces.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://ufoinfo.com/sightings quoting local TV and press   Type: E & G?

66. Location. Rancho Cucamonga, California
     Date: July 1, 2006     Time: midnight-0100A
Over the past 6 months the witness, Gary L. Grimley, had felt being watched through the windows of his house, always catching brief glimpses from the corner of his eyes. Motion detectors would continuously go off around the house and no one would be there. On the above date he saw bright lights outside his and 3 types of strange beings outside his windows. He described the beings as, # 1, small, with very small feet, large head and eyes, about 4ft tall and a milky white translucent flesh tone with a very shy demeanor, # 2, very tall, 9 to 10 feet very slim, large head and eyes, 14” feet with long toes with big toe on the opposite side of the foot, milky white translucent flesh tone, demeanor unexplainable only stares at witness, # 3, 6’ tall, snout for a nose, skin is red with green spots all over, fur covered squared feet, 3 claws per foot, demeanor very stern and rather frightening. He sat frozen in his living room while the beings were tapping at his windows, the door handles were jiggling and deadbolt locks unlocking by themselves. He called 911 and reported a prowler. The police arrived 45minutes later, but 2minutes before they arrived all went black outside and the tapping and scurrying of feet stopped. He called his friend to take him away from the house for the night. In the morning he returned and found strange footprints, swirled markings on his concrete driveway and large amounts of “dried chemicals” all along the side of his house. Outside the windows, deep scratch marks in the cement and circular grooves on his brand new windows. He opened the garage and found a very sticky slimy residue which resembled some sort of plasma (which is currently dissolving the concrete floor). He attempted to report this to several law enforcement agencies who ignored him. He has reported subsequent visits by the humanoids.
     HC addendum
     Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/sightings   Type: E

67. Location. Between Kalamazoo & Battle Creek, Michigan
     Date: July 2, 2006   Time: night
A person observed a nearly seven foot tall, upright canid (bipedal wolf or dog-like creature) standing near the road. When it turned and saw the car approaching it, quickly dropped to the ground and pulled itself into a 2foot high cornfield, using its “long lanky arms.” Once safely in the field, it ran away on all fours “at lighting speed” leaving the witness shaken. Two other persons had observed the creature near there six months earlier.
     HC addendum
     Source: Linda Godfrey   Type: E

68. Location. Maidstone, Saskatchewan, Canada
     Date: July 7, 2006     Time: 0230A
Researcher Barb Campbell suddenly woke up with the feeling that she wasn’t alone. She looked at the doorway to find something standing there. This “thing” took the whole entire space of the doorway. It was almost transparent with white outlines that took on the form of a hooded robed figure. Every single edge of the robe was well detailed in a sparkly, fluorescent like white, dim light. Everything else blended into the room. She was not able to see a face as the hood came over hiding the facial features completely. It stood there watching her with arms crossed. Her eyelids were extremely heavy, but she managed to say out loud, “go away!’ Immediately it moved across the room to the open window and was gone. As it moved, the white outlines of the robed figure shimmered and flickered in almost strobe-like fashion and blurred with its quick movements. She had never seen anything like it. She lay on the bed for a while trying to sort out in her head what had just happened. She could t go back to sleep right away so she got up for about an hour and then went back to bed. For some time now she has been witness to a triangle-shaped object flying over her home on an almost nightly basis. Times vary within the range of an hour. For the past week she had not gone outside to wait for it.
     HC addendum
     Source: Barb Campbell    Type: D?

69. Location. Kirindiya Thanamalvila, Sri Lanka
      Date: July 23 2006     Time: 1830
8-year old student G.W. Suranga was returning home along with his grandmother & sister from their usual bath in the river when they saw 3 “persons” not more than 2 ft tall in height standing near a road junction. They were dark complexioned and were wearing hats. When he pointed them out to his sister they ran into the jungle and disappeared from sight. The next day several others reportedly saw similar creatures in the Sarvodaya area.
     HC addendum
     Source: UFOINFO quoting local newspaper “Daily Mirror”  August 1, 2006   Type: E

70. Location. Santurce, Puerto Rico
      Date: July 24 2006     Time: 0155A
An anonymous woman had gone to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. She looked out the window towards the neighbor’s brick porch when she noticed “a little man” standing on the tile roof. She described the humanoid as about 3 feet tall, chubby, a large head (in disproportion to its body), a large very fat nose, a huge eyes that when it blinked they seemed to emit blue-white lights. The little man apparently noticed her looking at him and began staring intently at the witness. The witness also could not take her eyes away from the entity’s eyes, becoming somewhat mesmerized by their size and the blinking blue-white lights. Suddenly without taking his eyes away from the witness the little man began to walk backwards and then jumped on a tree located in between the neighbor’s and the witness house, quickly disappearing from sight.
     HC addendum
     Source: Luz B. (Lucy) Guzman Lloveras    Type: E
     Comments: According to the witness there is other paranormal activity occurring in her house
     and surrounding area which she did not specify.

71. Location. Thanamalvila, Sri Lanka
      Date: July 25 2006  Time: evening
Several local researchers were visiting the area in search of the mysterious beings reported by others and had split up into two groups. One group followed mysterious footprints agreeing to remain together since previously other witnesses had reportedly fainted and had suffered severe headaches upon encountering the strange humanoids, who stared intently at the witnesses. They proceeded at a slow pace following the traces when they spotted three creatures that only had three digits in their hands and feet. . The witnesses first heard a rattling noise coming from a thicket and spotted the three creatures. One was taller than the others who were not taller than 2 feet in height. A member of the group W.M. Chamara approached to within 20 feet of the creatures. The tallest one immediately turned its head and looked at him. The creature’s eyes were blue and bright. Chamara felt faint while looking at the creature’s eyes, but composed himself and ran towards the creatures armed with a club, but all three disappeared into the jungle in a fraction of seconds. They were further described as gray in color and hairless.
     HC addendum
     Source: UFOINFO quoting local newspaper “Daily Mirror” August 1 2006  Type: E

72. Location. Leszno, Wielkopolskie, Poland
      Date: July 28 2006   Time: 2300
A married couple described as very serious people were returning home late at night on a bicycle path located at the edge of Leszno when they reportedly observed on a field bordering the path, 4 short beings wearing dark suits all standing at a distance of 30meters from each other. They also saw what appeared to be “a landed vehicle” in their vicinity. The short figures were holding lights on their hands, forming a triangle; two of them had blue lights and the other two yellowish lights. They pointed the lights rhythmically towards the sky and then the ground, which changed the shape of the “triangle” as they moved the lights. The beings seemed to communicate in a strange unknown language. One of the beings apparently saw the witnesses who quickly pedaled away from the area.
     HC addendum
     Source: Piotr Cielebia quoting “Fundacja Nautilus” Type: C

Location. Devil’s Swamp, East Baton Rouge
      Parish, Louisiana
      Date: August 2006  Time: 2300
Two men were “mud riding” on the swamp when they something jump into the swamp. The two men immediately left the area on their four-wheeler. On their way home they saw a figure jump into the cane field. They followed it and then chased it at about 40mph. They got to within 20 feet from and took two blurry pictures. They described the creature as about 8ft tall, with huge glowing red eyes, a thick reddish fur, but with greenish skin underneath, and three claws, one on each that were about eight inches long. The middle claw was the longest.
     HC addendum

     Source: http://www.cryptozoology.com/forum Type:E

74. Location. Bonaire, Georgia
      Date: August 5 2006  Time: 2300
One night while hunting hogs, three men came upon an oak bottom to the side of the field where they had just ran their dogs and saw some sort of light coming from within the woods. They decided to investigate and walked into the woods approximately 60 yards and heard a loud whooshing sound. The dogs then tucked their tails in and began whining. When the men tried to get a closer look the lights dimmed through the trees and emitted another whooshing sound. The men then saw 2 small green “midgets” run from behind a tree back to what appeared to be a big “concrete mixer” with lights on it. Later after waiting and drinking “one beer” the men ran back up the ill to their dogs and the light and object had vanished. There was an eerie silence throughout the woods. Even the insects were quiet. The next day the men returned to the spot to find nothing out of the ordinary. That same evening one of the men went to feed the dogs and found that “Judo” his best hunting dog who had been with him the previous night seemed sick and would not eat anything. He claims the dog died later that week without any apparent reason.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC    Type: C

Location. Tapiola, Michigan
      Date: August 6 2006   Time: 2230

The witness was driving in a remote area when a square metallic craft hovered over his vehicle. The witness sped up to 80mph but his car kept slowing down. He slowed to a sharp turn and the craft was still over him. He took off again, but the harder he tried the slower he went. He finally came to a complete halt. And along with his dog he exited the vehicle and ran into the bush to hide. Next he saw many lights through the brush at approximately 1000 yards away and about 50 “figures” moving about. Then he saw what appeared to be a huge “cocoon” about 12ft long and 12ft high, there were lights on this object. The activity reminded him of an ant colony moving around the queen. Apparently the creatures noticed him and he saw 3 creatures come into the bush, these were somewhat human-like but had very long legs and very long arms and a large torso, and a normal sized head. He did not see the eyes, there was light behind them. The witness and his dog ran from the area and hid again. The creatures appeared to search for him but apparently gave up. From his location he saw 2 more cocoon-like crafts in a row with numerous creatures moving around them.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC     Type: C

76. Location. Slupsk, Poland
      Date: August 8-9 2006  Time: 0300A

28-year old Zbigniew Skorzynski was awoken by a bright light, he woke up and saw in the center of the ceiling a huge glowing hand. It was 3-fingered. Light emanated from it shining towards him. He first thought that he was going to be abducted since he was alone at home that night. The hand then disappeared; he was unable to sleep the rest of the night. He also remembered encountering several tanned black haired beings in the year 2000. (No details on that).
     HC addendum
     Source: NPN http://www.npn.ehost.pl & Piotr Cielebia   Type: E?

77. Location. Trout Lake, Washington
      Date: August 18 2006   Time: around midnight
At the UFO convention at Trout Lake, the witness claims to have seen an extraterrestrial “on the stage”. He was attracted to the energy and frequency of movement with light and love that circulated within his/her being. The extraterrestrial was about 15ft tall or more, very slender and full of love. The witness said that he needed healing and immediately he was deeply filled with a golden aura and love. The next day he was describing the incident to a friend he had met at the convention and realized that he no longer had pain that reminded him of rheumatoid arthritis, because he felt pain everywhere whenever he moved around. To this day the pain has not returned.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC     Type: F

78. Location. Winterset, Iowa
      Date: August 27 2006   Time: 0030A
The witness was out for a night stroll and on his way back home he looked up into the sky and there saw what appeared to be a saucer-shaped object about as large as anything he had ever seen, it hovered there silently. Next two more similar objects appeared. All three craft were silent and had lights that changed color from red, white and then to off green. The witness made several movements with his hands and they seemed to respond back to him. He suddenly felt that there was something behind him, so he turned around and there was a small creature, about 3 ½ to 4ft tall, with pear shaped head, huge eyes and completely gray in color, no visible mouth. It seemed to be communicating with the witness via telepathy. The creature and the witness both sent messages back and forth for about 5 minutes. The creature said that they were not here to harm us, but were just here to view and observe us. The witness then asked about the “Roswell” crash and the creature supposedly confirmed that the event had indeed taken place, and added that they “had been trying to get their ship back”. After this the small creature turned around and entered one of the hovering craft and then all three took off emitting a final light show before disappearing from sight.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC   Type: B

79. Location. Near Richmond, Virginia
      Date: August 31 2006   Time: 2021
The witness was driving home under a heavy rain (Tropical storm Ernesto). When the rain began to let up a bit, he could see another car far ahead of him and two others coming towards him in the distance, but after the car ahead of him passed this gap between a couple of houses and bushes the witness (going at 35mph) saw a humanoid figure run across the road. The strangest thing was that he could see the cars that were coming closer to him on the opposite side of the road right through the figure. The only suggestion that it was even there running across the road was the sheets of water hitting it and how its body made a gap in the rain and the fact that the witness headlights shone off rain hitting it. Once it had crossed the road and the witness had passed where it crossed, he looked where it should have been and there was nothing. The figure appears to have been “cloaked”.
     HC addendum

     Source: http://mufoncms.com   Type: E

80. Location. Ashdod, Israel
      Date: September 6 2006  Time: 2245
That night a witness named Ilan was looking out from his apartment balcony located on the 17th floor of the complex when he noticed a “humanoid” form floating nearby. Thinking at first that it was a child’s balloon he ignored, but then looking more intently noticed that it was brown in color and hovered without moving at about 20 meters from him. The body of the figure seemed to be “jelly” like and the witness saw two eyes that stared intently at him. The figure hovered there for about 15minutes and then small blue and white lights became visible on the feet area and then it move up into the sky quickly disappearing from sight. The night had been clear with a full moon.
     HC addendum
     Source: direct from   Type: E

81. Location. Tappen, North Dakota
      Date: September 12 2006   Time: late night
A young man, Evan Briese, woke up to get a glass of water. Looking out a window the boy saw something moving in the corral that is home to several large hogs that area basically family pets. Thinking it might be a coyote; he grabbed a gun and walked into the corral. There, he encountered two creatures standing 8 to 9 feet tall that were doing something to one of the hogs. The boy fired his .22 caliber rifle at one of the creatures and was pretty sure he hit it, judging by the unearthly scream it emitted. Another creature then grabbed the boy and threw him to the ground, causing him to black out. When Evan Briese awoke he found that Ruthy a 450 pound sow that had been ready to give birth was gone. The boy ran to the home of his older sister, Trista a short distance from the house he shares with his parents. Trista Briese made a frantic phone call to her parents and it wasn’t long before they and later the Kidder County sheriff, were on the scene. Evan Briese, whose shirt was in tatters told his story. The sheriff, Doug Howard, then left but came back the next day. He ultimately came to no conclusions about what happened to the hog. Several days later with the help of a hypnotist, Evan Briese remembered more details. Five entities had been in the corral. Two were in the process of dragging what appeared to be a dead hog when the boy interrupted the creatures that apparently left with the pig. Several days later, with the help of a hypnotist, Evan Briese remembered more details. Five entities had been in the corral. Two were in the process of dragging what appeared to be a dead hog when the boy interrupted them. The sheriff claims he could not find any evidence. Other family members have reported encountering UFOs previously.
     HC addendum
     Source: KXMC-TV Bismarck North Dakota    Type: E
     Comments: Unfortunately there is no additional description of the creatures. 

82. Location. El Yunque Rain Forest, Puerto Rico
      Date: September 16 2006  Time: 1330
During an afternoon of rest and relaxation along with several colleagues and friends, research Reinaldo Rios was setting up his ASA 35 mm camera in order to take several snapshots of the panoramic view surrounding them. Rios suddenly felt “forced” to look ahead and at the same time heard the word “tranquility” in his mind. He could now see a strange figure which at first he took for a “gnome” or “goblin”, immediately he heard the words “I am your friend” clearly in his mind. He felt sure they came from the strange figure. The others present were not able to see the enigmatic figure. Finally Rios heard the message, “Reinaldo Rios, you are our fried, relax”. The figure then vanished, but not before Rios was able to snap a photo.
     HC addendum
     Source: Reinaldo Rios in http://www.astrolabio.net/revistas  Type: E

83. Location. Camuy, Puerto Rico
      Date: September 19-22 2006   Time: 2230-2300
A seven year old girl had gone to her grandparent’s bathroom in order to wash her teeth before going to bed. Suddenly she ran out of the bathroom screaming almost in a state of shock. After calming down she told her mother that once inside her grandparent’s bedroom she was going to open the bathroom door when she noticed two “red eyes” suddenly materialize in the room followed by a humanoid figure described as about 5’6” in height, covered with black hair, a large mouth filed with canine teeth, large pointy ears human-like hairy clawed hands and human-like feet, it appeared not to wearing any clothing. The creature growled menacingly at the girl who immediately scream and ran out the bedroom and to the other bathroom where her mother was, as she looked back the creature seemed to chase her. Later a search of the house by her mother and her mother’s boyfriend prove fruitless. The girl stated that right before she saw the creature she felt as if something was watching her.
     HC addendum
     Source: Lucy Guzman Ovni.net http://www.ovni.net  Type: E

84. Location. Eagan, Minnesota
      Date: September 21 2006  Time: 0030A
On September 20 around 1915-1930 the two witnesses were driving home from dinner, heading west on Cliff Road. The night was cool and the sky was brilliant blue in color. The only exception being some clouds that looked like they had been painted in the sky. The clouds looked like they had been created by the strokes of a paint brush using violet colored paint. They formed the shape of a flame. The source of the flame appeared to be the yellow glow of the sun that was now hidden by the earth. The sight was so impressive that they pulled over to get a better view of the beautiful sunset. Then something caught the man’s eye, just above where the clouds ended. It looked like a black dot or disk off to the southwest of them. He kept looking over at the object as they drove home, which was probably just about a half a mile in distance. As he kept looking over at the object, it did not seem to move at all. When they got home he went to a clearing on a nearby hill and found the object still in the same spot in the sky. He observed the object and it seemed to be stationary for the most part, only moving slightly from time to time. A few times he saw an energy surrounding the object like an aura. Besides the energy glow around the object he never saw any other lights coming from it. Using passing aircraft as reference he guessed that the black object was at least 30-40,000 feet above the earth. After five minutes the object began to move west and slightly north in a somewhat straight line until it was no longer visible. Around midnight on the 21st he was about to go outside to enjoy the clear night sky when he sensed “beings” roaming around inside their house. The energy they created in the house startled his wife and woke her up. Prompting her to come out and ask what was he doing and telling him to come back inside and shut the door. He could feel from time to time, himself and a being’s energy pass through one another or his body being touched by these invisible beings. This lasted for about a half hour and then he sensed the energy leaving the house.
     HC addendum

     Source: http://mufoncms.com/sightings   Type: F?

85. Location. Near La Crosse, Wisconsin
      Date: September 26 2006   Time: 2115-2130
A 52year old man known only by his Cherokee name of “Wohali” and his 25-year old son were driving on Briggs Road when their 4-wheel drive truck’s headlights caught a bat-like man-like creature that was six or seven feet tall with about a ten or twelve foot wingspan that almost flew into their windshield. The driver swerved and pulled the truck over to the side of the road on a ditch, both men immediately became physically ill and began to vomit. The creature had leathery wings, long claws on its feet and hands and a snarling expression on its face. Both witnesses somehow felt that the creature was angry that it had been seen. It had a large muzzle with rows of sharp teeth, and the creature “screamed” at them before sailing straight up into the air. Both men were sick to their stomachs the rest of the night. Investigators later found a mutilated deer carcass in the same area.
     HC addendum
     Source: T. Peter Park quoting Linda Godfrey Type: E  

86. Location. Przymilowice, Slaskie, Poland
      Date: October 2006   Time: unknown
The owner of a local bar-grill-gas station glimpsed a strange figure of an odd man in a black hat and black clothing standing by a tree in her yard. She briefly took her glance away from the odd figure and when she looked back it suddenly disappeared in plain sight.
     HC addendum

     Source: NPN & NOL   Type: E

87. Location. Granite Falls, Washington
      Date: October 2 2006   Time: 0230A
The witness (involved in other encounters) had gone into the kitchen to quench his thirst when he experienced a feeling he’d only felt twice before. A blaze of bright light poured into the room, and he noticed his cats on the counter growling and staring outside at a domed craft brushing the tips of the trees. The craft was followed by 4 glowing orbs that followed it in an erratic path. After two minutes of circling it stopped just in view of the kitchen window. It then turned a blinding beam of light on the witness. He covered his ears expecting the loud shrieking noise he had heard before. He then something in his head. It was the voice of a woman who spoke in clear English and said, “We Armisael are sorry for hurting you. Communication very different and difficult. We like it here and may come back again”. He was stunned as the beam turned off and the craft blazed straight into the sky followed closely by the four orbs.
     HC addendum
     Source: UFOs Northwest site   Type: F

88. Location. Pionki, Mazowieckie, Poland
      Date: October 10 2006   Time: 2200
The witness was returning home from work on a beautiful night with a shining moon, he stopped near his house looking at the sky to see if he spotted any falling stars. He wasn’t successful, so after a few minutes he headed home. Suddenly he heard the sounds of footsteps behind him and was soon overtaken by a rectangular shadow 1x0.7 m in diameter. It was gliding above the ground, and the witness saw what appeared to be moving “protuberances” on its edges. The “creature” was emitted a quiet hum and a low “pitter patter” sound. The strange entity then went into the bushes near the witness home and disappeared.
     HC addendum
     Source: Piotr Cielebias “NOL” or Eastern European UFO Journal
     October 13 2006   Type: E?
     Comments: The source points out that, similar entities have been reported in
     Central and Eastern European areas.

89. Location. Trout Lake, Washington
      Date: October 13 2006  Time: 1300
The location is known as a “UFO Sanctuary” and observation area. A UFO conference had been held in the location in August. Walking into the observation field with Mt Adams in the background the witness saw portions of a craft “wavering” somewhat similar to seeing something through water (an aura or haze). Shortly after an entity appeared, his friend wanted to see it as well but “was not sensitive” enough. The witness pointed to where the entity was and asked to put his hand in that area, the “air” felt smooth with the entity’s presence. His friend compared the energy to another “space” which it was definitely different. They both received answers to some questions about life and then the entity left.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC  Type: F?

90. Location. Huechuraba, Santiago, Chile
      Date: November 2 2006    Time: 2030

A strange humanoid figure with what appeared to be some type of apparatus on its back was seen flying over the Los Libertadores neighborhood, heading from North to South. Two neighbors, Juan Ignacio Estrada & Pedro Jimenez Lopez reported seeing the enigmatic figure as they prepared to close their business. There were apparently two other witnesses to the incident.
     HC addendum

     Source: http://noufa2.blogspot.com/ Type:E

Total Cases: 90
Addendums inserted as they become available.


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