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Humanoid Reports - 2003
Complied By Albert S. Rosales  

With a slow ending to the year 2002 as far as humanoid reports were concerned, 2003 appears to have started off with a slow start, but things promise to pick up later in the year.

1.    Location. Bolam Lake, Northumberland, England
       Date: January 2003 Time: after midnight
Three men out in a fishing trip reported encountering a tall dark muscular figure standing on a patch of woods near the lake. The figure was dark, about 8 ft tall, heavy built and it had glowing eyes. Terrified the witnesses ran to their vehicle, which was parked nearby.
    HC addendum
    Source: Geoff Lincoln, British Hominid Research Type: E

2.    Location. Fulton, Missouri
       Date: January 4 2003 Time: 0300A
25-year old Bob Simon suddenly woke up as he felt being pulled towards the bedroom window by an unknown intruder. He looked up to see a very tall humanoid, with red eyes, no mouth and a slim gray body. It had huge hands with very long fingers. Regaining his senses, Simon struggled with the alien and managed to grab a small knife by his bed and stab the alien. The alien seemed to have been hurt and relaxed his grip on Simon. There was a sudden blast of bright light and the alien vanished. The witness claims there are scratch marks on his body.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Watch Type: G Abduction attempt?

3.    Location. Cincinnati Ohio
      Date: January 8 2003 Time: 0230A
A 14-year old boy heard a strange aircraft flying over his house. Very scared, the boy looked out the window, and suddenly he heard a voice in his head. This voice sounded strange and spoke in a language that he didn't understand. Extremely startled, the boy went back to bed, and again heard the voice. No other information.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: F

4.    Location. Wullagi, Northern Territories, Australia
      Date: middle of January 2003 Time: late night
A four-year-old child told her mother that one late night 3 "frogmen" like figures came in through the bedroom window encased in a mist. She could see their large eyes and what appeared to be greenish skin. They poke her arms, legs and belly. She tries to wake her mother that sleeps in the bed with her but is unable to. The dog in the room does not make a sound. The mother reportedly heard noises, in the bushes outside the window and recalled that the night was "unusually" quiet. She was paralyzed and was unable to recall any other details. A scorch mark and burnt foliage was found on the ground in the yard.
    HC addendum
    Source: Debbie Payne, AUFORN Adelaide Australia Type: E

5.    Location. Jackson, New Jersey
      Date: January 15 2003 Time: 2230
The witness was jogging in a field with some of her pets when she noticed a crowd of people in a field. At first she thought that it was a group of young boys playing but his dogs broke loose and ran toward them. She thought it was strange since his pets were usually calmed and gentle. She ran after them and saw them run right through the crowd towards what appeared to be a sort of hovering disc-shaped object. The witness ran up to a 13-year old boy in the crowd and asked him what was going on, his replied was, " I am not sure". Suddenly a blinding light flashed as the witness touched the craft. She suddenly woke up, thinking it was a dream feeling a cold sensation on his back. She was lying on some kind of hard table surrounded by strange creatures with large heads shaped like watermelons. Their eyes were like bugs and the skin was grayish green. They had strange utensils or apparatuses that poked the witness causing her skin to burn. She tried to scream but was so terrified that he was unable to utter a sound. About an hour later she was removed from the craft onto the same field, but a different location. She watched the craft as it shot away. It was about midnight. She heard a bark and found one of his dogs, the other one he did not find until a week later.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC
    High Strangeness Index: 8; Reliability of Source: 6

6.    Location. Prospect, Connecticut
      Date: January 22 2003 Time: 2230
The witness had just finished work and was driving home when he reached an area by a small lake, noticing something walking on the road he put on his high beams. He saw a figure walked out from the side of the road and stopped on the middle of the road for a second. It looked like it was grayish in color and it was walking on two legs. The feet were small with brown/black areas on the side. It wobbled across the road like an ape. When it reached the other side it stopped and looked at the witness waving its skinny arms. There appeared to be lights behind it. The witness described it as about 6 ft tall, with foot long pointy ears, the eyes were dark black, with no apparent nose. It was cold and the witness did not see any "breathe" coming out of its small mouth. The mouth had a red silver strip on top. As the witness drove away he looked back to see the creature standing on the road and the woods behind lit up like daytime.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: E

7.    Location. Alma Center, Wisconsin
      Date: January 23 2003 Time: 0620A
The witness was returning home from work on a very cold morning and for the past two nights had been seeing a brightly colored moving object in the western sky. On this date he saw the object closer to him, it appeared and disappeared as it approached the witness. It hovered about 100 ft from the car. The witness exited the car and saw the object, green in color with a large frosted white dome on top. The craft descended to about 20 ft above the ground and the witness could see movement inside the dome shape on top. He saw only vague shapes but something was definitely moving inside. At this point the witness entered his vehicle and drove away at high speed. The object then made a swing above the car and moved off to the east at a high rate of speed.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: A

8.     Location. Horsham, West Sussex, England
       Date: February 2003 Time: unknown
A friend of Eve Knowles-Martin reported seeing a silver suited 7 foot tall man, which apparently leapt across the width of the road in one bound. There have been other strange occurrences in the area including, strange chemical smells, no birds or wildlife present, an apparent lack of oxygen, rapid changes in temperature, and most strange of all, a bright blue light that upon closer inspection turned out to be a 40 ft vertical blue flame burning in the middle of the woods.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fortean Times Type: E

9.    Location. Sullana, near Piura La Vieja, Peru
      Date: February 2003 Time: unknown
During a heavy wave of UFO sightings that included luminous UFOs, silvery discs and hovering spheres, witnesses reported seeing colored lights hovering above the rooftops and in the same area encountering a tall beautiful blond woman with wild golden-streaked chestnut-colored hair wearing a golden tanga with little silver stars embroidered beneath the waistband. It reportedly vanished in plain sight.
    HC addendum
    Source: Giorgio Piacenza & Monica Gaetano in UFO Roundup February 2003 Type: D

10.    Location. Fajardo, Puerto Rico
        Date: February 3 2003 Time: 0200A
70-year old Domingo Ramos awoke to the sounds of very loud commotion coming from rabbit cages. Looking out the window he was stunned to see a bizarre winged bird-like creature with long wings and huge protruding eyes apparently "sucking" the blood out of the unfortunate rabbits. Ramos described the creature as about 5 ft tall also attacked a goat, which left wounded and weakened. Ramos yelled at the creature, which then rose up and flew away in an unknown direction. The terrified witness described the creature as having "semi-human" facial features. He notified the police in the morning.
    HC addendum
    Source: OVNI.Net Puerto Rico quoting Miguel Rivera Cruz "El Vocero" San Juan Type: E

11.     Location. Near Seattle Washington
         Date: February 13 2003 Time: 0230A
The witness (a police crime scene technician) was leaving a scene late one night. It was beginning to rain, and suddenly his car began making weird noises the radio turned on automatically and started tuning to numerous stations a second, the lights inside and outside the car were flashing. When he looked up he saw a huge triangular shaped object above the car, in a few seconds blue blinding lights distracted the witness. It all suddenly stopped and his car was suddenly parked on the side of the road with everything switched off, and when he looked at his watch it was 0303A. He had lost 33 minutes of time. He turned his car on and drove back to his office. (No hypnotic regression has been attempted).
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC; High Strangeness Index: 8; Reliability of Source: 8
    Comments: Hypnotic regression is imperative in this case.

12.    Location. Near Calama, Chile
        Date: February 20 2003 Time: evening
A woman from a nearby village reported seeing a round object flying at a very low altitude "about 4 ft from the ground". According to her, the object came very close to her and tried to "take her away" by using some kind of force to pull her towards it. She said she managed to avoid being "taken" by holding on to a small tree until the object finally gave up and left.
    HC addendum
    Source: Luis Ferrer, Calama UFO Center; High Strangeness Index: 8;
    Reliability of Source: 9
    Comments: Reminds me of several Brazilian reports from 1979 describing just such type of abduction attempts.

13.    Location. Silver Spring, Maryland
        Date: February 22 2003 Time: midnight
The witness (a teacher) was in her room grading some papers when all of the sudden she noticed a bright light outside her apartment. She stepped outside to see what it could be when she suddenly felt a warm sensation come over her body. Her next memory was on being alone, lying on a cold hard table with figures wearing doctor-like masks standing around her. The figures were at least 8 ft tall. They appeared to be "slimy" since the witness was touched in several private places by the humanoids. They stuck a needle in the witness, but she felt no pain. In the background there were more figures that appeared to be the female version of the other ones. The humanoids spoke in an unknown language that could not be understood. The speech resembled a series of clicks and mumbled speech. The room grew cold and felt "something" being pulled out of her. (She believes it was her appendix). She lost consciousness again at this point. She woke up later and found a scar on her side.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC; High Strangeness Index: 8; Reliability of Source: 7

14.     Location. Calama, Chile
         Date: February 23 2003 Time: 0130A
Cousins Francisco Araya Carrizo and Jose Carvajal Carrizo reported that as they arrived home late one night they spotted a huge shadowy humanoid figure standing on the rooftop. The figure made an extreme amount of noise as it jumped to another the roof of the terraced patio. Their mother had been hearing somebody running on the roof for the last 30 minutes the men had arrived. Around the same type several witnesses reported seeing a hovering & rotating silvery craft at about 1500 m over the area.
    HC addendum
    Source: Jaime Ferrer, Calama UFO Center & Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, Miami UFO Center

15.    Location. Rosario de la Frontera, Argentina
        Date: February 26 2003 Time: 2200
Alerted by the sounds of his barking dogs, 62-year old Patricio Saldaño, armed with a flashlight went out to investigate. He noticed that the dogs were furiously running back & forth from one area of the yard to the other. He then saw standing only about 10 meters from him a huge hairy figure standing on two legs. It resembled a giant ape, which stared at the witness with large bright red eyes. The creature was silent and moved its huge arms in an apparent attempt to scare the dogs away, which curiously did not attack. The creature had long sharp claws that reflected the light in the darkness. His wife and two young children also saw the bizarre creature, which disappeared into the darkness. Several days earlier a dead calf had been found dead and partially eaten.
    HC addendum
    Source: Planeta listas quoting newspaper sources
    High Strangeness Index: 8; Reliability of Source: 7

Total Cases: 15
Addendums inserted as they become available.


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