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Humanoid Reports - 2002
Complied By Albert S. Rosales  

It appears to be a slow start for this year with only one recorded case, again from Chile. We will see what develops later on the year. 2001 was pretty busy but it was a decline from 2000. Maybe we will see another down trend again, later to pick up again in the near future. This seems to be the ever-ongoing trend of the phenomena. Will it always stay the same? Time will tell. Following is a list of known 2002 humanoid cases.

1.     Location. Calama, Chile
        Date: January 2002 Time: 0300A
An employee at the local Minera Escondida was on his way to the storage freezer in order to pick up some supplies when an unknown creature jumped him from behind. He could only describe it as hairy and dark. He was left with deep scratches and in a state of shock. Terrified he ran away and bumped into two other employees who were able to see a shadowy creature in the dark.
    HC addendum
    Source: La Estrella del Loa de Calama, Chile Type: E

2.     Location. Caracas, Venezuela
        Date: January 2002 Time: late night
Late one night in a dream-like state the witness woke up to see seven to eight strange figures in her bedroom. They were dark gray in color and very thin, with three large thick long fingers on their hands. They had large, lipless mouths and large shiny protruding black eyes, their noses were thin and protruding, small ears, the heads was large and pointy. The humanoids appeared to be naked and she was able to see a penis on the humanoids. They were about 1.55 meters in height. She felt dizzy and under the control of the strange entities. She was led out of her bedroom by one of the humanoids that removed her clothing and made her lie down on the floor. The humanoids apparently attempted to molest her sexually and possibly attempted to rape her but were not successful. She apparently passed out and does not remember anything else about the encounter.
    HC addendum
    Source: Lista Alcione and witness communication Type: E

3.     Location. Fort McMurry, Alberta, Canada
        Date: January 2 2002 Time: 2032
Two men were parked on an isolated dirt road when they spotted a large cone-shaped object descend and hover. One of the men exited the car and he vanished in plain sight of the other, the craft then also disappeared. The other man tried to drive away to get help but the car would not start and it was to cold to walk. He soon went to sleep and woke up later to find his friend sleeping next to him. Later they drove back to town. His friend does not remember what happened during those two hours of missing time. No other information.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: G?

4.     Location. Near Buhawen Philippines
        Date: January 12 2002 Time: unknown
Local villagers reported seeing five "huge, black creatures" swimming in the Tikis River, near this former mining village in the area of Pinatubo. Scared, several families left the area soon after. Apparently the creatures were first seen back in November when they were mistaken by floating logs. The strange creatures have been seen swimming in the river below Labuan, which is enclosed by tall, thick bushes. Tribal leaders have requested that "scientists" come and assist them.
    HC addendum
    Source: Loren Coleman, Top 20 Cryptozoology Stories Of 2002 Type: E

5.     Location. Paso Lovera, Corrientes, Argentina
        Date: January 12 2002 Time: 2030

Gabriela Lencinas, 15-year old and a 19-year old friend were returning home on a bicycle when they spotted a large cloud like object descend from the sky and from it a giant figure emerge. The witnesses stopped their bicycles to see a car approach the giant figure, stop, the driver exit the car and then re-entering the vehicle and driving quickly away. The figure then rose up into the cloud and disappeared. The girls reported that the giant human-like figure had its hair standing up on his head and was extending its arms towards the witnesses that quickly rode their bicycles home. Other in the area reported seeing bright lights that same night.
    HC addendum
    Source: Pablo Omastott Type: B?

6.     Location. Villa San Rafael, Chile
        Date: January 12 2002 Time: 2345
Two young teenagers, Jean F and Nelson C, where at home at night when Jean noticed that his pet snake had escaped from its cage. Both boys began looking for it outside among the rubble of the parcel. They recalled how half an hour before, their two dogs strangely began to howl and cry; however, it did not seem to be important at that point in time. They searched for the pet snake together when suddenly, about 30 meters from where they stood; they saw what appeared to be a stray dog. They threw rocks at to avoid an attack. However, to their surprise, the animal stood there, motionless and fearless; it did not get scared nor it ran away as ordinary dogs normally do. Shortly, the strange animal began to move towards them. The movements it made as it walked were very strange. It used two legs at a time. It made very small sand short leaps like a rabbit. Suddenly, it stopped and it stood up on two legs. The teenagers then began to feel some kind of energy. "It was like an electrical shock in the stomach," they said. It later walked again making a loud dragging noise, making small leaps and only moving one of its legs. They noticed the weird shape of the animal. "It was like a rugby football with legs," one of them said. Jean began to feel frightened and started to move away from animal. On the other hand, Nelson felt a strange need to get closer to the creature; he got to within 2 meters away from it. The creature appear to emit a strange luminosity that apparently, was bright enough to lit a small area around the creature in spite of the nighttime darkness. Nelson was mesmerized as he stared at the strange creature. He described it as having a head like a large dog with a flat nose like a bulldog. Its eyes were slanted and pale-red in color, which could only be seen when the creature turned its head from side to side like a lizard. At that moment, Nelson heard a voice in his head saying, "Don't stare, and just run away." They provided further description, describing the ears as flat, round and large. Its arms were short, it had elbows, and the hands had three fingers. It had hair like the one on a wild pig. Its legs were like the ones of a goat. The feet had also three fingers and a membrane like ducks, but somewhat shorter. On its curved back, they were able to notice a spinal section covered with amounts of even thicker hair. Most of the hair of the animal was gray, but the tail had a white tip. Nelson finally fled, terrified, from the area. He also described how he felt an inexplicable bone-chilling cold sensation.
    HC addendum
    Source: Jaime Ferrer, Calama UFO Center Type: E

7.     Location. Not given
        Date: January 12 2002 Time: night
Ted Parker was eating some leftover food when he claims the food began to change. The bread of the sandwich turned an orange color and the lamb became a silvery metallic color, sort of like liquid mercury. As he watched transfixed, he saw the orange bread and metallic lamb turn into the figure of an "alien" with the form of a man. It was silver in color and its outfit (smooth pants and shirt, like a jump suit) was orange in color. At this point Parker glanced at the wall clock and it indicated that 2 hours had gone by, even though it felt like minutes only. The alien figure communicated using telepathic means and asked Ted to come with him. They both went outside and there, Ted saw a landed black-colored craft in his backyard. In a split second Ted found himself inside the craft not knowing how he got there. The inside of the craft was pure white in color with strips of the metallic silver that the alien figure appeared to be made of. The rest of the incident is just a blur, but Parker did remembered hearing several loud high-pitched rings while onboard the object. A couple of days before while eating dinner with several other people there had been a similar high pitched ring and everybody had just stopped eating and walked out of the room.
    HC addendum
    Source: I was abducted.com Type: G or F?

8.     Location. Chihuahua, Mexico
        Date: January 29 2002 Time: night
Several days before seeing a UFO the witness remembered being in a dream-like state in which he felt very calm and saw numerous disc shaped objects, orange-red in color. A human like figure was talking to him about the objects and their propulsion. The UFO he saw was of an orange color and he felt a sort of ecstasy when he observed the craft. Several of his neighbors also saw the object.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: G or F?

9.     Location. Near Palmyra, Wisconsin
        Date: February 2002 Time: 0200A
Two men reported seeing a creature that resembled a bipedal "gigantic wolf" walking down a road west of the city. They said the creature was at least 7 ft tall with a wolf-like head. No other information.
    HC addendum
    Source: Linda Godfrey Type: E

10.    Location. West Garo Hills, Meghalaya, India
        Date: February 2002 Time: afternoon
Nebilson Sangma reported encountering a scary furry creature on a hunting trip in the jungles. He reportedly took a video of the creature's nesting place. According to Sangma, the creature walked erect like a human, had built a house like nesting place, and would emerge from it frequently to feast on a banana grove. Sangma and his brother observed the gigantic creature for three consecutive days from afar. Officials and villagers have been hunting for the creature in the forest but it seems to have disappeared as furtively as it appeared.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 7 # 13 Type: E

11.    Location. Near Dover, England
        Date: February 2002 Time: afternoon
The witness had been jogging along a low path by the beach when she noticed a tall, well built being in a black skin tight suit, that stood watching her from nearby. He wore a black helmet wit a brown visor pulled down. At first she thought it was a biker but as she approached the figure, it suddenly disappeared in plain sight. As she continued to run she noticed a black craft jutting out of the sand, it was small and oval shaped, matt and ribbed it also disappeared in plain sight.
    HC addendum
    Source: I was abducted.com Type: E?

12.    Location. Rosario de la Frontera, Salta, Argentina
        Date: February 2002 Time: night
A strange creature called by locals "El Pestizo" has attacked several lone pedestrians in the middle of the night. It is described as a dark man shaped shadowy being. A boy riding his bicycle on the way to visit some friends was toppled from his bicycle and found a black shadowy figure facing him. The young man managed to upholster his shotgun and fire two shots. But, when he saw that they had no effect, he promptly drew his knife and stabbed the figure without any apparent harm. Frightened the youth tried to escape but the creature knocked him down without saying a word and began dragging him by the hair to the side of the road. At this point the young man began to scream. A local man, who rushed to provide assistance, only to find a black shadow dragging the boy by the hair, heard his cries. The fearful shape disappeared without a trace after it became aware of the other man's presence. Six other locals have reported being attacked by a similar being and received wounds.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 7 # 9 Type: E

13.    Location. Not given
        Date: February 2002 Time: early morning
The witness was alone at home and was preparing his breakfast when suddenly he heard a window break; he went to see what had happened. Grabbing a golf club he peeked inside the room where the window broke. He was stunned to see a strange creature climbing on his bed. It appeared to be hurt, because it seemed that it could not move well. Gripping the golf club he went a step nearer and the creature hissed horribly. It shrieked in an unworldly manner. Terrified the witness did not move. The creature was small, about the size of a large rabbit, and it was dark in color and had reddish eyes. It had wings and a spine of quills on its back, and had a semi reptilian face. It appeared to have hair and small legs. The witness raised the golf club and the creature hissed again showing its large yellowish teeth, which appeared to be sharp, like those of a crocodile. It suddenly hopped out of the window and rapidly hopped across the street into the oak trees.
    HC addendum
    Source: Paranormal About.com, June archive Type: E

14.    Location. Vigevano, Italy
        Date: February 2002 Time: 0100A
In the outskirts of this city a witness observed from his vehicle a luminous humanoid entity walking along a roadway. It scurried away into the darkness when approached. No other information.
    HC addendum
    Source: CISU, Italy Type: E

15.    Location. Corguinho, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
        Date: February 5 2002 Time: night
During a localized UFO flap several witnesses reported seeing a strange creature described as about 1.3 meters in height, having two legs, with a physique like a human but who moved with a strange fluctuating motion. The creature was seen five times by twenty people in the rural zone around Corguinho. In Rochedo, 6 miles south of Corguinho five Cebu cattle were found dead with a single incision on the side of the throat. The bodies had been drained of blood. (Is there a connection?).
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 7 # 9 Type: E

16.    Location. Mount Podbrdo, Bosnia Hercigovina
        Date: February 11 2002 Time: morning
Contactee and stigmatic Giorgio Bongiovanni was visiting the shrine on top of the mountain and was praying silently to the Virgin when, to his astonishment, a glowing luminous female figure appeared and touched his forehead with her fingertips. His stigmata scar vanished instantly. The female figure told him to return to Italy and make known what had happened.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 7 # 14 Type: E or F?

17.    Location. Payogasta, Argentina
        Date: February 11 2002 Time: evening
73-year-old Maria Rufina Cayo, a local shepherd was walking back home with her dogs and the cattle. Suddenly at one point, something spooked the animals, and these began to stampede. Looking around she spotted a bizarre creature standing about 12 meters away. She described it as a humanoid, half animal, half human, about 1.70m in height, with bright red eyes, sharp protruding fangs, and hands and feet that ended in sharp claws. The creature looked at the witness three times then it scrambled away using quick jumping motions with is powerfully built hind legs, she also noticed large pointy ears. The top part of its body seems to have been covered in a shiny white blanket. It somehow resembled a centaur walking on two claw-like feet. Alerted by the shouts of Maria, two men, Santos Jaimes, and Ruben Colque ran out to investigate with their dogs. Suddenly the dogs stopped and began making pitiful howling noises, they refused to move any further. The men heard noises behind some nearby bushes and went to investigate and spotted a bizarre creature that stood staring at them with huge reddish eyes. It then moved quickly away in the direction of Cerro Negro and disappeared from sight. The witnesses noticed very sharp claws on the creature's feet with a very sharp claw that appeared to be pointed backwards. Strange footprints were found the next day.
    HC addendum
    Source: El Tribuno, Salta Argentina March 27 2002
    Also Patricio Parente, Gaceta Ovni Type: E

18.    Location. Khanpur, Ahmedabad, India
        Date: February 20 2002 Time: after midnight
Several local residents reportedly have encountered a person, dressed in black and wearing a mask. Dubbed the "Monkeyman" whom they described as between 25 and 20 years of age, dark skinned and having curly hair can reportedly be seen hopping from roof to roof and also on to trees. Two local youths chased it and the figure reportedly disappeared in plain sight. The two youths have been behaving abnormally since then. The stranger was also chased along the riverbed near the Cama Hotel and it also suddenly disappeared. Others have heard the stranger running on the rooftops. Abdul Hamid another youngster of the local slums described the figure as a tall lean man that carries a sharp weapon. "I saw him from the back. He had a sword in his hand and when I raised the alarm, he jumped to another roof and then on to a tree." Police have searched for the stranger but nothing has been found.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fortean Times, India Express Type: E

19.    Location. Prague, Czech Republic
        Date: February 23 2002 Time: night
Blanka Slemendova was in her apartment when she saw a "ship" hovering over some nearby woods. It was shining red, white and yellow lights. She then heard telepathic communication coming from the object telling her to go and meet them at an unspecified location. Looking over to her bedroom wall she saw what appeared to be a projection of human like faces looking at her. Later that night she saw luminous figures in her room and a floating red light also in her room. The next night she saw what appeared to be 2 gray suns and around them a golden lights with numerous groups of shiny human-like figures floating about. She interpreted these as being angels.
    HC addendum
    Source: Direct from witness (Slemendova) Type: C & F?

20.    Location. Wycliffe Well Roadhouse, Northern Territory Australia
        Date: early March 2002 Time: evening
While workers in the area watched unusual lights in the sky an aboriginal woman encountered a triangular sort of object in a paddock and all of the sudden she saw three silvery clad human like figures that began to move toward her vehicle. She turned the vehicle around and took off.
    HC addendum
    Source: Lou Farcus ABC On-line Type: C

21.    Location. Near Canberra Australia
        Date: March 2002 Time: 1700
Several friends were taking a trip to the coast and it was already very dark. They had already entered a tropical forest area and there was a mist rolling along the ground. As they turned around they saw something squatting in the middle of the road. It stared at them, and just as they thought they were going to hit it, it leaped off the road and into the trees. It leaped about 10 meters in the air. The creature was definitely human looking although it wore strange clothes. It was dressed in a green robe of some kind with little pieces of gold on it, and it was either wearing a head crest or it had a row of spikes running from its forehead to the top of its neck. Very frightened the witnesses drove out of the forest and at the same time the mist turned to a thick fog. They pulled over and decided to wait until the fog had cleared, although none of them were too happy about it. As they sat around and waited they suddenly heard a shriek. It sounded like some sort of wild animal and they turned the car on so the headlights would scare it away. The headlights revealed the same creature they had seen earlier. It hid its face from the light and shrieked. Right before the witnesses' eyes, the creature seemed to evaporate into the fog. Within five minutes the fog had gone and the normal rolling mist was back. The witnesses quickly left the area and drove towards the coast.
    HC addendum
    Source: Paranormal About.com, June Archive Type: E

22.    Location. Bolam Lake, Northumberland, England
        Date: March 2002 Time: night
Near the remains of an old Iron Age settlement by the park boundary a witness encountered a creature he described as dark brown in color and with huge muscular arms. The creature emitted loud growling sounds and apparently rummaged through his bait box outside his tent.
    HC addendum
    Source: Geoff Lincoln, British Hominid Research Type: E

23.    Location. Guanica Puerto Rico
        Date: March 1 2002 Time: 2345
Reinaldo Rios (involved in other encounters) was in his bedroom that night when a large white light suddenly appeared. It flew around the room several times and then hovered. He heard voices coming from the light, which communicated with him. The voice said: "I am your real father." Soon the light transformed itself into a figure resembling that of a little boy it then vanished in plain sight.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFOs over America.com Type: E

24.    Location. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
        Date: March 2 2002 Time: 0800A
The witness and his wife were in bed that Saturday morning talking when their 5-year-old daughter came into the bedroom with her baby brother, whose cot is placed under their bedroom window. They heard a strange noise and some green light came into the window. Their daughter looked out the window and reported seeing a "flying car" with four spinning green lights on top. She saw two windows in the vehicle and saw two dark brown faces looking out. His wife saw the craft flying past through the curtains. That same morning, in a large tree near the witness house a strange structure was found. The branches were arranged in a rectangular pen shape, vertical, each approximately 30 to 40 cm long. They found a few smaller sticks scaling down in size from the structure. A piece of concrete slab was found propped up on one corner. The witnesses had never seen this strange structure before and think is some kind of message left by the visitors. (Some kind of bizarre crop circle?). A few nights before they had heard strange noises coming from the kitchen area.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: A

25.    Location. Golasecca Di Novara, Italy
        Date: March 2 2002 Time: 2330
Augusto & Maurizia were in their vehicle parked in an open field next to a wooded area having a heated discussion when suddenly a powerful beam of reddish-orange light illuminated the area around them. They rolled down the car window and heard a sharp metallic sound that seemed to be increasing in intensity. They now noticed, behind the beam of light a hovering disc-shaped craft with a central rotating ring, it hovered about a meter from the ground. From the object, a cigar-shaped beam of light emerged; they could see it as the central ring of the craft slowly rotated on its axis. The craft was only about 10 meters away. At this point, and only about 4 meters from the object Augusto saw what appeared to be a gelatinous transparent humanoid-like figure with a visible head, arms and legs. The figure was silvery in color and was very tall, about 3 meters or so. At this point Augusto became concerned and drove away from the area and did not see the object or figure depart. The whole episode lasted about 10 minutes. The metallic noise was heard all throughout the encounter.
    HC addendum
    Source: Alfredo Lissoni, CUN Milano, Michelle Castellano CUN Varese Type: C

26.    Location. Ramsbottom, Lancashire, England
        Date: March 3 2002 Time: morning
Helen Diskin went for a walk in the countryside talking snap shots along the way with her digital camera. Returning home she loaded these into her computer and was intrigued by an odd-looking image. It looked like a luminous figure in an area of no sunlight, skulking amongst the trees. She returned to the site of the photo twice afterward and could find no explanation for the figure. The figure resembled a small helmeted figure that she had not seen when she took the picture of an area of the woods she had thought of as "mysterious."
    HC addendum
    Source: Helen Diskin, UFO Magazine Vol. 22 # 1 Type: E?

27.    Location. Near Trenton New Jersey
        Date: March 4 2002 Time: night
Several witnesses were camping outside of town and late at night one of them was attempting to put out the bonfire when he heard the most awful and horrifying scream. It resembled that of an injured dog crossed with a scream of a woman. The witness dropped the flashlight and was joined by another witness. Suddenly out of the woods a hideous and gruesome creature appeared. It did not look human, somewhat satyr-like in appearance and walked on two legs. It had a long tail like a dragon and wings like those unicorns in fantasy books. The beast took several steps towards the witnesses and one of them picked up and asked and yelled at it and then shone his flashlight at it. The creature then turned towards the bushes and ran away from the area.
    HC addendum
    Source: Mystical Universe Type: E

28.    Location. Pichaca, Salta, Argentina
        Date: March 9 2002 Time: night
Ceferino Leoncio was cleaning his one room metal shack when suddenly a bright light engulfed the room. He felt a sudden heat as he saw a tiny figure (50 cm) of an angel-like creature materialize in front of him. It slowly moved its small wing-like protrusions and moved around and then suddenly stopped and remained still. It appeared to be a small living human like living being until it appeared to hardened and turn into some type of statue of cherubic appearance. Locals have now built a shrine around the tiny "statue" and call the strange materialization a "religious miracle".
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso Type: F?

29.    Location. Calama, Chile
        Date: March 16 2002 Time: 2215
Mirna, was watching television alone in her room when she began hearing noises coming from outside, at first she thought it was her dogs playing around with some empty cans. But the noises kept getting louder and louder and she decided to go outside to investigate. Once outside she was stunned to see some type creature that had somehow entered the rabbit cage and was attacking the animals that were making loud unearthly screams. Thinking at first that it was one of the dogs she approached the case but realized that it was a gray colored hairy hunched over creature, that was moving quickly inside the cage. She stepped back and could not understand how the creature had entered the cage, since there wasn't any apparent hole or aperture visible anywhere and the door was firmly closed. Afraid she ran inside her home and notified her son, both then ran out but the creature had mysteriously disappeared. Unnerved, they could not understand how they creature had escaped since the door to the rabbit caged was still firmly locked. Later they could only find a small round hole in the wire only several centimeters in width, not large enough for a creature estimated to have been about 70 to 80 cm in height. Several of the rabbits were found injured and one was dead.
    HC addendum
    Source: Calama UFO Center Type: E

30.    Location. Payogasta, Argentina
        Date: March 19 2002 Time: 2000
Young Elizabeth Lera reported seeing a short humanoid with "dark eyes" looking into the building compound from behind a wire fence. It appeared not to have any other facial features and was wearing dark clothing; it wore some type of head covering, which was hard to see because of the darkness. She could only see a pair of large dark eyes on his face that appeared to shine in the darkness. Some more children now arrived and observed as the humanoid move several steps towards them. Another witness, Rene Mamani saw the humanoid run and hide behind some bushes. It seemed to move at very high speed in an unnatural fashion. It seemed to have remained suspended in mid-air for a few seconds. It then seemed to fly through the air and disappeared into some nearby woods. Other students at the school reportedly saw it again on the night of the 20th.
    HC addendum
    Source: Patricio Parente, Gaceta Ovni Type: E

31.    Location. Woodburn, Oregon
        Date: March 21 2002 Time: 0300A
The witness was sleeping when she woke up suddenly feeling paralyzed. The witness was completely unable to move or speak. Her next memory was of a strange sensation on her left cheek, which hurt a lot. Unseen "beings" were apparently taking skin samples. Her face was left with a pink fleshy scoop down my left cheek, directly on the cheekbone. A teardrop scar was left on her cheek.
    HC addendum
    Source: Mystical Universe Type: G?

32.    Location. Bethlehem, Israel
        Date: March 21 2002 Time: night
At the besieged Church of The Nativity several awed witnesses have come forward describing the events of Thursday night. That night, a smell of roses filled the sanctuary as the Daughters of Charity held their evening prayers. "The sweet scent was soon followed by a high musical humming sound and a distinct feeling of warmth emanating from the ceiling." Then, the sisters reported, seeing a glowing beam of light gradually forming the likeness of the Blessed Virgin "like a film coming into focus." Tears were running down her face, and she uttered a prophetic warning. "Time is growing short, and the promised Judgment Day is nearly at hand." One week before the apparition, The Church of the Holy Family was the scene of a ferocious firefight between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 7 # 17 Type: F

33.    Location. Not given
        Date: March 21 2002 Time: 2255
16-year old Steven Mizon saw hovering over a street a large oval shaped craft encircled in bright lights and with several lighted windows around its edge. A figure stared down at him from one of the windows. No other information.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Watch Type: A

34.    Location. Cazalla de la Sierra, Spain
        Date: March 26 2002 Time: 1500
A pharmaceutical products salesman was returning along a deserted road when he noticed ahead in the distance and in the middle of the roadway an object resembling a shiny pear that was resting on three metallic legs. Somewhat perplexed he approached and noticed two individuals standing on a nearby field. These were over 2 meters in height, wore tight fitting white coveralls and helmets resembling that of the early astronauts. He parked his vehicle and approached the two strange figures on foot. One of the men walked away and entered the shiny pear-shaped craft while the other remained behind. Knowing that these men were "not from this earth" he still asked the remaining humanoid if he needed any assistance. He felt that as he approached the strange pair he had been in some type of a trance and seemed to have floated over the road. The humanoid answered and appeared genuinely happy as to his offer of assistance but said that everything was in order. He also added that the area was very beautiful and also added: "Humans don't know what they have. Where we come from we don't have such beautiful scenes, they disappeared a long time ago." The astounded witness managed to ask the humanoid where he was from and was told that they hailed from another dimension, a concept that humans have not yet assimilated. The humanoid smiled as he answered the question. The humanoid then bid goodbye and walked towards the nearby shiny pear shaped object, he then disappeared inside of it. The craft then emitted a loud whistling sound and disappeared at very high speed towards some nearby cliffs. The witness described the humanoids as about 2.50 meters in height, wide chests and heavy set, thin legs. Generally human features, but somewhat "refined" or sharpened features. The suits were very tight fitting made of an apparent synthetic material resembling plastic. Their eyes were very light almost white and their speech was hesitant & accented. Also their movements seemed kind of clumsy.
    HC addendum
    Source: J M Garcia, Francisco Padron, Spain Type: B

35.    Location. Pringle Lake, Texas
        Date: March 28 2002 Time: 1100A
Mark Hakemack and a friend had taken an airboat out on the NW side of the lake to do a little redfish fishing. The day was kind of hazy, with broken cloud cover. They had caught several trout and were just chatting when he hooked up a large redfish while playing with the fish, Mark happened to glance upwards and saw a large bird-like creature emerge from a cloudbank. His friend saw it too, after about 20 to 25 seconds it flew behind cloud cover again. The strange creature was grayish in color and the profile of a raptor, short neck/head, no legs sticking out behind, and no long tail feathers. Mark could not take his eyes off it. He estimated the wingspan to have been 10' to 14 ' in overall. It appeared to be soaring on the wind, although, he did see it give a couple of light "flaps" with its wings. The witness could only relate this to the legendary "Thunderbird" legend.
    HC addendum
    Source: Cryptozoology.com Type: E

36.    Location. Sevilla, Spain
        Date: March 30 2002 Time: late night
The witness to the March 26 case was at home with his wife and was getting ready to sleep when he heard footsteps coming from patio area outside his chalet. Armed with a club, he opened the door and was stunned to see the same two tall heavyset humanoids he had encountered 4 days before. One of the humanoids was kneeling on the ground as if inspecting something on the soil, the other one upon hearing the door open, turned and quickly assured the witness not to fear that they were not here to harm him. Stunned, the witness invited the two humanoids in the house for some refreshments (!). These declined the invitation telling that they had to go already. Using the same clumsy movements both humanoids walked towards the rear of the house where the witness noticed the same shiny metallic pear shaped craft on the ground. They entered the object, which quickly left at high speed. The witness's wife awakened by the voices was able to see the two humanoids from a second story window, and described them in the same way.
    HC addendum
    Source: Francisco Padron, Jose Manuel Garcia, Spain Type: B

37.    Location. Los Cipreses, Chile
        Date: March 31 2002 Time: noon
During a local UFO congress 24 persons in three groups entered a dimensional gateway that appeared by itself over the terrain. It was kind of a dome, a luminous archway measuring four by four meters. The participants lost their materiality without disappearing completely. Upon entering, they met several human-like alien characters with large baldheads and wearing robes that waited within and received information. According to sources the contact experience was "dimensional" it was like crossing into a different reality. The 24 participants were "all professionals, college students of high intellectual levels, mostly Chileans," and some were members of Grupo Rama, a New Age association.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 7 # 16, quoting Camilo Valdivieto Type: G or F?

38.    Location. Tbilissi Georgia
        Date: April 2002 Time: night
A man entered the local St David church and reported that "a phantom with wings" had approached him and predicted an earthquake that indeed took place on April 25 2002, devastating areas of central Georgia.
    HC addendum
    Source: Pravda Type: E?

39.    Location. Near Macon, Georgia
        Date: April 2002 Time: 2300
Three friends were awakened by loud banging noises and bellowing sounds coming from outside. One of the men ran to the bathroom and looked out the window to see a figure run by and squat in the nearby bushes. He described the creature as about 3 ft tall, hairy with what appeared to be horns on its head and hands; he could not see a face. Others in the neighborhood heard the banging noises.
    HC addendum
    Source: Cryptozoology.com and direct witness communication. Type: E

40.    Location. Belvedere di Tezze, Italy
        Date: April 26 2002 Time: evening
A 20-year old woman was returning home one night when she noticed some bright lights nearby of an unknown origin. She followed the lights in her car until she stopped near a local pizzeria. She saw the light near the ground and within the lights two tall slender human like figures wearing some type of headgear. Since she was carrying a camera she was able to snap a quick picture. The figures then vanished. No other information.
    HC addendum
    Source: Gruppo Accademico Ufologico Scandicci quoting "Il giornale di Vicenza" Type: E?

41.    Location. Puente Santamaria, Colon, Argentina
        Date: early May 2002 Time: early morning
Two young men observed a dark object descend towards the ground about 100 meters away. According to the two witnesses from the craft descended a small humanoid, orange in color. Very scared they both ran from the area and reported their experience to others.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso, quoting Semanario Colon Type: B

42.    Location. Merceditas, Colon, Argentina
        Date: early May 2002 Time: evening
An elderly couple was walking along National Route # 8 when about 800 meters from their location they noticed a very strong light. The light descended next to a puddle at about 70 meters from the witness. Both then saw two very short orange colored humanoids that moved in very agile movements near the object. Terrified they walked away and upon looking back saw a bright glow on the ground.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso, quoting Semanario Colon Type: C

43.    Location. Barangay, Philippines
        Date: May 2002 Time: night
Several local residents reported seeing a bizarre creature described as an "aswang" reputed to be a winged vampire type creature, it reportedly had red glowing eyes, long black hair, and was wearing a white flowing gown. It was seen perched on top of a bamboo tree. Residents at nearby Roxas reported seeing a similar creature. The police was called but a search failed to locate anything.
    HC addendum
    Source: Akasico.com Type: E

44.    Location. Alvear, La Pampa Argentina
        Date: May 3 2002 Time: near midnight
Several young men were returning home late at night along a deserted roadway when suddenly out of nowhere a female figure wearing a light flowing gown and with long black hair appeared in front of them. The strange figure was very pale and appeared elderly and repeatedly asked for assistance from the men in a strange urgent tone. Terrified the men ran from the area and later returned with additional witnesses but they could find no trace of the strange apparition.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso Type: E?

45.    Location. Taralgon Victoria, Australia
        Date: May 24 2002 Time: 2355
Walking near the Loy Yang Power station 45-year old Martin Taylor was suddenly blinded by an intense blue light and he felt extremely dizzy. His next memory was of being in a circular room with a variety of lights and buttons scattered about the walls. He was lying on a large table that seemed to be of a very highly polished metal. He was strapped down and his shirt had been removed. There were wires attached to his arms, neck and temples. A four ft tall humanoid figure with very large almond shaped eyes, almost transparent looking skin, ghostly white in appearance examined him. The figure had three extremely long fingers on each hand and spoke in a strange dialect.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Watch Type: G

46.    Location. Jacinto Arauz, La Pampa, Argentina
        Date: May 29 2002 Time: midnight
Irma Rick watched a rotating luminous object descend close to the ground next to a grain silo; it gave off a powerful bluish light through some openings around its circumference. It hovered close to the ground. Through an opening a strange creature was seen to descend to the ground. It was described as having an elongated semi-transparent white body; it also had an elongated head. She could not see any eyes or legs on the creature as it stood motionless next to the craft. She observed the creature and object for about 5 minutes until she dropped the flashlight she was carrying. Afraid she left the area and did not see the creature depart.
    HC addendum
    Source: Gloria Raquel Coluchi, El Dragon Invisible Type: B

47.    Location. Lembang Bandung, Indonesia
        Date: May 30 2002 Time: 2315
The witness was driving his motorcycle across a highland area when he spotted some flashing lights overhead and then noticed a silvery disc-shaped craft descend low over some nearby graves at a cemetery. The craft had blue and orange flashing lights around its rim. There was no sound as the craft apparently emitted a beam of light towards the ground and levitated what appeared to be some dead bodies onboard the object. (!) The witness was apparently paralyzed and was unable to move. The craft then shot away at a 45-degree angle and disappeared from sight. When that happened the witness left the scene.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: G?

48.    Location. Houston, Texas
        Date: late May 2002 Time: afternoon
The witness was at the local electric company in order to pay a bill when she decided to use the restrooms. Sitting in the stall she then noticed on the side of the wall of the stall what appeared to be a face lit up in a dull light. When the witness looked directly at the "face" it vanished. She described is as having large round eyes no visible nose and a slit-like mouth. (A peeping tom alien?)
    HC addendum
    Source: Unsolved Mysteries.com Type: E?

49.    Location. General Acha, La Pampa, Argentina
        Date: early June 2002 Time: various
A resident of the Oeste neighborhood informed newspaper sources that a short green-colored dwarf like entity has appeared twice on her property: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. When her husband ran out responding to her screams, the mysterious entity vanished by rapidly climbing up a tree. All versions agree in that the entity is short in stature. Another resident added that it moved so quickly that it was hard to describe it. In the same area mysterious cattle mutilations have also been reported.
    HC addendum
    Source: Loren Coleman in UFO Updates Type: E

50.    Location. Ojo De Agua, Argentina
        Date: June 2002 Time: afternoon
Several passengers onboard two farm micro buses reported seeing a very tall dark man like figure that appeared to be wearing a tight fitting diver's outfit standing on a nearby field. Nearby numerous mysterious animal mutilations have been reported. The figure was silent and was quickly lost from sight as the buses moved away.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso Type: E

51.    Location. Near Tampa, Florida
        Date: June 2002 Time: night
A man and three of his friends reported encountering two bizarre chupacabra type creatures one stood about 3-4 ft tall, the other looked to be about 6 ft tall. Both had large glowing red eyes and spikes starting from the head to the back. They scurried away into a wooded area. (They were to have further encounters in August).
    HC addendum
    Source: Art Bell.com Type: E

52.    Location. Antalya, Turkey
        Date: June 5 2002 Time: afternoon
Approximately 45 witnesses claimed they saw an UFO in the Santral district landing on the backyard of the Fatma Primary School. Several students including Murat Esici age 11 saw an alien emitting red rays from his eyes come out of the object. His hands and feet were metallic. He had a very big head and was about 1.80 meters in height. Esici temporarily lost her voice immediately after the sighting. Students Zeynep Cpnar and Nalan Donmez also claimed they san an unusual craft and an alien beside it. "His eyes and hands were red and a red light was emitting from his eyes." The children were overcome with shock after the incident.
    HC addendum
    Source: Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center Intl Type: B

53.    Location. Polonnauruwa, Sri Lanka
        Date: June 8 2002 Time: 2200
Approximately 50 to 70 eyewitnesses saw a UFO flying at about 100 meters above ground level. The object was silent and briefly landed emitting a bright flash like light. When it was close to the ground the object emitted a buzzing sound. Three other witnesses saw three 2 ft tall creatures than when approached ran into the jungle and disappeared.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC and News Sources Type: D

54.    Location. Polonnaruwa, Sir Lanka
        Date: June 9 2002 Time: 2012
Two witnesses went to a bath on a nearby river when they heard a loud thundering sound and a UFO appeared. The craft landed nearby and two, 2 ft tall "aliens" emerged from the object. One of the humanoids flung a small fluorescent fireball like object that flew over a house and vanished. Soon the craft and humanoids disappeared.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC & News Reports Type: B

55.    Location. Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
        Date: June 10 2002 Time: 1900
Witnesses saw a mysterious light in the sky and others saw a large disc shaped object land nearby. Three humanoids only about 2 ft tall emerged from the craft and disappeared into the forest when approached. The object also left.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC and News Reports Type: B

56.    Location. Chantilly, Virginia
        Date: June 10 2002 Time: night
The witness was awakened during the night with a sense of some presence in the room. Looking toward the door, he saw, fading quickly, something, which almost had the appearance of a hologram. Next, shadows appeared outside the windows in an erratic shape. At first he thought the shadows to be from trees moving in a strong wind. The appearance was of a storm blowing the limbs to create these shadows outside the window. However, there was no storm. He looked at the adjacent window on the side of the house facing opposite and there was no wind at all. In fact there was no trees positioned in such a way to cast a shadow. He opened the blinds to see what might be causing the shadows. He then saw what seemed to be a hologram with the shape of two small eyes moving erratically outside the window. Frightened he closed the blinds. Two weeks later he was awakened by a humming sound and again saw the erratic shadows outside the window. He watched the shadows for 10-15 minutes and then called the police. The police found no signs of any intrusion in the yard. When the police left the witness walked toward the door facing the back porch and saw a large burst of bluish white light. It looked unnatural, almost like a laser. He has not seen the "shadows" again.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: E?

57.    Location. Ataliva Roca, La Pampa, Argentina
        Date: June 11 2002 Time: 1930
A worker at a local drainage project was sitting and guarding some machinery when he noticed a short greenish colored humanoid figure that was approaching his location from a nearby field. The witness became concerned and drove away from the area in the construction equipment and did not see the creature depart.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso Type: E

58.    Location. Eduardo Castex, La Pampa Argentina
        Date: June 12 2002 Time: afternoon
Two girls of a local school encountered a short greenish humanoid figure in the playing yard. The figure was standing up and appeared to be raising its arms up to the sky. Terrified the two girls retreated into the school and watched the figure scurry away into some nearby woods. Around the same time a local farmer found a strangely mutilated hog in his farm.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso Type: E

59.    Location. Chasico, Bahia Blanca, Argentina
        Date: June 12 2002 Time: afternoon
Hugo Deluca and several other workers were parked in a bus in an isolated area when they spotted about 20 meters away a short, 1.20 meters tall, bipedal figure completely covered in gray hair. It walked upright like a man and then scurried away into some woods vanishing from sight. The area had been hit with animal mutilations around the same time.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso Type: E

60.    Location. Castex, La Pampa, Argentina
        Date: June 13 2002 Time: night
A 70-year old man had gone to his driveway to check on a flat tire in his car when a short light green colored humanoid suddenly appeared next to him. It had large round ears, and two reddish luminous eyes. Its body was thin and almost triangular in shape. The witness attempted to yell out but was suddenly unable to speak and at the same time strange warmth invaded his body. Several seconds later the humanoid vanished and the witness returned to normal. He reported the incident to the police.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso Type: E

61.    Location. La Laguna, La Pampa, Argentina
        Date: June 14 2002 Time: afternoon
Several youngster had gone into the fields in order to obtain some firewood when they saw sitting on a clearing in the woods two human like figures, all dressed in black. They sat facing each other, one looking towards the east the other towards the west, unmoving. Unnerved by the sight the juveniles ran from the area. The next day the father of one of the boys found two dead cows at the site, but could find no trace of the strange pair. Days later a sheep and a horse were found dead and strangely mutilated in the nearby location of El Cardonal.
    HC addendum
    Source: Gloria Raquel Coluchi, El Dragon Invisible Type: E

62.    Location. De Kalb, Illinois
        Date: June 15 2002 Time: 0030A
The witness was sitting in his family room watching TV when he noticed a bright flash of light outside the window. He saw the flash several times and decided to check his backyard there he saw a circular light moving around in circles. The light began to get closer; scared he ran inside his home and called a friend on the phone. He then quickly ran outside and saw the circle getting closer, he noticed that it had a purplish color to it and it began to descend towards the ground. He became nauseous and dizzy and collapsed on to the ground. He tried to crawl to the house but was unable to move. He turned his head and saw the purplish object on the ground and what appeared to be a door opening up. He then heard a squeaking noise and saw a tall and a short figure standing by a door of the object. The two figures started to move towards him, walking in a strange bopping fashion. They were of a dark complexion with a bumpy texture, other than that they resembled normal human beings. The shorter figure approached and picked up the witness' camera and stared at it. He then looked at the taller figure and handed it to him. The taller of the two looked at the camera and then at the witness. The witness then heard loud unpleasant shrieks coming from the taller figure, which then gave the camera back to the shorter figure, which covered the camera with his hand, seconds later a light began to emerge from their hands. Then they stopped, threw the camera aside and began to walk towards the witness. They reached his side and started to examine his body. A dog began to bark from inside the house and the shorter figure put out his hand and the dog stopped barking. At this point the witness began to vomit. After about a minute he began to relax and to breathe better. When he turned his head he realized that the two figures and the purple spherical object were now gone. The next day he had a very severe headache.
    HC addendum
    Source: Mystical Universe Type: B

63.    Location. San Juan, Argentina
        Date: June 20 2002 Time: evening
At a location where the body of a strangely mutilated carcass of a cow was found two witnesses reported seeing a small creature with large glowing slanted eyes and about one meter in height. Later in the same area, members of the Gimenez family after investigating noises and a strong odor coming from a wooded area found a mutilated cow and also watched a short humanoid with glowing eyes scurrying away into the woods.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso Type: E

64.    Location. Manuel Rodriguez, Calama, Chile
        Date: June 22 2002 Time: after midnight
A bizarre creature was spotted at a local housing complex on San Antonio Street. Witnesses reported that it resembled an ape and it jumped all over the roof. It passed right in front of the witness, Maria Gavia's window and then it came back making all manner of noise. The creature was able to make very long jumps, unlike any a human could. It jumped and landed on the neighbor's roof and then it left the area. Neighborhood dogs acted scared and began howling. Others described the creature as about 1.5 meters tall, stocky in build with bright red eyes. It made a lot of noise. Others reportedly chased the creature.
    HC addendum
    Source: Jaime Ferrer, Calama UFO Center, quoting El Mercurio de Calama Type: E

65.    Location. Angencia Realico, La Pampa, Argentina
        Date: June 23 2002 Time: late night
Several hunters returning to a local ranch spotted about 50 meters away two large glowing reddish eyes staring at them. They turned off their flashlight and approached closer on foot, about 30 meters away they again saw the reddish eyes on a dark creature that appeared to be standing on top of an apparently dead animal. One of the hunters shone its flashlight on the figure again and saw a figure about 40 cm in height that quickly ran from the area at very high speed. The creature disappeared into the brush. At the scene, a dead and mutilated young heifer. Other mutilations were reported in the area.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso Type: E

66.    Location. Rancul, La Pampa, Argentina
        Date: June 25 2002 Time: 2020
Two young men, Nestor Pinto and Daniel Gatica were walking on a field when they encountered a short man-like figure with huge pointy ears and long dangling arms standing near some brush. The figure scurried into the brush and disappeared and at the same time the two witnesses ran away from the area and did not see the strange dwarf again.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso Type: E

67.    Location. Bavaria, Germany (exact location not given)
        Date: June 25 2002 Time: night
The witness had stayed up late watching the soccer game as was in his bedroom when suddenly there was a coldness around him that made him shiver. He noticed that his audio capabilities were somehow enhanced and he was able to hear sounds that previously he was unable to hear. He then heard a noise outside his door and went out to investigate. The noise became louder as he approached the door. He then heard footsteps and opened the door. A very small man with a somewhat deformed body that was smiling at him confronted the witness. He looked straight ahead and then stared at the witness. His next memory was of waking up in his bed in the morning.
    HC addendum
    Source: Unsolved Mysteries.com Type: E

68.    Location. Tunkhannock, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania
        Date: June 26 2002 Time: 2105
The primary witness had stepped out on his back porch when his attention was drawn to two huge black "birds" which were approaching from the north. His first impression was they were Herons, but soon realized that the color was wrong, and "they were huge, much larger than any bird I have ever seen." The two huge birds landed at the top of a very tall coniferous tree. The witness stated that the wingspan appeared to be wider than the branches, jest below where they had landed. The body size was estimated to be about six feet from head to tail. The oddest feature was the shape of the wings, which according to the witness appeared to be bat-like. The tree where the "birds" landed seemed as though it would break from their weight. The witness yelled for others in the house to come outside to look. Another family member was able to see the huge black birds as they passed overhead, and headed for some woods. After checking the size of the branches where the birds had landed, the witness estimated that the wingspan would have been close to 12 feet or somewhat larger.
    HC addendum
    Source: Stan Gordon Type: E

69.    Location. Marldon Hill, Paington, England
        Date: June 26 2002 Time: 2357
A couple were walking near a local historic monument (a windmill) and they drew closer to monument they heard a low whirling noise. The noise progressed to a high-pitched whining, almost out of hearing range. Then they saw a mysterious glow coming from the dark side of the windmill, and then to their astonishment they saw 5 or 6 shadow like figures standing in front of the windmill. Startled the two began to run back towards the main road. The woman looked back and saw the figures become engulfed by a bright light and disappear, and then everything became quiet.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Sightings UK Type: E?

70.    Location. Adelia Maria, Cordoba, Argentina
        Date: July 3 2002 Time: 2100
Pedro and Estela Moine had decided to visit the business district of town called Barrio Norte and crossed the old railroad yard through a pedestrian pathway that ran through a pasture area between some silos, old railroad depots and abandoned wreckage. As the couple moved through the premises they suddenly became aware of a strange and incomprehensible conversation between many voices. Startled, they stopped walking moved a few meters more and then heard the voices again which now sounded like strange "O" sounds. Pedro looked toward the silos and was able to see resembling humanoid but lacking upper and lower extremities. Despite the pleas of his wife, Pedro ran several meters toward an inner alley in the silo plant, being able to make out some 45 meters to the west and in profile---the entity, which acting surprised, avoided the encounter and moved again to the north. However, what filled the witnesses with wonderment was that the creature did so as though flying or floating without touching the facilities it passed. Pedro and Estela ran after it. It was thus that the man managed to see the entity apparently hiding behind the control room of the truck scale. Pedro ran toward it and was again startled to see the apparition rising as a plane taking off, flying at an altitude of 5 meters and disappearing behind a large metal shed. Bewildered, both witnesses called out, but were unable to see anything else. Pedro Moine as "a thing with human shape" described the apparition. It had some sort of light, although he could not say if reflected or self-generated, although he tends to believe the latter, since it was a nebulous whitish light, which kept him from making out details. The entire mass of the apparition appeared to be a body covered from head to toe in some sort of mantle, which he described as though it wore a hat, but covered with some kind of long raincoat reaching down to what he took to be its feet. He added that the "conversational sounds" repeated themselves in three separate occasions at various intensities. They were like conversations in a strange language.
    HC addendum
    Source: Mario Luis Bracamonte, C.O.R, Rio Cuarto Argentina Type: E

71.    Location. Jerusalem, Israel
        Date: July 6 2002 Time: night
A remote TV camera picked up images of "orbs seen on the corner to the right of the Wailing Wall." They seemed to have facial features almost like a ghost, reported investigator Charlotte LeFevre. The orbs were described as "sharp and distinct". The orbs were next to the women's prayer area in front of the Wall. Other strange phenomena, has been reported in the area.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 7 # 29 Type: F?

72.    Location. Villa Elisa, La Pampa, Argentina
        Date: July 13 2002 Time: 2300
A young woman fainted from nervous shock after having an alleged closed encounter with "some sort of green dwarf". This occurred---enveloped in darkness---along Misioneros Salesianos Street very close to several houses. An ambulance was called and apparently transported the witness who was in shock.
    HC addendum
    Source: Gloria Coluchi Type: E

73.    Location. Patna, India
        Date: July 21 2002 Time: night
Several residents claim they've been bitten or scratched by a "black monkey-like creature with colored lights flashing from its eyes." Resident Pawan Kumar Niyogi who was sleeping on the terrace of his house claims "a 5 ft tall monkey-like creature" attacked him. He said: "I was terrified and thought my life was going to end but it merely scratched me on the shoulder before jumping off the roof." Local residents are conducting night vigils and carrying torches to guard their homes.
    HC addendum
    Source: Ananova, Ufoupdates. Type: E

74.    Location. Chajan, Cordoba, Argentina
        Date: July 21 2002 Time: 2300

Police officer Guillermo Arias was on routine patrol through a rural area when he heard over the radio that his colleagues in arms over at Achiras were seeing lights in sectors of said community, and that they were heading towards Chajan along National Route 8. At the wheel of the police patrol van, he managed to see a formation of 7 lights in the distance and decided to drive 10 km along a rural dirt road. When he had covered said distance, he noticed, not without surprise, that the engine of his vehicle sputtered and died, causing the police car to strike the edge of a guardrail. Simultaneously, the lights on the van's dashboard began turning on and off randomly, the police radio went haywire and its dial displayed the random shifting of the frequencies while the cabin became filled with an acrid odor, as though of burnt wiring, and the interior lights and stop indicator, which were broken, began lighting on and off. Seized by fear, Arias leaped from the van and walked away a few meters down the road, losing his cellular phone in the escape. The darkness was total, when suddenly, amid the confusing situation; an immense light emerged from a field adjacent to the road as a triangular object rose majestically into the air. Now Arias condition went from fear to abject terror as he saw what he described as a real "floating city" some 200 meters long with a long row of windows (perhaps as many as 100). Arias claims having seen something move behind them, describing the movement as "TV sets which make lines and shadows", which he defined as "non-human", and that many beams of light came out of the giant triangle, aimed at the ground. The event lasted 2-3 seconds, but to Arias it felt like an eternity. The object suddenly rose and sped away, vanishing behind the hills of a local field. As the object moved away, the whole area was lit up like daytime and there was an afterglow that lasted another 20 minutes.
    HC addendum
    Source: C.O.R., Circulo Ovnilogico Riocuartense, Argentina Type: A

75.    Location. Waconia, Minnesota
        Date: July 26 2002 Time: 0300A
The young witness was sleeping in the backyard with his sister when he suddenly woke up. He then noticed that the side of the tent that faced the wetlands and lake was lit up. Looking towards the light he saw a shadowy torso and arm of a humanoid figure that seemed to be moving around within the light. He watched for 30 seconds and saw the figure move the fingers of his hands. The witness became frightened and hid in his sleeping bag. He came out about an hour later and the light and strange figure were completely gone.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: C?

76.    Location. Sedona, Arizona
        Date: July 28 2002 Time: 0310A
In a wooded area the witness saw what appeared to be a figure glowing all white, with black "straight" eyes; and black diagonal/diamond strip of "clothing" on top. He stood staring at the figure for 20 seconds and then left. Prior to seeing the figure the witness had seen lights in a large oval shaped pattern in the sky.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: C?

77.    Location. Tahmoor, Queensland, Australia
        Date: July 28 2002 Time: 1730

Three girls had decided to visit the rooftop as they did the prior evening watching for satellites. It was dusk and the girls had a good vantage point looking towards the east. With them they had a pair of binoculars and a pair of walkie-talkies. The girls noticed that a large orange light appeared approximately 15 degrees above the eastern horizon. The anomaly was noted to have fluctuated in colors of orange, yellow, white and pale blue. At fist they thought of an arriving airplane, but then a second light appeared approximately 50 degrees south of the first anomaly, and about 10 degrees above the horizon. This much smaller anomaly began to perform some unusually maneuvering; from a stationary position it accelerated at least 5 degrees closer to the ground surface at an approximate 45-60 degree angle within a matter of a single second. The first anomaly then began to move slowly towards the north. At this stage they partially lost view of it as it moved behind a tree. Then a third anomaly appeared in a valley-like region of the horizon. According to the witnesses, this third object appeared to have "landed" on the ground surface. The object was then viewed through the binoculars and presented in great detail; the object was described as a gray saucer with interchanging colors of green, red/orange, blue/purple and white rotating around the rim. Thy also noted the trees being slightly illuminated by this extraordinary phenomenon. They were suddenly distracted by someone on their walkie-talkie saying, "Identify yourself." This was followed by some unusual voices communicating in a foreign language. Around 1830 the girls were then called down to have dinner. At about 2030 the girls re-established their places on the roof after dinner. To their surprise, the third ground-based object was still present. Unexpectedly a yellow beam of light ascended a few meters above the object and suddenly deviated its course towards the three girls. "It was like an orange, yellowy bright light shining on us from far away." The light shone on them for a period of about half a minute. At this point, it is not clear how one of the girls ended up on the ground. She became extremely hysterical and ran inside. The other two girls quickly followed her. That evening all three girls had stomach pains. One of them could not sleep and did not go to school the next day. Another of the girls woke up the next morning with her nose bleeding. She also mentioned that she had seen a strange small human like figure in her bedroom.
    HC addendum
    Source: The Australian UFO Research Network Type: D or F?

78.    Location. Punta Alta, Bahia Blanca, Argentina
        Date: July 29 2002 Time: early morning
Local residents have seen a strange figure, which they described as resembling a "shroud". The apparitions, which always occur in the early morning hours, have become so common that in recent days several neighbors have stayed up late to see them, and it is thus that they were able to confirm the simultaneous presence of up to 2 such beings, as well as red lights flying over the area. All the witnesses whether individuals or in a group, agree that the entities are nebulous and glowing, with a pair of red eyes being clearly identifiable, and glassy faces (as if transparent). Their movements are smooth and they always appear from behind the sand dunes, as though "coming form the Naval Base." Most witnesses agree that they show a great interest in the water tanks located above the roofs, and that they do not flee upon detecting the presence of local residents---rather, they stare at them fixedly for some minutes. Deep silence is perceived during the observations and "the air appears to become still" and neither heat nor cold can be felt---only a sensation of warmth, as if the beings emanated heat. Witnesses also state that things appear to be darker when "the shroud" appears, as though ambient lighting were dimmed. Another curious fact is the large number of cats and dogs who report to the place where the sightings occur and sit down to observe it in silence, in a state resembling a trance. A series of semi-circular prints have been found in the dunes, not very deep, with 15-20 cm separations in some cases and 30-50 cm in others. The locals have identified them as the strange being's footprints. Efforts have been made to photograph the "shroud", but all images, despite the use of different cameras appear exposed. One witness who approached the site to witness the phenomenon took two photos of the prints in the afternoon and decided to stay with the group of people hoping to see the "shroud", managing to take some photos of same and record the new prints which appeared in the dunes after the sighting. A completely uncommon print was found at the site---but the residents aren't sure if it's related to the phenomenon: it has the shape of a five-fingered claw. One witness tried to make use of his carbine's telescopic sight to see the figure in greater detail, but "when he tried to focus on it, he could see nothing…it was a though it could only be seen with the unaided eye."
    HC addendum
    Source: Scott Corrales, IHU, Christian Quintero and O A Mario Proyecto Condor Type: C or E?

79.    Location. Arroyo Pareja, Bahia Blanca, Argentina
        Date: July 30 2002 Time: 0530A
27-year old Mariela Baigorri reported seeing a strange figure that floated in front of her house. She had woken up early that morning and was getting ready to mount her bicycle when she saw behind the fence something floating in mid-air. It appeared to be a figure wearing a flowing white transparent tunic, with bright red eyes and undefined facial features. Feeling no fear she decided to approach it. She felt as if the figure waited for her and was observing her. At this point Mariela felt some fear and began reciting the Lord's Prayer. The figure suddenly moved back and disappeared in plain sight.
    HC addendum
    Source: Juan Carlos Corrales Morey, Vision Ovni, Argentina Type: E

80.    Location. Arroyo Pareja, Bahia Blanca, Argentina
        Date: July 31 2002 Time: 1845
23-year old Julian Pereyra was in his vehicle when he observed two red spheres flying slowly over some nearby woods, they seemed to descend and disappear behind the trees. 15 minutes later, Pereyra, accompanied by several other witnesses approached the area and observed what they described a tall floating figure wearing a white glowing cape like outfit, it seemed to glide silently over a field. It had what appeared to be a visor at face level and two beams of red light emerged from where the eyes would have been. The witnesses watched the strange figure glide over the fields for about 30 minutes. Curiously numerous local dogs and cats approached and also watched the figure in fascination. The lights and figure disappeared into the distance. In another occasion Pereyra and some of his family members encountered the strange humanoid and felt a strange sensation as if the wind had suddenly stopped, they felt as they were inside a vacuum or "bubble." Strange tracks have been reportedly found in the area also.
    HC addendum
    Source: Diario La Nueva Provincia, Bahia Blanca, Argentina Type: C?

81.    Location. La Cienaga, Pocri, Panama
        Date: early August 2002 Time: night
Luis Alfredo Diaz reported hearing loud noises coming from the terraced patio where the kitchen was located, going to investigate he found his cat apparently dead with two obvious holes on the neck and some blood on the floor. Before finding the cat he had called his wife, Maria de Los Santos Barrios. As his wife stood in front of him a panic stricken look came over her face, turning around he was confronted by a bizarre 1-meter tall humanoid that had jumped to the center of the patio. The creature was described as thin, covered with dark hair, with large pointed ears that almost covered its face, it had very large eyes and extremely strong hind legs resembling that of a kangaroo. Terrified he ran to his son's bedroom and carried him outside yelling for his neighbors. A search failed to locate anything.
    HC addendum
    Source: Panamanian Paranormal Forum Type: E

82.    Location. Near Waterville Valley, New Hampshire
        Date: August 2002 Time: night
The same witness involved in a similar encounter last year was again camping in the same area when he again heard a noise. Shining the light in the direction of the sound he again saw the same creature. The creature sat there crouched by the trees staring at the witness. The witness walked slowly towards it, he got to within 20 ft when it just jumped backward and disappeared. He described the creature as about five to six ft in height, gray in color. It was totally naked. It had human features, but more leathery, and its face was very wide, its eyes were huge and even though they reflected light, they still looked black, resembling two intensely black marbles. Its legs were very muscular, but turned backwards, like a bird. Other hikers in the area have reported encountering little brown men on some of the more isolated trails.
    HC addendum
    Source: Paranormal Story Archives, November 2002 Type: E

83.    Location. Jacinto Arauz, La Pampa, Argentina
        Date: August 1 2002 Time: late evening
64-year old Raul Dorado was touring some fields when he heard a loud sound on two occasions, like a whirlwind, which drew his attention. The third time he saw something he describes as a green circle with three legs hovering over him. At that moment Dorado fell to the ground, and according to his story, he carried a shotgun, binoculars and a cellular phone, the latter, which was taken from his hand, and he could clearly see being sucked into the object, which was apparently at low altitude. His next recollection was seeing the object disappear toward the east. Dorado remained at the location for an hour before being able to rise and walk back to his car, returning to town in a state of shock. He had to be hospitalized. Later when calls were placed to the (abducted) cellular phone someone would pick up and heavy breathing could be heard. Later on the phone was apparently disconnected.
    HC addendum
    Source: Scott Corrales, quoting Diario La Arena, La Pampa Type: G?

84.    Location. Montour Ridge, Northumberland, Pennsylvania
        Date: August 2 2002 Time: 1730
A man named Todd Sees went up the mountain to look for pre-season deer. He told his wife that he would be home by noon. He rode his 4-wheeler up the power line behind his home. He never returned. A search party composed of local police, state police and volunteers searched for Sees. The 4-wheeler was found on the top of the mountain near a power-line. Tracking dogs could find nothing to go on around the 4-wheeler. The search went on for 2 days and over 6 miles of mountain was covered from top to bottom. Then, in the evening of the 2nd day, his body was found in a hard to reach wooded area. He was wearing his underwear. He was emaciated---not bloated. He was pale and had an expression of horror on his face. When he went up the mountain he was fully dressed, boots, camo-vest, hat, socks, pants. 3 people, on one farm, said they saw a large round bright object just above the power-lines at the time of the disappearance. It was silent, it did not move for about 10 to 15 minutes. It suddenly went up and suddenly stopped. A light shone down and something was pulled up into the light. It then went straight up, hesitated again, and then went west over the Susquehanna River and out of sight. More specifically a farmer saw an object above Montour Ridge at the power lines, on top of the mountain, it was round and very still over the lines. Suddenly it moved what looked like a few hundred feet to the east, it stopped and a beam of blue and white light shone to the ground. What was seen next was very unnerving, he saw what appeared to be a man suspended in the light, he was being pulled up head first, he was moving his arms slowly in the light. What looked like a man was pulled up into the bottom of the craft. A few seconds later it started shuddering, then went west very fast, stopped briefly, and then went straight up and out of sight. Also three fishermen saw the craft. The FBI is supposedly also investigating. (Debated as a hoax, who would? and for what purpose?).
    HC addendum
    Source: Rense, UFO updates, NUFORC Type: G?

85.    Location. Florida, exact location not given
        Date: August 7 2002 Time: 0503A
The witness was in his room when he heard a sound out in his backyard. He went out to see and there was nothing to see. When he came back to his room, there was a figure standing outside of his window, the figure was shadowy and it resembled a "typical" gray alien. He ran outside armed with his pellet gun and as he opened the door he saw it disappearing into the woods in front of the house. It was gray in color, hairless and the head was slightly larger than normal.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: E

86.    Location. Mt.Ciosek, Poland
        Date: August 11 2002 Time: 1500
Researcher Robert Lesniakiewicz was out in a wooded area looking for mushrooms when suddenly he felt an unusual quiet in the area, the birds seemed to stop singing and the insects had stopped chirping. Almost simultaneously he heard a whistle coming from somewhere in front of him that was initially high-pitched and then declined in volume. He noticed an "invisible" something or somebody that seemed to be parting some tree branches just about 30 meters from his location. Seconds later he heard a second identical whistle, this time coming from behind him. Lesniakiewicz had the distinct impression that someone invisible was stalking him and trying to surround him. He could feel whistles and movement all around him but could not see anything physical. After a few terrifying minutes everything suddenly returned to normal, with the familiar bird and insect sounds now back in focus. He searched around but could not find any logical explanation as to what had occurred. (Brings to mind the attack on a woman by invisible "aliens" in the Lorie Valley, France back in 1950).
    HC addendum
    Source: Direct from witness (Robert Lesniakiewicz) Type: F?

87.    Location. Sant' Omero, Italy
        Date: August 13 2002 Time: 2030
In an isolated road two witnesses inside a vehicle watched a bizarre "monster" like creature crossing the road ahead of them. The strange creature stopped briefly to stare at them with two large black eyes, it moved very quickly and "diagonally" disappearing into the nearby brush. Two other witnesses reported hearing strange noises coming from a wooded area in the same area.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Di Rado, CUN Type: E

88.    Location. Fuerte Alto, Argentina
        Date: August 13 2002 Time: night
Hearing a loud ruckus coming from the goat pen, 14-year Ariel Gonzalez summoned his guard dogs and went to investigate. As he approached the pen the dogs refused to go any further and began to emit an unearthly howl. Climbing on top of a small hill he looked inside the pen and was horrified to see a bizarre creature that had climbed on top of a goat. He described it as a short hairy humanoid with large glowing red eyes and shiny white sharp fangs protruding out of its mouth. The creature jumped down from the moribund goat and disappeared into some nearby woods. Several of the animals were found dead and bloodless and mysterious three toed footprints were found on the ground.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso Type: E

89.    Location. Ilha De Colares, Amazonia, Brazil
        Date: August 15 2002 Time: night
Two men were reportedly attacked in a wooded area by a short powerfully built creature covered with black hair and with glowing red eyes. It had three sharp "talons" that injured both men, one of them critically. No other information.
    HC addendum
    Source: Daniel Rebisso & Carlos Alberto Machado Type: E

90.    Location. Colon, Entre Rios, Argentina
        Date: August 18 2002 Time: night
In an area where strange cattle mutilations had been reported a man, 54-year old, Ignacio Gallego was driving his tractor in a field when a bizarre humanoid ran in front of his tractor and stopped. It was a short creature with luminous red eyes, upon seeing the witness it emitted a loud shriek. At that moment from an undetermined location on the creature's body a bright sphere of light emerge and rapidly approached the witness becoming larger as it did, it struck Gallego on the head knocking him down from the tractor. The creature then disappeared. Gallego was hospitalized with a dark green bruise to his right temple area.
    HC addendum
    Source: Georgina Pernuzzi, Argentina Type: E

91.    Location. Detroit, Michigan
        Date: August 19 2002 Time: 0600A
During a stormy morning the witness was driving to work when a flash of light made him look up over the nearby Fisher building about 50 stories up. The building has a big red ball lit up on top. Around it he saw several huge winged figures, to big to be birds. It appeared they were startled from the lighting as they flew in a boomerang type formation. They were surrounded by a yellow glow at first and then a red glow as they drifted southeast. They had appeared to take off from the top of the building.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: E

92.    Location. Wolfsgraben, Austria
        Date: August 19 2002 Time: morning
The witness was out in the morning to collect mushrooms near the small village when he suddenly saw a big swarm of very large birds, containing more than 100 specimens. One of the "birds" left the group and sailed down to circle the witness for about five minutes or so. He described the strange bird, as having a long and baldhead with a long beak, and something prolonging the head stuck out form its hind skull. It really looked more like a pterodactyl than a bird. The only difference was that it was covered with feathers. It had the body of a penguin and a long neck, also short legs. It had a white breast and belly, while the rest of its body was totally black. Its wingspan was at least that of 7 ft.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 7 # 35 Type: E

93.    Location. San Diego, California
        Date: August 21 2002 Time: night
A local resident, Mr. Santiago Perez & his mother reported seeing two huge "gargoyle" like creatures flying over an alley adjacent to their home. The creatures had huge bat-like wings with a wingspan that almost covered the whole alley and their bodies were muscular and gray in color. The creatures glided slowly over the alley and then disappeared into the darkness. No other information.
    HC addendum
    Source: Ovnis Baja California, Mexico Type: E

94.    Location. Oxford, Florida
        Date: August 24 2002 Time: 0130A
The witness was spending the weekend with her boyfriend at his home and both were asleep when she was suddenly startled and woke up. She was feeling very anxious. As she glanced over towards the doorway she saw a silhouette. It was a being that she had seen before. The being was approximately four feet tall, with a large head as compared to its height and long arms that hung down approximately two feet. She wanted to wake up her boyfriend, but could not move. The being continued to look at her. She felt as if the being wanted her to come with him. She closed her eyes for what she thought was a short time and when she reopened them it was gone. She then went back to sleep.
    HC addendum
    Source: Roberta Puhalski, Mufon Type: E

95.    Location. Near Tampa, Florida
        Date: August 24 2002 Time: night
A bizarre creature that jumped out of a bush reportedly attacked a man walking along a path. It had a tongue like a lance that apparently was able to suck blood. It shot a mysterious liquid like substance at the witness. The witness managed to get away. Another man saw a dark figure running from a fence and hide behind a truck tire. It appeared to have strong hind legs and small hands raised up at chest level. According to one of the witnesses he attempted to chase a couple of the creatures but seemingly disappeared into the ground.
    HC addendum
    Source: Art Bell.com, Direct communications from witness. Type: E

96.    Location. Congleton, England
        Date: September 13 2002 Time: 2200
Ian Kershaw was on the A34 motorway on his way to Alderley Edge to make a delivery when he saw a large dark shape on his headlights, moving across the road from left to right, this shape was bigger than a person or animal. He braked hard as the shape came in front of his wagon, it moved very fast, when it had passed to the other side of the road the Kershaw accelerated and left the area at high speed.
    HC addendum
    Source: Folklore-Ghost stories Newsgroups Type: E

97.    Location. Pobiedziska, Poland
        Date: September 20 2002 Time: night
A man was walking on an isolated road between two villages when there was a sudden bright flash of light in front of him. He fell to the ground. Looking up from the ground he saw within a silvery glow a humanoid figure staring down on him. He described the figure as tall, thin, with stick like legs. It had a pointed chin and wide forehead and two small holes for a nose; he was unable to see any other details because of the bright light surrounding it. After about 5 minutes the figure walked away and entered a silvery object that was apparently on the ground, the object then vanished. Suffering from a terrific headache the witness was able to walk back home and sleep. He suffered from nightmares that same night.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Raport, Poland Type: B

98.    Location. Colonia Liebig, Corrientes, Argentina
        Date: September 27 2002 Time: 0720A
13-year old Luciana and 15-year old Monica were walking on their way to school when they felt a strong odor, both of them then apparently passed out. Later Monica remembers waking up lying on the ground near the railroad tracks. She felt a strong headache. Her cousin Luciana was lying on the tracks. As she attempted to wake her cousin she noticed a strange figure standing in the shadows of a nearby tree. It was a small man-like figure wearing a red cape from the neck to the ground and a large yellow hat on his head. The little man's face was dark in color. Both then walked away from the area feeling very thirsty and unable to talk. They last saw the strange little man as it turned its back to them and disappeared behind the tree.
    HC addendum
    Source: Pablo Omastott, El Dragon Invisible Type: G or E?

99.    Location. Ponce, Puerto Rico
        Date: September 27 2002 Time: late night
After reporting several bizarre attacks to his poultry and chickens, farmer Ramon Guzman, forensic doctor Irma Vazquez and local UFO enthusiast Noel Vazquez were standing watch late one night when they heard strange noises coming from a nearby field. Running towards the field they noticed a bizarre creature that was at that moment taking flight leaving the area at very high speed. The figure, which was briefly seen by the light of the flashlights, was described as about 1 ft & a half in height, with large four foot in width wing-like protrusions, "it resembled a gargoyle or a mutation" according to the witnesses. Strange tracks and footprints were also found.
    HC addendum
    Source: Gloria Raquel Colchi, quoting "Primera Hora" Puerto Rico Type: E

100.  Location. Curitiba, Brazil
        Date: September 30 2002 Time: 0330A
The witness suddenly awoke at about 0330A and heard her twelve dogs barking and was surprised to hear birds singing at that time of the morning. She stayed in bed until her husband woke up and opened the window and they noticed despite the heavily clouded weather that it was light as if it was a full moon. After watching the backyard for about 30 minutes it suddenly turned dark again and the birds and dogs went quiet. Her husband reported seeing one of the dogs barking at the backyard wall, he looked in the direction of the wall and saw the figure of a "person" standing still on the top of the wall. The man like figure was as tall as the wall or at least 8 ft in height. Astonished all he could do was stare. He felt that the "person" may have noticed being observed and walked very swiftly to the corner of the wall and did not jump, it just walked off the wall as if walking off the stairs of a house. Right after that, it went dark again like someone had turned off the light. The next day the witnesses learned that several locals including military police had reported the unusual brightness in the sky from different points of the city.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: E?

101.  Location. San Antonio, Texas
        Date: early October 2002 Time: early morning
Carre Obregon was walking through her neighborhood when it was still dark (she lives in a suburban neighborhood surrounded in on at least 3 sides by extensive wooded areas). She happened to see something out of the corner of her eye as she walked along and when she looked in that direction she saw what initially impressed her to be a very small, stark white person squatting on the ground in the alley about 25 ft away. It was still somewhat dark with moderate rain falling, so she was not able to get a detailed look at the creature. She was however able to describe it as about 2 ½ ft tall if it had been standing, and entirely white all over its body, either covered in very sleek fur or just very white skin. It was seated on its haunches and appeared to have tiny, dexterous hands like a very small person might. She was not able to see its head or face clearly but was able to make out either hair sticking out around its head or some sort of spines. She hurriedly walked away from the area.
    HC addendum
    Source: Cryptozoology.com Type: E

102.  Location. Near Lahti, Finland
        Date: early October 2002 Time: evening
Four men were riding through a dirt road in a forested area and had stopped the car next to an abandoned building in order to explore the area. As they were walking on the road they noticed off to the side of the road about 3 meters away what appeared to be a round pale head with large dark "sad looking" eyes. It looked like a "gray" alien head. They ran to the car in a panic. When they started the car they noticed that the battery was almost spent and that the oil temperature was suddenly very high. Two weeks later the witnesses saw at about the same spot a human-like figure wearing white robes. When the person turned his head in the direction of the witnesses they began to run, as they fled one of the men was grabbed from behind by his leather jacket and he fell to the ground. About a week the same witnesses saw in the same area a peculiar car that they could not describe its model but it resembled a Vauxhall.
    HC addendum
    Source: I was abducted.com Type: E

103.  Location. Concepcion, Chile
        Date: October 7 2002 Time: afternoon
A young member of a vacationing family was walking through a wooded area when he came upon a strange tiny humanoid, only about 7.2 cm in height. It had a large head, arms, long thin fingers and two legs. It somehow resembled a "small mummy" and seemed to have several burn scars; at times it was able to open its eyes. It died after about eight days. Members of the University of Chile are apparently investigating the supposed humanoid and text results are expected soon. (Update, it has been reported that the creature could be a native marsupial common in the region, however is not clear yet since the creature reportedly did not have a tail).
    HC addendum
    Source: Ovnivision Portal Chile, Rodrigo Ugarte Type: H?

104.  Location. Sonora, Texas
        Date: October 8 2002 Time: night
Adrian Sanchez had pulled his work truck into his yard and as he was walking towards the front door he noticed a strange odor. Looking back toward the truck, he noticed a small figure inside the truck. It was picking up the CB microphone and attempting to speak into it. After a few moments, he could make out two colors inside the truck, orange and blue. He watched the movement of the lights for a long time, until morning came, and the lights faded. There were other witnesses to the event also. As work time arrived, Adrian cautiously approached his truck, and seeing nothing, got in and started the engine. He proceeded to a house and unloaded the products from the back of the truck, and then proceeded to the Eddin-Walcher fuel island to gas up. As he did, he again noticed some type of small figure in his truck. He watched for a short period of time until the figure disappeared. He drove to his next location, which was San Angelo. He reported the incident to the police.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Casebook Newsletter, October 12 2002 Type: E

105.  Location. Togiak, Alaska
        Date: October 10 2002 Time: afternoon
A giant winged creature, like something out of Jurassic Park has reportedly been sighted several times in Southwest Alaska in recent weeks. 43-year old Moses Coupchiak a heavy equipment operator saw the huge bird-like creature flying toward him from about two miles away as he worked his tractor. At first he thought it was an old plane but it continue toward him, banked to the left, fled behind a hill and disappeared. Also pilot John Bouker while flying into Manokotak looked out his left window and 1,000 ft away saw a huge bird-like creature. The creature was estimated to have had a 14 ft wingspan.
    HC addendum
    Source: Peter Porco, Anchorage Daily News, 10-15-2002 Type: E

106.  Location. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
        Date: October 18 2002 Time: late night
A security cam over an impound lot in the southwest section of the city captured images of a translucent, glowing figure moving among and above the cars, seemingly in search of something. Though low quality video, it appears the distinctly human shape figure is wearing overalls and has a slightly larger than normal head. Some see the head as having the hair of a woman. Kathy Henley an employee saw the translucent figure over the monitor but did not see it when she went outside to investigate.
    HC addendum
    Source: The Oklahoman, Sightings Type: E

107.  Location. Sosnovoborovsk, Russia
        Date: October 19 2002 Time: night
A woman, Tatiana Anatolievna, reported being abducted by several humanoids and taken onboard an object where she was apparently medically examined. She reported meeting several different types of aliens including some she described as "monsters" or "phantoms". She saw other beings described as more human in appearance but apparently robotic in nature lacking any feelings or will. No other information.
    HC addendum
    Source: Anomalia.Ru, Russia Type: G

108.  Location. Junin, Argentina
        Date: Late October 2002 Time: night
Several locals reported seeing a strange dwarf-like creature and notified the police department. First a man heard consistent knocking at the front door and looking out saw a small man like figure that requested assistance saying that "one of his family members was being beaten." Briefly stepping out the witness did not hear any shouts or voices and did not see anything amiss, meanwhile the little man disappeared into the darkness. Fearing a robbery the witness ran back inside. Hours later a similar figure was seen walking on the Juan Manuel de Rosas Boulevard, police responded but found nothing. Days later a local police officer responding to dog's constant barking went out to investigate and confronted a figure about 80 cm in stature that was standing at the entrance to his house, when the creature noticed that it was being observed it quickly left the area. The officer described the figure as about 80 cm in height, man like with a beard and long pointy ears.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabio Picasso, quoting El Diario del Corredor de los Lagos Type: E

109.  Location. Paphos, Cyprus
        Date: November 17 2002 Time: 2000
A man and his girlfriend had driven to an isolated area and were talking quietly when suddenly it felt very hot and there was a flash of light and a strange "car" appeared next to them, it was dark and appeared to have no lights. Afraid and unable to move both stood staring at the strange vehicle. Suddenly a normal man like figure emerged from the vehicle and asked the witnesses, apparently by using telepathy if they had seen any "strange smoke" in the area, the witnesses said no. He then went back into the vehicle, which then disappeared, in plain sight.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: B?

110.  Location. Brigantine, New Jersey
        Date: November 22 2002 Time: evening
A young man was riding his bicycle home through a golf course when he hissed at something he thought was a cat. The "something" then stood up and it looked like a figure with large red eyes and two sharp claws. Later during a search by other witnesses it was seen swimming in the water. It was seen on more time around the golf course and strange footprints were found. (Reputed to have been a Chupacabra type creature).
    HC addendum
    Source: Paranormal Story Archive, December 2002 Type: E

111.  Location. Hermitage Pennsylvania
        Date: December 7 2002 Time: 2130
The witness had not been able to sleep and went into his backyard to pray. Suddenly a beam of light surrounded him, his next memory was of being alone in a room. He thinks he then passed out. When he woke up two men accompanied him. They were talking. The witness could not remember anything else until he woke up on the ground in his backyard.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: G?

112.  Location. Brookfield, Ohio
        Date: December 8 2002 Time: 0430A
The main witness was away in a hunting trip with a companion when they retired for the night. The witness thought he was dreaming as his companion told him that he was gone in the morning and did not see him again until Monday morning. The witness could only recall in a dream-like state of being in a room with two other persons. One was a man who identified himself as Jake and the other was a woman. The woman seemed disoriented. There was another man present; a small dark figure that called himself "Gayban". The witness was taken into a room and recalled feeling strange sensations. The next day he found some strange marks on his neck and chest area.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: G?

113.  Location. Chimes, Arkansas
        Date: December 8 2002 Time: 1400
A middle-aged couple was driving home on State Road 254 when they saw 2 boomerang- shaped flying craft hovering over a neighbor's field. On at least one of the crafts a series of lighted windows could be seen with occupants moving around inside. When the couple turned around to go down the neighbor's driveway, the objects vanished. They turned around to go home and when they arrived, their college-aged daughter was waiting for them. She had just arrived home from college from the opposite direction and excitedly told them about seeing a triangle shaped object up the road, before they could tell her about what they'd seen.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: A

114.  Location. Belfast, Northern Ireland
        Date: December 24 2002 Time: night
A young man traveling by car saw a large object, approaching overhead at very high speed. The craft was surrounded by numerous light patterns around its rim. His vehicle engine went dead and as he sat in the vehicle he was approached by "two small blue-colored creatures, you would have thought that they were kids" the creatures attempted to reassure him by "talking into his mind," they said they did not intend to harm him. The case is still currently under investigation.
    HC addendum
    Source: John Smith, Belfast UFO Society Type: C

Total Cases: 114
Addendums inserted as they become available.


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