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Humanoid Reports - 2000
Complied By Albert S. Rosales  

1. Location. Charbury, England
    Date: January 2000 Time: afternoon

Bus driver Greg Gilbert and passenger Sarah Cooper saw a reddish brown creature that walked upright crossing the road ahead of the vehicle. The creature walked upright on its hind legs, somehow resembling a bear. Another witness stated he had seen it standing by the roadside.
    HC addition # 3947
    Source: World of the Strange Type: E

2. Location. Decorah, Iowa
    Date: January 2000 Time: late night

The witness reported encountering on three occasions fast moving figures that came into his house. They gave off a strong odor and apparently were wearing "surgical gloves." The witness suffered from heavy nosebleeds after each visit. The beings communicated telepathically and told the witness they came from an underwater base, possibly in the "lost city of Atlantis." The incidents took place between January and April.
    HC addition # 3776
    Source: UFORC Type: E

3. Location. Mission, British Columbia, Canada
    Date: January 2 2000 Time: 0115A

While walking to an outside commode located behind his trailer home, the witness saw a silver disc shaped object hovering outside his bedroom window. It was described as bigger than a panel van. It was stationary and was silent. It had dull white lights around its perimeter. Through a large vertical window in the craft, the witness saw a man wearing coveralls looking back at him. The man had a slight grin on his face, but was normal looking. The interior of the craft was pinkish. There was a sudden flash and the craft disappeared. Later around 0130A, the son of the witness saw a flash in the sky.
    HC addition # 3664
    Source: UFO BC Type: A

4. Location. Stockbridge Georgia
    Date: January 3 2000 Time: 0415A

The 16-year old witness awoke to see a being standing next to her bed. The being (undescribed) seemed surprised as she awoke and was holding one of her legs. She suddenly received a visual image in her mind of a craft with five beings in the backyard. 3 days before her mother and brother had seen beings in their rooms also.
    HC addition # 3564
    Source: NUFORC Type: E

5. Location. Jacksonville, Florida
    Date: January 13 2000 Time: late night

The witness suddenly woke up late at night to find herself being dropped onto her bed by a non-human entity. Close to her face she saw a huge head on a thin body. At the same time she felt a puff of breath coming from the entity's open mouth. She sensed that the being was surprised that she had awakened. Terrified, she somehow went back to sleep.
    HC addition # 3441
    Source: South Florida Skyscan Type: E

6. Location. Columbia, Kentucky
    Date: January 17 2000 Time: 0430A

The witness suddenly woke up with a start and noticed a very bright light coming through the window. It was red, green, but mostly white. It hurt his eyes. He also heard a loud pulsating sound. Looking at the window he saw the outline of a figure the size of a little boy, it was gone in an instant. The terrified witness covered his head with a blanket and began to pray. After ten minutes the sound and the lights were gone. Others in the area had seen low flying objects over their farms around the same time.
    HC addition # 3612
    Source: NUFORC Type: D

7. Location. San Francisco, California
    Date: January 30 2000 Time: 2315

The witness was hauling up a line of crab traps off Farlon Island with his dog onboard his 25-foot boat. While leaning over the side the dog began barking furiously. The witness looked up and saw a huge triangular shaped object hovering above him, totally silent. Then a beam of white light hit the witness and he fell backwards onto the sole of the cabin. The grabbed a Rugger 10-22 rifle loaded with a 100 round magazine and started firing at the bottom part of the object. The witness was apparently able to shoot out the light. While grabbing a second clip, he saw a hatch open up on the bottom side of the object and two persons leaned down and yelled "Stop shooting at us you idiot." He also heard a hissing sound resembling air escaping from a flat tire. The object then moved off to the south. A helicopter then appeared and hovered over the boat. The chopper was flat black in color, and it was silent with no markings on it. As the chopper hovered a flash of light was directed towards the boat. He last saw the triangle gaining altitude and disappear towards the south. The helicopter was last seen heading towards the Golden Gate Bridge.
    HC addition # addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: A

8. Location. Trapa Trapa, Neuquen, Argentina
    Date: early February 2000 Time: night

A local Indian, Amandina Manquepi, encountered in an isolated area a diminutive figure with a large head that moved quickly over the hills bounding away like a rabbit. The figure was encased in a yellowish glow that turned bluish as it disappeared from sight.
    HC addition # 3539
    Source: Gaceta OVNI Type: E

9. Location. Detroit Michigan
    Date: February 4 2000 Time: 2342

The 19-year old witness found himself in a metallic room with lights all around the walls. He could see three small chairs in the middle of the room. He kept hearing voices in his head that he could not understand. He briefly saw a very small humanoid with large bright yellow eyes, and four fingers in each hand. No other information.
    HC Addendum
    Source: UFO Watch Type: G?

10. Location. Priolo, Siragusa, Italy
     Date: February 2 2000 Time: 0800A

Several persons in this neighborhood reported seeing what appeared to be a flying silvery colored humanoid figure, suspended very high in the air, over the area. From far away the object resembled a silver bullet. At 2200 on the same date other witnesses saw a fast moving very bright diamond shaped craft in the same area.
    HC addition # 3783
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 10 Type: D

11. Location. Miami Florida
     Date: February 6 2000 Time: late night

The witness woke up to hear a screaming like sound, similar to a jet engine. She was totally paralyzed and her eyes were closed. But she was able to "see" a being approaching her and two other unclothed beings about four-feet tall by the door of the room. Enraged she attempted to scream. When she was finally able to move her mouth the beings simply dematerialized in front of her. She felt that these beings lacked any mercy or pity and had been programmed to perform their duties.
    HC addition # 3442
    Source: South Florida Skyscan Type: E

12. Location. Near Chapel Hill, North Carolina
     Date: February 19 2000 Time: night

Three pre-teen girls at a sleep over reported seeing a large luminous triangular shaped object descending on a nearby field. Later three short humanoid figures were seeing moving near the object. No other information.
    HC addition # 3540
    Source: Berne Bennett, Mufon Type: C

13. Location. Traralgon, Victoria, Australia
     Date: March 11 2000 Time: 2010

Shaun Boer saw a bright star like object that was moving very fast. It turned at a 45-degree angle and faded. Later he remembered being in a round room with a high ceiling. There were several pillars coming down the side of the walls. The "room" seemed to be dirty. In the middle of the room there was a sort of table, resembling a half cylinder, made out of what appeared to be corrugate iron. He encountered two types of creatures, some short, with black blue skin, perfectly round eyes that wore coveralls with hoods. The others were gray with large black almond shaped eyes. Later he found a triangle shaped scar on his upper arm.
    HC addition # 3825
    Source: UFO Abductions Raw Data Page, UFO Watch Type: G

14. Location. Manila Philippines
     Date: March 12 2000 Time: 1800

Three employees of the San Miguel Corporation were walking to their car in the parking lot when they noticed a strange glow emanating from a large tree to their left. It was a pale blue, rather relaxing light. Thinking that it was some sort of decorative lighting, they ignored it and kept walking. Then they heard a low grumbling noise that sounded like: "Anong balita, Anong balita." Looking back they caught a glimpse of a naked, human like creature with white hair and glowing rings imbedded in its wrists like shiny cufflinks. It leapt away with incredible speed and with a blur disappeared into the bushes.
    HC addendum
    Source: Mystical Universe Type: C?

15. Location. Cajon del Maipo, Chile
     Date: middle of March 2000 Time: 0100A

Four men were out camping in an isolated area, when they suddenly began to feel very hot inside the tent. Going out they saw a colossal luminous object approaching overhead. Frightened they ran towards their vehicle as the craft descended to less than 50 meters above them. Before they ran to the car they all saw a luminous man-shaped figure standing near the tent. The panicked witnesses apparently quickly fled the scene.
    HC addition # 3526
    Source: AION 2000, Chile Type: C

16. Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
     Date: March 18 2000 Time: 1106A

The 36-year old witness had been suffering from headaches and nausea and was out for a walk in a field when he saw flashing lights and everything turned dark. He briefly remembered seeing a humanoid with an oval shaped head, black eyes, and light colored skin. He later woke up and found strange scars but they disappeared soon. No other information.
    HC addition # 3823
    Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch Type: G

17. Location. Tetney Lock, England
     Date: March 19 2000 Time: 0930A

40-year old Elaine King was lying in bed when she suddenly found herself in a metallic corridor of some sort. In a room she encountered two types of beings who communicated with her by using telepathy. She entered a room where she saw a human male lying on a table; the room had white mesh metallic walls, with curved white supports. There appeared to be some wires coming from the ceiling into the man's body. In that room she communicated with a female being that wore a robe, and had wig-like hair. The other humanoids were about 5-feet tall, totally bald. The female being was taller and strongly build. Back in the corridor Elaine became weaker and weaker and almost collapsed. Soon the witness found herself back in her bed and only eleven and half minutes had passed.
    HC addition # 3481
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 18 Type: G

18. Location. Mt Pocono Pennsylvania
     Date: March 20 2000 Time: 2245

The witness was in the bedroom when he noticed a 6 to 7 feet tall figure with bright green colored diamond shaped eyes and very wide apart, staring at him through his back window. When the witness went to obtain a closer look the being moved to its left then moved at very high speed into the woods.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: E

19. Location. Dublin, Ireland
     Date: March 21 2000 Time: night

A man reported seeing an object then somehow being transported inside, he could only recall being examined by several small "blue" humanoids, which at one point apparently took one of his eyeballs out of his socket, then put it back in. No other information.
    HC addition # 3851
    Source: Conor McLaughlin, Belfast UFO Network Type: G

20. Location. Lima, Peru
     Date: April 2000 Time: unknown

According to diplomatic sources a person of Nordic aspect with perfect facial features and standing a little taller than 6-feet and with a perfume of exotic fragrance, presented himself to the Ecuadorian embassy staff and was interviewed by Alberto Avila, the Ecuadorian attaché for cultural affairs. The mysterious stranger identified himself as Commander Banj and he asked to speak to the Consul. After awhile Banj said he had to get back to his ship that "was in a geostationary orbit above the Earth."
    HC addition # 3948
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 6 # 16 Type: E

21. Location. Calama, Chile
     Date: April 2000 Time: night

A witness riding his bicycle was passing by the local Lion's Club building, when he heard a groan and stopped to see what had happened. On the side of the building, he saw a dead dog in the grass, and next to it, a pair of large shining eyes. The eyes were so shiny that the witness could not make out any detail of the creature's body. Suddenly the creature lifted the dead dog with its hands, and in the wink of an eye was only 10 meters away from the witness, after being 50 meters away a second before. Shocked the witness quickly pedaled away stunned as to the manner that the creature moved.
    HC addition # 3970
    Source: Calama UFO Center Type: E

22. Location. Cairo Egypt
     Date: April 14 2000 Time: 0300A

The 14-year old witness was at home awake when he suddenly felt very heavy and could not move. Apparently he soon found himself onboard a bizarre object that did not appeared to be metallic or any type of material he had ever seen. Inside he encountered a strange humanoid that appeared to be amphibian since it had what seemed to be gills covered with transparent sacs, inside these there seemed to be some sort of liquid circulating. The creature did not appear to have any eyes but it could easily find his way around. It was also apparently telepathic in nature. The witness soon found himself back home. He reported that his nails glowed in the dark for five hours after the apparent abduction.
    HC addition # 3822
    Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch Type: G

23. Location. Blackwater, County Wexford, Ireland
     Date: mid April 2000 Type: 1900

Noel Duggan accompanied by his girlfriend and a fried, Martin Egan, were enjoying a drink in his mobile home, when they were suddenly joined by an odd looking little man with strange pointy ears. It sat on the mattress had appeared out of nowhere and argued with Duggan and Egan about nonsensical matters. It was described as having curly hair with an aged face. After a short time the strange visitor put his hands over the girlfriend's head in a peculiar way and said, "its not her fault" and vanished in plain sight.
    HC addition # 3402
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 23 Type: E

24. Location. Ballwin, Missouri
     Date: April 15 2000 Time: 0130A

Alan S. was sleeping when all of the sudden he woke up and looked to his right. There standing close to his bed was a very strange creature. It was lime green, glowing and it looked like it had a light green aura around the body. It had two arms and two legs. It had bright red glowing eyes and the skin looked scaly like a reptile. It was about 5-feet tall. The witness remained motionless in bed until the entity vanished. There was no attempt of communication.
    HC addition # 3404
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 16 Type: E

25. Location. Frias Argentina
     Date: April 17 2000 Time: night

A police officer traveling home along the Plazoleta Alfonso de la Vega noticed a short humanoid figure that he mistook for a child. As he approached the figure reprimanding it at the same time, he received a menacing look from fiery red eyes. The shocked police officer realized that it was something other than a child and gripped with fear quickly walked away from the area. Other local residents reported seeing the same or similar being.
    HC addition # 3402 Type: E

26. Location. Prat de Calama, Chile
     Date: April 24 2000 Time: 0300A

Eight young locals looking for the reputed blood predator in the local hills, saw a strange short creature apparently covered with hair make a prodigious leap then run into a nearby cave, near the River Loa.
HC addition # 3647
    Source: Rodrigo Cuadra Salazar Type: E

27. Location. Tocopilla, Chile
     Date: April 26 2000 Time: 0200A

Several locals living on the slopes of a hill saw a strange entity quickly climbing up the side of the hill at incredible speed. It moved up on practical vertical cliffs using reptilian like movements, it seemed to expand as if possessing dark wing-like membranes on its back that apparently propelled it up the cliffs. Once it reached the summit, the witnesses began hearing strange growling and screeching sounds coming from the area.
    HC addition # 3644
    Source: Paranigma Chile Type: E

28. Location. Near Tucapel Chile
     Date: April 29 2000 Time: 2000

Farm worker Jose Ismael Pino was looking for a loose wild bull when he came upon a four-foot tall creature, simian in appearance, with long clawed arms, enormous fangs protruding from its mouth, as well as a pair of wings. Scared he ran to fetch some dogs that attacked the creature. One of the dogs came back with a bloodstained neck.
    HC addition # 3397
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 19 Type: E

29. Location. Waretown New Jersey
     Date: May 2000 Time: night

Two girls woke up in their bedroom to see a ball of light floating around their room. They ran downstairs screaming as they saw the ball of light transform itself into three short gray colored figures. After the incident the younger girl began suffering from severe headaches.
    HC addition # 3849
    Source: New Jersey Mufon Type: E

30. Location. Laguna Redonda, Concepcion Chile
     Date: May 3 2000 Time: 0130A

The barking of five stray puppies shed had picked up some time earlier suddenly awakened Professor Liliana Romero Castillo. The puppies were living in the courtyard with her fierce mastiff. She looked through the window to see the back of what appeared to be an immense man, standing more than 6-feet 8 inches tall. The shoulder blades were split, as if he had wings. He appeared to be hunched over as if choking somebody. After attempting to wake up her husband without success, she looked out the window again but the tall winged creature was gone. The next day some of the children found a dead dog in the alleyway. It appeared to have puncture marks on the throat area.
    HC addition # 3398
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 19 Type: E

31. Location. Orlando, Florida
     Date: May 3 2000 Time: 0254A

55-year old Rene Ruiz found himself inside a huge object, surrounded by blinding lights. He saw something resembling an X-ray machine. He also encountered several 6-foot tall humanoids, with large oval shaped heads, gray in color. There as also one humanoid that was different, described as short with a huge head and light blue in color. After awhile Ruiz found himself back home, his body turned as sickly tinge of yellow and he vomited continuously.
    HC addition # 3828
    Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch Type: G

32. Location. Maria Elena, Chile
     Date: May 6 2000 Time: 0500A

Three men that had been driving a refrigerated truck had stopped at a local truck stop in order to obtain some rest. As the driver turned off the truck's engine and lights, they all noticed that the truck seem to tilt slightly to the right, and its lights began blinking on and off. Stunned they now saw behind the right side passenger window a strange figure, described as having abundant hair; an elongated oval shaped head, with several protruding fangs in his mouth, and with large yellowish slanted eyes. It also had large pointy ears and what appeared to be pig-like whiskers. The creature remained a few moments at the window, then left. The terrified witnesses quickly drove away from the area. Strange marks were found on the truck's cabin.
    HC addition # 3651
    Source: La Estrella de Loa, Newspaper Type: E

33. Location. Santa Elena de Codao, Chile
     Date: May 7 2000 Time: 2300

33-year old, G Alejandro Canales was returning back to his home after guarding his rabbit pens. As he took a short cut through an unlit alley he felt something fall on his back. He struggled with the "thing" and managed to shine a flashlight on it. He was stunned to see a short simian looking creature, with large pointy fangs, black fingernails, large luminous eyes, and dark leathery wings on its back. He also felt a strong musty odor during the encounter. The creature quickly scurried away disappearing into the darkness. Others found the witness in a state of shock upon hearing his screams.
    HC addition # 3483
    Source: OVNIS Chile Type: E

34. Location. Near Calama, Chile
     Date: May 8 2000 Time: unknown

According to various sources, Chilean military units in an area near the desert captured three strange creatures, reported to be blood predators or the unfortunately named "Chupacabra." On May 12 at 0627A a Boeing 767 arrived from Miami at Arturo Merino Benitez Airport. It was flight number 501, later a Boeing 767 from Air Lan also arrived at the airport. These supposedly brought special containers clearly marked NASA. Both aircraft then left enroute to Calama at 0800A. The captured creatures were then transferred to special flights that left towards an unknown destination.
    HC addition # 3638
    Source: Patricio Borlone Rojas, Paranigma Chile Type: H

35. Location. Near Calama Chile
     Date: May 10 2000 Time: night

A soldier stationed near the city reported seeing a strange creature that was able to make incredible leaps and bounds at times seemingly suspended in mid-air. He described the entity as about 1.20m tall, kind of hairy, and sort of hunchbacked. A patrol was supposedly sent after it. Supposedly the patrol found some strange "eggs" that they brought back to the barracks. Later another patrol reportedly killed two of the creatures and captured a third. It is said that NASA personnel retrieved all three creatures.
    HC addition # 3639
    Source: Paranigma Chile Type: E

36. Location. Independence Missouri
     Date: May 17 2000 Time: 0300A

In a dream like state a local woman remembered seeing a bright light overhead, through her bedroom skylight. She remembered lying down on a table, and a figure was at her head on the right side over her shoulder, and another figure was at her feet on her fight side. They seemed to be pulling and tugging at something that felt like a rope going through her body from her right shoulder to her right hip area. She felt very uncomfortable and her chest was hurting. She suddenly woke up and noticed a bright light shining in the skylight, and what appeared to at first to be a plane that was traveling south to North. The object had a tail with a red flashing light, and two wings with red and green lights on the ends. The wings were very thin, and right next to the tail, unlike a normal airplane. The body of the object was long with a squared off nose. The strange craft had two very bright large white lights underneath it at the front, shining directly towards the ground. Apparently no noise was heard.
    HC addition # 3785
    Source: Missouri Mufon Type: C? Or G

37. Location. Sorrento, British Columbia Canada
     Date: May 18 2000 Time: 2230

The witness was walking his dog along Mackenzie Road when he noticed an orange/red glow just at the end of the road. He shone his flashlight at it and an object started to rise. The object was described as spherical, only about 1.5 feet to 2 feet across, and about 1 foot to 1.5 feet high. The orange glow was a band around the middle extending to the outside edges of the sphere. The sphere appeared to have two black or dark half moons on the top and bottom. There were two connecting sections between the top and the bottom. The craft rose quickly at a sharp angle. When it was almost past the witness he shone the flashlight at it but it disappeared. As the witness arrived home his dog barked continuously and ran back and forth, the witness looked around but did not see anything. Two days later the witness was to remember that when he firs shone the flashlight at the sphere, he saw a pair of green eyes, set fairly far apart and below the sphere. Then he remembered seeing a dark figure that appeared to be crawling away from the glowing sphere. It seemed to be on its knees and elbows and appeared to have difficulty moving, almost dragging the feet area. The head was above the arms but the witness did not have its light on it and did not see any features.
    HC addition # 3665
    Source: UFO BC Type: C

38. Location. Tocopilla, Chile
     Date: May 26 2000 Time: night

Local residents heard strange howling and screeching noises in the area, at the same time that several domesticated rabbits were found dead and completely bloodless. Another resident in Magallanes street saw a strange humanoid, with large bright yellowish eyes, that seemed to have a kind of hypnotic affect on him. Another resident saw a similar being standing on top of some rocks.
    HC addition # 3642
    Source: Paranigma Chile Type: E

39. Location. Los Arenales, Sierra Gorda, Chile
     Date: late May 2000 Time: night

A young couple was parked in an isolated area and was necking, when suddenly a humanoid figure, covered with hair and with large luminous reddish yellowish eyes appeared in front of the vehicle. The young woman then received an apparently telepathic message from the creature, telling her to open the car door and step outside. She was about ready to open to door when she suddenly realized what she was doing. The panicked couple attempted to start the vehicle in order to leave, but could no move their legs. Finally they were able to move and drove away from the area. 
    HC addition # 3646
    Source: Paranigma Chile Type: E

40. Location. Baquedano Chile
     Date: May 30 2000 Time: 0600A

37-year old Evelyn Esbry woke up early in the morning in order to use the toilet facilities located outside in the terrace. On her way there she heard sounds coming from the patio area. Suddenly an entity jumped on her back, paralyzed with fear she turned around to see a bizarre hairy creature, with a large nozzle, about 4-feet tall, and with large luminous orange, oval shaped eyes. Terrified, Evelyn fainted and did not see the creature depart. She suffered from shock and was treated at the local hospital for deep scratches. The victim told local paramedics that the creature seemed to communicate with her, using telepathy telling her not to scream.
    HC addition # 3645
    Source: Paranigma Chile Type: E

41. Location. Quillota, Chile
     Date: May 31 2000 Time: midnight

A local villager heard a loud commotion on the roof of his house. Upon investigating he was confronted by a strange creature that was standing on the roof. He described it as looking like a centaur without a nose, about 90 cm in height. The creature then jumped to a nearby ravine and vanished. The next day the body of a completely bloodless dog was found.
    HC addition # 3639
    Source: Paranigma Chile Type: E

42. Location. Miami Florida
     Date: June 2000 Time: night

A local man involved in other encounters reported that a strange ape-like creature had appeared in his room and had told him, apparently by using telepathy, that the tall blond Nordic humanoids were now only visiting South America, and had huge triangular shaped ships that hovered over the Earth at very high altitude.
    HC addition # 3949
    Source: Miami Skyscan Type: E

43. Location. Pordenone region Italy
     Date: June 4 2000 Time: 2030

The father of the main witness had earlier noticed some crop circle formations in a nearby wheat field. He took several photos. Later on that same day 12-year old Christian was outside his home when he felt a shiver and then heard a loud whistle. A hole appeared in the clouds above and a ray of light shone down on a nearby wooded shelf. A being with black oval eyes then appeared, he had gray skin, long feet, hands with three fingers and was wearing a yellow and red overalls. The being communicated with the witness via telepathy. The being then apparently followed the witness along a street, then climbed a ladder. The being then pointed to the nearby field, waved at the witness and disappeared in the field. The witness then felt the shiver again and the clouds appeared to close again. Mysterious helicopters were seen in the area during the same time period.
    HC addition # 3396
    Source: CISU Type: E

44. Location. Villa Nonguen, Concepcion Chile
     Date: June 7 2000 Time: 0400A

Julio Reyes and wife Carmen Andrade were awaken by noises coming from the backyard, which contained a hen house and a garden. Looking out they saw bizarre humanoid flapping a pair of large wings. The creature was described as white in color. It ran towards the rear of the house. The guard dog refused to follow it out. Several hens were found dead and strange footprints were also located.
    HC addition # 3917
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 24 Type: E

45. Location. Antofagasta Chile
     Date: June 9 2000 Time: night

The witness woke up after the cat started making noises. He looked out the window and saw a strange creature attacking the feline. The creature, described as resembling an ape with humanoid features and with very large eyes moved away quickly in a zig zagging manner. The witness found his cat dead and deep claw like scratches on his vehicle.
    HC addition # 3918
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 24 Type: E

46. Location. La Cruz, Chile
     Date: June 11 2000 Time: 2045

The witness was alone at her home when she heard loud noises on the roof. She went out and noticed that two dogs were looking up at the roof. She approached and looked; there she saw a strange creature, ape like, brown in color, and with shiny eyes. Frightened she ran inside and grabbed her children, and then ran outside where she again saw the creature that apparently briefly followed her. She suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of the encounter.
    HC addition # 3640
    Source: Paranigma Chile Type: E

47. Location. Antofagasta Chile
     Date: June 13 2000 Time: night

A local homemaker reported being attacked and scratched on the face by a strange creature that jumped at her from out of the darkness. In the same area several animals were found dead, all with holes in their throat area and apparently bloodless.
    HC addition # 3643
    Source: Paranigma Chile Type: E

48. Location. El Escurial, Extremadura, Spain
     Date: June 20 2000 Time: 0600A

Farmer, Samuel Cosme was laboring in his tomato field when he noticed something in one of the nearby shallow trenches. Thinking it was an animal he approached it in an attempt to trap it. When he got to about 15 meters from the figure he noticed that it was not really a dog that it was some sort of small humanoid. It was yellowish in color, with a large head, very short arms, and huge shiny black eyes. Too scared he did not notice any clothing. He ran to the house to obtain additional witnesses. Returning to the tomato patch with his two sons they also saw it. The humanoid was floating over the tomato patch. They drove by the field and the humanoid stared at them intently, at the same time making a strange noise resembling a propeller. The witness then drove to the nearby town to obtain further witnesses but upon returning the strange floating figure had vanished.
    HC addition # 3611
    Source: Bitacora 2-01 Type: E

49. Location. Concepcion del Bermejo, Argentina
     Date: June 22 2000 Time: unknown

A strange creature described as half wolf and half human chased 11-year old Marcelino Gomez, who escaped from it by hopping onto a flatbed truck. Immediately his relatives rushed to his rescue. They cornered the creature in the house and beat it senseless with sticks, bricks, and garden hoses. Thinking it was dead, they left it tied up to a tree. But the creature recovered consciousness and escaped. An hour later it was seen near a gas station. Others in the region had also seen the creature.
    HC addition # 3400
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 2 Type: E

50. Location. Tacoma, Washington
  Date: June 23 2000 Time: 1830

Chris Martinez reportedly was taken inside an object by several six-foot tall humanoids with bluish hazy skin that illuminated the area around them for about 3 feet. They carried with them a small container with a red liquid inside. Inside the object it was pale white, and misty. There were several strange black cabinets that appeared to be transparent. The cabinet's contained assorted items from around the witness house, one of them appeared to have some type of living creature (not described). An odor resembling burning hair permeated the room. The humanoids motioned for Martinez to sit on something resembling a block of concrete, but when he sat on it, it felt soft like a pillow. Suddenly he felt a whoosh of air and became light headed. His ears popped for about 10 minutes. One of the humanoids approached him with a metal syringe and jabbed it into the witness skin. At that point he felt an adrenaline rush. After awhile he could her humming sounds emanating from the humanoid's stomach section. He though they might have been communicating with each other. He was given something resembling food he bit into it and passed out. He woke up later in a wooded area near his house.
    HC addition # 3800
    Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch Type: G

51. Location. Las Piscinas, Argentina
     Date: June 24 2000 Time: night

Jorge C Cariaga was exiting his car when he saw a strange creature climbing over a nearby fence. The creature was described as ape like and large. It also gave off a nauseating odor similar to a decomposing animal. Before fleeing the creature uttered a horrifying scream. Numerous animal mutilations had been reported in that region during the time of the encounter.
    HC addition # 3399
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 28 Type: E

52. Location. Catamarca, Argentina
Date: July 2000 Time: night

Around the same time that a police officer encountered a short bizarre being at the police station, two security guards were confronted by a short gnome like entity. Both men were lifted up into the air and dropped down by an unseen force as the being stared at them. It then disappeared.
    HC addition # 3633
    Source: Paranigma Chile Type: E

53. Location. Dande de Varela, Argentina
Date: July 5 2000 Time: 0100A

Corporal Miguel Aguero was alone at the police station and was performing a routine walk through the vacant cellblocks and had returned to his office when he heard something come through the double doors behind him. Turning around he was confronted by a terrifying being. Almost in shock he asked the entity what he wanted for which he received the following reply, "I have come for thee on Satan's behalf". Later in the hospital he described the entity as very short with red glowing eyes, a deformed face with warts. It was wearing "filthy" black pants and a green shirt. Its eyes were described as red and bulging. Corporal Aguero apparently fainted and did not see the creature depart.
    HC addition # 3401
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 28 Type: E

54. Location. Manooth, Ontario, Canada
  Date: July 12 2000 Time: late night

The 14-year old witness had gone to bed late at his summer cottage when he woke up to find his bedroom door open and someone walking in the living room. Soon a figure came to his bedroom door and entered followed by two more. The figures were basically humanoid, gray in color, with large black oval shaped eyes, and one was taller than the others and was holding a glowing blue rod, which apparently paralyzed the witness. He telepathically told the witness, that they were going to cure an infection that was brought to Earth by another alien race. They inserted a long tube down the witness esophagus and through it injected a liquid that apparently went straight to the small intestine. He now was able to move and was told to follow them. Outside he was taken inside a landed disc shaped object, there he was apparently scanned and examined. Later he was brought back to his room.
    HC addition # 3614
    Source: NUFORC Type: G

55. Location. Near Puerto Cuatro Chile
     Date: July 13 2000 Time: 0130A

A woman and her friend, a professor had just left the Lions Club dinner and was driving south of the city when they spotted "two strange yellow lights" on the road ahead. The driver flashed her high beams at the two intense yellow lights a short distance away. The witnesses began to slow down since the "yellow light" remained stationary. They then saw a figure standing about three feet away from their front bumper. The figure was described as large, lacking ears, covered with extremely long gray hair, particularly around the neck, with two immense slanted yellow eyes. The driver and the creature exchanged looks for about 10 seconds, after which the car drove along the left lane. The creature followed the vehicle's departure with its head, and was apparently capable of making 180-degree turns. Terrified the witnesses drove away, seeing the yellow light again as it lit up the entire road before disappearing.
    HC addition # 3784
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 31 Type: E

56. Location. Columbus Nebraska
     Date: July 16 2000 Time: 2340

The 17-year old witness reported encountering a large glowing ball shaped object on a field. The object had small protrusions at the bottom. Stunned and unable to move he stood watching the object when a five-feet tall gray colored humanoid with huge pitch black eyes that seemed to sink into his head approached him. The being stared at him and seemed to analyze him. It had small holes for ears, no nose, and a small slit for a mouth that never changed position. After about 5 minutes or so the figure and the object disappeared. The witness remained paralyzed an additional 10 to 15 minutes.
    HC addition # 3795
    Source: UFO Abductions Raw Data Page, UFO Watch Type: C

57. Location. Bairoa, Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico
  Date: July 31 2000 Time: 0500A

The witness was awakened upon hearing noises coming the neighbor's backyard. It resembled the noise of something falling on the ground. The dog began barking unceasingly. She decided to get up and look out the window, after parting some items of clothing hanging on the window she looked out and was startled to see a strange creature standing with its back to her at a distance of about 15 feet. It was described as white with wrinkled skin, an egg shaped head, large elongated white eyes with black centers, elongated ears, arms, and legs. It appeared to be unclothed. Its hands were in a praying position and its body and head jerked around as if it had no control over them. After a few minutes of watching the witness made a sudden noise. This cause the creature to half turn around and gaze upon her. This apparently caused the witness to close her eye and step back. She rubbed her eyes repeatedly and was able to open them again. Frightened she called additional witnesses but by the time they arrived the creature was gone. Two days after seeing the creature, the witness noticed a green light illuminating her room; no one was able to see the source of the light.
    HC addition # 3480
    Source: Lucy Guzman, Inexplicata Type: E

58. Location. Calama, Chile
  Date: August 2000 Time: 0300A

Felipe an employee at a local disco reported that one night there was a loud pounding on the outside door, in the back of the building. Thinking that it was a robbery attempt, he armed himself with a club, opened the door, and was confronted by an upright four-foot tall creature with glowing yellow eyes. The creature breathed out a strong substance, which stunned Felipe, who then saw the being silently glide away. Around the same time other local residents reported seeing metallic bell shaped craft flying over the area.
    HC addition # 3517
Source: Dr. Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo Type: D

59. Location. Uniontown, Pennsylvania
  Date: August 3 2000 Time: night

Five witnesses near this town sighted a strange gliding entity described as about five-feet tall, with slender extremities, carrying a brown staff, also 5ft long. It was flying about six inches off the ground about 250ft from the witnesses, who also noticed an eerie silence, crickets and other background sounds being notably absent. The witnesses lost sight of the being when they drove off to gain a better vantage point. All of them reported being unusually tired the next day. But no other effects were noted.
    HC addition # 3469
    Source: Stan Gordon, PASU Type: E

60. Location. Falkirk, Scotland
  Date: August 10 2000 Time: 0010A

Scott Jarvie was walking home after visiting his girlfriend when he suddenly became drowsy and very sleepy. He suddenly found himself inside a very bright place but "dark" at the same time, it was hard to describe. Inside he briefly met a short humanoid, with sunken green eyes, sandy colored skin, and no mouth. It had short stubby fingers on one hand. A most peculiar feature was that it had a hole where the neck area joined the spine. Jarvie has no other memories.
    HC addition # 3799
    Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch Type: G

61. Location. Oklahoma, exact location not given
     Date: August 11 2000 Time: 0445A

A man had run out of gas and had started walking towards some nearby lights. As he was walking, a car drove around him, pulling ahead of him quite a distance and stopped. A man exited the vehicle and looked at him. He described the man as having glowing green eyes. Then he looked behind him and saw two other men. One on each side. One had green glowing eyes also and the other eyes that glowed like diamonds. The men did not say anything, but the witness felt they were telling him to trust them. He felt an electrical current going through his body and was unable to move. His memory ends about this time. He was later found unconscious by a police officer in the middle of the road, apparently unharmed.
    HC addition # 3623    
    Source: NUFORC Type: E?

62. Location. Carozzo, La Spezia, Italy
     Date: August 17 2000 Time: afternoon

Several witnesses spotted a flying humanoid careening through the clear blue sky over the area. It was described as resembling the "Batman" character, including boots and a cape. It flew very fast away from the area.
    HC addition # 3909
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 38 Type: E

63. Location. Millis Massachusetts
     Date: August 17 2000 Time: night

Two witnesses reportedly saw a silhouette or a figure in the window. Behind it there was a very bright white light. The dog became frightened during the incident and their satellite TV scrambled and showed square symbols. A circular area of matted down grass was found in the yard.
    HC addition # 3929
    Source: UFOs in Massachusetts Type: C

64. Location. Miami Florida
  Date: August 22 2000 Time: 0130A

The night after the witness had seen a green fireball moving horizontally over the area, she was sitting on her couch watching TV when she heard a bumping noise on the porch. Looking out through the vertical blinds, she saw a whitish shape of a head with large dark eyes. Immediately she ran out, but the creature had already disappeared. She felt "drained" after the encounter.
    HC addition # 3518
    Source: Miami Skyscan Type: D

65. Location. Malpaisillo, Nicaragua
  Date: August 25 2000 Time: night

After six weeks of mysterious sheep slayings in the region, rancher Jorge Luis Talavera shot and wounded a yellow furred creature that made rapid movements near the sheep pen. The creature disappeared into the brush. Days later a security guard found the decomposed body of a strange creature near the ranch. It appeared to be some type of hybrid creature, thin and tall, large eye sockets, over sized fangs and with several protuberances on the upper vertebrae, shaped like a crocodile's crest, it also had very small ears. Others had reported similar creatures in the nearby cordillera, one with white or silver fur, and two with black fur. The remains were taken to a local University forensic lab in Leon state, where the decomposed body was apparently switched with that of a normal domesticated dog. The controversy still lingers.
    HC addition # 3908
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 38 Type: E or H?

66. Location. Pitrufquen, Argentina
  Date: September 2000 Time: night

Independent witnesses, mostly young children have reported encountering a very short man like creature near a cave close to the city, described as resembling a little man with wizened features, hairy pig like ears and shining eyes. It seemed to be wearing something resembling a cape or blanket on his back. The strange creature reportedly behaves violently towards animals but does not harm humans. Several bloodless chickens and hens have been found in the area. There were several adult witnesses also. Unconfirmed reports stated that the little imp lifted up a car near the cave and attacked some dogs.
    HC addition # 3871
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 6 # 9 Type: E

67. Location. Not given
  Date: September 2 2000 Time: 0230A

The witness woke up to see four little hooded figures come into his room and take him onboard an object. He found himself lying on a table surrounded by three medium tall gray humanoids with large black eyes. He could not move his body. The room was small and the ceiling was low. The hooded figures left the room and one of the gray humanoids stuck a needle in his head, his gums then his neck. He looked up and saw a reptilian like figure looking down on him. Suddenly it was over and he found himself back on his bed. He felt very weak and had a headache for the next five days.
    HC addition # 3857
    Source: UFOs and Aliens Among Us Type: G

68. Location. Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines
  Date: September 6 2000 Time: 1330

Three days after a witness filmed a strange object over the area, 31-year old Gloria Siboa was walking on her way home when she was approached by four women wearing black nun's habits, that obscured their facial features. They seemed to be lost and asked Gloria for directions. They failed to understand her directions and invited her to board their van and accompany them to their destination. The witness felt unwilling to resist and boarded the van. As soon as she boarded the van one of the women covered her nose and mouth with a drug-laced handkerchief knocking her out. Three days later, Siboa woke up still onboard the van that was headed to an unknown destination, she was still blindfolded. She jumped out screaming for police. She could not explain where she had been for the last 3 days. Her abductors took her wallet and ID.
HC addition # 3937 Type: G?

69. Location. Malpaisillo, Nicaragua
  Date: September 12 2000 Time: night

Workers standing guard at a local ranch reportedly spotted a short white furred creature, with fangs that was prowling around the sheep pen. This is the same location where a large humanoid creature was shot and killed by a local rancher. Reputedly a "Chupacabra." 
    HC addition # 3907
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. # 5 # 37 Type: E

70. Location. Palm Bay Florida
  Date: September 18 2000 Time: night

15-year old Scott Caniford remembers finding himself in an unknown possibly underground location, surrounded by five gigantic, almost 11-feet tall brown colored humanoids. He remembered going through many different tunnels, always accompanied by the giant brown figures. He does not remember how he got back home. After the incident he found four small red dots on each corner of both of his hands. Also assorted items like remote controls, forks, papers, began sticking to Scott's hands.
    HC addition # 3820
    Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch Type: G

71. Location. Near Sevilla, Spain
  Date: September 23 2000 Time: 0325A

Rosa Lopez was on her way home late one night when her vehicle seems to enter a strange fog on the roadway. As she drove out of the fog she was stunned to see that it was almost 0500A already, it seemed only minutes had passed by. Later under hypnotic regression the witness reported encountering a huge metallic object on the road, the vehicle then stalled and stopped.

Several short figures with large heads and huge eyes now surrounded the vehicle. She felt helpless and weak as the humanoids carried her into the object. She was questioned and put through what she thought was a "brain scanning" device. She was then taken back to her car, and she drove away apparently still under the control of the humanoids. She seemed to snap out of it when she got home.
    HC addition # 3935
    Source: Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista, Rafael Cabello Herrero Type: G

72. Location. Alabama, exact location not given
     Date: September 29 2000 Time: night

After hearing a sound resembling "humming electrical lines" and seeing movement the witness saw six glowing entities standing on top of a garage roof. It resembled a singing choir. A photograph was taken of the scene. No more information.
    HC addition # 3489
    Source: Filer Files # 3-2001 Type: E

73. Location. Pine Barrens, New Jersey
     Date: October 2000 Time: night

A couple walking in a wooded area, encountered a short semi-human figure wearing dark clothing, with a hairy tail, and bright red luminous eyes that followed them briefly before disappearing into the woods. No more information.
    HC addition # 3508
    Source: Ano Cero 2-2001 Type: E

74. Location. Iquique, Chile
  Date: October 7 2000 Time: 2230

42-year old janitor Jesus Barrientos had gone up to the roof to arrange some boxes. The area was well lit. As he turned halfway around he saw what appeared to have been some sort of bird on top of a doorway. Thinking that it was a bat he tried to shoo the animal away, but as he approached it, he realized that it was a strange animal with an elongated face, bulging eyes, sharp teeth and it was making squealing sounds like a puppy. Terrified and unable to move, Barrientos noticed that the creature had long ears, was black in color, was about 1 meter in length, and had large bat-like wings. The witness broke into a run and at the same time the creature flew off into the night.
    HC addition # 3527
    Source: El Mercurio 10-08-00 Type: E

75. Location. Roque Saenz Pena, Argentina
  Date: October 6 2000 Time: afternoon

Several local school children from the Hipolito Yrigoyen neighborhood reported encountering three short humanoids that had apparently climbed a tree; one was green, one yellow, and the other red. They seemed to be trying to hide their faces, and were hugging the tree branches. The juveniles left the scene.
    HC addition # 3557
    Source: UFOPR Boletin Type: E

76. Location. Near Trout Lake, Washington
     Date: October 13 2000 Time: 2200

James Gilliland and a female guest were cleaning up brush and burning areas to reduce the danger of forest fires at the self-mastery Earth Institute when they noticed a large flash of white light. At first Gilliland did not react but heard the female guest yelling out. Right after the white flash appeared an orange glow became evident and within the glow the torso of a moving humanoid figure. No other features could be seen. It suddenly blinked out. Other guests at the site had seen bright lights of unknown origin in the sky.
    HC addition # 3403
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 42 Type: C

77. Location. Sevilla, Spain
     Date: October 14 2000 Time: night

Joaquin Aranda was out hunting in a field near his ranch when he spotted on top of a nearby hill, a luminous figure that as it walked, emitted flashes of bright light. Aranda then told his dog to go towards the strange figure. The animal walked a few paces then ran away into the brush. Lacking options and a little frightened the witness fired a shot into the air. Instead of being intimidated the luminous figure began walking towards the witness. At this point Aranda fired towards the figure that ignored the shot and apparently was not harmed and kept approaching him. Frightened Aranda dropped the rifle and fled from the area. Returning to the scene the next day accompanied by his sons, Aranda found the rifle propped up against a tree, and no tracks or footprints around it.
    HC addition # 3932
    Source: Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista, Rafael Cabello Herrero Type: E

78. Location. Near Alanis, Sevilla, Spain
     Date: October 14 2000 Time: night

Diego Garrido was driving on the C-421 motorway near the city when as he rounded a curve he noticed a very luminous figure that appeared to be walking along the embankment. As Garrido drove by, the figure lunged towards the car, causing the witness to slam on the brakes. He noticed that the figure had amorphous facial features, with two concaved cavities where the eyes would have been and a small dot in the area of the nose. Terrified the witness accelerated and left the area at high speed.
    HC addition # 3933
    Source: Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista, Rafael Cabello Herrero Type: E

79. Location. Del Valle Texas
     Date: October 15 2000 Time: 0230A

The witness was awakened by a loud noise that seemed to be approaching the house and getting louder as if in a vertical descent from the sky. For some unknown reason the witness laid in bed terrified and shaking but unable to move. Suddenly she turned her heard and saw several figures in the room; two were holding her shoulders, one on each side. She suddenly became warm and she stood straight up. She then was floated over the floor and out the front door accompanied by a bright white light. The beings were short, with large black eyes and long dangling arms. They had large heads. Her next memory was being back in her bedroom at 0430A. Again she heard the loud noise but this time it appeared to be leaving the area. She also noticed a strong odor in the room but it went away after a few moments.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: G?

80. Location. Martins Ferry, Ohio
     Date: October 15 2000 Time: 2300

The witness was sleeping when he was suddenly jolted awake by the sounds of the window being pried open, when his eyes came into focus he saw two figures already inside the room and a third coming in. The figures appeared to be slightly luminous. The terrified witness could not speak, and began to sway back and forth on his bed. One of the figures then became dark and apparently approached the witness. He now felt hands around his mouth and was lifted up. He then became unconscious. He could not remember anything else of the incident. The next day neighbor's mentioned something about seeing something on the ground on a nearby field.
    HC addition # 3590
    Source: NUFORC Type: C?

81. Location. Near Carmona, Spain
     Date: October 18 2000 Time: night

Alvaro Rodriguez driving near the village spotted a luminous man like figure that appeared to just come out of a drainage hole on the side of the road. Its body was emitting bright flashes of light. The figure apparently noticed the car then went back into the drain. The witness stopped his car hoping that the figure would come out again, but it never did. He then drove away.
    HC addition # 3934
    Source: Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista, Rafael Cabello Herrero Type: E

82. Location. Chiu Chiu, Chile
     Date: October 19 2000 Time: 2200

Residents of this village observed an enormous object the size of a soccer field hovering 40 feet above a local school. The object was white in color, with blue, red, and yellow flashing lights, and was emitting "a burning odor." A panel opened up on the underside of the craft and a light beam shone down, bathing two of the witnesses in its glow. The pair, a student, and a school custodian vanished. The beam shut off and the craft zoomed away. The missing pair are later found, dazed and shivering, a short distance away. They are unable to account for the missing time. More information should be coming out on this case.
    HC addition # 3464
    Source: UFO Magazine Volume 16 # 1 Type: G

83. Location. Australia, exact location not given
     Date: October 21 2001 Time: 2245

The witness had gone on a fishing trip in an isolated area with a friend. Around dusk he decided to go into the brush in order to obtain some firewood. Soon he heard a low pitch hum and yelled out at his friend that said he could not hear it. All of the sudden it disappeared. After awhile they were cooking and heard some rustling sounds in the brush but they ignored it and went back to fish.

Later on they were hungry again and got up to heat the pots, as they got up they noticed a being standing just outside of the bush. It was described as small, about 3-4 foot high, with big black eyes, it had lips and a moving mouth and what the witnesses thought was a "vagina." Its skin was very light gray, with light brown patches over its head and chest.

The being stood there staring at the witnesses who were compelled to just stand there and look back. After a few minutes they heard the humming sound again. They looked back at the humanoid that raised its hand and seemed to smile. It then walked off into the bush and then the humming disappeared again. The witnesses decided to go back to sleep and left in the morning.
    HC addendum
    Source: Nightwatch Type: E

84. Location. Accrington, England
     Date: October 28 2000 Time: 0100A

Anthony Walsh was leaving his girlfriend's house and was walking along Duckworth Street when he heard a moan type sound and saw a flash of light that blinded him. When his vision returned he was inside a capsule shaped craft. Inside he was met by a tall being of a metallic gray hue. It had no ears or mouth, but otherwise humanoid in appearance. It had tiny eyes that seemed to penetrate the witness mind and exploit it. Inside the object it was dull with no decorations. On one side there was a control panel with shiny knobs, which flashed silver gray as he approached them. There were no windows or door seals. There was also a constant vibrating hum in the air. In the center of the capsule the witness saw a large rotating silver cube that seemed to defy gravity. The cube changed colors to red, and then strange symbols became visible. Soon after the incident the witness suffered from severe tooth pains and a strong body odor of an unknown source.
    HC addition # 3797
    Source: UFO Abductions Raw Data Page, UFO Watch Type: G

85. Location. Pueblo Libre, Lima, Peru
     Date: November 2000 Time: late night

Independent witnesses reported hearing noises on the roof and upon investigating encountered several humanoid figures wearing shiny tight fitting tunics, with large round heads. The humanoids seemed to float a few inches from the floor. Some of the witnesses contacted the police.
    HC addition # 3630
    Source: Entidad Biologica Extraterrestre, Lima Peru Type: E

86. Location. Sampacho, Cordoba, Argentina
     Date: November 29 2000 Time: unknown

A hairy humanoid reportedly attacked an angler in a wooded area and in the nearby village of Holmberg several students saw a hairy humanoid with sharp claws that scared them. No other information.
    HC addition # 3649
    Source: OVNI COR Type: E

87. Location. Oakville, Ontario Canada
     Date: November 30 2000 Time: 0900A

The witnesses saw six chevron shaped craft fly and land behind a hill. They went to see and saw eight more arrive. They seemed to be damaged. Four beings, with light brown skin and large oval shaped eyes came out of an object and seemed to inspect the craft. They turned around and saw the witnesses that then heard a loud piercing noise. The witnesses apparently then blacked out. When they came to everything was gone and they discovered several puncture like wounds in their skin. One of the witnesses suffered from dreams after the incident, where she saw similar beings inserting needles into her body.
    HC addition # 3621
    Source: NUFORC Type: B

88. Location. Near Lincoln Nebraska
     Date: November 30 2000 Time: 1900

A farmer heard his dogs barking very loudly. He looked outside and noticed a very bright light in his field. He decided to walk over the field with his dogs. The dogs were apparently afraid and refused to go. As he neared the area where the lights were located, they suddenly blacked out. He decided to return home. His dogs acted very violently toward him, apparently not recognizing him. He ran up to the second floor and used his binoculars to search the field. He now could see a lighted disc shaped object. He was able to see what appeared to be lighted windows on the object. He then noticed movement in a thicket near the disc. Suddenly a figure moved quickly from the thicket to the object. Shortly after the object brightened and took off.
    HC addition # 3490
    Source: Filer Files # 49 Type: C

89. Location. Laboulaye, Cordoba, Argentina
     Date: late November 2000 Time: night

Several locals have reported encountering a strange hairy bipedal humanoid. It apparently moves at great speed and it's very evasive. One of the witnesses reportedly shot at it several times and it vanished in plain sight.
    HC addition # 3648
    Source: OVNI COR Type: E

90. Location. Los Boldos, Chile
     Date: December 2000 Time: 1930

Artidoro Inostroza Seguel was watching television with his wife and son when he briefly stepped out to the porch for a breath of fresh air. He saw about 50 meters away an approaching yellow-reddish light. He then noticed that it was a humanoid figure that was apparently carrying the light. The figure wore a dark divers suit, with a hood. On the chest area it had a white-gray stripe that glowed. The humanoid approached to within 8 meters from the witness, who noticed that it was about 2 meters in height. The guard dog did not show any reaction at all. The witness walked back inside the house. Later his wife saw strange lights from the kitchen window area; Artidoro then fired several warning shots at the lights.
    HC addendum
    Source: Raul Gajardo Leopold, CEFAA Type: C?

91. Location. Butaco Valley, Chile
     Date: December 2000 Time: night

During a period of heavy UFO activity in the area, Maria Concha Rivas and her husband reported seeing a giant humanoid figure, reddish in color and about 10-feet tall standing by a nearby river. Frightened they did not stick around and went back inside the house. They did not see the humanoid depart.
    HC addition # 3632 Type: D

92. Location. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
     Date: December 1 2000 Time: 1000A

Several days after witnessing two low flying objects over the area, on two separate night. (One of the objects was described as huge, making a rumbling like noise; it had a V-shaped tail with two rows of round and oblong windows and was black, gray, and silver in color.) And after receiving a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be a General from the Canadian armed forces, two strange men appeared at the door of the witness residence. They produced wallets, one black, one brown, containing photo ID that stated they were from the Canadian Air Defense.

They asked to come inside. The witness extended his hand, but was ignored. Moving into the house took them through the kitchen area, but they stopped upon seeing the microwave. After some questioning, the witness lowered a portion of a counter and they carefully slid through the extra space. Sitting down they produced a small silver colored tape recorder and inserted a small disc, between a nickel and a quarter in size. On entering the house one of the men had noticed an unusual walking stick in the hallway, to which he remarked that the head of the stick's carving, painted red, reminded him of primates back home. The two men were olive skinned and appeared to have slanted eyes.

Each wore glasses with thick rims. They wore gray suits with black shirts, one had a white tie, and the other was buttoned up to the neck. The one with the tie had a clip that contained a red "stone" that flickered. The other had a ruby ring surrounded with diamonds. His watch was square but without apparent hands, instead being encircled with buttons that periodically illuminated from white to green to mauve. The strap appeared to be molded into the skin and was a solid steel band. The belt on his pants was of metallic strips with a square buckle. Both had very large feet, estimated to be 14". Each carried a brief case that was heavy and cold. When sitting down they never relaxed into their chairs but retained a stiff back the whole time. Not once during their stay in the house did they speak to each other.

The witness two cats were extremely agitated the whole time during the visitors stay. Also the owner's dog that lived upstairs barked during the whole episode. The men noticed that the witness was wearing a very unusual watch and one of them touched his arm. The touch felt very cold and clammy. They questioned the witness about his sightings, and one of them appeared to be taken short hand notes. When they questioned him they looked into his eyes and seemed to "pierce his brain". As they were leaving they again carefully avoided the microwave.

Outside in the yard they spent about 30 minutes scouring the ground with a Geiger counter. As they rounded the corner of the house the witness went from the kitchen to the bedroom, which gave him a clearer view of the driveway and the road. Despite the very short period of time it took him to achieve this, the two men were not in sight, nor was a car leaving, or no car door could be heard slamming, they had vanished. Later they witness discovered that on the windowsill, only six inches behind where one of the men had been sitting, was a Windex bottle and was partially melted as if heat had been applied to it. Alongside was a cassette warped in a similar manner.

The witness suffered from a severe migraine type headache after the two men left, his eyes also felt gritty and teary, and his face now appeared sunburned. He also suffered from strange dreams, one that was of lying prone on a table in a round room with a bright light above him then sensing being touched.
    HC addition # 3770
    Source: Graham Conway, UFO BC Type: E

93. Location. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
     Date: December 3 2000 Time: noon

Going outside his house the witness saw the same two men he had seen before (see previous case) in the driveway. Both were dressed in white coveralls. One was carrying a Geiger counter, the other a 12 to 16 inch parabolic dish in his hand, pointing to the sky, plus earphones and a microphone that was attached. He appeared to be searching the sky. The wires all led into a black box at his waist. At one point he had what looked like a camera, although not video, aimed at a tree over which the UFO had been originally seen. During the time they were together neither was seen speaking to each other. Nor was any car seen which they might have arrived in.
    HC addition # 3771
    Source: Graham Conway, UFO BC Type: E

94. Location. Colonia Lolenco, Chile
     Date: December 8 2000 Time: 0250A

Retired civil guard Luis Arturo Bayer Garcia, 52 year of age was riding his motorcycle along an isolated area when he saw standing on the side of the road a tall, thin, figure, almost 2 meters in height. He was not able to see any facial features, only a gray-yellow texture. It seemed to be wearing a two-piece outfit and was totally motionless. The witness accelerated away from the area at high speed.
    HC addition, addendum
    Source: Raul Gajardo Leopold, CEFAA Type: E

95. Location. Colonia la Presa, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
     Date: December 11 2000 Time: 0815A

Several students at the local Valentin Gomez Farias School were sent to the yard by their teacher in order to collect some wood. As they reach the location, they reported being showered by numerous stones and then accosted by several small man-like figures wearing caps that seemed to be in an angry mood. One of the students, Rafael Ortega, reported being struck on the face by a board wielded by one of the little men. One of the teachers also reported seeing one of the small humanoid running through the yard.
    HC addition, addendum
    Source: Martin R Medina, OJIO Type: E

96. Location. Colonia la Presa, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
     Date: December 18 2000 Time: morning

Again several students at the Farias School reported seeing several little men all wearing different colored outfits in the yard of the school. This time the little men climbed up on top of each other and seem to form a human pyramid. Then they seemed to fusion themselves into one small figure all dressed in black. The little figure dressed in black appeared to have been the leader. No other information.
    HC addition, addendum
    Source: Martin R Medina, OJIO Type: E

97. Location. Tampa, Florida
     Date: December 19 2000 Time: 2100

Autumn Dreesan had gone out to empty the trash and as she walked back from the curb she heard a noise above her. It was a very high-pitched whistle, she could barely hear. Her dog, which had accompanied her, turned his head from side to side. The noise grew louder and she looked up. She saw a bright circular light floating near the moon. Her dog ran back into the house. The noise suddenly stopped, then fiver very strange humanoids appeared in a circle around her.

They were about four and a half feet tall, pure white in color, had no hair, and had very large red oval shaped eyes, no mouth, and two slits for noses and no ears that she could see. Their heads were egg shaped. She stood frozen with fear. Two of them grabbed her arms, and two of them grabbed her legs. The last one held his left palm up to the sky, and her neighborhood dissolved into an odd round room with a dentist-like chair in the middle of it. Similar beings lined the wall of the room.

She was led to the chair and was forced to sit in it with her arms at her side and her legs together. Suddenly, her arms, chest, forehead, and legs were chained to the chair. The chair tilted back, flat like a table. There was some light in the room, but she could not see the source of it. Five humanoids then leaned over her; her clothes were somehow removed by one of the humanoids. He left with her clothes then came back with a table with multiple syringes, some were empty, and some were filled with different colored liquids. Then one of the humanoids took a blood sample from her using a syringe.

Then in the exact spot on her arm they injected a thick looking blue liquid. Immediately her whole body went numb, but she was still awake, but everything was blurry. One of the beings now leaned over her right foot. She then felt a painful jabbing and then something being stuck. She became numb again. He then put his warm white fingers on her forehead and she felt calm and relaxed. She then heard a soft beautiful voice that somehow terrified her. The voice told her not to be afraid, that they hurt most others, but that she was special. That she was essential to their plans.

They said the Earth was the most under evolved planet in the universe. That there was a superior race in the galaxy very far away that was planning to take over Earth, turning humanity into slaves. This was going to happen soon, and that they could only take one member of her family and that she had been chosen. She was then told that she must go. The room then dissolved into the curb, with her standing there holding a trash bag. She had been gone for three hours she found her dog back on her bed trembling with fear. The next day she found a strange wound on her foot.
    HC addition # 3855
    Source: UFOS and Aliens among us, E-mail info Type: G

98. Location. Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
     Date: December 27 2000 Time: 1600

A man appeared at the door of the previous UFO and "Man in black" witness. He stated that he had come to see his unusual watch. He stated that his name was Mr. Smith and showed some ID. He wore a dark charcoal suit, white shirt, and black tie. He also wore a black fedora.

His feet were very large, "size 13, or 14", like the witness previous visitors. His shoes were black and shiny, with no signs of dirt on them at all. He was about 4-feet 8 inches to 5-feet tall, very thin, and very pale skinned with very long fingers. He also wore black wrap around glasses with silver frames. The witness extended his hand but was ignored (again). Upon entering the house the visitor commented upon the carved walking stick in the hallway. He also asked the witness to turn the microwave off before he walked in front of it. Sitting down at the kitchen table he produced a small silver tape recorder, claiming it could record up to 80 hours or more.

Using a pick like tool from his breast pocket he examined the witness watch. He opened a black briefcase, removed some paper, a silver pencil with a red top, and a pen like flash light that emitted a mauve, pencil thin beam, which scanned the interior of the watch with. He took a small digital type camera and with it he took several pictures of the watch. During the whole of his visit he spoke very little, and his speech seemed slurred. Again the cats were agitated during the stranger's visit. He again expressed interest in the watch and the witness asked 500$ for it, but he replied that he had to check with his colleagues.

The stranger also expressed interest in a computer saying that it had very minimal power. The stranger departed without saying good-bye. The witness went immediately to the window but could not see any sign of the visitor or any car in the vicinity, he had simply vanished. A plastic hair blower nozzle was found melted and a ruler in a drawer close to where the visitor had been sitting was bent into a slight S curve. Again the witness suffered from a severe headache and an eruptive nosebleed.
    HC addition # 3772
    Source: Graham Conway, UFO BC Type: E

99. Location. Kingsville, Texas
     Date: December 31 2000 Time: 0400A

The witness suddenly awoke and heard a low frequency buzz or vibration. He sensed that the house was tilting at an angle and braced himself thinking that it was an earthquake. As the tried to brace himself he realized that he was totally immobilized, could not move any limb or his head. At that time he looked to his right toward the skylight and saw a beam of blue light that he sensed was searching and had found him. To his left he also saw a light coming from the window. Now he felt in a semi awake state, and realized he was being examined in bed. Looking around he could make out a small dark figure on his left, above his head to his right. Suddenly directly in front of him about 10 feet away, he saw what appeared to be a holographic figure. He asked them what they wanted, but received no response. He sensed that they were intent in examining him. It suddenly stopped and the blue light then gradually went away from the skylight and the window.
    HC addition # 3516
    Source: Filer's Files # 5, 2001 Type: E

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