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Humanoid Reports - 1998
Complied By Albert S. Rosales  

With only 50 something odd reports on record (known) 1998 was a throwback years resembling those early sixties and late fifties years. They were a few high strangeness cases, but scattered and not to well documented. An exception was the early report from Scotland that can be classified as high strangeness at its height. Some Puerto Rican and Italian reports were impressive and highlighted the year. Following is a list of the known reports with encounters with otherworldly entities for 1998. 

1. Location. Near St. Louis Missouri
    Date: 1998 Time: night

The witness woke up from a night's sleep to find herself in a marble like autopsy table. The area she was in had a gray mist with non-directional lighting coming through. She thought she was in a walled enclosure and when she looked down at her feet she noticed what she took to be a very startled alien. This was a being about the size of an 8-year old child, very thin in build with long arms and legs, gray in color and lacking any sort of clothing. It had very large completely black, elongated eyes, with a pointed chin and large head. The entity had a very large forehead with a complete lack of hair over its body, the being appeared surprised that she was awake and came around up to her face and telepathically told her to fall back to sleep but before she did so she felt that there were others off to her left which were observing these proceedings. 
HC addition # 3308
Source: Bob Buck Type: G?

2. Location. Maldives Islands, exact location not given
    Date: 1998 Time: night

Ibrahim Ismail and several other local youths were out fishing in one of the lagoons when they spotted what they thought was another "man" standing about a hundred feet away from them. The group immediately knew that the "man" was not a human. As it got darker and colder the witnesses stood in frozen stupor as they watched the silhouette of a giant man-like figure approaching their position. They estimated that the "monster" was at least 10 ft tall. The group was finally able to move and ran towards the shore as fast as they could move. As they looked back they could see that the eyes of the giant were large, bright and glowing. When the group reached the shore, they saw the giant arrive also but it suddenly disappeared. A month later another man was also fishing in the area when he saw a similar figure suddenly come out of the water and walk on the water, it also had large glowing eyes.
HC addendum
Source: World of The Strange Type: E

3. Location. Boraceia, Brazil
    Date: January 1998 Time: 0100A

After seeing a strange illuminated object hovering over a field, two of the witnesses armed with a flashlight and a gun went to the field to investigate. On their way there two pet dogs joined them. The dogs began barking towards the direction of the water and the witness shone the flashlight in that direction. The light illuminated a strange creature about 2 meters tall. The creature's head was oval shaped. Its arms were curved and reached all the way down to the knees; it had long legs and had a small nose. The witnesses heard a sort of murmur-type sound coming from the creature. Around the tall creature there were several smaller similar looking ones that emitted incomprehensible sounds. At this point the tall creature began moving in the direction of the witness, who terrified fired a shot at the creature that suddenly vanished in plain sight, apparently along with the other smaller creatures.
    HC addendum
    Source: Osmar de Freitas, GEONI Type: C?

4. Location. Sibenik, Croatia
    Date: January 1998 Time: morning

In a farm on the outskirts of this city farmer Vercenji List saw a metallic object shaped like a household flatiron land soundlessly on a pasture. Four humanoids described as small and child like merged from the object. List offered them to share his lunch, figs &ham, but they declined, telling him they were not hungry. They apparently spoke a broken form of Croatian. After a brief visit the humanoids reboarded the craft, which took off and left.
    HC addition # 2856
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 3 # 3 Type: B

5. Location. Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Date: January 1998 Time: late night

The 22-year old witness woke up to see a tall thin gray figure with large light eyes standing by the bed looking at him. It smiled mischievously at him then disappeared through the bedroom wall.
    HC addition # 2871
    Source: Personal Communication Type: E

6. Location. Phillipstoun, Scotland
    Date: January 8 1998 Time: late night

A woman went to her son's bedroom to check on her 3-year old who kept crying. She went to check on the fourth occasion and was shocked to find her son glowing green in color on all exposed parts of his body. He was also making a loud "buzzing" and "clicking" sound. She sat with him trying to calm him down he went into a deeper color of green and then returned to normal. He then told his mom that he had a strange "dream" of monsters in his bedroom with aged wrinkled faces that had apparently come into his bedroom.
    HC addition # 3882
    Source: UFO Scotland Type: E

7. Location. Barnegat New Jersey
    Date: January 11 1998 Time: night

One juvenile sighted a disc-shaped flying object hovering over the house; it had alternating green & yellow lights around its rim. On top there was a glass dome and a pilot-like figure apparently wearing some type of helmet could be seen inside. Frightened he ran inside the house and could still see the disc hovering outside. A strange symbol was also seen on the side of the disc. It also had an antenna on top and other markings on the bottom right under the rim lights.
    HC addition # 3154
    Source: Mufon UFO Reports Type: A

8. Location. Atlantic City, New Jersey
    Date: January 15 1998 Time: night

A fifty-year-old grandmother and government employee was abducted on this night. She was in great terror and in fear of her life during the abduction. No other details given.
    HC addition # 3130
    Source: George Filer Type: G

9. Location. Nursery Woods, Cumbria, England
    Date: January 25 1998 Time: 1645

A man was walking his dog in a wooded area when he heard some snapping branches. Thinking it was a deer he stopped and looked around. Looking through the trees he noticed a large creature covered in a sort of ginger brown hair that seemed to be drinking from a pond about 150 meters into the woods. The creature appeared to stare at the witness, when it stood upright, the witness estimated to be about 6'6" in height. The witness quickly left the area. There was no reaction by the dog reported.
    HC addendum
    Source: Cumbria Creature Chronicles Type: E

10. Location. Mount Blanca, Colorado
     Date: February 1998 Time: evening

A recent attack by covert forces with a deadly Saran-like nerve gas on an "alien" spaceport under the Mount Blanca mastiff ended in disaster when the gas overcame the attacking forces and a quarter of the personnel involved had to be medically evacuated. Around 30 people from the CSETI group saw several flying objects nearby at the same time Greer and Sheri Adamiak, went up the trail alone, and remote viewed several entities inside the mountain. When they came back down the trail to get the rest of the group they all saw Greer disappear in a "gold light" which seemed to be coming from above them. Then a semi-circle of a dozen alien elders all different size, surrounded Greer who seemed to then disappear. The aliens then communicated with Greer. They told him that they were under attack in the mountain by covert military forces. The experience lasted for about 20 minutes.
    HC addition # 3169
    Source: Dr. Steven Green, CSETI Type: G?

11. Location. Marche Region Italy
     Date: February 1998 Time: night

An anonymous man claimed he heard a strong explosion near his house and after a few minutes he saw some strange creatures walking around in his garden. One was a "typical" gray alien, the 2nd a smaller beige colored version and the third an eve smaller hybrid type alien. He took his camera and went out to see what was going on. The man thought the creatures were some type of strange animals and took several photos. He then noticed that one of the entities was on the ground and had a huge cut on the upper part of his head and appeared to be in distress, a second humanoid was helping it. After taking some photos the witness ran home because he was scared. During the next day he saw many black helicopters flying around the zone, he then decided to go see what had happened. Deep in the forest he saw a strange object crashed on the ground and a lot of people surrounding it. Some of the people were wearing strange military uniforms. According to the witness when the people saw the witness they fired guns against him, fortunately he was able to make a quick escape.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fabrizio Monaco, CISETI Type: H?

12. Location. Sorocaba, Brazil
     Date: February 1998 Time: night

Celio Lima Batista was on his way home late one night and was walking along a desolate field, when he noticed some lights and figures behind him. Thinking he was going to be robbed he turned around to face his followers and was confronted by a huge, 2-meter tall figure, with large fiery eyes, a huge head, and pincer like hands. He lunged at the creature and took several wings at it, but they all seemed to miss. Tired he stepped back stunned. Suddenly the huge creature lunged at him, beating him senseless. He was later found unconscious and was taken to a nearby hospital where several large bruises were found on his back and was treated for a wound on one of his fingers.
    HC addition # 3896
    Source: Marco Antonio Reynoso, Fundacion COSMOS Type: E

13. Location. Freemantle, Western Australia
     Date: February 1 1998 Time: 0230A

Rowena Judd was asleep when she suddenly woke up to see a humanoid figure standing at the bedroom door. The figure seemed to be dark in color and had a shining light around it. But no facial features could be seen. It apparently disappeared. Two weeks later a beam of light came out of the sky after a loud zipping noise and illuminated the Judd house.
    HC addition # 3022
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 3 # 9 Type: E

14. Location. Near San Francisco, California
     Date: February 6 1998 Time: late night

A family of 3 remembered hearing noises during the night and waking up thinking somebody was in the house. Later they remembered seeing lights. In the morning they all woke up with bloody noses. Their young son remembered seeing a tall, over 6-foot, green colored being in his bedroom, which apparently communicated. No other information.
    HC addition # 2989
    Source: UFO Network Type: E

15. Location. Drente The Netherlands
     Date: February 14 1998 Time: 0145A

The two witnesses had parked in an open field, when suddenly there was a flashing blue light over a field and they both saw an object resembling a "stealth fighter" with more rounded wings, hovering above a nearby road. The craft descended vertically and landed. Several figures came out of the object. These had long arms and small "heads." They looked around briefly then went back inside the object. The object then rose straight up and in a few seconds it was gone. Others in the area reported seeing a bright light over the area around the same time.
    HC addition # 2979
    Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World Type: B

16. Location. West Carrolton, Ohio
     Date: February 27 1998 Time: late night

The witness was walking through her trailer park with her dogs when she saw a bright light hovering above the park; within the light she saw the face and eyes of a being. Frightened she ran to her trailer and called nearby Wright Patterson Air Force Base. She was given a number of a local Ufologist.
    HC addition # 3153
    Source: Kenny Young Type: A

17. Location. Las Palmas, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
     Date: March 1998 Time: 0500A

Felix Polanco had gone to work in a field at a construction site and had boarded the excavating equipment when as he turned it one, he saw a short gray thin figure run from behind the machine and quickly disappear into a nearby wooded area. The figure was described as about 3-feet tall, with long thin arms & fingers with a large pear shaped head that ended in a pointy chin. The being did not appear to be wearing any clothing and was totally gray in color & smooth.
    HC addition # 3206
    Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 17 Type: E

18. Location. Rho, Lombardy, Italy
     Date: March 8 1998 Time: afternoon

A farmer saw a white object in the shape of an upside down pear hovering above a field. He called his wife and both watched the object for about half an hour. During the episode a hatch slid open and an occupant emerged. He was described as only about 40 inches tall, with two huge black eyes. The being floated in the air close to the object for about 10 minutes, then re-entered the object which suddenly rose vertically and left at high speed.
    HC addition # 3122
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 3 # 13 Type: B

19. Location. Minot North Dakota
     Date: April 13 1998 Time: unknown

39-year old Antonio McCoy found himself inside a round whitish, blue room. Apparently he was lying down on something. A figure wearing a bluish shiny suit approached him. The being was carrying something resembling a "tine tuning fork" and was attempting to place it on the witness torso area. The witness attempted to resist but an invisible force kept him still. He experienced severe headaches after the incident and reported seeing strange black helicopters flying around his neighborhood.
    HC addition # 3831
    Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch Type: G

20. Location. Aurora Ceara, Brazil
     Date: April 27 1998 Time: 2000

The main witness, Ursulina and her husband were in bed sleeping when they heard a noise resembling that of someone attempting to open the door in the rear of the house. The cat was also acting very agitated. Her husband, Francisco, went to investigate while Ursulina remained behind in bed praying. Soon she heard a sound resembling a radio being tuned and then a bright blue light invaded the room. Looking towards the door of the bedroom she saw a strange creature standing there. She described the entity as being about 1.50 meters in height, a huge head not in proportion to the rest of the body, wide shoulders, a very thin waist, long dangling arms. It had huge black eyes, a small lipless mouth; it was also hairless and little "bumps" where the nose should have been. She described the clothing as a brown tight-fitting coverall, with belts and boots. The entity stared intently at Ursulina. Despite her terror she managed to ask the entity what it wanted. She heard an unintelligible reply and then screamed for her husband. At that same instant the creature ran out the door and disappeared down the corridor. Her husband apparently was able to see the figure run from the bedroom.
    HC addendum
    Source: Painel OVNI Type: E

21. Location. Not given
     Date: May 1998 Time: late night

The witness was getting ready to go to sleep when she saw what appeared to be a figure at her bedroom door. Frightened she attempted to go to sleep and then she heard a really loud buzzing sound that seemed to increase in intensity. She began to pray, but to no avail. Her next memory was of floating in the air above the bed. She then blacked out. She woke up lying on a very cold steel bed, she was totally naked. 
The air was very damp and there was a sort of fog around the room. She then saw a figure coming towards her. She described it as humanoid, very tall, no hair and a white glow around him. She then began hearing words in her mind apparently from the humanoid that told her they were here to help. Another figure then came over and touched her arm. A glowing metallic object now descended over her, at the same time one of the figures told her not to worry that they were giving her information that one day would be useful. 
The object touched her right between the eyes. She then saw many different things, like numbers, symbols, shapes, events, etc. She then passed out. Later she woke up and realized she was able to move, she began to explore the room and saw a dim light nearby, she approached it, and it was what appeared to be a porthole. It was round with numerous symbols around it. Very geometric but somewhat different. 
She looked out the porthole and saw the planet Earth floating in space. At this time one of the humanoids appeared floating nearby and told her not to be afraid that it was time to go home. She was taken back to the steel table. Her next memory was of lying on her bed totally naked.
    HC addition # 3880
    Source: CAUS Type: G

22. Location. Mullica Hill, New Jersey
     Date: May 7 1998 Time: night

A 10-year old girl and her 8-year old brother spotted a large object hovering above their house. The children claimed the craft was lighted and bigger than the house. They also saw an alien figure floating next to the object, the entity apparently stared at the children who became scared and ran into the house yelling for their dad. They ran back out to see the object float away. They did not see the entity again.
    HC addition # 3148
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 3 # 20 Type: C

23. Location. Fort Walton Beach, Florida
     Date: May 13 1998 Time: daytime

A day after several witnesses reported seeing a triangular shaped craft hovering over the Gulf of Mexico, just offshore, south of town, the same witnesses reported seeing men in frogmen suits in the water, in the same area where the lights from the object had been shining down. There was also unusual military aircraft activity in the area.
    HC addition # 3805
    Source: CAUS Type: D

24. Location. Near Accra, Ghana
     Date: Summer 1998 Time: afternoon

After a day of collecting fruits in the fields 13-year old Kwane Afram, was returning home alone with several other boys. At one point Kwane wandered ahead of the rest and upon rounding a curve he came upon 3 gigantic man-like beings blocking his path. Frightened he hid in the forest. He never returned home. A thorough search by family and friends failed to locate the boy. After consulting the local "Witch Doctor" the parents were told that he would appear in four days. In face he did turned up and told authorities about the 3 giants and that one of them had found him and taken him to a village of tiny elf-like creatures where he was held captive and was forced to help in domestic chores and other matters. 
    HC addition # 3380
    Source: Ano Cero 7-99 Type: G?

25. Location. Fort Wayne, Indiana
     Date: June 1998 Time: 1953

The witness was lying in bed when he noticed a strange light coming from outside the window. Thinking nothing of it he went back to sleep. As he was lying on his bed asleep he was suddenly startled by a noise coming from inside his room. As he sat up he noticed 4 strange looking creatures around the bed. They had large heads and black oval shaped eyes. Scared, he noticed what appeared to be a tray filled with what appeared to be surgical instruments that he had never seen before. He was told not to be afraid that he was not going to be hurt. The witness was unable to move during the ordeal. No other information.
    HC addendum
    Source: EBE All web Type: E

26. Location. Puerto Rico, exact location not given
     Date: June 8 1998 Time: after midnight

The witness, Belen, found herself seated on a stainless steel table, that floated in mid-air. To her left stood two short gray figures wearing white coveralls. They just stood there looking at her, seemingly waiting for something. In front of her at her feet stood a tall, human like figure, with black hair, large eyes, fine chiseled facial features and very thick eyebrows. She felt relaxed, and unafraid. She asked the human like figure what were they doing, his answer was, and "We are preparing you." She asked him not to leave any marks on her body this time, but she was told that it was necessary, that next time no scars or marks will be left behind. She then lay back on the table and saw two "tubes" descend from the ceiling. The tubes were also metallic and emitted beams of light towards her stomach area. At this point she apparently fell asleep.
    HC addendum
    Source: Lucy Guzman Pla Type: G

27. Location. Lynch Mountain, Kentucky
     Date: June 9 1998 Time: 0620A

Several witnesses in a vehicle watched a tall glowing figure, without a neck and a large head, large on top and small at the bottom. It glided through a guardrail towards the vehicle, as it passed by, the vehicle shook very hard. No other information.
    HC addition # 3569
    Source: NUFORC Type: E

28. Location. Deception Bay, Queensland Australia
     Date: June 10 1998 Time: 2215

The witness was about ready to go to sleep when she thought she heard the TV set on. She could also see some type of soft flashing light on the corridor, she then went to investigate. At the end of the corridor she was surprised to see a very tall "man." The tall entity was standing in the doorway and was dressed in some kind of long jacket, beige in color. The entity had long arms but its face could not be seen because of the light coming from behind him. She attempted to scream but could not and suddenly found herself standing in a different position. She heard a voice say "come on, time to got to bed now." She went back to bed.
    HC addition # 3155
    Source: Robert Frola & Diane Harrison UFOICQ Type: E

29. Location. Ulldemolins, Terragona Spain
     Date: June 21 1998 Time: midnight

A man named Augustin was walking his dogs along an isolated field when he noticed a bright light to his left. The bright while rotating light approached and disappeared towards the nearby road, apparently landing. The witness could hear a moderate humming. Suddenly the light went dark and two humanoids became visible both walking on the road in the direction of the witness. The beings wore fluorescent helmets and boots and tight fitting silvery outfits, no other details were visible. The dogs were barking in a panicked state. Terrified the witness and his dogs ran towards the opposite direction not looking back at the humanoids. The night before another local had seen a potent white light hovering over the house.
    HC addition # 3340
    Source: Josep Guijarro, Karma-7 # 295 Type: C

30. Location. Cassopolis, Michigan
     Date: June 27 1998 Time: 2345

Teenager Marisa Pearsall remembered being on a metal table. She was not afraid and was surrounded by bright lights. She saw three humanoids around her. They were about 4-feet tall and gave off a white light, hence no additional features could be discerned. One of the humanoids approached her and held out two fingers forming the peace sign. The witness reports several anomalous scars on her body were found.
    HC addition # 3835
    Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch Type: G

31. Location. Queensland, Australia, exact location not given 
     Date: July 1998 Time: 0300A

The witness suddenly woke up, keenly alert. The room was filled with a very bright flashing light that was coming from outside the bedroom window. The curtain was closed and yet the light filled the room. A tall, thin male being walked straight through the wall or the window and stood at the end of the witness bed. The witness felt mental communication from the being as he stared at the creature. Then a very white female gray type being entered the bedroom through the wall. Frightened the witness rolled to his right and grabbed his hunting knife he kept under the pillow. He turned around and saw the white female being retreat through the wall with a scared look on her face. The tall thin male being and the white light also disappeared. Later that night the witness felt telepathic communication from a female voice.
    HC addition # 3390
    Source: Glennys Mackay, Queensland UFO Network Type: E

32. Location. Near Ponta Grossa, Parana, Brazil
     Date: July 1998 Time: afternoon

Two explorers reported entering a tunnel in an isolated area and spending five days in a subterranean city of more or less 50 inhabitants. During the tour the men were provided with fruits grown hydroponically underground. The men also claimed to have entered another tunnel in Rincano and discovered a staircase underground leading to four different levels. In another case a mountain guide in nearby Joinville said that many times luminous flying discs have been seen around the opening of the tunnel and that he had heard a chorus of men and women singing underground near the tunnel entrance. Then he encountered a group of subterraneans who were standing near the tunnel. They were white with red beards and long hair, very muscular. As he approached them they fled. Another explorer claims he encountered a beautiful young woman in a tunnel who did not appeared more than 20-years old. She spoke to him Portuguese and said she was more than 2,500 years old. Another man encountered a similar tunnel in the Serra do Mar mountains, and sampled a mysterious fruit from an orchid. He also saw several "subterraneans" talking to each other in high-pitched voices in an unknown language.
    HC addition # 3152
    Source: SOCEX Brazil Type: E?

33. Location. Oregon, exact location not given
     Date: July 1998 Time: night

As the witness laid down to rest, she suddenly found herself transported to an underground kingdom. The ruler a huge reptilian-like creature was standing in front of her and initiated a conversation. He told her that originally the reptilian race had been the dinosaurs. Among other things she said was that she could call him "King Leo."
    HC addendum
    Source: Jerome Clark, Extraordinary Encounters Type: G

34. Location. Juruaia, Brazil
     Date: July 1998 Time: 2245

Local rancher, J S C, had been noticing that some of his hogs were turning up missing. One night as he stood watch he heard sounds coming from behind the bush and a bright yellow light came shining through. Thinking that it was a tractor he went to investigate. There an object on the ground confronted him. Next to the craft he saw a small humanoid that appeared to be collecting vegetation from the ground and putting it inside a luminous blue sphere. The witness hid behind a tree and observed the scene. The small humanoid had a huge head in comparison to the rest of its body, a dark thin body, and long thin arms. The craft was disc shaped and emitted a strong heat wave. Suddenly a bright beam of blue light shone on the witness temporarily blinding him. After about six minutes he was able to see again but the figure and the object were now gone.
    HC addendum
    Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia Type: C

35. Location. Puerto Rico, exact location not given
     Date: July 11 1998 Time: after midnight

The witness was sleeping when she suddenly heard a masculine voice that woke her up. She then began to float towards the ceiling. A tall human like figure with black hair (previously encountered) accompanied her, holding her by the hand. Somehow they went through the ceiling and she saw something resembling a "cloud" floating overhead. They entered this "cloud" and she found herself in a large room with windows and bench-like seats all around it. The room was dull silver in color and there wasn't anybody else present. 
The man then took into a semi-dark room and told her to wait there. The room suddenly became hot and then cold in a matter of seconds. The man then returned and they exited the room. She was able to look out one of the windows and saw a view resembling that of "Alaska" (snow covered mountains). She also saw a sea that had something like a waterspout in the middle and within the waterspout she could see, trees, rivers, vegetation, etc. She was then taken to a wall and a door suddenly appeared, she entered the door and found herself in a metallic room with a metallic "table" floating in the mid-air. In the room where three of the short gray creatures, this time wearing the white coveralls with a red star-like insignia on their chests. Another tall human was present; he wore a tight-fitting light blue metallic coverall, with a silvery belt with a buckle with what appeared to be glistening quartz like stone. He wore gloves, but his shoes seemed to be part of the one-piece metallic uniform. Only his face was visible on his body. She remembered encountering this man before. He told her that they were going to remove a cyst from her body, and promised not to leave any scars. She then apparently fell asleep and woke up later on her bed.
    HC addendum
    Source: Lucy Guzman Pla Type: G

36. Location. Lakeland Florida
     Date: July 12 1998 Time: evening

A female security guard spotted a strange "alien" entity standing on the corner of Dixie Highway and Lucern Road. The entity had pasty white skin, reddish blond hair, and black button eyes. His nose was small, his lips were very thin, and his eyes were black in color with almost no white area. He had neither eyelashes nor other facial nor body hair, his head was unusually large, while his ears were very small. He moved very slowly with short little steps and was apparently wearing normal human clothing. The next evening the same or similar entity appeared outside the security guard work place over 12 miles away. When a third party approached the entity it mysteriously disappeared. The police was notified.
    HC addition # 3156
    Source: UFO Magazine Volume 14 # 1 Type: E

37. Location. Valentin Letelier Chile
     Date: July 16 1998 Time: night

Several locals had reported encountering a strange little creature about 50 cm in height, with abundant hair walking around the local plaza at night. Two of the witnesses have reported talking to the dwarf like being, which spoke in a gruff like voice and told one of the witnesses that he was hungry.
    HC addition # 3637
    Source: Paranigma Chile Type: E

38. Location. Sabana Grande, Venezuela
     Date: August 1998 Time: night

In an isolated jungle region a woman accompanied by a friend and a couple, who were the owners of the local springs were taking a night splash in the warm waters when her friend noticed movement in the nearby jungle. The witness looked and did not see anything at first, but then she looked again and saw a meter tall figure with long dangling arms staring at the group. The being seemed to have a sarcastic smile on his face. At this point her friend also noticed the being that walked into the forest and vanished. The spring's owner told her that these beings were common around these parts and they were called forest gnomes or elves.
    HC addition # 3554
    Source: Contacto # 8 Type: E

39. Location. Claut, Pordenone, Italy
     Date: August 8 1998 Time: 0530A

Five witnesses spotted a UFO and a flying humanoid over a soccer field. Two farmers, the groundskeeper, and a pair of tourists watched the flying humanoid overhead and rejoin the hovering object. The craft then shot straight up into the sky. One of the farmers, Angelo F, was having breakfast when he saw an object of many colors. Angelo the groundskeeper saw the object as it flew overhead and hovered over the field. 
The witnesses described the humanoid as having a large head and a small body "like a puppet." It was about 4-feet tall, wearing what appeared to be V-shaped body armor equipped with a luminous backpack.
    HC addition # 3132
    Source: Antonio Chiumento Type: B

40. Location. Near Massape, Ceara Brazil
     Date: August 12 1998 Time: evening

Five local youths reported seeing a huge object land near the Mondubim lagoon. Three humanoids resembling robots exited the object and proceeded to collect shrubs and rocks. The youths fled the area and notified some nearby military units, however they failed to locate anything. Later one, one of the witnesses Joao Lira decided to return to the scene and saw the same object on the ground. As he approached it, he suddenly felt dizzy and passed out. He was found 3 hours later next to the lagoon, shirtless, sweating and with partial amnesia.
    HC addendum
    Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia Type: B & G?

41. Location. Deshler, Ohio
     Date: August 15 1998 Time: unknown

The witnesses were on a country road when they saw silvery flash overhead. All of the sudden a huge metallic rectangular shaped craft became visible. It had several windows and inside those, several figures could be seen moving around. There was another flash and the craft disappeared.
    HC addition # 3591
    Source: NUFORC Type: A

Location. Citta Di Castello, Italy
     Date: August 21 1998 Time: afternoon

In the outskirts of the city witnesses spotted a small humanoid in a field. It was crouched down like an old woman gathering weeds. When it failed to respond to shouts from the witnesses they approached to about 200 meters from it. Suddenly a silvery cylinder shaped object appeared and hovered about 2 meters above the small figure. The small humanoid then levitated into the craft, which then quickly accelerated out of sight.
    HC addition # 3133
    Source: UFO Roundup September 16 1998 Type: B

43. Location. Mazagon, Extremadura, Spain
     Date: August 24 1998 Time: 2030

Luis Cuesta Trinidad and a woman friend were camping near the water edge on the beach when they noticed a strange figure coming out of the water nearby. The figure came out and began moving its arms in a strange fashion. It was standing with his back to then witnesses when it suddenly turned around to look at them. When the figure noticed the flashlight carried by Luis it took off running in a strange fashion, apparently not bending its knees. Its head was hairless, but his body was covered with ample hair, it had round slightly oriental eyes, orange in color. It was almost 2 meters in height, with long dangling arms and legs that were apparently deformed. It was very pale in color, its head was shaped like an inverted pear, it had no nose, and they could not see a mouth. It was totally silent. The witnesses felt nervous during the incident.
    HC addition # 3836
    Source: OVNIS En Extremadura, El Dragon Invisible Type: E

44. Location. Praia do Frances, Alagoas, Brazil
     Date: September 1998 Time: evening

Several locals observed a strange creature that was coming in from the sea. As the witnesses approached, the creature ran towards a nearby wood, 400 meters away, taking tremendous strides. Soon after, from the same wood a beam of light was directed to the sky then disappeared. 
    HC addendum
    Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia Type: E or C?

45. Location. Chipoleti, Argentina
     Date: September 1998 Time: 2130

A young woman named Alicia was traveling in a bus on the 131 route, listening to music from an FM station on her Walkman. There were only a few other passengers on the bus. At one point the station's musical programming changed suddenly, rather than a soft instrumental music, a sort of choral music performed in a foreign language made itself heard. Alicia tried changing stations, but could not. Her fingers were paralyzed, as well as the rest of her body; a light or white fog began to encase her body. Her bus surroundings vanished. She was then transported toward a luminous point in space, which gradually turned into a luminous spaceship. Inside the vessel, Alicia reportedly saw a large headed dwarfish creature who took her hands and began touching certain points of her body. The creature softly felt her abdomen. Soon after, still enveloped in the strange fog and listening to the same music, she felt herself transported back to the bus and was able to see the familiar surroundings again. Upon arriving home the strange music still issued from the Walkman and later from the home stereo. She and her mother listened to the strange music, which was accompanied by an unpleasant sound. A few seconds later the original frequency was suddenly restored. The witness suffered from nightmares after this bizarre incident.
    HC addition # 3809
    Source: Guillermo Aldunati ORTK Type: G or F?

46. Location. Bothell, Washington
     Date: September 6 1998 Time: 0200A

The witness suddenly awoke to see two strange being bathed in white light standing in the bedroom. One was slightly taller than the other (about 3 1/2 feet tall) and both had large dark round eyes and appeared to have rough scaly skin. The startled witness began screaming and swinging a pillow at the beings. His wife suddenly woke up and the beings apparently stepped back and vanished.
    HC addition # 3135
    Source: NUFORC Type: E

47. Location. Metz neighborhood, Athens Greece
     Date: September 14 1998 Time: little before sunset

Two women were sitting on the balcony of the house of one of them, at Markou Mousourou Street, opposite to Ardittos hill. They saw a small blackish object in the sky, about 1 km away. At first they thought it was a helicopter but there was no sound. When the object approached, they saw it was a humanoid figure in a standing position, (horizontal). Getting closer, they flying humanoid turned its body once to nearby Zappeio park and then in the opposite direction, without changing speed or posture. It started to coming down and seemed to land somewhere inside the forest on Ardittos hill. They thought that the flying creature was wearing something like an "astronaut suit" because from time to time the sunset light gleamed on it. After the landing, the figure made some small mechanical "hops" ascending the hill until it reached a point just before the top, when it stopped. When hopping, it was not bending its arms or legs. Ten minutes later the creature transformed itself into a "bright spot" and then vanished. During the incident, there was a strong wind blowing but the movement of the creature's flight was steady.
    HC addendum
    Source: Thanassis Vembos Type: E

48. Location. Torriglia, Italy
     Date: September 18 1998 Time: 2100

Several witnesses watched a luminous blue oval shaped light apparently on the ground on Mt. Prela for about an hour. In front of the light a small child-like figure was seen walking back & forth as if inspecting the area.
    HC addendum
    Source: CUN Genova Type: C

49. Location. Extension Forest Hills, Bayamon, Puerto Rico
     Date: September 21 1998 Time: 2000

The night that Hurricane Georges struck this island, the witness, Iris Rodriguez was outside her home doing some wash when the winds began to pick up strength. She went back inside her house and soon as she looked outside her window she noticed a bright sphere of light making triangular movements in the sky. Suddenly the sphere descended lower and hovered above a neighbor's home. Moments later in the center of the red light a bright white oval shaped hole appeared. Then a figure became visible inside the white light. The figure seemed to move back & forth apparently looking out. The witness described the figure as tall, thin, and man-like. It wore a tight-fitting gray colored outfit and his skin appeared to be also gray or pale. As the wind became stronger the witness lost interest in the object and its occupant and eventually lost sight of it. That same night others saw speeding red balls of light over different areas of the island.
    HC addition # 3157
    Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 18 Type: A

50. Location. Bayamon, Puerto Rico
     Date: September 21 1998 Time: night

The night of the hurricane, Gerardo Mendez had gone out to pick up some trash bins in order to secure them from the wind. Suddenly from behind a nearby tree a strange creature jumped out. It was described as short, hunched over, with a snout-like nose, thick black hair, round black eyes, it had thin but strong legs, large pointy ears, and sharp fang-like teeth. The creature hopped quickly by the witness stopping briefly to look at him. It then hopped over to the nearby woods and disappeared.
    HC addition # 3324
    Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 19 Type: E

51. Location. Near Battleboro, Vermont
     Date: September 25 1998 Time: 2000

Two women driving north on Interstate 95 noticed several bright headlights approaching from behind. Three or four cars sped by the witnesses, who were doing about 70 mph. As these cars, which appeared to be traveling together, passed them, the headlights of one illuminated the car directly in front. The witnesses then saw in the back seat of the front car a lone entity sitting erect. It looked tall with a huge head on a spindly neck. Its color was pasty and it looked like a lot of veins covered the head. These cars drove at such high rate of speed that the witness could not catch up with them.
    HC addition # 3914
    Source: Sandra Black, Mufon Type: E

52. Location. Sunrise Beach, Texas
     Date: September 25 1998 Time: 0440A

The witness was driving his truck along his paper route, when as he rounded a corner he saw a disc-shaped craft with green and orange lights hovering about 25 or 30 feet above the ground. He also briefly saw a four-foot eight-inch tall figure apparently standing on the object that quickly disappeared from sight. The truck started to slow down then there was a very bright flash of light, which apparently blinded the witness momentarily, when he was able to focus again the object had disappeared.
    HC addition # 3228
    Source: NUFORC Type: A

53. Location. Cupey, Puerto Rico
     Date: late September 1998 Time: afternoon

Several days after seeing bright blinking lights hovering over the area, Richard Blanco Peck and his family were driving on state road 177 when they saw an old Volvo stop on the side of the road and a very tall muscular man with abundant white hair exit the vehicle and apparently began making repairs under the hood. He wore black pants, and a white shirt. They drove by the vehicle and turned into the Las Americas highway. Soon they were startled to see the same old Volvo and the tall white haired individual driving a short distance ahead of their vehicle. They could not explain how he managed to get ahead of their vehicle. Soon he was lost from sight.
    HC addition # 3159
    Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 18 Type: D?

54. Location. Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
     Date: late September 1998 Time: afternoon

Soon after seeing several maneuvering bright spheres over the area, Lolin Chiriboga and her husband were at a local electronics store when two strange men walked in. These were described as very tall, muscular, with broad shoulders. Both wearing white shirts, and pants, short white boots. They both had very white hair, and light pink skin. Startled by their appearance Mrs. Chiriboga thought to herself that these men were foreign. 
At that very moment one of then men looked at her, then she mentioned to her husband that she thought they might be extraterrestrials. Then men then walked out. Upon asking the store attendant about the two men, they were stunned when he said he had not seen anyone enter the store.
    HC addition # 3158
    Source: Jorge Martin, OVNI # 18 Type: D

55. Location. Baldim, Brazil
     Date: October 1998 Time: unknown

Leandro da Silva and two friends were in a cavern close to town when suddenly Leandro spotted a very strange & ugly creature, the size of a man. Leandro and his friends began screaming, and then the creature ran and hid behind a rock for a brief instant. As the creature leaped through a crack on the wall, da Silva was able to snap a picture of it. The creature appeared somewhat insect-like with what appeared to be antennae.
    HC addition # 3305
    Source: CAUS Type: E

56. Location. Sierra De Luquillo, Puerto Rico
     Date: October 1998 Time: 2200

Ismael Roman and two friends had gone out fishing at an isolated spot when two of the men left to go further up river and left Roman behind. As he sat at the edge of the river waiting for the fish to bite, he heard a splash as if someone had thrown something in the water, he looked around and did not see anything, he heard another and noticed something brown run and hide behind a nearby rock. He then waited for the figure to come out from behind the rock. As it did he noticed that it was a short, thin frail figure, brown in color with a pear shaped head, no hair, large black eyes that seemed to turn green when it blinked. It had no ears, no clothing, a long thin neck, and narrow shoulders. It ran into the brush and out of sight. The witness thought that the creature was friendly and possibly wanted to play. 
    HC addition # 3938
    Source: Edwin Fontanez UFO PR Type: E

57. Location. Vernal Utah
     Date: October 19 1998 Time: 0034A

Several men were out elk hunting in an isolated area when they saw what appeared to be a plane crashing. They exited the truck and proceeded over the ridge to investigate. As they neared the area they saw two more craft apparently hovering over the area. On the ground they saw what appeared to be some "people" gathering around. No other information.
    HC addition # 3192
    Source: NUFORC Type: C?

58. Location. Grand Mere, Quebec, Canada
Date: October 24 1998 Time: 2030

A woman reported seeing two entities that were wearing white astronaut-like outfits with some kind of helmets on their heads. One of the beings was leaning over and seemed to be picking up something from the ground. The other stood nearby. When the beings walked they seemed to float just above the ground. Their size and appearance were similar to humans. About 75 feet behind them, there was a thick brown fog made up of different bright colors with a bright glow about 27 feet in diameter. She watched them for 5 minutes before leaving the window. When she returned the entities had disappeared and the strange fog was moving away. Investigators found ground traces and footprints.
    HC addition # 3379
    Source: Skyopen # 62 Type: C

59. Location. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
     Date: October 25 1998 Time: 0500A

The 12-year old witness suddenly woke up without any apparent reason. The room was well lit by a light from an unknown source. He looked at the foot of his bed and an odd figure was standing there. The figure was hard to see because of the light, but it looked as if its hands were covering up his face. The witness attempted to look closer but suddenly fell asleep. He woke up the next morning sleeping in the sofa.
    HC addition # 3899
    Source: NUFORC Type: E

60. Location. Maria Del Rey, California
     Date: October 26 1998 Time: 0030A

The witness had just gone to bed when a bright light entered the room. The light dimmed and through the partially closed vertical blinds a light entered the room and circles it. Through the vertical blinds a shadow then appeared. The shadow or figure had an elongated head, sort of football shaped, a long thin neck and a thick body. The light apparently shone from behind the figure, which seemed to be moving. 
When the witness looked outside the light and figure had vanished and the car alarms were going off. Then he heard a low level humming sound that lasted for a few moments.
    HC addition # 3586
    Source: NUFORC Type: C?

61. Location. Baca Grande, San Luis Valley, Colorado
     Date: October 30 1998 Time: evening

A woman reported some type of small "objects" hitting the house. She looked out a window and saw several 4-feet tall hooded figures running around her yard. Later she also reported seeing something resembling a "hairy pig" running past the house. Other phenomena were also reported.
    HC addition # 3137
    Source: Christopher O'Brien Type: E

62. Location. Near Bologna Italy
     Date: November 1 1998 Time: night

A truck driver saw a bright light approach his vehicle suddenly his engine stalled. A period of missing time ensued. A second witness in the area remembered being struck by a beam of light and not accounting for two hours. A third man reported seeing two "gray" beings enter his bedroom and perform some type of operation on one of his wife's knees, apparently inserting some kind of implant.
    HC addendum
    Source: CUN On-Line Type: G or E?

63. Location. Monte Briton, Puerto Rico
     Date: November 7 1998 Time: night

Fifteen persons, including members of a Puerto Rican UFO investigation group were on a night vigil, when one of the group began to feel ill. Seven of the group then accompanied their ill friend down to the nearby road. As they reached the road they were stunned to see seven short gray large headed humanoids staring at them. Terrified one of the group managed to blurt out over the cell phone what they were watching. 
The humanoids then apparently by using telepathy told the group not to approach any further. At the same time they all became paralyzed and unable to move. After three minutes the beings walked into the woods and disappeared. The group was able to move again.
    HC addition # 3553
    Source: Federico Alvarez, UFOSICPR Type: E

64. Location. Maybrook New York
     Date: November 13 1998 Time: 0130A

The 11-year old witness woke up and saw three bizarre figures in the shape of bowling pins standing in the hallway bout 5 ft from his bedroom doorway. They stood there staring at the witness. The figures glowed a white color, but did not illuminate anything around them. No eyes or mouths could be seen. The witness apparently encountered similar aliens the year before.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: E

65. Location. Near Helsinki Finland
     Date: November 13 1998 Time: 1910

North of the city a witness heard and saw something resembling a bolt of lighting come from the sky. Strange vibrations lasting 5 minutes followed it, and then all became calm and silent. After two minutes, the witnesses heard a very loud noise with nothing in sight, which would cause such a sound. Then the sound diminished before stopping completely. Then from their first floor balcony the witnesses saw 3 strange beings (not described) enter their yard. The beings moved around in all directions. One of them carried a purple blinking light, and another one of the beings apparently climbed up one of the trees, the witness then made some noises and the being on the tree came down and then they all left.
    HC addendum 
    Source: Chucara Quebec Canada Type: E

66. Location. Moron de la Frontera AFB, Sevilla, Spain
     Date: November 25 1998 Time: 0500A

A soldier was on guard duty near special hangars 1, 5 6 and 9 accompanied by his German shepherd guard dog when he heard a sort of metallic scraping sound coming from nearby. He let his dog loose to check, then loaded his weapon, and fired two shots into the air. Suddenly from out of some nearby woods a 2-meter tall humanoid figure appeared. Since it was dark the soldier was not able to see any features except that the humanoid had glowing green-colored eyes. The witness challenged the figure but it did not move, he then fire once at it without any apparent effect. He ordered the dog to attack, but as the animal approached the figure it suddenly backed away, howling as if in pain. He then fired at the humanoid again, but it just stood there staring at him. He then walked towards the figure, which suddenly raised one hand up, crouched down, and disappeared into the brush. The witness conducted a search but failed to find anything.
    HC addition # 3457
    Source: Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista Type: E

67. Location. San Fernando Cebu Island, Philippines
     Date: November 29 1998 Time: 0300A

The witness noticed a strange small object hovering above a dead tree in a wooded area, there was a sudden flash at the witness, and large balloon shaped object with three illuminated triangular shaped windows became visible. Inside the window he could see the head of a being with bright crystal blue eyes. He heard a loud thundering voice speaking at him in an unknown language, some of it sounded like: "arc-ha-an rha-ehn-raxh ehn." No other information.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico and The World Type: A & F?

68. Location. Moline Illinois
     Date: December 1998 Time: 0100A

The 21-year-old witness was in his apartment and was ready to go to bed. He drifted off to sleep, about 20 minutes later he was awoken by the sound of his front door opening, and then he heard footsteps in the hall. The footsteps were light, but he could still hear them. Then came a sound like whooshing noise, and smoke started coming under his bedroom door, then a light mist, and behind it a bright light. 
The door opened and he saw a short figure with an oversized oval shaped head. No other details could be seen since the room was filled with bright white light. He witness blinked and when he was finished blinking he was on a cart, with small, brown figures with big eyes and oversized heads, pushing him. The figures did not have mouths, but he kept hearing the words "Don't worry, we will not hurt you." The witness then began to scream. 
The cart suddenly stopped, and there was another bright light, on a pole, like at the dentist. The witness started to scream again but one of the short figures shoved a metal object into his mouth. He tried to close his mouth but was unable to. His mouth was filled with something with the texture of white paste. He could not breath through his mouth and felt something prodding at his stomach. The witness did not feel any pain, just some strange feelings almost "pulling on his skin." He tried to move but saw that he had restraints on his hands and feet. He let out muffled screams and blinked again, and woke up in his bed. He was sweating profusely and his body ached.
    HC addendum
    Source: Rob Baner Type: G

69. Location. Soldini, near Rosario, Argentina
     Date: December 1998 Time: 2130

Laborer Maximiliano Poire was working in his field, on his tractor, when he noticed standing 10 meters away two strange figures, with disproportionately large heads, about 1.30 cm in height with very thin torsos and long dangling thin arms that reached to their knees. They also had long thin fingers. The eyes were round and appeared to be green in color. Their skin tone was dark green in color and they seemed to be nude. The creatures then moved into a nearby wooded area and disappeared.
    HC addendum
    Source: Nuevos Tiempos, Argentina Type: E

70. Location. Manitowoc Wisconsin
     Date: December 12 1998 Time: 1645\

Teenagers Michael M, and Jerance F, were walking along the Wisconsin Central Railroad tracks in the west end of town, when Mike heard an unearthly scream. "It was a deep roar, screeching deep, and if was a growl." As they turned, they saw a 'large creature rising behind us, maybe 45 yards to the south. Then it moved towards us, and we ran fast, faster than were ever had in our lives." The creature was described as white, dirty, furred that made a most bizarre sound. They ran terrified from the area.
    HC addition # 3262
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 3 # 50 Type: E

71. Location. Teterboro, New Jersey
     Date: December 15 1998 Time: 0530A

A man working at the Teterboro airport felt compelled to go outside, he then noticed a huge wedge-shaped craft ringed with lights flying over the George Washington Bridge. It came out of cloudbank and was flying very low. As the object was leaving the witness heard a message in his ear. "The unsettling "garbled" in the middle East will end. The evil alchemist will die." (?)
HC addition # 3930
Source: CAUS Type: F

72. Location. Stra, Italy
     Date: December 19 1998 Time: night

Giuseppe, a local truck driver, was awakened by a roaring noise. Looking out he saw a bright object with several windows and a brilliant glow underneath, which apparently was very close to the ground. The object was over 30 feet in length. He then saw two beings; three-feet tall, walking near the object. They were dressed in gray coveralls and moved with a mechanical motion. The witness was less than 100 feet from the object and after 30 minutes the beings went into the object, which ascended. A circular mark was found on the ground with holes in an equilateral triangle, 13.5 feet on each side. A glassy material was found at the landing site.
    HC addition # 3371
    Source: Maurizio Verga and Edoardo Russo Type: B

73. Location. Colinas Verdes, Cayey, Puerto Rico
     Date: December 24 1998 Time: 0500A

Farmer Luis Diaz heard a strange noise coming from the poultry yard behind the house and went to investigate. Upon opening his window he was startled to see a strange creature over his birds. The creature apparently had killed 15 hens, 2 ducks, and a variety of smaller poultry. The dead birds showed perforations on their necks and near the abdomen. The creature was described as having copper colored fur, very long hind legs, short front legs, and a broad body. The nine dogs at the residence did not bark or react during the attack.
    HC addition # 3182
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 3 # 52 Type: E

Addendums inserted as they become available.


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