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Humanoid Reports - 1997
Complied By Albert S. Rosales  

The new millennium was approaching; the so-called "Chupacabra" epidemic was ebbing. 1997 ushered in a sort of normalcy. High strangeness reports still trickled in, but nothing compared to the madness of 1995 and 1996. There was a noticeable slow down of reports picking up again towards the end of the year ending with a sort of "Bang" taken into account the Kenwick Australia report. 1997 ushered in 1998, which was even calmer and kind of boring. But it was like a calm before the storm of 2000, which suddenly shot up with bizarre encounters, especially from South America and more specifically Chile. 

1. Location. Near Botafuegos, Spain
    Date: 1997 Time: 0500A

J L was driving his motorcycle near the town when he observed a dark human like silhouette standing by the side of the road. The figure was very tall, at least 2.5 meters in height. Once he drove by the figure he stopped his motorcycle, and concerned looked back at the figure. As he stared at the figure it suddenly vanished in plain sight. He then drove away, but the figure appeared one more time at the side of the road, but this time he kept on driving and did not stop.
     HC addendum
     Source: Manuel Benitez Type: E

2. Location. Braganca Paulista, Brazil
    Date: 1997 Time: night

In a remote jungle area several children reported seeing a non-human, non-animal creature covered with dark hair. At times, it seemed to hover just above the ground moving very fast and stirring the leaves under its path.
     HC addendum
     Source: Varginha Diary Type: E

3. Location. Pico Del Toro, Zacatecas, Mexico
    Date: January 1997 Time: unknown

A local farmer, Gonzalez Cabrillo, reportedly encountered a landed UFO and its occupants who he communicated with. They were described as human like & dark complexioned with generally human like features. They allegedly told the witness that they came from the planet "Ummo". Many other sightings were made in the area around the same time, including the sighting of a flight of 10 cross-shaped objects that flew at 20,000 feet overhead.
     HC addition # 2467
     Source: Colonel Steven Wilson (Retired) Type: G

4. Location. West Dade County Florida
    Date: January 1997 Time: early evening

Beth C. was driving south on Krome Avenue and was attempting to drink water from a plastic cup she was holding in her lap, when suddenly a large van forced her off the road. She suddenly saw a hand reaching across the seat and taking the cup. She then saw besides her on the front seat two alien beings, one about 3- feet tall, the other much smaller. 
They were described as tan colored with smooth skin, large heads, & large dark oval eyes. She asked who they were, and the larger alien told her that he was "Rasheed" & that she was being watched. He then touched her forehead and she apparently blacked out. She does not recall anything else from the experience.
     HC addition # 2652
     Source: South Florida Skyscan February 1997 Type: E

5. Location. Mt. Nathan, Queensland, Australia
    Date: January 1997 Time: late night

The same woman involved in other previous encounters, followed her husband down to the bottom dam and saw him talking to a very tall person dressed in a gray body suit, the figure then turned and disappeared as it got near a fence. One other night she woke up to see a tall figure in her room. No other information.
     HC addition # 2744
     Source: Glennys Mackay, Keith Basterfield Type: E

6. Location. Seattle, Washington
    Date: January 4 1997 Time: afternoon

The night before the witness was sleeping in a hotel room when at about 0300A something awakened her. She then saw a brilliant white ball floating and moving outside the room balcony sliding door. It was about the size of a grapefruit, it then came in through the sliding glass door to the room, it came right up to the witness face, and she ran into the bathroom & locked herself inside.
The next day at Seattle's Sea-Tac airport, she encountered a tall young male dressed in a strange army fatigues that had unusually clear and radiant skin. He wore a green beret and had reddish blond hair. He had sort of a pleasant blank expression on his face. The whole time the witness saw him; he was standing in the "at ease" position. The witness eventually lost sight of the young man. She was convinced that he was somehow connected with the strange ball of light seen at the hotel. 
     HC addition # 3365
     Source: NUFORC Type: D?

7. Location. Florida, exact location not given
    Date: January 7 1997 Time: late night

Ryan Chapman and two other witnesses were staying in a cabin at an undisclosed location when they saw strange flashing lights in the sky. Feeling apprehensive the witnesses decided to make a perimeter check of the area. Suddenly one of them screamed and they saw a large disc-shaped craft hovering over the cabin. One of the witnesses loaded a gun and began firing at the craft, when nothing happened they ran to the cabin. 
On the way there their path was blocked by several short thin gray skinned humanoids that appeared to be carrying long needle-like implements. The creatures grabbed the witnesses who attempted to run but were overpowered. Ryan felt pain on the back of his neck as he fell to the ground and blacked out. The next day after coming to, they found strange marks on their chins, wrists & behind the ears. A scorched area was found on the roof & walls of the cabin.
     HC addition # 2572
     Source: Internet Sightings page Type: C or G?

8. Location. Ixtapalapa Mexico
    Date: January 8 1997 Time: late night

The 53-year old witness suddenly woke up and was unable to move as she saw 3 short dwarf-like creatures cavorting around in her room. After 10 minutes the little figure disappeared in a blue flash of light.
     HC addendum
     Source: Contacto Ovni Type: E

9. Location. Bloemfontein, South Africa
    Date: January 14 1997 Time: 0830A

Several watched a gray spherical object with red and yellow flashing lights descend low over their heads nearly knocking them down. It had many lighted windows and inside one of them a gray face with large dark eyes could be seen staring down at the witnesses. The craft apparently then left the area.
     HC addition # 2648
     Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World Type: A

10. Location. Delta British Columbia, Canada
     Date: January 17 1997 Time: 0200A

Two 12-year old boys, Peter & Steven, had silently sneaked out of their homes as their parents slept, & had gone to a nearby storage yard to play for awhile. Soon they headed home taking a short cut through a large equipment yard, sliding underneath the chain link fence. Halfway through the lot they noticed a very large shiny white box on the ground. As they passed it hey heard a "thump" like noise. Right after that came a "popping" sound. 
They moved on to see a series of lights, red, blue, green reflecting from some nearby equipment. Unable to determine their source they crossed the yard, at this point reaching a dark area of the property. They then heard a lengthy high-pitched modulating screech that made their hair stand up. Whirling around they saw, three small "pink figures" walking rapidly between some items of equipment, quickly becoming lost from view. 
The being had no sign of a buttocks cleavage, nor visible evidence of knee joints or fingers. During the whole encounter it was very warm. At this point a maroon van suddenly roared around the corner and came to a skidding halt near the boys. Its headlights illuminated the boys & its bald headed driver remained inside the van. Very frightened at this point the boys ran out of the property vaulting over the chain link fence. They felt extremely thirsty upon arriving home.
     HC addition # 2751
     Source: Graham Conway Type: C

11. Location. Essex, England
     Date: January 19 1997 Time: night

Four days after encountering a UFO William Shearer had come home from work, and was trying to get some sleep, his wife and daughter had stepped out. He came downstairs for a drink, and thought he heard a faint knock on the door. As Shearer approached the door he could see the outline of a tall man through the glass. Shearer opened the door and was faced with a strange sight. The man was around 6'4", and dressed in a dark gray suit and full-length coat.
He wore a brilliant white shirt and a red tie, and was holding a brimmed hat. Another similarly dressed man was standing behind Shearer's wife car, and appeared to be looking up and down the road, as if to see if anyone was coming. The tall man said, "Can I speak to you please?" His voice was very deep, and seemed to be coming from his chest rather than his mouth. At this stage the man's gaze was lowered to the floor so Shearer could not see his face. Thinking they were Jehovah's Witnesses, Shearer replied, "No, I am not dressed". 
The man persisted, and asked again to speak to Shearer who again declined and asked him to come back later. When the man lifted his head and looked straight at Shearer his first impression was that the man was very ill, as he looked deathly pale. In contrast his lips seemed to tinged red, as if he were wearing lipstick. The stranger insisted in coming in, but Shearer held his ground. The two strangers kept looking at each other, either nodding or gesturing in some way.
The men then walked towards their car, which was black and according to Shearer it looked like something straight out of a gangster movie, yet it looked brand new. Shearer noticed that the men walked awkwardly and appeared to have no facial hair. He also received a later visit.
     HC addition # 2966
     Source: Andrew Lunn, ISUR Type: E

12. Location. Camuy Puerto Rico
     Date: January 21 1997 Time: 0130A

Juan Hernandez was driving his car near town when he saw a bright star-like object suddenly descend over the area. He stopped his car near a local bridge in order to obtain a better view of the object. The bright blue light approached his position changing into a turquoise tint. The witness then saw a ship behind the lights. He described it as a huge triangular shaped craft, with a transparent cupola on top. 
Inside the cupola he could see a tall humanoid figure looking down on him. The figure appeared thin, with a large bulb-shaped head; he also noticed that it had large dark eyes. While looking at the craft a bright beam of light suddenly illuminated him. At that moment he felt a great sense of peace. The craft was silent and it had blinking multi-colored lights. 
The craft then began to move slowly away. He got inside his vehicle and attempted to follow the object, but his path was blocked by what appeared to be a military vehicle. Several men wearing black military outfits warned him not to follow the object or something might "happen" to him. The craft was soon lost from sight, and the men & military vehicle left the area.
     HC addition # 2693
     Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 13 Type: A

13. Location. Colebrook, New Hampshire
     Date: February 1997 Time: after midnight

12 undescribed "aliens" who sat at her table, took notes, and whispered among themselves in an unintelligible language, apparently visited a local 73-year old woman. The beings apparently did not leave until about 0330A, despite her polite requests. At the same time of this encounter there was an almost unprecedented wave of UFO sightings in the area.
     HC addition # 2560
     Source: Peter Geremia, Mufon Type: D

14. Location. Santiago, Chile
     Date: February 1 1997 Time: 0100A

While Claudia Fuentes sister felt a warm rush of air enter her room, Claudia left the house and suddenly found herself waking down a long hallway in which she was met by several humanoids, described as having long arms, wrinkled mouths and four fingered hands. The humanoids led her to a place resembling a hospital, removed her lower part of her garments, and placed her on a stretcher. 
Although Claudia was not aware that she was pregnant, as six-foot tall creature extracted a fetus through her vagina, placed it inside a square jar filled with a bubbling fluid, and walked away with it. Claudia also reported seeing other creatures with similar features but measuring only 3-feet in height. She has not doubt that she spent well over three days in that place, although only 3 hours elapsed in normal time. 
When she regained consciousness, she found herself lying in the middle of the town square, where some witnesses claimed seeing a sudden burst of light. There she was found in a semi-conscious state, frightened, weeping and with wet hair.
     HC addition # 3110
     Source: Scott Corrales, UFO Files # 1 Type: G

15. Location. Grove City, Pennsylvania
     Date: February 6 1997 Time: 0315A

The witness suddenly woke up at 0300A and heard a buzzing sound coming apparently from outside. The sound got louder & louder until it seemed to be inside the room. The witness then sat up and looked around the room. He then noticed six small gray figures and felt something touching his leg and arms. He apparently passed out and woke up at 0600A unable to remember anything. Suffered from nosebleeds after the incident.
     HC addition # 3136
     Source: NUFORC Type: E

16. Location. Near Coober Pedy, South Australia
     Date: February 6 1997 Time: 1841

While driving along the highway the witnesses saw a light suddenly appear in front of them. Thinking it was a truck they drove towards it. Upon getting closer to the light, it was so bright and blinding that they had to slow down. Half the road was closed off and suddenly they saw a man that appeared to be alone in the middle of nowhere sweeping the road. 
The witnesses drove up to the man and explained that they could not see the road due to the light. The man hardly showed his face, but what they could see was a very high forehead and very wide set eyes. He was about 7-feet tall and of stocky build. He did not want to talk to the witnesses and made very attempt to get them to drive on. As they drove on the light slowly disappeared. 30 minutes later a light with bright yellow high beams briefly followed the vehicle.
     HC addition # 3321
     Source: NUFORC Type: C?

17. Location. Brotas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  Date: February 8 1997 Time: night

While investigating a peculiar mutilation of a sheep, which was found with some holes in the skull and completely drained of blood, local military police heard some peculiar noises coming from a field near the farmer's house. While conducting a search of the area one officer reported seeing a tall dark humanoid shape in a sugar cane field. He called for assistance. 
Later while searching the area the officers found a strange greenish liquid on the ground among the stalks. Strange unmarked helicopters were also seen in the same area the next morning. (At the site of a goat mutilation in Miami, in 1996, which I went to, a greenish ooze came out of the round holes around the dead animal's neck, there was no blood present, AR).
     HC addition # 2466
     Source: Joao Pereira Torres Type: E

18. Location. Llano section, Santiago, Chile
     Date: February 13 1997 Time: 2330

Marta Aguilar Montoya and her two small children were asleep in the bedroom when suddenly she heard a crackling noise. Turning to look towards the TV set in the room she noticed a small figure, about 4-feet 8 inches tall, wearing a tight fitting suit and a helmet. The helmet had a visor and the being also wore a backpack connected to the helmet by two hoses, one over each shoulder.
Afraid she took her two children to her bed and just watched. The being stared at the trio but never made a move towards them. After several minutes the being turned to face the bedroom wall, again there was a loud crackling sound and then the beings disappeared through the wall, leaving only his silhouette on the wall, which disappeared after 2 minutes.
     HC addition # 2465
     Source: Luis Sanchez Type: E

19. Location. Lago de Rapel, Chile
     Date: February 16 1997 Time: 0430A

Two youths, aged 16 and 14, were returning home when they suddenly found themselves being followed by a brilliant object. Upon arriving home they ran inside and could still see the object quietly hovering outside. They then woke up their father who thought they were joking. 
All three looked out the window and noticed that the object was now on the ground and next to it stood a being 4-feet 8 inches tall with a large bald head and wearing a bluish suit. All three witnesses became scared and hid until the object and its apparent occupant left the area.
     HC addition # 2464
     Source: Luis Sanchez Type: C

20. Location. Paradeseca, Orense, Spain
     Date: February 20 1997 Time: 1600

Local farmer Heliodoro Nunez was tending his sheep in an isolated pasture, when suddenly his dog began to bark. Looking back he saw three 10-foot tall entities wearing strange conical headgear. The beings appeared shiny and seemed to change colors at all times. Upon seeing these he began to pray. Apparently he did not see the entities depart. Others saw strange lights over the pasture.
     HC addition # 2631
     Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 2 # 18 Type: D

21. Location. Brigantine, New Jersey
     Date: February 24 1997 Time: 0100A

A 50-year old grandmother was sleeping with her grandchildren in a room and had left several lights on to comfort them. She awoke suddenly and noticed that the lights were turned off. Her eyes slowly accustomed to the dark and she felt a presence in the room. She then saw two short figures standing near her bed. She attempted to contact them, by using telepathy, pleading to go with them if they left the children alone. 
The beings did not answer her plea. She was then startled as one of the beings moved aggressively and grabbed her. She jumped up and punched the being on the face, his skin felt like hard plastic, she struggled further grabbing the figure by the throat, the neck appeared horribly wrinkled. The being was about 5-feet tall and thin. She then bit the being; she said it felt like biting a cold piece of ham. After a few minutes of struggling the being dropped to the floor.
At this time a third figure appeared in the room, then the two standing aliens moved towards her. One brushed against her face and grabbed her wrist; this one seemed stronger than the first. She then suddenly passed out. Upon regaining consciousness the figures were gone. The children had been apparently unharmed. She suffered from a severe headache afterwards and found three puncture wounds on her neck.
     HC addition # 2672
     Source: New Jersey Mufon Type: E

22. Location. Near Aldershot, England
     Date: February 25 1997 Time: around noon

Two witnesses driving towards Aldershot had taken a short cut down Claycart Road, when they suddenly caught sight of a figure running through the trees on the left side of the road. The figure was running incredibly fast. As they drew level they could see that it was dressed in a tight white fitted suit and appeared man-like. It then darted right in front of the car and ran across the road and disappeared behind a hump on the side of the road.
     HC addition # 2878
     Source: Alien Encounters Magazine Nov. 1997 Type: E

23. Location. Near Lee New Hampshire
     Date: February 26 1997 Time: 0450A

The male witness was driving to work when he sees four gold sized balls of white light zigzag in unison over some nearby power lines. They then hovered about 50 feet from the ground looking a little blurry. The witness continues east on the road and 10 minutes later sees the same lights over a bog. At this point he begins to hear voices inside his head. 
The witness, now having stomach pains, hears the voices warned him about studying UFOs. (!) He then asks several questions, which the voices answer. Soon as he came upon some large pine trees there was a blinding orange flash & he felt the vehicle rise up, he apparently then blacks out. An hour later he wakes up in his vehicle.
     HC addition # 2800
     Source: ISUR Type: F?

24. Location. Magog, Quebec, Canada
     Date: March 7 1997 Time: evening

A witness encountered a humming silver disc-shaped object on the ground. Three short beings only 30 cm tall were seen next to the object. The beings wore silvery-white inflated suits, with round helmets. Ground traces and electro-magnetic effects were reported. No other information.
     HC addition # 3221
     Source: Canadian UFO Survey 1997 Type: C?

25. Location. Cote St. Luc, Quebec, Canada
     Date: March 10 1997 Time: 0103A

David Roth and a friend were walking on Centennial Park when suddenly they heard a loud, almost unbearable whirling sound directly above them. As they looked up they were engulfed in a bright white beam of light and were unable to move. They then saw directly above them, no more than 50 feet away, a large silver-disc shaped object with several multi-colored lights around its perimeter and a large light source in the middle of the base emitting a beam. 
The light and whirling sound increased its intensity and both then apparently lost consciousness. They woke up the next morning in the middle of a field in the park. Their clothes were singed and burns covered their entire bodies. His friend had a strange circular scar on her temple and suffered from amnesia for several days. David's fingernails on his left hand had fallen off and have not yet grown back.
His friend feels like she is being followed and watched, and along with several other friends have seen odd figures moving around her house on several evenings.
     HC addition # 2857
     Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World Type: G?

26. Location. Bogota Colombia
     Date: March 10 1997 Time: 0300A

After dropping of his girlfriend at her house, Juan Sudarsky was walking home alone. Suddenly he felt very cold. He then saw a purple light drop from the sky, at the same time hearing a loud high-pitched screeching sound, he also felt dizzy. He fell to his knees sweating profusely. Then an orange beam of light suddenly appeared next to him. 
Several bizarre medium sized creatures then appeared out of the beam. They were described as having only one eye and with large antennae that radiated an odd blue light. They had a strange orifice where their mouth should have been. The creatures emitted intermittent screeches of varying frequencies. The witness apparently understood them in his mind. The creatures then formed a circle around Sudarsky. One of them approached and touched his forehead. 
He then heard a mental message in perfect Spanish, telling him to guard the planet against pollution, that theirs was almost totally ruined, that there were only 50 of them left. Soon they flew back into the purple light via the orange beam of light. Before leaving, their leader showed Sudarsky a strange communicating device. 
     HC addition # 2844
     Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World Type: B

27. Location. Near Portland New South Wales, Australia
     Date: March 12 1997 Time: 2130

On a property outside of Portland, two children (11 & 9) saw a large ball of silver blue light hovering about a meter above a paddock about 30 meters away from the house. The grass beneath the object was "moving and swirling." The children saw details on the object including something like a "door" and possible appendages. Their mother verified the presence of the object, but she seemed "mesmerized" and kept talking on the phone with a friend, with the children still outside. 
After 30 minutes the phone cut out. She loaded a gun and went outside, walked around the house to ensure there were no intruders, virtually ignoring the UFO, which was still present. She felt inexplicably tired and just walked passed the children back into the house and lay down and seemingly "blacked out." She apparently woke up around midnight, showered and went to be, "as if she were in a trance," without checking on the kids. She woke up in the morning feeling terrified, and found both of the children sleeping peacefully in their beds. 
She went outside and verified at the spot where the object had been hovering "a strange 12 ft diameter of swirled grass. It was discolored, a strange purple color with brown areas which appeared to be burned or affected by intense heat." During the next few months there was unusual activity of "unmarked helicopters" in the area. The children began to recollect further details. One of them had 3 strange red spots on a foot. 
The girl had an unusual "scar" on the back of the neck that could not be accounted for. She also saw a strange "person" outside her window. Under hypnotic regression an apparent abduction milieu was developed, particularly involving the children. No details on that.
     HC addendum
     Source: Project 1947, Australian UFO Physical trace Cases Type: G

28. Location. La Escala, Girona Spain
     Date: March 19 1997 Time: 0405A

Two police officers patrolling the area of Torroella de Montgrit spotted a huge yellow light up ahead, as they approached, the light became dark orange in color and in the center of it, a 4 meter tall human like shadowy figure could be seen.
One of the officers exited the vehicle and attempted to photograph the spectacle but the light then dimmed, became oval in shape and everything vanished. Upon investigating the site the next day they found a flattened circled of grass on the ground.
     HC addendum
     Source: Missing from my files Type: A

29. Location. Nottingham, New Hampshire
     Date: March 19 1997 Time: 0505A

A male witness driving on Rt. 4, saw several golf sized balls of light that flew & zig zag near his car mirror only a yard away. He then heard a voice in his head that told him to turn around and drive west. At the same time the lights continued next to his car, blinking rapidly as they moved. The witness refused to cooperate and feels the lights and voice became "upset".
He was then told to turn "now" and saw four balls of light hovering over the hood of the car. Suddenly he lost control of the car and it increased speed heading west then turning north on Priest Road. He heard the voice again telling him to stop. He stopped the vehicle under some power lines. There he saw only 2 feet off the ground a hovering smooth cylinder shaped craft, the size of a small bus. 
He was then told to stop investigating UFOs, and was then told about other personal family matters. The object came closer and he felt a strong energy field. The craft then suddenly rose above the power lines then shot away at high speed.
     HC addition # 2797
     Source: ISUR Type: F

30. Location. Phoenix City, Alabama
     Date: March 29 1997 Time: 2000

The witness had gone out about a mile from his house to film the Hale Bopp comet when he saw a bright square shaped light hovering overhead. It started getting very cold and the witness noticed an odor resembling ether. He kept filming the object. 
Soon he went home and was told that he had been gone for 4 hours. He thought he had been away for only 45 minutes. He was also told that an unknown bright craft had flown at low altitude over the house. Later when he checked the video he claimed that he had captured the object and strange beings on the film. No other information.
     HC addition # 3613
     Source: NUFORC Type: C or G?

31. Location. Roldan, Argentina
     Date: early April 1997 Time: evening

Two sisters were walking near route AO 12 facing a silo factory, when they were startled by the appearance of a diminutive creature, entirely covered in hair and with shiny eyes. The younger of the sisters felt compelled to go towards the entity as if something were overcoming her will. Her older sister shouted at her and seized her arm to keep her from going any closer. 
The two sisters said that the creature made no hostile gestures upon seeing them, aside from the strange power of attracting one of them. At a given moment the creature made a surprising jump and landed on the other side of the road (over 12 meters), losing itself in the soybean fields. The younger sister suffered a nervous breakdown and was sent to a local hospital. Days later another witness, was in her country home late at night when she felt a strange compulsion to open the door and go outside. 
She then saw a strange creature; she would later ref to as "a bear" staring fixedly at her at a distance of 20 meters. The witness reported feeling "mesmerized" by the entity and only emerged from the trance when her husband called her insistently from within the home. According to the witness the being resembled a dog walking on all fours, standing on its rear extremities during the encounter. The face resembled that of a "small bear."
     HC addition # 3183
     Source: Guillermo Aldunati Type: E

32. Location. Oakville, Washington
     Date: April 1997 Time: various

Three years after a powerful rainstorm hit the area leaving behind a mysterious gelatinous substance on the ground, and at least one witness, Sunny Barcliff, saw several unmarked black helicopters flying low over the area, these helicopters were being followed by a large triangular shaped craft, that was completely silent and glowed all around its periphery, four strangers, dressed in dark suits visited the town and asked about the "gel shower" incident. 
A local police officer, Jon Lubben, ran the license plate of their vehicles. They belonged to someone living in Fort Hood, Texas, possibly belonging to an Army intelligence unit.
     HC addition # 2981
     Source: Erickson Paranormal Project Type: E (Men in black?)

33. Location. New York City, New York
     Date: April 1997 Time: night

Model Christie Moller was on her way home walking along Park Avenue accompanied by a bodyguard and a private detective when from out of the shadows a short troll like little man, with greenish hair, hurled himself at her grabbing her. Terrified she began screaming, before her bodyguard and the detective could react, the little man had disappeared into a darkened alley. According to Moller this is not the first time she had seen such entity.
     HC addition # 3636
     Source: Paranigma Chile Type: E

34. Location. Not given
     Date: April 1997 Time: night

The witness was with her 14-year old son in the kitchen when they saw a flash of white light that entered the house through a large bay window and flooded the entire area. It was suddenly gone. Another beam of light was now seen entering through the living room window. Her terrified son pleaded with her not to go outside. There was apparently a memory loss.
Later after finding a scar on her arm, she was able to recall being strapped into a bucket seat with her son sitting to her right. Her son was thrashing about screaming, while a tall gray hooded figure was drawing fluid from her arm. The figure was at least 7-feet tall, very thin, with long thin arms and fingers, two of them and one thumb. It had large black eyes void of emotion.
He had no hair and his head widen at the top with crevices running long ways from top to bottom. He had no nose, just two holes, and a slit for a mouth that never once opened. She could not recall anything else. But possibly involved in other incidents.
     HC addition # 3931
     Source: CAUS Type: G

35. Location. Not given
     Date: April 11 1997 Time: 0545A

The witness had been sitting at the table getting ready to go to work when suddenly in a vision like trance he found himself standing next to a mountain, in a desert type surrounding. He then saw what appeared to be white bubbles floating toward him. He then heard a noise behind him and saw other people standing with him. As the globes approached he could see what looked like humans inside of them. 
The globes were almost transparent, and glowed with a white light. There were eight of them, but only seven had people in them, the eighth was empty but much larger. As the globes came to the ground, they disappeared and the beings that were in them were suddenly standing in front of the group. There were 3 women and 4 men; they glowed with light all around them. 
The witness and some of the others kneeled down and asked the beings who they were. He received the answer "We are Messengers of God." A lengthily conversation about religion and dire future events for the human race ensued.
     HC addition # 2859
     Source: Starfriends Type: G?

36. Location. Bridgeton, New Jersey
     Date: April 15 1997 Time: night

The main witness reported seeing red and white lights flashing outside her home. She remembers seeing a hundred white lights moving in unison like a swarm of bees each carrying its own light in formation. She then experienced three hours of missing time. 
She remembered seeing a man inside a plastic like column filled with liquid and blue electricity flowing through it. She woke up violently ill with a scar on her face. At the same time her next-door neighbor woke up with terrible facial burns. He had no recollection of anything.
     HC addition # 3131
     Source: New Jersey Mufon Type: G?

37. Location. Near Longview Texas
     Date: April 28 1997 Time: 2200

The witness was traveling on a business trip when he had a flat tire. A truck driver stopped to assist when they became aware of an object about 100 yards away. There appeared to be figures in white clothing moving inside the craft. The object was circular and emitted an occasional flash of light. 
The truck driver walked over to the object in order to obtain a closer look when he suddenly ran back in fear yelling that they had to leave the location fast. Both got into the truck and began speeding away. The object silently passed over the truck and quickly flew out of sight.
     HC addition # 3121
     Source: Mark Harman in, UFO Times # 1 Type: A

38. Location. Near Campinas, Brazil
     Date: early May 1997 Time: night

During a spate of bizarre animal mutilations in the area a woman in a rural area reported seeing a six-foot six-inch tall creature, very thin, with small forearms and long claws and of a dark gray color. No other information.
     HC addition # 2637
     Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 2 # 20 Type: E

39. Location. Ness Tziona, Israel
     Date: May 1997 Time: night

On several occasions the witness was lying on her bed and in a dream like state saw the presence of tall longhaired humanoids, with a stunted nose and giant nostrils, that would come into her room. At times she felt a smothering, heavy feeling in the atmosphere, and a very strong horrid stench would cover the house.
For several days afterwards the house experienced electrical blackouts whose cause was never determined. She was also visited by short, bald headed skinny humanoids with huge eyes. Other strange events were reported including unexplained noises and strange circular marks on the ground that exuded a putrid smell.
     HC addition # 3910
     Source: Barry Chamish Type: E

40. Location. Grimaldi-Ventimiglia Italy
     Date: May 7 1997 Time: night

A student traveling on an isolated road reported seeing a tall hairy creature with a gorilla-like body and a human-like head, standing on the side of the road. No other information.
     HC addendum
     Source: CUN Genova Type: E

41. Location. Gilroy California
     Date: May 9 1997 Time: 2245

Several witnesses were driving outside the Junior College and had parked on a dead end road for a rest stop. As one of them was coming back from relieving himself, the others inside the car pointed to a glowing humanoid figure standing near the car. He jumped into the car and they all quickly drove away from the area. No other information.
     HC addition # 2633
     Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World Type: E

42. Location. Bloomington Indiana
     Date: May 19 1997 Time: 0015A

Local Ufologist John Tosti & two other men saw several bright objects hovering over a local power plant. Tosti decided to drive to isolated Snoddy Road and attempted to signal the objects by using a flashlight. Two of the objects descended to his position. As one object approached his vehicle, the engine and electrical system sputtered. 
Tosti was able to make out a disc-shaped metallic object, with a round small dome and even a smaller dome on top. A blue glow emanated from the bottom of the craft. Around the middle of the craft was a row of square window, showing a yellow to amber ambient light within. Inside the craft he saw the silhouettes of several individuals with large heads.
He attempted to communicate by waving his arms, but was apparently ignored. Two smaller bright spherical objects emerged from the disc, which then shot up at very high speed, joining the other objects in the sky. The objects then left the area.
     HC addition # 2630
     Source: UFO Roundup, unknown volume # Type: A

43. Location. Barrio Mameyes de Utuado, Puerto Rico
     Date: late May 1997 Time: 2100

Miguel Calderon was driving in his Jeep in an isolated road when about 100 feet away, he saw two child like figures wearing silvery clothing standing in the middle of the roadway. The figures were about 3-feet tall, and the silvery outfits were tight fitting, ending in turtlenecks. 
Their skin was pale-yellow in color and both had large black slanted eyes. One of the figures lifted its right hand and the Jeep suddenly stalled, and its lights dimmed. The stunned witness watched as the short being lowered its hand and both then suddenly lifted up into the sky without any apparent means of propulsion and disappeared into the darkness. 
At this point the witness was able to re-start its Jeep. The witness also noticed that the beings wore silvery gloves.
     HC addition # 3369
     Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 21 Type: E

44. Location. Gulf Breeze Florida
     Date: June 1997 Time: 0315A

A couple staying at a local motel had been out most of the night looking for UFOs at a local hot spot and were now resting. Suddenly the wife woke up with a strange metallic taste in her mouth. The husband nudged her and pointed out two figures standing by the window. 
One of the figures was holding a small black box in its right hand and was pointing it at the couple. They sensed that the box was used to put them in a trance like state. The figures were described as about 6-feet tall, slender built, and were wearing robes. No facial features could be seen.
     HC addition # 3876
     Source: CAUS Type: E

45. Location. Santa Rosa, Argentina
     Date: June 1997 Time: 0600A

The witness and his wife were walking back to their homes along a wooded path when his wife went on ahead. She arrived home and waited for the witness who never arrives. He is later found wandering on a field about a mile away at a place called Monte Pardo.
He does not remember how he got there. His only memory is of seeing two very tall men wearing silvery outfits who silently look at him. He walked away and did not see the two tall men depart.
     HC addition # 3462
     Source: Gustavo Cia, El Fuego del Dragon # 3, November 1998 Type: E?

46. Location. Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii
     Date: June 1997 Time: night

Ruth Trimble and a friend had gone out camping at the foot of the volcano and were sleeping in her tent when she noticed a host of light colored beings approaching her. She then lost all conscious memory till next morning; finding her socks totally soaked and two puncture wounds on her left leg.
     HC addition # 3874
     Source: CAUS Type: G?

47. Location. Cubatao, Brazil
     Date: June 1997 Time: 2100

During a dance at a local club, security guard Rogerio Lascoski noticed a figure that suddenly appeared in the dance floor (no one saw the stranger come in). The figure moved in bizarre synchronized movements in the middle of the dance floor. It was described as very a very thin humanoid and appeared to be dragging its feet when it moved. 
As Rogerio approached the figure he noticed that it wore a beige colored outfit that seemed to wrap around its body. It resembled a very dark woman, about 1.5 meters in height, large dark eyes, with no whites and a small nose. Thinking that it was some type of vagrant Rogerio threatened to call the police but the stranger ignored him. The visitor then walked out followed by the witness that heard a phrase in his mind to the effect of "I come from God."
The figure then walked to a nearby curve at the end of the street and was joined by two more similar figures. They stood one on each side of the first one then walked into the darkness again using strange synchronized movements. At the club, a lot of those present expressed their concern and disbelief as to the strange visitor. Incredibly some of those present did not see the figure at all.
     HC addendum
     Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia Type: E

48. Location. Virginia, exact location not given
     Date: June 1997 Time: 2350

Late at night the witness was walking through the woods. He stopped at a clearing for a breather when he noticed a strange shaped craft overhead, which he assumed it to be an experimental craft of the military. It then descended lower and hovered over some nearby trees across from him, at this point the witness noticed that it was a saucer shaped craft. 
Through lighted windows he could see beings that looked like children with large heads peering at him. The witness attempted to run but suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He spun around to face a little man with big black eyes and gray skin. Paralyzed with fear he head the being speak to him in apparent English. He was told that he had "to find the others." His next recollection is of waking up in his bed.
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC Type: A & C

49. Location. San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico
     Date: June 20 1997 Time: 0100A

The witness was driving back home from work when she noticed a strange figure standing on top of the gate of the local cemetery. The figure was human shaped, dark in color and had large red glowing eyes. The witness shone the headlights at the figure and it jumped from the gate on top of the vehicle apparently cracking a windshield. 
The witness reported seeing three long sharp nails on the creature's hands, large oval red eyes, and lots of hair. The creature then ran away from the area.
     HC addition # 3363
     Source: NUFORC Type: E

50. Location. Dunkinsville, Ohio
     Date: June 26 1997 Time: 0100A

The witness was watching television when she heard her dogs barking outside. When she turned the porch light on, she observed a strange "creature" along side the pond in her front yard about 30 feet away. The creature was about 3-4 feet tall, gray in color. It had large dark eyes and rounded ears extended above the head. It had long arms and a short tail.
It was emitting a gurgling sound. The creature appeared to have hair or fur all over its body. It looked at the witness for a few seconds then headed towards a tent on the southern part of the pond. It kind of "skipped" when it moved and appeared to walk on his hind legs while using the "knuckles" on its front arms on the ground. 
When it reached the tent it again looked at the witness, at this time the dogs starting chasing after it, but the witness called them back. The creature was last seen moving along a barbwire fence. Shortly afterwards the witness heard a screeching sound from that direction.
     HC addition # 2796
     Source: Ron Schaffner Type: E

51. Location. Puerto Rico, exact location not given
     Date: June 26 1997 Time: 0300A

The witness, "Belen" suddenly woke up suffering from an attack of tachi-cardia, her legs were also numb, and they felt as if they were swollen. In a while she was able to move. Her left ear was bothering and she had a nosebleed. She went to the bathroom and suddenly had a "flashback" of events that preceded her waking up. She remembered lying on a floating stainless steel table. 
She saw three little men around her. They wore white coveralls with a red star-like insignia on their chests. One stood on her left the other on her right side and the other one at her feet. They were all thin and small. They seemed to be doing something to her but she felt no pain and was unafraid. A strange beam of light emanated from the eyes of the little man that stood in front of her. They told her he was "measuring the degree of vision." 
     HC addendum
     Source: Lucy Guzman Pla Type: G

52. Location. Fort Benning, Georgia
     Date: July 1 1997 Time: midnight

The witness woke up in the middle of the night to see two strange looking creatures standing at the foot of the bed. They were described as tall, gray in color, with large heads, apparently not wearing any clothing. The beings apparently communicated by using telepathy and approached the witness. 
One of them apparently had sexual intercourse with the witness. His wife slept through out the whole episode. No other information.
     HC addition # 3362
     Source: NUFORC Type: E

53. Location. Tblisi, Georgia (Russia)
     Date: July 3 1997 Time: late night

The witness woke up in the middle of night to see two figures dressed in black standing next to his bed. They seemed to be wearing polished visors, and no facial features could be seen. They began communication with the witness with telepathy. He saw in his mind a quadrangular picture and a spiral. 
They told him, he had been implanted with such equipment. A device they were going to use to be able to contact him in the future. They also said that it was so small that nothing could detect it. The next day he felt an itch on his stomach. He was surprised to find the numbers "2725" neatly edged on his stomach.
     HC addition # 3818
     Source: GUFOA Type: E

54. Location. South Armagh, Ireland
     Date: July 13 1997 Time: late night

SAS troops on an ambush patrol against IRA gunmen, were stunned to see four small gray humanoids walk up from behind a hillside and cross their path. The soldiers and the gray entities stared at each other for a few minutes, and then the gray figures vanished. Minutes later the soldiers saw a flash of light in the sky. The soldiers then abandoned their stakeout.
     HC addition # 2627
     Source: United Kingdom UFO Network # 78 Type: D?

55. Location. Los Angeles, California
     Date: July 23 1997 Time: 1330

The witness was walking on busy Wilshire Blvd, when she looked up, and saw hovering between two buildings a large metallic hat shaped object, with several portholes around its rim. It was completely silent. As the witness stared at the object she felt some type of mental communication from it. Several nights later in a dream like state she remembered being in a round room with windows around it.
She could see the skyline of West Los Angeles. She was apparently there with her sister and two nieces. Each of them had an instructor or guide. Her instructor was a very handsome man, with shoulder length blonde hair, about 32 years old, with a bare chest. He was loving, gentle, and kind. He had beautiful skin and smelled wonderful. 
Apparently she was taught many different things, one of them was that there was no such thing as time that it was a concept that earthlings only believe in and had grown accustomed to it. She remembers going up in the room in a spinning motion. They looked down and could see the San Bernardino Mountains.
     HC addition # 3585
     Source: NUFORC Type: G

56. Location. Ochopee Florida
     Date: July 28 1997 Time: 2130

After numerous reports of encounters with tall hairy bipeds in the area, one of the witnesses, Dave Shealy, who had collected hair samples and taken plaster casts of prints, was sitting in his trailer when heard a knock at the door. Answering he was confronted by two tall men wearing "English style felt hats" and sunglasses. They entered the trailer and produced badges, but Shealy could not see the agency on them, and began asking questions about the recent sightings regarding the hairy humanoids. 
They requested to see the hair samples and plaster casts. As soon as he brought the hair samples one of them took it and said they were going to have it analyzed and left. The next day around 0300A about 8 large helicopters that were circling over the nearby Turner River Swamp awakened him.
     HC addition # 2654
     Source: Rick Grootveldt & Newspaper reports Type: E

57. Location. Quebec, Canada, exact location not given
     Date: August 1997 Time: late night

The witness was in the bedroom when he saw a green humanoid head come out of the wall. It stared at the witness who felt a very icy feeling. No other information.
     HC addition # 3220
     Source: Canadian UFO Survey 1997 Type: E

58. Location. Brooksville, Florida
     Date: August 1997 Time: midnight

Two witnesses encountered a dark being with glowing red eyes that approached their beds as they slept. One witness was frightened and hid under the covers; he then heard a telepathic message. The other witness reported that the being approached and scratched him with a blade like instrument. He saw the being walked away then apparently stumble, he then went to sleep. One of the witnesses woke up the next morning with deep scratches on his chest.
     HC addition # 2792
     Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & The World Type: E

59. Location. Near Amado, Arizona
     Date: first week of August 1997 Time: late afternoon

A man driving down a narrow desolated two-lane road was going through an area of eight to ten foot embankments on both sides of the road. Suddenly something leaped from the top of the embankment on the left side and landed in the middle of the road about 30 yards ahead of the vehicle. Its legs were scrambling to get a grip and it then leaped or flew to the top of the embankment on the right side of the road. Then it disappeared. 
The creature was described as about four feet tall and bipedal. Its legs were large and muscular with big thighs. Its feet were round, but the witness did not see if they were clawed or hoofed. It had a narrow waist area with a much larger round chest. It had two slims arms with claws for hands with bat type wings that went from underneath the arms to about the waist area. Its neck was skinny, but the witness did not get to see its head as the sun glare blocked his view. 
The color of the creature was deep brown with a dark green tone under the wings. It was leathery with no fur and it had no spikes or anything from its spine noticeable.
     HC addition # 2801
     Source: Nick Wyatt Type: E

60. Location. Near Sioux City Iowa
     Date: August 7 1997 Time: 2130

A 22-year old man and an 11-year old relative were driving home when the younger one spotted a triangular shaped object in the sky. The craft was about 500 feet away at about 200 feet altitude and seemed to be moving parallel to the road. It appeared to be about 60 feet in length. As the witness drove through a heavily wooded area of hills, deep ravines and winding roads, the craft crossed the road just behind their vehicle and disappeared toward the west.
When they turned onto the road leading to their farmhouse, a "strange animal" bumped into the car's passenger door. It was described as something resembling a snarling hyena, with big red lights in place of eyes and huge teeth offset a short, pointed nose and small ears. The fur was tan, striped, and spotted with black; it had taut, bulging muscles all over its body. Arriving home the witnesses and other family members watched a larger triangular shaped craft moving very slowly at about 300 feet altitude. 
Then it hovered for 15 minutes before leaving. Since the sighting, the younger boy has had repeated dreams featuring "large heads with no faces." The previous night the Sioux City police dept received numerous calls about a hairy Bigfoot type creature in the area of 17th street in the city's Northside section. On September 19 the man again saw a similar or same creature. 
     HC addition # 2813
     Source: Mufon Iowa Type: C?

61. Location. Smerwick, County Kerry, Ireland
     Date: August 9 1997 Time: 1600

Kathleen O'Shea was walking during a dark rainy day, when it began to pour, as she ran for shelter, a giant black bat-like creature few up in front of her. She screamed and fell forward. When she opened her eyes the creature was gone.
     HC addition # 3936
     Source: Doc Shiels in: Blather Type: E

62. Location. Gull Lake, Manitoba, Canada
     Date: August 20 1997 Time: unknown

Several witnesses claimed they saw a green luminous craft crash into the woods. Upon investigating they saw a huge hairy man-like figure apparently standing guard next to a crashed object. The witnesses then apparently left the area. No other information.
     HC addition # 3219
     Source: UFOROM Type: H or C?

63. Location. Near Red Wing, Colorado
     Date: August 22 or 23 1997 Time: unknown

Witnesses reported a C-131 transport plane dropping a "huge box" just north of the Atlantic Richfield CO2 plant in Huerfano County. Several locals set off to investigate. Several of them then saw two men wearing "jet-packs" on their backs flying up and down, around and between Sheep and Little Sheep Mountain, apparently looking for something. 
Other witnesses saw a craft that had the appearance of a large clear bubble. From the bottom of the bubble sparks were being emitted with a "clattering sound." A witness evidently fired a gun at the strange object as it passed overhead, and later that evening he was confronted and then accosted by three men (not described). The men wrestled him to the ground and one of them grabbed his neck and he was immediately rendered unconscious.
     HC addition # 2870
     Source: Christopher O'Brien Type: D?

64. Location. Mesita, Colorado
     Date: August 22 1997 Time: night

After watching a huge golden colored light hovering over the area, witness Thomas Peay claimed to have then experienced three concurrent nights of lucid dreams featuring "aliens" and being taken out through the window and into a small object then taken into a larger object. The aliens are not described.
     HC addition # 2870
     Source: Christopher O'Brien Type: G?

65. Location. Vegas de Diuca, Chile
     Date: August 23 1997 Time: afternoon

Several locals, including Jose Estrada & Nicolasa Estrada witnessed near a local hill a small robotic figure that moved in quick jerky jumps, it seemed to be reddish yellow in color. It would take quick short flights over the fields then fall down and land. It seemed to have a rounded head with a hole like eye on the center. It had a "tail" like protrusion on its rear and two antennas like protrusions on top. 
Two of the witnesses, one armed with a shotgun approached to within 10 meters of the figures. Around the same time other locals reported seeing slow moving lights low over the area.
     HC addition # 3903
     Source: UFOPR Type: D

66. Location. Marshalltown, Iowa
     Date: September 9 1997 Time: 2300

The witness stepped out of her mobile home to get a breath of fresh air on her lattice-enclosed patio. As she did, she saw an object which had either landed or hovered very close to her nearby neighbor's mobile home roof and was facing her. She could see a large curved window with a thin strip down the middle, and there was a bright spotlight shining from the lower front of the object.
No sound was heard. She then noticed a "pilot" with something fitted over his head, like a form fitting mask, which was motionless. She could not distinguish any features. Then, two doors swung open and several small entities exited. She could not see their shapes or how they moved. The bright light was directed at her and she thought she was being watched. Frightened she went back into the house and noticed that the beam of light was now illuminated its interior. 
The witness continued to watch the object as it moved around the trailer court, occasionally stopping, hovering, and shining its light on various mobile homes.
     HC addition # 2904
     Source: Beverly Trout, Mufon Type: A & B

67. Location. Near Punta Arenas, Chile
     Date: September 22 1997 Time: 2300

Enriquez Bermudez Sosa had parked his car in a wooded area to do some sky watching, when suddenly he heard a skittering noise and saw several small humanoid figures running around his car. The beings were 3-feet 4 inches tall, had long arms, short legs, and big heads. No facial features could be seen. He saw eight in all. The beings surrounded the vehicle for 40 minutes, then vanished into the woods. The witness then drove away at high speed from the area.
     HC addition # 2733
     Source: UFO Roundup, Unknown volume Type: E

68. Location. Penuelas, Puerto Rico
     Date: September 26 1997 Time: 2200

Ivan Rivero Morales and several other witnesses watched an object flying around a nearby mountaintop for about an hour and then land on the summit. The intensity of its light dwindled to a soft amber glow, which it retained during the duration of its landing.
To the witnesses surprise that were watching the object with binoculars and telescopes, a number of tall beings, described as greenish with large oval shaped heads, black eyes, pointed ears and a protruding belly descended from the object and walked around the summit for one hour. After this length of time had elapsed, the beings re-entered the craft and its brilliance increased to previous levels, it then vanished in a matter of seconds.
     HC addition # 3184
     Source: Federico Alvarez Frank Type: B

69. Location. Penuelas, Puerto Rico
     Date: September 27 1997 Time: night

Local residents again watched an object land on the summit of a nearby mountain, but this time it was accompanied by another, smaller object. The large object landed on the same spot it had occupied on the previous evening, and its tall greenish occupants descended once more from within. 
On this occasion, the beings, described again as having protruding bellies, long thin arms, large oval shaped heads, with pointed ears, remained outside for two hours, while the smaller object remained motionless over the location. After two hours both objects rose into the air and vanished from the location. The only means of access to the mountain top its by helicopter.
     HC addition # 3185
     Source: Federico Alvarez Frank Type: B

70. Location. Near Punta Arenas, Chile
     Date: September 30 1997 Time: 2330

Dr. Carlos Munoz and Enrique Bermudez were parked in an isolated wooded area and had stepped out of the car when they suddenly heard something moving close to them. They could perceive small shadows nearby. Then they saw about 30 meters away a fluorescent tube like light in a vertical position suspended about 1 meter from the ground. It appeared to be pulsating and was red & white in color. 
They ran to the car and grabbed the camcorder in a futile attempt to film the object. Both then entered the vehicle and drove away. Suddenly they heard a loud engine sound and a black sports vehicle with tinted windows drove past them at high speed. At the same time their vehicle's instruments malfunctioned.
     HC addition # 2734
     Source: UFO Roundup, unknown number Type: C?

71. Location. Not given
     Date: October 1997 Time: 0245A

The witness woke up in the middle of the night when suddenly she heard a buzzing sound coming from outside. As she laid there the sound got louder and louder until it was in her bedroom. She sat up but as she did, she instantly fell asleep, but as she was lying down she saw six figures, three on each side of the bed. 
She described them as about 3-4-feet tall with large heads and very large eyes; they appeared to be grayish green in color. They also had very thin bodies and long fingers. Before she totally went to sleep she felt something touch her leg and arm.
     HC addition # 3879
     Source: CAUS Type: E

72. Location. Silicon Valley, California
     Date: October 1997 Time: early morning

Joseph Firmage woke up to see a bizarre man-like being surrounded in a brilliant white light. The being had black hair and a beard. Telepathic communication ensued between the witness and the visitor. At the end of their brief communication the witness expressed the fact that he wanted to "travel in space." 
The visitor then stared at him firmly and suddenly a small blue electrical sphere emerged form the visitor and shot towards the witness who upon being struck by the sphere felt an extraordinary sense of ecstasy and pleasure. The being apparently then disappeared. The witness felt as if had received some type of gift.
     HC addition # 3381
     Source: Enrique De Vicente, Ano Cero 7-99 Type: E

73. Location. Raahe, Finland
     Date: October 3 1997 Time: 1600

Osmo Kurkela was walking home from school when he saw a red light in the sky that was coming straight down towards him. It stopped ten meters from the witness then landed. The object was 5 meters long & 10 meters wide. Three human-like beings came out, one of them apparently a woman. 
Osmo ran home and attempted to hide. Next he recalled being taken from his home and into the object. Apparently sperm samples were taken from the witness.
     HC addition # 2840
     Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World Type: G

74. Location. Tulkarem, Israel
     Date: October 10 1997 Time: afternoon

Muhand Faras, 16, was walking home from school when he came upon a strange man-sized figure, dark green in color, with a strange growth on its face. The figure had two tiny hands with 3 fingers on each with long fingernails. It made a threatening gesture towards Muhand screamed in an unintelligible language then flew up into the sky and vanished.
     HC addition # 2732
     Source: UFO Roundup, unknown number Type: E

75. Location. Tulkarem, Israel
     Date: October 10 1997 Time: sundown

Local engineer, Raid A'anam saw a black creature in the sky. He told police investigators, that he saw the outline of the figure and that it was human with two arms and two legs. It flew fast over the area, quickly disappearing from sight.
     HC addition # 3774
     Source: Israeli UFO Research Type: E

76. Location. Duncan, Oklahoma
     Date: October 15 1997 Time: 0215A

The witness suddenly woke up in the middle of the night feeling a strange presence in the room. An odd feeling swept through his body forcing him to close his eyelids. His next memory was of being awake at 0515A, with a strange presence still in the room, once again he was forced to close his eyelids. He then woke up in the morning and was able to recall standing naked in an oval shaped metal room with small windows in the top right hand corner.
Directly behind him there was a large door where the two oval walls met. In the middle of the room there was an odd looking operating table with two needle devices on robotic arms sticking out of the side. This was apparently the only object in the room. Afraid he began banging on the large door, demanding to be let out. He could hear voices in the background in his head. He was then told by an angry male voice in his head to either lay down on the table or someone he loves would get hurt.
He did as he was told. He was asked to lay down in such a manner that his left hand lower back was exposed to the two needles like objects. One of the objects had a clear window on it and he could see, some clear liquid inside. At the base of the needle there was a triangle shaped piece of metal and two rectangle designs on both sides of the objects. He was then told by a more friendly female voice that he will feel no pain but would feel his legs go numb and would feel paralyzed and unable to move. 
Suddenly the robotic arm moved closer to his back and suddenly plunged into his lower left hand side of his back. He felt the clear liquid being pushed into his body. He then felt paralyzed, after a minute the needle began sucking instead of injecting. It then moved back and the second needle then approached and performed the same operation. He woke up the next morning feeling some pain in his lower back with a triangular shaped imprint on it.
     HC addition # 3202
     Source: NUFORC Type: G

77. Location. Dir Al Awsan, Israel
     Date: October 16 1997 Time: night

A young girl, Suha A'anam was standing on her second floor balcony when suddenly an unknown alien figure, (not described) began pulling on her left arm. She screamed hysterically, alerting neighbors to the scene. She was taken to nearby Tulkarem hospital with scratches to her arm. 
A neighbor told the police that she heard a noise like a helicopter, looked out her window and saw "a whirlpool in the air, spreading ash everywhere" opposite to the witness balcony.
     HC addition # 3773
     Source: Israeli UFO Research Type: G? Attempt

78. Location. Crofton Maryland
     Date: October 19 1997 Time: 0200A

The witness heard a strange noise in the kitchen, thinking it was the cat she went to investigate. At the entrance to the kitchen she encountered several humanoids, described as about 5-foot tall, with pale grayish skin, and large black eyes. As the startled witness watched, the humanoids seemed to inspect the silverware tray, sliding it back & forth.
Suddenly one of the humanoids turned and saw the witness who promptly fainted. After a few moments she came to lying on the floor of the kitchen, she looked up and saw three humanoids apparently huddled together. Feeling a surge of terror the witness fainted again, not before seeing a silvery flashing sphere hovering over her.
     HC addition # 3193 Type: E

79. Location. New Jersey, exact location not given
     Date: October 24 1997 Time: 0400A

The witness, who for more than a month had been seeing, three dimensionally solid but transparent, boomerang shaped objects flying at very low altitudes over her house and yard, had invited investigator Harold Egeln over to discuss the matter. Around 0330A they retired to bed. Soon her 5-year-old daughter abruptly woke up from a sound sleep, frightened by mysterious knocking sounds she heard in her bedroom. She went to sleep again at 0400A, when the witness heard her scream again. She ran to her bedroom nearly colliding with her, apparently the lights in her bedroom kept turning on and off.
As the witness reached for the light switch everything turned deep, dark velvet black, there was an apparent power outage in the neighboring area. At this point Harold had woken up and was looking out the window where they noticed a beam of white light that emanated directly from above the house. After several minutes the witness and her daughter went back to bed. Soon a bright white light appeared in the bedroom window, and she noticed that her daughter was fast asleep. Turning back towards the light she was startled to see a tall, thin grayish yellow being, standing beside the bed.
She then heard the following words in her head: "I am Dralov, I come as representative of the Sirian Arcturian Coalition for Interplanetary Defense." The witness felt her body become very light and saw her sleeping daughter being levitated from her bed. In a trance like state they were escorted toward the hallway. In the living room they met Harold. Soon they left the house with a group of people all seemingly human, who waited in the corner, clearly illuminated by a bright white light from above the house. Someone in the crowd waved at Harold, and the three of them were led around the back of the house to a nearby vacant lot where a blue beam of light enveloped them and transported them up to a large craft that hovered just above the roof top.
Onboard the craft Harold was surrounded by a group of small "little gray humanoids" who apparently knew him, and he walked off with them smiling. A tall gray being in a silvery white robe took the witness daughter hand and led her away, The witness stood with Dralov, and he pointed to an arched doorway that suddenly became visible as it opened. Telepathically Dralov told the witness that an Elder would like to see her, before the presentation. The Elder was a short being with large blue eyes and a black robe. He sat near a small, half circle table in a white, domed room and gestured for the witness to sit next to him on a white step like seat that protruded from the wall. 
The Elder touched the witness on her right hand and she noticed that he had a small thumb and three fingers of nearly equal length. He communicated with her telepathically. She was later taken into a large auditorium type room, in a diamond shaped transparent elevator. In the large room she saw other humans, including one that resembled Whitley Strieber (!). Among other revelations she was told that she was onboard a starship called Ashalum and there were many different races of "extraterrestrials" visiting the Earth and that there was a struggle among certain groups for control.
     HC addition # 3958
     Source: UFO PI Type: G

80. Location. La Grange George
     Date: early winter 1997 Time: 0200A

A man reported three silvery dark beings about 4 feet tall entered his home by coming through his bedroom wall. He suddenly became paralyzed. The entities then took him through his bedroom wall. The entities seemed to have had ceramic like skin with no seams or wrinkles. The witness thought they might have been some type of solid form of energy.
Most of his glimpses of the humanoids were distorted "like looking at coins in a deep pool of water." He was unable to discern any facial features, but the beings were humanoid in shape. They had arms and legs but strangely their hands seemed club-like except when they sometimes showed "webbed" digits. On coming outside into his backyard, he saw the outlines of a huge saucer shaped object. It seemed to be hovering above some nearby trees. A portion of the dark craft hung down immediately behind his house.
Behind this portion of the craft a light emerged and in an instant the witness and the entities were inside the craft. The interior of the craft was brilliantly lit, and the witness could see humanoids everywhere. He was put on an examination table. He was able to see dozens of other people on similar tables. Machines with long arms, similar to x-ray machines were moving around the tables. 
A probe thumped his right front calf. He was then flipped over and something thumped his buttocks. A mechanical arm also grabbed the crown of his head. The beings around him seemed to be speaking in a low unintelligible language. He woke up late the next morning with several painful marks on his body.
     HC addition # 3375
     Source: John C Thompson ISUR Type: G

81. Location. Near Peebles Ohio
     Date: November 1997 Time: mid day

Two hunters (using bow & arrow) observed what appeared to be a large dark figure "walking or running" across a field. The creature traversed the area at an "astonishing speed." At other times strange "yelping" sounds have been heard in the area.
     HC addition # 2938
     Source: Mike Stevens Type: E

82. Location. Maybrook, New York
     Date: November 7 1997 Time: night

The young witness woke up to see three strange glowing white bowling pin shaped figures hovering over the floor in front of the bathroom door. For five minutes he watched the glowing figures then hid under the covers. He did not see the creatures depart. 
     HC addendum
     Source: NUFORC Type: E

83. Location. Near Wanneroo Western Australia
     Date: November 12 1997 Time: 2015

The two witnesses were driving through a very isolated area just past the Yanchep National Park and had the high beams on since it was a very dark & cold night. Suddenly the witnesses had to come to a an abrupt stop when a kangaroo jumped into the street right in front of their vehicle, it then scurried away. As they were getting ready to drive away both heard a pig-like squeal. 
Curious one the witnesses grabbed a flashlight and went into the brush to investigate. As he got to the edge of the brush about 2 meters from the car he was stunned to see a bizarre creature standing five meters from him next to a gum tree. The witness crouched down to see a creature with two huge red piercing eyes. He then heard the pig like squeal sound again & the creature moved sideways becoming illuminated by the vehicle's high beams, the witness could now hear his friend yelling at him from inside the car. 
As the creature emerged from the brush the witness could see that it had a hairy body, a large head & large teeth. The creature gave out very strong sulfur like smell. It kind of half walked, bobbing up and down as if sniffing the air. It had no tail & large pointy ears, a pug-like nose & was about 5-feet tall. It made horrible snorting & squealing sounds. As the witnesses drove away the creature leaped up into the air and into a nearby gum tree.
     HC addition # 3140
     Source: Sightings Homepage Type: E

84. Location. Near Attica, Indiana
     Date: November 22 1997 Time: 0550A

A deer hunter was standing in his tree stand holding a 12 gauge rifled barrel shotgun, when suddenly he heard a deep evil-sounding voice. It sounded like a "demon" taking deep breaths, amplified in comparison to anything he had ever heard. After two deep exhales it started to snort and bellow. 
He looked in the direction in which the sound was coming from and caught a glimpse of a dark figure about 7 to 9 feet tall, standing upright. As he looked at it through his riflescope it bellowed even louder. The hunter quickly left the area but heard similar sounds 20 minutes later.
     HC addition # 3056
     Source: BFRO Type: E

85. Location. Miami Florida
     Date: November 22 1997 Time: 2325

The witness was in bed with her eyes open facing a window with mini-blinds that were opened. She saw a fog form outside and rolls into her room. Inside the fog she could see three beings with large eyes, floating above the floor. She also saw a face near her head at about shoulder level. 
The head was oval shaped, with small shoulders & almond shaped eyes. Suddenly the beings disappeared & the witness got up, went to the bathroom then back to sleep forgetting the entire episode until the next day.
     HC addition # 2869
     Source: Skyscan January 1998 Type: E

86. Location. Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
     Date: November 23 1997 Time: 1920

Two witnesses were standing outside their basement apartment when a black 5-foot tall figure passed about 15 feet before them, "at very high speed" along a concrete driveway after coming out of the bushes of a park. There was no sound or odors. It was dark, and the figure was determined by the way it blocked out the light behind it. One of the witnesses had recently lost 3 cats in the area that had been apparently mutilated.
     HC addition # 2753
     Source: UFO BC Canada Type: E

87. Location. Taos County, New Mexico
     Date: December 10 1997 Time: 0630A

Ricardo Alfonso was driving to work to the Taos elementary school when he saw a metallic silvery object hovering over a nearby field. He stopped his truck to investigate. As he got closer he hid behind a bush for a few minutes until the craft disappeared. 
As he sat there pondering what had happened a bright beam of light illuminated him. Then several "little men" appeared around him, everything then went blank. He awoke later face down in the filed completely naked and bruises on his body.
     HC addition # 2481
     Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World Type: G?

88. Location. Lubbock, Texas
     Date: December 12 1997 Time: 0203A

The two young witnesses had stayed up late studying and had gone to bed late. Suddenly a strange silence and bright flashing lights outside the window awakened them both. Frightened they both felt their covers gently drawn from their beds. One of the girls then saw standing at the foot of her bed a tall thin figure with large black shiny eyes. At this point her memory ends. 
The other girl then sees the main witness body rise from the bed and into the waiting arms of a tall thin figure. Another figure then appeared and also carried her into his arms. Unlike her friend she was conscious during this part of the incident. Soon she found herself in a different place, lying on a strange surface that was both hot and cold and surrounded by tall thin figures. She felt a sheet over her body but was unable to move, she could only move her eyes but could not see her friend anywhere. 
But moments later she saw several of the beings carrying her friend's body out of the room. Looking towards the ceiling she an object descend slowly and silently towards her stomach. It resembled a very large needle. At that point she fainted. She woke up in the morning lying next to her friend on the kitchen floor. They could vaguely remember the incident and fund strange marks on their bodies.
     HC addition # 3575
     Source: NUFORC Type: G

89. Location. Saguache County, Colorado
     Date: December 14 1997 Time: 0300A

A witness reported seeing a large triangular shaped craft hovering over a field. It moved slowly over the house then over some grain silos. In then came back over the house and shone a beam of white blue light out of its middle and something like a small figure was taken up into the beam. Lights around its edge flashed in rhythm then it left.
     HC addition # 2874
     Source: Christopher O'Brien Type: B

90. Location. Kenwick, Western Australia
     Date: December 31 1997 Time: 2230

A group of eight children, five boys, and three girls aged from 7 to 13, decided to camp out on the family property. Soon one of the boys, Ryan, noticed to the north west, about two kilometers away, flashes of red light streaking up into the sky and back down again. This went on for some time, and due to the unusual nature of the lights, Ryan called out to the other children to have a look. 
They did watch for some time then went into the tent. About 30 minutes later, Ryan, who had not gone into the tent, was astonished to see a huge illuminated object coming towards him from the direction of the lights. He called out once more for the rest of the children to come out to see. Of the eight children, five saw the object at varying positions in the sky in order of emergence from the tent. The other 3 were either sleep or not interested. As the craft flew directly overhead they could her a swooshing sound. 
All described the object as huge, with three brilliant yellow lights centrally situated underneath the craft in a triangular shape. And small blue, yellow, red, and white lights all around it. All described it as a "square circle shape" from underneath, and having three metallic, or bright silver landing pods. Ryan, who had the best overall view of the object, described a row of large yellow windows. Behind each window was a humanoid, described as having no hair, no clothing, large eyes, thin arms and legs, and potbellies. Behind each figure Ryan could also see some kind of controls. 
What appeared to be an orange window above and below the main row of portholes showed no signs of life. As the object passed directly overhead, it stopped over them for a few seconds. Around the landing gear and the lights swirled a white mist or vapor. The object eventually disappeared from sight.
     HC addition # 3775
     Source: UFORUM in 1998 Journal Type: A

Addendums inserted as they become available.


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