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Humanoid Reports - 1996
Complied By Albert S. Rosales  

Worldwide encounters. Chupacabra mania enveloped parts of South America and the Caribbean. A bizarre cryptic creature, unfortunately named "The Chupacabra" seemed to have been active in different locations in South and Central America. The connection between UFOs and this strange humanoid was obvious in many encounters. Bizarre animals mutilations were attributed to this humanoid. Another strange creature created havoc and spread panic in India during the summer. Landings of strange objects, encounters with other types of humanoids and bizarre abductions stories were reported from many different locations worldwide. Even a Mothman type creature was reported in the state of Washington. During the fall, the occupied Arab territories in Israel became the scene of bizarre and numerous encounters, without precedence. High Strangeness spread throughout the Holy Land like wildfire. 1996 became a landmark year; it was the biggest humanoid wave since the memorable year of 1989.

1. Location. Padova, Italy
    Date: 1996 Time: 0300A

The witness, a psychology student was sleeping along with two other students in a local flat when suddenly he realized he had woken up. He rested, relaxed in bed listening to the heavy breathing of a roommate in the same room. Suddenly from the door in front door, that had been left open, an apparently human-like figure entered. The figure was dressed in white and was not too tall; the witness immediately felt it was a woman. The figure came close to the side of the bed and took the witness left hand and began to pull with certain strength. It seemed that the entity wanted to pull him off the bed. Overcome with terror he began to resist the pull and began to scream wildly. Suddenly he found himself in the same position and the strange white suited entity had disappeared.
    HC addendum
    Source: Archive X Type: E

2. Location. Anapa, Black Sea, Russia
    Date: 1996 Time: daytime

B. Borovikov was hunting sharks in the area and on that particular day had descended to a depth of eight meters. He then saw giant beings rising up from below. He described them as milky white, but with humanoid faces, and something like fish tails. The being ahead of its companions noticed Borovikov, and stopped. It had giant bulging eyes. Two others joined him. The first one waved a membrane hand at the diver, and then all of them approached him and stopped a short distance away. Then they turned around and swam away.
    HC addition # 3511
    Source: Paul Stonehill Type: E

3. Location. Near Bananeiras, Brazil
    Date: 1996 Time: evening

A local farmer saw on top of a large high rock a large bowl shaped craft. Inside the object he saw 3 short men like figures that seemed to be moving around, at times walking in and out of the object. After a few minutes the witness left.
    HC addition # 3656
    Source: CPB UFO Type: B

4. Location. Near Tijucas Brazil
    Date: 1996 Time: 1900

Driving late at night on Route BR-101 near a local bridge, Maria Marlene Carvalho, 27, saw a light in the distance and felt the car suddenly being pulled towards it. The vehicle began to shake, and she lost total control of it as the car slowed to a crawl. Marlene suddenly found herself in a wooded hill surrounded by trees. A tall dark skinned humanoid figure suddenly appeared in front of her. In a deep grave voice the creature introduced itself as "Dakon." The tall humanoid had large green glowing eyes. She seemed to black out and her next recollection was of walking into a police station near the capital. Police later searched the area but were unable to find anything.
    HC addendum
    Source: Diario Catarinese Type: G

5. Location. Cubuy, Puerto Rico
    Date: 1996 Time: night

A man named Argelio, reported that during almost a whole month, at night, he would hear a loud motor-engine like sound, like a car revving up. Then he would see an object surrounded with lights land on a nearby field. Three short humanoids, with large heads and huge shiny eyes would exit the object and walk over to an abandoned hangar where he slept. The little beings would then open the door and go inside and stare at him. At times he would hide but they would still find him. Once he boarded up the hangar but the little men would still stare at him through the cracks and openings. The witness refused to divulge any further information for fear of ridicule.
    HC addition # 3551
    Source: Orlando Pla, Lucy Guzman, Edwin Fontanez UFOPR, Type: B

6. Location. Spokane, Washington
    Date: 1996 Time: 2330

A lone witness spotted a gigantic winged creature flying over the area. The winged creature descended & ascended at a leisure pace. She watched it, stunned as it flew quickly away towards Canada.
    HC addition # 3311
    Source: Contacto # 2, 10-98 Type: E

7. Location. Miami, Florida
    Date. 1996 Time: midnight

The witness was sitting on her couch when she became aware of a small rectangle of light that came in through the closed window, rotating as it moved towards her, edgewise. As she looked into the rectangle she knew that she was somehow looking into another universe. Suddenly from out of the rectangle sprang a being dressed in a bronze or amber suit, wearing a tight helmet. Although she was unable to recall any facial features, she did remember the being's eyes, which were huge and looked directly into hers as it bent over her. She was terrified and unable to move. When she became conscious of her surroundings again it was 0530A.
    HC addition # 3519
    Source: Miami Skyscan Type: E

8. Location. Near Tarbrax Scotland
    Date: 1996 Time: night

Two men driving on the remote A70 road were traveling near the village and observed near a bend on the road a large silver disc-shaped object hovering above them on the road ahead. As they slowed down they became dizzy and eventually seemed to pass by and under the object. They fell in some form of trance state. When they arrived at their destination they noticed they had lost almost two hours of time. They only had vague memories of being taken onboard the object by undescribed humanoids, experimented on and then returned to the vehicle.
    HC addition # 3883
    Source: UFO Scotland Type: G

9. Location. Miami, Florida
    Date: early 1996 Time: late night

A young boy reported being visited always late at night by several short gray humanoids with large heads & huge black eyes. The beings apparently inserted some type of implant. Bloody noses & other physical ailments followed the encounters. X-rays indicted some type of anomalous mass in the brain area. No other information.
    HC addition # 2452
    Source: Hank Worbetz Type: E

10. Location. Zacapa, Guatemala
     Date: January 1996 Time: 0100A

Twice, cattleman Vicente Sosa reported seeing a strange bipedal black hairy creature with a very long tail. One time it stood in front of the witness staring at him with large glowing red eyes. It was apparently winged. Others saw a flying creature shiny black in color with bat-like wings & sky blue eyes. Shots were fired at the creature without apparent effect. A wave of animal mutilations was occurring in the area at the same time.
    HC addition # 2566
    Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 12 Type: E

11. Location. Near Bishop California
     Date: January 1996 Time: night

On two occasions a group of men driving a pick-up truck on an isolated road near their ranch, spotted a small green colored humanoid figure that had the ability to float in mid-air, and hover over the roadway in front of the approaching vehicle. The driver of the vehicle attempted to chase the entity, but it was unable to come near it, as the small figure flew away at incredible speed.
    HC addition # 2240
    Source: Rick Grootveldt, Skip Richards Type: E

12. Location. Monte Carmelo, Vieques Island Puerto Rico
     Date: January 1996 Time: 0400A

Several youngsters returning home in a residential area observed a huge bright light quickly approaching in their direction. To the five witnesses it looked like the "sky had just opened." As the object descended they could see that it was a domed disc shaped craft encased in a reddish foggy glow. It was emitting bright flashes of light and a high frequency humming sound. The craft also had a dome on its bottom and in the center area multi-colored lights rotated. Suddenly the craft divided itself in two and one section flew off towards the nearby Island of Culebra, while the other larger section remained and tilted to one side and flew off towards the west. Before it left, it hovered 300 feet away from the house of two adult witnesses, Carmelo Felix and his wife Maria, that were able to see the upper transparent cupola and inside of it they could see multi-colored flashes of light, plus what appeared to be the constant movement of a shadowy figure.
    HC addendum
    Source: Jorge Martin, Vieques Poligono del tercer Tipo Type: A

13. Location. Campo Rico, Puerto Rico
     Date: January 4 1996 Time: 1900

Madeline Tolentino was driving with her 2-year-old son in her Isuzu Trooper, with the windows rolled down. They were on Route 185 near a horse track called El Comandante when she suddenly smelled something pungent, like sulfur, which irritated her throat. She kept driving and suddenly saw a creature with bright red eyes or emitting a red light or beam from its eyes. It ran across the road in front of the car and disappeared. Very frightened she returned home to tell her husband who came to the area but only smelled the strong odor and did not see the creature.
    HC addition # 2807
    Source: Chat Deetken Type: E

14. Location. Canovanas, Puerto Rico
     Date: January 8 1996 Time: night

Around the same time that a pair of sheep had been killed at a nearby farm, Jose Febo encountered a bizarre creature resting on a tamarind tree. It reportedly had pointed ears, a strange profile, and a shaven head. When it noticed Febo, it jumped off the tree and ran "like a gazelle."
    HC addition # 3283
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E

15. Location. Jardim Andere, Varginha, Brazil
     Date: January 20 1996 Time: 0800A

Hildo Lucio Galindo opened his bathroom window to see a creature with oily dark brown skin crouched in a nearby alleyway. It had very small hands with three extremely long fingers, ran away when Hildo cried out. The creature had no hair or clothing and was about 4-5 feet tall. Later several calls came into the local fire department about some "wild animal" on the loose in the northern area of the park. When the fire department arrived they found the military already on scene. According to other witnesses some children had thrown stones at a strange creature that emitted a soft buzzing sound like a bee. This creature was apparently captured by the military and put in a wooden box with a white plastic canvas cover and transported away by an army truck. Around the same time local residents heard three shots and saw soldiers come out of the woods carrying two campaign sacks. One motionless, the other moving. Sources revealed that the soldiers had shot a creature on the chest and it had died instantly. Others saw army trucks near the woods and others saw two F-5 aircraft moving at a low altitude over the area. It was reported that a total of 8 creatures were captured at the time. 1 dead, 2 injured, and 5 unhurt and living. Earlier that same day, around 0130A two farm workers in the same general area had spotted a group of agitated animals running away from a location, upon closer investigation they saw a gray metallic submarine shaped craft that appeared to be trembling like a curtain and emitting smoke or fog as it descended to at least 5 meters above the ground. Military witnesses later admitted that it had crashed.
    HC addition # 2795
    Source: Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues Type: H

16. Location. Varginha, Brazil
     Date: January 20 1996 Time: 1300

Three girls were walking past a plot of land when they spotted a bizarre looking creature, described as man like but only about 80 cm tall. It had brown skin, bulging red eyes, bulging veins, enormous feet, and three protruding lumps on its head. The being was apparently unclothed and its body seemed covered with oil. The girls panicked and ran away from the area to obtained additional witnesses. Soon units of the local fire department arrived and apparently took the creature into custody. Apparently a similar creature had been captured earlier. The creature emitted a strange buzzing like sound. Others saw strange cigar shaped objects flying low over a field. Later the military apparently took the creature to the nearby city of Campinas.
    HC addition # 2373
    Source: Brazilian UFO Report # 6 Type: D

17. Location. Chandler, Arizona
     Date: January 28 1996 Time: late night

A woman reported a visitation by undescribed "aliens" into her bedroom, which apparently examined her. The next morning she awoke with bizarre scars & other anomalies on her body. No other information.
    HC addition # 2342
    Source: NUFORC Type: E

18. Location. Near Romatambo Peru
     Date: January 31 1996 Time: 0800A

At a remote mountain village several Quechua Indian shepherds tending their flocks watched six objects flying over the area. According to a witness, Silvia Bedoya, 40, the objects apparently emerged from nearby Lake Cococha. The objects formed what seemed a protective circle around a larger mother-ship type object. The flight of the objects illuminated the whole valley in an eerie deep purple type of light. The "mother ship" landed upriver from the village. Soon two occupants emerged from the object. These were described as 3 feet, 3 inches tall, with large oversized heads, long spindly arms and short bandy legs. They wore gunmetal gray helmets and matching one-piece coveralls. The humanoids took out transparent containers and, ignoring the shepherds, collected many samples, like soil, grass, mountain weeds, & water from the nearby river. Soon the humanoids entered the large object and all the objects shot away into space @ high speed.
    HC addition # 2472
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 1 # 15 Type: B

19. Location. Southern California, exact location not given
     Date: late January 1996 Time: night

The main witness, a member of a rock band, was sitting around with some friends after a performance when suddenly he apparently blacked out, his next memory was of waking up mid-afternoon, two days later. His friends apparently blacked out for only 10 minutes, they woke up and could not find him. He noticed he now had a scar on the right forearm and the fingers on his right hand were no longer as agile as they once were. He also found scars in his chest, neck, and legs. He also had vague memories of human-like beings sticking huge needles into him, drawing out fluids and of being cut up and sewn back together again. When he came to, 2 days later he was lying down naked on the porch.
    HC addition # 3224
    Source: Jim Keith Casebook of The Man in Black Type: G?

20. Location. Barretal, Tamaulipas, Mexico
     Date: early February 1996 Time: night

During the same time period that numerous witnesses saw a large disc-shaped craft that emitted a loud humming sound flying at a low altitude over a river, other witnesses encountered a strange being described as short, ape-like, that walked hunched over on two legs, with three large claw-like protrusions on its feet, brown color hair, and huge bright red colored eyes. The strange being gave out a peculiar odor resembling "burnt wood." There were also reports of animal mutilations in the area.
    HC addition # 2948
    Source: Marco A Reynoso Type: D

21. Location. Los Perez, Canovanas, Puerto Rico
     Date: February 1996 Time: 1800

Mary Ann Quinones heard a noise outside her home & went out to her patio to investigate. There a four-foot tall creature covered in black hair confronted her. The creature had huge elongated luminous red eyes, which seemed to illuminate all its surroundings. The creature seemed to be searching for something on the ground. Upon seeing the creature the witness screamed & the creature ran away very quickly from the area.
    HC addition # 2569
    Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 10 Type: E

22. Location. Duxbury, Massachusetts
     Date: February 1996 Time: 2337

Cranberry bog farmer Allen Greenwood was walking along Bay Road, when he spotted an alien craft landing about three hundred meters in front of him. The craft was shaped like a baseball bat and had three chartreuse lights on the wide end. Five small white colored men with large eyes exited the craft and approached Greenwood, at which point he pulled out a handgun and reportedly abducted them by force. He took them to a nearby farm and hid there with the little men. Apparently the National Guard surrounded the property and negotiations were reported between the farmer and the authorities. No other information. (Media hoax?)
    HC addition # 2773
    Source: Duxbury Press Type: B?

23. Location. Carlos Spegazzini, Buenos Aires, Argentina
     Date: February 1996 Time: night

Two young men were walking in a wooded area on a very hot night when they heard noises behind them. Looking back they did not see anything, but one of the witnesses was carrying a flashlight and illuminated the area. They were stunned to see a dead dog on the ground with its jaw apparently preyed opened in an unnatural manner. They inspected the animal and were surprised to see that rigor mortis had apparently set in. Frightened they began walking quickly away from the area; they then heard the noises again. Again they illuminated the area with the flashlight and this time they were stunned to see a dead cat in similar conditions to that of the dog. Afraid they began running away from the area. Suddenly a bizarre creature jumped out of the woods and crossed their path directly in front of them. The creature was described as something resembling a bipedal dog, it had a rounded head, and had what appeared to be two small claw-like protrusions from the top of its chest. Frightened the two witnesses fled the area. One of them returned the next day and found the still there but the cat was missing. Several chickens also turned up dead on a nearby farm.
    HC addition # 3118
    Source: Carlos Alberto Iurchuk Type: E

24. Location. Guatemala City, Guatemala
     Date: February 1996 Time: late night

During a three-night period, Marco Antonio Rodriguez saw at the head of his bed some kind of bluish light projecting a beam onto the cabinet. He then saw a kind of screen and he could see some gray colored short figures, which then approached and circled his bed. His wife sleeping next to him did not see anything. The following night, the beings came closer and inspected his body. He could not move or yell out, he could only move his eyes.
    HC addition # 3790
    Source: J. Antonio Huneeus, Fate Magazine Type: E

25. Location. Thurso, Quebec, Canada
     Date: February 6 1996 Time: 1930

The same night that witnesses saw a large triangular vessel hovering over the town of Buckingham, Quebec, farmer Louis Boisvert, 19, saw a very large metallic triangular craft with a set of red lights hovering over a barn, while plowing snow on his tractor. The craft seemed to very slowly fly over the barn. The light coming form the triangle did not illuminate the ground or even the roof of the barn. The craft then suddenly left. After the craft left Boisvert and his father, noticed that their electric water pump would not function. Troubled by recurring dreams, Boisvert underwent hypnotic regressing. He was then able to remember that he had hopped of the tractor and ran to the barn where his father was working. As he rushed into the barn, he saw his father standing there with a blank expression on his face. Besides him stood two reptilian looking creatures, with long faces, scaled leathery skin, black eyes, clawed hands, and gaunt arms and legs. Both Boisvert and his father were taken onboard the triangular object by the humanoids.
    HC addition # 2481
    Source: CEIPI Quebec Type: G

26. Location. Huon Valley, Tasmania, Australia
     Date: February 10 1996 Time: 0200A

The witness woke up to find the room lit up, & had an overwhelming feeling to go outside. From the verandah she saw the source of light to be a bright long elliptical shape about 50m away on the paddock. There was a brilliant blue/white light and a metallic smell you could almost taste. Standing in the garden was a tall thin figure over 2m tall. The figure beckoned the witness with its left hand. She walked down the verandah steps then suddenly became alarmed and returned back home. She threw some furniture outside, and then everything went dark.
    HC addition # 2606
    Source: TUFOIC Type: C

27. Location. Alice Springs, Northern Territory Australia
     Date: February 10 1996 Time: 2300

The witness was @ an Italian restaurant when she noticed a short gray troll-like entity walk up to the restaurant, and up the steps, stand still and stare at the witness briefly before disappearing. Others in the city reported seeing objects over the area and possibly other entity sightings. No other information.
    HC addition # 3358
    Source: NUFORC Type: D

28. Location. Huon Valley, Tasmania, Australia
     Date: middle of February 1996 Time: 0200A

A week after a previous encounter, the same witness woke up with the same feeling that she had to go outside. Again she saw the tall figure in the garden, but no object present. The same metallic smell was in the air. A bright mist surrounded the tall figure. It wore a one-piece silvery suit with a band around the waist. It seemed to have long wrap-around eyes and pointed ears. Also present were two smaller stocky figures to either side of the tall figure. These were fat in the body with small arms & legs. They moved in a jerky fashion. One had a trowel-like instrument that it kept pointing at the ground. The witness fell compelled to follow the beings, but retreated into the house and locked the doors.
    HC addition # 2607
    Source: TUFOIC Type: E

29. Location. Near Los Angeles, California
     Date: 3rd week of February 1996 Time: afternoon

The witness, who had been involved in a previous UFO abduction, received a strange visit by three pale, very bald men in black suits. They appeared Oriental-looking and arrived to the witness house in a black, late model Cadillac. They moved rather slowly and methodically, stiff and emotionless, almost like robots. The witness was told by one of them that they were from the FBI and he had to come with them to answer a few questions. They produced some ID badges. One man drove while the witness sat in the back seat between the other two. They drove in a big circle and during the drive warned the witness to stop talking about his UFO abduction. They showed him grisly pictures of mutilated human bodies. They also had a small television in the car, which showed some video footage of them supposedly killing people. At one point the witness tried to force himself out of the car but was prevented by the men. After about 1 hour and a half he was returned back home unharmed.
    HC addition # 3225
    Source: Jim Keith, Casebook of The Men in Black Type: E

30. Location. Not given
     Date: February 17 1996 Time: dawn

Paul Green suddenly woke up and immediately felt a distinct presence in the bedroom. He had heard it come into the bedroom but had thought it was his daughter. He then opened his eyes and looked to the side of the bed and saw an entity standing in front of the wardrobe, nearly facing him and his sleeping wife. Its entire body was giving off a soft dull bluish glow. The entity had human characteristics. It had a small head with a distinctly pointed chin, a bald domed head, and a very thin neck. It had a barrel shaped body, and very thin flexible arms, which was waving around very slowly in a fashion similar to Tai Chi movements. The glow that was giving off obscured its facial features. It seemed to exude an aura of peace. The entity, who seemed to be looking towards the witness daughter's room, suddenly reacted, turning its head slightly towards the witness and then smoothly stretching out a hand in his direction, fingers widespread. Then a pale ball of light, leaped from the palm of the humanoid's hand straight towards the witness, in a slow motion manner, hitting the witness square between the eyes. That was his last recollection, suddenly it was broad daylight, and the strange entity was gone.
    HC addition # 3923
    Source: CAUS Type: E

31. Location. Not given
     Date: February 18 1996 Time: 0535A

Paul Green, who had been involved in a previous bedroom encounter, was turning over in bed when suddenly something grabbed his left arm in a vice. A familiar buzzing sensation now began to creep through his body, starting at the fingertips. It felt like a strong electric current, and it traveled slowly through his body. In pain and terrified he opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of a pair of eyes looking intently into his. The entire image was bathed in a pale blue glow. The eyes looked vaguely human, and curiously female. They seemed to convey concern and worry. He could see a distinct iris and eyelashes. Somehow he managed to roll over away from the stare of the eyes. He felt terrific pain on his left arm and frantically began clinging to his wife. She woke up but the room was now empty. Before he closed his eyes he heard a telepathic message in his head.
    HC addition # 3924
    Source: CAUS Type: E

32. Location. Nuevo Centro, Abasolo, Tamaulipas, Mexico
     Date: February 23 1996 Time: 2200

Irasema Margarita Cuevas, and other witnesses in the household heard their dogs barking outside and went out to investigate. Outside they saw a red-orange dome shaped craft floating a few feet from the ground, near some nearby trees about 50 meters away. Soon from the craft a small humanoid emerged, about 1 meter in height. It began floating up and down in peculiar movements. From a belt around its waist a bluish beam of light emerged. The being appeared robotic in nature, somewhat resembling "Alpha" from the famed children's shows "The Power Rangers." After a few minutes the being re-entered the object, which rose up to join a similar craft. They both then flew towards the nearby swamps. Several witnesses then followed the objects and were able to see a brilliant light emerge from behind some trees and a huge column of gray smoke. Upon seeing this, the head of the household, Guillermo Serna Marquez, told his family to return to the house and went into the woods to investigate alone, on the way there he ran into a farmhand, which accompanied him into the woods. As they watched they saw a luminous craft fly over the trees in the direction of the swamp, then a 2 meter tall humanoid appeared, seemingly floating above the trees and accompanied by the small robotic "Alpha" like entity. They watched the beings float around and then enter the dome shaped object. After awhile the witnesses grew tired of watching this spectacle and went back home. The next day a large section of the ground was found scorched in the form of three enormous circles. Strange foam like substance was also found at the site, purplish white in color. Numerous other strange incidents were reported in subsequent days. Small flying red spheres, more animal mutilations, and a large orange sphere that followed some of the investigators late one night.
    HC addition # 2948
    Source: Marco A Reynoso Type: B

33. Location. Seattle, Washington
     Date: February 27 1996 Time: late night

A woman reported encountering a very short dwarf-like creature in her bedroom during the night. No other information. Witness involved in other encounters.
    HC addition # 2341
    Source: NUFORC Type: E

34. Location. Highway 375 Nevada
     Date: February 28 1996 Time: 1930

Five witnesses driving in an isolated stretch of desert highway, watched a noiseless, silvery gray colored disc, flat on the bottom, land about 50 feet away. It was about 30 feet in diameter. Three beings, described as thin, gray in color with large heads, came out, shuffled around, and then went back inside the object, which promptly took off.
    HC addition # 2847
    Source: UFOs On Line Type: B

35. Location. Cuscatancingo, El Salvador
     Date: February 29 1996 Time: 2200

On March 2 1996 at 0630A police found a 17-year old boy wandering confused at the edge of Ilopango Lake. Later under interrogation he related a bizarre story. During the night in question he had been walking towards his home during a local "black-out." Suddenly there was a bright flash of blue light from behind him. Thinking that it was the police he turned slowly around. Suddenly his next memory was of being in a completely white "space" or room. He could not distinguish any walls or furniture of any kind. He then realized that he was lying prone and unable to move in some sort of "bed." He noticed numerous "cables" that appeared to be connected to his chest area, and on his right arm he had an object resembling a blood IV machine. He then saw several humanoids, about 1.2 meters in height. They had extremely large heads, huge eyes and in the forehead area he could see what appeared to be another "protuberance" resembling another eye. They also had sparse beards around the mouth and chin area. In a horrible state of confusion he noticed other humans in the room but could not tell if they were also prisoners or not. He remember seeing a terrible scene in which he saw several of the humanoids apparently operating on a woman, seemingly cutting her in half. Then they took the upper half of the human female and somehow inserted it on top and back of a "hump-like" area of one female humanoid that had apparently was being prepared on another bed. The humanoids wore white tunics on which they had a strange "symbol" on the right side of their chests. He was then taken to the shores of Lake Ilopango where they told the witness that their race "was in a state of war and could not reproduce in their original normal manner." He then had the sensation of falling towards the lake. This part was very confusing and could not be remembered in detail. The beings also told the witness that on the bottom of the lake they had their reproductive "eggs." Several strange scars were found on the witness body.
    HC addendum
    Source: Y Files, Dr Luis E Lopez Type: G

36. Location. Alfenas Brazil
     ate: March 1996 Time: early morning

Antonio Candido de Moraes, who lives near Varginha, was cycling to work along a dirt road when he saw a strange creature. Thinking it was a monkey he stopped the bicycle. The creature resembled a little man covered all over with dark hair; it had a big oval head and protruding eyes that stared at him. Scared, he rode away and looking back, he saw the creature still staring at him while walking into the jungle.
    HC addendum
    Source: Varginha Diary Type: E

37. Location. Wisconsin, exact location not given
     Date: March 1996 Time: late night

A Mr. Milland, woke up while it was still dark outside, and recalled that sometime during the night he found himself being held in a medical bed of some sort. He was drugged, and tubes were inserted in his mouth and other parts of the body. The abductors had inserted a very large and painful type of hypodermic needle in his thigh. He recalled seeing clothed figures, but the faces were blurred out. He also recalled seeing an "alien" form, sitting in the shadows next to his bed, holding his hand at one point. The being had an oval shaped head, and a slender upper body, and rather thin, its arms were very thin as well. Milland could not make out any facial features. He sat up in bed and saw brilliant colored lights reflected on the door. He then heard a low rumbling sound of some kind take off and away from the house outside.
    HC addition # 3417
    Source: UFO Sky Searchers Intl. Type: G

38. Location. Sao Roque da Fartura, Sao Paolo, Brazil
     Date: March 4 1996 Time: night

Two young women, Charlene and Juliana encountered a tall human like figure, wearing a red tunic like outfit. His skin was also red in color; he had large black eyes and black hair. The humanoid suddenly disappeared in plain sight. Minutes later a third witness named Antonio arrived and the humanoid reappeared this time accompanied by seven more humanoids almost identical to him. A bright glow seemed to emanate from the figures as they floated at about 50 cm from the ground and only about 8 meters from the witnesses. After about 5 seconds the humanoids disappeared mysteriously as if absorbed by the light, which then disappeared.
    HC addendum
    Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil Type: E

39. Location. Bindura, South Africa
     Date: March 6 1996 Time:0100A

Student Lloyd T Karambakuwa, 17, woke up early in the morning in order to go to work, when he soon became aware of a continuous "clicking" sound coming from outside, on the road. At first he thought it might be someone with a cordless phone that appeared to be coming towards the house. Scared, Lloyd went out to investigate, he hid behind the hedge in front of the house and saw a strange figure about 2 meters from him. He described the creature as short, completely white in color and a head shaped like a rugby ball or egg. It moved quickly above the ground still emitting the clicking sound. Scared Lloyd ran back inside the house and hid under the blankets.
    HC addition # 3386
    Source: Cynthia Hind Type: E

40. Location. Casino, NSW, Australia
     Date: March 6 1996 Time: 0300A

Two adults reported seeing strange lights and then experienced a period of missing time. Under hypnosis an abduction scenario was revealed. They were apparently taken onboard an object. Inside, a medical examination ensued. Unusual after effects were noted. Later under hypnotic regression the witnesses recalled being paralyzed inside their vehicle and seeing two humanoids, described as tall, gray in color, with small ears, large black eyes, two dots for a nose, a small mouth, with no lips, that entered their vehicle and undid their seat belts then carried them outside the car. Two shorter humanoids arrived and carried the children from the back seat of the vehicle. One of the witnesses recalled a tall gray humanoid using something resembling a silver staple gun that was pressed against her neck. Another witness remembered flying inside an object and seeing tall buildings with domed ceilings that had strange patterns of top. The witnesses reported another type of humanoid described as tall with a wrinkled appearance. This being inserted some type of rod-like instrument into their eyes.
    HC addition # 2609
    Source: Keith Basterfield Type: G

41. Location. West Dade County, Florida
     Date: March 6 1996 Time: 2300

Teide Carballo De Trinidad, a nurse's aide at a local boarding home for the elderly looked out the window to see a six foot tall creature, tan in color with a large head, walking swiftly around the yard. She panicked and lost sight of the being as it disappeared behind a wall. The creature was bipedal and appeared to walk hunched over. No other details were noted. The next day goats and chickens were found dead & mutilated at the house and it other locations in the area. Strange tracks were also found.
    HC addition # 2241
    Source: Personal Investigation Type: E

42. Location. Ferreiras, Lugo, Spain
     Date: March 7 1996 Time: after midnight

38-year-old Jose Manuel Castro Gonzalo was getting ready to retire for the night and glanced out the window to take one last look at the fields. Immediately he noticed a small orange sphere, encased in a multi-colored glow, hovering over a nearby hill. He decided to go outside and look at the strange spectacle; at the same time he summoned his brother Cesareo. Jose Manuel then took out a small flashlight and began signaling at the object; at the same time yelling "Come down, Come down! Suddenly the sphere descended at very high speed to treetop level. Jose Manuel then ran upstairs to an outside terrace where he could see the sphere better. Inside the apparently transparent sphere he was able to see five very tall men who appeared to be floating around as the sphere slowly rotated emitting a low humming sound. Moments later a shaft of "coherent" light appeared under the sphere, it reached the ground right below the sphere. Soon after, three small humanoids descended to the ground via the shaft of light, these seemed to move in slow motion. Once on the ground the three beings formed a line, grabbing each other's shoulders, not unlike a "Conga" line. Then using quick jumping motions they began moving towards the witness location. Frightened the witness jumped in his bed and hid under the covers until dawn. The next day strange footprints were found at the site where the small humanoids had jumped around.
    HC addition # 2559
    Source: Magdalena Del Amo Freixedo, Evidencia OVNI # 12 Type: A & B

43. Location. Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico
     Date: March 9 1996 Time: evening

A young man, Ovidio Mendez, while burying a dead & mutilated chicken spotted a strange creature nearby. It walked on two feet & was gray in color, with two large red slanted eyes, long pointy fangs, & claw like hands. He then called the police.
    HC addition # 2760
    Source: Revista "STENDEK" Type: E

44. Location. Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
     Date: March 12 1996 Time: evening

Several observers saw a large gray colored disc-shaped object hovering close to the ground. Through an apparent opening an undescribed figure could be seen inside. No other information.
    HC addition # 3312
    Source: Stan Gordon, Anomalies Zone Vol. 3 # 1 Type: A

45. Location. Ramat Hachayal, Israel
     Date: March 16 1996 Time: 0310A

The 16-year old witness awoke to see a brilliant craft appear above the town. There were numerous other witnesses. The main witness filmed the shining orb from his bedroom window. He then went outside and walked toward the source of the light. As he approached the "light disappeared in an instant." Upon examining the film he discovered a short gray colored figure with a large head moving within the light, its moving shadow could be seen behind the being.
    HC addendum
    Source: Barry Chamish, Return of The Giants Type: C?

46. Location. Hialeah Gardens, Florida
     Date: March 17 1996 Time: 1700

During a rash of strange animal mutilations in the area, Rafael Moreno was looking for his lost goats, he penetrated the Everglades. He saw resting on top a tree was a black bird, bigger than an eagle, with seven-foot wings. The bird flew over, landing on the ground behind him, with unknown intentions. Moreno, upon turning to shoot, since he went armed, saw how the animal folded up its wings in a second, and rapidly left, running out of sight. In spite of the aggressive behavior of this bizarre bird, Moreno holds it was not the predator.
    HC addendum
    Source: Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo Type: E

47. Location. Barrio Mamey, Puerto Rico
     Date: March 19 1996 Time: night

A local youth, Jose Pellot, went out to his backyard after hearing an unusual sound; there he became aware of a dog-like creature apparently lying down on the ground. To his amazement it suddenly became fully erect. It stood about five feet in height. He described the creature as hairy and powerfully built.
    HC addition # 3282
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E

48. Location. Miami Florida
     Date: March 20 1996 Time: 1930

A local dentist who prefers to remain anonymous was leaving his clinic, located on Southwest 8th street in the heart of the city, when he went to the parking lot behind the building and sat down in his car. Starting the motor, he heard a flapping sound, and opening the car window, he observed a huge bird-like creature flying away in the darkness, leaving in the parking lot a dead dove and a frightened dentist. The dove checked by the dentist, showed a hole in the neck, and the bird was also without a single drop of blood.
    HC addendum
    Source: Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo Type: E

49. Location. West Dade County, Florida
     Date: March 24 1996 Time: late night

Olimpia Govea discovered that a predator had viciously attacked & killed 27 chickens and two of her goats. It left the bloodless carcasses scattered around her backyard. That same night Govea's son & daughter in law claimed to have seen a shadow "like that of a tall man" deliberately pass by the window of the room in which they slept. A month later in the middle of the night, the entire family would hear a tremendous noise, accompanied by an intermittent, orange light, as if something were trying to land on the property.
    HC addition # 3290
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E

50. Location. West of Miami Florida
     Date: late March 1996 Time: evening

A man & his six-year old son had gone out fishing in an isolated canal off state Road 41, when the young boy saw walking over some nearby swamp & brush a short reptilian-like creature, which he described as dinosaur-like but bipedal & with two large frog-like eyes. When he alerted his father, the creature scurried into the brush and disappeared. The father only caught a brief glimpse of it.
    HC addition # 2327
    Source: Personal Investigation Type: E

51. Location. Alfonso Calderon, Sinaloa, Mexico
     Date: April 1996 Time: unknown

A horrifying winged creature that left tooth marks on her neck reportedly attacked 21-year-old corn farmer Juana Tizoc. She said the beast had horns and flew. At the same time livestock and other animals in the area were being found strangely mutilated.
    HC addition # 2852
    Source: Tucson Weekly Type: E

52. Location. Gota de Agua, Paraiba, Brazil
     Date: April 1996 Time: evening

During a spate of numerous UFO encounters in the area, a woman reported seeing a landed silvery disc-shaped object and standing next to it was an undescribed "being". Others saw a silvery disc flying over the valley. No other information.
    HC addition # 2334
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 1 # 10 Type: C

53. Location. Varginha, Brazil
     Date: April 1996 Time: night

A woman sitting on the verandah of the restaurant at the Varginha Zoo saw a strange creature, fitting the earlier reports of humanoids, looking at her from behind a railing a few meters away. The creature ran off, vaulting a low wall. Zoo staff reported that over the past three months there had been a rash of unexplained deaths amongst the animals in the zoo, averaging at least one animal a week, often with no signs of a cause of death.
    HC addendum
    Source: Edson Boaventura Type: E

54. Location. Mason Michigan
     Date: April 1 1996 Time: unknown

It was reported by news media both TV and printed, that the unclothed body of a small, thin silvery skinned humanoid had been discovered in the yard of a local resident when the property owners were raking the leaves. The partially decomposed body was reported as being less than four-feet tall and having a larger than human head. The media reported that authorities to the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing for study transported the body in question. No other information, but the date makes this report dubious.
    HC addition # 2849
    Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World Type: H?

55. Location. San Antonio de Los Sauces, Chiapas, Mexico
     Date: April 1 1996 Time: night

Julieta Calderon awoke to discover almost 20 dead, blood-covered sheep on her property. The dead animals throats had been ripped. One of the security guards at the ranch recalled seeing a naked albino-like "person" 20 inches tall hiding among the bushes. He and his companion went after the creature without much success.
    HC addition # 3298
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & Other Mysteries Type: E

56. Location. West Dade County, Florida
     Date: April 4 1996 Time: 0330A

Awaken by noises from his animal pens a farmer spotted a short yellow hairy creature running from the area, it appeared to be bipedal & seemed stooped over. The witness grabbed a stick and struck the being several times with no apparent effect. He then called the police. Dead goats with strange incision wounds on their necks were found the next morning. Also tracks were located. A month later the witness and other residents in the area saw two large white lights descend into the Everglades about a mile west of his location. These lights had been seen in at least two occasions.
    HC addition # 2298
    Source: Personal Investigation Type: E

57. Location. Ciudad Juarez, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
     Date: April 10 1996 Time: night

In a ranch near this city, several livestock and goats had been found mutilated and curiously devoid of blood. One night during a party, the son of the ranch owner saw a mysterious humanoid figure (not described) on top of a fence, then on the roof were others heard footsteps. Several roosters and chickens were found mutilated the next day. Also some of the neighbor's goats.
    HC addition # 2950
    Source: Marco A Reynoso Type: E

58. Location. Miami Florida
     Date: April 11 1996 Time: late night

The witness, Anna Maria woke up and became aware of a little white being kneeling by her bed. At first she thought it was her sister, but soon realized that it was not. She remembers hearing the phrases, "The son," and "sleeping." Later that night she experienced a vivid dream of being in a large dome-shaped windowless room where many other people, some very tall, were talking about aliens and whether to be afraid of them or not.
    HC addition # 3326
    Source: Skyscan Winter 1999 Type: E?

59. Location. Hialeah Gardens, Florida
     Date: April 13 1996 Time: night

Rafael Moreno was on guard duty at his ranch, waiting for the blood predator or "Chupacabra." He fired at a creature and injured it for the second time, and for the second time, it escaped to the Everglades. According to Moreno, the animal was at the edge of a lake. In the darkness its eyes shone like two flashlights that reflected in the lake. He fired at it several times. "I know I hit it at least one time, because I heard a shriek," Moreno said.
    HC addendum
    Source: Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo Type: E

60. Location. Jardines de San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico
     Date: April 13 1996 Time: night

Residents reported seeing something that resembled an enormous bird flying over the area. Those interviewed by the media stated that they had never seen a bird of such size before and that it emitted bizarre shrieking sounds. A smell of sulfur was also noted in the area, as well as bizarre animal mutilations.
    HC addition # 3280
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E

61. Location. Laguna de Chapala, Mexico
     Date: April 14 1996 Time: night

Angler Jose Angel Pulido was allegedly attacked by a "dog sized creature covered with black hair." Others in the area reported a creature covered with grayish or white fur. Animal mutilations were reported in numerous locations in the same general area.
    HC addition # 3293
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E

62. Location. Near Gerona, Spain
     Date: April 15 1996 Time: late night

Two police officers were conducting their nightly rounds on the outskirts of town when a powerful light crossed in front of them on the highway. One of the men felt mesmerized by the brilliant outburst of light, while his companion tried to keep hold of the squad car's steering wheel. The mesmerized officer told his companion that he felt the odd sensation of being pushed upward at the same time that he saw two pairs of moist, black oval shaped eyes staring at him from large pear shaped heads. The police officer had not yet been able to digest the uncanny experience when the bizarre light staged a return. According to the agents, nine lights, identical to the first, appeared out of nowhere, and were then joined by three more which came from across the Portuguese border. The twelve lights were elongated and had an intensely yellow glow. The lights remained suspended some 100 feet above the highway, prompting the police officers to flee the scene in terror.
    HC addition # 2674
    Source: Scott Corrales, Uncensored UFO Reports # 1 Type: A or G?

63. Location. Tonto Hills, Arizona
     Date: April 16 1996 Time: unknown

A couple that had observed a large diamond shaped craft land in the same area back in February, observed a large craft landing nearby. It was white, diamond shape, and had green and red lights around it. Three entities (not described) walked around it as if searching for something. The sighting lasted for 15 minutes.
    HC addition # 2812
    Source: Jim Ossipov, Myron K Olson Type: C

64. Location. Northeast Dade County, Florida
     Date: April 16 1996 Time: various

Independent observers reported seeing 2 mysterious bird-like creatures in their backyards. They described the bird as three feet tall with a face like a turkey, hopping through yards of several North Miami homes. The birds are said to be black with white flecks, with beaks similar to toucans and a seven-foot wingspan. Police tried to catch it with the help of the Fort Lauderdale based Wildlife Care Center, but it flew away. There were at least 10 sightings of such a creature in the area.
    HC addendum
    Source: Cherie Henderson, The Miami Herald Type: E

65. Location. Belem, Brazil
     Date: April 17 1996 Time: 0100A

Alfredo de Oliveira Mendes, 27, a sacristan at a local church witnessed a UFO land in the backyard of the mission. There was a period of missing time. Under hypnosis the witness recalled being abducted by 8 beings, described as silver in color with long eyes and what looked like a fin on their foreheads. The beings wore silver coverall type outfits with an emblem containing a pyramid and a wing. A burnt circle was found on the ground at the site. No other information.
    HC addition # 2739
    Source: Brazilian UFO Report Type: G

66. Location. Near Brisbane, Queens land, Australia
     Date: April 18 1996 Time: 1740

As two separate witnesses watched a huge orange light hovering over the area, 4 others reported direct contact with an "invisible" entity for a period of over 5 hours. Three members of the party suffered what appeared to by symptoms of slight radiation poisoning, others suffered burns and scarring, massive headaches, and all had personality changes and massive tinnitus to three of the witnesses. No other information.
    HC addition # 3216
    Source: NUFORC Type: C?

67. Location. Varginha, Brazil
     Date: April 21 1996 Time: evening

Teresinha Galo, age 67, reportedly saw a strange short creature with bulging red eyes, brown skin, a large head with three oval protrusions, on the grounds of the local Jardim Zoologico. The creature apparently hid behind some bushes. It reportedly wore a golden helmet.
    HC addition # 2446
    Source: Brazilian UFO Report Issue # 6 Type: E

68. Location. Cornwall, England
     Date: April 22 1996 Time: 0355A

Elaine woke up in the middle of the night to see a troll-like entity at the right hand foot of her bed. Only his chest and above was visible due to the height of the bed. He was wearing a dark hooded robe, resembling that of a monk. She began pulling the covers up over her head, but then decided to stare at the entity. The entity began floating towards her and reached her face level. The color of his face appeared brown and his skin was rough looking and wrinkly, like an elephants. He had a heavy protruding brow that placed his large dark eyes in shadow. He had wrinkly eyelids and a flattened spread nose. As the witness stared at the entity she felt him to be loving and gentle. After a few seconds it floated through the internal wall of the house and disappeared.
    HC addition # 3248
    Source: CUFORG Type: E             

69. Location. Santa Barbara, California
     Date: April 25 1996 Time: 2130

A man traveling on Rte. 126 sees a bright flash of light over the highway, and then experiences a period of missing time. He then experiences peculiar events, sees strange visions from history. No other information.
    HC addition # 2445
    Source: NUFORC Type: F?

70. Location. Leon, Guanajato, Mexico
     Date: May 1996 Time: unknown

Two local boys, Jesus Barajas, and Julio Bermudez, reported having seen a strange being measuring approximately four feet in height, with black skin and bulging eyes, that later cleared a six foot fence and flew into the air.
    HC addition # 3297
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & Other Mysteries Type: E

71. Location. Colonias del Yunque Puerto Rico
     Date: May 1996 Time: 0200A

Alberto Rivera was sitting watching television, when the whole area around was engulfed in white light, and a vast saucer appeared, with colored lights all around its rim. Rivero said that the vivid white light, "like rain" came right through the roof of his house. He tried in vain to awaken his sleeping wife, but could not. All the dogs in the district were barking madly, and the huge UFO hung there silently in the sky. Suddenly, a bizarre creature came running fast along the road, followed by a great pack of howling, barking dogs. Then from beneath the huge UFO, came a great beam of white light "like a tube" and the "Chupacabra" like creature shot up into the tube and was retrieved by the UFO. A few minutes later the great craft itself shot up into the sky and vanished towards El Yunque.
    HC addendum
    Source: Jorge Martin, FSR Vol. 44 # 1 Type: B

72. Location. Collinswood, Adelaide, South Australia
     Date: May 1996 Time: daytime

The witness was feeling tired during the day and lay down for a while in her bedroom. A "person" with blue eyes, blond shoulder length hair, and wearing a white robe visited her in the room. He said hello to the witness, and talked with her. She could not remember the conversation later, but said she felt comfortable with the "man." She came to when her husband banged on the front door.
    HC addition # 2731
    Source: Keith Basterfield Type: E

73. Location. Monterey, Mexico
     Date: May 1996 Time: evening

During a wave of animal mutilations and attacks in the region by an unknown predator, at a truck depot outside the city several men came upon a strange creature that was apparently attacking the goat pen. The men gave chase to the creature, which they described as having large red eyes, wings, and that ran in a peculiar "jumping" fashion, several of the men stoned the creature which then climbed up on an electrical pole. While on the pole it apparently received a strong electrical discharge, which caused it to fall to the ground, it then got up and ran into a nearby field quickly disappearing from sight.
    HC addition # 2951
    Source: Marco A Reynoso Type: E

74. Location. Dandenong, Victoria, Australia
     Date: May 1996 Time: night

Diane Allen reported being visited by a strange creature with a large bulbous head and huge staring eyes. Apparently the creature communicated by using telepathy. No other information.
    HC addition # 2834
    Source: Woman's Day, July 1 1996 Type: E

75. Location. Tlalixcoyan, Mexico
     Date: May 1996 Time: night

Pedro Hernandez reported seeing a dark, 30-inch tall creature that resembled a rabbit, with huge hind legs, hopping along and disappearing into dense vegetation. The next day he discovered four chickens and three goats drained of their blood.
    HC addition # 3299
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E

76. Location. Orange County, California
     Date: May 1996 Time: night

Roberto Garcia reported he had been awakened from a deep sleep by the sensation of something tugging on his right hand. Pulling has hand away; he saw a sizable, shadowy, figure moving away very quickly. Adding to the high strangeness of this account was the fact that Garcia's third floor apartment opened out to nothing but an alleyway below.
    HC addition # 3292
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E

77. Location. Curlieu Mountains, Ireland
     Date: May 1996 Time: night

According to the source a disc-shaped object crash-landed on a mountain just north of Boyle, slicing off a few treetops and touching down in the lake. The "saucer" is alleged to be from "the planet Sunas," contained several occupants who were allegedly taken into custody by a military retrieval team. The site of the alleged crash has been sealed off for months by military authorities. No other information.
    HC addition # 2762
    Source: Rory Thornton, IUFOPRA Type: H?

78. Location. Dover, England
     Date: May 1996 Time: night

The witness found herself lying on a table in a round metallic room. She was surrounded by three to four 6-foot tall beings. Described as light orange in color, with large black oval shaped slanted eyes and hairless. They seemed to be wearing clear robes. One of the beings was holding a clear glowing container, which held an embryo. She feels she was somehow implanted with the embryo. She was flown over a large island resembling Australia and was told much information telepathically.
    HC addition # 3542
    Source: Alien Abduction Experience & Research Type: G

79. Location. Texas, exact location not given
     Date: May 1996 Time: night

Sharon (involved in other encounters) woke up during the night to strange bumping sounds in her house. The mysterious bumping sounds woke her up periodically during the night. She was afraid to get up and investigate on her own. Finally she woke up again to see a strange humanoid hovering in the hallway directly across from her bed. She described the humanoid as a small Negroid being about 3 & a half ft to four ft tall. He wore a complete astronaut's suit with a helmet, dark blue gloves, and boots. The helmet had a clear visor, and she could see his face through it. She described his complexion as being a reddish or dark pink color with two vertical folds of flesh across the side of his cheeks. His lips were large and fleshy, and his nose, broad and flat. His eyes looked totally human and his expression was that of "complete boredom." He was holding a round, black device that seemed to her like an old style radar gun used by the police. He pointed the object at the window in her bedroom and floated there as though waiting for something to happen. She also observed a white glowing light around him that reminded her of an aura. After a few minutes he disappeared, and the hallway and bedroom became dark again. A minute or two later, the room and everything in it was suddenly brightly illuminated…then to her surprise everything abruptly went completely dark again. The next morning she found all the grass and tree leaves on the side of her house near the bedroom window were yellowed and clearly dehydrated.
    HC addendum
    Source: C L Turnage, Sexual Encounters with Extraterrestrials Type: E

80. Location. Nayarit, Mexico
     Date: early May 1996 Time: night

During a period of bizarre animal killings in the area, a witness, Silva Avila, saw a creature in profile at a distance of some 33 feet, it stood motionless. Avila threw some stones at it but he missed, the creature then turned toward him and moved away with hurried jumps, vaulting over a 6-foot wall. It was about 30 inches tall, with a small head, with short pointed ears, and its eyes a brilliant red color. Avila also added that it was covered in black fur and had legs that folded at the knees, and that it had two small arms, like those of a kangaroo that produced from its torso.
    HC addition # 3295
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E

81. Location. Tucson, Arizona
     Date: May 1 1996 Time: 0330A

Hours after hearing strange noises coming from outside the window, a 7-year old body was sleeping when a creature jumped into his bedroom through the open window and climbed on top of his chest. He described the creature as having large reddish eyes, a wrinkled face, and large pointy ears.
    HC addition # 2696
    Source: Scott Corrales, Evidencia OVNI # 13 Type: E

82. Location. Juarez, Mexico
     Date: May 2 1996 Time: night

Area residents reported encountering a tall "animal-like" being, with three toed feet and hands, on haunches with the forearms suspended at chest level, similar to a kangaroo. It had a row of spikes or straight feather like projections from its head and down its back that raise and lower and have been seen to glow with their own light. It has been seen to run in all fours. It has a "sucking" device that resembles a tube like projection in his mouth. Dead and mutilated animals were found in the area.
    HC addition # 2818
    Source: Chupacabra Time-Line Type: E

83. Location. Tamaulipas, Mexico
     Date: May 2 1996 Time: night

In the local Agronomy School 18 sheep and 18 goats were found dead in a corral. The animals were found without any blood. A local taxi driver saw a 5-foot tall creature, covered with hair, crossing the road and jumping the Agronomy School wall.
    HC addition # 3530
    Source: Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo Type: E

84. Location. Calderon, Sinaloa, Mexico
     Date: May 3 1996 Time: unknown

A giant bat-like creature terrorizes the villagers. Goats were found dead with their blood sucked dry. Farmers formed night vigilante squads. The creature reportedly attacked one human. No other information.
    HC addition # 2817
    Source: Chupacabra Time-Line Type: E

85. Location. El Nido, Mexico
     Date: May 3 1996 Time: night

Around the same time that three sheep were found dead with strange marks on their necks and in the vertebral region, a local peasant saw a dog-like creature harassing his flock. When he attempted to shoot the intruder, it crossed a barbed wire fence without wounding itself or making any noise.
    HC addition # 3294
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & Other Mysteries Type: E

86. Location. Nayarit, Mexico
     Date: May 3 1996 Time: night

Police reportedly fired a hail of bullets against a creature, which, apparently unharmed turned about to glare at them with "fiery red eyes" set in a humanoid face. The entity jumped over a meter tall fence and vanished.
    HC addition # 3532
    Source: Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo Type: E

87. Location. Cornwall, England
     Date: May 5 1996 Time: late night

On a Sunday, Elaine woke up to see a 4-foot tall creature with pale shiny porcelain like skin a huge head and large black oval shaped eyes standing next to her bed. No other information, but around the same time she began having lucid dreams where she found herself traveling to other planets and meeting aliens.
    HC addition # 3249
    Source: CUFORG Type: E

88. Location. Near Mata do Buraquinho, Minas Gerais Brazil
     Date: May 6 1996 Time: 2100

Marcelo Barbosa and his wife Vaudeline were fixing some windows in their house when they perceived some bright white, yellow and blue lights coming from a wooded area about 50 meters away. Marcelo decided to investigate closer and saw a large white cloud that began descending slowly over the woods. Suddenly from out of the cloud a luminous disc shaped object emerged. The object was about 8 meters in length, and it had a revolving light on top resembling that of a police car. The object had two or three brightly lit windows and inside one of these Barbosa was able to see several figures or forms moving around. The object descended and landed briefly, becoming dark, then bright again. Before it landed the witnesses saw an L shaped ramp that apparently had come out from the bottom of the object. As the object became bright again, it quickly took off at high speed.
    HC addition # 3813
    Source: Paraiba UFO Type: A

89. Location. Tarcolitos, Costa Rica
     Date: May 7 1996 Time: night

Erlinda Vega reported an attack by a creature with huge wings through a half opened window. She described the creature as resembling a huge bat, hairy and with bright eyes. Samples of a substance without color and flavor was collected from the window that apparently belonged to the creature.
    HC addition # 3533
    Source: Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo Type: E

90. Location. Sinaloa, Mexico
     Date: May 9 1996 Time: 0200A

The Espinoza family suddenly had their front door opened. They saw a creature standing there, described as about 4-foot tall, with scaly skin, clawed hands, red eyes and a row of spines from the skullcap and down its back. The creature mumbled and gestured and smelled like a "wet dog."
    HC addition # 2818
    Source: Chupacabra Time-Line Type: E

91. Location. Near Varginha, Brazil
     Date: May 12 1996 Time: night

A truck driver was turning a curve when the headlights illuminated a short humanoid creature standing on the roadway. The creature resembled one of those reportedly captured by the military in the area back in January. The driver slammed on the brakes to see the creature raise its hands and protect its large red glowing eyes, the creature then ran into the woods and disappeared. The witness noticed that the creature had only four fingers on each hand.
    HC addition # 2558
    Source: Graham Birdsall, Evidencia OVNI # 12 Type: E

92. Location. Hialeah Gardens, Florida
     Date: middle of May 1996 Time: night

After suffering form repeated attacks on his farm animals, Rafael Moreno was keeping watch one night when he noticed a "weird bird" with a wingspan well in excess of six feet perched on a tree limb. The monster bird flew over the rancher and landed behind him, prompting him to spin around and shoot it with his rifle. The creature ran into the Everglades and was not seen again.
    HC addition # 3291
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E

93. Location. Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico
     Date: middle of May 1996 Time: night

Benigno Cano claimed to have seen a strange creature, about 35 inches tall, with large, sharp fangs, red eyes, scales, and a dragon-like appearance. It allegedly caused the deaths of several farm animals.
    HC addition # 3296
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E

94. Location. San Pedro Toxin, Jalisco Mexico
     Date: May 16 1996 Time: 2330

Several witnesses reported seeing a large blue-lighted object hovering low over a field. Seven very short figures about 80 cm in height that emitted bright green light were seen moving very quickly on the ground near the object. They seemed to have bright lights on their heads. The scene suddenly vanished in plain sight.
    HC addendum
    Source: Contacto Ovni Type: C

95. Location. Rutland, Vermont
     Date: May 19 1996 Time: 2230

The witness was cooking dinner in her kitchen when she noticed a strong glare of light streaming through the kitchen window. She stepped out into the back porch and noticed a disc-shaped object hovering over the house. As the started walking back into the house to call additional witnesses she was confronted by a strange figure with huge round eyes. She apparently suffered a black out and does not know what happened for 2 hours. She vaguely recalls being in some type of intergalactic environment.
    HC addition # 2453
    Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World Type: C or G?

96. Location. Tres Coracoes, Brazil
     Date: May 20 1996 Time: 1900

Ildo Gardino, a biology student, was driving to Varginha when after a sharp bend of the road he saw a creature trying to cross the road in between pasture and woods. The creature was slightly bent forwards when first seen. The witness slowed the car and shone its headlights directly on it. The creature was covered with dark brown hair; it had large red eyes that glowed as if reflective. In a protective manner it covered its face with its hand and crouched down. The witness now could make out little horns on the creature's head. When the car approached the creature left the road returning to the woods where it had come from.
    HC addendum
    Source: Varginha Diary Type: E

97. Location. Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
     Date: May 22 1996 Time: 0200A

A woman was walking her dog when she noticed two short glowing beings with no apparent clothing, and dark eyes. The beings seemed to reassure her mentally, then faded from view. Possible missing time involved.
    HC addition # 2608
    Source: Keith Basterfield Type: E

98. Location. Lovington, New Mexico
     Date: May 22 1996 Time: late evening

The witness had just returned from feeding his horses, and gone inside his house when he noticed the back of a strange creature perched atop a six-foot fence. The creature stood 3 ½ feet tall, was blackish green in color, with long 4 inch fangs coming out of the top of its mouth and a long whip-like tail. Additionally, the creature's mouth was full of razor like teeth. The creature had "three bird-like" toes and on its arms, or wings, it had claws, long and shiny. The most striking feature was its red blazing eyes, which had a hypnotic effect on the witness. The witness armed himself with a double barrel shotgun, and opened the patio door and slowly walked outside. He watched the creature jump into some nearby grape vines. Bringing his shotgun up to his shoulders he fired twice. On the second barrel, the creature gave a high-pitched scream and disappeared into a puff of smoke. Immediately there was a horrible stench in the air. The witness felt that had he not shot the creature it would have attacked him. After the shooting his 3 dogs howled on smelling the stench and tried to get back inside the house.
    HC addition # 2657
    Source: John C Thompson Type: E

99. Location. Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
     Date: May 23 1996 Time: 0500A

The same witness to a previous incident encountered three short glowing beings with dark eyes in an isolated brush area. No other information.
    HC addition # 2628
    Source: Keith Basterfield Type: E

100. Location. Magalia, California
       Date: May 24 1996 Time: morning

Sheila Charles was driving her son, Shane to school when a strange being or animal darted out in front of the car. Swerving to avoid it she lost control of the car and suffered an accident. The creature was described as about four to five feet long, generally dog-like, but with a sleek serpentine head set on a slender 30-inch neck. Its eyes were "reptilian" and it was covered with shaggy fur or hair. Its hind limbs were long, its front limbs notably shorter and it had no tail. Another driver also saw the creature.
    HC addition # 3242
    Source: Jerome Clark, The Unexplained Type: E

101. Location. Huntsville International Airport, Alabama
       Date: May 25 1996 Time: afternoon

It was reported that numerous witnesses spotted an unusual aircraft swoop down and land on the runway without tower permission and taxied over to the privately owned airplane parking area. The craft was described as a triangle-shaped object. The tower called the pilot but received no response. Three small occupants emerged from the object and began walking among the parked airplanes. Airport security then chased the beings across the runway right in front of a landing Delta airliner. Delta passengers described the beings as child-like in appearance, wearing metallic suits and white helmets. The three humanoids ducked into the terminal through the baggage area still being chased by airport security. Police were called in but when they apparently cornered the trio near a yogurt stand, they ran into what seemed to be an invisible barrier and could not get close to them. The humanoids then ran out through the baggage area. At the same time that Army personnel were arriving on humvees, the delta-winged UFO began to move. Witnesses saw the three occupants in the cockpit window. The object then rose straight up and took off at high speed.
    HC addition # 2487
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 1 # 6 Type: B

102. Location. Passos, Minas Gerais, Brazil
       Date: end of May 1996 Time: 2300

A 19-year football player, Luciano do Reis was returning home on a very dark night on an isolated country, dirt road. Suddenly between the trees there appeared a horrible hairy creature walking in his direction, muttering as no animal could do, it then pushed him, tearing his jacket, with its sharp nails. He fell to the ground and kicked the creature, which jumped back. He then ran away to seek help. The creature resembled a "wolfman," smaller then the witness, with long thin arms, short legs and gave off a foul odor.
    HC addendum
    Source: Varginha Dairy Type: E

103. Location. Quebradillas, Puerto Rico
       Date: Summer 1996 Time: 1700

18-year-old Norberto Perez was at his aunt's house for a family reunion when he began experiencing a strong headache and stomach discomfort. He then became very sleepy and decided to go to bed. At the moment that he closed his eyes he found himself in a strange metallic room on a cot-like bed, unable to move. Standing around him were four 4-foot tall humanoids, very thin and wearing tight fitting gold-colored outfits and gold sandals. They had long six fingered hands. Soon a door suddenly appeared in the metallic wall and a tall figure entered the room. This figure was described a man-like, very good looking, with white skin, and blond hair. He was surrounded by a bright light and wore a white long tunic up to his ankles, with silvery sandals. The witness noticed that the man wore a gold colored ring with the image of a pyramid imprinted on it. The tall blond male then approached him and one of the short humanoids handed him a transparent sphere that contained an electronic chip-like device. The sphere was placed over Perez's forehead, and it floated, then it floated over different parts of his body then it vanished. At that moment the blond man approached him and apparently began communicating by using telepathy since he did not move his lips. He told the witness not to fear. The witness then asked why he was chosen and was told because "he had been born with a special type of energy." Soon the witness was able to move and he was taken into another room that seemed to be the control center. There he saw three of the short humanoids operating some consoles. Suddenly a huge screen became visible where he saw all the planets align. Then he saw the planet Earth but it appeared to be upside down. Then he saw something resembling a nuclear blast and much death and destruction. He was then warned that humanity was headed in that direction if we did not mend our ways. Another door now became visible and the witness noticed what appeared to be dozens of domed disc-shaped objects, apparently in a huge hangar. The tall blonde-haired person noticed the witness looking at the objects then preceded to touch his forehead with a finger. At that moment the witness found himself back in bed. For three hours afterwards he was in a state of mental confusion.
    HC addition # 3467
    Source: Evidencia OVNI # 19 Type: G?

104. Location. Ann Arbor, Michigan
       Date: Summer 1996 Time: night

The witness has a conscious memory of standing in front of a 7-8 foot tall-cloaked figure with a light ball hovering over its shoulder. The witness also noticed a blue light coming in through the window. Suddenly a short gray figure with a huge head rushed towards the witness at very high speed. As soon as it reached him, he became paralyzed and blinded. His next conscious memory was of lying on his back, still unable to see and paralyzed, and rushing through the air at an amazing speed. The witness does not recall anything else.
    HC addition # 3523
    Source: Jeff Westover Type: E or G?

105. Location. Vidra, Romania
       Date: June 1996 Time: unknown

The entire population of the remote village in the Carpathian Mountains reportedly saw a saucer shaped object land. A group of humanoids emerged from the object. These were described as small, gray colored, with large ears and huge eyes. Most witnesses became afraid then ran and hid.
    HC addition # 2475
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. # 1 # 38 Type: B

106. Location. Poway, California
       Date: June 1996 Time: night

Local residents have reported seeing a three-foot tall gargoyle-like creature with bat-like wings, fangs and large claws that has attacked livestock and also a human. Reported to be a Chupacabra type animal.
    HC addition # 2659
    Source: Advocate Herald Type: E

107. Location. Cornwall, England
       Date: June 4 1996 Time: late evening

A woman saw what she first thought to be a sack floating "at twice rooftop height". On closer examination it turned out to be a five-foot tall man dressed in dark "Victorian" clothing. The clothing was flapping in the wind. A dog followed the mysterious figure briefly before it vanished from sight.
    HC addition # 3243
    Source: Jerome Clark, The Unexplained Type: E

108. Location. Achiras, Cordoba, Argentina
       Date: June 11 1996 Time: afternoon

The witness, Alfredo, who had previously had an encounter in 1995, felt an urge to travel to this location and accompanied by his parents and another couple they arrived at the summer home of the latter. Soon Alfredo felt that it was time for the "contact". Closely followed by his parents he began following a path through a field, they were also being watched by one of the witnesses using a pair of binoculars. As they approached a hilly area, Alfredo suddenly was lost from sight. His worried parents yelled out for him and searched around but failed to locate him. The witness with the binoculars did not see Alfredo depart in any direction. His parents then decided to walk back to the house. Meanwhile back at the house the other witness suddenly saw Alfredo in her backyard, standing there smiling at her. Curious she asked him how he got there so quickly, he replied that he jumped the chicken wire fence. His parents were stunned when they arrived 20 minutes later, to see him there having lunch. They noticed that he did not appeared tired at all and his eyes were a little red. While eating lunch he told those present that he had been levitated up in a tube of light into a metallic sterile environment. There he was met by several short beings (not described) that conversed with him telling the reason for him being chosen.
    HC addition # 3789
    Source: OVNI-COR Type: G

109. Location. Near Twain Hart, California
       Date: June 15 1996 Time: unknown

A woman reported seeing a large bubble like craft hovering near a river. The object was described as gelatinous & transparent but of an opaque gray color. Inside several figures could be seen. These appeared only as silhouette with no discernible features.
    HC addition # 2489
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 1 # 19 Type: A

110. Location. Barrio Candelaria, Puerto Rico
       Date: June 17 1996 Time: night

Debra Hernandez heard noises in her backyard and upon investigating encountered a bizarre creature tearing its way through a coop filled with helpless chickens. She described the being as "black with pointed ears and enormous fangs." Startled by the intrusion, the creature dropped its prey and ran away.
    HC addition # 3281
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E

111. Location. Rural Michigan
       Date: June 17 1996 Time: night

The witness and some friends were out camping in an isolated area. After the others had gone to sleep the witness was looking out the screen when he noticed a strange blue light flitting through the woods. As he continued to look other blue lights joined in. As he stared at the lights he was able to make out little outlines of "people" within the lights. The witness made a sudden movement and the lights flew away at blazing speed.
    HC addendum
    Source: The Unexplained Type: E

112. Location. Monte Alto, Brazil
       Date: June 20 1996 Time: 0100A

Francisco Da Silva heard his dog barking and running around a field. Looking out the kitchen window he observed a large hairy creature, dark in color. The witness ran to the front door in order the let his dog inside since the creature was apparently chasing it. Once he closed the door, the creature bang on it repeatedly as if wanting to enter the house. Da Silva opened the door again and noticed that the creature was still chasing the dog (he had not been able to retrieve the animal). Suddenly the creature stopped looked at the witness and ran towards the door again. This time the creature scratched the door several times before disappearing into the nearby forest.
    HC addendum
    Source: Carlos Alberto Machado Type: E

113. Location. Near Flexeiras, Brazil
       Date: June 21 1996 Time: night

The witness, 64 year old, Cesar Miglioranza, was in his car coming back from work when he noticed a strong light at a nearby field. He stopped the car and decided to investigate. As he approached the area, he saw near some trees a large object on the ground. Suddenly he felt paralyzed and was unable to move. Next to the object were two short beings with large heads and helmets, long arms and wearing silvery tight fitting suits. The two beings seemed to be collecting samples from the ground. After a few moments they conversed among themselves in an unknown language then boarded the object, which quickly took off at high speed. Cesar was unable to move for about five minutes afterwards. The witness felt very tired and sleepy for 2 to 3 days after the incident.
    HC addition # 3545
    Source: Victor Lourenco Type: B

114. Location. Near Belmopan, Belize
       Date: June 22 1996 Time: night

Several youngsters, including 9-year old, Tyrel Haylock, were outside one of their homes talking, when Tyrel spotted a creature standing about 150 feet away, on the ground beside a coconut tree. He pointed it out to the others. The creature then came walking towards the house where the feed for the sheep was stored. It was described as almost as big as a goat, crouched down, like it was squatting, with large wings on its back, small arms, a tail, and sort of jumped and made a strange small sound. After the creature came towards the house they ran to get their father. He came out with a light and a machete, and went to look for it by the pen. The father did not find the creature.
    HC addition # 2660
    Source: San Pedro Sun Type: E

115. Location. Toa Baja, Puerto Rico
       Date: June 27 1996 Time: evening

Debra Hernandez had stepped into her backyard and saw a black creature "with pointed ears and enormous fangs." It was ripping open a chicken coop and had one chicken in its claws, but when it saw Hernandez, it dropped the bird and escaped through a hole. Five weeks earlier, the witness told reporters that they had lost several fowl. "The chickens were left bloodless." Their wounds appeared to indicate that their intestines were removed.
    HC addendum
    Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained! Type: E

116. Location. Near Medford, Wisconsin
       Date: July 1996 Time: unknown

A warden traveling down Highway 13 just south of the city saw a figure standing in the middle of the road. He slowed his vehicle as he approached it. He could not believe his eyes as he saw a shiny, green scaly, large figure staring at him. As he got within several yards of it, wings suddenly popped out from behind the creature's back. The creature went vertical, zooming straight up and passing over the vehicle. It landed on the road behind the warden. To the witness it resembled a winged, reptile man. A group of highway workers also had a similar encounter along the same stretch of highway. They too saw a shiny, green scaly figure standing on the road. As they approached the figure, wings shot out from behind its back. It took off, and to their utter amazement, flew away into the trees.
    HC addendum
    Source: Weird Wisconsin Files Type: E

117. Location. Santa Quiteria, Brazil
       Date: July 1996 Time: 2200

On a dark cold night the witness was in his room when a bright flash like light suddenly illuminated his room. He opened his window but could not see anything in the dark. Suddenly a kind of a stupor invaded his body and he was unable to move. He seemed to loose control of his movements and against his will his body rose up into the air, and floated out the front door into the darkness. He floated just above the ground towards a nearby wooded ravine. In the ravine he saw a bright blue disc shaped object hovering very close to the ground. The object was completely smooth without any visible openings. It seemed to be only about 3 meters in width and almost two meters in height. He floated to within two meters of the object when suddenly a triangular shaped opening became visible. He floated inside and down a metallic ramp into a circular room. There a pyramid shaped form made out of pure light met him, it seemed to be in constant dynamic movement and appeared incredibly complex. It appeared to be a "living thing" and was about 80 cm in height. The witness felt terrified, as his body did not obey his will. As he floated near the figure he experienced a number of mood swings, from euphoria to extreme sadness. He felt as if the pyramid shaped light creature was feeding of his emotions, he also felt like a trapped lab animal. His body began performing several athletic movements against his will, moving his arms and legs in all directions. At the same time the pyramid of light went through several light changes. Soon he found himself standing about 10 meters away from the craft and saw the light pyramid floating up a ramp and into the object. The object was then encased in a bright red glow and shot up into the air at an incredible speed. The witness returned home on foot.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fenomeno Brazil Type: G

118. Location. Fayetteville, Georgia
       Date: July 1 1996 Time: 0230A

The witness and her husband were asleep in the bedroom. Suddenly she awoke and saw a small form on the bed darting away from her. It moved across her husband's side toward the foot of the bed in a sort of sitting/scampering motion. This entity continued on across the room where it joined at least 3 other similar entities that were standing in a sort of huddle next to the wall on her husband's side. The witness could not move or speak and was only able to look at the figures against the wall. The witness stated that the entities just stood there in the huddle as if watching her. This went on for about 10 more minutes, and then the witness apparently went to sleep. She described the entities as being similar, humanoid form, about 5 feet tall, seemingly thin limbed, large dark slanted eyes, and a teardrop shaped face. They wore dark cloak like garments and dark hats, similar to a Panama. There was no sound, unusual odor or other effects noticed, and no form of communication transpired. The entities skin tone appeared to be light gray. Shortly after awakening in the morning she related the experience to her husband who recalled nothing unusual during the night. Soon they found an orange-brown stain on the carpet at the foot of the bed and a similar stain on the sheet, which was laundered thereafter.
    HC addition # 3079
    Source: Tom Sheets for ISUR Type: E

119. Location. Bilton, North Yorkshire, England
       Date: July 3 1996 Time: 0945A

The 32-year old witness had decided to take a walk around the countryside and had sat down on a field to read a book. Suddenly as she sat reading she was aware of a large shadow moving over her. She looked up and was astonished to see a large black triangular craft overhead. It was twice the size of an aircraft and had a white light at each corner. It hovered silently over her. Then suddenly a beam of blue light shot down from the object and covered her. The next thing she felt that she was going upwards, very fast and she felt very sick. She went up very fast and blacked out. Her next memory was of being in a strange building, everything very white and bright. There was also a "funny smell" around. She then saw several strange beings around her that were doing something down near her legs. But she could see or feel anything. She described the humanoids as having black eyes, there was no white to their eyes, they had no eyebrows, no eyelashes, no cheekbones, no ears, no mouth or any facial hair or anything similar to human skin. It was a translucent white skin tone. There was a taller humanoid that seemed to be in charge of the others. This humanoid looked like the others but was about 6 ft tall. This humanoid stood over the witness staring into her eyes and she felt euphoria and happiness. Suddenly her next memory was of waking up in the field at a different spot from where she had been originally. When she got home, 5 ½ hours had elapsed. Her dogs acted strange around her as she arrived home.
    HC addendum
    Source: Omar Fowler, FSR Vol. 43 # 3 Type: G

120. Location. Near Fargo North Dakota
       Date: July 3 1996 Time: evening

A man & 2 sons were on a remote dirt road ¼ mile south of their farmhouse when they noticed a strange object hovering over a nearby fencerow. Their vehicle was somewhat suck on the dirt road. The object then moved towards them stopping about 200 feet away. The craft was described as a circular object, with six legs for landing gear. On the bottom of each leg it had what appeared to be a suction cup shaped pod, and on the bottom of the object there was a globe that looked like a light glowing on & off. Three rod-like beams of light protruded from the top of the globe. The craft was metallic gray in color. On the top dome it had four windows that appeared to be tinted. Atone point a rod like object came out from the side of the object, apparently causing the witness vehicle to start on its own. Two of the witnesses were able to see what appeared to be moving shadows behind the tinted windows. The shadows seemed to be moving back and forth or passing by, while one shadow remained stationary in the third window. The object then tipped on about a 20-degree angle and went straight up at very high speed emitting a loud air-displacement sound.
    HC addition # 2561
    Source: NUFORC Type: A

121. Location. Fayetteville, Arkansas
       Date: July 4 1996 Time: 1935

The witnesses had just finished firing off fireworks and had entered a patch of woods away from the pasture to enjoy the warm night for a few minutes. In the woods they noticed a light about 100 yards away. Thinking that it was somebody shooting fireworks in the woods, they walked towards it. As they approached, they saw in a clearing, three triangular shaped objects hovering just above the ground. Lights were pointing down off each point of the triangles. Three strange beings, stood around speaking among themselves in gruff voices. The beings were described as tall and covered with very thick hair that covered their bodies completely. As the witnesses approached, the beings seem to sniff the air and glared in their direction. The beings then quickly ran into their ships, which shot away into the sky emitting a bright burst of light, knocking the witnesses to the ground. The crafts seem to elongate as they accelerated.
    HC addition # 3566
    Source: NUFORC Type: B

122. Location. Eugene, Oregon
       Date: July 4 1996 Time: 2230

The witness had been setting off some fireworks when he suddenly heard a loud humming sound. He looked up and saw an object with a row of lights descend in front of him. Through some lighted windows he could see some figures or "things" moving about inside. The object suddenly left. No other information.
    HC addition # 2454
    Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico, & the World Type: A

123. Location. Drosendorf, Austria
       Date: July 7 1996 Time: midnight

Rudolf Slam had stepped outside to his balcony to smoke a cigarette when he saw a shining triangular object about two meters high, on the ground in a field near the apartment. Behind a window on the object several figures could be seen moving about. The witness attempted to film the object but his batteries failed. Within seconds the unknown object lifted off and flew away at incredible speed emitting a loud thundering sound, leaving behind a trail of flames at least 300 meters long.
    HC addition # 2490
    UFO Roundup Vol. 1 # 22 Type: A

124. Location. Miami Florida
       Date: July 10 1996 Time: dusk

Belinda Kaiser awoke to find that her 1994 Lexus had deep fang marks, an inch and a half deep, on the fender. Scratch marks covered the hood and something had ripped off and chewed up a plastic guard. A neighbor, Orlando Barriga, reported seeing a black creature sprinting across his lawn that night. Another neighbor found giant cat-like prints in the sand of her children's play pen area.
    HC addition # 3537
    Source: Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo Type: E

125. Location. Not given
       Date: July 13 1996 Time: night

The witness woke up in a dream-like state and waked into his old room, there he saw two short figures. They appeared to be about 4 feet tall, with "blond" hair that seemed to move like matted feathers and blue eyes that were larger than a humans but were still of the same makeup. He remembers being taken to a "jail" like structure. The witness was put into a "cell" and locked in. He attempted to get out by removing some bars and his next memory was of waking up and talking to his wife about the incident.
    HC addition # 2882
    Source: UFO Experiencers Support Group Type: G?

126. Location. Near Orlinda, Tennessee
       Date: July 14 1996 Time: 0100A

A family of four was suddenly awakened by weird noises coming from the trailer's backyard deck. Grabbing a flashlight, the father went to investigate. Sliding the door open he illuminated the deck's wooden railing. he then heard a noise that sounded like "something running across the deck, bumping into things." The noise startled him. Neither of his dogs had barked at the intruder. Shining his flashlight toward the railing, he saw something rear up, and stare at him between the rails. He described it as a kind of rubbery or pulpy object five feet in diameter. It extended a tentacle or appendage through the railing and onto the deck floor. The witness estimated the appendage was"18 to 24 inches long" resembling an elephant's trunk. He went to wake up his two sons, and then the whole family watched the creature from the trailer's dining room window. The wife also noticed some bright lights some distance away. Every time the family members aimed their flashlight at the creature it acted in a very defensive manner, moving very fast over the yard, under cars, back under the deck, and apparently changed into a glowing disk at times. At 0400A the main witness left the trailer to look for his dogs, he found them very subdued, one of them had a wound to his hind leg, just inside the thigh and limped as if in great pain. Meanwhile a luminous object hovered over a nearby clearing, shooting off beams of light. The witness was apparently struck by these beams of light on the elbow and the neck. The man and his two sons followed the creature to the family's parked cars. They then noticed the window of both vehicles covered with some kind of fog or ice, and one of the cars had some kind of electrical hum about it, and the antenna was shaking. They again saw the creature around sunup in a ditch nearby and phoned the sheriff's Department. (Very weird, shades of the Hopkinvsille siege)
    HC addition # 2480
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 1 # 23 Type: C??

127. Location. Cercesti, Romania
       Date: July 15 1996 Time: unknown

A disc shaped craft was seen landing on a field near this city. A strange humanoid figure (not described) was seen standing briefly next to the object. After a few minutes the object left. No other information.
    HC addendum
    Source: GEPUC Brazil Type: C

128. Location. Los Villares, Jaen, Spain
       Date: July 16 1996 Time: noon

66-year-old Dionisio, a retired farmer, was walking through a field and had sat down on a rock next to a tree. Suddenly there was a very strong & pungent odor in the air & a low hum could be heard. He then noticed an object hovering near the ground, next to some nearby power lines. The object was shaped like a dome & was shiny & metallic, it also had several black glass oval shaped windows. It was about 3 meters in length & 1 & a half-meter in height. On one side of the object he noticed what appeared to be some inscriptions, part of it resembling "IOIO" and from the top of the object there were some cables that were apparently connected to the nearby power lines. Dionisio also noticed a curious fact, if he moved back about 3 meters he could no longer see the object, but once he moved forward again, he was able to see it. Suddenly he saw three figures standing next to the object, these were about six-feet tall. There were two men & one woman. They were wearing tight fitting one-piece silvery outfits. The humanoid's faces were Asian in appearance, with high cheekbones, very pale skin, and slanted eyes. They had large hands with five long well defined fingers and their mouths were slit-like. They also wore silvery boots. Suddenly the witness felt something strike his chest, looking up he noticed that the woman was signaling him, and one of the men was kneeling down next to the object. Soon he began hearing voices in his head. Frightened he hid behind some rocks, and then he heard the humming sound & noticed the pungent odor again. Coming out from the rocks he noticed that the humanoids and the object were gone. Investigators found ground traces at the site. A mysterious rock was also found at the site. During the same time others in the region saw low flying lights and objects.
    HC addition # 3040
    Source: Lorenzo Fernandez Bueno & Iker Jimenez Elizari Type: C

129. Location. Ontario, Canada, exact location not given
       Date: July 22 1996 Time: 0300A

The witness was at a summer cottage when he suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, he looked at his watch, and then turned his head looked at it again and two hours had passed. He had vague memories of lying on a table were several short gray figures are standing around him. He found an X-pattern of red marks on his hand after the incident.
    HC addition # 3581
    Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico and The World Type: G

130. Location. Vicenza Italy
       Date: July 22 1996 Time: 2230

Two local youngsters reported that while sleeping on the grassy slopes of Monte Berici they suddenly noticed the total lack of animal noises in the area. Then everything became extremely quiet. Soon they heard a sort of modulated scraping metallic sound. Then they heard the sounds of something moving in the forest, they looked towards the sound and noticed two dark gleaming eyes staring at them. The girl became frightened and covered herself with a blanket, the boy then saw what appeared to be a large form, like a white-silvery blanket approaching from a nearby hill, it was a meter in height and it approached to within 50 cm of the girl, apparently looking down on her with two large red-colored metallic eyes. Attempting to protect her the boy jumped in front of the girl. At that point the bizarre robotic creature seemed to shrink up within itself then apparently disappeared into the woods. Others in the area reported hearing loud noises resembling a helicopter coming from the woods.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO CUN Type: E

131. Location. Churston Woods, England
       Date: August 1996 Time: various

Several separate witnesses over a period of several weeks reported seeing a green face monkey-like humanoid running through the woods. Most of them described the creature as about four to five-feet tall, with a flat, olive green face. It was also seen swinging from tree branches.
    HC addition # 3945
    Source: World of The Strange Type: E

132. Location. Przbylow, Poland
       Date: August 11 1996 Time: 2240

A man saw some flashing lights ahead on a field. Because there were just above the ground he first thought they were lights on a harvester. At the same time, 600 meters away five additional witnesses had seen the same object, but they had a far better view. According to them the flashing lights were on a disc shaped craft with a dome on the top and several circling flashing lights. They also noticed a small, human-like creature standing in front of the object, but were unable to make out any details due to the bright light.
    HC addendum
    Source: Bronislaw Rzepecki Type: C

133. Location. Near Benalmadena, Spain
       Date: August 12 1996 Time: 2100

Juan Ramon Barrio was on his way to a hotel when he noticed a strange bright light that descended from the sky then followed his vehicle for a couple of miles, then hovered directly over the car. The car suddenly stalled and the headlights turned off. The object descended lower over the vehicle as the terrified witness suddenly saw dozens of small bright spheres floating all around the car. One of the tiny spheres then entered the vehicle right through the windshield. It flew in front of Barrio's face from left to right. It seem to emit considerable heat, it suddenly flew out through the other windshield and left. Barrio suddenly found himself arriving at his destination unable to account for several hours of time. The next morning he found several mysterious handprints on his vehicle, which he photographed. He took several photos of the car and one of them seemed to show a large head with large black slanted eyes, staring out from the back seat window.
    HC addition # 3107
    Source: Manuel Carballal, Ano Cero 8-97 Type: G?

134. Location. Kashtim, Russia
       Date: August 13 1996 Time: afternoon

An elderly local woman walking in an isolated trail found a small apparently injured humanoid figure. She took the small humanoid back to her home where she nurtured it and fed it for two weeks before it died. Apparently government agents retrieved the creature and took it to an undisclosed location. The elderly woman suffered a mysterious disease after the incident. No other information.
    HC addition # 3412
    Source: Zaza Edilashvili Type: H

135. Location. Vargem Grande do Sul, Sao Paolo, Brazil
       Date: August 15 1996 Time: 0730A

Alaor Bernardes and his 12 year old were working a tract of land with a tractor at the local Tres Barras de Cima Fazenda. As they entered the fenced in piece of land they perceived a strange hairy creature standing next to some nearby woods. The witnesses estimated the creature to have been 1.50 meters in height, with a very strong build and wide chest, it had a large dog-like head with long pointy canine teeth protruding from its mouth. It was dark yellow in color and seemed to move in a strange sideways motion. The figure began walking in the direction of the witnesses and concerned for their safety Alaor and his son drove the tractor in reverse and hid behind some ornamental trees that circled the wire-fenced field. The creature moved a distance of 200 meters in the direction of the fence and the witness at very high speed, strangely it had apparently not seen the wire fence or the witnesses and walked right into the fence falling backwards to the ground. Very quickly it raised itself up and jumped the fence still walking towards the two astounded witnesses. Incredibly the creature had apparently not seen the witnesses yet even though he was just now about 4 meters away. Panic stricken Alaor armed himself with a large rock in case the creature attacked him and his son. At this point the creature perceived the presence of the witnesses and turned staring directly at them. In an apparent aggressive act in bared his teeth and began approaching very slowly towards Alaor. Terrified the witness jumped into the tractor with his son and drove away from the area not wanting a confrontation with such a bizarre entity. As they drove away they looked back and saw the humanoid walking away quickly in the opposite direction it jumped over the fence again and disappeared into the woods.
    HC addendum
    Source: Painel Ovni, Brazil Type: E

136. Location. La Grange Georgia
       Date: August 15 1996 Time: late night

The main witness was sleeping with her 6-year old granddaughter on the other side of the bed. She heard her granddaughter coughing and noticed that the girl was experiencing a nosebleed. She cleaned her up and went back to sleep. 15 minutes later she looked over to the girl and saw a tall "angel like" entity standing over the girl on the other side of the bed. The entity was described as a tall female, with unusual blond curly hair and wearing a white robe. After about 30 seconds the entity disappeared as the witness watched. About 15 minutes later the entity returned and stood next to the girl. This time the entity had an Afghan type wrap spread between her outstretched hands, as she intended to wrap the girl up in it. The entity seemed to approach the little girl then suddenly vanished. During the encounter the witness felt that the entity meant no harm and was only trying to help her granddaughter. Unknown if related, but around the same time a mutilated hog was found hanging over a nearby road bridge.
    HC addition # 2621
    Source: John C Thompson, ISUR Type: E

137. Location. Bandirpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
       Date: August 16 1996 Time: unknown

10-year old Sita Devi reportedly saw a bizarre werewolf like entity who ran across the grass on all four paws and grabbed her 14-year old brother. The creature then rose onto two legs becoming as tall as a man. It threw the young boy over its shoulders apparently killing him. The creature reportedly wore a black coat a helmet & a pair of goggles. In the same region since July 1 over 33 children have vanished without a trace. Local villagers blamed their disappearances on "white wolves" or werewolves.
    HC addition # 2468
    Source: UFO News clipping Service Type: E

138. Location. Livigno Valtellina Italy
       Date: August 17 1996 Time: afternoon

Three young shepherds were tending some sheep in the valley when they noticed a strange white humanoid figure approaching their position. The animals began to act nervous at the same time. The figure was similar to a man and floated silently against the wind. It appeared to be squat and nimble in movement at the same time. The terrified witnesses fled in a panic. Looking back they noticed that the strange white figure had vanished. Others in the area, including three tourists from Milan reported seeing a dark disc shaped object moving silently over the area.
    Source: CUN Type: D?

139. Location. West Manchester, Ohio
       Date: August 20 1996 Time: 0215A

A teenager girl saw a circular metallic object hovering above a group of nearby power lines in her backyard. The object had orange, green, & reddish orange lights. A series of rectangular windows were around the middle portion of the object. One window in the center was apparently moved down by something or somebody inside the as the witness felt like she was being watched. The round bottom of the craft appeared to be gold in color. After viewing the object for about 5 to 10 minutes, it zig zagged and shot up into the sky.
    HC addition # 3595
    Source: NUFORC Type: A

140. Location. Sao Roque de Fratura, Brazil
       Date: August 23 1996 Time: unknown

A farmhand spotted a strange "monster" in a coffee field. It was described as a quadruped gray green creature, approximately 5 feet long, with a large head and what looked like armor protecting its foreleg, shoulders, and rear end. It resembled a scorpion lacking its pincers and a tail and had legs "like an ox." The creature fled back into the jungle when the witness threw rocks at it.
    HC addition # 2488
    Source: CEPEX Study Group Type: E

141. Location. Poudre Canyon, Colorado
       Date: August 24 1996 Time: 0200A

While on a camping trip the witnesses spotted several lights flying over the area. Later more lights appeared overhead then they all heard a whooshing sound. The two men in the group were retrieving water when the lights appeared, as they returned to the camp the lights landed nearby, behind some trees. The smaller lights began "whirling" behind the trees. Soon two 3-foot tall beings approached the campsite, they approached and backed off several times. All through the night the beings kept walking back & forth from the lights to the campsite. A box-like structure was also seen above the nearby trees at one point. The beings and the lights finally departed at about 0600A.
    HC addition # 3191
    Source: NUFORC Type: C

142. Location. Piracicaba, Brazil
       Date: August 27 1996 Time: 2040

Joao Galvao Coelho and his wife Ivanete were returning home in a small motorbike when they spotted a disc shaped object with rotating multicolored lights around its edge. They followed the object's path as it flew at a low altitude; it suddenly curved and released a smaller object that landed on the avenue of Brasilia. They saw a ramp come out of the object and a bright light from inside that illuminated its surroundings. They were both surprised to see three very short humanoids, only about 50cm in height walk down the ramp. These had large heads and were carrying something resembling pens that emitted bright beams of red light. Later on that night other witnesses saw an object with what appeared to be several "stakes" underneath it and stuck on the ground. Several holes forming a triangle were found on the ground.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Genesis Type: B

143. Location. St. Patrick's Chair, County Moneghan Ireland
       Date: September 1996 Time: evening

46-year-old Lawrence John and his dog were exploring a rock formation in an isolated area when they were suddenly enveloped in a blinding white light. John suddenly found himself standing outside a huge object with several humanoid figures standing in front of him. The beings were about 5-feet tall, gray in color, & appeared to be floating just above the ground. They wore something resembling a caftan. He was apparently taken inside the craft; there he saw at least 50 other similar beings. The beings communicated by using telepathy. Later he suddenly found himself outside with his dog & the craft and beings were gone.
    HC addition # 2706
    Source: United Kingdom UFO Bulletin August 1997 Type: G

144. Location. Iporanga Brazil
       Date: September 2 1996 Time: night

Three local police officers watched an object land near Serro das Mottas. They approached the area in order to obtain a better look when suddenly the object emitted two bright flashes of light and two small humanoids suddenly appeared. The humanoids had human-like faces with large luminous eyes. These approached to within 50 meters of the officers using quick lateral movements. A strange malaise seemed to overcome the officers that quickly left the area and id not see the object or humanoids depart.
    HC addendum
    Source: Ivan Carlos Anker Type: B

145. Location. Stockton, California
       Date: September 7 1996 Time: 0300A

A very brief account indicating that a witness woke up in his bedroom to see a thin, undescribed being, standing in the doorway to the room. No other information.
    HC addition # 3584
    Source: NUFORC Type: E

146. Location. Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
       Date: September 8 1996 Time: unknown

Several people saw a triangular shaped craft land. A hatch opened, and three occupants floated to the ground. These were described as 1-foot, 10 inches tall, wearing a coverall garment, with very large heads, far out of proportion to their bodies. No other information.
    HC addition # 2482
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 1 # 29 Type: B

147. Location. Cabeca da Penha Mountain, Portugal
       Date: September 15 1996 Time: unknown

A young backpacker, Ricardo Machado Oliveira, was exploring a remote mountain cave and while in it apparently blacked out. When he came to, he found himself in a vast underground hangar surrounded by "three distinct species of aliens." Nearby were several ovoid silvery craft. The aliens told Ricardo that they were part of an alliance of interstellar worlds engaged in observing Earth. Their base under the Serra da Guardunha was one of four such bases. Immediately after hearing this Ricardo blacked out again. When he opened his eyes, he was lying on the ground right outside the cave. (In the 14th century, at the same cave, a little girl from a nearby village vanished for three days. When she was finally found, she told the search party that she had been cared for by "a lady in white", who had offered her water to drink from a bell. Some have attributed this to a visitation by the Blessed Virgin Mary.)
    HC addition # 2483
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 1 # 32 Type: G

148. Location. Nazareth, Israel
       Date: September 16 1996 Time: evening

62-year old Uri Sakhov was walking to a local post office when suddenly he heard a loud whizzing sound and felt hands grab his hair and shoulders. In an instant he found himself being pulled into an egg shaped object. Inside he found himself in a strange crystal chamber surrounded by several small humanoids. These were described as 2 to 3 feet tall, with heads shaped like light bulbs and skinny limbs that made unintelligible noises. The leader was described as taller & green colored wearing flowing robes. He was very slender and had a narrow vertical head, with eyes located on either side of it. One of the small humanoids stepped up to the witness and sprayed his face with a yellowish powder. Soon they conducted numerous medical tests on Sakhov, which made him feel "horrible" and very uncomfortable. Midway through the tests the witness blacked out. When he came to he found himself lying flat on his back in the middle of a soccer stadium half a kilometer from his house. Feeling dizzy he went home & noticed that he still had some of the yellow powder on his face. The powder was analyzed @ a local hospital & it was discovered that it was about 60 percent aluminum and different form any soil found in the area.
    HC addition # 2461
    Source: Barry Chamish Type: G

149. Location. Falkland Hills, Scotland
       Date: September 23 1996 Time: 2145

The witnesses had seen at 2000 a huge triangular shaped craft shining some very bright beams of lights towards the ground. The object hovered over the area and was seen to slowly bank revealing a large dome on top. On the underside they could see three small red lights on each apex of the object. Suddenly the object shot away into the distance at the sound of an approaching aircraft. At 2030 the witnesses again saw the huge triangle over the same location, shining down powerful beams of white light. Later some of the witnesses returned back to the area and watched a powerful blue glow appear above a field at about treetop height. In order to obtain a better look they drove down a narrow lane and parked their vehicle. They then saw a large star-like object just above the blue glow that was pulsing & growing larger & smaller alternately. Suddenly they noticed the silhouettes of numerous small thin figures, moving about, one of the figures however was much taller than the others, around seven feet tall. Other small beings moved in amongst the trees in the field. A large black object sat on the ground. The figures appeared to be moving towards the object. At this point the witnesses became extremely frightened & drove away from the area. They arrived at the home of one of the other witnesses borrowing some binoculars. They soon returned to the location & noticed the blue light still glowing. They again saw the little beings moving in & out of the trees. They also saw the very tall being standing with its back to them. Looking at the hovering object with binoculars they could now tell that it was amber in color, with dark indentations all around it. It rotated slowly, occasionally turning on its axis. Dozens of small creatures apparently carrying small boxes and tubular canisters were visible. Taller figures were also seen & described as having brown skin & oriental eyes, that seemed to be supervising a large group of the smaller beings. Using the binoculars they now spotted a large transparent illuminated capsule-shaped object, rippled on the outside with indentations like a brain. The object appeared to be on the ground & there were some very small thin beings inside it. Next to this object was another smaller one, otherwise identical to the first. This one contained a very tall being with brown skin. Another larger craft was also seen on the ground near the woods. There were lots of lights around it and dozens of small entities that appeared to be working in groups, going in & out of the woods. The witnesses also saw capsule shaped objects resembling cocoons coming out of the woods. These objects suddenly shot across the field towards the witnesses, hovering a few feet from them. Each of the capsules contained one of the small entities. They were dozens of capsules now hovering near the witnesses. At this point the witnesses became disoriented and had vague memories of being touched by the small entities with probe like devices. The small entities were described as having huge black eyes, & smiled at the witnesses. They communicated among themselves by making loud high-pitched noises, like whales. The witnesses later remembered leaving the area & returning home in a state of shock. Later while checking the scene of the incident, investigators found circular marks on the ground, burnt & dead vegetation, and branches from nearby trees covered in what appeared to be white spider web-type material.
    HC addition # 2562
    Source: Tony Dodd UFO Magazine Vol. 15 # 15 Type: A C & G?

150. Location. Near Georgeville, Pennsylvania
       Date: September 24 1996 Time: 1300

Two children, a girl and a boy, age 9 spotted a weird looking entity walking through a cornfield near their school. The creature was reported striding across the clearing moving its arms back and forth like a soldier. It was described as four-feet tall, with long arms that ended in three fingers. It had a tube-like appendage lying on top of its head and dangling down in the rear. Its skin color was light blue and it had a black "thing" that appeared to be an eye but low where a nose would have been. The entity was in view for about nine minutes and no unusual sounds were associated with it.
    HC addition # 2486
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol1. # 31 Type: E

151. Location. Cowen West Virginia
       Date: September 26 1996 Time: 0239A

The witness was lying in bed when he heard a loud noise resembling an approaching train. The ground shook around his bed. Then a bright light lit up the sky and moved over the house, and then seemed to hover over the porch area. Looking out the window he saw a dark figure standing outside. He closed his eyes terrified and then found himself floating above the hedge outside the house. Looking up he saw an arrangement of red, blue, yellow, and white lights. In the middle of the object there appeared to be a glowing door shaped entrance. The witness screamed and blacked out. He remembers waking up in his bed three days later, having no memory of what happened during those three days.
(Hypnotic regression apparently has not been explored) He found numerous scars on his body.
    HC addendum
    Source: NUFORC Type: G?

152. Location. Punta Palma, Puerto Rico
       Date: September 27 1996 Time: 0130A

Nelson Cortes had been unable to fall sleep that night when his younger brother Josue alerted him to a strange-lighted object that had apparently landed in a field behind Cortes house. Upon investigating the site they saw a large rounded object that had landed on three leg-like supports. The object was surrounded by a brilliant red glow. The craft was silvery metallic in color. The two witnesses then saw a ramp like protrusion extend to the ground. Several short green humanoids then exited the object via the ramp. These were described as thin, with long skinny arms, potbellies, large heads, huge pointy ears, and large dark oval shaped eyes. They all wore tight fitting metallic helmets on their heads. The beings began to walk around the field. At that moment both witnesses panicked and began screaming, immediately the beings ran into the object, which then closed the ramp, became brighter, tilted to one side then shot away at incredible speed. Neighbors heard the boys scream and also saw the object and lights.
    HC addition # 2694
    Source: Marleen Lopez de Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 13 Type: B

153. Location. Cordillera de Tajsara, Bolivia
       Date: September 27 1996 Time: 1900

While hiking in the rugged mountainous region, Roberto Suarez Molina, 28, became lost. During the search, air rescue units reported strange glows around the snow-covered peak of Nevado Chorolque, at the western end of the Tajsara Range. On Friday Roberto saw a light with a weird appearance, it crossed the sky, stopped for a moment in mid-air, and then became a red light before disappearing. Later a bright light lit up Roberto's campsite. Looking up he saw a "tube of light" of incredible brilliance. The tube of light turned from the horizontal to the vertical, then slowly descended, landing on the mountain trail near his campfire. He suddenly found himself face to face with a luminous humanoid form that "told him things". The entity predicted that Roberto would be rescued by the Bolivian air force around noontime on Saturday. The humanoid was right, on that day Roberto was spotted by a Cessna aircraft and was picked up by a helicopter.
    HC addition # 2484
    Source: Luis Pacheco, UFOZONE Type: C

154. Location. Valparaiso, Florida
       Date: Fall of 1996 Time: dusk

At the edge of the Eglin AFB reservation, 5 people witness a commotion in some nearby woods. It sounded as if something large was approaching. As it got closer they saw a huge humanoid form, upright and that did not respond to yelling at. All the witnesses then fled in a panic. The location was in some dense woods.
    HC addition # 2961
    Source: BFRO Type: E

155. Location. Taboleiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil
       Date: October 1996 Time: 0500A

81-year-old Joaquim Eloi woke up to see a powerful light shining outside his hut. Looking out the window he saw a brilliant white oval shaped object on the ground nearby. The light from the object was so intense that he had to cover his face with his right arm. At the same time he could hear strange voices coming from the object that sounded foreign to him. After a few minutes the brilliant object took off towards the nearby town. There a husband and wife saw the bright white object hovering above some high-tension wires. They were able to see what appeared to be "numbers" or strange symbols on the craft. At the same time there was a power outage in the region. Eloi's right arm was numb for almost 5 months after the incident, and unknown if related, he began to slowly loose his sight and is now totally blind.
    HC addition # 3650
    Source: CIPFANI Brazil Type: F

156. Location. Near Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
       Date: October 1996 Time: early afternoon

Dr Jonathan Reed had been hiking for about an hour and a half when his 7-year old Golden Retriever ran ahead of him and disappeared over a rise. He began barking frantically. Dr Reed dropped his backpack and ran up the slope where the fog disappeared. He picked up a tree branch on the way, thinking that he might need it to rescue her form some kind of animal. Topping the rise he saw that Suzy (the dog) had a strange creature by the left arm. The creature was shaking violently in an attempt to dislodge the dog. The dog released the creature and backed away. At the same time the creature extended a "fleshy pseudo pod" around the dog's muzzle and severely wounded her. Suzy's tissues seemed to "flow" into this wound. She was consumed in a matter of seconds. Later, Dr Reed could find no trace of her except for a fine white powder on the ground. The creature turned to look at Reed with an expression of what seemed to be pure rage then turned its head back to look at Suzy. Reed ran forward at this point and hit the creature with the branch with all the force he could muster. He knocked the creature back about four ft. The creature lay dead on the ground covered in it's own blood. Shocked, Reed fell to the ground attempting to compose himself. Finally he remembered the camera equipment he usually carried on his frequent hikes ran back for his backpack and began taking pictures and videotape footage of the creature. A short time later, Jonathan became aware of a strange, low frequency vibration. He surveyed the area and discovered a black (craft like) device floating above the ground nearby. He approached the object and touched it. It was freezing cold and burned his hand. He took pictures of the object. After several hours, Jonathan still very sick, decided to wrap the creature in a survival blanket that he had with him. He decided to take the creature with him back to Seattle. He put the creature in a small freezer he had at home. The creature was described as about 4 ft tall that was capable of moving incredibly fast. It had large bloated eyes, which it was able to open and close, light in color. He also said that the creature emitted a horrifying scream or "shriek" as it fell to the ground. Around the fourth day Jonathan heard noises coming from within the freezer. He opened it and the creature was alive. In a panic he slammed the freezer shut, then called a friend over. Over the next few days he attempted many times to communicate with the creature and did so. He tried to feed it but it refused all food. It did, however drink water. Apparently unknown government agents broke into the house and removed the creature.
    HC addendum
    Source: World of The Strange, & Unsolved UFO Mysteries, William J Birnes & Harold Burt Type: E or H?

157. Location. Karori, Wellington New Zealand
       Date: October 1996 Time: night

That night the witness woke up feeling like something was trying to pull him out of bed, feet first. He felt cold hands. His next memory was of feeling a series of tugs on top of his blanket. Suddenly he found himself floating above his bed, he was unable to move a muscle. At the foot of his bed he then saw three four-foot tall figures wearing black monk like gowns, with hoods, the cloaks appeared to be tied together by a brown piece of string. Their faces were obscured by what appeared to be reflecting glass visor helmets. A beautiful blue light with gold sparkles accompanies the beings. The angle of the light beam is very low and seems to be coming in the window. His next memory was of yelling 'No!" as one of the beings touches him. He then passed out and woke up the next morning very frightened.
    HC addition # 3954
    Source: Andy Page Type: E

158. Location. St. Mary's Tasmania, Australia
       Date: October 1996 Time: late night

A young member of the family reported that while in the backyard she saw an oval object overhead. The object was white in color and had small red and green lights around its rim. The object then flew away towards the east. Later that night an adult member of the household reported seeing in a dream like state a tall featureless figure enter the bedroom and point something resembling a laser beam on the adult's right temple. The next day the adult had two brown marks on the temple and a burn mark on the arm. A similar object was seen that same night.
    HC addition # 3334
    Source: TUFOIC Newsletter Edition 84 Type: D

159. Location. Barrio Saltos Cabra, Puerto Rico
       Date: October 2 1996 Time: night

A number of witnesses claimed to have seen a creature described as about 3 feet tall, with a crest on its back, large wings and three fingered hands. Witnesses included two police officers that were patrolling the area when they saw the creature jump out from a tree line. Other local residents also reported seeing small gray silver clad humanoids.
    HC addition # 3279
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E

160. Location. Near Sao Paulo, Brazil
       Date: October 7 1996 Time: night

Two witnesses sighted a creature that resembled a large dog walking on its hind legs. The beast had large black eyes, long fangs, and a body covered by dense yellow fur. A local farmer found strange claw-shaped footprints, 13 inches long, "deeply edged into dry, hardened soil." Subsequent analysis of the footprints indicated that the beast "weighed some 440 pounds."
    HC addendum
    Source: Brad Steiger, Out of The Dark Type: E

161. Location. Armant, Egypt
       Date: October 7 1996 Time: night

Egypt's Interior Ministry announced that police officers and citizen hunters had shot and killed "two unknown animals" in this city on the east bank of the Nile 500 km south of Cairo. The local people called the creatures "salaawa," a colloquial name meaning "female ghouls." Folklore has it that these ghouls inhabit ancient tombs in the nearby Valley of the Kings. The creatures, which resembled large hyenas or wild dogs, have killed three people and injured dozens in a series of nocturnal attacks around Armant.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 1 # 33 Type: E or H?

162. Location. Prudnik, Poland
       Date: October 8 1996 Time: 2200

The 13-year old witness reported seeing a strange object with red, yellow, and green lights over her block of flats. That same night in a dream like state she found herself onboard the craft with several undescribed beings that performed medical experiments on her. Other reports sate that her dog was also taken onboard and was petted by the aliens. No other information.
    HC addendum
    Source: Uforaport Poland Type: E

163. Location. Near Ventura California
       Date: October 8 1996 Time: night

Around the same time that a green fireball flew from New Mexico to Ventura, several people reported encountering a strange humanoid. It was described as about 4-feet tall, its face egg shaped with a small nose. The mouth was small and circular with long thin fangs. It had multi-faceted eyes which when reflecting light, glowed red. The body was covered with short fur, like a hyena, and was colored gray with dark gray spots. Porcupine like quills ran from its head down its back. Its legs were powerful looking and shaped like a rabbit or kangaroo. One witness reported an attack on his pet pig, stated that the creature easily outran his dogs. It leaped over a three and a half foot chicken wire fence. In another instance it cleared a five-foot hedge. Tracks with three clawed toes were found. All encounters were near the San Andrea Fault line.
    HC addition # 2848
    Source: Jerry Glass, Mufon Type: D

164. Location. Banabuiu, Brazil
       Date: October 9 1996 Time: unknown

A tall humanoid about 1.90 meters in height, with long blond flowing hair and wearing tight fitting gray coveralls was seen in a street in a local neighborhood. On October 15 in Bandeirantes a glowing red object landed near a local gas station, ground marks were located afterwards.
    HC addendum
    Source: GEPUC Brazil Type: E

165. Location. Not given
       Date: Around October 10 1996 Time: night

In a dream like state the witness found himself in a room with about 6 human men who were very official looking and had an air of authority about them. There were also two or three "alien" figures present. There was a sense of movement and the scene shifted to a "living room". The witness found himself sitting on a couch next to an alien. The human men were still in the room. One of the men was standing and lighting a cigarette and told the witness in a joking manner, "Well, go ahead and ask him a question, hybrid." The alien was not wearing any clothing, had large eyes, was thin, but had human skin tone, bright pink like a baby, and spoke with his mouth. The witness asked the alien a question about hybrids and received a very complicated and bizarre answer. (Not described)
    HC addition # 2883
    Source: UFO Experiencers Support Group Type: G?

166. Location. Eastern Michigan
       Date: October 12 1996 Time: 2130

The witness who had been driving along I-75 pulled off onto one of the roadside restrooms. After parking his car in an empty lot, he got out and felt something strange in the air. He felt some type of intense heat coming from above him. The parking lot suddenly flooded with an intense blinding white light, the witness felt paralyzed. It felt like being in some type of solid see through gel. He then saw a shadowy figure in front of him. It looked like the outline of a tiny man standing behind a floodlight. Its arms were extremely long and its legs very short. The witness suddenly blacks out as he feels somebody touching him. The next thing he remembered was standing in front of the urinal, staring at the mirror. He noticed that his eyes were swollen and he was suffering from a terrible headache. This experience was followed by intense graphic dreams.
    HC addition # 2815
    Source: Internet Sightings Page Type: E or G?

167. Location. Jenin, West Bank, Israel
       Date: October 14 1996 Time: night

Abdul Alhazrad was driving towards the Jewish settlement of Dotan when he noticed what appeared to be a hitchhiker standing on the side of the road. The man asked for a lift. As he drove away, Abdul glanced at the man and was stunned to see him change his appearance in seconds as he watched. Instead of a normal human, Abdul found himself seated next to a tall humanoid in dark clothing with a head like a dog. The entity had floppy, dangling ears and a single Cyclopean eye at the top of its long canine snout. Afraid, the witness braked hard causing the car to fishtail off the road. Fleeing the car the watched the weird entity emerge from the passenger side. The being then took several steps towards the witness direction then vanished in plain sight.
    HC addition # 2469
    Source: Dr. Leon Liebknecht Type: E

168. Location. Near Beersheba Israel
       Date: October 14 1996 Time: night

On the same night of the previous bizarre encounter, two local Bedouin Arabs were driving on a darkened desert highway, when they saw a man standing beside the asphalt roadway. Surprised to see someone in such a remote location they slowed to a stop. One of the witnesses rolled down his window and asked the stranger if he needed any help. Instead of answering the entity slapped his palm against the car door. The hand seemed to adhered itself to the car. The witnesses then got a good look at the stranger's face and reported its features as a horrible "mutated" face. The driver then stepped down hard on the gas pedal. As the car zoomed away, the entity leaped at it covering an incredible distance, over 20 feet. It then crouched on the side door, clinging to the metal like a "Spider Man", even as the car sped down the highway at over 75 mph. After half a mile the entity seemed to dissolve itself into thin air.
    HC addition # 2470
    Source: Dr. Leon Liebknecht Type: E

169. Location. Gainesville, Florida
       Date: October 14 1996 Time: 0300A

Witnesses, brother & sister, in a dream like state found themselves looking at a round object with blue and gold lights. They then found themselves inside the object, surrounded by several small gray colored humanoids. Inside they could see gold lights all around them and on a corner what appeared to be two examination tables. Soon they found themselves back home. Others in the city reported seeing blue gold objects flying over the area around the same time.
    HC addition # 3571
    Source: NUFORC Type: G

170. Location. Petach Tikveh, Israel
       Date: October 14 1996 Time: 0330A

Again on that same night (!), Doctor Harav Ibn Bari was returning home with his cousin at the wheel and after passing the bridge to Tel Aviv they saw a strange figure on the opposite side of the road. They did a U-turn and stopped the car. The figure came out of the shadows into the light. It was described as small, light in color with huge bulging round black eyes. He seemed to lift his right leg and approached the vehicle at terrific speed. Both witnesses stared at the creature's eyes in a trance like state. The creature suddenly lifted his right hand and the witnesses drove off at high speed. They did not see the creature's departure.
    HC addition # 3382
    Source: Ano Cero 7-99 Type: E

171. Location. Near Isabela Puerto Rico
       Date: October 18 1996 Time: 0530A

Norberto Del Valle was driving on state road # 2 and approaching the Experimental Agricultural Labs of the University of Puerto Rico, when he noticed three strange silhouettes crossing the road in front of him. Slamming on the brakes in order to avoid hitting the figures he noticed that these were not human in appearance. They were described as short, with large heads, large round dark eyes, long thin arms, and fingers. Their skin was described as pinkish-white and very rough textured resembling a salamander; large protruding veins could be seen on the cranial area. The one in the middle appeared to be somewhat taller than the other two. The creatures appeared to be disoriented and seemed to have not noticed the witness vehicle. They seemed very fragile in appearance. The witness drove slowly way and upon looking back saw a fourth similar creature join the other three. He did not notice any type of clothing on them. At the moment he saw the creatures he felt a strange sensation in his mind, and panicked. The witness drove away from the area and did not see the creatures leave.
    HC addition # 2697
    Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 13 Type: E

172. Location. Pilozinhas, Paraiba, Brazil
       Date: October 18 1996 Time: 1845

During a night of intense UFO activity in the area a local peasant woman, 92 year old Julia Monteiro de Cabral saw an unusual silver object come down from the sky vertically and land besides some nearby eucalyptus trees. A group of small humanoids emerged from the object. These beings were only described as "ugly" and spoke in a high-pitched unintelligible language. The humanoids surrounded the witness home and apparently stole some of her chickens.
    HC addition # 2485
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 1 # 35 Type: B

173. Location. Near Al-Arian, Israel
       Date: October 19 1996 Time: night

Arab cab driver Khaj Muhmad-Jamal was going to meet his cousin Ataf at a road junction to drive to a dinner party. He saw the vehicle pull up but stopped to relieve himself. As he approached the car he saw a figure in a shiny suit sitting inside the vehicle. He bend down to look in and did not see his cousin but saw that the creature in the shiny suit had long dark hair and an enormous purplish black nose. Stunned he began walking backwards away from the vehicle. But felt something holding back in place. After 15 minutes his cousin appeared totally confused wondering why Khaj had not entered the vehicle. Apparently Ataf had not seen the weird creature.
    HC addition # 3383
    Source: Ano Cero 7-99 Type: E

174. Location. Kfar Hawald, Israel
       Date: October 20 1996 Time: 2300

Eli Hawald had gone outside his home when suddenly out of nowhere he saw a gigantic green light descend from the sky. He ran into the house locked the door and watched from a window. When the light was ten meters above the ground, it dimmed and three figures descended towards the ground from the light. The figures were human like but very dark in appearance. They acted oddly, fanning out, and then quickly returning to the same place. Their speed was fantastic and they seemed to emit a siren like sound. At this point the witness alerted his wife and children and they ran out the back door. They did not see the entities and light depart.
    HC addition # 3409
    Source: Israeli UFO Investigation Group Type: B

175. Location. Fife Scotland
       Date: October 20 1996 Time: night

Two young boys were playing in the bedroom when suddenly one of them, Peter, looked out the window and was surprised to see a small "white being" with lots of "jagged teeth" looking straight at him. The being was free floating and was not standing on top of the kitchen roof. After a few seconds the being just simply floated straight upwards with ease, and was gone from sight in seconds. The other boy also saw the strange being. Later that night Peter entered the bathroom and saw a small white being standing next to the wash hand basin and bath. This being also had a row of "jagged teeth." He was small and thin and looked very pale. Peter screamed and the being simply vanished. The family had been involved in a spectacular UFO incident the month before.
    HC addition # 2626
    Source: Malcolm Robinson in FSR Type: E

176. Location. Near Harare Zimbabwe
       Date: October 20 1996 Time: night

A man named Paul was driving on the Bulawayo Road near the Lilfordia School when he saw a bright light descending silently from the sky. As the object neared him he became aware that it was a disc shaped craft. As the object landed on a large open field to his left, Paul pulled over and stopped the car. As he watched, a door opened---moving upwards---on the side of the object, and two men wearing shiny black coveralls climbed out of a dome at the top of the craft. At this point coming from the opposite direction came another vehicle, which also stopped, on the right hand side of the road. The entities must have then become aware of being watched, and the men went quickly inside the object. Then the door closed, moving downwards. At this point the occupant from the other vehicle ran across the road and yelled at the witness to leave the area quickly. Both men then drove off very fast.
    HC addendum
    Source: Cynthia Hind Type: B

177. Location. Isabela, Puerto Rico
       Date: October 21 1996 Time: night

The same night that a trio of goats were found gravely wounded, a local resident encountered a plump, hairy, three-foot tall creature on a highway. The creature eluded him with great agility, in spite of its weight.
    HC addition # 3278
    Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras and Other Mysteries Type: E

178. Location. Ahuzat Bayit, Tel Aviv, Israel
       Date: October 23 1996 Time: 0200A

Rachel & Leah Gorovitz were driving their Jeep on a side street in a deserted neighborhood, when suddenly Leah noticed a short 5-foot tall man-like figure dressed in a bright red jumpsuit. There appeared to be a bag on his back that looked like part of the clothing. The humanoid had a non-human mechanical way of moving. It had a waxy face with a blunt expression on it. The android-like creature took steps towards the witness direction. Then Rachel put the Jeep into reverse and backed up at high speed driving quickly away. A short while later, the same witnesses took the street again in order to go home. They saw the same android-like creature move from behind a building's shadow, & step into the street, it came towards the witnesses again and suddenly disappeared.
    HC addition # 2471
    Source: Dr. Leon Liebknecht Type: E

179. Location. Kiara, Western Australia
       Date: November 1996 Time: 0300A

A young boy reported being visited at night in his room by several tall, grayish blue, thin beings, with large hairless heads, thin arms; small mouths and holes form ears and nostrils. They apparently took him on several occasions to an "airport" where he would be introduced to a little girl with blond hair. He suffered from nosebleeds after the encounter. Two years later the family would see an orange light going over their home.
    HC addition # 3778
    Source: ASPR/UFORUM Type: G

180. Location. Near Great Yarmouth, Lincolnshire, England
       Date: November 1996 Time: night

The witness was driving down the back road on a very dark night and as he drove down the road he noticed a shape in the fields on the right hand side. As he got closer it moved nearer towards the road and he was shocked as to what he saw. He saw a creature with the body and legs of a horse but with a man's face. It was very scary and unpleasant. The witness did not hang around he drove off at high speed.
    HC addendum
    Source: Paul Deveraux, Haunted Land Type: E

181. Location. Near Westbank, British Columbia, Canada
       Date: early November 1996 Time: night

9-year old Dawn Smith, who lived on Lake Okanagan, saw a lighted object with green lights down on one side, going up and down in the sky above the lake. The object was somewhat rectangular in shape like a "shoe box" at one time it stopped briefly and a door opened, and a light went on inside. The door closed, and the object went behind a rain cloud, then it came back out and it opened the door again and then a disc shaped object with red, yellow and orange lights came out, it appeared to have a little hook on top. Dawn then added that when the door first opened she saw two dark colored figures standing in the dim light on the interior. She thought maybe the figures were wearing dark uniforms.
    HC addition # 2853
    Source: Bill Allan Type: A

182. Location. Near San Antonio Texas
       Date: November 1996 Time: night

A rancher woke up one night after hearing a lot of noise coming from the corral area. He got up and went out to the corral and turned on the lights of his pick up truck. What he saw was a bizarre animal trapped in his predator trap. As soon as the animal saw him the animal tried to attack him but the trap and the chain held it. In the distance the rancher saw another two of the same creatures, kind of running away from there. The creature in the trap was 2 feet long but the two others he saw in the distance were about 4 feet long. According to the rancher they really were not running but taking leaps, anywhere from 10-15 feet. The creature in the trap was described as looking like a large lizard, with a large head, disproportional large for the body. On its back coming from the spine, there were at least 13 vertical spikes that stuck up, 12 inches off the back of the creature, it had a long tongue ending in a sharp tip. Somebody from nearby Texas University picked up the creature in the trap apparently died and its body. Apparently it was never returned.
    HC addition # 2876
    Source: Antonio Guillen, "End of the Line" Type: E

183. Location. Tucson, Arizona
       Date: November 1996 Time: 0300A

For a month the witness had been seeing dancing lights just outside her home. She would be compelled to look outside and also had the feeling of being watched. The night in question she was suddenly wide awake and was unable to move. The whole room was filled with a whitish-bluish light and she saw a tall hooded figure walk across the window in her room. At first she was frightened but then felt calm, she then apparently went to sleep. Her roommate saw a similar figure hovering over his bed that same night.
    HC addendum
    Source: Filer's Files # 40-2000 Type: E

184. Location. Gotherington England
       Date: November 6 1996 Time: 0225A

Mike Skinner was driving home from work along the A435 when he spotted what he thought was two poles with a sack draped over the top placed at the side of the road 150 yards ahead. He estimated the overall height of the "posts" to be 4 or 5 feet. As his car approached he was surprised to see what he had assumed to be the sack drop to the ground and start to move along the grass verge at the side of the road. He slowed his car down to get a better view of the creature, but it crouched down in the long grass and he was only able to describe it as a large "animal" tan in color with large pointed ears.
    HC addendum
    Source: Gloucestershire Echo Type: E

185. Location. Near Isola Verde, Italy
       Date: November 9 1996 Time: 2330

Alessandro Boscolo and two friends were driving back home near this location when Boscolo stopped the vehicle to perform a certain biological function. He soon noticed that the whole area around him was completely lighted, as if a full moon was overhead. Back in the vehicle with his two friends, they then noticed that the light was coming from a very bright source on a nearby field. They then noticed some movement coming from some nearby trees. Suddenly three to four short gray figures, with large oval shaped heads scampered at incredible speed towards the light source on the field. Frightened, Boscolo and his friends drove away from the area at high speed.
    HC addition # 3510
    Source: El Dragon Invisible, CUN Type: C

186. Location. Katowice, Poland
       Date: November 10 1996 Time: 0100A

The 2-year old witness woke up at about 0100A and saw a bright yellow ball of light outside the window. Terrified he stood unable to move staring at the light. He heard a humming sound and felt a strange "apple" like taste in his mouth while gazing at the UFO. Suddenly he decided to walk to the window. As he did he saw the object descend and it when it reached ground level he saw two creatures wearing steely gray suits. They looked at the witness; he was so scared the he closed his eyes. When he opened them again the object was taking off slowly and eventually disappeared in the southwest part of the sky.
    HC addendum
    Source: Bronislaw Rzepecki Type: C

187. Location. Eau Claire, Wisconsin
       Date: mid November 1996 Time: late night

The witness awoke to go to the bathroom and was on the hallway near the bathroom when she noticed, through a window, bright lights and an associated large object just above the trees on the side of the field, to the north of the house. She went to the laundry room to obtain a better look; she concluded that it must have been a "ship" of some kind. The object appeared to be the size of a house. She watched through the window as it slowly drifted to the south, low over the farm field. As the object approached the farmhouse, she became frightened. She began locking doors and windows but when she reached the kitchen window she felt it was to late. When she reached the kitchen door, it was beginning to open. She tried to force the door to close, but felt a force pushing it open. She was then pushed backwards and the door flung open. As the door opened she observed a white mist or fog roll in. she also felt at this point, that there were lights in the front of the house & assumed this were associated with the "ship". She then saw entities at the kitchen door. Looking around the door, she observed a hand reaching in from outside. The hand was long and skinny and came in very low, at the level at which a small child's hand would be. At this point, she also remembered a non-verbal scolding which seemed to say "you know better than to try to resist." The next thing she remembered was awakening in her room.
    HC addition # 3176
    Source: Chad Lewis, Craig Lang, Minnesota Mufon Type: C?

188. Location. Casablanca, Valparaiso, Chile
       Date: November 16 1996 Time: various

Several local students at the basic Manuel Baquedano school reported encountering several little gnome like men about 30 cm in height. The little men wore different color clothing and usually hid in the trees and bushes. Their leader appeared to be an aged looking one, dressed in black who threw stones at the curious children and emitted strange shrieking sounds, at the same time making signs with his hands to stay back. 12-year-old Felipe Guerrero Silva reported seeing other friendlier gnomes wearing red, green, and white clothing. The entity wearing the white clothing seemed to be the friendliest at times calling the children.
    HC addition # 3635
    Source: Paranigma Chile Type: E

189. Location. East Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
       Date: November 17 1996 Time: 0730A

At the same time that the area had suffered a blackout, the main witness was leaving the Skytrain Station when she noticed a large black square shaped object moving low over nearby Slocan Park. Arriving at her daughter's residence she heard a "whoo" type sound outside. The two women investigated and saw a tennis ball size blue light maneuvering over the area. At one point it dropped close to the ground near the trees. The witnesses felt a warm sensation during the sighting. Later the main witness felt compelled to go to the nearby park and found some strange marks on the ground. Upon leaving the park she saw two short old "people" wearing jeans with rolled cuffs. They had pointy ears, glassy eyes and were smiling as they stared at the witness. Apparently she then received a telepathic message related to her sighting, when she turned around to look at them the strange pair had disappeared.
    HC addition # 2808
    Source: Graham Conway, UFO BC Type: D?

190. Location. La Barra, Caguas, Puerto Rico
       Date: November 19 1996 Time: 0100A

While investigating a loud ruckus in their chicken coop the Concepcion family found several of the animals wounded. While waiting for the police to respond one of the family members looked out the window and saw a strange creature about five feet tall. The creature had an oval shaped head with two bright red elongated eyes. The creature was dark gray in color; it had large hind legs resembling those of a kangaroo, and small arms and hands. It seemed to be searching for something, maybe the rest of the chickens. The frightened witness screamed and the creature quickly turned and appeared to jump out of sight at very high speed.
    HC addition # 3370
    Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 21 Type: E

191. Location. Hallbankgate, Cumbria, England
       Date: November 23 1996 Time: 0140A

David L, a local cab driver was taking several passengers home from a pub when he observed a large green ball of light with a white ling around it that appeared to drop from the sky and hover within some trees at a nearby farm. Later after bringing another group of passengers from the pub he came upon a hill & observed a tall figure emerging from a field gate on his right hand side. The figure wore a silver suit with "something" on his head, and what appeared to be a "white sheet" in front of him that was not holding, but seemed to be stuck to his hands. Both David and his two passengers were extremely frightened and did not stop, driving quickly away from the area.
    HC addition # 3127
    Source: BUFORA Type: D

192. Location. Houston, Texas
       Date: November 24 1996 Time: 0200A

During a very stormy night, the witness was having trouble falling sleep and was very restless. There was a window right above the bed. After a couple of minutes something started making her feel very strange as if she was in some sort of trance. It felt as if something was pulling her from inside. At the same time something appeared on the upper part of the closet door directly across from the window. It was a reddish figure and appeared to have wings, or something on either side of it that was moving up and down. She also saw a shadow pass by the window to the left of the bed. The creature then apparently disappeared. The witness husband did not see anything. A week after the incident, the witness suffered a nervous breakdown.
    HC addition # 2649
    Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World Type: E

193. Location. Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
       Date: Winter 1996 Time: 2230

Two witnesses were returning from a visit to the United States when the car, as it was proceeding north on 184th, suddenly came to a stop. The passenger looked up and was shocked to see a group of tall stick-like beings gliding across the road approximately 30 feet in front of the car. The group of beings glided across the road from a clearing on the right side of the road to a clearing on the left hand side of the road. The car then began moving. The two witnesses did not speak to each other until much later.
    HC addendum
    Source: UFO BC Type: E

194. Location. Near Hualqui, Chile
       Date: December 1996 Time: night

A man riding a horse in an isolated area encountered a short robotic figure, apparently humanoid, that approached the horse and apparently frightened the animal. The rider quickly left the area, thinking that the apparition had been a demon. No other information.
    HC addition # 3904
    Source: UFOPR Type: E

195. Location. Rishon Lezion Israel
       Date: December 1996 Time: 2300

A teenage boy named Alex Lemkin was walking through the local park when he saw what he thought was a little girl of six acting very strangely. Thinking the girl was lost; he approached her and was then stunned to see that the girl had albino-like skin and long hair of the same color. While he watched the girl suddenly disintegrated into dozens of small lights. At this point the witness apparently blacked out and could not remember anything else. Next thing he knew he was laying on the grass with a few unexplainable scars on his back.
    HC addition # 2463
    Source: Barry Chamish Type: E or G?

196. Location. Tblisi, Georgia (Russia)
       Date: December 1996 Time: 0445A

The witness woke up late at night feeling very cold he then noticed a figure standing next to a wheelchair by his bed. The figure was man-like and wore a dark blue astronaut like suit. Apparently he wore a visor helmet since the witness could not see his face clearly. The witness stood up and the figure disappeared. Looking out the window he noticed a fiery moon like object hovering over the area. It then sailed away at high speed.
    HC addition # 3819
    Source: GUFOA Type: D?

197. Location. Mt. Nathan, Queensland, Australia
       Date: December 1996 Time: late night

A woman reported several very unusual occurrences, which had happened on her 20-acre property. One night she saw her husband go out through the windows, being levitated and floated out somehow. She had seen circles of light in the paddocks and found a flattened area of grass the next day. She also saw shadowy figures in the distance, with red lights behind; the figures seemed to move very quickly. One other morning she was woken up at 0300A to see red lights just above a shed, and a shadowy figure moving across the shed roof. The next day she found a dam half empty.
    HC addition # 2743
    Source: Glennys Mackay, Keith Basterfield Type: C

198. Location. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
       Date: December 1996 Time: late night

Two similar reports. In both cases 4 to 5 year old children called for their parents in the early morning hours. One reported a white figure that tried to take him up through the roof. The second child reported a small, thin figure with large eyes that wanted to take him up a light through the roof. In the second incident the mother said she saw a flash of light in the interior corridor of the house.
    HC addition # 2616
    Source: Keith Basterfield Type: E

199. Location. Miami Florida
       Date: December 1996 Time: late night

A seven-year-old girl woke up in a dream like state to see a small man-like figure standing next to her bed. The being was white in color and had a large light-bulb shaped head with huge black almond shaped eyes. It wore a tight-fitting white outfit. The little girl screamed as she apparently received a mental message from the being indicating that he wanted to examine her younger sister (sleeping in the same room), the creature then vanished.
    HC addition # 2578
    Source: Personal Investigation Type: E

200. Location. Grimaldi-Ventimiglia Italy
       Date: December 1996 Time: near midnight

A musical producer riding his motorcycle in the area spotted a strange creature standing on the side of the road. He described it as huge and hairy, resembling a "gorilla" or a "caveman." On his way to town he reportedly saw the same or similar creature standing on the road again.
    HC addendum
    Source: CUN Genova Type: E

201. Location. Near Bethel, Ohio
       Date: December 1 1996 Time: late night

Two hunters & their hunting dogs were parked on Leonard Road six miles south of Bethel waiting for the right time to se their dogs loose. Soon they did and followed them into a harvested cornfield. As they approached some nearby power lines the dogs got deathly quiet that was very uncommon for that type of dog. As one of the hunters stepped into a clearing he was shocked to see a silvery saucer shaped craft with a transparent cupola sitting on the ground. Nearby stood three humanoids wearing some kind of coverall uniform. The beings were described as "Grays" short with slanted black eyes; one of them was slightly taller and had a much bigger head. As both hunters and their dogs watched the three humanoids ran to their saucer and disappeared through an open hatch, then the object rose into the air straight up and vanished.
    HC addition # 2474
    Source: UFO Roundup Vol1 # 41 Type: B

202. Location. Governador Valadares, Mina Gerais, Brazil
       Date: December 9 1996 Time: 1830

74-year old laborer, Plinio Bragatto was on his way back home after a days work when he made a brief stop to buy some beers. He proceeded on and stopped to sit on a rock in order to drink one of the beers. He then heard a loud sound coming from behind him. Turning around he saw a large metallic oval shaped craft landing on a field close to him. The object landed on several leg-like protrusions. Once the object landed a door opened, and a sort of ladder or escalator was lowered to the ground. Then a 2 meter tall humanoid figure stepped out. The humanoid approached Bragatto and in a peculiar language that sounded like Spanish invited the witness inside the object. The witness agreed and was escorted inside. Once inside he noticed that the inside of the object had a metallic bluish sheen to it. Still speaking in the peculiar language, that the witness was somehow able to understand, the humanoid told Bragatto that they were going to take him to their "native planet." He was given the impression that the planet was "Mars". Inside the object there was a total of three humanoids, 2 men and a woman. Described as closely resembling humans, wearing loose fitting gray outfits, with several golden medallions hanging around their necks. According to the witness the humanoid's hair grew from the middle of their heads back, and they had large ears and mouths, making them somewhat ugly. Before leaving, Bragatto was given a medical examination by the beings. His stomach area was probed with several needle-like instruments. On the way to the humanoid's home planet the witness was given a fruit resembling a "Mamey" and something resembling an empanada. He was also given a bitter beverage to taste that seemed to contain alcohol. In turn he offered the humanoids a beer, which he apparently had taken inside the craft with him. They immediately accepted. Arriving, the witness was greeted by numerous similar appearing beings. He noticed that the "planet" was beautiful in appearance and saw numerous buildings that appeared to be made of a nylon-like material. One of the beings now approached him and told him that it was time to go, that 8 hours had already passed. On his was back to the object, the witness saw a huge television screen which showed strange holographic like images, that included dinosaur like animals. The witness then asked the humanoids when were they returning to Earth, he was then told "We will return when the storms are less intense, since we have already lost five of our aircraft as a result of lighting." Around 0400A the witness was returned to Earth, he found himself in an unfamiliar field. He then followed a nearby path and reached a village where he realized that the humanoids had dropped him off more than 800 kilometers from his hometown. He went to the police and told them what had happened. A police officer conducting an investigation found a circular ground mark at the field where Bragatto was dropped off by the humanoids.
    HC addition # 3592
    Source: CIPFANI Type: G

203. Location. St Weonards, Herefordshire, England
       Date: December 24 1996 Time: late night

The young witness was walking back home after an errand and had taken a short cut through an old churchyard. As he stepped through the gate something off to his left caught his eye. Feeling a strange sense of dread he stopped dead in his tracks. He noticed a very black figure about 3 ft high that was squatting over a grave; it was about 15 ft away in the shadows. All he could see was an outline but no details. Terrified the young witness beat a hasty retreat and went home.
    HC addendum
    Source: Fortean Times Type: E

204. Location. Nur-a-Shamat Camp, Israel
       Date: December 26 1996 Time: 0100A

Daoud Ahmad woke up feeling thirsty and attempted to get out of bed, but suddenly two short creatures jumped on him and beat him. Each only had one eye and were very strong. They wore black leathery clothes, and had Mohawk style haircuts. After they beat the witness he lost consciousness. He was taken to a local hospital where he was treated. He also recalled that the beings had only three fingers on each hand.
    HC addition # 3411
    Source: Israeli UFO Investigation Group Type: E

205. Location. Netanya, Israel
       Date: December 31 1996 Time: 1955

Shoshana Bar-on and her boyfriend Ilan Cohen were returning home from Tel Aviv by car when both spotted an orange-red disk flying over the seaside cliffs. They stopped the car and attempted to chase the object. The object then seemed to brake into three parts, one part further split into dozens of glowing plates that fell on the beach below the witnesses. Shoshana bent over the cliff and saw four small gray humanoids on the ledge below. She called over to Ilan to look but he, for some strange reason could not see them. She stood up and saw a nine foot long, clam shaped craft appear opposite to her. The opt of the object opened up and she saw four entities, three in a row and a pilot sitting forward, they were all seated in tight, tiny chairs, that had several button like controls. One of the entities floated vertically from the craft and stunned Shoshana with "white projector like beams coming from his eyes." The being approached her and rubbed her arms & neck with a stubby, soft hand. She later recalled that his touch felt good. She screamed, but Ilan could not hear her. She then collapsed to the ground. Ilan managed to drag her away from the site but in a voice "that was not hers" she insisted in being taken back. He pulled her to the side of the road where he flagged down a car that drove them to a nearby hospital. Numerous other phenomena occurred in the witness apartment the following days.
    HC addition # 2704
    Source: Barry Chamish, UFO Universe Special Issue Type: C A & F?

Addendums inserted as they become available.


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