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Humanoid Reports - 1995
Complied By Albert S. Rosales  

1. Location. Honolulu, Hawaii 
    Date: 1995 Time: 0400A 

Ruth Trimble woke up in the early hours of the morning and saw in the kitchen, a 3-½ feet tall gray humanoid, apparently playing with her cat (!). The figure then noticed and seemed surprised, he quickly jumped out the glass-sliding window and quickly disappeared from sight. 
     HC addition # 3873 
     Source: CAUS Type: E 

2. Location. Wedowee, Alabama 
    Date: 1995 Time: 1900 

While riding in a van to join another group for a bingo game several church members were passing by a local poultry plant when they noticed a light on top of the building. They soon realized it was some type of flying vehicle as it began flying in their direction. The object described as resembling a “light bulb” followed their van as low as 12 feet over the road, sometimes moving within 50 feet. 
Two of the witnesses were able to make out a shadowy humanoid shape in the middle of the object, moving inside. As they drove under an overpass they found that the light was still with them. Some frightened passengers tried to duck and hide. Just before reaching the intersection of I-20, the object took up into the sky at a steep angle, trailing a trail or streak. 
The next day two of the witnesses complained of hurting, teary eyes, and dark circles down to their cheeks. The main witness claims her eyes were both brown before the incident, but she now has one blue and one green. 
     HC addition # 3222 
     Source: Walter T Sheets in Mufon Journal # 362 Type: A 

3. Location. El Yunque, Puerto Rico 
    Date: 1995 Time: night 

The witness, who was involved in a Navy Seal rescue operation in the area in order to find two missing Navy seals, saw in the deep forest, using his flash light, two Navy seals emerge from the forest bringing with them a much smaller figure who’s head was covered with a poncho. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2805 
     Source: Macrihanish Document Type: E 

4. Location. Brisbane, Australia 
    Date: 1995 Time: late night 

The witness suddenly found herself in a place with a “lot of empty rooms”, resembling a doctor’s waiting area. She felt peaceful without emotions or thoughts. Some female entities came to her, they appeared not to have any sexual organs, they were hairless and their skin was “spongy looking” and of a creamy texture. She felt these female beings had “beautiful bodies”. 
These beings walked her through a wall into a room; there were two other beings in that room. She lay on a table and felt paralyzed and heard a loud noise. Then she saw lights and felt pressure on her abdomen. She felt frightened and made the sign of the cross with her tongue and found herself back in her bedroom. 
     HC addition # 3151 
     Source: UFOICQ Type: G 

5. Location. Arizona, exact location not given 
    Date: 1995 Time: late night 

A humanoid female being leaning over the bed awakened Elizabeth London at night. It was apparently given her an injection on her left arm. When she asked the humanoid what she was doing, she was told telepathically that when she had come to visit them last time she had brought germs indigenous to Earth. 
Soon she was rendered unconscious, and then she found herself in a medical facility with a contraption on her head that resembled a beekeepers hat. It was metallic on top with a very lightweight metallic mesh covering her face and neck. Somewhere in another room, she was being monitored as to the chemical analysis of oxygen as it was exhaled from her lungs through the metallic mesh of the “hat”. 
She attempted to remove the hat but the female being came through the door of the room, and told her she must keep the hat on until her lungs were regulated. 
     HC addition # 3804 
     Source: CAUS Type: G 

6. Location. Pitahaya, Puerto Rico 
    Date: January 1995 Time: afternoon 

The witness, a retired military officer, was exploring the thick wooded areas of the local rain forest when he came upon a strange creature that seemed to be inspecting a t very close range the leaves of a nearby plant. The creature was described as three foot tall, with a large egg-shaped head, large oval shaped eyes, positioned vertically on his face, and very thin arms. 
The humanoid’s skin was beige-brown in color. It appeared to be naked, and its body was totally covered with brown & black spots that seemed to interlace which each other. The creature looked inventively at the plant, moving his hands slowly up and down “as if feeling something from the plant.” It suddenly became aware of the witness presence, and quickly turned his head, looking directly at the witness. 
The witness began walking slowly towards the creature, which remained standing motionless. The witness was briefly distracted & turned his head, whereupon when he looked back the creature had vanished. 
     HC addition # 2123 
     Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 6 

7. Location. Fayetteville, George 
    Date: January 1995 Time: late night 

After her husband had gone to work the witness suddenly awoke and noticed two small humanoid beings sitting on her husband’s side of the bed. The witness stated that the beings were huddled together as if to hide from her, and appeared to have been afraid. One appeared to be a male, and the other a female, both about the size of a 5-7 year old child. 
One had short dark hair, and blue round eyes & both had beige skin, slightly crinkled or dry & round faces. Both entities wore light to medium tone garments. She attempted to touch them to see if they were real, but could not lift her arm to do so, she attempted to rise from bed but fell back down. She looked away from the beings, and then looked back and they were gone. 
     HC addition # 2673 
     Source: Tom Sheets, Mufon Type: E 

8. Location. Durham, England 
    Date: January 2 1995 Time: midnight 

A woman driving on the A690 roadway suddenly notices that her car began to slow down. The she sees a strange short goblin-like creature with large bright oval-shaped eyes crossing the road in an “odd” way about 6 feet away. 
     HC addition # 2369 
     Source: UFONS # 311 Type: E 

9. Location. Marion New York 
    Date: January 8 1995 Time: 0330A 

A young girl reported seeing a bright light streaming through her bedroom window. When looking out she saw a four-foot tall humanoid figure & strange bright lights in the yard. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2339 
     Source: NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) Type: C 

10. Location. Boynton Beach, Florida 
     Date: January 17 1995 Time: 0510A 

The witness was at the corner of Congress & Gateway when she saw on the side of the road a seven-foot tall brownish being with long stringy arms and legs, an elongated head, & dark eyes. At the same time a transparent craft, shaped like a multi-sided crystal form with two other beings inside, “tumbled” across the road about 60 feet in front of the car. The witness slammed on her brakes and turns to see the object and humanoid gone. 
     HC addition # 2821 
     Source: Skyscan August 97 Type: C & A 

11. Location. Olympia, Washington 
     Date: January 30 1995 Time: 2000 

A young girl reported seeing several reptilian or lizard type humanoids with bright red eyes standing outside her bedroom window. Her father went to investigate but did not see anything. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2340 
     Source: NUFORC Type: E 

12. Location. Near Dallas Texas 
     Date: February 2 1995 Time: 0300A 

The witness suddenly woke up and found herself staring at a short thin white being. She was lying on her right side and its face was only slightly higher than hers. It was about 3 or 4 feet tall. Next she saw movement out of the corner of her left eye, she looked and saw its hand lifting slowly off her shoulder. Its hand had three very long, white, slender fingers with rather bulbous tips on the ends. 
The creature was very white and frail looking. Its abdomen was sunken and hollow looking which made its chest seem to protrude all the more. The being moved slowly toward the top of her head. She suddenly felt that the being was “scanning” her mind. A cold paralysis or “electric” sensation spread throughout her body as she heard the being whisper something. 
Her next memory was of seeing the being standing by the hallway staring at her. She then went back to sleep. 
     HC addition # 2978 
     Source: Amy Lynn Type: E 

13. Location. Near San Antonia Oeste, Argentina 
     Date: February 11 1995 Time: 0400A 

Four witnesses had gone on a fishing expedition and had stopped at the side of the road after being overcome by sleep. They woke up with brief memories of being visited by several short hairless beings wearing luminous white suits that apparently examined them. The primary witness felt pain in her left arm. 
They also realized that their vehicle was parked at a different location miles away. Under hypnosis one of the younger witnesses remembers the little men being accompanied by a tall heavy set being, with large eyes, a baldhead, long arms, wearing a gray outfit. This one apparently directed the little men. Another member of the group remembered being floated out of the vehicle into a dark place. 
The primary witness also remembered several tall female-like beings performing some type of operation on her left arm. Locals reported seeing luminous objects in the sky around the same time. 
     HC addition # 3206 
     Source: CIFO Argentina Type: G 

14. Location. Rivas, near Managua, Nicaragua 
     Date: February 23 1995 Time: 2100 

Four boys, including 6-year-old Royllin Reyes Martinez, had been watching television at home, when an engine like noise and a strong light coming from the sky distracted them. They all went outside and saw what appeared to be a “helicopter” landing at the nearby “Gaspar Cracia Laviana Town Sports Center.” They all rode their bicycles to the site to see what it was. 
As they approached they all could see a very bright craft that had landed on the ground, Royllin attempted to approach but could not due to the intense head. Then three of the children briefly saw two short “robot like creatures”, next to the object. The beings were “talking with a sound similar to insects” and had what appeared to be antennas and were very strange in appearance. 
Finally the craft and beings left, leaving the young witnesses in a near state of shock. 
     HC addition # 2134 
     Source: Aubrey Lewallen in National UFO News May/June 1995 Type: C 

15. Location. Allende, Nuevo Leon, Mexico 
     Date: March 1995 Time: around dawn 

Four families had gone in a hunting trip on the grounds of a local ranch when several of the young members found a strange gelatinous substance and what appeared to be strips of flesh strewn about in the fields. Terrified they went back into the ranch house; on their way there they saw more fleshy strips and green gelatinous substance near the house. 
During the night an unknown creature kept scratching at the door. To scared to look outside the group remained hidden inside. At dawn one of the men saw a strange 5-foot tall figure quickly leaving the area. Their vehicles were also found covered in green jelly-like substance. Dead mutilated livestock was also found at the site. 
     HC addition # 2949 
     Source: Marco A Reynoso Type: E 

16. Location. Near Phillip Island, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 
     Date: March 1995 Time: night 

After a group of people had observed unusual lights shining into the room, one of them went outside. Some type of “energy” hit her and her friends caught her. An out of body experience happened, during which she found herself confronted by 5 small beings with large eyes, approximately just over one meter in height. One of them spoke to her telepathically. Next thing she was back in her body. 
     HC addition # 2729 
     Source: Keith Basterfield Type: F 

17. Location. Ammon, Idaho 
     Date: March 10 1995 Time: 0545A 

Witnesses observed a circular metallic object with lights hovering over the area. One of the witnesses reported receiving a telepathic message from the craft. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2357 
     Source: UFO Intelligence Newsletter June 1996 Type: F 

18. Location. Joshua Tree National Monument, California 
     Date: March 14 1995 Time: 1130A 

Charles Little and his fiancée watched two hovering objects one in front of the car the other behind it. They apparently blacked out, and came to, two hours later. At a later date under hypnosis, Little remembered being inside a rounded object with several rooms, a main control room with large windows and an examination room with a small table. 
They encountered three types of humanoids, short grays with huge black oval shaped eyes, tall reptilian creatures, and short hooded humanoids. After the abduction, Little found a mark on his upper thigh and nodules behind the ears. Four years later his fiancée died of esophageal cancer. Little believes it was somehow related to the incident. 
     HC addition # 3824 
     Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch Type: G 

19. Location. Saltos Cabra Puerto Rico 
     Date: middle of March 1995 Time: night 

Two anonymous police officers responding to a call in reference to some lambs found mutilated at a local ranch, saw standing on the side of the road, a strange 4 foot tall creature, described as humanoid in shape, orange-yellow in color. 
The officers did not see any facial features since it was dark. In a quick sudden move the creature ran to its left and into the thick brush disappearing from sight. When one of the officers attempted to follow the creature he was overcome by a sudden headache & severe dizziness & had to be assisted by his companion. 
     HC addition # 2111 
     Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 6 Type: E 

20. Location. Ontario, Canada exact location not given 
     Date: March 16 1995 Time: night 

The eight-year-old witness reported being abducted by several small gray figures resembling the creature “Yoda” of Star Wars fame. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3218 
     Source: Canadian UFO Survey 1995 Type: G 

21. Location. Miami Beach, Florida 
     Date: March 16 1995 Time: 2230 

Two women driving on Collins Avenue near 71st. Street noticed several lighted disc-shaped objects hovering over the ocean. One was apparently larger than the others. The larger craft then approached their vehicle. At this point they were able to see a dome with lighted window-like openings. 
Inside one of the windows a humanoid figure could be seen standing apparently looking out. They could also see red and white lights around the disc’s perimeter. The craft then rejoined the other objects hovering over the ocean. The witnesses then drove away. 
     HC addition # 2073 
     Source: Mary Margaret Zimmer, Mufon Type: A 

22. Location. Franklin Georgia 
     Date: March 19 1995 Time: night 

The witness was lying in bed with her husband looking out the window when she saw a figure suddenly pop up. The entity was described as short, “gremlin” like, yellow-brownish in color, large round eyes & pointed ears. She told her husband but he looked up and the creature was gone. 
Apparently by means of some mind control, the witness told her husband “They did not like him” that “They want us to go to sleep.” The husband got up and went over the window and saw nothing. The being apparently had some type of headgear on, and was about 3/2 feet tall. Also right before seeing it, she saw a small white light on their bedroom ceiling. She felt calm during the encounter and thought she was under some type of control. 
     HC addition # 2643 
     Source: John C Thompson Type: E 

23. Location. Orocovis, Puerto Rico 
     Date: March 26 1995 Time: 0600A 

Jaime Torres, was standing watch in a ranch area, looking out for reported “UFOS” in the vicinity when he noticed, perched up on a branch of a large tree, a short humanoid creature, with a large hairless head. It had two large slanted eyes, a small mouth, and a pointed chin. The creature had long thin arms ending in four thin long “fingers” or claws. 
Its legs were a little thicker but also had four claw-like appendages. The witness also noticed that the creature’s skin was apparently of different colors, that included gray (on the facial area), maroon, yellow, and purple. As Torres watched, the creature made a strange gesture, slightly turning its head to the side & at the same time emitting a low buzzing sound. 
At that moment Torres felt a sensation of sleepiness & dizziness. He was able to overcome the feeling in time to see the creature jump from the tree and run into the woods. 
     HC addition # 2112 
     Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 6 Type: E 

24. Location. Orocovis, Puerto Rico 
     Date: March 28 1995 Time: 1700 

At the same time that the investigator was in the area, searching a wooded section, another man saw a four-foot creature that had climbed up halfway a trunk of a tree. The creature was described as having smooth gray skin, no hair, and a round head, with a dark face, a thick torso, and thick short “legs”. It also had long thin arms ending in four thin long fingers. The creature suddenly ran into the brush and vanished. 
     HC addition # 2113 
     Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 6 Type: E 

25. Location. Saltos Coli, Puerto Rico 
     Date: March 30 1995 Time: 2225 

Margarita Torres had been watering some plants with a hose in her backyard, when she noticed, standing some 75 feet away, a short 3-foot tall creature. The entity had a large round head, it was thin, with long thin arms, and it also had large black eyes. Its skin was gray in color. The being had stepped out of the woods and was now walking up a nearby hill. The witness stood transfixed unable to move an inch. 
As the being moved away, Mrs. Torres was suddenly able to move again, and ran to get her husband. Both now went to look for the creature and found it hunched over looking at a nearby bull in a pasture. The bull had apparently noticed its presence and was acting nervously. As the couple neared the creature, Margarita began screaming hysterically, causing the creature to run very fast into the woods and vanish. 
     HC addition # 2114 
     Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 6 Type: E 

26. Location. South Dade County, Florida 
     Date: early April 1995 Time: afternoon 

The witness had been driving on US 1 when he noticed at a fairly high altitude what appeared to be a silvery cigar shaped object that suddenly came out of the clouds & accelerated at high speed quickly disappearing from sight. A few moments later a jet aircraft appeared and seemed to follow the same path as to that of the object. Later that afternoon as the witness & his family arrived to their home, after doing some grocery shopping, both himself & his wife, and their young 4 year old son, noticed, as they entered their home, a tall man-like figure who seemed to have been wearing a brown monk-like habit. The figure stood in the living room briefly, and then vanished. 
     HC addition # 2093 
     Source: Personal Investigation Type: D 

27. Location. York, England 
     Date: April 1995 Time: 1245A 

Mrs. D. J. Singleton was driving by herself late at night & had just crossed the river Aire & was halfway to the Liverpool canal bridge when suddenly the hairs on the back of her neck stood up & she was overcome with terror. Having then crossed the bridge she saw standing on a curb a 7 foot tall “shaggy shape” about 4 feet wide. It was covered from head to foot in long dark hair; it had no visible face or limbs. 
The moment she saw the creature she turned away and got the feeling that if she looked directly at the “thing” she would die. Mrs. Singleton accelerated past it and glanced in her rear view mirror to see it shuffle off the curb and into the road where the car had just been. She quickly drove away at high speed. 
     HC addition # 2577 
     Source: Fortean Times # 97 Type: E 

28. Location. Sogea, Zanzibar 
     Date: April 1995 Time: night 

There were numerous reports of encounters with dwarf-like creatures with a Cyclops eye, small pointed ears, bat wings, and talons that attacked persons while sleeping. One supposedly attacked a peasant farmer Mjaka Hamad, who was dragged from his bed while he fought and screamed. He apparently got away. 
     HC addition # 2335 
     Source: Fortean Times May 1996 Type: E 

29. Location. Orocovis, Puerto Rico 
     Date: April 2 1995 Time: 1800 

A group of about 15 persons, including children and adults had gathered on top of a wooded hill for a night of camping. While the children played, Mrs. Ana Torres & another woman noticed something standing next to a tree. Ana threw some stones at it, and it began moving. They then noticed that it was a short, 3-foot tall humanoid, gray in color. Afraid, the two women began screaming and calling the others. 
Other witnesses arrived including Mr. Ramon Colon, who saw the creature hiding behind a tree and making a loud hissing sound, that sounded “like a mocking gesture” to Colon. At one point one of the children’s soccer ball fell near the creature & as the children attempted to retrieve it, they found themselves face to face with it. One of the children, Jose Angel Cruz grabbed a stick and attempted to strike the creature but could no longer see it, the other children were able to see it and attempted to point out its location to Jose, but all he could see was a bright light in front of him. 
The creature emitted a hissing sound and the boy fainted, it then ran into the woods and disappeared. This time the creature’s eyes were described as con shaped and luminous white in color. As the police arrived they found strange tracks, and as one of the officers attempted to enter the woods in order to investigate, he was overcome by a strong headache & malaise and was unable to go on. 
     HC addition # 2115 
     Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 6 Type: E 

30. Location. Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany 
     Date: April 3 1995 Time: 0300A 

The witness was alone in his room when several short gray entities appeared. Terrified he experienced telepathic contact with them and managed to blurt out “I love you, I love you!” The entities disappeared and three minutes later he found himself sitting outside his body as it lay on the bed. Suddenly from the base of his spine, poured forth a stream of the most beautiful golden light he had ever seen. The witness believes that it was a “soul” the grays had injected into his body. After that he experienced a happiness that he had rarely known in his life. 
     HC addition # 2936 
     Source: Andrew Brough, Australia Type: E 

31. Location. La Vega, Orocovis, Puerto Rico 
     Date: April 3 1995 Time: afternoon 

Several children playing in an elementary school field noticed a short 4-foot creature standing next to a nearby tree. The creature was gray colored with a large oval head & huge dark eyes, it seemed to be distracted, looking intently at the passing vehicles on the nearby road. It moved its head rapidly from side to side. The frightened children quickly left the area, later when they returned the creature had left. 
     HC addition # 2117 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 6 Type: E 

32. Location. Near Orocovis, Puerto Rico 
     Date: April 3 1995 Time: night 

A young man driving on state road 155 on the outskirts of town was surprised to see a strange creature standing in the middle of the road. The creature was described as gray in color, about 4-foot tall, with a large oval shaped head, with large black eyes. Stunned, he stepped on the gas in order to get away from the area, but in an incredible development the short gray creature ran twice around the moving vehicle at terrific speed. Frightened the witness increased its speed and drove away from the area, thinking he had hit the creature with the car, he looked back and saw it still standing in the middle of the road. It then ran quickly into the woods and disappeared. 
     HC addition # 2116 
     Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 6 Type: E 

33. Location. Col De Vence, France 
     Date: April 5 1995 Time: 0100A 

Witnesses watched a large sphere that emitted a bright blue beam of light, hovering about 300 meters away. Several shadowy figures could be seen moving inside the sphere. 
     HC addition # 2370 
     Source: Banque OVNI # 95 Type: A 

34. Location. Rio Grande, El Yunque, Puerto Rico 
     Date: April 5 1995 Time: night 

Several Park Rangers at the National Forest witnessed the crash of what appeared to have been an aircraft; they immediately set off to take a look at the object. When they arrived they found an object burning and humanoid bodies lying on the ground. The Park Rangers recovered the alien bodies and took them to their station. There one of the rangers took several pictures of one of the bodies, while it was lying on a stretcher. 
The humanoid was described as 4 ½ to 5 foot tall, grayish skin with a rose tone. He had only four fingers and toes on each extremity, his arms reached down to his knees. His head was huge, he had eyes that looked big, and round, his mouth and nose were in proportion to that of humans. The body showed signs of first and second degree burns. 
The military supposedly came and collected the humanoids as well as the remains of the object and took them to the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station. 
     HC addition # 3619 
     Source: NUFORC Type: H 

35. Location. Coamo, Puerto Rico 
     Date: April 5 1995 Time: 2100 

A young couple had just arrived at the home of the girl when as they were exiting the car, they heard sounds of footsteps coming from the nearby brush on the other side of the street. The witnesses looked in the direction of the noise and saw a short “horrible” creature with luminous white eyes. After the encounter the young man suffered from trembling and profuse sweating. 
     HC addition # 2118 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 6 Type: E 

36. Location. Barrio Saltos, Puerto Rico 
     Date: April 5 1995 Time: 2200 

16-year-old Doneris was looking out her second story bedroom window when she felt a strong impulse to look towards a certain spot, directly across the street, next to some bamboo plants. There she saw a short 4-foot creature, with dark gray skin, a large round head, and two luminous cone-shaped eyes that gave off a white-yellow glow. 
The creature was crouching down next to the bamboo, looking directly at Doneris almost with a hypnotic gaze. The creature moved its head slowly from side to side. The witness was finally able to call out for her mother, and then the creature vanished. Doneris also suffered from trembling and sweating. 
     HC addition # 2119 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 6 Type: E 

37. Location. Morovis, Puerto Rico 
     Date: middle of April 1995 Time: near midnight 

In an area where animal mutilations were being reported, a young mother, Idalia Maldonado, had gone to the kitchen to get her baby’s pacifier when she noticed a strange creature looking at her outside the kitchen window. The creature was short and appeared dark in color, it had a large round head, and two huge dark almond-shaped eyes, the eyes had slit-like pupils like those of a cat that gave off a yellowish-golden luminescence. 
For a few moments the witness was unable to move. She was finally able to call out for her husband and the creature then left. The creature had appeared short in stature, but the witness pointed out that the window was pretty high up from the floor and assumed that the creature had somehow been “floating” by the window. 
     HC addition # 2120 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 6 Type: E 

38. Location. Naranjito, Puerto Rico 
     Date: April 23 1995 Time: afternoon 

A local resident, Reynaldo Ortega saw a gigantic bird like creature standing on the roof of his house. Ortega had gone to look for a small goat on his property, since the epidemic of animal mutilations was ongoing. Ortega described the winged oddity as a creature between three and four feet tall, with the body and dense dark plumage of an eagle, a thick neck, and piercing eyes. 
The nightmarish raptor had an even more peculiar characteristic; it had a wolf-like muzzle instead of a beak. The creature apparently ignored Ortega and flew away. 
     HC addition # 3273 
     Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E 

39. Location. Spokane, Washington 
     Date: April 29 1995 Time: night 

Two witnesses reported seeing bright lights apparently on the ground near a river. A strange undescribed “creature” or humanoid was seen standing near the lights. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2094 
     Source: UFO Intelligence Newsletter October 1995 Type: C 

40. Location. Salisbury, Adelaide, South Australia 
     Date: May 1995 Time: night 

A 20-year-old male awoke one night to find himself paralyzed. The next thing he felt was a feeling of movement into a dark place. In this place there were vague shapes around him, and he lashed out with his feet. A shape seemed to stumble backwards. 
He lost consciousness, coming too later in a well-lit environment with pain in his left kidney. Finally at 0400A he awoke in his own bed. 
     HC addition # 2730 
     Source: Keith Basterfield Type: G 

41. Location. Near Glasgow Scotland 
     Date: May 7 1995 Time: night 

Igor Terzic was driving his vehicle when an object began hovering over it. Suddenly he found himself parked on the middle of the road, where a truck almost hit him. Later under hypnosis he recalled being taken inside the object. There he saw two kinds of humanoids of both genders. One type was tall with a large head shaped like an upside down pear with huge eyes & no mouth. The others were similar but smaller. He then heard a voice in his head, telling him he was going to be all right. He thinks he was experimented with. He recalled the beings drilling a hole in his head at one point. 
     HC addition # 2843 
     Source: Scottish UFO Type: G 

42. Location. Columbia, Missouri 
     Date: May 10 1995 Time: 0300A 

Hearing a loud beeping sound an unidentified witness observed a short humanoid figure standing outside the glass sliding doors. No other description or information. 
     HC addition # 2090 
     Source: UFO Intelligence Newsletter September 1995 Type: E 

43. Location. Sutty County North Carolina 
     Date: May 10 1995 Time: evening 

Two unidentified persons reported encountering four to five strange “dwarf-like” humanoids in a wooded area, near a roadway. No associated object was reported. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2095 
     Source: UFO Intelligence Newsletter October 1995 Type: E 

44. Location. San Juan Puerto Rico 
     Date: May 11 1995 Time: night 

A police officer and other people standing at a bust stop in San Juan reported a gargoyle like creature. Armed with his nightstick, the officer wrestled bravely with the five foot tall creature outside the building that houses the water & sewer utility. The winged entity had allegedly been devouring a rat before squaring off with the officer. It flew straight into the air snatching the Billy club out of the officer’s hands with its talons. 
     HC addition # 3261 
     Source: Scott Corrales Fate October 1998 Type: E 

45. Location. Barranquitas, Puerto Rico 
     Date: May 15 1995 Time: night 

The witness, Dolores Torres, had gone out to his backyard to cut down some banana plants when suddenly everything around him became illuminated. The ground and the plants were then illuminated with multi-colored lights of blue, yellow, red, & white. Looking for the origin of the lights, the witness looked up and saw a transparent cylindrical object, about 14 inches long & 3 inches wide that was suspended in the air, apparently held up by a dark cable that originated from somewhere in the sky. The multi-colored flashes of light were coming from the cylinder. 
At the same time the witness could hear a loud buzzing sound. Moments later the witness saw a large dark “form” that was floating or flying down toward him. As it hovered over him, the witness could see that it was a humanoid figure apparently enclosed in a dark “wing-shaped” outfit. The being had a human-like face, gray in color with huge eyes that were apparently closed. It also wore what seemed to be a tight-fitting helmet or cap. As the figure attempted to approach the witness, this one began swinging at it with a machete. Finally the being, and the luminous cylinder glided away. The witness had a nervous breakdown and had to be hospitalized. 
     HC addition # 2124 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 6 Type: C? 

46. Location. Barrio Palo Hincado, Puerto Rico 
     Date: middle of May 1995 Time: evening 

An elderly sugar cane cutter, hard at work in the fields, suffered a heart attack after fending off an attack by a monstrous, winged creature in broad daylight. The creature apparently assaulted him from behind. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3272 
     Source: Scott Corrales Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E 

47. Location. Near Pasiano Italy 
     Date: May 15 1995 Time: 1900 

A professional stopped his car to watch a metallic top shaped craft with a transparent section hovering over the road. Inside he was able to see up to 25 apparently naked humanoids standing around. These were about 4-foot tall with large rounded heads. The craft took off after a few minutes. That same evening witnesses watched moving lights in the sky in the same area. 
     HC addition # 2496 
     Source: Dario Bortolini ITUFOR Vol. 2 # 2 Type: A 

48. Location. Temecula, California 
     Date: May 29 1995 Time: 1500 

The witness reported seeing two strange creatures walking in a field. The creatures were tall, one green the other black. Their heads were oval shaped but only a little bigger than humans. They were apparently also very bony. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2651 
     Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World Type: E 

49. Location. Lake St. Martin, Manitoba, Canada 
     Date: Summer 1995 Time: daytime 

Several children playing near some haystacks in a pasture were approached by several humanoids described as 3 feet tall, with green, oval shaped, slanted eyes. They had pointed ears and dark spikes of hair standing upright on their heads. Their hands were long with “skinny fingers”, nails like claws and hair on their wrists. The humanoids made no hostile moves at first, and then one of them grabbed the wrist of a little girl. Screaming she broke free, then all the children ran home thoroughly frightened. 
     HC addition # 2476 
     Source: UFOROM Type: E 

50. Location. Canovanas, Puerto Rico 
     Date: Summer 1995 Time: 1845 

Daniel Perez heard a moaning sound and went to his window to investigate. He saw nothing unusual and was about to close the window when he heard a buzzing sound. Then he saw a creature that appeared to be flying. It descended and landed on a large rock 20 feet away. It appeared to stand about 3 feet normally and five feet when standing erect. It had long powerful hind legs, short forelegs with tiny hands, large slanted eyes, and a little belly. From the top of its head to the base of where a tail would be was a row of fins, which moved in the direction it, was headed. It sprang back into the sky, clearing the trees without touching them. The next day he saw the same or similar creature flying back the other direction. Perez said that the creature’s skin was the color of a squirrel, but covered with something other than normal fur—something that caused a strange sensation. 
     HC addition # 3275 
     Source: Scott Corrales Chupacabra & other Mysteries Type: E 

51. Location. Uintah Basin, Utah 
     Date: Summer 1995 Time: night 

During a period of intense very high strangeness activity in the area, which included mysterious disappearances of cattle, strange tracks, the bizarre disappearance of three family dogs after chasing a strange bluish-white ball of light, mutilation of other livestock and the sighting of a huge craft described as being the size of several football fields. Terry Sherman, a local rancher, reportedly encountered a landed object from which a 7-foot tall figure emerged; the figure wore a black uniform type outfit. He also heard disembodied voices speaking from the skies. 
     HC addition # 2576 
     Source: Fortean Times # 97 Type: B and F 

52. Location. Canovanas, Puerto Rico 
     Date: June 1995 Time: 0230A 

The witness was arriving home late and had parked the car. As he attempted to open the patio gate he heard a loud “squeaking” sound. Turning around he saw something moving from across from where the sound had originated. He now saw a strange creature, with long legs, a small head, and large bright eyes that was running at full speed towards him. He closed the gate him and the creature crashed at full speed against it. He ran inside his home and woke the rest of the family. He did not see the creature but could still hear the loud “squeaking” or hissing sound. 
     HC addition 3620 
     Source: NUFORC Type: E 

53. Location. Portland Oregon 
     Date: June 1995 Time: night 

The two main witnesses had attended a friend’s birthday party. The moment they arrived they noticed a strange man sitting on the sofa. He was tall, largely built, approximately 250 lbs. He had short very black hair, pale skin; his eyes in some lights were dark brown, sometimes greenish. His face was also as heavily muscled as his body. His clothing was of a black, shimmering material. He appeared to be accompanied by an attractive, older woman of about 80 years of age. She had long white hair and was wearing new age jewelry. He arose from the couch only once during the course of the party to speak with someone briefly. 
Many people in the party felt a strong presence and magnetism coming from the stranger. One of the main witnesses felt that the man was studying her, that he was pretty much studying everyone there. A curious feature was noted about the strange man, that unless you faced him directly, you could not understand a word he was saying, even if you were even at a slight angle to him, all you could make out would be unintelligible nonsense. Another strange thing, was that the witness was sure she was introduced to this man she could not recall the name he gave her. 
     HC addition # 2984 
     Source: Elizabeth Mack Type: E 

54. Location. Portland Oregon 
     Date: June 1995 Time: morning 

The day after the two main witnesses had met a peculiar stranger at a party, their son was out playing in the backyard when he saw a tall, large man, with muscles in his face, wearing shiny black clothes that appeared halfway across the neighbor’s yard to the west of the house, apparently out of thin air. He walked up to the gate and shook it a few times. Then after staring at the child until the child became very uneasy, the man turned and started walking away the same direction he had come from, and then once again disappeared in plain sight. 
     HC addition # 2985 
     Source: Elizabeth Mack Type: E 

55. Location. Cervigao, Cantabria, Spain 
     Date: June 1995 Time: afternoon 

A local rancher, 60 year old Melchor Prieto Dorsal was riding his horse on the way to feed the cattle when he noticed a strange object floating about 100 meters away, which he thought was a balloon. As he got to within 5 meters of the object, he realized that it was some kind of floating humanoid, about 3 feet tall, with a large head, with small eyes, a barely visible nose, & ears & a very short neck. Dorsal looked at the creature for a few minutes when it suddenly flew over his head. He tried grabbing at the creature but his horse panicked, knocking him down. He left the area in an attempt to obtain additional witnesses, but upon returning the creature had disappeared. 
     HC addition # 2761 
     Source: Papers D’Ovnis # 23-24 Type: E 

56. Location. Wolcott, Vermont 
     Date: June 1995 Time: late night 

The 56-year-old witness woke up to see two short figures standing at the foot of his bed. He felt absolute terror. Suddenly the figures vanished. A pea-sized lump in the fold of skin on the back of his neck also mysteriously disappeared. 
     HC addition # 2347 
     Source: Don E Pollard in Fate Magazine July 1996 Type: E 

57. Location. Wichita, Kansas 
     Date: June 12 1995 Time: unknown 

Undocumented report of a lone witness encountering several strange undescribed humanoids. There is no associated craft reported. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2170 
     Source: UFO Intelligence Newsletter February 1996 Type: E 

58. Location. Sale, Victoria, Australia 
     Date: July 1995 Time: 0300A 

Several blue lights were seen hovering over the area. One of the witnesses reportedly encountered strange beings inside the house at the same time. No other information. 
     HC addition 2455 
     Source: Keith Basterfield Type: D 

59. Location. Valencia, Spain 
     Date: July 1995 Time: morning 

Francisco Manez had fallen asleep in his sofa and in a dream like state he saw himself sitting on the sofa. Suddenly he began hearing footsteps all around him and then saw several small figures surrounding him. At this point he felt paralyzed and was unable to move. The beings were short, thin, with large heads, large black oval shaped eyes, and thick gray colored skin, with long dangling arms. One of the beings had what appeared to be a utility belt around its waist with several items hanging from it. 
This being approached the witness and took out what appeared to be a small handcuff from the belt, he then proceeded to cuff the witness thumbs, he felt pressure being applied. At this point his memory of the event ended. Later he woke up in the sofa and found that he had strange marks at the base of his thumbs, these were red and circled his thumbs. A photograph was taken of the marks. 
     HC addition # 3662 
     Source: Bitacora Type: E 

60. Location. Versailles Missouri 
     Date: July 11 1995 Time: 2300 

Multiple witnesses observed a huge triangular-shaped craft, surrounded by four disc-shaped objects, apparently hovering close to the ground. Up to 50 bizarre, undescribed creatures were reported moving underneath the objects. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2139 
     Source: National UFO Reporting Center Type: C 

61. Location. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 
     Date: July 13 1995 Time: 0100A 

The witness woke up to see two strange short humanoids standing at the foot of his bed. He feels unable to move and is pinned down. But somehow he is able to touch one of the beings. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2371 
     Source: UFOROM Type: E 

62. Location. Carmen De Patagones, Argentina 
     Date: July 14 1995 Time: unknown 

A 65-year-old rancher, Oscar Zavaleta, was walking alone on a pasture when suddenly he became sleepy and a strange fog engulfed him. He felt being swept away and saw through what seemed to be a net, a humanoid face of unknown sex, which had long copper colored hair. He eventually found himself at another location. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2456 
     Source: Tasmanian UFO Report 1996, quoting newspaper source Type: G? 

63. Location. Sowerby Bridge, England 
     Date: July 15 1995 Time: 2240 

Four witnesses, 2 men & 2 women were out in the backyard attending a barbecue when suddenly one of them noticed a very large disc shaped craft hovering approximately 20 feet above the garden. A door on the underside of the craft opened and a powerful shaft of light shone down onto the garden, at this point all the witnesses described a feeling of light headed & confusion. All sound around them stopped and everything seem to be going in slow motion. They suddenly recovered and watched the craft ascend and disappear into the distance. 
They all realized that they had suffered about an hour of missing time. They all experience adverse psychical reactions such as nausea. They also reported that four cider glasses that had been on the table in the garden had mysteriously disappeared, never to be found. Later under hypnosis the witnesses recalled that when the shaft of light shone on the ground 3-4 short humanoid figures with pale complexions and huge black oval shaped eyes appeared, they also wore black cloak-like outfits that covered half of their faces. The witnesses were eventually dragged into the hovering object via the shaft of light. 
The creatures made strange animal-like grunting noises among themselves apparently communicating. Inside the witnesses were taken into a large room were dozens of short cloaked beings observed them. Two of the witnesses were independently examined with a long silvery rod-like instrument, which caused extreme discomfort. One of the witnesses recalled being taken into a massive object apparently a mother ship where he saw additional details including drawings of what appeared to be planets on the walls. They were eventually released. 
     HC addition # 2447 
     Source: Tony Dodd in UFO Magazine Vol. 15 # 1 Type: G 

64. Location. Canovanas, Puerto Rico 
     Date: early August 1995 Time: night 

A female witness observed a strange humanoid creature, described as about 4 to five tall, hairy, with small hands that had claw like protrusions, powerful hind legs, and it seemed to have some type of spiny crest running along its back, it had a pear shaped head, with large reddish or luminous oval shaped eyes, it appeared to jump or fly and then entered a round luminous object that was hovering over the witness car. 
     HC addition # 2185 
     Source: Jorge Martin UFO Magazine Vol. 14 # 6 Type: B 

65. Location. Dorado, Puerto Rico 
     Date: August 1995 Time: night 

Local residents reported seeing disc-shaped objects descend and drop off several bizarre Chupacabra-like creatures accompanied by two taller beings. They allegedly descended from the objects in single file formation. Others reported that when the creatures approached nearby lagoons, the waters bubbled strangely. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3274 
     Source: Scott Corrales Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: B 

66. Location. Cordoba, Argentina 
     Date: August 3 1995 Time: 2245 

The witness was coming back from his girlfriend’s house when as he passed in front of a local school, he saw a luminous oval shaped craft apparently lift up from the grounds of the school, climb up to tree top level and began to follow his vehicle. The craft followed the witness vehicle for several blocks, sometimes descending and ascending and at times performing zig zag maneuvers. At one point the object remained stationary above some trees and the witness began driving away when he felt “heat waves” or gusts, hit the back of his legs. He looked behind and noticed that the object had now continued following him. 
He then noticed a kind of orange light that floated over his body in an up and down motion. At the same time he felt a powerful heat wave, even though it was in the middle of an intense cold wave. The craft then hovered above a nearby tree only five meters away and dimmed its lights. At that time the witness noticed that it was oval in shape with an opaque or acrylic cabin on top, inside he could see a crouching shadowy figure. As another vehicle approached, the object left. The witness then arrived home, later than usual. His eyes were red and irritated, and he was extremely sweaty and felt extremely thirsty, drinking a large amount of water and fruit juice in a matter of minutes. 
     HC addition 3583 
     Source: OVNICOR Type: A 

67. Location. Wallington New Jersey 
     Date: August 11 1995 Time: 2230 

A man named Brzinski was working the late shift at a coat-hanger factory and at the time was alone in an isle when he heard some peculiar sounds coming from behind some hanger racks. The sound resembled a fast, choppy, garbled speech. As he looked between the rows of hangers he saw three distinct creatures. When they realized that he saw them they seemed surprised. They then apparently stopped talking. One was a few inches taller than the other two and they were all dressed identically. The shorter ones were about 4 ½ feet tall. They wore something resembling a scuba or wet suit, tight fitting, flexible and elastic like suit that even appeared to cover their hands and fingers. 
They appeared to have some type of facial covering also. The creatures had 3 fingers on each hand. One resembled a thumb and the other two were longer and located closer together like fingers. Brzinski said that the taller one seemed to be explaining to the other two something to do with one of the automated coat hanger making machines. They seemed very interested in it for some reason. It was very dark and it was very difficult to make out any facial features, partially due to the covering. When they realized he saw them, the shorter ones ran away very quickly, in a peculiar shuffling manner almost with difficulty. The factory windows and doors were all open that night. 
The taller humanoid remained behind. It opened its hand and as it did, the uniform that also covered its hand caught a little bit of the factory light and seemed to have a silver color to it. When it opened its hand, it emitted a strange robotic sound. As it opened its hand, in the center of its palm was a small ball that seemed to be emitting an extremely bright laser-like light. The laser light beamed out and struck the witness in his eyes, almost knocking him back a bit with its force. It stung like needles and hurt its eyes, causing him to close them. When he opened them, the creature was gone. The entire incident lasted about 1 minute. 
     HC addition # 2371 
     Source: Debra Kenna ISCNI & Tom Briggs Type: E 

68. Location. Campo Rico, Puerto Rico 
     Date: 2nd week of August 1995 Time: 1600 

Madeline Tolentino was at her home with her mother when she noticed someone had driven up in front and so she went to the window to see who it was. She saw a neighbor standing by the passenger side of his car speaking to a woman inside. Suddenly the man stiffened, a startled look on his face as he started backing away from something. Madeline then saw he was staring at a creature, which was walking down the sidewalk towards him. The creature stopped right in front of her window, its progress blocked by the man’s car, which was parked on the sidewalk. 
The creature was no more than 6 feet away. It was described as 3 to 4 feet tall, covered in a coarse dark brown-black hair, wearing no clothing. She did not notice genitalia. Its arms, which it kept pulled up close to its body, were long and thin, ending in three long claws. It had what appeared to be a long comb of feathers or spikes down its back. It also had several bare circular patches on its skin, which were purple in color and looked as if they were burn marks. Its jaw was prominent, it had a slit for a mouth and two holes for a nose, small ears, and large slanted eyes, which were gray in color, lacking the whites. 
The eyes were moist or gelatin like. When it moved its head, it seemed to be in slow jerky mechanical motions. The upper body was thin and its lower body was thick and strong. The startled neighbor jumped into his car and took off in a panic. Madeline then screamed for her mother. The creature then ran across the street, its feet moving so fast that it appeared they did not touch the ground. It then headed to a nearby small field of grass. Madeline’s mother, Isabel Maldonado, and a mechanic from a nearby shop followed the creature to the field. They could see that the spikes on its back resembled those of a prehistoric lizard, and when it opened its mouth it hand four fangs. The mechanic lunged at the creature in an attempt to capture it (!). But the creature bolted and when it reached a 6-foot fence, it jumped over like a kangaroo and scurried away. 
     HC addition # 2806 
     Source: Chat Deetken, Jorge Martin Type: E 

69. Location. La Piramide, Campo Rico, Puerto Rico 
     Date: mid August 1995 Time: 1500 

Six witnesses spotted a strange 5-foot tall creature walking down a street. They attempted to chase it but it fled from them at incredible speed, quickly disappearing into a wooded area. 
     HC addition # 2301 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 8 Type: E 

70. Location. Buena Park, California 
     Date: August 15 1995 Time: midnight 

The witness woke up to briefly see a bright light out in the patio and a small figure walking on the grounds of the patio. Everything suddenly vanished. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3188 
     Source: NUFORC Type: C 

71. Location. Barranquitas, Puerto Rico 
     Date: August 18 1995 Time: night 

A luminous 40 ft. disc shaped object with a row of dark windows around its center rim positioned itself over the antennae of a local radio station, the station’s electronic equipment went haywire, and incredibly obsolete equipment stored at the station turned itself on, and it was apparently not plugged into any power source. Several local residents reported encountering strange creatures around the same area. 
Two local children were playing on a nearby field when they went looking for a ball into a wooded area; there they encountered a 4-foot tall creature, with a pinkish spiny crest on its back. It stared at the two witnesses with two large red eyes, one of the boys remained paralyzed during the encounter. Soon the creature turned around and ran into the woods quickly disappearing from sight. 
     HC addition # 2184 
     Source: Jorge Martin in UFO Magazine Vol. 14 # 6 Type: D 

72. Location. Near Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia 
     Date: September 1995 Time: unknown 

Witnesses reported encountering four green colored beings, only about sixty centimeters in height. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3434 
     Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin Type: E 

73. Location. Tanjung Sepat Laut, Selangor, Malaysia 
     Date: September 1995 Time: daytime 

Crowds gathered at the village and apparently reported seeing a UFO as large as a soccer pitch land. Two, two foot tall humanoids with long ears and red eyes briefly emerged from the object. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2748 
     Source: Marcus Day in, Aliens: Encounters with Unexplained Type: B 

74. Location. Eau Claire, Wisconsin 
     Date: September 1995 Time: late night 

The witness was sleeping in the master bedroom when she was awakened to see an entity in the form of a humanoid male floating to the right side of the foot of the bed. She was then told, in a non-verbal manner, that his name was “Marcus”, and he was there for her. She felt that she had a very close relationship with him. She described the entity as being tall, approximately human in appearance, but with a cat-like face. He appeared to be dressed in a manner that suggested to her a military officer from an earlier time period, with an apparent breastplate arranged in a chevron design. 
The entity held his hands out to her, palms up, and she instinctively knew to put her hands in his. She then rose up, and he pulled her in closer to him. At that point she felt that they were within a ball of light, and as if they were “dancing”. She could not recall any sounds, and was not sure whether or not they were still within the room, but felt that there was not enough space within the room, to have “danced” in the manner which they presently were. The “dance” was more like a complete spiritual union than physical motion to music. At one point when this interaction was concluded, she knew that “Marcus” had to go. She then apparently found herself back on her bed. 
     HC addition # 3175 
     Source: Chad Lewis, Craig Lang, Minnesota Mufon Type: E 

75. Location. Campo Rico, Puerto Rico 
     Date: September 1995 Time: midnight 

Police officer Jose Collazo was awakened by his car alarm going off. Arming himself with a pistol he ran out and saw a strange 5-foot tall creature that appeared to be attacking his pet Chow-Chow dog. The creature appeared to be trying to bit the dog that was attempting to defend itself. The creature suddenly stood up and looked at the witness who felt threatened and fired his gun at the creature. The creature then seemed to curl up and bounced against a wall, then ran away from the area at very high speed. No trace was found of the creature after a search. 
     HC addition # 2302 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 8 Type: E 

76. Location. Campo Rico, Canovanas, Puerto Rico 
     Date: September 7 1995 Time: night 

Misael Negron observed a strange creature standing on his second story balcony for about 10 minutes. He described the creature as about 5-feet tall, dark skin, a round head with pointy chin, with large red eyes, no ears and what appeared to be two long fangs coming out of its mouth. It had a thin neck, thin arms with three fingered hands that had sharp claws. It had two large strong legs and on the ridge of his back it had what appeared to be a sharp crest, that seemed to be phosphorescent and change colors from green to blue, to red, orange, green and violet. The creature seemed to be inspecting the neighborhood from the balcony, upon being discovered by the witness it looked into the window then left. 
     HC addition # 2299 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 8 Type: E 

77. Location. Campo Rico, Canovanas, Puerto Rico 
     Date: September 8 1995 Time: night  

Angel David Negron encountered a strange creature crouching next to a mutilated goat in his back yard. The creature upon being discovered jumped up and landed in front of the witness, who it then chased up a window. It then ran quickly into the woods and disappeared. The dead goat had apparently being drained of blood and the internal organs were missing. The creature emitted a loud buzzing sound as it ran away from the area. 
     HC addition # 2300 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 8 Type: E 

78. Location. Rocchetta Sant Antonio, Italy 
     Date: September 11 1995 Time: 1745 

A 20-year-old woman was taking her sheep to a pasture in a valley, when she noticed something shiny standing nearby. She got closer to the object and it suddenly turned towards her. She could now see that it was a small smiling humanoid wearing a brown coverall within a sort of transparent “space suit.” It stood about 50cm tall and appeared to have no arms or a nose. It had a silver half sphere with an antenna on top, on its shoulders. She stared at the figure for about 5 minutes then began walking back home. 
The small being apparently began following her. The witness panicked and she called out to a neighbor, who attempted to approach the small being. This one then began to trot quickly away, then it took off into the air emitting a noise like a motorcycle motor. Two others saw the flying humanoid over a field. 
     HC addition # 2653 
     Source: Italian UFO Reporter Type: E 

79. Location. Knock Forest, Bathgate Hills, Scotland 
     Date: September 11 1995 Time: evening 

David Colman was driving down a country road with his wife & three children when he saw what appeared to be a distinctly humanoid figure running down a forest path at what seemed to be almost 70 mph. When the creature realized that it was being observed it turned on the witnesses and snarled. It was described as about six feet tall with a human like face and appeared to be angry. The witness and his family drove away from the area. 
     HC addition # 2336 
     Source: Fortean Times May 1996 Type: E 

80. Location. Northford, Connecticut 
     Date: September 12 1995 Time: 1020A 

A woman approached to within 30 feet of a two-foot diameter hemisphere on the ground. The sphere was red metallic with an area white blinking lights. She watched the object for 10 minutes then heard a voice “in her head”, frightened she hurried away. Upon her return the object was gone. 
     HC addition # 2803 
     Source: Connecticut Mufon Type: F 

81. Location. San Isidro de Canovanas, Puerto Rico 
     Date: September 15 1995 Time: 0200A 

Edwin Lopez was driving on state road 65 and was approaching an intersection where there was a traffic signal. As he was slowing down to make a left turn he suddenly saw a figure run out from the side of the road. At first he thought it was a dog, but he realized that it was about 3-feet tall, covered with dark hair. It ran in a bent over position but as it approached the vehicle it straightened up and ran away at very high speed performing 2 incredible leaps as it crossed the highway. As it reached the other side of the road it made another tremendous leap into the wooded area quickly disappearing from sight. 
     HC addition # 2566 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 10 Type: E 

82. Location. Leribe, Lesotho 
     Date: September 15 1995 Time: 2220 

A local farmer, Peter Lachasa, contacted local authorities reporting that he found a very strange looking craft on his farm near the Madibamatso River. He and other witnesses had seen the object previously crash near the foothills. Later, authorities found a large round disk on the ground. The object was dull gray in color. No windows or portholes were seen. It did not appear to have any external damage. There was a severe fire after the crash. It was reported that three live occupants from the craft were rescued. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2777 
     Source: Joachim Koch, Hans Juergen Kyborg Type: H 

83. Location. Campo Rico, Puerto Rico 
     Date: mid September 1995 Time: 0730A 

Daniel Perez heard a very loud buzzing sound coming from outside his home, when he looked out he saw a strange creature descend and perch itself on two large legs on top of a large rock in his yard. It then appeared to gain some impulse and jumped up disappearing over a nearby avocado tree. The beings seemed to have small wing-like protrusions on his back, which he used to propel himself at very high speed. 
     HC addition # 2304 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 8 Type: E 

84. Location. Pozo, Campo Rico, Puerto Rico 
     Date: September 16 1995 Time: midnight 

While tropical storm Marilyn was buffeting the area, a local resident saw a strange 5-foot creature with red glowing eyes. He fired at the being several times but this one seemed to sprout small wings and fly away from the area. 
     HC addition # 2303 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 8 Type: E 

85. Location. Anones Naranjito Puerto Rico 
     Date: September 22 1995 Time: 1730 

Rosa Jimenez was out in a field gathering her cows when she noticed a short child-like figure crouching behind some nearby weeds. The being had a large head, with a wide forehead. It had beautiful slanted eyes, with red pupils, a flattened nose with rosy cheeks and small pointed ears. It had a thin mouth and a pointed chin. The being’s skin tone seemed to change from gray to gold-beige in color. His hair was light in color and seemed to be sticking straight up. 
The beings wore a light tunic that covered him from his neck down to his feet. The being stared at the witness and smiled at her, he then slightly turned his head and ran into to the woods. A week later she saw the same being hiding behind a tree trunk. She spoke to him but did not receive an answer. 
     HC addition # 2308 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 8 Type: E 

86. Location. Grimsby, South Humberside England 
     Date: September 27 1995 Time: 0300A 

The witness, 35-year-old Paul Gilman, woke up when he heard something in the room. He then saw bounding towards him from behind an armchair, a small goblin like creature, about three and a half feet tall, it ran with a scamper. Gilman tried to move but was paralyzed. The being reached another man that was sleeping in the room and bent down over him. It then noticed the witness and looked up with an expression of surprise. It then backed away and disappeared behind the same chair. It was described as having long thin arms, large pointed ears and huge round eyes set in a triangular head. The witness was able to move as soon as the creature disappeared. 
     HC addition # 3454 
     Source: Peter Hough & Moyshe Kalman, The Truth About UFO Abductions. Type: E 

87. Location. Rio Lajas, Dorado, Puerto Rico 
     Date: October 1995 Time: night 

On various occasions the Mojica & Cartagena family that lived isolated ranches have seen different types of humanoid creatures in the area. One creature was described as short human-like, with a child like body, with gray-blue skin, a head slightly larger than normal, with pointed ears, & sparse hair, with large almond shaped eyes & a very small nose. This creature seemed to have a slight smile & was wearing a very tight fitting gray colored outfit that covered him completely up to the neck. 
Another type of beings seen was described as about six feet tall with very similar features to the small child like creature, wearing the same type of outfit. This one has been seen in conjunction with the “Chupacabra” type creatures that he seems to be “keeping an eye on”. On one occasion the witnesses saw 14 Chupacabra type creatures of different sizes walking single file up the side of a hill. Others in the area have seen unknown aircraft and lights over the fields. 
     HC addition # 2570 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 10 Type: D 

88. Location. Canovanas, Puerto Rico 
     Date: October 1 1995 Time: night 

A police officer saw and shot a strange humanoid creature, described as a “Chupacabra” it fled into the woods at high speed. The creature reportedly jumped over a fence, and landed on top of a banana plant, crushing it. Blood was found on top of the plant and on the fence. A local veterinary doctor analyzed the blood. It was disclosed that its composition was anomalous. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2187 
     Source: Jorge Martin UFO Magazine Vol. 14 # 6 Type: E 

89. Location. Campo Rico, Puerto Rico 
     Date: October 3 1995 Time: 2100 

A strange gray creature, with a large pear shaped head, and huge reddish oval shaped eyes, reputedly to have been the inaptly named “Chupacabra” was seen by several witnesses and apparently it was chased. It jumped over a fence and apparently cut itself since blood was found at the scene. The blood was sent off for analysis. (Not related to the previous case, but very similar) 
     HC addition # 2186 
     Source: Jorge Martin UFO Magazine Vol. 14 # 6 Type: E 

90. Location. Los Perez, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico 
     Date: October 7 1995 Time: 1530 

Mary Quinones was working in her back yard near her rabbit cages when she felt something heavy apparently fall behind her. When she turned to look in the direction of the noise she came to face a 5-foot tall creature that stared at her with large red glowing eyes. The creature seemed to have some type of membrane in between its fingers and a large membrane that seem to connect it’s under arms with the stomach area. Its whole body appeared to be covered with numerous tiny sharp filaments. 
The creature also seemed to be able to change skin color like a chameleon. The creature opened its mouth revealing two large fangs and a red interior of the mouth. The witness was able to scream and at that point the creature disappeared into the nearby woods with long quick jumps. In a nearby field the creature apparently attacked a horse, and local residents then chased it into the woods. 
     HC addition # 2306 
     Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 8 Type: E 

91. Location. Anones, Naranjito, Puerto Rico 
     Date: middle of October 1995 Time: evening 

Rosa Jimenez was coming back home from a nearby ranch when she noticed a round greenish luminous object slowly descend over the area. The object quickly descended and now she could see that it was an oval shaped craft ringed with large square windows. The craft hovered about 3 feet from the ground. The witness then noticed several figures looking out the window. She saw the short child-like being that she had encountered before and also a tall man-like figure with dark skin, and hair sticking up on his head. He wore a tight fitting silvery outfit. The object hovered for a few more seconds then lifted up and left at high speed. 
     HC addition # 2309 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 8 Type: A 

92. Location. Near Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico 
     Date: mid October 1995 Time: night 

While experiencing a number of unexplained animal killings in his farm, local farmer Pedro Castro encountered on various occasions a strange creature with luminous eyes that seemed to keep an eye on him every time he went into his yard. The being seemed to move in a peculiar sideways manner, but at all times keeping a fixed gaze on the witness. Every time Castro attempted to approach the creature it ran away at incredible speed, disappearing into the brush. Finally Castro decided to attempt to establish contact with the creature and began speaking softly to it, telling it to approach “that he was not going to hurt it.” His efforts were rewarded one night when the creature approached him moving its head up & down in a strange manner, it also closed and opened its eyes repeatedly. 
The creature approached to within 5 feet of the witness, who noticed that it had huge oval shaped luminous eyes, but could not see many other details because of the darkness. Once the creature was within 4 feet of the witness, Castro took out a 45-caliber gun and shot at it, at almost point blank range. The creature quickly ran away, seemingly unaffected. Incredibly the creature came back 21 different times that night, only to be shot at on each occasion. At no time did the creature seemed to be affected by the bullets. The creature seemed to have a strange hypnotic effect on the witness with its eyes, at one time it looked at the witness apparently emitting a beam of light from its eyes causing the witness to feel very dizzy and disoriented. Around the same time various neighboring farmers reported seeing strange lights descend over the wooded hills & off finding dead mutilated goats in the area. 
     HC addition # 2567 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 12 Type: D 

93. Location. Torriente, Matanzas, Cuba 
     Date: October 15 1995 Time: 0930A 

A farmer, Adolfo Serrate, was working on a field when he watched a silvery metallic shell shaped object descend from the sky and land on a nearby vegetable field. From behind a growth of weeds, he observed two small human like figures, one apparently behind a window inside the object, & the other walking around the object. Both figures wore some type of diving suit. The entity outside the object spent several minutes collecting “malanga” roots. Then with his arms full of uprooted plants he re-boarded the object. 
The object then began giving off a blue fire and white smoke; it then quickly disappeared among the clouds at high speed. The Ministry of the Interior dispatched a team to investigate. At the site they found physical evidence, including footprints, and leaves scorched black by the object’s propulsion system. The material was reportedly turned over to the Cuban Academy of Sciences. 
     HC addition # 2136 
     Source: Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo Quoting “The Cuban Academy of Sciences.” Type: B 

94. Location. Fairbanks, Alaska 
     Date: October 15 1995 Time: 1430 

Three men saw a hovering disc-shaped object in the sky. They stood paralyzed under a bright light when they noticed a being wearing robes looking at them. They all then screamed and ran away. The being had a large head, with big black eyes. The object was more oval in shape with a bright light in the middle that gave off a strange hypnotic metallic shine. 
     HC addition # 3190 
     Source: NUFORC Type: A 

95. Location. Guanica, Puerto Rico 
     Date: October 20 1995 Time: late night 

The 5-year-old witness woke up hearing a noise. He then noticed a shadow next to the door that seemed to be running back and forth. Afraid he hid under the covers, but could still see the shadowy figure. He then got up and saw a short dwarf like figure outside the room, described as thin, with a wide face, with large pointed ears, huge dark eyes, and light gray wrinkled skin. 
The dwarf made some hand gestures and showed him something resembling a cross and a piece of paper. The witness then looked outside and saw a metallic object with several bright lights hovering close to the ground. A beam of light came out of the object and retracted the dwarf-like creature inside. The object then left. 
     HC addition # 3900 
     Source: Jose Martinez Puerto Rico Research Group Type: B 

96. Location. Guanica, Puerto Rico 
     Date: October 21 1995 Time: late night 

A young boy (involved in the previous encounter) was sleeping when a powerful light entered his bedroom. The brightness of the light woke him up. He then saw a small reddish sphere come in through the window and fall to the floor. When it hit the ground, it transformed itself into a short dwarf-like creature, with long pointed ears, and huge oval shaped eyes. Screaming he ran to the closet. His grandfather who had noticed the bright light in the boy’s room now came inside to see what had happened. 
Upon entering the room he saw the bizarre creature. He tried to hit the creature with a bat, but the creature suddenly transformed itself into a ball of light and shot out the window. Looking out the window he then saw a landed metallic object on the patio resting on several legs. It had several lighted windows and lights. Suddenly the object shot up into the sky at very high speed. 
     HC addition # 3901 
     Source: Jose Martinez, Puerto Rico Research Group Type: C 

97. Location. Jalapa, Mexico 
     Date: October 27 1995 Time: 0400A 

Residents of the Las Margaritas and Santa Rosa development witnessed a collision between two UFO’s in mid-flight, directly above the Bosques del Recuerdo cemetery. Both objects had been flying at high speed low above the ground. It was reported to resemble an enormous light that divided into three smaller lights, two of which had collided in mid-air. One witness reported being awakened by a loud noise and saw his bedroom fill with light. After the objects had disappeared, three women appearing figures were seen standing in the middle of the cemetery, cab drivers that rushed to the scene could find nothing. 
     HC addition # 3204 
     Source: The UFO Phenomenon in Mexico Type: C or H? 

98. Location. Anones, Naranjito, Puerto Rico 
     Date: late October 1995 Time: night 

The witness noticed strange lights outside and upon looking out she saw a strange creature standing or perched on a branch of a nearby tree. The creature was described as having dark skin & hairy, with a large oval shaped head with large red slanted eyes. Two small holes for a nose, & with dark leathery wings on its back. It also had what appeared to be a long a long sharp needle sticking out of its mouth. The creature stared at the witness making a strange buzzing sound. 
     HC addition # 2310 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 8 Type: E or C? 

99. Location. Cidra, Puerto Rico 
     Date: early November 1995 Time: unknown 

A local mechanic reported seeing a bizarre winged creature perched on a tree branch. The mechanic repeatedly stated that he had never seen anything similar in his life. Mutilated farm animals and pets had been found in the area. 
     HC addition # 3276 
     Source: Scott Corrales in Chupacabra & other Mysteries Type: E 

100. Location. Urbanizacion Levittown Puerto Rico 
       Date: November 1995 Time: 0200A 

A family of six was suddenly awakened by the sound of something heavy apparently crashing or landing on top of their wooden roof. A couple of the adult family members went outside to investigate and encountered an average size human figure standing next to a metallic-silvery motorcycle-like apparatus. The figure wore a luminous outfit & its facial features were not clearly distinguishable. 
As one of the witnesses approached the figure, this one spoke in perfect Spanish, telling the witness not to worry that “he had experienced some technical difficulties” & that everything was all right. Moments later he climbed on top of the motorcycle like object and flew off silently at high speed. Marks were found on top of the wooden roof. 
     HC addition # 2142 
     Source: Hank Worbetz & Aida Rivero Type: A 

101. Location. El Yunque, Puerto Rico 
       Date: November 1995 Time: night 

As they drove home late at night several employees of a local US government facility encountered a giant bat-like creature. The creature descended on the car’s hood, stretched itself over the windshield, and stared with red eyes at the terrified witnesses. At the same time the car engine stalled. Somehow they escaped and made their way to a local restaurant where they related their story. 
     HC addition # 3240 
     Source: Jerome Clark The Unexplained Type: E 

102. Location. La Grange, Georgia 
       Date: November 4 1995 Time: late afternoon 

The witness wad driving south on Salem road when he topped a hill and saw in the headlights, five “shadow like” figures running in the middle of the road. The shadows were humanoid in shape and initially about 250 feet away. They stood nearly six feet tall, their head appeared to be blocky in appearance & roughly diamond shape. No arms were noted. Upon hitting the brakes the shadow-like entities suddenly disappeared. 
The dark entities were described as “darker than dark.” Another person is reported to had hit one of the entities with his vehicle & upon impact the entity appeared in the cab of his truck, and then disappeared. 
     HC addition # 2625 
     Source: John C Thompson ISUR Type: E 

103. Location. Canovanas, Puerto Rico 
       Date: November 6 1995 Time: night 

Luis Angel Guadalupe and Carlos Carrillo observed a creature described as having large ears, oval and luminous eyes which alternated between orange and red, claws, and wings. It was about four to five feet tall. That same evening, 15 peacocks, and a heifer belonging to a Mr. Dominguez were found dead. 
     HC addition # 3528 
     Source: Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo Type: E 

104. Location. Barrio Palmasola, Puerto Rico 
       Date: November 5 1995 Time: 1930 

Two men had been fishing for sunfish in the early evening when they suddenly became aware of a sound in the vegetation behind them. The men then saw a “horrible” devil-like creature emerge from the woods. It had large ears, luminous oval eyes alternating between orange, & red in color, claws and wings. It stood between four and five feet tall. Both men ran away in panic apparently being pursued by the creature flying just above the treetops. 
Upon reaching his house one of the men grabbed a machete and turned to see the creature perched on a nearby hutch. The creature jumped to the ground, leaving deep prints in the soil, and dashed back into the woods, tearing down the hutch, fences, and other structures in its path. 
     HC addition # 3144 
     Source: Scott Corrales Type: E 

105. Location. San Lorenzo Puerto Rico 
       Date: November 6 1995 Time: night 

Unconfirmed reports stating that specially trained government soldiers had captured two strange creatures or “Chupacabras” and are being kept in the US mainland. These creatures are associated with a spate of animal and livestock mutilations in the island and elsewhere. 
     HC addition # 2183 
     Source: Jorge Martin UFO Magazine Vol. 14 # 6 Type: H? 

106. Location. Manson Washington 
       Date: November 8 1995 Time: 1140A 

A man reported encountering two humanoid figures in his apartment. These wore “scuba type suits” and had “wrap around” glasses. The beings pointed a flashing object at the witness then disappeared apparently walking right through the wall. 
     HC addition # 2140 
     Source: NUFORC Type: E 

107. Location. Caguas, Puerto Rico 
       Date: November 9 1995 Time: 1900 

Ada Arroyo director of a local nursing home heard a scream similar to those made by a lamb being slaughtered, coming from outside. She went outside the patio and saw a strange hairy figure, grayish in color, covering its body with a pair of wings. It had a flattened, vulpine face, with enormous red eyes. The creature held her gaze with its mesmerizing eyes before taking off into the air, quickly vanishing from sight. 
     HC addition # 3260 
     Source: Scott Corrales, Fate October 1998 Type: E 

108. Location. Zacapa, Guatemala 
       Date. November 11 1995 Time: 0100A 

During a spate of bizarre animal killings in the area, Alicia Fajardo encountered a strange winged creature in her property, described as about 4-feet tall, with large bat like wings, huge oval shaped eyes, a large mouth with huge protruding fangs. It was covered with dark hair & possessed a tail & claw-like feet. The creature flew away in a spiral like trajectory emitting a strange humming like sound. 
     HC addition # 2565 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 12 

109. Location. El Rosario, Puerto Rico 
       Date: November 11 1995 Time: night 

Farmer Elliot Feliciano fired his gun at a large creature that jumped the fence surrounding his home. He described the creature as being about 3 to 4 feet tall, endowed with large eyes, and with what appeared to be wings. Others reported a brilliant, round object flying over the area while a large goat was also found mutilated. 
     HC addition # 3143 
     Source: Scott Corrales Type: D? 

110. Location. Barrio Cain Alto, Puerto Rico 
       Date: November 16 1995 Time: afternoon 

Several local residents heard a commotion coming from the place where the cockfighting roosters were kept. Upon investigating three of the neighbors encountered a bizarre creature, described as grayish and simian, with large almond shaped eyes, an oval face and small hands protruding from its shoulders. They began throwing stones at the creature, which rose to its full height, sprang upward into the air, and flew away in the direction of a nearby hill. 
     HC addition # 3277 
     Source: Scott Corrales Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E 

111. Location. Canaboncito, Puerto Rico 
       Date: November 23 1995 Time: late night 

During a period of bizarre animal mutilations in the area a strange green slimy substance was found on a window of a home where some unknown creature introduced a long, hairy clawed arm into the window of the house and shredded a teddy bear that happened to be within its reach. Before it ran into a heavily wooded area one of the occupants of the house saw a single red eye & the lift side of the intruder’s face. 
     HC addition # 3141 
     Source: Scott Corrales Type: E 

112. Location. Toa Baja, Puerto Rico 
       Date: November 24 1995 Time: evening 

A local resident reported encountering a short, four-foot tall creature, shortly after nearby residents reported seeing a saucer-shaped object crossing the skies. Around the same time several slain heifers were found dead lying in a perfect row in the middle of a lonely road. 
     HC addition # 3287 
     Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: D 

113. Location. Near Vega Baja, Puerto Rico 
       Date: November 28 1995 Time: night 

Jesus Medina Montes reported that he found half of his herd of steers with several bizarre wounds on their backs. Some of the cows had a viscous slime around their necks. Later that night Irene Mercado & her 9-year old niece reported seeing a creature shaped like a bird that fluttered away while making a loud noise with its mouth. 
     HC addition # 3288 
     Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E 

114. Location. West Dade County, Florida 
       Date: late November 1995 Time: afternoon 

On several occasions a farm hand at a ranch located in an area known at the East Everglades noticed a large winged bat-like creature with leathery skin and wings fly over a fence several times and hover over a field. During the same time numerous farm animals including mules were found strangely mutilated by its owners in the same area. 
     HC addition # 2329 
     Source: Personal Investigation Type: E 

115. Location. West Dade County, Florida 
       Date: early December 1995 Time: 0300A 

Awaken by the sounds of his barking dogs Rene Revilla Jr. & a farm hand ran out to see three tall blond haired men wearing gray coveralls ride away in what appeared to be 4 wheeled swamp buggy type vehicles. The men were tall & very muscular in appearance. They disappeared towards the west into an area known as the East Everglades. The farm hand fired a shot at the men, bud did not hit them. Soon after they saw a large white light descend over the nearby swamp, two smaller white lights emerged from the bigger object and shot away at high speed. The light hovered over the area for a while. The witness is quite sure that the men were somehow connected with the bright lights. 
     HC addition # 2328 
     Source: Personal Investigation Type: D or C? 

116. Location. Gurabo, Puerto Rico 
       Date: early December 1995 Time: 0400A 

Fearing additional attacks on his rabbits, Jesus Sanchez decided to mount a watch for any intruders. Using a light bulb to temporarily blind a strange creature, he caused it to seek shelter behind a tree. When the light was turned off, the creature raced past him out of the darkness allowing only enough time for a terrified Sanchez to deliver to stiff blows with his machete against the creature’s skin. The blows made a sound like a hollow drum. 
     HC addition # 3286 
     Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E 

117. Location. Near Salamanca, New York 
       Date: December 1995 Time: 0800A 

The three witnesses were hunting deer in The Southern Tier, when they thought they saw a bear coming out from behind a nearby tree, but the creature ran on two feet, and was making ungodly noises as it ran after the witnesses. It nearly caught up to them as they reached their truck. Before they could leave the creature smashed out the front window of the truck. They described the creature as a mix between a gorilla and a man, and with bright yellow “evil” looking eyes. 
     HC addition # 2974 
     Source: Western Bigfoot Society Type: E 

118. Location. Barrio Valenciano, Puerto Rico 
       Date: December 1995 Time: 1900 

The barking of her dog that was in the high terrace overlooking her backyard alerted Maria De Gomez. Upon investigating she was startled to see an ashen gray creature about 75 pounds and standing some 4 feet tall. It loomed over the defiant dog in silence as if trying to browbeat it into submission. The creature’s eyes were somehow able to light the entire terrace with a clear, whitish light like that of a bulb. The witness eyes met those of the creature and stare it down. The gargoyle-like entity slowly covered its pointed face with its wings then moved away from its position, slinked against a wall it half hid behind a washing machine. Eventually it took a few awkward steps toward the railing surrounding the terrace, jumping on it and flew off into the dark sky. In another occasion Maria had seen two small silver suited gray colored beings hold hands and jump over a fence to escape from a watchdog. 
     HC addition # 3285 
     Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E 

119. Location. Near Cambalache, Puerto Rico 
       Date: December 1995 Time: 2100 

Mr. Eliezer Rivera accompanied by a second witness were on their way home from church when they both spotted a bizarre creature standing on the side of the road. It was described as being about 4 feet tall, & in a hunched over position. It had short thin curved arms. Under its arms it had what appeared to be a membrane that seemed to connect the arms with its torso. It had three fingered hands with membrane in between the fingers also; it had long sharp claws at the end of its hands. 
It head was oval shaped & it had large almond shaped eyes that emitted an intense red-orange luminosity. It appeared to be covered with dark coarse hair. As the creature stood there looking at the witness vehicle, Mr. Rivera became curious and exited the vehicle to approach the creature. The creature seemed to make strange sideways movements with its head. The other witness was terrified and begged Rivera to return to the vehicle. As Rivera neared the creature, this one suddenly took out a long very sharp protrusion from its mouth & moved it in & out three times very quickly. 
This frightened the witness who quickly returned to his vehicle. He noticed that the creature had a strange multi-colored sharp crest that ran from the top of its head down to the small of its back. As the two watched incredulously the creature suddenly shot up into the sky like a bullet quickly disappearing from sight. 
     HC addition # 2568 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 10 Type: E 

120. Location. San German, Puerto Rico 
       Date: December 1 1995 Time: night 

While a local farmer found dozens of his rabbits slain and some missing, other local residents reported seeing a strange 3-foot tall being, brownish-gray in color, with slanted eyes and small hands and equipped with what appeared to be wings. It was also apparently responsible for the death of a goat. 
     HC addition # 3284 
     Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & other Mysteries Type: E 

121. Location. Manchester, England 
       Date: December 4 1995 Time: late night 

The witnesses woke up to the sound of their daughter crying hysterically. They tried to move but found themselves paralyzed. At that moment the bedroom curtains lit up brightly and there was a whooshing sound from outside. The husband was able to move and got to look outside the window. He saw a glowing object on the road, and a number of men wearing boiler suits that appeared to be digging up the garden. They eventually checked their daughter’s room and found that she was all right. They then went back to sleep. They then went back to sleep. The next morning there was no evidence of the events witnessed in the garden. 
     HC addition # 3451 
     Source: Peter Hough & Moyshe Kalman, The Truth About UFO Abductions. Type: C? 

122. Location. Hialeah Gardens, Florida 
       Date: December 9 1995 Time: 1950 

An anonymous man reported seeing in the area behind 9923 W. Okeechobee Rd. a brilliant object descend from the sky and appear to land into a nearby man-made lake, behind an apartment complex. Armed with a flashlight he approached the site and reported seeing two beings in the water with large heads and bright luminous eyes that appeared to be flashing & blinking, they seemed to be swimming in the lake waters. The witness briefly illuminated the creatures with a flashlight, and reported that their eyes seemed to flare up; he then quickly ran away from the area and called the police. It is not known if the police found anything. 
     HC addition # 2137 
     Source: Personal Investigation Type: C 

123. Location. South Dade County, Florida 
       Date: December 11 1995 Time: 0100A 

The witness awoke to a white haze in his bedroom, it suddenly dissolved, and several dozen small “angel-like” creatures appeared. These were described as about 3 foot tall, with white wing-like protrusions and with little lights. Their faces seemed to be a gray-human combination with the pupils of the eyes larger than a normal human and the faces larger in proportion to the body. The experiences made the witness feel elated. 
     HC addition # 2171 
     Source: Skyscan Vol. 3 # 1 Type: E 

124. Location. Urbanizacion Country Club, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 
       Date: December 13 1995 Time: morning 

Carmen Vazquez accompanied by her 5-year old daughter was on her way home when the little girl pointed out something in the sky. Looking up she saw a shiny metallic oval shaped craft flying slowly overhead & disappearing towards the nearby El Yunque Mountain. According to the little girl, the object had numerous windows and inside she was able to see several gray colored figures with huge black eyes looking down on the car. 
     HC addition # 2571 
     Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 9 Type: A 

125. Location. Near Guanica, Puerto Rico 
       Date: Unknown 

44-year old mechanic, Osvaldo Rosado was up late washing a car. As he walked toward the patio of his home to shut off the water where the hose was connected, he was suddenly grabbed from behind. When he tried to fight off the intruder, he was shocked to see a black haired “gorilla” type figure about 7 feet tall, with large luminous red eyes. The creature ran off and Rosado drove himself to a nearby hospital to treat some cuts on his abdomen. In the same area mutilated bloodless chickens had been found. 
     HC addition # 2781 
     Source: Linda Moulton Howe Type: E 

126. Location. Near Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia 
       Date: late 1995 Time: unknown 

Witnesses encountered three short beings with large round heads. No associated object reported. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3435 
     Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin Type: E 

Addendums inserted as they become available.


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