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Humanoid Reports - 1994
Complied By Albert S. Rosales  

1. Location: Northwest Queensland Australia 
    Date: 1994 Time: 0445A 

Andy, a worker at an isolated drag line of an open cut mine, felt someone was watching him. He then noticed two, average sized persons dressed in silver body suits. They turned away, and about 5 minutes later, an object took off at great speed and disappeared. 
     HC addition # 2714 
     Source: Keith Basterfield. Type: C 

2. Location. A Espenuea, La Coruna Spain 
    Date: 1994 Time: evening 

After receiving telepathic messages a retired technician saw in a secluded area a landed disc shaped craft, 10 meters from his position. Two beings exited the object, one a tall blond male, of Nordic appearance wearing a white robe, and a shorter creature resembling a robot. 
The two figures briefly approached the witness but did not communicate with him. They both walked back into the object, which took off at high speed. 
     HC addition # 3858 
     Source: Jose Lesta & Miguel Pedrero Type: F and B 

3. Location. Budapest Hungary 
    Date: 1994 Time: night 

29 year old, Kati reported that on several occasions she was visited at night by “aliens” and they made love to her. At first the aliens visited her mother, but turned towards her when they found out she was 7 weeks pregnant. One night several short, glowing gray creatures slipped into her bed, and after several attempts took the fetus away. 
One of the creatures assured her by using telepathy; the baby would grow up with them and be safe. Since that night she claims she had received regular visits by different types of humanoids described as tall and human looking with red hair, which she says are passionate lovers. 
     HC addition # 3810 
     Source: CAUS Type: E 

4. Location. South Florida 
    Date: 1994 Time: night 

The eight year old witness woke up suddenly in her bedroom with the feeling that someone was with her in the room. She turned and saw a very tall, thin, humanoid with large eyes, standing next to her bed staring at her. His skin seemed to be glowing. Something told her that it was OK and she went back to sleep. 
     HC addition # 3854 
     Source: UFOs and Aliens among us Type: E 

5. Location Adelaide South Australia 
    Date: 1994 Time: night 

A woman awoke with a vivid recollection that during the night she had been naked on a cold, metallic table, lying on her back. Her legs were drawn up, knees up, and her legs apart. Fouror five beings were around her. 
These had huge, black almond shaped eyes, a thin slit mouth, no lips, two holes for a nose, and tiny ears. Their heads were large and the body thin. Body colorhad a green tinge. All the beings were looking at her with one being looking directly into her face. 
     HC addition # 2728 
     Source: Keith Basterfield Type: G 

6. Location. Near San Juan Puerto Rico 
    Date: 1994 Time: night 

The elderly witness reported encountering 4 or 6 little gray humanoid figures hiding under a bed (!) then chasing them out of the house with a broom. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2819 
     Source: Joyce Murphy Type: E 

7. Location. Near Crestone, Colorado 
    Date: 1994 Time: night 

A man driving on an isolated road saw something zip out in front of his car. He slammed on the brakes, but he was sure he had plowed right into it. He screeched to a stop and looked in his rearview mirror and was stunned to see a group of 15 to 20 undulating, transparent three-foot long creatures. “They were not all there, it’s like they were only partially visible.” He quickly drove away. (Source calls the creatures “Prairie Dragons.”) 
     HC addition # 3234 
     Source: Christopher O’Brien in Enter the Valley Type: E 

8. Location. Sydney Australia 
    Date: 1994 Time: late night 

Soon after seeing several large maneuvering objects over the area, the witness was laying in bed when he felt a presence in the room & heard some shuffling noises at the foot of the bed. The he felt a sharp pain, like a pin being stuck in his toes. He felt hands around his feet then he was able to look up and see five small figures looking at him from the foot of the bed. 
The beings had apparently come out of the wardrobe which now looked like the inside of a large hangar which went back into the wall a considerable distance. One of the figures then proceeded to stick a long needle like implement into one of his toes. He then noticed three more figures come out of the wardrobe stand at the foot of the bed and proceed to stick something into his leg. He was then able to move again. He then lifted his leg and stared directly at the beings. 
They were about 3-4 feet tall, with long arms, smallish heads, dark grayish in appearance with lizard like scales the skin seemed the same color throughout the body. One seemed to be the leader as it ordered the other ones around. At one point as one of the beings grabbed his ankles he noticed that it had three long thin fingers. 
Soon the beings walked back into the hangar-like wardrobe and disappeared inside, the wardrobe-hangar then 
disappeared into a cloud of vapor. 
     HC addition # 3320 
     Source: NUFORC Type: E 

9. Location. Melbourne Australia 
    Date: January 1994 Time: late night 

The witness was sleeping when she feels a presence in the room and something grabs her right hand.She wakes up and is confronted by a tall dark creature, wearing a black robe. It goes away suddenly. The witness then realizes that the bathroom light has apparently blown and that two rings are missing from her right hand. 
     HC addition # 1887 
     Source: Bill Chalker in IUR Vol. 19 # 5 Type: E 

10. Location. Northern England (exact location not given) 
     Date: January 1 1994 Time: early morning 

Her husband suddenly awaked the witness, and both sat up in bed to see a small creature holding a bright torch-like device. As they watched, the creature pointed the light towards her husband who then fell backwards unconscious. 
The creature then pointed the light at her and she too fell backwards unable to move. She vaguely recalled the bed clothes being removed and floating in a prone position. She then glided across the room apparently guided by the short creature. She could not remember anything else. 
     HC addition # 1997 
     Source: Tony Dodd in Quest UFO Magazine Vol. 13 # 2 Type: E 

11. Location. Tronville en Barrios, France 
     Date: January 4 1994 Time: 1205A 

A family of four was getting ready to go to bed when they noticed a bright light shining on the road between two nearby fields. The light became dimmer and an object with two yellow lights and several flashing red lights became visible. The object was shaped like a bowl and had a transparent dome on top. Inside the object three human shaped figures could be seen, they were of average height. 
The one in the middle appeared to have a larger head and the one on the right was shorter and heavy set. The figures wore shiny multi-colored outfits. The father went outside and woke up two neighbors who also watched the object. A door on the left side of the object opened making a slight noise and one of the humanoids stepped out, he was human-like and was carrying a bright torch that he shone towards the witnesses, moving it from side to side. 
The “torch” was described as square shaped. The humanoid then walked back into the object. The door then closed making a loud noise. The transparent dome became dark but the yellow lights stayed on. The object then took off making a slight hissing sound and disappeared at high speed. Other residents in the area saw mysterious red flashing lights over the town. 
     HC addition # 1278 
     Source: Claude Raffy Type: A & B 

12. Location. Tennessee (exact location not given) 
     Date: January 8 1994 Time: late night 

The witness remembers waking up onboard a craft accompanied by a short gray humanoid with large black eyes. The being used some type of device that he inserted in her ear apparently in order to locate and activate an “implant”. 
The witness then asked the humanoid several questions, which were answered. Moment’s later four more gray humanoids entered and led her inside a large hangar where she saw what appeared to be numerous military personnel. She was then rendered unconscious and later found herself back in her bed. 
     HC addition # 1685 
     Source: Karla Turner in “Taken” Type: G 

13. Location. Northern England (exact location not given) 
     Date: January 15 1994 Time: early morning 

The bedclothes being lifted off her body suddenly awakened the same woman as in the previous case. She felt something touching her and she reached out and grabbed what appeared to be a hand with only four fingers and webbing in between them. The skin felt rough and scaly. 
Later under hypnosis she recalled being taken to some type of craft, put on a table and medically examined. A thin glass tube was inserted into her navel. Her abductors were described as almost 4 foot tall, with large hairless heads and huge black eyes. She also recalled seeing rows of pulsating red, green, and white lights on the walls and strange hieroglyphic-type symbols all over the room. 
     HC addition # 1998 
     Source: Tony Dodd in Quest UFO Magazine Vol. 13 # 2 Type: G 

14. Location. Braxton County West Virginia 
     Date: February 1994 Time: night 

Three men driving on an isolated road were rounding a curve when they spotted a tall winged figure standing on the middle of the roadway. The figure had long “turkey” like legs, somewhat thin. It looked at the witness with bright glowing eyes. The creature then turned and rose up an embankment and disappeared. One of the witnesses thought the head resembled that of a pterodactyl. 
     HC addition # 1947 
     Source: Bob Teets in West Virginia UFOs, Close Encounters in the Mountain State Type: E 

15. Location. Badalucco, Italy 
     Date: February 1 1994 Time: 2030 

The witness vehicle engine stalls as a silvery cigar shaped craft hovers over the road. The craft directs several beams of light towards the ground also a humanoid figure is seen standing on the road near the vehicle. No other information.
     HC addition # 2506 
     Source: Aldrich/Project 1947 Type: C 

16. Location. Ancona, Italy 
     Date: February 3 1994 Time: 0900A 

A witness reported seeing a humanoid wearing a silvery suit standing on the rocky shore of the beach. It had a helmet with a small protruding antenna on the side. The humanoid suddenly rose up and disappeared flying towards the northeast. 
     HC addition # 2507 Type: E 

17. Location. Ellicottville, New York 
     Date: February 6 1994 Time: late night 

Several passengers onboard a car on state Road 219, saw a singular object flying slowly over the area. It then hovered above some nearby trees, no noise could be heard. Some of the witnesses thought the object resembled a “man with a rocket on his back.” Something appeared to be suspended from its bottom, and it was completely black in color. 
Later several other residents reported seeing a number of military Huey type helicopters flying over the region. Later at about 0300A dogs barking woke Tony Miranda up, going outside with his flashlight, he noticed a bizarre object balancing itself over a nearby road; the object was directing a beam of light at Miranda’s parabolic antenna by his house. 
Miranda heard what he termed “a beautiful sound, resembling a waterfall sound”. Others in the area saw mysterious lights and five children on a snow sled reported seeing a strange un-described creature in a wooded area in Fox Ridge. 
     HC addition # 2957 
     Source: Scott Corrales Type: E & D? 

18. Location. Dublin Ireland 
     Date: Spring 1994 Time: night 

The witness reported being taken onboard a craft, where he saw something resembling a “translucent apparition” with golf ball sized groups of multi-colored lights floating inside of it. He also saw a creature, which was humanoid, with large black eyes and a small slit for a nose. Light appeared to emanate from the humanoid’s mouth. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3779 
     Source: IUFOPRA Type: G 

19. Location. Mecklenburg Germany 
     Date: end of March 1994 Time: 2300 

The witness was on her way to her room after having put the children to bed when she suddenly felt very uncomfortable. She felt as if she was being watched, she ran panic stricken into her bedroom and jumped into bed. She suddenly heard a humming sound and was unable to move. 
She then saw several small gray figures standing at the end of her bed. She wanted to call out, but could not. She felt that there were other figures in her daughter’s room also. Then suddenly she wasn’t able to hear or see anymore. After that she does not recalled what happened. 
     HC addition # 2691 
     Source: Dr. Johannes Feibag Type: E 

20. Location. Near Tallahassee Florida 
     Date: April 1994 Time: late night 

Three men driving on an isolated road were startled when their vehicle headlights shone on a short thin figure standing on the middle of the roadway. The figure had a large head and bright luminous eyes. It suddenly darted across the road towards the nearby tree line. It briefly stopped before disappearing into the woods and glanced at the witnesses. 
The three men later returned to the site and saw an additional three beings, one taller than the other two, standing on the roadway. These also had luminous eyes and ran into the woods disappearing from sight. 
     HC addition # 1776 
     Source: Hank Worbetz Type: E 

21. Location. Victoria, Argentina 
     Date: April 7 1994 Time: 2130 

The witnesses were out in an isolated area when they spotted a large white object apparently on the ground about 200 meters away. The object suddenly became brighter illuminating the nearby trees. A white line was now visible on the object; they now saw 3 small lights moving within the object. 
Suddenly the object seemed to grow in size resembling a translucent bubble. Inside they could see about eight to ten figures standing around in a group. Seconds later a thick white fog enveloped the area around the object and approached the witnesses. They could now see the object dim and apparently disappear straight up at high speed. Ground traces were found. 
     HC addition # 3181 
     Source: Silvia P. Simondini FAO Type: A 

22. Location. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 
     Date: April 22 1994 Time: 1500 

A witness reported a large ball of light that landed nearby and transformed itself into a tall entity that ran into the woods and disappeared. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3217 
     Source: AUFOSG Type: E? 

23. Location. Galicia Spain, exact location not given 
     Date: May 1994 Time: night 

One night the witness found herself inside an unknown object. She was lying on a cot-like bed totally naked and surrounded by several entities (not described). She was stunned to see, laying next to her on a similar cot, an also naked woman that looked exactly like her. The witness was convinced that it was some type of clone or double. No other information. 
     HC # addition 3541 
     Source: Manuel Carballal Type: G 

24. Location. Sedona, Arizona 
     Date: May 1994 Time: night 

A local man reported being taken onboard a spacecraft. He remembered seeing several humanoids with large black almond shaped eyes, & large heads. Something was apparently done to his knees and temples, possibly implants. No other information. 
     HC # addition 2204 
     Source: Tom Dongo in Intl. UFO Library Magazine 3-4 Type: G 

25. Location. Near Flagstaff Arizona 
     Date: May 1994 Time: late night 

A couple was camping in an isolated pine forest. During the very chilly night they built a campfire. But for some unknown reason the fire kept failing. The woman felt uneasy and scared for no apparent reason. As the temperature dropped they sat in the car. Shortly thereafter the woman saw a bright star like object above the tree line. The light moved from side to side and up and down. After about 20 minutes they looked to the west and saw five more similar lights above the tree line. 
These appeared to be balls of light that danced around very quickly. As they watched the original light descended down behind the tree line. While observing the lights a multi-colored craft came out of the distant northwest sky, it flew at incredible speed and quickly out of sight. Increasingly scared both prayed. Soon the lights from the sky were gone, but an oblong bright white light illuminated the forest floor. Both then took a shotgun and a pistol and settled in the tent. 
Soon they heard what seemed to be persons walking outside. They sat and listened to what sounded like six to ten people walking around in every direction with an occasional tap or prod to the tent. After an hour a sound came over the tent while simultaneously the ground under the tent floor moved like waves of energy. The wife then looked up through the screened roof and saw a bright ball of white blue light in the sky, just about the tree line. From this light came a large white colored beam of light shining into the tent. 
The number of “persons” or creatures outside the tent increased, sounding like 30 to 40 of them. Occasionally they heard a sound like whipping wind, along with what sounded like a yipping barking noise that gave them the creeps. At one point a pulsating orange white blue light glowed right next to the tent on the forest floor. It grew larger in size then just disappeared. At daybreak both left the tent and found strange footprints in the dirt and handprints on the dust of the car. 
The footprints “were toed cloven hoofs” and larger three toed feet. The four-fingered handprints had a skeletal, very long thin look. Frightened they left the area. Their families did not believe their story and they were told that they were “possessed”. 
     HC # addition 2802 
     Source: Roger Bollinger Type: C? 

26. Location. Sagrado Corazon, Cosolapa, Mexico 
     Date: May 10 1994 Time: 2300 

A local villager watched a large white light descend from some nearby hills and land a few meters away. A short humanoid creature descended from the object. The humanoid was dressed in all white and had a shiny belt and helmet that changed colors constantly. 
Another villager attempted to approach the humanoid but it withdrew back into the object. Minutes later a boy threw a rock at the object, which then promptly dimmed and took off towards the hills at high speed quickly disappearing from sight. 
     HC # addition 2040 
     Source: Dr. R.A. Lara in Samizdat Vol.2 # 4 Type: B 

27. Location. Switzerland exact location not given 
     Date: May 11 1994 Time: late night 

The witness was in his bed sleeping when a strong, pulsating blue light suddenly awakened him. He hid under the blanket and suddenly had the feeling that he was floating, he then blacked out. The next thing he remembered was lying on a table in a dark room. The wall, floor, and ceiling were very smooth. 
Below his feet and on the right side was something resembling a marble column. Suddenly a slim, small white being jumped on top of him. The being was a female with large dark eyes and no hair on her head. She somehow made the witness fell sexually excited; the whole episode was repeated by another similar being. Then a third female with more human features appeared and apparently the same thing happened. 
     HC addition # 2692 
     Source: Dr. Johannes Feibag Type: G 

28. Location. Frigole, Lecce, Italy 
     Date: May 20 1994 Time: 0005A 

Soldier, Claudio Mucignat was making his rounds at a local Army installation when he noticed a small laser like point of light by a nearby-parked armored vehicle. Thinking that it was a soldier smoking a cigarette he approached the area in his military vehicle. As he neared the site, his vehicle headlights illuminated a 2-meter tall human like form, wearing a dark non-reflective outfit that appeared to move towards him in a strange undulating fashion. 
Terrified he attempted to fire his weapon but it malfunctioned. Suddenly a red beam of light shone on him apparently causing instant paralysis. After about 5 to 6 minutes he recovered his senses but the strange figure and lights had disappeared. 
     HC addition # 2954 
     Source: Il Giornale dei Misteri # 296 Type: E 

29. Location. Dundonald Hill, Ayrshire, Scotland 
     Date: Summer 1994 Time: morning 

Josephine Aldridge was walking on the hill with her two pet Labradors, when suddenly the two animals went berserk, running around in circles growling and snapping at the air before finally sinking to the ground with their tails tucked beneath them. Then Josephine saw a “huge creature” which appeared some distance to the side of her. It did not seem to be solid as Josephine could see the grass of the hill through its body, but it was covered in “longish, charcoal colored hair.” 
It made no indentations on the grass. Its eyes were two long slits, which glowed a bright red, it had two holes where the nose should have been, and very thick lips, and it stood well over ten feet on two legs. Terrified the witness began to pray, the creature after a few moments slowly faded out of sight. She left the hill in a hurry, and not to far behind, her two whimpering dogs. 
     HC addition # 3847 
     Source: World of The Strange Type: E 

30. Location. North of Kiev, Ukraine 
     Date: June 1994 Time: unknown 

Ukrainian military authorities reportedly shot down a UFO. The object was later recovered and taken to the Kherson military base where alien bodies were supposedly recovered inside the object. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3418 
     Source: Karma-7 Type: H 

31. Location. Atlanta, Texas 
     Date: June 1994 Time: 0200A 

The two witnesses were camping in an isolated field near a pine thicket. At night one of them had fallen asleep while the other woke up to see a bright line shining outside the mosquito net. He woke his friend up and went to investigate the source of the light. Walking across a pasture he saw a large ball of light apparently sitting on the ground nearby. 
They shone their flashlights at it and it apparently blinked out. This frightened the witnesses who began to walk away. After walking for about 200 yards they heard some noises coming from the nearby pasture, looking around they saw about six to eight human like figures approaching the fence. They ran back to their tent and were unable to sleep the rest of the night, hearing strange noises outside the tent throughout the night. 
     HC addition # 3574 
     Source: NUFORC Type: C 

32. Location. Near Hogansville Georgia 
     Date: June 1994 Time: 1845 

A married couple was driving on the Mountville Road when as they neared Bear Creek crossing they saw a huge bird like creature standing on the side of the road. Jumping up from the east side of the road the “bird” flew low to the ground and in front of their car. Crossing over the road, the bird continued to fly low and into some thick woods on the west side of the road. 
The wife estimated the bird’s wingspan to be at least 10 feet. She also said it was black like a crow. The husband though that the bird was having trouble getting off the ground, and that it had “long slender wings.” Both also said that the bird on the ground stood an amazing 3-½ feet tall. They were both surprised that this huge bird flew into the woods instead of up into the sky. 
     HC addition # 2875 Type: E 

33. Location. Near Harbin, China 
     Date: June 1994 Time: evening  

At a local tree farm, Mong Zhao Guo & two other peasants saw a strange object on nearby Mount Phoenix. They climbed the mountain in order to investigate. As they approached the site they could see that it was a round white object with a scorpion-like tail. They attempted to approach the craft several times but were unable to since it apparently produced a very high-pitched sound that caused unbearable pain. 
The following day Guo and some co-workers again saw the object at the same location. Guo watched the craft with a pair of binoculars and saw a “being” with a raised arm standing next to the craft. At that point the being emitted a beam of light that burned Guo’s forehead, he then fainted. He was then taken to a nearby hospital in a train. Onboard the train he claimed he was able to see a “scary-looking” female alien that no one else onboard was able to see. 
     HC addition # 2705 
     Source: Shi Li in Fate Magazine September 1997 Type: C 

34. Location. Near Padova, Italy 
     Date: June 8 1994 Time: midnight 

In a farm area a robot-like entity with lights approached a witness, it communicated by using telepathy, warning the witness that he could no hurt him since there were 14 others just like him, hiding in nearby woods. It then lifted vertically and flew away. 
     HC addition # 2366 
     Source: LDLN # 329 Type: E 

35. Location. North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 
     Date: June 15 1994 Time: 1730 

Karen Manning was busy cooking in her 2nd floor apartment, and had kept the window opened in order to keep an eye on the children playing outside. Suddenly everything went very quiet. The children nowhere in sight. Dashing downstairs she found the 4 children huddled inside the apartment entrance. They told her they had seen a large disc-shaped craft flying low over the nearby highway. It was shiny-gold in color and emitted a whistling sound. 
The object had windows, through which they could see two blonde haired females looking out. These two women had panicky expressions on their faces & appeared to have tape covering their mouths. The children also saw a humanoid figure standing at a door-like entrance to the object. He was described as greenish in color, with long pointed ears, three eyes, with the one in the middle of the forehead emitting a blue light. 
A beam of light descended from the craft and chased one of the kids lifting her 6 inches from the ground. She also heard a voice inside her head. The craft then moved away at a northwesterly direction. The children felt extremely hungry after the incident. 
     HC addition # 2752
     Source: UFO BC Canada Type: A 

36. Location. Miami Florida 
     Date: June 23 1994 Time: 0400A 

The lone witness had been unable to sleep and had gone to the kitchen to get a glass of water. She was sitting at the table,which faces a large window when she noticed movement by a large fruit tree in her backyard. She then noticed a tall dark winged man-like figure step from behind the tree and glide towards the side of the house. 
The witness attempted to obtain a closer view by looking out the window but by that time the figure had vanished. She reported the incident to the police and interpreted it, as some type of demonic manifestation. 
     HC addition # 1701 
     Source: Personal Investigation Type: E 

37. Location. Arad, Romania 
     Date: June 27 1994 Time: 0400A 

At least five witnesses heard a loud hissing sound and a nearby wheat field became illuminated by a very bright light. A flattened circular area of wheat was found at the site. One of the witnesses, 48-year-old Traian Crisan, a shepherd, approached the site and saw the light gliding towards the field. He ran to his hut and watched from inside, but then the walls and roof began to shake. 
He then ran outside and was confronted by a strong wind. He then noticed a round hovering object and through a small opening he could see two short men that appeared to be holding a tube. Both men were bearded; one with a long white beard and both had slanted eyes. Both men wore a device resembling headphones and had instruments in their hands. 
The nearby sheep panicked and ran as a blue flame shot out from the bottom of the craft as it accelerated straight up and disappeared. 
     HC addition # 2282 
     Source: Michael Hesemann in The Cosmic Connection Type: A 

38. Location. Near Melbourne, Australia 
     Date: July 1994 Time: 0430A 

Four women driving northwest of the city experienced a series of UFO encounters including seeing oblong shaped lights that traveled parallel to the road before disappearing behind trees. Minutes later they observed a spherical object performing erratic maneuvers. The object was encased in a blue haze and had amazing strobe-like flashing lights; it briefly followed their vehicle. 
Moments later they were terrified to see a huge blinding orange light covering the width of the road and hovering just above their car. The driver accelerated in order to get away from the object. They soon stopped the car near a hotel to look for help. One of the women exited the car and saw hovering directly above them, a huge diamond-shaped craft beaming orange light from its undercarriage. She saw what appeared to be writing or ciphers on the object’s tail section. 
The object also made a steady droning, humming sound. The craft then disappeared behind some trees. The four witnesses then drove to a nearby house and noticed bright white lights hovering overhead. Then next to a huge pine tree a shadowy human-shaped figure appeared, it was dark and very little detail was seen. The witnesses then drove away from the area and were followed briefly by an orange-lit object, which turned sharply at right angles, moved across the road, and vanished. 
A period of missing time was reported by all four witnesses and they all reported suffering from nosebleeds, headaches, memory lapses and electrostatic shocks. 
     HC addition # 2044 
     Source: Nexus Magazine Feb/Mar 1995 Type: C or G? 

39. Location. Puerto Rico, Exact location not given 
     Date: July 1994 Time: late night 

The main witness was asleep with her husband and her young child in the same room; it had been very hot the whole night. Suddenly she was awakened by a very cold draft of air. She rose up and saw a strange figure floating by the nearby dresser next to her child’s crib. The figure was described as small, with a large white head, with two huge dark oval shaped eyes, it was very thin, and it did not have a nose, ears, or mouth. 
The figure noticed the witness and then turned to look directly at her. The panicked witness then saw the being approach her and at the same time heard a message in her head telling her “I want to see you.” She tried to rise from bed three times but was completely unable to do so. The being floated very close to the witness face in rapid jump-like movements. 
The being’s forehead almost touched the witness head. Suddenly it pressed its forehead against forehead and appeared to blend into it (!), apparently becoming somewhat transparent. The witness felt an intense cold and headache. At that moment she appeared to have blacked out and does not remember anything else. 
     HC addition # 2698 
     Source: Nanette Menendez-Conde in Evidencia OVNI # 13 Type: E 

40. Location. Eau Claire, Wisconsin 
     Date: July 1994 Time: late night 

During the wee hours of the morning the witness suddenly found herself in her front yard, in her nightclothes and bare feet, looking toward her house. She was about 100 feet away from the house, and could see a group of what she remembers as four or five “good sized coyotes or wolves” sitting on the top of her house looking down at her. Being both curious and frightened, she slowly began to walk toward the house. As she did, she suddenly found herself being escorted in the direction of the house, by what she felt were two entities behind her, one on either side. 
She remembers that the entities were extremely close to her, but she did not look directly at them. She suddenly felt as though she was momentarily lifted, as if weightless and rising. She was then in a white, brightly lighted hallway, about 3 feet wide. She was mentally instructed to walk down the hallway, toward a doorway approximately 10 feet away to her right side. She walked through the doorway and entered a small room with a machine on the right side. An entity (which she could not make out in detail) seemed to be standing at the far end of the room, to the left of the machine. She felt that the entity was smaller than she was. 
She was initially very attracted to the machine, which had a number of bright, multi-colored lights on it. She was briefly allowed to examine the machine. At one point she was compelled to touch a green sticky substance on the machine, which made her feel revolted. After this experiment was over she found herself in a large featureless room along with five entities. One was taller, apparently the leader, with four smaller entities to its left. This time she had a full view of the entities. 
The larger entity was about five feet tall, and the others were considerably shorter. They were all gray in color and wore tight fitting uniform like clothing. She got the impression from them that they were emotionless, and that while she was in their presence, her emotions were also suspended. The taller entity appeared mystified, and asked her a question, which pertained to her health status. She explained in one sentence her condition to the taller entity. 
The tall entity then turned around and repeated a one-word version of this to the smaller entities. They then repeated what the witness felt in unison. Following this the witness found herself waking up back in her bed. 
     HC addition # 3177 
     Source: Craig Lang, Minnesota MUFON Type: G 

41. Location. Harrison County, West Virginia 
     Date: July 3 1994 Time: late night 

The witness was alone in his store when he suddenly saw lights around him and his body began to vibrate. Somehow he was able to see an object hovering above the building and was transported onboard the craft. He found himself in a room with a table with a light above it and a railing around the side. He then saw a short gray skinned humanoid that appeared to be operating a control panel. 
The short gray being communicates telepathically with the witness, supplying him with a wealth of information, including the fact that he has been implanted with some type of tracking device and also mentions the Roswell incident, stating that it was not one of their craft. 
     HC addition # 1949 
     Source: Bob Teets in West Virginia UFOs, close Encounters in the Mountain State. Type: G 

42. Location. Near Allende, Nuevo Leon, Mexico 
     Date: July 20 1994 Time: 1100A 

At a local ranch, a farm worker was on his way to eat lunch when as he passed near a local cemetery a figure suddenly loomed in front of him, coming from behind some rocks about 50 meters away. Thinking that it was another worker he approached the figure, but suddenly realized that the figure was half human, half bird. 
The strange humanoid ignored the witness and continued on his way, as it reached a nearby crossroads, it opened its huge wings, but then continued on his way, quickly disappearing from sight in the fields. 
     HC addition # 2952 
     Source: Marco A Reynoso Type: E 

43. Location. Near Allende, Nuevo Leon, Mexico 
     Date: July 25 1994 Time: evening 

At a local ranch, a woman encountered a strange winged half bird – half man humanoid, covered with gray feathers up to his shoulders and with a human head, claw like feet and huge wings on his back. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2952 
     Source: Marco A Reynoso Type: E 

44. Location. Surrey, British Columbia, Canada 
     Date: July 27 1994 Time: 0400A 

A young boy ran into his mother’s bedroom and reported seeing outside his bedroom window a large object with blue lights hovering under the electrical wires. He also saw “little people on the poles.” He was told by his other to go to bed and sleep. 
     HC addition # 2754 
     Source: Graham Conway Type: C 

45. Location. Aberdeen Scotland 
     Date: July 27 1994 Time: 2200 

Bob O’Deul was tending a flock of sheep when a bright white light beamed down on him. Next he felt being drawn up into the light. He found himself inside the light on a table. There a short humanoid inserted something into his navel. 
Then a group of female aliens entered the room and apparently had sexual intercourse with him. He was then released. 
     HC addition # 2842 
     Source: Scottish UFO Type: G 

46. Location. Near St. Marks Florida 
     Date: end of July 1994 Time: 0300A 

A local UFO investigator was driving through an isolated area following reports of mysterious activity, when he saw a short very thin humanoid figure with a large head and large reflecting eyes, standing in the middle of the roadway. 
Upon seeing the car the being ran off into the side of the road towards the tree line. Before entering the woods the being turned and glanced directly at the witness who felt some form of mental communication from the entity. The witness drove back & forth 2 to 3 times in the same area and again encountered the being. (The witness felt it was very peculiar that the being was able to look directly at him, since he was driving at 50 mph) 
     HC addition # 1770 
     Source: Hank Worbetz Type: E 

47. Location. Near Sedona, Arizona 
     Date: August 1994 Time: evening 

Two independent witnesses saw a strange reptilian-like creature running along a ditch in a deserted area. At times it appeared to be hiding from something or someone. Later in the same area several armed men wearing black military style uniforms were seen apparently searching the area. 
     HC addition # 1820 
     Source: Tom Dongo Type: E 

48. Location. Pacajus, Ceara, Brazil 
     Date: August 1994 Time: late evening 

A 28-year-old peasant woman, Joaquina Nogueira, was coming back to town when she saw a very powerful light in a nearby grove of cashew trees. She stopped and watched. Suddenly out of nowhere two luminous beings appeared in front of her. The beings were tall & human like wearing phosphorescent tight-fitting clothing. They stood there looking at her from about 10 meters away. They came closer and the witness could see that one was a woman the other a man. 
The man was very tall & powerfully built. He had black fluffy hair combed back, dark slanted eyes & arched eyebrows, his ears were larger than humans & slightly pointed, he had a prominent chin and darkish skin. He assured her telling her not to be afraid, to keep calm. His lips moved but she heard the words in her mind. The being went on to tell her that he was “Karran” that he had been here before. 
The woman also said something that the witness was unable to understand; the woman also had combed back black hair. She had a sculptural looking body & wore tight fitting clothes, revealing a well-delineated silhouette, she smiled and appeared gentle. The woman stepped back and drew something out of the wide belt she wore. The object began to click, and she put it to the witness right ear then said a few strange words. At the same time louder sounds came from the device. The man then took something from his belt and gave it to Joaquina, gesturing to her to raise it to her mouth. 
She did and it tasted sour. Her mouth quickly filled with saliva and she began to feel nauseated and spat several times. She felt herself dominated by the eyes of the male being who came closer to her and put something into her ear. At the same moment the witness brother was approaching their location. The two beings then withdrew the device from the witness ear and then turning away with their backs to the witness they vanished in plain sight. The witness brother was also able to see the two tall beings from a distance. 
     HC addition # 2702 
     Source: Reginaldo de Athyayde in FSR Type: E 

49. Location. Cayey, Puerto Rico 
     Date: August 2 1994 Time: after midnight 

The witness suddenly awoke after hearing a noise resembling a firecracker exploding coming from the entrance to her bedroom. She heard the sound again, this time closer to her bed and saw a short thin gray skinned humanoid with a large head and huge black eyes walk in front of the bed and then enter her grandson’s bedroom. She then apparently fell asleep, later she was woken up by her grandson who told her that a short creature with large eyes had sat on his chest and had stared at him. 
     HC addition # 1778 
     Source: Hank Worbetz Type: E 

50. Location. Near Indian Creek, Tennessee 
     Date: August 7 1994 Time: unknown 

In a wooded area near an old Indian hunting ground, a witness reported seeing a 3-foot tall white human like figure. The figure apparently scurried into the brush and disappeared from sight. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2613 
     Source: Brent Raynes in Alternate Perceptions Winter 1995 Type: E 

51. Location. Baca, San Luis Valley, Colorado 
     Date: August 8 1994 Time: 0855A 

The witness (source) was refinishing a local couple’s floors and was walking out the front door, when he saw less then 15 feet away a strange translucent creature, resembling a three foot long lizard that glided quickly across the gate opening in the low picket fence that surrounds the house. 
At the same time he heard a trilling sound in his head. Immediately he ran to the spot, but it had already disappeared, leaving no tracks on the desert sand. This same type of creature was seen in the same house twice during January. 
     HC addition # 2549 
     Source: Christopher O’Brien in The Mysterious Valley Type: E 

52. Location. Near Mayaguez Puerto Rico 
     Date: August 21 1994 Time: 0300A 

A white light from an unknown source illuminated a motorist driving on State Road 114 suddenly. He stopped the vehicle and looked around. He then noticed a huge metallic round object hovering over the car. The craft floated silently overhead revealing several octagon-shaped protrusions on its underside. A white light shone from inside the protrusions. 
The witness became frightened and attempted to leave but the car would not start. The car eventually started and the witness then drove away. As he left the area he noticed four human-like figures that were totally dressed in black, standing on the side of the road. 
The beings were about 5 feet tall and very slender. Their heads seemed a little larger than normal and they had large slanted white eyes. The witness had not intention of stopping and drove quickly away from the area. 
     HC addition # 1975 
     Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 3 Type: C 

53. Location. Villa Palmeras, Santurce, Puerto Rico 
     Date: late August 1994 Time: 0200A 

The witness was sleeping when he suddenly woke up feeling a strange sensation. Two short luminous figures suddenly materialized in front of him. The witness was unable to move as the creatures approached. Using all the will power he could muster he freed himself from the paralysis and grabbed a stick. 
The beings then ran out the room and vanished. The beings were described as short, thin, fragile looking with large heads, gray luminous in color and with large black almond shaped eyes. The witness then sat on his bed pondering the incident when he saw three small “clouds”, one green, one red and the other blue descend through the ceiling and disappear somewhere in the house. 
Later he heard a loud metallic sound on the roof and peculiar footsteps in the patio. Upon investigating he found the patio light bulb had been tampered with. 
     HC addition # 1976 
     Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 3 Type: E 

54. Location. Villa Palmeras, Santurce, Puerto Rico 
     Date: early September 1994 Time: late night 

The same witness to the previous incident was awaken by the appearance of two short gray-luminous figures in his bedroom. He was briefly paralyzed but was again able to move. The beings ran out of the room as soon as he was able to move. Suddenly a section of the ceiling became luminous and a type of movie screen became visible. 
Two figures now appeared on the screen, one of the figures was tall and was wearing a uniform, a metallic helmet, and what appeared to be epaulets on his shoulders. He was gray colored with large black slanted eyes. Behind this figure stood a huge wide entity resembling a metallic robot with an almost square head on top of massive shoulders. 
The tall figure communicated by using telepathy explaining to the witness that they only wanted to examine him and his paralysis was totally accidental. After a few moments the screen became smaller and disappeared. 
     HC addition # 1977 
     Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 3 Type: E 

55. Location. Cipolleti, Rio Negro, Argentina 
     Date: September 1994 Time: late night 

The witness who was going to have breast cancer surgery the next day is visited that night in her bedroom by a luminous being who speaks to her in a beautiful paused voice. It speaks about life and death. The next day the doctor’s at the hospital are astounded to find out that the cancer is totally in remission. 
     HC addition # 3207 
     Source: CIFO Argentina Type: E 

56. Location. Greenhorn Mountains, Huerfano County, Colorado 
     Date: September 2 1994 Time: night 

A local hunter was at his campsite when a large group of “aliens dressed in camo appeared” and before he could react, he was gassed, captured, and tied up. They never spoke to him and never fed him. He claims he survived by eating grasshoppers. The camo-clad, human looking entities appeared to be conducting “some sort of maneuvers. 
The group then began boarding a small silver object and the witness was astonished when the object “expanded” to accommodate them all. The object then took off, morphed into the shape of a bear, then morphed into “a three headed wolf,” then turned into a cloud! Later law enforcement personnel searched the area and found the witness truck trashed, the remains of the campfire and “his half-burnt clothes” scattered around the area. 
At the same time a second hunter was reported missing in the same area, when he finally showed up, he “raced away in his truck without saying a word.” 
     HC addition # 2550 
     Source: Christopher O’Brien in The Mysterious Valley Type: G 

57. Location. Saginaw, Michigan 
     Date: September 9 1994 Time: late night 

In a possible abduction scenario a man reported undescribed “aliens” in his bedroom that apparently invaded his esophagus or inserted something inside. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2640 
     Source: NUFORC Type: E 

58. Location. Georgia, exact location not given 
     Date: September 12 1994 Time: 0200A 

The witness was lying in bed when he was suddenly awakened by several little beings that were touching him apparently trying to roll him over. Some of the beings wore robes, others did not. The robe less entities were your typical “grays”. They had large heads, huge black eyes, soft wrinkly skin, four fingered hands, and extremely long arms. 
The robed entities were about 4 foot tall, very stout, and gray in color and somewhat resembling monks. The witness found himself floating up into a large triangular shaped craft. Inside he found himself in a groom with “Gothic” looking arches and illuminated walls. There he was met by a dark gray being with deep eyes and very “convoluted flesh” who ordered him to lie down. 
This entity had slits in the eyes and called himself the “leader”. He remembered lying down on a cot-like structure that came out of the wall. At this point everything became confused and he was only able to remember seeing huge eyes and twelve-inch long fingers working on him. Soon he was floated down a hallway into another room. There he encountered some strange robed entities resembling the statues found on “Easter Island.” These were described as 5-foot tall grayish brown in color with long stout features. 
At this point the being that called himself the “leader” appeared and placed his hands over the witness eyes. Moments later he entered another room that smelled like wet cement or lime. There he remembers seeing different types of equipment and what appeared to be both human & alien body parts. It seemed that these were parts from several different species. Later the witness found himself in another room with a large window. 
From this vantage point he was able to see stars and caught a good view of the side of the craft. Later he was told that is was time to go back and then found himself standing in his backyard. 
     HC addition # 1944 
     Source: C. Leigh Culver in UFO Encounters Vol. 2 # 3 Type: G 

59. Location. Grady County, Georgia 
     Date: September 12 1994 Time: 2130 

A local woman was driving on an isolated dirt road when she rounded a curve and came face to face with four short humanoid figures. These were described as being 4 foot tall with very large heads. The beings suddenly darted into the woods at very high speed and disappeared. Around the same time in the same area a large orange colored sphere was seen hovering 3 feet from the ground in a wooded area. 
     HC addition # 1967 
     Source: Billy J Rachels of UFO Bureau Type: D 

60. Location. Ruwa Zimbabwe 
     Date: September 16 1994 Time: 1015A 

Some 62 children were playing in a field of the local private primary Ariel school when they saw three silvery balls in the sky over the school. These disappeared with a flash of light then reappeared at another location. This happened three times then they began descending towards the school. One of the objects then landed or hovered over a section of rough ground composed of trees, thorn bushes, and grass. 
Moments later a small man about 1 meter in height appeared on top of the object. He then walked a little way across the rough ground, became aware of the children, and disappeared. He then reappeared back at the object, which took off very rapidly and disappeared. The little man was dressed in a tight fitting black suit, which was “shiny”. He had a long scrawny neck and huge eyes, with a pale face and long black hair coming below his shoulders. 
     HC addition # 1962 
     Source: Cynthia Hind in MUFON Journal # 320 Type: C 

61. Location. Metepec, Mexico 
     Date: September 16 1994 Time: 2300 

At 2000 numerous witnesses observed a strange craft hovering over the area. At the above time Sara Cuevas filmed a disc shaped craft hovering over the area. Soon after she noticed a strange luminous being standing about 90 feet away in the middle of a nearby sugar cane field. 
She filmed the 4-foot tall humanoid as it slowly moved away. The next day footprints and strange flattened formations were found on the sugar cane field. Another witness had seen a luminous dome-shaped craft land on the field that same night. 
     HC addition # 2283 
     Source: Michael Hesemann in The Cosmic Connection Type: C 

62. Location. Yuma, Arizona 
     Date: September 20 1994 Time: 0100A 

A young man suddenly woke up to a bright light shining in his face and several figures standing around his bed. He then found himself in a large round, cold, seamless metallic gray room with a reddish tint. He was sitting on a bench next to a blond woman and a man with tattoos that appeared incoherent. He saw tables and cows in the room and beings that seemed to be removing things from the cows. 
He saw two types of beings. Large ones who seemed to be in charge, these were described as lizard-like, very muscular, with almond shaped black eyes with yellow slits in them. They also had several smile-shaped parallel ridges on their faces. The smaller beings, who were the ones working with the cows wore some type of helmet. Moments later he found himself on one of the tables. The next moment he was back in bed sweating. 
     HC addition # 2014 
     Source: Kevin Bowman & Joseph Murek in Mufon Journal # 321 Type: G 

63. Location. Miami Florida 
     Date: September 24 1994 Time: late night 

The witness woke up to the sound of her dog barking then noticed a short large headed brown face figure sitting on her bed. The startled witness took a wing at the figure but missed. Two other figures were apparently standing next to the bed and these made a peculiar “chirping” or “giggling” type sound. 
As the witness attempted to move, one of the figures approached her and grabbed her wrist apparently causing her to loose consciousness. 
     HC addition # 2042 
     Source: Mary Margaret Zimmer from Mufon Type: E 

64. Location. Near Tres Piedras, New Mexico 
     Date: late September 1994 Time: late night 

A local woman reported encountering several short gray humanoid creatures, standing by her baby in the bedroom. The beings then “shuffled out of the bedroom” went outside and boarded a ”silver disc-shaped object” that took off at high speed. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2551 
     Source: Christopher O’Brien In the Mysterious Valley Type: B 

65. Location. Ohio, exact location not given 
     Date: October 1994 Time: 0315A 

The witness awoke to the sense that something was in the room. She turned over and was startled to see three entities standing at the foot of the bed. There were two taller ones (4ft.) and one shorter one (3ft.). The shorter one told her telepathically, “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid.” In an instant they were gone, and the witness as sitting up in bed. 
She vaguely remembered the entities presenting her with a child and telling her that it was hers. She became upset and the smaller being tried to calm her by attempting something resembling a smile. After this incident the witness had numerous terrifying vivid dreams. 
     HC addition # 3522 
     Source: CAUS Type: E 

66. Location. Upshur County, West Virginia 
     Date: November 1994 Time: 0600A 

Two observers spotted a black insect-like humanoid with an ant-like head that ran off into the woods leaving behind an unpleasant skunk-like odor. Similar encounters occurred throughout the area around the same time. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2508 
     Source: West Virginia UFO News 

67. Location. Hull, England 
     Date: November 1994 Time: night 

During a period of intense UFO activity in the area, witnesses in a remote farm location spotted three average sized figures walking along the garden, about 50 feet away. These figures appeared human-like and wore shiny metallic outfits, resembling chain male. 
One of them appeared to have been touching the fence as if inspecting it. At the same time a French fishing trawler off the coast spotted a shiny object flying over the area. 
     HC addition # 2619 
     Source: Andy Page Type: D 

68. Location. Plancher Les Mines, France 
     Date: November 23 1994 Time: 1640 

Six juveniles watched a domed silvery saucer shaped craft maneuvering and hovering low over a field. On the dome there was a porthole and inside it a human-like head could be seen looking out. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2365 
     Source: LDLN # 330 Type: A 

69. Location. South Dakota, exact location not given 
     Date: November 30 1994 Time: late night 

The witness was returning home from her sister’s funeral and was very exhausted. She began to see shadows and movement on the road ahead and stopped at a rest area. She turned off the engine and layback to sleep. Her next memory was of looking down at herself in the car, her head was back, eyes shut and mouth wide open. 
She could see some type of craft next to the car and some beings were holding something that directed a beam of white light into her mouth. The beings spoke among themselves, saying, “ That she had many lessons to learn.” The beings said that she had to get cancer, and kept repeating the phrases about “ so many lessons to learn.” She found herself talking to a being that had soft tanned skin. 
The beings were humanoid with large eyes, but no hair. Next she found herself in the car and drove home arriving at 0300A. The witness did indeed develop breast cancer and was operated. She apparently recovered. 
     HC addition # 2935 
     Source: Claude DiDomenica from UFO Network Type: G 

70. Location. Near Oakboro, North Carolina 
     Date: late November 1994 Time: 2230 

The witness was driving on Old School Road when he saw something standing on the left side of the road where the road curves to the right. He changed his headlights on high beam and drove straight at it. As he neared it he stopped, obtaining a clear view of it. It was a very tall creature, which the witness looked straight into its eyes. 
The creature seemed to communicate with its eyes, he then gave the witness a nod, and the witness knew it was time to leave. The creature was at least 7 feet tall with silver and black hair, some of it at least 4 to 5 inches long and dark outdoor type skin. His eyes resembled that of a dog and were the color of an Alaskan husky, he had a flat nose and a wide thin mouth like a human. 
The creature never opened its mouth. It just stood there looking at the witness, blinking, and making several gestures with its head and eyes. The witness then drove slowly away. 
     HC addition # 2973 
     Source: Scott McNabb Type: E 

71. Location. Dade County, Florida 
     Date: early December 1994 Time: late night 

A young boy remembers waking up standing in his backyard looking up at a large hovering triangular-shaped craft. Around the object stood several men wearing military style uniforms and were armed with what appeared to be automatic rifles. One of the men kept yelling to the witness, “Hurry up! Get away there is radiation”. 
A woman stood in front of the witness and communicated with him. Apparently by using telepathy, the woman was described as human-like with carrot red hair and piercing blue eyes. She wore what appeared to be a flowered dress like outfit and was holding a human child on each hand. A girl on one side and a boy on the other side. (As to the meaning of this, I don’t know) 
     HC addition # 2080 
     Source: Personal Investigation Type: C or G? 

72. Location. Anones, Naranjito, Puerto Rico 
     Date: December 1994 Time: afternoon 

On several occasions Rosa Jimenez saw two strange flying creatures that circled overhead every time she went out to feed her chickens. The creatures were about 5 feet 3 inches tall, with large oval shaped heads & glowing red eyes. They had dark leathery membrane-like wings & large claw-like feet & a long pointy beak-like protrusion in the mouth area. Several of her chickens were found mutilated in a strange manner. 
     HC addition # 2307 
     Source: Jorge Martin, in Evidencia OVNI # 8 Type: E 

73. Location. Grangemouth, Scotland 
     Date: December 1994 Time: late night 

A family of four reported seeing strange white lights maneuvering over a nearby field. Their four-year-old daughter reported encountering a strange “little man” with large slanted eyes in her bedroom. The entity apparently touched her shoulder. On one occasion, a bright blue light accompanied the little man. One night as the daughter woke up screaming, the husband & wife reported seeing a hovering white light in the distance. 
     HC addition # 2164 
     Source: Eris E. Andys in Fortean Times # 81 Type: D 

74. Location. Tiete, Sao Paolo, Brazil 
     Date: December 11 1994 Time: 2300 

Two observers watched a luminous orb land nearby. Two humanoid figures appeared next to the object. One of the witnesses shines a flashlight at the figures and a beam of light from the object immediately disables it. The beings and the object then depart. Crush grass was found at the scene. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2364 
     Source: Brazilian UFO Report Vol. 1 # 1 Type: C 

75. Location. La Playa Guayanilla, Puerto Rico 
     Date: December 15 1994 Time: 0300A 

Miss Myrna Rodriguez had been in a deep sleep, when she suddenly had the sensation that her body was lifting up, apparently floating away from the bed. She wakes up with a start and finds herself unable to move. When she looked around, she found herself surrounded by four short humanoids, 2 on each side of her body, who were apparently somehow holding her up in mid-air without any means that she could see. The beings were short & thin, with huge round hairless heads, small pointed ears, & huge dark slanted eyes. 
They had what appeared to be mole-like marks under their eyes & their noses & mouths were almost indistinguishable. They had thin bodies with long skinny arms. They all wore dull silvery uniforms. With their delicate hands the beings began touching the witness all around her stomach and chest area, at the same time talking to themselves in a low murmur like chatter. 
The witness was then startled to see that the beings had somehow opened her chest area, without her feeling any pain or discomfort, they seemed to be checking her internal organs, including the heart, which she saw it move as it pumped blood to her body. During the whole experience she felt a sense of joy and peace, and was convinced that the beings were benevolent and were here to help. 
Soon she floated gently back to her bed where she was able to move and immediately checked her stomach & chest area for any scars and found none. The beings had disappeared. 
     HC addition # 2099 
     Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 5 Type: E 

76. Location. Yatzitz, Israel 
     Date: December 22 1994 Time: 2100 

The same night that two young brothers videotaped a strange object over the eastern sky and strange tracks were found near their home, two men, Danny Ezra & Herzl Casatini were relaxing at the latter’s home when they suddenly heard an explosion that shook the house. 
Herzl opened the door to investigate, and was confronted by a nine foot giant wearing metallic coveralls, standing in front of the house. A “glowing haze” blurred the giant’s facial features. Herzl slammed the door and motioned his friend to the window to look. Danny stared at the giant for 15 seconds. Herzl called the police, and when they arrived the giant had vanished, but strange footprints & tracks were found in the area. 
     HC addition # 2110 
     Source: Barry Chamish Type: D 

77. Location. Melodale, Tasmania, Australia 
     Date: late 1994 Time: 2200 

Returning from a visit a woman saw an intense black figure pass behind the car as her husband drove past the gate. The woman reported the figure as a tall, dark elongated shape, with a fuzzy definition on the edge but otherwise very black. The shape floated just above the ground and past within 3 meters from the witness, it then disappeared up a nearby slope. 
The first witness husband who described it as tall very black and shaped like a milk bottle saw a second similar figure during the same time. It glided over the roadway then across the lawn in front of the startled witness. He heard a slight sound like a breeze, as the shape was closest to him, prior to disappearing around the corner of the house. 
     HC addition # 2457 
     Source: Tasmanian UFO Report 1996 Type: E 

Addendums inserted as they become available.


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