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Humanoid Reports - 1993
Complied By Albert S. Rosales  

1. Location. Kent England 
    Date: 1993 Time: 0200A 

On several occasions little “Jason Williams” has reported that several little men have entered his room through closed doors and windows and have taken him to a hospital like room where needles were stuck into his body. The little men are 3 to 4-feet tall, very thin, with big heads, no hair and very big black eyes, one of them is bigger that the rest and appears to be the leader. The boy’s parents have at times found his room empty and him missing and have even called authorities in order to find him. 
They have also seen a strange white round light that followed their vehicle, and one time saw two strange figures wearing all black standing on a nearby field looking intently at the house. The aliens told “Jason” that we were doing far worse things to them than they were doing to us. (!) 
     HC addition # 2182 
     Source: Anthony Dodd, UFO Magazine Vol. 14 # 6 Type: E 

2. Location. Torphins Scotland 
    Date: 1993 Time: afternoon 

Three young men were walking along a wide track through a forestry plantation when one of the youths saw a dark human shaped figure run across the track, from the left to right, two hundred yards ahead of them. He felt an immediate sense of terror and foreboding, but his friends saw nothing. They were teasing him and accusing him of having made up the incident, when all three saw a face that they described as human but not human, peering out at them between the branches of the fir trees. One of them threw a stone at it and the creature disappeared. 
     HC addition # 3943 
     Source: World of The Strange Type: E 

3. Location. Near Torphins, Scotland 
    Date: 1993 Time: morning 

The three young men involved in the previous encounter were driving into town, about two miles away from the site of the first experience, when a large, dark and hairy figure appeared at the side of the road. It began to run up the road behind them and was soon level with the car. What was strange about this was that although the figure was running at a speed sometimes approaching 45 mph, it did not seemed to be fatigued. 
At one point the creature stared into the car at the three youths, with an inquisitive expression, but after about 5 minutes it stopped, abruptly in the middle of the road. They soon lost sight of the creature. A woman living in a secluded cottage in the same area had twice seen a dark, hairy figure standing in the forest watching her cottage, before disappearing into the undergrowth. 
     HC addition # 3944 
     Source: World of The Strange Type: E 

4. Location. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 
    Date: 1993 Time: day 

A couple and their two children were out at a local playground when they apparently experienced a period of missing time in which several photographs of the family were taken but the photos only show an empty field. Under hypnosis the mother recalled that she had been taken inside an object where several small beings gave her a gynecological examination. The father also recalled seeing a large sphere take his family away. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2002 
     Source: Keith Basterfield, IUR Vol. 19 # 6 Type: G 

5. Location. Joplin, Missouri 
    Date: 1993 Time: afternoon 

The witness was walking along a creek when he saw a short humanoid figure bending down on one knee looking at something on the ground. The witness thought it was a person and yelled out. It stood up and the witness noticed that it had enormous black eyes and white dry looking skin. He does not recall seeing a nose or mouth but noticed that it was very thin, had a large baldhead, and long fingers. Frightened the witness ran home. 
     HC addition # 3601 
     Source: NUFORC Type: E 

6. Location. Pinaya, Peru 
    Date: 1993 Time: 1900 

Peasants in the village reported seeing two very tall man-like beings dressed in shiny gold colored metallic suits enter the village and walk around the Plaza. The beings were very athletic looking and had glowing yellow skin. They took short steps as they walked and moved their arms. At one point both entered the local church, looked around briefly then left towards a nearby hill. 
     HC addition # 1697 
     Source: Carlos Paz Garcia Corrochano, Intl. UFO Library Magazine Type: E 

7. Location. Finca del Duque, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain 
    Date: 1993 Time: late evening 

Albert Dieppa and some friends drove to the remote location simply to enjoy the surroundings and ride. The group remained within the car with the dome light on, chatting late into the evening, when they suddenly became aware of six or seven presences outside their vehicle, staring at them intently. 
Dieppa turned on the headlights, and was surprised to see several little child-like figures with adult faces. The beings appeared to be naked, at least form the waist up and they had dark, olive green skin and intense red eyes. The car’s occupants remained in stunned, paralyzed, silence until one of them began screaming hysterically, causing the driver to set the car in motion and abandon the area as quickly as possible. Dieppa added that the little men did not try to block their way; they just seemed to vanish as soon as he touched the ignition key. 
     HC addition # 3115 
     Source: Scott Corrales, Uncensored UFO Reports # 1 Type: E 

8. Location. Panama City, Panama 
    Date: 1993 Time: 2300 

The witness was sitting on a chair resting in his third floor balcony when he suddenly was overcome by a feeling of well-being. Soon he found himself flying through space, he could see the buildings below him become smaller. He was accompanied by two tall beings, one at each side, these were man-like, and were wearing shiny silvery tight fitting outfits, silvery boots, and a belt that had different apparatus hanging from it. They soon approached a huge silvery oval shaped craft, smooth with no apparent openings or seams. A hatch suddenly opened and he was conducted inside. 
There he saw a huge metallic sphere on the floor that seemed to be the source of the beings communications. He heard their voices inside his head. Human like aliens who communicated with him extensively met him. He was told many different things about the nature of the universe and the creation of humanity. Apparently about the same time our universe was created an identical dark universe, or anti-universe sprung into being also. This particular group of aliens belonged to some kind of Space Federation that included many different species. 
Later he was taken to a larger space station that was called “Arkeum”, there he saw many different types of beings, but most were human-like. He was warned that beings from the so-called anti-universe were visiting our universe at an increasing rate. He was eventually brought back to his apartment, apparently by the same means of travel. 
     HC addition # 3552 
     Source: Juan Valdez Ibanez Type: G 

9. Location. Fort Knox, Kentucky 
    Date: 1993 Time: night 

The witness was lying in bed when he realized the bathroom light that was usually on was off. He tried to get up, but could not move, he also tried to scream but nothing came out. He then found himself in a different place, surrounded by several short pale figures with huge dark eyes. They seemed to be examining him. Then one pressed his finger against the witness forehead right between the eyebrows; suddenly he was back on his bed. He found a small scar where he was touched. 
     HC addition # 3893 
     Source: NUFORC Type: G 

10. Location. Dzambul, Georgia (Russia) 
    Date: 1993 Time: night 

A student at the local University was at home alone when he looked out the window and saw two strange creatures floating in the air outside. They were tall and slim, with large elongated heads; one appeared to be a female. They floated silently and their bodies appeared to be transparent, at the ends of their long hands they had three fingers. They had large oval shaped fiery red eyes. Frightened he ran to another room. When he came back the creatures were gone. 
     HC addition # 3812 
     Source: GUFOA Type: E 

11. Location. Castelo Branco, Brazil 
     Date: 1993 Time: night 

Around the same time that a 12-year old girl, Regiane Barbosa, witnessed a hovering spherical object over the ranch, that suddenly fired a beam of yellow light that covered her body and lit the surrounding area, a ranch security guard reported seeing two undescribed humanoids floating over a brook on the ranch’s property. In the same area, at a place called Sitio do Morro an elderly Japanese woman reported seeing a half-wolf man, half centaur like being in a wooded area. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3544 
     Source: Grupo Ufologico de Guaruja Type: D 

12. Location. Bradwell, Norfolk England 
     Date: 1993 Time: night 

The witness was told to check an area on a suburban road at a passage that bisects a blocks of houses near his house, because of reported apparitions in the area. One night as he stared at a fence about 20 ft away a humanoid suddenly came into view. It was described as at least 7-feet tall and wearing dark heavy clothing. It had a white pear shaped head with two dark eye sockets as its only facial features. 
The head was topped by tight orange hair, flat on top that gave the face the appearance of being an upside down triangle. Its arms were very long and almost touched the ground an it appeared to be carrying a black doctor’s bag in one of its gloved hands. Despite its malignant appearance, the witness was not afraid and watched as it repeatedly took one step forward and then returned to its position. It seemed to fade away after about 10 minutes. 
     HC addition # 3060 
     Source: Karl Thornley, Fortean Times 4-98 Type: E 

13. Location. Not given 
     Date: 1993 Time: late night 

Joseph A Marmo woke up to see three short hooded figures standing in his bedroom. The room was filled with a strange glow, resembling infra red light. He heard the sounds of voices moaning and screaming. He prayed, but the voices seemed to mock and mimic him. Apparently he had several encounters. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3482 
     Source: Filer Files # 04-2000 Type: E 

14. Location. New York City, New York 
    Date: January 12 1993 Time: evening 

Two men, Joseph Wiek, and Harold Egeln were having dinner at a coffee shop in Greenwich Village, when suddenly time seemed to slow down, and everything became frozen in “time”. Harold saw three humanoid figures enter the restaurant’s front window in a blast of light. Joseph saw the three humanoids enter, but instead of a light blast, he saw one carrying something resembling a “trumpet”. Later Harold was to have a bizarre dream where he saw a saucer like object rimmed with what appeared to be trumpets, descend over the area. 
     HC addition # 3870 
     Source: S.P.A.C.E. Type: E? Or F 

15. Location. Langeness Fjord, Iceland 
     Date: January 12 1993 Time: night 

During a period of appalling weather conditions and intense UFO activity in the area, several locals reported seeing small gray colored humanoids walking on the icy glacier. 
     HC addition # 1320 
     Source: Tony Dodd, UFO Magazine Vol. 12 # 4 Type: D 

16. Location. Beldon Western Australia 
     Date: January 19 1993 Time: 0300A 

The witness woke up to see a figure kneeling to the left side of his bed about half way along it. The figure appeared to be thin, had no hair, but normal features, except for the ears that seemed defined only by a faint outline. A gold box-like object appeared to be attached to the being’s neck just below its right ear. The witness reached out to touch the figure, but his hand went right through it. It then immediately disappeared, to re-appear seconds later going through the closed fly screen door. 
A dog at the foot of the bed watched the whole incident but did not react in any way noticeable. No sounds, smell, or any other anomalies were noted. The entity was wearing a gray-green T-shirt that had a higher than normal neck, almost polo style. It had a belt that supported a pair of loose fitting trousers. It was to dark to see any footwear. 
     HC addition # 2680 
     Source: Brian Richards, UFORUM Type: E 

17. Location. Mc Larenvale, South Australia     
     Date: January 20 1993 Time: 0200A 

A witness reported waking up to a loud humming sound in the house and bright lights. He then saw a white humanoid figure standing in the bedroom. No other information. 
     HC addition # 1689 
     Source: Tasmanian UFO Report 1994 Type: E 

18. Location. Quezon City, Philippines 
     Date: January 22 1993 Time: unknown 

Several students at the local Camp Crame elementary school were burning some wood in a wooded area next to a tamarind tree when a gigantic black figure with a tail and a pair of “horns” appeared. The students panicked and some appeared to go into a trance, speaking in an unknown tongue. The figure somehow vanished in plain sight. This incident was interpreted as a “demonic” possession. 
     HC addition # 572 
     Source: Fortean Times # 68 Type: E 

19. Location. North Miami Florida 
     Date: January 27 1993 Time: 0439A 

The main witness had wakened up to go to the bathroom and on the way back to the bedroom she suddenly felt compelled to go to the kitchen and pull up the window. She became afraid then went back to bed. As she turned over in bed she heard the sound of a “train” and what sounded like an electronic door closing. She woke up two hours later and went to take a shower; there she realized that both knees were coated with an unknown white powdery substance. Her son remembered seeing a humanoid figure standing the doorway and then going back to sleep. No other details were recalled. 
     HC addition # 1676 
     Source: Karla Turner, PhD, ‘Taken” Type: G? 

20. Location. Adelaide, South Australia 
     Date: February 1993 Time: night 

A 4-year old girl told her mother that several small “boys” had come to see her, arriving through the bedroom window. The girl’s sister was told she had to go to another room during the event. The girl was then taken into an object by the short beings. Two types of beings were present, one short the other a tall “boss” figure. She was also apparently taken to another location. 
     HC addition # 2684 
     Source: Keith Basterfield Type: G 

21. Location. Noranda, Western Australia 
     Date: February 1 1993 Time: 0030A 

Kylie C. awoke and saw a small figure standing beside her bed, half way down. At the end of the bed were 3 taller beings. The smaller figure had dark, almond shaped eyes, small nostrils, and thin lips. Its head was bald and prominent. It had a potbelly, and appeared to have only 3 fingers on each hand. The witness felt an overwhelming desire to reach out and touch the figure as a feeling of love and compassion embraced her. But she was unable to move or call out. The being moved back and disappeared, but before it did it gave her a telepathic message that “its not time yet.” The following morning she was sore behind the ears and found some small pin pricks in the same area. 
     HC addition # 2682 
     Source: Brian Richards, UFOROM Type: E 

22. Location. County Wexford, Ireland 
     Date: February 28 1993 Time: morning 

A woman walking alone on a country road heard an odd sound coming from a nearby ditch at the edge of a field. She went over to look and there she saw a little woman about 2-foot tall with long red hair, she was trying to pick up a smooth stone which was wedged in the ditch. The woman was wearing a purple outfit and had what appeared to be two raven feathers on her head. The witness approached and could see that the little woman was struggling with the stone. The little woman suddenly noticed the witness and disappeared in plain sight. 
     HC addition # 281 
     Source: The Star Network Heartline Vol. # 12 4-93 Type: E 

23. Location. London England 
     Date: Spring 1993 Time: night 

The witness was awoken by a movement in his bedroom, and then saw a short gray being appeared inside what resembled a lift or elevator shaft that suddenly materialized in the midst of the carpet. Inside the shaft was a taller more human-like entity that was gesturing to him to get out of bed and come inside the blue glow. The witness felt unable to resist and did so, he was then sucked upwards through the ceiling and watched the Earth recede below. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2289 
     Source: Jenny Randles, Star Children Type: E 

24. Location. North Miami, Florida 
     Date: early March 1993 Time: 0300A 

The witness was staying at the home of a friend when she suddenly woke up from a deep sleep. She had been sleeping on the sofa by the window. A bright light suddenly appeared at the window then a bright square or “portal” of light entered the room. A figure now emerged from the portal and stood looking at the witness. It was described as human-like about 5 ½ feet tall wearing a dark uniform and helmet with visor. The witness suddenly made a slight movement, this seemed to startle the figure that then stepped back and somersaulted backwards into the bright portal of light. The portal then drifted out the closed living room window and vanished. 
     HC addition # 1216 
     Source: Hank Worbetz, Personal Communication Type: E 

25. Location. La Mina Cascada, El Yunque Puerto Rico 
     Date: March 1993 Time: afternoon 

Two men, Nelson Berrios, and Joaquin Ruiz were photographing the scenery in the area and had made their way up to a local waterfall when Berrios decided to take some snapshots of the place. The next day, when they called to pick their developed film, they were astounded to hear from the technician that had developed it that several of the photos showed an entity, in precisely the same spot, peering out from behind a rock. Ruiz saw nothing while taking the photos. The entity was described as being about the size of a child, bald headed, with oval shaped eyes, pretty deeply set, and wrinkled sort of features as though old. 
     HC addition # 3221 
     Source: Jorge Martin, Flying Saucer Review Type: E 

26. Location. Adjuntas, Puerto Rico 
     Date: March 1993, evening

Ernesto Caban reported seeing a large object emitting multicolored lights make a soft landing on a hillside close to his home. He then noticed three beings---two males and a female---heading toward his house. He described the beings as tall, fair skinned, with long blond hair and blue eyes. Caban claims the beings spoke in “a somewhat strange” form of Spanish, but made themselves clearly understood. Without any choice he was made to mate with the female being. The tall, blond female pointed out that it would be necessary “as part of an experiment taking place on their home world.” 
     HC addition # 3304 
     Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras and Other Mysteries Type: C 

27. Location. California, exact location not given 
     Date: March 1993 Time: night 

The witness was walking down the hallway of his home and was passing his mother’s workroom when he saw a dark blue humanoid with large oval shaped eyes. The being was rustling through his mother’s desk. When the being saw him, it jumped on a chair and crouched behind it. The witness ran to his bedroom and slammed the door. He then hears the being run down the hallway and out the front door. 
     HC addition # 2194 
     Source: Unsolved UFO Sightings # 2 Type: E 

28. Location. Tikaboo Valley, Arizona 
     Date: March 16 1993 Time: 2031 

Two investigators parked out in a remote desert site began watching mysterious lights maneuvering over the area. One of the lights suddenly began to approach; it was a large object with bright square light panels that glowed amber and blue light. As the object, now transformed into two or three bright orbs of light, passed over the vehicle, one of the men attempted to snap a photograph. At this point a state of confusion seemed to have overcome both of the witnesses, as both then became aware of a strange vehicle driving quickly away from the area. A period of missing time was noted. 
Later under hypnotic regression the main witness was able to recall that the object stopped and hovered over their vehicle. He was floated up through the bottom of the object and inside was met by a being that seemed to walk through a brightly lit interior wall in the craft. The being was gray in color and about 6-feet tall. His eyes were slanted and had what appeared to be black plastic shields on them, and his head was egg-shaped. He wore a two-tone gray suit, with a lighter V in the front and a black belt with a black tube on his right side. He also sported a triangular insignia enclosing a helical coil on the left breast of the suit. 
The being had long arms that ended in four long fingers. He then communicated with the witness then took him gently by the arm and escorted him inside a dome-like room that was brightly lit. The witness remembers seeing the other witness on the floor, as if frozen apparently being guarded by a short gray humanoid. The main witness was then placed on a metal table that tilted 30 degrees to face a curving wall filled with a row of computer like screens. 
The being said that this process was a mind-sharing procedure that would allow the witness to learn new things. After about 5 minutes the witness was returned to the exit and jump-floated to the ground about 20 feet below. 
     HC addition # 1343 
     Source: William F. Hamilton, Mufon UFO Journal # 304 Type: G 

29. Location. Kadima, Israel 
     Date: March 20 1993 Time: 0630A 

Ziporet Carmel woke up earlier than usual and went to her kitchen. As she got there she noticed that the room was bathed in a strange light. She went to check the grounds and as she walked around the storage shed she noticed what appeared to be a large fruit silo on a nearby field. As she took a closer look she noticed that the silo-like object was silver colored and square in shape. It had what appeared to be 18 glowing square windows along its side. Five huge beams of a powerful light shone from its top into the sky. Suddenly what appeared to be a second section of the object materialized doubling in size. 
Then a seven-foot tall man-like figure appeared near the object. The dogs reacted in a violent manner upon seeing the figure. The figure wore a metallic overall and what appeared to be a sombrero-like headgear with a veil that covered his face completely. The figure and the witness then stared at each other for about 30 seconds. Ziporet then quietly whispered “Why don’t you take off your hat so I can see your face.” She then heard a clear voice inside her head that spoke in Hebrew telling her that, “That’s how things were.” The witness then felt compelled to go back to her kitchen. Later during a search of the field numerous ground traces were found an unknown smelly substance that made people sick with nausea, was also found. 
     HC addition # 2003 
     Source: Barry Chamish, UFO Universe Spring 1995 Type: C 

30. Location. Kadima Israel 
     Date: March 31 1993 Time: late night 

The neighbor of the previous witness felt her house tremble during the night. When she opened her eyes she saw “a bald giant, 7 to 8-feet tall, with round, yellow eyes and a small flat nose, dressed in gray metallic, overalls,” standing next to her bed. “Don’t be afraid. I will not harm you,” she heard in her mind and saw the being gliding through the room. The next morning, 2 more circles were found, 20 and 11 feet in diameter and “pressed down by a centrifugal force.” 
     HC addition, addendum 
     Source: Michael Hesemann, UFOs: The secret History Type: D 

31. Location. Fort Wayne, Indiana 
     Date: late March 1993 Time: night 

The young witness was alone at home baby-sitting when suddenly all the lights of the house went out. She was left in the dark with a crying infant. A bright light shone in from the front window, while it rained heavily outside. She then heard a knock on the door and saw the doorknob turn. The door opened and a small 4-foot tall purple figure with a “curvy” nose and large circular ears entered. The witness could not move as the small being ran into the kitchen and grabbed a soda (!) from the refrigerator, it then walked out. The witness ran towards the window and saw an object lift off at high speed. Soon after the lights of the house came back on. 
     HC addition # 1446 
     Source: Strange Magazine # 13 Type: C 

32. Location. Nairobi, Kenya 
     Date: April 1993 Time: unknown 

The witness, again apparently in a dream-like state, saw an object resembling a silvery coffin descends from the sky making a strange noise. A being described as 4-foot tall, with a large white oval shaped face with huge black elongated eyes, a small mouth, no ears and some sort of nose, emerged from the object. He wore a shiny purple cloak-like garment that reached to the floor. 
     HC addition # 1709 
     Source: David Birch & Steve Holt of London UFO Studies, Skylink # 6 Type: B 

33. Location. Houston, Texas 
     Date: April 5 1993 Time: late night 

After receiving a post hypnotic suggestion instructing her to defend herself from her alien abductors the witness was in her bedroom sleeping when she awoke and two short gray humanoids with large black oval shaped eyes came in right through the wall. As one of the beings approached the bed the witness grabbed what seemed to be a black protective eye shield over the humanoid’s eye. His skin felt rough as she tore eyepiece off. A moist liquid fell on the witness arm, it was described as a mucus-like substance. The beings then retreated through the wall and left. 
     HC addition # 1696 
     Source: Tricia McCannon, Intl. UFO Library Magazine June/July 1994 Type: E 

34. Location. Birmingham, England 
     Date: April 17 1993 Time: 0230A 

Peter Gregory had risen from bed to go to the bathroom when he noticed a light outside the landing window. He peered out and saw a glowing ball the size of a football. After 5 seconds it flew silently past the window and out of sight. He then fell into a deep sleep and suddenly had a vision. He found himself in what appeared to be a control room, inside an enormous object. He felt motion and heard a humming sound. 
The room was illuminated with an intense blue light that seemed to pulse with a hypnotic rhythm. He found himself in a state of inner euphoria. Without warning he then found himself inside an oval room with a console with lights in the center. On the left side of the console there was a cubicle about 6-feet high. Standing 15 feet away from him were 3 humanoid figures staring at a viewing monitor watching a transmission. The beings did not seem to notice Gregory. 
He described the beings as human sized, with deep blue piercing eyes, reddish brown hair, and heads circled by a broad silver band that appeared to have a static light on either side. He moved closer to them and then noticed on a display screen something that read “Year 3600.” He realized that the message on the screen meant the destruction of civilization. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2748 
     Source: Marcus Day, Aliens: Encounters with The Unexplained Type: G? 

35. Location. Black Heath, Salisbury Plains, England 
     Date: April 19 1993 Time: 2045 

Air Traffic Control at Prestwick reported an unknown flying object on their radar screens, assumed at first to be a Concorde jet, but then it was noticed that the speed of the object was at least four times greater. It headed south and approached the Pennine Range. It was also being tracked by NATO radar and two RAF Jaguar aircraft were scrambled from Coltishall base in Norfolk. 
At 2037 it was reported on the radar screen at Gatwick Airport at an altitude of 10,000 ft. At the same time Captain Fodoala Parc of the Egyptian Royal Army intelligence, among others, was conducting military maneuvers with the British Army at Salisbury Plains was instructed to go to the above location. Upon arrival they found a cylindrical object, about 60 by 40 feet in diameter with four hydraulic legs, two of which had been damaged on landing causing the object to rest on a 30 degree angle. 
The object appeared to be made of metal and carbon fiber, highly polished and seamless. Its color was dark charcoal. There was an opening on the side measuring 4 by 2 feet. Upon being detected by USAF high ranking officers he and the others were instructed to secure the area until recovery personnel arrived. Before leaving he noticed standing on top of what appeared to be a flight deck of the object, two strange figures. 
This were described as being about 3.5 to 4-feet tall, with a grayish smooth complexion, their heads were in extreme proportion to their bodies with slanting eyes and thin arms, and at no time did these communicate. Within 50 minutes an USAF Sikorsky chopper arrived and lifted the object away. 
     HC addition # 2356 
     Source: Jonathon Dillon, UFO Watch, UFO Magazine Nov/Dec 1994 Type: H 

36. Location. Mount Rainier Washington 
     Date: April 19 1993 Time: 2130 

A man driving his truck along the foothills of Mount Rainier suddenly experienced total engine failure and its headlights went out. Then a 9-foot tall broad-shouldered winged creature landed about 30 feet away. The being had a large mouth with sharp teeth, yellow eyes, a wolf-like face and was covered with bluish fur. After a few minutes the creature turned his head looked at the witness and started flapping its wings. The creature then took off towards Mount Rainier. The witness then was able to start his truck and drive away. A later search of the area failed to locate anything. 
     HC addition # 1961 
     Source: Strange Magazine # 14 Type: E 

37. Location. Vila Peri, Fortaleza, Brazil 
     Date: April 23 1993 Time: unknown 

During a period of heavy concentration of UFO sightings in the area, a man named Jose Ernani claimed to have encountered a being of light during prayer at a local grotto. He described the being as a female, about 19-years old, with finely chiseled features, pink complexion, heart shaped mouth, and long brown wavy hair. Her eyes were of a “penetrating” blue color. She wore a silky dress with a short of sash about 4 inches wide; on the sash he could see two ingrained faces. Ernani interpreted the being as “The Virgin Mary.” 
     HC addition # 2701 
     Source: Reginaldo de Athyayde, FSR Type: D 

38. Location. Rishon-le-Zion, Israel 
     Date: May 1993 Time: night 

Batya Shimon reported encountering an eight-foot tall humanoid “with fascinating blue eyes”, dressed in silver coveralls, that appeared in her bedroom and glided through her apartment. The incident repeated itself the next night, when Batya followed the creature and saw a “mushroom shaped craft, surrounded by searchlights” hovering outside. A hatch opened which looked like dark glass, and 2 beings stepped out. The next thing she felt was a pressure on her shoulders. 
She was then blinded by the bright light---and found herself back on her bed, with one of the giants standing next to her, the other one further away. “Don’t be afraid,” she heard inside her head. She could not reply, since she was paralyzed. Her husband was sleeping deeply next to her. The beings glided surrounded by fluorescent light, out of her bedroom window, back to their craft. The next morning Batya found a powder that was found to contain mainly cadmium on the floor of her flat. 
     HC addition, addendum 
     Source: Michael Hesemann, UFOS: The Secret History Type: B 

39. Location. Boqueron, Puerto Rico 
     Date: May 1993 Time: night 

Two women saw a circular craft hovering over a nearby hill. A sharp blue beam of light suddenly emanated from the bottom of the object. The women experienced an intense heat wave and one of them suddenly developed a migraine. A short gray colored humanoid then descended via the blue beam of light towards the ground. As it reached the ground it darted into the nearby dense vegetation and vanished. 
     HC addition # 1714 
     Source: Samizdat 1993 Year One Type: B 

40. Location. Chekikah State Park, Dade County, Florida 
     Date: middle of May 1993 Time: 0230A 

Four men traveling on an isolated road a the edge of the State park stopped on the side of the road in order to relieve themselves, when they suddenly felt a strong energy surge through their bodies. The witnesses screamed as they saw a glowing green man-shaped figure standing nearby in the middle of the road, it began walking towards the men who ran into their vehicle and began driving away west on the road. The strange energy force apparently began getting stronger and all felt numb. 
They then noticed a bright green light at a nearby field; the light was estimated to be size of a football field. Figures of unknown description could be seen moving back and forth in front of the light. The driver then turned the vehicle around and began to drive away; he was then urged by the others to return to the site. He drove back and at this point two of the men saw two figures with white faces and large bug-like eyes standing behind a wire fence on the nearby field. The panicked witnesses now drove away from the area again; as they left they saw two maneuvering lights over the area that at one point shone several long white beams of light towards the ground. 
     HC addition # 1603 
     Source: Timothy Good, Mel Tennis Type: C 

41. Location. Kenyon, Rhode Island 
     Date: May 19 1993 Time: 2220 

On a misty night a woman was abducted into a 50-foot saucer shaped object and kept there for five hours. Inside she was met by two 3-foot tall humanoids. She is later teleported back to her house via a blue beam of coherent light. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2389 
     Source: UFONS # 268 Type: G 

42. Location. Bourgata, Israel 
     Date: May 30 1993 Time: 0300A 

Hannah Somech woke up when she heard her dog barking. She got up and went downstairs from her bedroom to the kitchen and looked out the garden through the glass door when she saw her dog literally flying through the air against a wall. Shocked and terrified she bravely opened the door but was confronted by an invisible wall: she could not go any further. Then she saw an eight-foot tall giant in bright coveralls. 
A thief, she thought. “You think I am a thief?” she heard inside her head. “What did you do with my dog”, she asked furiously. “He disturbed me, as you do now,” the giant spoke telepathically, without moving his lips. “I could crush you, but I don’t want to. Just leave me alone, I am busy.” The woman ran back to the bedroom to wake up her husband, but when both came down, the giant had disappeared. In the garden, they found huge footprints, 1 foot, 4 inches in length. 
Later, circles appeared too, again covered by the reddish cadmium based liquid. After the encounter Hannah suffered severely from fatigue, headaches and muscle pain. 
     HC addition, addendum 
     Source: Michael Hesemann, UFOS: The Secret History Type: E 

43. Location. Glencoe, Scotland 
     Date: Summer 1993 Time: afternoon 

Two hill walkers became lost in the mist and were wandering around trying to find their way, when as they approached a rock outcrop they noticed a strange black winged figure, bird-like with leathery wings and blazing red eyes perched on a rock looking directly at them. The creature began emitting a horrible wailing sound then flew up and out of sight. The terrified witnesses ran away from the area. 
     HC addition # 1852 
     Source: Rikki Brown letter, Fortean Times # 77 Type: E 

44. Location. Dundonald Hill, Ayrshire, Scotland 
     Date: Summer 1993 Time: night 

George was spending a night camping on the hill with his dog Rover. He erected a one-man tent and settled down for the night to read. After about an hour George saw a shadow pass by his side of the tent through the lamp light, he thought it was strange that anybody would be around at this hour. The shadow loomed over the tent, and at this point George heard a kind of rasping or breathing sound. 
Thinking that it was someone playing a trick on him, he settled down with his book. Suddenly the whole tent shook violently as though somebody had tripped over the rope, George went to look outside but found the area totally deserted. Feeling some apprehension he went back inside securing the flaps as tight as he could, at the same time Rover was whimpering and cowering on a corner. At this point the tent began to sway as if caught in strong winds. The secured flaps suddenly burst wide open; the dog gave a loud yelp and ran off into the darkness. 
Someone or something then grabbed hold of George’s ankle, slowly but surely pulling him out of the tent, he could see no one and struggled desperately but the grip did not loosen. About ten feet from the tent, the invisible force lifted George clear off the floor, his head about two inches from the grass. The sky became dark, a clap of thunder rang out, and a streak of lighting flashed across the sky. George fell limp into the grass, petrified he ran back into the tent, the sky clearing as he did so. He spent a very restless night and in the morning left, finding his dog at the bottom of the hill waiting for him, unharmed. 
     HC addition # 3848 
     Source: World of The Strange Type: E 

45. Location. Vuoksa Lakes, Karelia, Russia 
     Date: Summer 1993 Time: night 

A group of tourists crashed their car and had to seek help for one of their number suffering a concussion. They found a small hut nearby, and an old woman let them in. She asked no questions, fed them, and washed out their wounds. The tourists were too tired and shaken to ask questions, and the old woman said nothing. They fell asleep, and in the morning woke up under the open sky within some ruins of walls made of granite stone. The wound healed rapidly. 
     HC addition # 3257 
     Source: Paul Stonehill, The Soviet UFO Files Type: E? 

46. Location. Holon, Israel 
     Date: Summer 1993 Time: night 

A vague report indicating that several humanoid giants wearing silvery metallic coveralls visited a woman named Clara Kahanov at her home one night. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2110 
     Source: Barry Chamish, UFO Universe Fall 1995 Type: E 

47. Location. Albany, Georgia 
     Date: Summer 1993 Time: late night 

The witness was alone with her sleeping children at night and was sitting down reading a book, when suddenly a strange feeling came over the house. Feeling nervous she then heard a child’s giggle coming from her daughter’s room. Walking to the door of the bedroom she was stunned to see the figure of a small child like being sitting on the edge of her daughter’s bed. Her daughter was very much asleep. As far as she could tell, the child-like figure resembled a small naked girl with short, tousled hair. She entered the room in order to obtain a better look when suddenly with a burst of laughter the small figure vanished. 
     HC addition # 2479 
     Source: Fate Magazine February 1997 Type: E 

48. Location. Kfar Saba, Israel 
     Date: June 1993 Time: late night 

The witness had gone into her bedroom to sleep when she encountered what appeared to be a three dimensional entity standing less than a meter from her. The being was very tall and was wearing a silver/green “space suit”. It emitted white beams of light from its waist area. The witness felt an intense energy emanating from the beams of light, which traversed her whole body. She described it as a joyful feeling. The being then took several small steps and vanished. 
     HC addition # 3138 
     Source: Barry Chamish Type: E 

49. Location. Near Pescara, Italy 
     Date: June 15 1993 Time: daytime 

A helicopter crew saw a robotic flying entity from the local fire brigade. While flying at 500 feet they spotted what appeared to be a balloon flying on a collision course towards them. The object was yellow in color and had two small hanging legs and what appeared to be an antenna. The chopper pilot changed course and began following the object. The object then suddenly turned towards them and looked at them with two large black eyes, it flew twice around the helicopter then descended quickly and vanished from sight. 
     HC addition # 1706 
     Source: London UFO Studies, Skylink # 6 and 7 Type: E 

50. Location. Pettorano sul Gizio Italy 
     Date: June 20 1993 Time: unknown 

Several witnesses saw a balloon-like object flying over a row of nearby trees and land on a nearby field. One of the witnesses ran towards it thinking that it was a toy. But each time he attempted to grab it, it would bounce away. The object then flew towards the witness who now was able to see that it was a sphere shaped object with two large black eyes, a sort of antenna on its head, and two short legs. It seemed to be alive. The witness ran away from the scene. 
     HC addition # 1705 
     Source: London UFO Studies, Skylink # 6 and 7 Type: E 

51. Location. Near Holy Cross Wilderness Area, Colorado 
     Date: June 26 1993 Time: 0230A 

The witness was backpacking along in a wilderness area and after securing food he retired to his tent. In the middle of the night he was awakened by the sound of “animals” scratching the gravel and sand around the tent. Thinking it was muskrats, he fell back to sleep. Sometime later he awoke abruptly in a cold sweat unable to move or hear anything. He was able to open his eyes. 
As he did that the sound began to come back but in a muffled tone. Suddenly the wind began to pick up and the tent seemed to billow and fall. The sounds that had been previously outside returned, this time louder, as if dozens of animals were digging and scratching on the ground around the tent. After about 20 minutes everything stopped and became quiet, there was complete stillness. Then the whole tent and surroundings became brighter than daylight. 
A complete and encompassing white light entered the tent. It was absolutely blinding, and he was still unable to move. Then it quickly became dark again, as soon as the light was gone he was able to move again. He soon abandoned the campsite. 
     HC addition # 3599 
     Source: NUFORC Type: C? 

52. Location. Adirondacks region, New Jersey 
     Date: June 27 1993 Time: night 

The witness remembers being in bed and suddenly seeing very bright lights. Several tall thin gray-green humanoids then appeared. They had black eyes with a pronounced brow ridge and folds on the forehead and besides the eyes. She recalled being extremely close to one of the humanoids and being fascinated by the forehead folds. She later awoke in bed. No other details. 
     HC addition # 1670 
     Source: Karla Turner PhD. “Taken” Type: E 

53. Location. England, exact location not given 
     Date: July 1993 Time: afternoon 

The witness, a repeat abductee, while taking a rest encountered a strange entity in her bedroom. Afterwards, the side of her face that she had been laying on the pillow swelled and turned red. The entity is not described. 
     HC addition # 3539 
     Source: Hough, The Truth About Alien Abductions Type: E 

54. Location. Cancun, Mexico 
     Date: July 1993 Time: 0100A 

The witness was on vacation and was almost about ready to fall sleep when she looked up and saw three small green humanoids, with large heads and wearing no clothing standing next to her bed. He felt paralyzed and could not move. She went back to sleep and did not tell her family. The beings were about 3 ½ feet tall, thin, with large dark eyes. 
     HC addition, addendum 
     Source: UFO PI Type: E 

55. Location. South Carolina, exact location not given 
     Date: July 1993 Time: 0400A 

The witness woke up after feeling somebody tugging at her ankles. She sat up and saw nothing then went back to sleep. She felt the tugging again and this time she got up and saw a blue light coming from her sibling’s bedrooms. As she sat there she saw a figure suddenly appear in the hallway, then two more appeared. These were about 4 ½ feet tall and appeared to absorb light; they had a bluish tint to them. The beings gave the impression of being confused and uncertain. The witness then went back to sleep. 
     HC addition # 1951 
     Source: Bob Teets, West Virginia UFO’s 
     Close Encounters in the Mountain State Type: E 

56. Location. Llano de Perdiz, Granada, Spain 
     Date: July 7 1993 Time: night 

Several investigators were driving around an area of previous UFO sightings when the car headlights illuminated an almost 2-meter tall man wearing a pair of shorts, a light shirt and sporting a mustache. The man apparently signaled the car to stop. Flabbergasted by the appearance of the strange man, the investigators stopped. At this point a short dark skinned man appeared. This one did all the talking and asked for a ride to a nearby location for him and his tall light haired friend. The investigators accepted and invited them inside the van. Inside both men sat in the back seat with both legs crossed, an apparent painful position. After arriving at the location both men walked out of the car and quickly vanished from sight. The investigators were stunned as to the quick manner of their disappearance. 
     HC addition # 3314 
     Source: S I B Betelgeuse Type: D 

57. Location. Near Rome Italy 
     Date: July 17 1993 Time: 2040 

A family saw a peculiar robot-type humanoid resembling the description given on two previous incidents. The object-robot was seen flying low over the area by the family using a pair of binoculars. While the witnesses called the airport the “robot-object” disappeared from sight. 
     HC addition # 1707 
     Source: London UFO Studies, Skylink # 6 and 7 Type: E 

58. Location. West Palm Beach, Florida 
     Date: July 24 1993 Time: early morning 

The witness suddenly woke up feeling very groggy and heard a peculiar low buzzing sound. Two men came into her bedroom and carried her outside into a waiting, large “military type” truck. The witness was mostly unconscious and groggy during the truck ride. The truck finally entered the side of a large mound or hill through a doorway that opened upwards. 
The interior was dimly lit and there a strange little being awaited her. The being was about 3-foot tall with slanted eyes and wore a black hooded cape. The being had a greenish gray complexion and seemed to hover just above the floor, sometimes poking the witness with an unseen instrument. 
She sensed hostility from the being, which kept circling her and trying to approach her apparently in an attempt to force her to lie down on a nearby metal table. The witness resisted and blacked out, moments later she found herself back on her bed. 
     HC addition # 1665 
     Source: Karla Turner PhD. “Taken” Type: G 

59. Location. Plymouth Scotland 
     Date: July 26 1993 Time: night 

A witness reported seeing a dark object hovering close to the ground. It had four bright lights on its top and multicolored lights below. It illuminated the ground with a red glow. Several figures were seen moving around, apparently in front of the object. 
     HC addition # 1552 
     Source: Vivienne Olbison, Quest UFO Magazine Vol. 12 # 3 Type: C 

60. Location. Near Orihuela, Alicante, Spain 
     Date: July 31 1993 Time: around midnight 

A man riding his motorcycle noticed a tall dark human-like figure standing next to a light pole. The figure seemed to be staring at him. The witness rode away at high speed but then noticed that the figure was now running after him at very high speed also, still staring at him. The figure then disappeared and a bright white sphere appeared and followed the witness briefly before leaving. 
     HC addition # 1240 
     Source: Ano Cero 1-94 Type: C 

61. Location. Narre Warren North, Victoria, Australia 
     Date: August 8 1993 Time: 0100A 

Three carloads of people, including the principal witnesses encountered a huge round object hovering low above the roadway. It had what appeared to be orange-lighted windows around its bottom. Humanoid figures were seen moving inside. Their next conscious memory was seeing the object suddenly shoot away at high speed and later as they approached their home they saw a tall dark figure standing on the side of the road. Later they were able to recall how they had stopped their vehicle and walked out. 
Suddenly a seven-foot tall dark figure with huge fiery red eyes appeared on a nearby field. The figure began moving slowly towards them apparently gliding. The main witness panicked and began yelling hysterically “they have no souls!” suddenly dozens of similar beings appeared and began moving quickly towards the group of witnesses. At this point the witnesses blacked out and the next conscious recall was being in their vehicle watching the object shoot away. There was an almost 2 hour time lapsed reported. 
     HC addition # 1865 
     Source: Bill Chalker, IUR Vol. 19 # 5 Type: C or G? 

62. Location. Pensacola, Florida 
     Date: August 10 1993 Time: night 

Leah Haley remembered being in the back room of an old house talking with a friend when suddenly a force lifted her up towards the ceiling. Her friend attempted to grab her but could not reach her in time. The higher she went the dizzier she became. Then through what appeared to be some sort of white mist she saw her friend going about his business as if in a trance. Moments later she was onboard a craft looking out a porthole. She then found herself standing in a field where a short stocky woman was apparently performing magic tricks in front of several other people. 
The witness next stood in the middle of the field in front of a table that contained clothing. A female alien with short brown hair, wearing a red-gold black trimmed blouse was standing next to her. Another similar female stood on her right side. She asked one of the females where she was from, her reply was “The Pleiades.” She was also told that they had bases on earth. 
     HC addition # 2072 
     Source: Leah A Haley, published articles Type: G 

63. Location. Odense, Denmark 
     Date: August 18 1993 Time: unknown 

A child was riding her bicycle when she observed a large hovering object with four large windows and a second level with one window. Behind the windows several figures could be seen moving around. As the object turned she saw three bright lights below. Nearby a normally placid pony behaved very uneasy during the encounter. 
     HC addition # 1608 
     Source: Tony Dodd, Quest UFO Magazine January 1994, UFO-Nyt Type: A 

64. Location. Near Dallas, Texas 
     Date: August 18 1993 Time: 2300 

A young Hispanic woman called neighbors and asked them to come to her house immediately, due to some strange goings on in the house. One of the neighbor’s, Jill, grabbed her camera and headed over the house. When Jill arrived at the house, the entire family was in a state of terror and extreme agitation. Two of the young female family members were cowering in a corner of the living room holding on to each other. 
The Hispanic woman sat in a chair curled in a semi-fetal position rocking back and forth. She then pointed to the backyard. Jill looked through the sliding glass door that led to the back yard and saw a being approximately 15 feet from the glass door. The being had glowing red eyes that seemed to be scanning the house from left to right and top to bottom. Jill began snapping pictures through the sliding glass door. At the same time the Hispanic woman heard a long ringing sound in her ears. 
Eventually the being disappeared. Other family member reported seeing similar beings going through doors, windows and walls the same day and possibly 2 days before. An anomalous image did appear on the developed film. 
     HC addition # 2742 
     Source: Internet Sightings Type: E 

65. Location. Baca Chalets, San Luis Valley, Colorado 
     Date: August 19 1993 Time: 0100A 

The witness who had been having difficulty in sleeping was watching late night television and turning off the light when she heard noises coming from the kitchen. She called out but got no response. Puzzled she climbed back into bed, and shut off the light. Seconds later just as her eyes were getting accustomed to the dark, “through the wall, ten or twelve creatures, about three & a half to four-feet tall” glided into the room in a “tight group”, less than three feet from where she lay. 
She sat up in amazement, looking at them. When they originally came in she could see right through them, as they got into the room, they became solid. The beings clustered around the foot of her bed, looking at her. She felt the entities, were ‘cold, and completely indifferent, maybe a little curious.” They were small and slight and huge almond shaped eyes. Sleeping next to her was her five-year old son. She suddenly thought of the boy and became afraid, thinking, ‘they are here because of him!” She then forcefully told them to leave “if you’re not of the light, leave and do not come back” the witness said. 
The beings then silently glided out the wall, they way they came in. The same night the source reported feeling a presence & seeing peculiar shadows in his bedroom, about two hours before. 
     HC addition # 2545 
     Source: Christopher O’Brien, The Mysterious Valley Type: E 

66. Location. Huerfano County, Colorado 
     Date: September 1993 Time: unknown 

An elderly hermit living in a remote ranch land on the eastern slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains reported seeing a “ship” land near his cabin. Two bearded human looking beings came out of the craft and floated towards his cabin, shining a very bright spotlight at it. The hermit claimed that when they pointed the light at the cabin it went right through the wall. Holding a gun he was blinded and paralyzed as the light illuminated the inside of his cabin. 
     HC addition # 3233 
     Source: Christopher O’Brien, Enter The Valley Type: B 

67. Location. Melbourne, Australia 
     Date: September 1993 Time: late night 

The main witness was sleeping when suddenly she experienced a strange sensation as if something is being taken from her. She woke up and is confronted by a tall black figure wearing a floor length hooded cloak. The being is about seven-foot tall and has glowing red eyes. She screams and the being vanishes. 
     HC addition # 1884 
     Source: Bill Chalker, IUR Vol. 19 # 5 Type: E 

68. Location. Morgantown, West Virginia 
     Date: September 1993 Time: late night 

The witness suddenly woke up in the middle of the night to see a short figure standing in the doorway of his bedroom. The being was tan-colored and had huge dark colored slanted eyes. The witness then inexplicably went back to sleep. 
     HC addition # 1951 
     Source: Bob Teets, West Virginia UFOS, 
     Close Encounters in the Mountain State Type: E 

69. Location. Dorothy Lake, Manitoba, Canada 
     Date: September 1 1993 Time: 0330A 

A woman was at a cabin in the woods and woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Not wanting to disturb the rest of the cabin’s occupants she left the bathroom door open. As she sat there, she was looking down the hall towards a window. Suddenly she saw a face appear in the window, going by. 
This shocked her because the window was about 8 feet above the ground. The face was a classic gray, egg shaped with large almond shaped eyes. A blue light was flashing outside the window, too. The woman screamed and the face disappeared. No tracks were found outside. 
     HC addition # 2089 
     Source: 1993 Canadian UFO survey Type: C 

70. Location. Ile De Groix, France 
     Date: September 7 1993 Time: 2050 

Several witnesses see lights and a delta shaped craft hovering low over a field. Directly under the object several small thin shadowy figures were seen, apparently gliding just above the ground. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2360 
     Source: LDLN # 323 Type: C 

71. Location. Mount Shasta, California 
     Date: second week of September 1993 Time: near dusk 

The witness who had been camping alone in an isolated area was walking down a wooded trail when suddenly she began hearing a sound resembling the tinkling of chimes and high pitched voices, apparently singing. She followed the sounds along the right of the trail until she reached a small clearing. At the center of the clearing stood eleven tiny blue figures, one foot tall and seemingly transparent. 
The beings appeared ethereal in nature and seemed to pulsate and flicker. They had wings larger then their bodies that appeared very delicate. The tiny creatures moved for a few moments in a clockwise circle then reverse direction, all the time singing in an unintelligible language. The witness suddenly exhaled with a loud rush of air and the tiny beings turned to look then leapt upwards and vanished. Small piles of blue dust were found at the site. 
     HC addition # 1787 
     Source: Karen Maralee, Fate # 534, 9-94 Type: E 

72. Location. Melbourne, Australia 
     Date: late September 1993 Time: late night 

The witness is sleeping when she suddenly feels her legs being pulled off the bed. Half paralyzed she woke up to see a seven-foot tall dark figure standing by the bed. The being wore a cloak that covered his face completely. The witness felt her mind being probed. 
     HC addition # 1885 
     Source: Bill Chalker, IUR Vol. 19 # 5 Type: E 

73. Location. Baca, San Luis Valley, Colorado 
     Date: October 1993 Time: 2145 

On numerous occasions a local couple has seen a two to three foot long creature darting around their yard. It appears to be partially translucent and tapered at both ends while opaque in the middle. It moves quickly leaving no tracks, the couple’s dog apparently responds to it, and it seems to disappear into thin air. One evening it was seen entering the living room through the closed stereo cabinet doors, scampering silently across the floor to the other side of the room, and out a spot in the wall six to eight inches above the floor, within inches of the couple’s feet. 
     HC addition # 2548 
     Source: Christopher O’Brien, The Mysterious Valley Type: E 

74. Location. Tennessee, exact location not given 
     Date: October 2 1993 Time: night 

The witness woke up in a downstairs guest room accompanied by a young male humanoid wearing an oversized red plaid shirt, faded jeans, and black leathery boots. The witness was alert and in control as the humanoid asked several questions. While she spoke the witness noticed a silvery disc shaped object hovering outside. The humanoid suddenly embraced her and she became partially paralyzed. He then proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her on the floor. She felt faint and then passed out. 
     HC addition # 1684 
     Source: Karla Turner PhD, “Taken” Type: C 

75. Location. Cranberry Lake, British Columbia, Canada 
     Date: October 12 1993 Time: 0015A 

A husband and wife watched an object shaped like an upside down “ram’s horn” land besides a lake. The craft emitted a greenish fluorescent glow. A triangular opening became visible at the base of the craft and a small being floated out. The entity was described as three and ½ foot tall, human in appearance but without any hair on his head and wearing a green frock. The being stood in front of the craft for 15 minutes and communicated telepathically with the female witness. She was given some information as to the being’s origins and his base of operations. 
     HC addition # 1550 
     Source: Steve Gerrard, quoting Awareness Vol. 19 # 3 Type: B 

76. Location. Near Brewster, New York 
     Date: October 16 1993 Time: 0230A 

On Upper Magnetic Mine Road, several witnesses including, Howard Schachter reported seeing unusual ground lights, such as purple flashes, red dots, and blurry white globes. Later a sudden warm wave drew four of the witnesses to a roadside spot by a wooded hillside. They then saw emerald green oval flashes near the small hilltop; they walked to a nearby tree after seeing a white blinking light over the road. 
Suddenly they all sensed a strong, but gentle presence in front of the tree, it appeared feminine in nature, it seemed to be about 3-feet high, elfin in nature. It was never fully three-dimensional; the being could be glimpsed in flashes and outlines of emerald green. The body appeared wispy; another observer said it resembled a hologram. Two others very briefly saw the figure’s head bobbing side to side, with large wrap around eyes. 
More witnesses came to the spot, feeling an infusion of an unknown energy, drawing them to the hill. One of those present attempted to communicate mentally with the figure, and told it to extend her right arm forward, apparently the being did just that. Soon it left the area. All six witnesses reported feeling various degrees of aftereffects. 
     HC addition # 3868 
     Source: S.P.A.C.E Type: E 

77. Location. Melbourne, Australia 
     Date: October 23 1993 Time: late night 

The witness suddenly wakes up to see a tall dark apparently naked creature leaning over her as if about to kiss her navel area. The being has a head much larger than normal, long thin arms and an out of proportion abdomen in relation to its thin frame. The witness screams and the being apparently vanish. 
     HC addition # 1886 
     Source: Bill Chalker, IUR Vol. 19 # 5 Type: E 

78. Location. Near Hemet California 
     Date: late October 1993 Time: sunset 

A senior forest service employee was in his backyard when he heard a noise. He turned to his right and a 5-foot tall hairy, upright, flat-faced creature standing still and staring at him. The witness ran and was able to see the creature running at very high speed through the brush towards the west. Prior to this incident there had been some other peculiar happenings around the witness home, including heavy footfalls and motion activated yard lights that switched on at all hours of the night. 
     HC addition # 1340 
     Source: B. Hanlyn, Peter Guttilla, and Bigfoot Co-op Vol. 14 2-94 Type: E 

79. Location. Adelaide, Australia 
     Date: November 1993 Time: unknown 

Two witnesses encountered three humanoid beings, described as almost 2.2 meters tall with long arms down to their calves, large bulbous heads and huge eyes. They wore dark blue cloaks with high collars. The witnesses felt a feeling of “love” emanating from the beings. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2836 
     Source: Woman’s Day, July 1 1996 Type: E? 

80. Location. St. Paul, Minnesota 
     Date: November 1993 Time: 0200A 

The witness awoke and saw a light in the center of the ceiling. At that point she sat up in bed and saw three entities, each about 3 ½ feet tall. One was located t the end of the bed and two at the right side. The witness was apparently angered by the intrusion and with her right foot she kicked one of them. The kick hit the entity in the shoulder area. The entity flew backwards and landed about 3 feet away. The kick felt like “it was hitting a light weight.” The entities had appeared to be floating somewhat above the floor. She does not remember anything further of the incident. 
     HC addition # 2735 
     Source: Minnesota Mufon Type: E 

81. Location. Viale Zecchino, Siracusa, Italy 
     Date: November 1993 Time: 0200A 

A woman residing in the area was staying up late, waiting for her children to return home when she saw near her house, two little men in green, no more than 1 meter or so in height, and with oversized heads. They were walking slowly along the street. The witness suffered from shock. 
     HC addition, addendum 
     Source: Roberto Pinotti, CUN, FSR Vol. 40, # 2 Type: E 

82. Location. Siracusa, Sicily, Italy 
     Date: November 1993 Time: 0900A 

At least ten people living in the vicinity of Viale Teracati spotted a short humanoid that appeared to be levitating along at a height of 30cms or so off the ground. The small humanoid measured about 1m 20cm in height, was in an area that the road was under construction. It was wearing a green one-piece garment, a yellow cap, and silver colored boots. Two witnesses, Maria Lo Bello and her son, Mimino Cassia, watched it with a pair of binoculars as it now floated 5 meters above the ground. Finally around 0915A, the little humanoid took off. He shot straight up into the air and in a few seconds he was merely a black dot in the sky. 
     HC addition, addendum 
     Source: Roberto Pinotti CUN, FSR Vol. 40, # 2 Type: E 

83. Location. Fylingdales, Yorkshire, England 
     Date: November 1993 Time: night 

Several witnesses reported the crash of a large cigar shaped craft in a secured area owned by the government. The object created an impact trench 3 ft deep, 100ft wide, and over 1 mile long. At least two witnesses actually saw the object come down. Some reported seeing undescribed entities fleeing the scene following the crash. Farmers reported strange mutilation of livestock in the area. Troops reportedly cordoned off the area and some of the witnesses have disappeared. 
     HC addition # 2763 
     Source: Tony Dodd Type: H 

84. Location. Near Casa Grande, Arizona 
     Date: November 1993 Time: night 

The witness encountered some strange beings under an obscure overpass along state Road I-19. At one point a yellowish skinned short entity quivered with an expression of surprised or irritation. The being had a large pear shaped head and huge dark oval shaped eyes. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2814 
     Source: Sylvia Rayner Type: E? 

85. Location. Ipis De Guadalupe, Costa Rica 
     Date: November 1993 Time: late night 

The witness had experienced what appeared to have been paranormal phenomena in his bedroom a week before, when one night he suddenly awakened with a start. He felt an excruciating pain on the right toe that almost made him scream. He then briefly went back to sleep again but woke up almost immediately to see a hard to describe very thin figure that had apparently tied his right foot to an instrument that it was holding in his hands, it was apparently getting ready to perform some kind of surgical procedure on the witness foot. At that moment the witness became extremely groggy and went back to sleep. 
     HC addition # 2043 
     Source: Ano Cero, 1-94 Type: E 

86. Location. Merced, California 
     Date: November 8 1993 Time: late night 

The witness recalled being teleported from her bedroom in a beam of light onboard a huge triangular shaped craft. Once inside she was taken to an examining table by several short gray skinned humanoids with large black almond shaped eyes. The beings scooped skins from her legs and back. She was returned safely back to her bedroom. 
     HC addition # 1695 
     Source: UFONS # 295 Type: G 

87. Location. Forest Grove, Oregon 
     Date: November 13 1993 Time: 0030A 

Farmer Jesse Navarro was putting his goats and chickens away in his barn when out of the bushes came a strange noise. He searched and found a dead goat with strange puncture wounds and its internal organs apparently sucked out. Suddenly he saw a short hairy creature, run away into the woods. No other information. (This incident predates those Chupacabra reports in Puerto Rico and elsewhere of 1995-1996) 
     HC addition # 2661 
     Source: Internet Sightings Page Type: E 

88. Location. Near Dallas, Texas 
     Date: November 15 1993 Time: late night 

In a dream like state the witness found herself in an unknown location with three short gray skinned humanoids that were “talking” to her. They were about 3 to 4-feet tall and were telling her that Armageddon will not be what most people think it will be. There were several tall beings standing off to the side and they seemed to be observing everything and seemed “in charge.” 
     HC addition # 2977 
     Source: Amy Lynn Type: G 

89. Location. Baca Chalets, San Luis Valley, Colorado 
     Date: November 18 1993 Time: 0100A 

Kimmy Martin awoke with a start. She looked into the gloomy night outside her window and felt somebody was watching her, and then something moved on the porch outside. A large group of gray-type creatures then peered in the window at her. She was not sure if they were physically in manifest or just on the other side in “etheric” form. Not frightened by their presence she watched them for almost an hour, while they watched her. Finally the witness told the beings to go away and let her sleep, the 20 to 25 visitors then trooped away obediently. 
     HC addition # 2546 
     Source: Christopher O’Brien, The Mysterious Valley Type: E 

90. Location. Riverside California 
     Date: November 26 1993 Time: 1945 

The witness reported seeing an object whirling around in the sky then landing about 200 feet from his car. A door opened on top of the craft and several “persons” came out. They appeared to be normal looking humans. He heard them talking and apparently they noticed the witness. They then entered the craft and left. The witness thinks it was a crashed spacecraft now being manned by the government. 
     HC addition # 2839 
     Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico and The World Type: B 

91. Location. Near Eisenhower Tunnel, Colorado 
     Date: November 29 1993 Time: 2300 

The two witnesses were driving on a flat straight road when they suddenly noticed a bright red star-like light moving slowly across the sky. The light then stopped and shot straight down below the horizon. Moments later the same or similar object approached their vehicle and then began pacing them, positioning itself directly overhead. The object followed the car for about 10 miles and then shot away out of sight. 
A short time later they began hearing static on their radio and as they looked behind they saw a fast approaching bright red-white light. The object was suddenly behind their vehicle and now appeared to be a glowing white disc-shaped craft. The driver accelerated to 90 mph but the object easily kept pace. As the driver watched the object in the rear view mirror, a figure appeared at the very front of the object. The figure was very slim and had a large head with huge slanted eyes. 
The being’s body was dark but its eyes were a bright yellow color. At this point the driver heard a voice in his head telling him that he would not be harmed, that “they” were only interested in studying him and his female companion. A period of “missing time” was soon reported afterwards. 
     HC addition # 1837 
     Source: Phillip J. Imbrogno, UFO Universe, winter 1995 Type: G? 

92. Location. San Luis Valley, Colorado 
     Date: December 1993 Time: evening 

A distraught mother and son claimed to have been driving back from the mountains when they rounded a curve in the road and came face to face with what they described as a tall, dark, hairy creature with large pointed ears and large glowing eyes. The creature had long arms that dangled well below the knees. They put the car in reverse and turned around. This evidently startled the creature, which suddenly dropped down on all fours and ran away like a dog. They reported their encounter to local authorities. 
     HC addition # 2755 
     Source: Christopher O’Brien Type: E 

93. Location. Walpole New Hampshire 
     Date: December 9 1993 Time: 1915 

Just after dark the witness saw an object settle down on a snowy field just across the street from her house. Several undescribed “aliens” exited the object and appeared to jump over the field with large leaps, and approached the witness house. The beings then looked into the window. The frightened witness then hid. The beings then returned to their “ship” and apparently left. No traces were found at the landing site. 
     HC addition # 2650 
     Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico and The World Type: B 

94. Location. Wharton State Forest, New Jersey 
     Date: Mid December 1993 Time: night 

A park ranger, John Irwin, was traveling through a deserted road within the forest and had reached a spot where the Mullica river an next to the road, when up ahead his headlights shone on a large dark figure that was emerging from the woods and was moving into the roadway. As he got closer the figure stood in front of the car blocking the roadway. Irwin had to stop his car in order to avoid hitting the creature. The creature was described as being over six-foot tall and covered with black fur that looked wet and matted, it appeared not to have any forelegs but had a pair of huge powerful hind legs. The creature glanced through the windshield of the car revealing two piercing red eyes, it stood a few minutes then turned and continued across the road, walking upright like a human in a peculiar robot-like fashion. 
     HC addition # 2169 
     Source: Fortean Times Type: E 

Addendums inserted as they become available.


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