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Humanoid Reports - 1992
Complied By Albert S. Rosales  

1. Location. Montana Santa, Puerto Rico 
    Date: 1992 Time: various 

At the same time of the miraculous apparition of the Blessed Virgin in this hilltop, a number of unidentified artifacts were reported in the hill’s vicinity and even captured on film. Other witnesses reported brilliant, disk-like objects flying overhead. One of the witnesses, Delia Flores, reported that she and other worshippers were surprised to see a beige van parked in the area of the religious sanctuary on the hill. Its occupants wore orange fatigues with NASA insignia, and the vehicle’s Spanish speaking driver told them that the van contained a most unusual cargo---a simian creature captured in the Caribe State Forest. 
According to Flores, she and the others saw a covered cage that contained something “struggling to get out.” The driver added that the creature was being taken to a secret primate research laboratory located somewhere in the island, where investigation on this sort of being was being conducted. A local farmer discovered one morning that a number of plantain plants on his property had been destroyed by an unknown creature that left a number of deep footprints, attesting to its massive size and weight. Other residents indicated that they had seen a “hairy figure” run away from the area in the darkness, but they could not described it in detail. 
     HC addition # 3300 
     Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras and Other Mysteries Type: E

2. Location. Hay Point Loading Facility, Queensland Australia 
    Date: 1992 Time: 0300A 

On a Saturday a witness saw a 400m long, cigar shaped object circle the area, then it moved to the east, out to sea. As the object passed by the witness, equipment malfunctioned. A bubble-like protrusion was noted, with lights outlining rectangular observation windows. Shadows or figures were reported at these windows. It was also reported that a cobweb-like substance fell from the object, settling on windows and external surfaces. When touched it became very liquid. 
     HC addition # 2615 
     Source: Keith Basterfield Type: A 

3. Location. Kavgolov, Leningrad Russia 
    Date: 1992 Time: Afternoon 

D. Povaliyayev was hang-gliding over some lakes over the area. In one of them he noticed what appeared to be “giant” fish. Curious, he descended, and was able to see that the “fish” were really man-shaped swimmers in silvery outfits. 
     HC addition # 3512 
     Source: Paul Stonehill Type: A 

4. Location. Olivares, Puerto Rico 
    Date: 1992 Time: afternoon 

Heriberto Acosta watched a huge winged creature resembling a pterodactyl or a gargoyle descend from the sky and perch on top of a nearby tin roof. The grotesque creature had fleshy wings with feathers and what appeared to be scales. It had a long neck and a beak filled with sharp teeth. It eventually flew away. 
     HC addition # 3210 
     Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 17 Type: E 

5. Location. Maracal, Puerto Rico 
    Date: 1992 Time: evening 

Gerardo Rosario was weeding his property when he suddenly heard a noise to the side, upon investigating it; he noticed a hairy creature climbing up the hillside. It was about 5-feet tall, hairy and was accompanied by a smaller hairy creature just like it. He could not make out their faces because they were climbing sideways, but he noticed hair covering their features except around the eyes and cheeks. Another witness, a 12-year old boy on his way to school was distracted by some odd sounds coming from the roadside. 
When he went over to investigate he discovered two creatures sitting on a large boulder in a mountain stream at the bottom of the ravine. The larger creature walked around the top of the boulder, as if keeping watch, while the smaller figure remained seated. The large creature emitted the moan that had drawn his attention in the first place, causing the witness to become frightened and flee the area. 
     HC addition # 3301 
     Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras and Other Mysteries Type: E 

6. Location. Lomas Verdes, Puerto Rico 
    Date: 1992 Time: night 

One night while worshippers fervently prayed in the heavily wooded area, a five-foot tall, muscular figure covered with brownish hair raced between the trees in a zigzag pattern. Also in the same area, while religious apparitions were in full swing, sightings of large headed grays were also reported. 
     HC addition # 3302 
     Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras and other Mysteries Type: E 

7. Location. Near Almeira, Spain 
    Date: 1992 Time: late night 

Angel Caballero and his brother were driving along an isolated road and spotted a huge craft hovering over the area with long rectangular lights shining down. As they stared at the object a tall human-like being with white fair skin and long blond hair, appeared in front of them and saluted them with a wave of his hand. At this point both witnesses apparently blacked out, waking up later near another city having lost 12 hours of their life. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3356 
     Source: Manuel Figueroa, Karma-7 Type: C or G? 

8. Location. California, exact location not given 
    Date: 1992 Time: late night 

The witness suddenly finds himself floating out of his house. He then enters a hovering disc-shaped craft that appears to be empty. The interior of the craft is gray. The walls are flat and plain. He sits on a flat, small bench that circles the inside of the floor. Moments later he is lowered onto a school playground by an invisible force. He stands there for a while then about 10 gray beings with black almond shaped eyes approach him. They are described as slender, with small noses; five-feet tall and there are both males and females. 
The beings surround the witness and start pressing mental images on him. One of the beings that appear to be the leader approaches him carrying a transparent container filled with about 200 marble sized balls. The balls are vibrating and bouncing around at a very high velocity. He is told that these were used in the propulsion of their ships. End of recall. 
     HC addition # 2193 
     Source: Unsolved UFO Sightings # 2 Type: G 

9. Location. Dulwich East London, England 
    Date: January 1992 Time: 0600A 

The witness woke up to hear noises coming down the hallway that led to her room. She looked up to see a short thin being suddenly shuffle into the room, the being approached the witness and touched her with a very long finger. As this happened the witness fell back and passed out. Later she woke up and the strange being had vanished. 
     HC addition # 1990 
     Source: Carl Nagaitis, Phillip Mantle, Without Consent. Type: E 

10. Location. Sierra Bermeja, Puerto Rico 
     Date: January 1992 Time: 2230 

Two witnesses watching from their second story balcony watched a very bright white light suddenly appear on top of a nearby hill. The light was round and appeared to be hovering in mid-air. Numerous multi-colored lights then became visible around the object’s circumference. Two more witnesses arrived, and one of them, a young woman, was able to see several figures moving around directly under the object. The figures wore silvery outfits and were moving around in quick movements. The witnesses became tired of watching and went back to sleep and did not see the objects or figure’s departure. 
     HC addition # 2100 
     Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 5 Type: C 

11. Location. Devon, England 
     Date: January 1992 Time: late night 

The son of a family involved in numerous bizarre encounters, including strange entities and paranormal events, began waking up to see typical small gray figures in his bedroom. In a number of occasions he would wake up to find a head with large black wrap around eyes, looking at him. The head seemed to move in a very peculiar manner when it looked at him. Around the same time his mother had a “dream” in which she met “aliens.” Upon waking up she experienced a painful feeling on one side of her head. Over the course of the next few weeks, her hair fell out on this spot and she was left with a small circular bald spot. 
The hair eventually grew back, but a pure white color. Under hypnosis the father recalled seeing “alien creatures” with large cat-like eyes. He also recalled seeing a saucer like craft that contained a door and a hatch that was dark inside. He saw what looked like a radar screen in front of him, he also felt as if he was traveling in this craft and seeing clouds passing below him as he looked out a window. 
     HC addition # 3793 
     Source: Malcolm Robinson, SPI Type: E or G? 

12. Location. Not disclosed 
     Date: January 1992 Time: late night 

The witness awoke to see a bluish light shining down from the ceiling. He was then aware of two “people” in the room, talking to him. He does not recall the conversation. He then looked out the window and saw four lights streaking across the sky and then making a 90-degree turn toward his house. He next recalled being somewhere in the air, looking down at his house, the next thing he knew he was in a small room, sitting on a plastic like seat that came out of the wall. 
He saw someone standing next to him and a large, black, “windshield” type area in front of him, also sitting in front of it was someone that he could not see very clearly. The next memory was of standing on a loading dock of a huge warehouse, next to him stood a man he did not know. This man told him that there were some people here that wanted to see him. Next a group of hybrid looking humanoids walked up to him, smiled and walked away. The unknown man then gave him a tour of the place. He later woke up at home. 
     HC addition # 2200 
     Source: Karla Turner, PhD Unexplained Universe # 1 Type: G 

13. Location. Saga Prefecture, Japan 
     Date: January 4 1992 Time: late night 

A farmer that had experienced strange cattle mutilations in the past was awakened by the sound of his dog barking. The farmer went to investigate and upon entering the cow shed saw a small white “object” resembling a jellyfish with numerous tentacle-like protrusions coming out of its bottom. The “object” was floating in the air; it then drifted outside where it vanished. . A cow was discovered on the floor. It had a badly broken leg. 
     HC addition # 2343 
     Source: Jenny Randles, Peter A Hough, World Best True UFO Stories Type: E 

14. Location. Northridge, California 
     Date: January 19 1992 Time: 0431A 

The night before the earthquake, the primary witness and her boyfriend saw a large diamond-shaped craft towing a smaller craft using a beam of light as a towrope. The craft hovered over nearby water towers before moving slowly away. A few hours later, the earthquake struck. Two weeks later the main witness saw a gray type alien standing next to her bed in her bedroom. She tried to move but discovered she was paralyzed. She felt no fear. The being looked like it had a “cat face without any hair and a combination skeleton face. 
The witness tried to get up and could not; awhile later while sitting on the couch she experienced an orgasm. The being apparently told her many different things that she tried to write down. They told her that they were trying to invent ways of intercourse since they “needed babies.” 
     HC addition # 2543 
     Source: Preston Dennett, UFO Healing Type: E 

15. Location. Leesburg, Florida 
     Date: January 20 1992 Time: 2300 

George A Siessel suddenly woke up feeling some kind of female presence lying on top of his chest. As he tried to rise up from bed he felt the entity’s arms on either side of his arms. The entity’s grip was very strong, and completely immobilized him. Frightened, Sissel visualized a cross of light superimposed on his body while intoning a prayer, hoping to remove the presence and discovered that the weight of the unwanted visitor and the feeling of being restricted disappeared. (Succubus??) 
     HC addition # 3021 
     Source: Mark Chorvinsky, Fate January 1993 Type: E 

16. Location. Mezobereny Hungary 
     Date: January 24 1992 Time: night 

The 50-year old witness was in her kitchen with her husband when suddenly a dull black egg-shaped short “figure” went across the kitchen and into an adjacent room making a very strong “snorting” sound. The upper half of this being was blue gray in color, then a vibrating orange vertical line became visible. The next to the stripe a beautiful woman appeared and looked at the witness. The witness then apparently followed the beings into another room where they suddenly disappeared. 
The husband was somehow prevented from witnessing any of these events. On the 27th at 1830 the same witness heard a loud female voice and felt compelled to go to the garden, there she saw an egg-shaped cabin-like object on the ground, she entered it and inside she found herself in a large gray room where numerous nude children and women stood around. She apparently lost consciousness and later woke up lying in bed. The next day large red spots or marks appeared in the upper belly area and the lower parts of her breasts. 
     HC addition # 629 
     Source: Gabor Tarcali, Hungarian UFO Network Type: E & G 

17. Location. Devon, England 
     Date: February 1992 Time: 0330A 

The whole family was sleeping in the same room due to different and numerous bizarre encounters during the past 3 months. That night the father woke up to find the whole room lit up by a shimmering glow. He awoke his son, and as the son diverted his gaze in the direction of the main source of light, he claimed to have seen a large gray “being.” They both then looked at the mother, who was lying flat on the bed with her arms outstretched with her eyes shut. She was mumbling incoherently. 
Later she told them that she had been dreaming of seeing an “alien” in the bedroom and tried to wake both of them. A few seconds later, the swirling, misty, light effect rolled up into a ball, as if a large vacuum cleaner was sucking at it. It then dissolved into a small funnel of light, and with a “pop” disappeared. 
     HC addition # 3794 
     Source: Malcolm Robinson, SPI Type: E 

18. Location. Elkhorn, Wisconsin 
     Date: February 1992 Time: 2230 

The witness was driving home on highway H, when a huge dog-like creature crossed the road n front of her vehicle. The witness stopped the car and was able to see a pointy-eared, broad chest creature covered with brownish-black scraggly hair. It had a narrow nose, thick neck, and yellow cat-like eyes that glowed in the headlights. It crossed the road unafraid. The creature was apparently bipedal. The witness husband had seen a similar creature earlier at a cow pasture. 
     HC addition # 180 
     Source: Scarlett Sankey, Strange Magazine # 10 Type: E 

19. Location. Perth Western Australia 
     Date: February 4 1992 Time: evening 

The witness, Andrew, was restless and could not go to sleep. He finally was able to doze off but then suddenly found himself awake. He was not in his bedroom. Somehow he had been transported and was standing in the car park area outside a basketball stadium some 50 km away from his home. Some 50 strangers surrounded him. He was told telepathically by one of the persons that he was lucky he had been “chosen.” Then a dot sized blue light appeared and grew larger until it was over the top of the group. 
His next recollection was of a bright flash. He then found himself inside the basketball stadium. Other people were also there. He became frightened, as the other people seemed sinister. They seemed human-like but their eyes were different, they appeared to be out of focus. There appeared to be a lot of activity around him. A being came over to Andrew and gave him a cricket bat. One of the beings knelt down in front of him and appeared to read his thoughts, he then felt very angry, dropped the bat and walked out to the main entrance. Everything suddenly became bright white and the next thing he remembers was being back in his bed. 
     HC addition # 2662 
     Source: UFO Research Australia, Issue # 35 Type: G 

20. Location. Porto Alegre, Brazil 
     Date: February 24 1992 Time: 1950 

One observer sees a glow in the clouds then a saucer-shaped object descends. The object shines a beam of light towards the ground. Several figures inside the object also shine beams of light at the witness. 
     HC addition # 2395 
     Source: UBPDV 1992 Type: A 

21. Location. Adirondacks region, New Jersey 
     Date: February 28 1992 Time: unknown 

The main witness along with some others watched several gray colored metallic objects maneuvering over the area. There appeared to be some military planes involved also. One object approached and landed nearby, soon several short gray-colored humanoids approached the witnesses. The beings had large heads and communicated to the witnesses that they were going to be taken. The witnesses then apparently suffered a black out. 
     HC addition # 1669 
     Source: Karla Turner PhD, “Taken” Type: B or G? 

22. Location. Northern New Mexico 
     Date: Spring 1992 Time: late night 

The uncle of a local police chief claimed to have been driving into town late at night, when he saw a woman dressed in red walking along the road. He stopped to offer her a ride into town. She climbed into the front seat of his pickup truck, and as he turned to ask her why she was walking in a deserted road, so late at night, he noticed that she had “hairy goat legs and hoofs.” She then instantly de-materialized from the front seat of his truck. 
     HC addition # 2756 
     Source: Christopher O’Brien Type: E 

23. Location. El Cayul Sierra Bermeja, Puerto Rico 
     Date: March 1992 Time: afternoon 

A man out testing a new video camera in an isolated wooded area suddenly caught sight of a flash of light overhead. He hid behind some bushes as he saw a small silvery disc-shaped object land in a clearing on three leg-like supports. A section of the object resembling an elevator was lowered to the ground and a door opened. Two short 4-foot tall beings then emerged from inside the object. The beings had gray skin and had large heads and large black eyes. They wore gray colored one-piece suits. 
They looked around for a few moments then re-entered the object only to emerge a few minutes later this time accompanied by a tall human, very pale and thin. He had short platinum-blond hair and wore a pair of dark sunglasses. He also wore a new black suit and pants with a white shirt and a red tie. The tall human looked around and walked towards a nearby path there he was met by two soldiers in a military jeep. He sat in the jeep and it then drove away disappearing into the woods. The two short humanoids then entered the disc-shaped object, which then shot, away into the sky at high speed. 
     HC addition # 1782 
     Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 1, Diego Segarra Type: B 

24. Location. El Dorado County, California 
     Date: March 1992 Time: night 

The witness saw two car-size transparent bubble-shaped objects hovering close to the ground. One object had a figure inside the other two figures. The objects were completely illuminated. The two figures sat side-by-side, one had his hands hanging down and the other had his hands on his legs. In the second object the being sat straight up with hands on his legs. No other descriptions. 
     HC addition # 732 
     Source: Virgil C Staff, Mufon Journal # 296 Type: A 

25. Location. Nyirabrany, Hungary 
     Date: March 1992 Time: night 

A week after being followed by a bright crescent-shaped object and a blue sphere that hovered above his house, the main witness suddenly awoke to his dogs barking and a heavy weight on his chest. Soon he found himself on a table in a white room. A short hairless, earless creature stood near the witness. He then woke up the next morning and found blue marks on his ankle. 
     HC addition # 1946 
     Source: Unicus Vol. 3 # 2 Type: G? 

26. Location. Perth Western Australia 
     Date: March 4 1992 Time: 0230A 

The same witness of a previous case was suddenly jolted from sleep by an intense blue light. Through the glare, a figure appeared, it stood about 4-feet, and was apparently guiding the witness son down the passageway. He then noted that he was paralyzed and could not move. When the figure disappeared from sight he was able to move again and went to grab his son. The figure then vanished in a flash of white light. He then found his son in bed looking pale and very shaky but apparently not harmed. 
     HC addition # 2663 
     Source: UFO Research Australia Issue # 35 Type: E 

27. Location. Palhano, Brazil 
     Date: March 5 1992 Time: 1830 

A military policeman reportedly saw a domed disc shaped object land nearby. Five 4-½ foot tall humanoids emerged and took him inside the craft. After 5 hours he is returned back to the abduction site. The beings communicated with him and told him they are “Catadorians.” No other information. 
     HC addition # 2394 
     Source: UBPDV 1992 Type: G 

28. Location. Thompson Manitoba, Canada 
     Date: March 6 1992 Time: late evening 

Some children were playing near a park when they noticed some bright lights moving near some nearby snow banks. When they went to investigate they were confronted by a tall hairy humanoid with red glowing eyes. The children ran home in hysterics. 
     HC addition # 896 
     Source: Chris Rutkowski, Unnatural History, True Manitoba Mysteries Type: C 

29. Location. Hamar Norway 
     Date: March 9 1992 Time: 2200 

Two women were walking home when they began hearing a low frequency sound that seemed to surround them, it resembled a cross between a train and a car engine on idle. Suddenly a very bright light appeared, blinding them and hurting their eyes. They then saw an object 15 meters away and hovering 2 meters above the ground. The craft had a triangular bottom, with a transparent dome on top and a light at each apex of the triangular section. The light suddenly went off and now they could see two moving figures within the dome. 
One of the women walked towards the object and saw that one of the figures inside the object was holding something resembling a steering wheel, he seemed to have long hair and large black slanted eyes, with black pupils, that had a cold penetrating evil look. The object suddenly disappeared without the witnesses noticing how. Later back in the house they heard a loud similar sound and it felt like an earthquake was going through their house and bodies. They both experienced nosebleeds and ear numbness after the incident. 
     HC addition # 626 
     Source: Ole Jonny Braene, UFO Norge Type: A 

30. Location. Bellomonte, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 
     Date: March 11 1992 Time: 1830 

The witness who had previously experienced a vision and telepathic communication with unknown entities, was sitting alone on her rocking chair in the rear patio area of her home, when suddenly she felt a strong presence near her, she looked and nearby stood two very tall muscular light skinned men wearing black tight-fitting outfits that covered everything except their faces. They told the witness via telepathy to remain calm; these two men were accompanied by two shorter humanoids with large egg-shaped heads, yellowish skin, wide lipless mouths, and eyes resembling two large dark slits. 
These wore brown loose-fitting outfits. The two short beings appeared to be in charge of the situation and were inventively inspecting terrain and plants, constantly murmuring between them, in a strange language. The tall human-like beings communicated to the witness that the shorter humanoids wanted her to plant different types of trees and flowers in her garden. The witness said that she had felt more comfortable dealing with the human-like beings than with the short creatures. But there appeared to be a definite cooperation between the two types of beings. 
     HC addition # 434 
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma 52/53 Type: E 

31. Location. Jacanas, Puerto Rico 
     Date: March 13 1992 Time: night 

Several witnesses watched numerous lights maneuvering over a nearby hilltop, then a huge round-lighted craft, and the size of a cruise liner appeared and seemed to descend behind the hill. Two women got into their car and drove towards the location where the object had apparently landed. As they neared the area, they noticed a grayish luminous light hovering over the hill, and a column shaped beam of light emanating from the object that seemed to attract the two women, one of them suddenly went into a trance-like state and was not reacting. The other decided to drive away back to her house. 
Once at the house they picked up additional witnesses and drove back to the area where the light hovered. As they arrived to the site, all of the witnesses except for the driver noticed a short 5-foot tall figure standing on the side of the road, no more than 10 feet from their vehicle. The being was a thin humanoid with a large head and large dark almond shaped eyes, his skin was gray color and appeared to have a slight glow to it. It had long thin arms, and stood motionless looking at the witness. Behind the being a shaft of grayish light could be seen, apparently coming from a source above. At that point the witnesses panicked and drove quickly away from the area. 
     HC addition # 2101 
     Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 5 Type: C 

32. Location. Tijeras Canyon, New Mexico 
     Date: April 1992 Time: 2140 

Sue Strickland was traveling north through the canyon when she saw something resembling a “mini jet” streak into the canyon from behind her, preceded by a fireball of light about 2’ in diameter. The ball of light streaked by following the paved road, the mini jet apparently following it. Near an outcrop the mini jet suddenly stopped, and hovered silently, it then tilted 45 degrees and maneuvered over Strickland’s vehicle. After hovering over the truck for a minute or two it accelerated and disappeared around the next curve. The witness drove up and saw it on the road ahead. 
She could see that it was a jet-like vehicle slightly larger than she thought with a curved canopy. She could see two figures, one inside the other walking towards the rear of the object. As she sat looking at the object and figures suddenly she found herself inside the object. She stood in an aisle with a short wooden bench on both sides. She attempted to walk towards the front of the object but was commanded to stop. After saying something to the pilot, a short, thin, man-like figure approached her. He was bald and was wearing a blue coverall with gold embroidered epaulets on his shoulders. 
Apparently the being attempted to implant a hypnotic suggestion in her mind, about forgetting the incident, but it did not work. He looked surprised then the pilot told him to get rid of her. Her next memory was of sitting in her truck, and seeing a streak of light out of the corner of her eye. 
     HC addition # 3514 
     Source: CAUS Type: G 

33. Location. Cicero, Illinois 
     Date: April 3 1992 Time: 0200A 

In a dream like state, the witness remembered lying in bed next to her sleeping husband, when suddenly she heard her bedroom window open making a creaking sound. She was then unable to move. Moments later she saw three humanoid type creatures with chalky colored skin, big heads, and big eyes walking around her bed. Soon they stood next to her. She was completely paralyzed and apparently her pet cat was also affected. She does not recall anything else, except that she awoke feeling empty. 
     HC addition # 2159 
     Source: Unsolved UFO Sightings, fall 1994 Type: E 

34. Location. Near Deming, New Mexico 
     Date: April 12 1992 Time: 2320 

The witness was driving on US 180 along the desert and was listening to his CB radio when the radio suddenly went silent and he vaguely noticed a patch of white light shining on a rise over the left side of the road. He then heard a voice in his head telling him to “watch out for the smoke.” Thinking it had been the CB radio he replied but there was no answer. Suddenly what looked like a huge luminous cloud of smoke began stretching across the highway ahead, it formed a solid curtain across the road. 
The witness drove into the grayish-white vapor for an hour. He stopped his vehicle and walked across the road and into a ditch but was still unable to see anything. He suddenly went into a state of paralysis and sensed the approach of two persons. Each person got on either side of the witness and placed a firm grip on his forearms. The beings had long bony fingers. He was then led to a shiny metallic object, shaped like a flattened arch with rounded ends. A rectangular opening appeared on the side of the craft. 
Next he remembers sitting back on a chair inside the object feeling dizzy and numb. He was briefly alone then two beings entered the room. One being was a male with a round oval face with two large oval black eyes. He was five-foot tall with a thin torso and limbs. The second being was a female, similar to the male being. The witness was then led to a dimly lit room and placed in a reclining position on a chair. 
He felt a buzzing stimulating sensation on his facial area and felt as if a small object was being introduced into his nose. He was then released and let outside and floated horizontally towards his vehicle. He resumed the drive and the vapor-like fog quickly dissipated. 
     HC addition # 1292 
     Source: Richard J Boylan PhD, Les K Boylan, 
     Close Extraterrestrial Encounters Type: G 

35. Location. South Dade County, Florida 
     Date: May 1992 Time: late afternoon 

Katherine Francovich was walking her two large “attack trained dogs” on leashes through a deserted grove of leafless lime trees, when she heard a very loud noise. Turning toward the noise she saw a small humanoid standing by a tree. The being had grayish/pink skin, non-porous and almost plastic like. It stood about 4-feet 9-inches tall. It wore a snug fitting metallic looking outfit that clearly showed the shape of its body. The upper part of the being’s head was disproportionately wide; the eyes were huge, black, and almond shaped, with no whites or pupils visible. 
It had two tiny nostrils and its lips were very small and not well defined. Its ears seemed to be dropped down a little bit, very small and pressed flat against the head. The arms were very long, without muscle tone, very skinny, extending into very long six fingered hands. Its neck was thin looking, the shoulders not well defined. It had a very slender frame and what appeared to be a small potbelly. Bu incredibly its thighs were over-developed, with well-defined bulging muscles on its legs. Its feet however were small. On its feet it had what looked like a cloth boot, made out of the same metallic material it wore for its clothes. 
Francovich and the humanoid stared at each other for a while. Her two dogs, normally aggressive, just sat down quietly in the presence of the being. Suddenly the being began to run, at a stunning speed, leaping with very little effort. The witness and her dogs ran after it, running a distance of several city blocks. Finally they came to a kind of tunnel that was formed from densely growing vines on dead trees. The being then darted into it and disappeared. 
At that same moment a powerful sulfuric stench became apparent, causing the witness to stop in her tracks. The witness felt there were other beings hiding in the bushes and quickly left the area along with her dogs. 
     HC addition # 2962 
     Source: CNI News, quoting Linda Moulton Howe Type: E 

36. Location. Georgia, exact location not given 
     Date: May 5 1992 Time: 0200A 

The witness woke up to see a shadow like entity at the corner of his baby son’s bed. Sitting up he saw the dark “shadow” move from the baby’s bed to the window and wall at his right. The entity stood about 4 ½ feet tall, and appeared to have a black cape of some kind on with a wide teepee-like hat that was somehow connected with its cape. No facial features or arms could be seen. 
The entity then moved from left to right and then disappeared through the wall of the house. This experienced was followed by an unsettling dream about the baby, and later by a frightening incident. Months later other family members saw a shadow like figure with claws move out of the hallway and touch the chest of one of the older children in the house. 
     HC addition # 2624 
     Source: John C Thompson, ISUR Type: E 

37. Location. Connersville, Indiana 
     Date: May 12 1992 Time: early morning 

A young boy reported being paralyzed in his bedroom by a strange elderly-looking humanoid. The boy had been apparently abducted on numerous occasions. No other information. 
     HC addition # 1970 
     Source: UFO Intelligence Newsletter 1-95, quoting Don Worley Type: E 

38. Location. Beckley West Virginia 
     Date: Summer 1992 Time: 0300A 

The witness was just pulling out of the parking lot of a local mall when he noticed a blond haired woman that appeared to be 8 months pregnant running alongside of the road. He pulled up next to her intent in assisting her when the frantic woman jumped into his car and began screaming, “ Get out of here”! They are after me”! Leave me alone! Get away! They after me! As he drove away with the screaming woman next to him he noticed what appeared to be headlights following his vehicle. 
He attempted to outrun the lights but was unable to, at one point he slammed the brakes and the lights flew over his car then hovered in mid-air yards above them. The woman screamed again and told the witness to drive to a nearby decrepit and apparently abandoned house. There she left the vehicle and ran into the house. The lights hovered overhead for a second then shot away. After awhile the witness recalled some strange details about the woman, she was described as good looking, with a petite face, not swollen like a normal pregnant woman. 
She wore a bright green blouse that seemed to absorb light and her slacks were wrinkle free without any creases. A week later he returned to the sit of the house and found out that it had been abandoned for years. 
     HC addition # 1958 
     Source: Bob Teets, West Virginia UFOS 
     Close Encounters in the Mountain State Type: C? 

39. Location. North of Las Vegas Nevada 
     Date: Summer 1992 Time: night 

A man parked in a remote area investigating reports of alien activity at a nearby top-secret Air Force site, reported seeing peculiar distant lights over the area. Later he caught sight of what appeared to be a security four-wheel drive vehicle driving by 20 yards away. The vehicle’s inside light was on. In the passenger seat, sitting upright he saw a female humanoid being; she appeared to be half-human with blond hair and huge dark eyes and a wide face. The vehicle drove quickly away. 
     HC addition # 1691 
     Source: UFONS # 295 Type: C? 

40. Location. Scottsdale Arizona 
     Date: Summer 1992 Time: late night 

A woman was checking on her husband in the bedroom when she saw two to three short gray skinned humanoids with large heads and black oval-shaped eyes that were apparently injecting or extracting some type of fluid from her husband’s head. He appeared to be sleeping. The woman was unable to move as the beings then entered her seven-year old son’s bedroom and repeated the same procedure apparently using a long needle-like instrument. 
     HC addition # 2078 
     Source: Personal Interview Type: E 

41. Location. Agawam Massachusetts 
     Date: June 1992 Time: night 

As a bright object hovered low over the area, all the mailboxes in one street reportedly burst into flames. Several strange undescribed creatures were also observed nearby. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2393 
     Source: UFONS # 283 Type: C 

42. Location. North Palm Beach, Florida 
     Date: June 1992 Time: late night 

The witness, who had sleeping face down on her bed, suddenly woke up in the middle of the night feeling a tremendous weight on her back. She felt as if someone was squatting on her back and pounding on her lower back with bare fists. She attempted to grab at the creature and felt a rough cloth. She yelled a prayer and managed to grab the cloth throwing the short creature to the floor, she looked and saw a short being completely covered in a dark blue hood; no facial features could be seen. The creature then disappeared. 
     HC addition # 2092 
     Source: Personal Interview Type: E 

43. Location. Maryland, exact location not given 
     Date: June 1992 Time: late night 

The witness suddenly awoke from a sound sleep to see a bright blue light coming through the mini-blinds of her bedroom window. In the morning she found a circle of dead grass in the yard and mysterious helicopters circled her house all during that morning. She then recalled that during the night she had been visited by a tall blond man, with short cropped hair, black eyes without pupils that appeared to have been benevolent but “lethal serious” with command. No other information. 
     HC addition # 1363 
     Source: Linda Moulton Howe Glimpses of Other Realities Vol. I Type: C 

44. Location. Nottingham, England 
     Date: June 1992 Time: 2300 

19-year-old Mike Clarke reported encountering a tall thin white “light” shiny humanoid. He does not recall being onboard a craft. But reported suffering from headaches and nose bleeds and body aches after the incident. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3833 
     Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page 
     UFO Watch Type: E? 

45. Location. Melesse, France 
     Date: June 3 1992 Time: 2330 

One observer saw a 7-foot tall transparent egg-shaped craft hovering low over a pasture. A short humanoid figure was seen standing behind a control panel inside the object. A nearby tree is apparently scorched by heat emitted by the object. 
     HC addition # 2392 
     Source: LDLN # 334 Type: A 

46. Location. Malibu California 
     Date: June 9 1992 Time: 0400A 

The witness suddenly awoke and found himself unable to move. He then saw standing next to his bed three small figures. These were described as white-colored with frail bodies, large triangular-shaped heads, and huge luminous black eyes. The figures stood motionless staring at the witness emanating a felling of curiosity. The figures then receded backwards from the witness with a look of bewilderment and vanished. 
     HC addition # 1119 
     Source: Jefferson R Weekly, UFO Vol. 8 # 4 Type: E 

47. Location. West Vancouver British Columbia Canada 
     Date: July 19 1992 Time: 0305A 

Undocumented report of two witnesses encountering several “biological entities” or humanoids, possibly in their bedroom. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2173 
     Source: UFO Research Institute of Canada Type: E? 

48. Location. Lakeville, Wayne County, Pennsylvania 
     Date: June 28 1992 Time: 0300A 

A husband, wife, and small child reported an apparent abduction experience, few details recalled. The wife remembers being shown a small gray colored baby like being and believes she is the surrogate mother. She was then taken to an examination area apparently onboard some type of craft. The husband recalls arguing with several pale-faced beings that apparently were working or testing on his chest area. An odd pattern of red marks was discovered on the chest the next morning. 
     HC addition # 55 
     Source: PASU Data Exchange Fall 1992 Type: G 

49. Location. Near Navadvipa West Bengal India 
     Date: late June 1992 Time: daytime 

Several young boys had gone swimming in the Ganges River including a five-year old that could not swim. After awhile his parents who arrived looking for him missed his presence. After awhile the young man was seen by the others somehow being held under the powerful current by a strong unknown force, only his finger was sticking out of the water, he was being held in place and was not moving. 
One of the older boys then swam over to him and pulled him out. He was apparently unhurt. When asked what happened, he said a “beautiful woman” wearing a crown and earrings and dressed very nicely had appeared out of nowhere and held him up as the strong current attempted to drag him away. 
After saving him she apparently vanished. (This humanoid was interpreted as being a “Jaladevata”, in old Indian Vedic tradition a being that reportedly gives protection to those who are in danger of drowning in lakes and rivers.) 
     HC addition # 1345 
     Source: Richard L Thompson, “Alien Identities” Type: E 

50. Location. Springfield, Missouri 
     Date: July 1992 Time: evening 

A lone witness saw two short robed humanoids, gray skinned that appeared to be gliding slowly across a field. No associated object or light was reported. 
     HC addition # 58 
     Source; UFO Intelligence Newsletter Type: E 

51. Location. Sedona, Arizona 
     Date: July 1992 Time: late night 

The witness, a well-known local psychic, professional artist, and channel was suddenly awakened by voices talking in her bedroom. Looking up she saw several beautiful man-like figures wearing white sparkling uniforms standing at the foot of her bed. The figures had blue upside-down triangle insignias on the breast area of their uniforms. 
Another figure with flowing blond hair and wearing a two-piece uniform with gold braided epaulets and a large gold triangular emblem on his chest appeared to be the leader. A sort of spotlight shone on him and he smiled at the witness. He reassured her and a peaceful feeling came over her. The next day she was also visited by numerous entities including a blond young woman wearing a shiny white uniform with a golden upside-down triangular insignia on her breast area. 
     HC addition # 758 
     Source: Helga Morrow, The Missing Link # 125 Type: E 

52. Location. West Vancouver British Columbia Canada 
     Date: July 19 1992 Time: midnight 

A 16-year old boy sees a dark cone-shaped craft overhead; it apparently descended making zigzagging movements. The boy hid in the house but several humanoids entered the house through a closed bedroom window. He then suffered a period of missing time. 
     HC addition # 2391 
     Source: LDLN # 318 Type: C or G? 

53. Location. Sydney, Australia 
     Date: July 23 1992 Time: 0730A 

Peter Khoury was in bed as a result of a recent injury and was on pain medication. Suddenly he bolted winded awake and sat up in bed. There were two humanoid females sitting on the bed, both entirely naked. The two women looked very human in nearly every way. They had well-proportioned adult bodies. One looked Asian, with straight dark shoulder length hair and dark eyes. The other looked perhaps Scandinavian, with light colored, possibly bluish eyes and long blond hair that fell half way down her back. To Khoury, the hair looked very exotic. 
Their faces were somewhat odd—not unattractive, but too chiseled, with high cheekbones and eyes that were two or three times larger than normal. Khoury specially noticed the blonde-haired person. Her face was long, very long. The blonde-haired person, who was sitting in a kneeling position on the bed, seemed to be in charge. Khoury thought that she was communicating telepathically with the dark haired woman, who was sitting with her legs partly folded under her. 
Their facial expressions were almost blank. Stunned, the witness was unable to react as the blonde-haired woman suddenly reached out with both her hands and cupped the back of his head, drawing his face toward her chest. He resisted. Apparently very strong, she pulled harder. She pulled him over and his mouth was basically on her nipple, and he bit it. A piece of her nipple came loose in his teeth, but the blonde woman did not cry out. She seemed shocked or confused and looked at the Asian woman, then back at the witness. 
Involuntarily, Khoury, swallowed the small fragment in his mouth, and it caught in his throat. He went into a coughing fit. Suddenly the two women simply disappeared. Feeling an urge to go to the bathroom, he realized his penis felt very painful. Pulling back the foreskin he found two thin blond strands of hair wrapped tightly around. He kept the hair samples for future testing. 
     HC addition # 3515 
     Source: Bill Chalker Type: E 

54. Location. Tuttlingen, Germany 
     Date: July 24 1992 Time: late night 

At 2230 that night the witness had seen a maneuvering pyramid of light flying over the area, it changed colors from white to red then white again and seemed to grow in size. Later that night as he lay sleeping he suddenly woke up and found himself in unfamiliar surroundings. He was in a room weakly illuminated by a reddish light. A short figure in a blue suit with a black belt stood in front of him. The figure wore a dark blue peaked cap. It had long arms and fingers. 
It also had large slanted dark eyes, a small mouth and a small nose, no ears and stubble of hair. On a sleeve he had the following markings in yellow “L / and a pyramid.” The witness panicked and grabbed the small figure. At the same time two shorter gray figures grabbed the witness arms. The witness struggled with the beings that were somewhat weak. 
He confronts the blue-garbed leader and kicks him then another figures jumps on his back presses it hands on the witness mouth and the witness faints. He later wakes up in his bed still surrounded by the entities. Theses suddenly vanished in plain sight. 
     HC addition # 889 
     Source: Ihlobrand von Ludwiger, Mufon 93 Symposium Proceedings Type: G 

55. Location. Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico 
     Date: July 25 1992 Time: unknown 

The witness, who had been previously abducted was visited in his home by a strange being described as humanoid in appearance but Hindu-like, the being communicated with the witness. This being told the witness that the small gray humanoids were androids and only lived for a few days before being recycled into new ones. 
     HC addition # 772 
     Source: Terry Ecker, The Ufologist Vol. 2 # 1 Type: E 

56. Location. Tarasovka, Kiev, Ukraine 
     Date: July 25 1992 Time: 0300A 

Three men, including the main witness, 17-year old Alexander Metlov had gone out into some fields to race their motorbikes. Two of them, not the main witness, had been drinking and were somewhat inebriated. In a field near a bridge they saw a luminous sphere slowly descend to the ground. It hovered closed to the ground while three leg-like protrusions emerged and touched the ground. For about 10 minutes Alexander shone the headlight of his motorbike at the sphere while the other two men stared. 
Soon an opening became visible on the upper section of the sphere and something resembling stairs descended towards the ground. A human-like figure then became visible; Metlov then shone the headlight at the figure, which immediately became still. The being was described as about 5’5” tall, human like, wearing a white coverall and an opaque helmet, he also had a rectangular shaped panel on his chest. After a few moments, ignoring the witness, the figure walked towards the nearby river, it moved in a peculiar manner as if getting accustomed to walking on the ground, it eventually disappeared over the riverbank. 
After about 1o minutes the being returned, this time walking normally. Alexander then rushed towards the being with his motorbike, it suddenly disappeared and appeared standing next to the other tow men that were now apparently sleeping on the ground. At this point an opening became visible on the being’s helmet, and an oval shaped head became visible. It appeared human but seemed to have some “make up” on it. Moments later it walked back to the sphere, the sphere lit up, and the being re-entered the object. 
The sphere began glowing and changing colors then shot up vertically into the sky and disappeared. The next day Alexander and another witness reported seeing a metallic disc with a glowing green light land on a garden, remain there for about 5 minutes then take off at high speed and vanished. 
     HC addition # 3357 
     Source: Yuri Selenok, ISUR Type: B 

57. Location. Liverpool England 
     Date: August 1992 Time: 0300A 

The two witnesses had gone to bed after drinking tea. Janet woke up with a feeling of absolute terror. She felt as if she had been somewhere, and then landed back in her bed. Harry had also woken up and caught a glimpse of something more substantial than a shadow on the bed; it seemed to recede as if had gone through a doorway. Later when the pair recovered, Janet remembered what had happened. She recollected lying down with bright lights all around her. There were a number of “faceless” beings around her. She believes she was given something to ‘calm her down. 
The next thing she remembered was being in another room with several other people that were gathered around a strange man. The man was small, very pale and had huge oval eyes that were very dark. He also wore an odd black fedora type hat. When she looked into the being’s eyes she felt an incredible longing to be there. They seemed to contain the whole universe. She thought the little being was not threatening and seemed to possess great knowledge. 
The being was apparently sharing his knowledge with the others in the room. He spoke of humanity’s origin and how we had been genetically engineered. He mentioned that the spirit was separate from the body. After that she found herself in a long, cold, gray tunnel. In the tunnel she saw a man she recognized, that seemed to be deranged. She was told that the man had been pushed to far. 
She was then taken into a room where she saw a normal looking man that seemed to be a medical doctor. Apparently he performed some gynecological procedure on her. At that point her memory ended. 
     HC addition # 3452 
     Source: Peter Hough, Moyshe Kalman 
     The Truth about UFO Abductions Type: G 

58. Location. New Jersey, exact location not given 
     Date: August 1992 Time: night 

In a dream like state a man reported standing shirtless in a room as a short “gray” humanoid standing in front of a “mirror” placed something resembling a cattle prod on his left shoulder blade. Behind the humanoid he noticed a woman with long dark hair watching him. When he woke up he felt a sharp pain on his left shoulder blade, he then ran to the bathroom mirror and saw a “V” shaped scar, reddish and very sore, on his left shoulder blade. 
     HC addition # 3869 
     Source: S.P.A.C.E. Type: G? 

59. Location. Not disclosed 
     Date: August 1992 Time: late night 

The two witnesses who live in separate rooms had retired for the night. The two bedrooms faced each other, with a three-foot hallway between the entrances. Some time after going to sleep “Jake” was awakened by the feel of something pulling on his covers. He opened his eyes and saw a strange creature about two feet away from him. As the creature rushed towards him he yelled for his roommate Hal. 
The creature’s long skinny fingers touched Jake’s chest and he immediately became paralyzed falling back to bed completely unable to move. As he looked at the creature it appeared that now it was somehow above him. He then heard his roommate yelling for him. Hal recalled that as he ran to assist Jake he ran into to some type of invisible barrier that prevented him from entering Jake’s bedroom. 
He swung at it several times to no avail. Inside the open door he could see a bluish-white light coming into Jake’s window. He could also see a dark shape about two feet above Jake’s bed and moving down towards it. He kept striking the invisible barrier and then noticed that Jake seemed to be levitating from his bed. His next conscious memory was of waking up at 0730A. 
Jake recalled that during the encounter with the strange creature the room felt completely devoid of sound as if in a vacuum. He also remembered that the creature had two very long side-to-side eyes, which were squinted and almost closed. 
     HC addition # 2198 
     Source: Karla Turner PhD, Unexplained Universe # 1 Type: E or G? 

60. Location. Las Vegas, Nevada 
     Date: August 1992 Time: late night 

The witness that had been asleep suddenly found herself floating just above her bed. A strong yellow light appeared across the room through some type of “portal.” A figure than appeared in the portal. The figure was described as human-like, bluish in color, of medium built, and with dark blond haircut like a bowl that fell to his ears. His eyes were round and blue. The figure looked at the witness, motioned to her to keep quiet then disappeared. 
     HC addition # 1103 
     Source: Letter in Strange Magazine # 12 Type: E 

61. Location. Dedestapolsanyban, Hungary 
     Date: August 11 1992 Time: late night 

Awakened by a bright light from outside their home, several family members looked out to see an astonishing sight. A large bright spherical object was hovering over an adjacent construction site. The craft appeared to have several luminous oval shaped openings and was shining a beam of light from a circular opening on its lower half. Inside this beam the witnesses saw several small humanoid figures that flew in the air within the beam towards a nearby apple tree. 
The beings were described as thin, with featureless heads, long thing arms, and wearing short robe like tunics, no legs were seen. The beings carried small containers and flew around the apple tree collecting as many of the fruit as possible. Soon they flew back into the craft via the same light beam. The luminous object then left the area. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2178 
     Source: Kriston Endre, Hungarian UFO Magazine 8/93 Type: B 

62. Location. Salem Oregon 
     Date: August 13 1992 Time: 0900A 

The witness was alone at home sitting in the dining room table facing the living room with the kitchen to her left when she caught sight of something outside her kitchen back door window. It was a short hairless greenish-gray figure that quickly walked into the kitchen. The witness watched the figure, as it briefly stood sideways by a storage cabinet. 
The witness attempted to communicate telepathically but the creature suddenly vanished. The figure had an elongated head and what appeared to be large “eyelids” drawn over the eyes. The witness dog did not seem to react to the intruder. Twenty minutes later as the witness again sat down a greenish three-fingered hand suddenly appeared from behind her quickly touching her wrist. The touch was very painful, almost like an “electric shock”, and then the alien hand vanished. Two days later the witness found a round red mark on her wrist. 
     HC addition # 1355 
     Source: Linda Moulton Howe Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. I Type: E 

63. Location. Colinas Del Yunque, Puerto Rico 
     Date: middle of August 1992 Time: 1700 

At least six independent witnesses including three children saw in broad daylight two short beings walking side by side on the middle of the roadway. The beings were described as four-foot tall with shiny light-green skin, very thin long arms, and heads somewhat larger than normal and covered with a stringy light-brown hair. They appeared to be only wearing a pair of white shorts with a red stripe on the side. 
The children followed the short beings for a short distance until they entered a wooded slope and disappeared. One of the witnesses claims that one of the beings gave her the two finger “peace” sign as he walked by. 
     HC addition # 511 
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 60 Type: E 

64. Location. Pentland Hills Scotland 
     Date: August 24 1994 Time: near midnight 

Two young men driving on the A70 through the Pentland Hills rounded a bend and found themselves passing beneath a huge black object hovering over the road. One of the men, Colin Wright, stated that he was taken onboard the alien craft, where he saw a fluid or gel in a hole in the floor. “I saw a head appearing out of it and a body and two arms. 
The creature must have been pretty big, bigger than me. It was like a skeleton with flesh around it. It had long arms, really long arms. It had a long body, really skinny, with the skin tight to the bone. And it was actually getting out.” That creature, according to Wright, was a larger version of others which he also encountered onboard the craft. 
     HC addition # 2102 
     Source: Eris E Andys, Fortean Times # 81 Type: G 

65. Location. Cannock Chase Birmingham England 
     Date: late August 1992 Time: late afternoon 

In order to escape the oppressive heat, the witness had gone on a walk in a wooded area at a local park. As he neared a small clearing he noticed what seemed to be a foggy mist in the center of the clearing. He then noticed a glowing light within the mist. Curious he approached the mist and was able to see a metallic shining object with orange, red, purple, and green pulsating lights within the mist. As he stepped closer he felt compelled to look towards the woods. 
Two men dressed in tight colored overalls were walking toward him; each carried an object resembling a worker’s toolbox and a thin long object, which emitted a thin laser-type light. The men were described as young looking with black hair and identical to each other. The men approached the witness and asked him several questions and told him they were here to take samples. After several minutes of conversation the witness suddenly noticed a slight glow appearing around the figures and began to feel drowsy, he sat on the grass almost feeling hypnotized by the men. 
The two men then walked into the cloud of mist and vanished. The witness then went back to his car and fell asleep. The witness recalled that the two men had “olive” complexions and appeared very athletic. They both wore a thick belt around their waists. 
     HC addition # 1319 
     Source: Tony Dodd, UFO Magazine Vol. 12 # 4 Type: C 

66. Location. Near Douglasville Georgia 
     Date: Fall 1992 Time: 200A 

The witness who lives in an isolated trailer awoke to see a strange light outside. Going out she observed in a clearing a mushroom-shaped object hovering 40-50 feet above the ground. A narrow shaft of white light illuminated the ground below it. Approaching the craft she heard a telepathic message telling her to “turn around.” Upon turning around she saw lying on the ground a 4-foot long gray skinned being that appeared to have octopus like suckers on its fingers. 
She was then told that it was sick, that it needed warmth. She picked up the being, which had a light bulb shaped head with large black round eyes and took it into the house. She then placed the being in bed between her sleeping husband and herself. She attempted to wake her husband but to no avail. She then took the being to a couch and fed him a mixture of crackers and warm water, spoon-feeding him. 
At this point there was a memory lapse and she could only remember being outside watching the being going up the shaft of light into the object. She also noticed five other gray figures standing in a single military style file staring at her. Soon the beings turned in unison and marched into the shaft of bright light one by one they were then levitated into the hovering craft. The object then streaked off emitting a thunder like sound. 
     HC addition # 2796 
     Source: Mufon/ISUR Type: B? 

67. Location. Raeford, North Carolina 
     Date: September 1992 Time: unknown 

A former Army officer reported seeing a strange metallic hexagon shaped craft over the area. The craft apparently had 20 bluish oval shapes inside of it. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2174 
     Source: Billy J Rachels, UFO Bureau Type: A? 

68. Location. Yorkeys Knob, Queensland Australia 
     Date: September 1992 Time: 0430A 

A retired woman saw a strange creature on a paddock; it was the size of a man but resembled a giant “bee.” In the background she could see an object. Telepathic communication occurred over quite a lengthy period. After awhile she got out of bed and went to the window where she saw an unusual object in the sky, it resembled a square within a square and bright white in color. At the same time she saw jets over the area. 
     HC addition # 2685 
     Source: Vlad Godic Type: C 

69. Location. Jarradale Western Australia 
     Date: September 19 1992 Time: 1200 

A man and his son were out hunting for firewood using a disused track into the brush, when they boy noticed a movement nearby and told his father. They then saw a jet-black figure watching them from behind some trees, the figure ducked down then bounded away in two great strides. The entity had no arms and on either side of its head it had 2 white patches where the eyes might have been. It did not have a neck and was estimated to have been 3 ½ meters tall or almost 9 feet. 
     HC addition # 924 
     Source: Keith Basterfield Type: E 

70. Location. Sullivan Missouri 
     Date: September 20 1992 Time: 2030 

Three witnesses sighted a large metallic craft with several large lighted windows, hovering low over a field, they could see behind the windows about 20 thin humanoid figures moving back and forth and standing. No sound was reported. 
     HC addition # 63 
     Source: UFO Intelligence Newsletter March 1993 Type: A 

71. Location. Sentul, West Persekutuan Malaysia 
     Date: September 22 1992 Time: daytime 

Witnesses reported seeing a green six-inch tall human like being. Later on that same date others reported seeing a red eye entity also six inches tall. Then at 1500 on that day another tiny entity was seen standing next to a hole on the ground. 
     HC addition # 3432 
     Source: Ahmad Jamaludin Type: E 

72. Location. Huaika Tabio, Colombia 
     Date: September 22 1992 Time: 2005 

About 15 members of an international UFO group had gone to the scene of previous encounters and were waiting around for any type of unusual phenomena. Soon they saw a large orange colored sphere descend from the mountain and land about 300 meters away from the group. 
Five of the group approached the object and watched a beam of white light strike the ground ahead of them, on the ground it became a half moon shaped light, blue in color. Smoke was then seen rising around the object then a tall blond haired Nordic looking individual emerged from the smoke, he walked around briefly then was seen entering the half moon shaped light. Everything then seemed to disappear. 
     HC addendum 
     Source: Grupo Contacto OVNI Colombia Type: B 

73. Location. Springfield Missouri 
     Date: September 24 1992 Time: 0200A 

The witness apparently in a dream or trance-like state remembers finding herself in a large lighted room looking at a cow lying on top of a raised platform. Strobe like lights shone on the animal. She was mentally told that these lights were purifying the animal, neutralizing the bacteria and germs. 
The animal appeared to be convulsing violently. Next a tube was inserted into the animal’s upper inside of the right leg, near the hip joint and then blood was apparently extracted. Several short gray skinned humanoids seemed to be operating different apparatus in the room and one explaining the procedure to the witness. Next a gray being inserted what appeared to be a “light pen” inside the cow’s rectum. It was activated and it began rotating quickly disappearing into the body. 
There was a strong nauseating burning smell. A large piece of what appeared to be rectum intestine was removed and placed in a container. The witness remembers being instructed to insert the “light pen” into the animal’s jaw area, she saw teeth and tissue being cut by the object; the left eye was also apparently removed. The witness could not recall any further details. 
     HC addition # 1354 
     Source: Linda Moulton Howe 
     Glimpses of Other Realities Vol. I Type: G 

74. Location. Sentul, West Persekutuan, Malaysia 
     Date: September 24 1992 Time: daytime 

Two days after previous encounters, witnesses reported seeing a tiny human like entity with no hair. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3433 
     Source: Ahmad Jamaludin Type: E 

75. Location. Clovis California 
     Date: September 27 1992 Time: 1900 

The witness reported seeing a hovering round object with reddish yellow and orange lights. Later that night the witness saw a man wearing black clothing in the bedroom. The man said something to the witness, laughed, and then vanished into the hallway. No other information. 
     HC addition # 3330 
     Source: NUFORC Type: D 

76. Location. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 
     Date: October 1992 Time: night 

The witness woke to find the room brilliantly lit. She was then taken up into the light. Next thing, beings were around her and placed her on a table. An impression was conveyed to her that the process following would be uncomfortable but not painful. She got the impression they were going to take eggs form her ovaries. She then felt something going into her stomach. She was told not to be frightened. Next thing she was in bed, conscious. 
     HC addition # 2727 
     Source: Keith Basterfield Type: G 

77. Location. Cordelia Junction, California 
     Date: October 1992 Time: night 

Three adults and two babies were traveling on highway 80 when apparently by some mental control their vehicle was diverted to a side road. The vehicle and its occupants were then lifted into a nearby hovering craft. While the babies slept in the back seat the adults were interviewed by several beings or aliens and asked several questions. No other information. 
     HC addition # 1281 
     Source: Richard Boylan, PhD 
     Close Extraterrestrial Encounters Type: G 

78. Location. Alabama, exact location not given 
     Date: October 8 1992 Time: late night 

Leah Haley remembered standing outside her house looking at what appeared to be two “full moons” in the sky. She realized that one of the moons was an object and then a beam of light that engulfed her and transported her onboard hit her. She found herself in a “contemporary” looking room, with tables adorned with crystal figurines. She also saw slips of paper underneath the figurines with the names of other people to come onboard that night. 
A female human-looking alien then came into the room. She had short brown hair and wore a blouse, red, and gold in color with black trimming with some type of printed design, brown, beige, tan, in color. She spoke to the witness and among other things told her “her people were trapped in a time dimension and needed our help to get out.” Apparently the beings then performed some painful procedures on her that she was made to forget. 
     HC addition # 2071 
     Source: Leah Haley, Published Articles Type: G 

79. Location. Laguna del Pescado Parana Argentina 
     Date: October 16 1992 Time: night 

60-year old Modesto Colman was alone closing up the mill where he worked and was descending a ladder from its upper section. As he reached the bottom he suddenly felt cold chills running down his back, and saw the area around him completely illuminated by a bright light. Looking behind him he noticed a large sphere that was following him at a distance of about 30 meters. 
As the sphere still followed him he noticed three short figures descend from it. Frightened he pulled out a large knife and ran towards the figures. Suddenly a beam of light came out of the sphere and struck him square in the face, blinding him. He then felt a queer sensation, as if his body was shrinking in size, soon it felt as if he was only several centimeters in height. He ran behind a tree but there a beam of light again struck him. 
Now in hysterics he began running, as he did it felt as if was running in slow motion and his eyesight was hazy. He tore his clothing as he jumped a wire fence. Once he reached his home he began crying uncontrollably. For 10 days after the incident, Colman suffered from loss of hearing, and impaired vision, he also had burns on his face. Ground traces were found at the site, and the tree where he hid a large burn mark was also located. 
     HC addendum 
     Source: Silvia Perez Simondini Type: B 

80. Location. Vidalia, Georgia 
     Date: October 23 1992 Time: 2300 

As nearby UFOs were being reported an undescribed humanoid figure entered a couple’s house and abducted the man while apparently putting the woman in a state of suspended animation. The being communicates by using telepathy. The man reports a period of missing time. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2390 
     Source: UFONS # 282 Type: G 

81. Location. Lymington Hamsphire, England 
     Date: October 24 1992 Time: 0130A 

The witness was lying in bed when he was suddenly projected (astral projection?) to a field next to a landed object. Standing next to the object was a very feminine and beautiful female dressed in a white gown. She had very long hair that was blowing in the wind. She beckoned to the witness and communicated with him telling him that she was going to return one day. 
     HC addition # 1563 
     Source: Steve Gerrard, Southampton UFO Group Type: C? 

82. Location. Gaither Mountain, Arkansas 
     Date: October 31 1992 Time: evening 

A witness driving a pickup truck on a rural road saw standing by the roadway 15 feet away a short gray-skinned humanoid with a large head and huge black eyes. The witness apparently blacked out and experienced some missing time. 
     HC addition # 272 
     Source: UFO Intelligence Newsletter 4-1993 Type: E or G? 

83. Location. Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 
     Date: early November 1992 Time: night 

The witness was awakened by noises and she went to investigate. As she walked into her living room she encountered two short beings all dressed in white. She scolded them thinking they were children but then realized they were not human. They had round heads with two round eyes that had large dark pupils. They were wearing long white gowns and capes with white mitten-like gloves. 
They were friendly and communicated by telepathy with the witness telling her that they were going to take her on a trip. The witness suddenly found herself in a large hangar like room with a bullet-shaped vehicle inside. She was led by the two beings into a door then into a sort of control room and sat at a console. The beings apparently touched some buttons showing screens with space-like images on them. Later the witness found herself sitting in bed in her apartment. 
     HC addition # 895 
     Source: Chris Rutkowski 
     Unnatural History True Manitoba Mysteries Type: G 

84. Location. Near San Jose Costa Rica 
     Date: November 1992 Time: daytime 

A woman taking a walk along a nature trail in the rain forest was turning a corner when she was confronted by a short humanoid. The being was described as gray-colored with a large head and huge black eyes. He was dressed in a turquoise jumpsuit and had small pointy ears. The being then dove behind a bush and vanished as the witness attempted to take a photograph. 
     HC addition # 1151 
     Source: The Ufologist Vol. 2 # 1 Type: E 

85. Location. La Matanza, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain 
     Date: November 1992 Time: evening 

The witness had driven to a local lovers lane with his girlfriend, soon from within the car they were able to hear the sounds of branches rustling as if being parted by someone. The witness looked out the window and saw a creature about three-feet tall and covered in grayish or black fur all over. The entity carried a staff or rod of some sort in its hand, and was described as having “cat-like eyes.” The couple left the area in a hurry, refusing to return even by daylight. 
     HC addition # 3114 
     Source: Scott Corrales, Uncensored UFO Reports # 1 Type: E 

86. Location. Near Fordland Missouri 
     Date: November 20 1992 Time: early morning 

A hunter was in an isolated wooded area waiting for deer under a heavy drizzle and had sat down next to a large tree when he noticed a dim glow in the brush on the far side of a nearby creek. He waiting thinking it was another hunter, and then a figure came out of the brush. It was described as a glowing 4-foot tall man-like entity that was walking diagonally up the hill. 
The being was visible from the waist up and was glowing evenly an off-white cream color soft in nature. No facial features could be seen. It seemed to move in stiff movements almost robot-like, never turning his head or body or swinging his arms. The being crossed the clearing area then disappeared out of sight behind heavy brush. 
     HC addition # 1447 
     Source: Amateur Ufology News Issue # 12, March 1993 Type: E 

87. Location. Near Ventura California 
     Date: November 20 1992 Time: 2130 

Two women were traveling on the Ventura Freeway when a huge bright light appeared above them. It then shot downwards towards their vehicle. Both women then suddenly found themselves exiting the freeway with two hours of missing time. Both women were later regressed and remembered being taken onboard a huge oblong-shaped craft. Onboard the object one of the witnesses was stripped and examined by small gray colored humanoids with large heads and huge eyes that communicated telepathically. 
She also encountered another creature resembling a praying mantis. The other witness was guarded by several short gray humanoids during the ordeal. 
     HC addition # 1694 
     Source: UFONS # 295 Type: G 

88. Location. Near San German Puerto Rico 
     Date: November 23 1992 Time: 0130A 

A couple driving near the town on an isolated road saw a strange figure walking on the side of the road coming towards them in the opposite direction. The figure was described as tall and very thin with a large head, which was covered by a black helmet. At eye level there was a rectangular opening where two large almond shaped eyes could be seen, these gave off a greenish-yellow glow. 
It had wide shoulders and very long arms. The fingers were extremely long and it wore a very tight black shiny outfit. Around its neck hung a golden-colored collar. The startled witnesses decided to turn back to take another look but the humanoid had already vanished. 
     HC addition # 285 
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 58 Type: E 

89. Location. Ilager West Virginia 
     Date: late November 1992 Time: night 

During a spate of UFO sightings over the area a young man using a pair of binoculars saw a metallic craft flying above some trees and shining a beam of light towards the ground. The object had large windows and inside he was able to see several tall muscular men with light hair and wearing silvery outfits. The craft drifted slowly away from the area. 
     HC addition # 1952 
     Source: Bob Teets, West Virginia UFOS 
     Close Encounters in the Mountain State Type: A 

90. Location. Kinnegad, Northern Ireland 
     Date: December 1992 Time: night 

While drowsing in an armchair, and listening to music, the witness awoke abruptly to see a strange luminous figure hovering about two feet above him. He closed his eyes and rubbed them. However the figure was still visible in exactly the same place. After a few moments it vanished suddenly. 
     HC addition # 3782 
     Source: IUFOPRA Type: E 

91. Location. San Antonio Texas 
     Date: December 9 1992 Time: 0530A 

The witness suddenly awoke to the faint sound of voices and music. She then heard someone walking away from her bed towards the stairs. She then saw a tall, slightly glowing man-like figure run past her window. He was very quick and vanished in moments. The witness remained in a state of panic and could not move for a while. 
     HC addition # 1677 
     Source: Karla Turner PhD, “Taken” Type: E 

92. Location. Elizabethtown South Australia 
     Date: December 10 1992 Time: 0200A 

A five-year old child woke up to see a short being with thin legs, no arms and a large head with glowing “colors” coming out of it, standing at the foot of his bed. The being apparently suddenly disappeared. 
     HC addition # 2611 
     Source: Keith Basterfield, Australian UFO Digest Type: E 

93. Location. Scotland, exact location not given 
     Date: December 16 1992 Time: 0530A 

The witness had just woken up as his girlfriend lay sleeping next to him. For some unknown reason he felt compelled to go and open the door of the bedroom. As he did he saw a tall tan/gray colored creature standing at the landing. It stood motionless staring right at the witness, only two meters away. He felt fear and foreboding and asked a telepathic question “You don’t want me do you”? You want her don’t you”, he glanced at his girlfriend as he asked the question. He became increasingly upset, but then the memory faded. He woke up feeling ill later, and his girlfriend acted strangely the whole morning. 
     HC addition # 2860 
     Source: A. Brough Type: E? 

94. Location. Rural, New South Wales, Australia 
     Date: December 25 1992 Time: 2045 

The main witness and his wife saw three strange men all dress in black standing in the adjacent paddock. They disappeared suddenly with no trace of their presence. Three days later the main witness was in his yard when he was knocked off his feet by an explosion of undetermined source, which left a burning hole on the ground. 
     HC addition # 3231 
     Source: Bill Chalker Type: E 

95. Location. Chicago, Illinois 
     Date: December 29 1992 Time: 1900 

As the witness arrived home from work she was confronted in the parking lot by 8 human male figures that seemed “faceless” and carried hand-held devices resembling long black flashlights. One of them spoke in a mechanical almost computer-like voice. A blinding headache suddenly rendered the witness unconscious and did not remember this episode until 3 days later. Earlier that same day, a silvery white flash of unknown origin had briefly illuminated her apartment ground floor. 
     HC addition # 1046 
     Source: Ann B Livingston, Mufon UFO Journal # 307 Type: E 

96. Location. San Antonio, Texas 
     Date: December 31 1992 Time: 0300A 

The witness remembers walking outside by herself and hearing a very loud buzzing sound. She looked up and saw a huge gray metallic disc-shaped craft drop straight down from the clouds. The witness sat down cross-legged and watched the craft change into a sphere with four legs, with strange markings and land nearby. Moment later the craft lifted straight up and left in a curved flight path. 
Later under hypnosis the witness remembers sitting on the ground and seeing a group of very tall pale human-looking men standing in front of the object. They all wore white clothing and watched her very intently. She received mental communication form the men then remembers entering a very shiny room where she was examined by one of the men that had light hair. 
     HC addition # 1678 
     Source: Karla Turner, PhD, “Taken” Type: G 

97. Location. Severny, Vorkuta Region, Russia 
     Date: late December 1992 Time: 2330 

16-year old Anatoli Petrov had gone to bed late at night when he heard a strange swishing sound in the far corner of the room, where the linen was piled. Glancing at the corner he saw a small shape moving toward him. He then saw a being described as about 160-165 cm tall and all brown. The skin was rough looking as if had “cracks” similar to bark or small protuberances. The creature’s head was oval shaped and had dark stain or gap-like eyes. It did not have any whites on the eyes and the witness did not see a mouth. 
The being had strong shoulders that were “round as if full of muscles.” It also had a wide chest and very short legs. It had long hands with what appeared to be membranes in between the fingers. Petrov attempted to shout, but his scream appeared to fade out. The creature moved toward him in an unusual quick manner. Anatoli became afraid and closed his eyes, moments later he saw a light from behind the closed eyelids. He opened his eyes and saw a 25 cm wide blue beam of light shining on his chest. 
The beam of light came from the creature’s hand. The beam consisted of a multitude of light particles. The creature’s other hand also beamed a light, which shone on Anatoli’s legs. At this point the witness started to float up into the air. As he levitated, the blanked slipped down and off. At this point he apparently lost consciousness. Sometime later he awakened and found himself back in bed covered with the blanket. He was drenched in a cold sweat. Since the incident the witness has suffered from strange dreams. 
Other members of the family also had strange encounters. His sister saw a tall creature wearing a white overcoat with a hood and his mother watched a small dark creature that walked from out of the wall. 
     HC addition # 2660 
     Source: Yuri Selenok Type: E 

98. Location. Near Jihlava Czechoslovakia 
     Date: late 1992 Time: 0500A 

A bus driver reported seeing two large luminous spheres hovering above the roadway. Near the spheres stood two luminous humanoids. The witness drove on and did not stop. Another witness reported a similar encounter around the same time. 
     HC addition # 1047 
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 65 Type: C 

Addendums inserted as they become available.


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