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Humanoid Reports - 1991
Complied By Albert S. Rosales  

1991 Case Summaries - Focus on Puerto Rico

1. Location. Not given
    Date: 1991 Time: 0300A

The witness was woken up by a very bright white light shining down on the backyard. She sat up in bed and was able to see the light shining through the curtains. Passing in front of the window were shadows of thin figures, with large heads, they were small and moved very fast. She tried to wake her two sleeping dogs but they would not budge, they seemed to be unconscious. Scared she dragged one of the dogs and hid inside the closet. Soon she came out of the closet and suddenly a rush of information entered her head, she saw pictures and glowing symbols, triangles, circles, and other objects. 
Then a short pale, thin creature, with large black eyes appeared in front of her, and communicated with her telepathically. She heard him said, 'Two worlds shall meet and become one. Two planes shall meet. Heaven and Earth shall meet etc. While the being communicated with her she saw an image of two flat glowing grids, that rotated slowly in space, then became locked together to form one plane. Then she saw the Earth from space and it was covered with glowing rings. Suddenly she woke up with a feeling of elation and exhilaration.
     HC addition # 3913
     Source: CAUS Type: E

2. Location. North Lauderdale, Florida
    Date: 1991 Time: 0300A

The witness woke up in the middle of the night to see a bright light in the living room. The witness leaned over his wife to see a being about 4- foot tall standing at a counter with its back to the witness. The witness then heard a voice in his mind, that told him to go back to sleep. He laid back for a moment then got up again and again saw the being in the position and again heard the voice telling him to go back to sleep. He then went to sleep. The being wore a grayish blue cloak like outfit.
     HC addition # 3199
     Source: NUFORC Type: E

3. Location. Fajardo, Puerto Rico
    Date: 1991 Time: afternoon

Lucy Santiago was walking home after school when she suddenly felt a strange sensation like if time was standing still and everything seem to slow down. Looking around she saw her friends talking and walking as if in slow motion. Suddenly she heard a loud shrieking sound in the sky, looking up she saw a hole open in the sky where she could see the most beautiful blue sky she had ever seen. Out of the hole a bizarre winged creature then flew out, it shrieked loudly again then disappeared from sight. Everything then returned to normal.
     HC addition # 3211
     Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 17 Type: E

4. Location. Red Rock, Wigan, England
Date: 1991 Time: evening

Bill Eatock was driving along a country road when suddenly he drove into a peculiar fog bank and heard a high-pitched whistle. He came out of the fog with his left ear bleeding and the left side of his face burning. He felt sick as he drove back home. Later he was able to remember being onboard an object in a dazed condition. He was in a room that seemed messy and massive. There he saw several small large headed gray creatures and a tall human-like controller who seemed to be in charge. The tall human communicated by using telepathy. He also saw other persons that were also apparently abducted.
     HC addition # 3829
     Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch Type: G

5. Location. New South Wales, Australia
    Date: 1991 Time: night

The 63-year old woman was lying in bed in a rural area, when suddenly a being appeared. In a blink of an eye she found herself in a large, blue colored room. Bright light seemed to be coming through the ceiling. Gravity seemed normal. 4 beings were visible. They were described as 180cm tall. Each had small, oval shaped heads, and were intelligent looking. The eyes were almond shaped, tapering upwards at the end. They had small mouths, thin lips with a small nose. The skin was pale, pearly, and soft to touch. On the hands she noticed 4 long, slender fingers but was unsure if there was a thumb or not. Small boots covered the small feet. 
They wore a jump suit, blue gray in color, and there were no zips, markings, or insignia on them. They moved in a graceful almost gliding like manner. She was on a transparent, glass like table, with no sensation of cold or heat. She saw a total of 3 tables in the area. A being examined her using thin pencil-like torches, with a light on one end. These were held against different parts of her body. 2 of the beings communicated with her telepathically. One was male the other female. She has no recollection leaving the room but next found herself back in her own bed.
     HC addition # 2726
     Source: Keith Basterfield Type: G

6. Location. Off Puerto Real Puerto Rico
    Date: 1991 Time: night

A grandmother fishing with her two nephews one evening spotted a large brilliant object, which hovered, over her boat for some three minutes. The woman saw silhouetted figures moving around inside the spherical device, which disappeared momentarily, leaving her confused and frightened.
     HC addition # 2855
     Source: Scott Corrales Type: A

7. Location. Petropavlovsk, Russia
    Date: 1991 Time: night

An unusually loud chirring that reminded them of crickets awakened the Ivanitzky family. This happened more than once. On the tenth day they discovered a strange creature under the bed, resembling either a dog or a huge mouse. After slippers were thrown at the creature, it twitched and grew in size, becoming almost three times as big. Unexpectedly it cast out from its nose a very long trunk, which it used to try to grab the legs of the family members. The family then began hitting the creature with whatever they could lay their hands on, and the children sprayed it with household chemicals. 
The creature then rolled over to a far corner and lay there still. The creature had very short bluish hair, two three fingered paws and strong wings, about a meter and a half in wingspan, resembling a bat's wing. The creature's muzzle looked like a human face cast in plaster, an almost flat clear face with small forehead, very large eyes and a tiny lipless mouth. Instead of a nose it had a triangular hole. Mr. Ivanitzky fearful that he had killed a State protected animal threw it out into a ditch. Soon the creature disappeared from the ditch.
     HC addition # 3029
     Source: Paul Stonehill, Fate November 1992 Type: E

8. Location. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada
    Date: 1991 Time: 2300

The witness had gone to bed with her husband when all of the sudden in a dream like state she found herself in a white room. She could not see the sides and appeared to have tunnel vision. She was strapped down on a table and was struggling. She looked over to her side and saw a little girl or being staring at her from behind a window. The little girl being stared at her moving her head from side to side. She felt mental communication from an unseen entity telling her that the little girl was hers and they wanted her to name her. 
The little girl was very thin, her hair was pearly white, and it looked as if it was all at different length, and scant in some places. She wore an opalescent outfit, just draped over her body. Her arms and legs were thin. Her facial features were small except for her eyes, which were big and blue in color. She wanted to hold her but all of the sudden woke up. She felt very sad and began to cry.
     HC addition # 2348
     Source: Michel Deschamps, The Canadian Ufologist Vol. 1 # 4 Type: G?

9. Location. Queens New York
    Date: 1991 Time: late night

Eddie Sosa was walking through the hallway in his apartment when he suddenly became paralyzed and was totally unable to move. A tall robed man-like entity then appeared. This entity somehow resembled the bearded biblical Moses. He told the witness that he could not be taken in physical form today but he would carry his psychic body or soul with him. Sosa remembers being taken in his spiritual form into a large silvery spherical craft. Inside, the Moses-like entity explained how the craft worked but he was unable to remember. He was eventually returned to his body.
     HC addition # 2079
     Source: Personal Interview Type: G

10. Location. Cidra, Puerto Rico
     Date: January 1991 Time: night

The witness, an elderly woman named Gloria, was alone at home late one night when there was a knock at the door. Thinking it was one of the neighbors she opened the door. As she did she was stunned as half a dozen little men (not described) came into the house one after the other. One of them spoke to her in Spanish and told her to drink something from a vial that they were going to give her a check up. At one point she became unconscious and last recalled hearing the little man assure her that she would pass it the first thing in the morning. Even more perplexing was that while her exchange with the leader of the little men went on, his cohorts were giving her house a thorough cleaning.
     HC addition # 2931
     Source: Scott Corrales, Fate August 1992 Type: E

11. Location. Los Angeles, California
     Date: January 1991 Time: late night

The witness suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and was unable to move, see, or speak. She sensed a presence in the room, which apparently moved from the foot of her bed to the side. She felt the being lift up a lock of her hair and cut it off. The presence that seemed to be about 4-feet tall then probed her vagina with a pencil-like instrument. Moments later the being left.
     HC addition # 1775
     Source: Preston Dennett, UFO Universe, fall 1994 Type: E

12. Location. Leicester, England
     Date: January 1991 Time: late night

The witness suddenly woke up in the middle of the night to see a blinding globe of light hovering next to his wardrobe in the bedroom. The light was very bright and the witness was barely able to see a small humanoid figure cavorting around the bottom of his bed. Apparently the witness experienced this event on several nights in a row.
     HC addition # 876
     Source: D G Smith, FSR Vol. 37 # 3 Type: E

13. Location. Honolulu, Hawaii
     Date: January 1991 Time: night

38-year old Nicole had gone to the bathroom, when she looked out the window. She then saw a round object with a dome like structure on top. It suddenly landed on a hill, one hundred meters away from the house. Something like a porthole opened. A flashing white light appeared and a figure emerged. The figure seemed to descend down an invisible stairway. However it stopped after two steps. The witness felt that she had been detected. She panicked and ran into the bathroom and hid under the covers. She did not see the figure or object depart.
     HC addition # 3866
     Source: UFO Abductions in Germany and Switzerland Type: B

14. Location. Czestochowa, Poland
     Date: January 18 1991 Time: 2100

Previously at 1530 the witness had been standing at a bus stop when she felt compelled to look up, she then saw a sphere shaped object floating over the roof of a nearby building. The object traveled southwards and accelerated out of sight behind some houses. Later the witness was at home when she heard some noises coming from her balcony. She looked out and saw two man-like figures standing outside. She felt no fear and invited them inside, but these remained motionless. They were of average height; one wore a whitish silvery suit and the other a cloak-like outfit with some type of headgear. After seven minutes the figures disappeared.
     HC addition # 872
     Source: Bronislaw Rzepecki, FSR Vol. 38 # 1 Type: D

15. Location. Ronneburg, Germany
     Date: January 19 1991 Time: 2105

A 38-year old woman was walking along the main street that was totally deserted, when she saw an approaching light overhead, as it got closer she could see that it was a large disc-shaped object with a transparent dome on top. The object emitted a loud humming sound as it briefly hovered over the road. She could see three very tall human-like figures apparently operating some controls inside the dome. She waved at the figures and they waved back. They seemed to be wearing scaly silvery metallic uniforms with belts that had a peculiar insignia on the buckles, resembling three overlapping leaves. The object soon shot away at incredible speed.
     HC addition # 49
     Source: Michael Hesemann, Etcon Intl. 
Ulrich Magin Type: A

16. Location. Davgyztau Uzbekistan
     Date: early February 1991 Time: unknown

Three local teenagers spotted several metallic robot-like creatures described as resembling truncated pyramids covered with metallic scales. They had what appeared to be wings on their sides and moved about making huge leaps. In the field where the creatures were seen investigators detected a powerful magnetic current. No other information.
     HC addition # 937
     Source: UFONS # 260 Type: E

17. Location. Near Riga Latvia
     Date: February 1991 Time: night

The witness awoke on night in her bedroom and saw a woman in white standing in the room. She accompanied this woman to a forest clearing. It was a cold night however the witness felt no discomfort. They both reached the clearing and an object descended from the sky. Somehow she found herself inside the object and could now see shiny glass-like walls inside. She saw six human-like white robed figures and vaguely remembers talking to an unknown entity. She then found herself back at the clearing alone.
     HC addition # 721
     Source: Richard F Haines, Joint USA-CIS Aerial Anomaly Federation Type: G

18. Location. Near Tucson, Arizona
     Date: February 16 1991 Time: 0200A

The witness suddenly awoke and went outside her home to see a huge metallic cylinder-shaped craft hovering over the area. It had a pink pulsating light on its front and a blue light at the rear. She could also see a large door. She suddenly found herself inside the object where she saw different types of equipment illuminated by a brilliant blue glow. Inside the craft she encountered three types of humanoids, one was human-like that appeared to be in charge, several small gray humanoids with pear-shaped heads and huge black oval-shaped eyes, and a third type of being described as tall and reptilian in appearance, with green scaly skin and huge golden-colored eyes.
     HC addition # 1212
     Source: Gem G Cox, Enigma # 57 Type: G

19. Location. El Yunque Puerto Rico
     Date: late February 1991 Time: 0300A

Three couples, including two current police officers hand driven up to the mountain and had parked at a rest stop. They were standing next to their cars talking when they noticed two little men coming down the road ahead of them. The beings were about 4-foot tall, very thin, with long thin arms and legs, they had large heads and large black protruding eyes and their skin was light gray in color. They wore dark green outfits that covered everything except their faces and hands. The beings walked passed the witnesses speaking among themselves in a peculiar language.
They suddenly stopped, did an about face and walked back the same way they had come. At this point two of the men, who were armed, took out their weapons and attempted to follow the beings, but these seem to notice, stopped looked at the witnesses then shuffled into the brush at a brisk pace soon disappearing from sight.
     HC addition # 383
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 46 Type: E

20. Location. Near Ulan Bator, Mongolia
     Date: Spring 1991 Time: unknown

While local nomads reported seeing flights of disc-shaped objects over the region a woman near the capital reportedly encountered a landed disc along with several human-like beings that emerged from the craft communicating with her by using telepathy. She was then given a ride in the object and flown over the capital. No other information.
     HC addition # 1597
     Source: Fortean Times # 61 Type: G

21. Location. Not given
     Date: Spring 1991 Time: 0200A

The witness suddenly awoke to find the bedroom illuminated by a greenish golden glow. The glow seemed to be everywhere and had no definite source. The witness tried to turn but was unable to move. He then felt a presence at the door. Although he could not turn to look, he had the impression the figure was about 5'10 tall, very slim and wearing a long white, hooded robe. The witness then heard words in his head. Telling him that his kids were all right, that he did not want to see this. After that, he went back to sleep and woke the next morning thinking it was a vivid dream.
The next day his youngest son told him that he was awakened in the middle of the night and floated down the hallway and into the living room, which turned into a bright, oval room where he found a small being looking down at him. He described the being as a typical gray with a large head, and black oval shaped eyes. He could not remember anything else.
     HC addition # 3877
     Source: CAUS Type: E & G

22. Location. Kuwait border with Iraq
     Date: about March 1991 Time: afternoon

On the northern border area a sheep farmer tending his flock in an isolated desert area suddenly heard a strange noise coming from the sky and was startled to see a large circular shaped craft descend and land nearby. The craft was surrounded by a blue halo. A group of about 13 four-foot tall beings emerged from the object and approached the witness. The beings were described as pale green in color, apparently naked with huge heads and large black almond shaped eyes. Their bodies were very thin and their hands and feet were webbed. 
The beings communicated with the witness by using telepathy and assured him that he would not be harmed. The witness who always carried his price camera with him was apparently allowed to snap several photos. Moments later the beings re-entered the object, which emitted a bright blue flash and shot away at high speed. (Whereabouts of alleged photos unknown)
     HC addition # 1686
     Source: Quest Intl. UFO Magazine, Vol. 12 # 3 Type: B

23. Location. Harris County, Georgia
     Date: March 1 1991 Time: 0100A

The witness had seen a triangular shaped object earlier that night and while sleeping at home 3 hours later she awoke and heard something walking under her porch and then in the crawl space under the house. She also heard a female electronic voice calling for he r neighbor by name. Upon trying to get up she found that she was unable to move. The next thing she remembered was waking up the next morning. Peculiar small footprints and a strange handprint were found the same morning, and other unusual prints in the crawl space under the house were also located.
     HC addition # 2700
     Source: John C Thompson Type: D?

24. Location. Los Angeles, California
     Date: March 20 1991 Time: 0400A

The witness woke up and felt paralyzed, he was surrounded by several figures, and heard a loud, clear voice that said 'we met you when you were younger. He asked them who they were and they disappeared. No other information.
     HC addition # 3891
     Source: CAUS Type: E

25. Location. Leningrad Russia
     Date: March 29 1991 Time: 1950

The witness was sitting along in the kitchen of his flat, when he suddenly heard a mechanical voice say, Come with us. He said that he would not go then got up and walked towards the corridor feeling a strong presence in the room. In the corridor he was confronted by two tall human-like figures dressed in black, at that point he lost consciousness. He later woke up sitting in a train dazed and confused and finally made it back home at 2300, his memory almost totally gone. 
     HC addition # 665
     Source: Nikolai Lebedev, Alien Update Type: G?

26. Location. Alabama, exact location not stated
     Date: March 31 1991 Time: late night

The witness was on her computer when suddenly her power cut off. Soon after that, her phone rang. She answered it and heard heavy breathing, an eerie feeling then swept over her, feeling tired she went to bed. The next day she recalled that while lying in bed some type of powerful force like a magnet had pulled he rout of bed and sped her through the air. She then found herself inside an object that was apparently whirling around. When the object stopped whirling she found herself in a room that was elaborately decorated with antiques.
A large eyed chalked-colored creature entered the room and led her into another room making her lie down. Her vision became fuzzy as several other creatures performed gynecological-type procedures on her. At one point the pain became excruciating causing her to yell out. She soon lost consciousness and the next thing she knew she was back home.
     HC addition # 2070
     Source: Leah A Haley, Published articles Type: G

27. Location. Santa Juanita, Puerto Rico
     Date: March 31 1991 Time: after midnight

On the same night that a neighbor discovered several of his goats mutilated and another man saw a large circular craft with many bright lights around its edge hovering over the area, the witness heard noises from outside his home and heard one of his dogs shrieking in apparent pain. The witness rushed outside and was confronted by two 4-foot tall humanoids in the patio area. The beings were gray in color, with large heads and huge black eyes.
Upon seeing him the beings ran rapidly and disappeared into the brush. Searching for his dogs he found one dead in a bizarre manner, the animal appeared to be empty inside as if everything had been sucked out somehow. All internal organs were missing; the witness soon disposed of the dog's body at a local dumpsite.
     HC addition # 1188
     Source: Jorge Martin, The Ufologist Vol.2 # 2 Type: D

28. Location. Not given
     Date: late March 1991 Time: night

The witness, who was recovering from major surgery, suddenly woke up and felt paralyzed. To the right of his bed stood a bigheaded entity; resembling one he had seen before. It appeared to be doing something to the witness head. He felt a loud buzzing sound between his ears; the sound was so loud that it hurt. He eventually drifted back to sleep.
     HC addition # 2273
     Source: Mark Chorvinsky, Fate April 1995 Type: E

29. Location. Edwards Air Force Base, California
     Date: April 1991 Time: unknown

A construction contractor working at underground installation 30 stories deep was walking down a hall with another man when some doors opened unexpectedly. They then caught sight of a figure at least 9-feet tall wearing a lab jacket and talking to two human engineers. The figure was humanoid with long arms almost down to his knees, a large head with huge black slanted eyes and greenish skin. Security personnel then ushered both witnesses out.
     HC addition 1183
     Source: Elaine Douglass, Right To Know Forum, Sep/Oct 92 Type: E

30. Location. Playa Del Taurito, Gran Canaria Spain
     Date: April 1991 Time: 0130A

Eight soldiers stationed at the local Air Force Base of Gando, including Jose Andres Maxias Soler, were aroused from their sleep by officers who took them by helicopter to a nearby beach. They were told that military radar had picked up some unknown aircraft in the area that apparently descended on the beach. As the soldiers descended from the helicopter to the each, strange lights were seeing circling overhead. As the men landed on the beach they encountered 10 to 15 dark shadowy figures. As the men approached to within 25 meters from the figures they were given the order to fire. 
There appeared to be no effect on the figures, as the bullets seem to go right through them. These then would disappear at will and appear in another section of the beach. At one point an attack dog the soldiers had brought with them ran terrified from the area. A similar encounter was reported in the same place two weeks later, involving similar shadowy black figures. Shots were reportedly fired again and again without apparent effect.
     HC addition # 3041
     Source: Angel Brionos, Bruno Cardenosa Type: C

31. Location. Tenjo Colombia
     Date: April 2 1991 Time: 0400A

A local peasant saw a large metallic cylinder shaped craft land nearby as he rode his donkey on his way to work. A blinding light enveloped him and he felt being lifted and taken onboard the object. Inside his head he heard assuring words telling him that he was not going to be hurt. He then met four, 4-foot tall humanoids that appeared to be covered in a perpetual mist. The object then entered a huge mother-ship type craft. He was then examined on a table and cured of kidney stones. Also a small microchip was surgically placed in his left shoulder. He was later deposited back on earth at a place almost 600 miles from his home.
     HC addition # 1019
     Source: Louis E Mejia, Earth Station Foundation Type: G

32. Location. Monte De Las Cruces, Mexico
     Date: April 22 1991 Time: night

Three witnesses reported seeing a large fireball-like object land on top of a local hill. Two short man-like figures were seen next to the object and reportedly signaled to the witnesses with a powerful red beam of light. No other information.
     HC addition # 1999
     Source: Dr. Rafael Lara Palmeros, Samizdat Winter 94 Vol. 2 # 3 Type: C

33. Location. Olivares, Puerto Rico
     Date: May 1991 Time: unknown

A woman walking alone in a wooded path near her home was apparently accosted and attacked by several small gray-colored humanoids that were intent in trying to abduct her. She managed to fight them off and run home. Luckily the beings did not follow her there.
     HC addition # 663
     Source: Jorge Martin, Alien Update Type: E

34. Location. Bukit Tunggal, Tarengganu, Malaysia
     Date: May 1991 Time: unknown

Vague report indicating someone capturing a strange two-inch tall humanoid. No other information. What happened to the tiny humanoid?
     HC addition # 3431
     Source: Ahmad Jamaludin Type: H?

35. Location. Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
     Date: May 1991 Time: 1635

The 18-year old witness was out fishing at a beachfront location on the grounds of Ramey military base when he began hearing noises coming from behind some bushes near his location. It sounded like tiny feet running back and forth. He went to investigate and came upon a 4-foot tall humanoid, described as very thin with a large head and large black oval shaped eyes, it was gray skinned and had long skinny arms. 
The being stared at the witness, who began hearing a message in his head, telling him not to be afraid, that he had been chosen to tell humanity of the coming catastrophes. The witness ran away from the area but looked back to see the small being run over an embankment and out of sight. Moments later a large circular shiny object rose from the same area and shot away at high speed.
     HC addition # 437
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma 52 & 53 Type: C

36. Location. Kuala Tarengganu, Malaysia
     Date: May 12 1991 Time: 1500

Two students reported seeing several small humanoid figures wearing red clothing standing near the drain in the school compound. Teachers searched the area but bailed to locate anything. The next day several 6-inch tall beings were again seen in the same area.
     HC addition # 1492
     Source: Nexus New Times, Vol. 2 # 4 Type: E

37. Location. Kuala Tarengganu, Malaysia
     Date: May 13 1991 Time: 1500

Several children were playing in a playground at the site of a local primary school when one of them approached a fence and saw what appeared to be hundreds of tiny figures wearing red clothing, coming out of a hole near a drain. He attempted to grab one of the tiny creatures but was stabbed on his hand.
     HC addition # 1491
     Source: Nexus New Times, Vol. 2 # 19 Type: E

38. Location. Mini Mini Puerto Rico
     Date: May 14 1991 Time: afternoon

Two young men playing in an isolated field encountered a small circular silvery metallic object on the ground. It was very shiny and had a small dome-like sphere on its top. The boys approached the object and began touching it. Suddenly a small hatch opened on the bottom of the craft and a long thin green arm came out grabbing one of the boys by his leg. As the boy struggled to get away a second thin arm emerged and grabbed him by his arm. 
The boy grabbed a piece of wood and began striking one of the creature's arms. He managed to cut off one of the fingers and the creature let go. The finger fell to the ground oozing a green liquid. The witnesses attempted to retrieve the severed finger but dropped it during the panic. They both fled but later returned to find both the object and its occupant gone. 
     HC addition # 1202
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 42 Type: A?

39. Location. Mini Mini Puerto Rico
     Date: May 14 1991 Time: night

An adult witness was looking out his bedroom window when he briefly saw a short green skinned figure with large pointy ears, a pear-shaped head, and large red oval shaped eyes. The figure quickly scurried away into the brush.
     HC addition # 1204
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 42 Type: E

40. Location. Lancaster California
     Date: May 14 1991 Time: 2300

The witness was suddenly awakened by three 4- foot tall gray colored humanoids with large black slanted eyes that began lifting her from the bed. She began to struggle with the beings, when she noticed a tall human in the living room all dressed in black and holding a device resembling a small TV set. She broke loose from the grays and yelled for her husband to wake up. They now both ran to the kitchen after hearing their dog barking in the backyard. They then saw a man wearing an Air Force blue uniform lying prone on a projecting part of the roof near a ladder. A K-9 sentry dog that appeared ready to attack the witness's dog now on the ground below, accompanied the three grays. 
Overhead a number or red lights hovered. The witness yelled, Do not kill my dog! Her next recollection was standing alone in the yard next to the generator shack. A large craft with revolving red lights hovered above her and a thick fog was coming out of some ports around the object. She next remembered waking up and sitting on her bed at 0350A. She was later hypnotically regressed and recalled being taken to an underground facility but would not elaborate.
     HC addition # 739
     Source: Bill Hamilton, Mufon UFO Journal # 286 Type: G?

41. Location. Mini Mini Puerto Rico
     Date: May 15 1991 Time: afternoon

On the grounds of the local elementary school a short green humanoid with red oval-shaped eyes, and huge pointy ears, apparently approached and attempted to communicate with one of the kindergarten class children. It spoke to the child in a strange chatter-type language and it ran quickly into the brush as some of the other children approached.
     HC addition # 1205
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 42 Type: E

42. Location. Mini Mini Puerto Rico
     Date: May 15 1991 Time: 1530

Near the same spot of a previous encounter, two boys were playing near the woods when they heard a noise and saw a strange being emerged from the woods. The being was described as short and bright green in color, with an oval shaped head, large almond shaped eyes and huge pointed ears. It was thin with very long arms with three digit hands. The being stood looking at the witnesses emitting a strange chatter like noise. The witnesses threw fruits at it then chased it, but it ran quickly and disappeared down a drain aqueduct. At one point the being grabbed one of the boys by the foot making him fall.
     HC addition # 1203
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 42 Type: E

43. Location. St. Osyth, Essex, England
     Date: May 18 1991 Time: 2340

Just offshore, 3 anglers saw a cigar shaped object hovering low over the water. The object had six windows along its edge and several man-like figures could be seen moving inside and looking out.
     HC addition # 2368
     Source: Tim Good, UFO Report 1992 Type: A

44. Location. Barrio Las 700, Arecibo, Puerto Rico
     Date: last week of May 1991 Time: night

The witness had gone to the seashore to inspect some fish traps and was approaching the water when he noticed three short figures bending over the water's edge, apparently inspecting something on the ground. Suddenly the three beings turned and looked at the witness emitting a bright red light form their eyes. The beings had thin bodies; large round heads and appeared identical to each other. The witness who had been walking with his bicycle then attempted to flee the area falling several times as he attempted to mount his bicycle. He felt some type of mental communication from the beings who urged him to stay. He was finally able to peddle away from the area.
     HC addition # 1780
     Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 1 Type: E

45. Location. Near Incerlik, Turkey
     Date: Summer 1991 Time: night

A member of the US military reported encountering an entity wearing a coiled metallic outfit, in some ways resembling that of the famous Michelin Man. No other information.
     HC addition # 3609
     Source: NUFORC Type: E?

46. Location. Las Carolinas, Puerto Rico
     Date: June 1991 Time: 0400A

One night in a dream like state the 18-year old witness saw in the corner of his room a strange figure. It was a man, all dressed in black, with a black shroud obscuring his face. The figure apparently appeared on consecutive nights. Each night the man will become more aggressive towards the witness, one night it came over to the bed picked up the witness leg and slam them down again. One night the witness woke up when suddenly the strange figure appeared again. He stopped next to his bed, looked at him, and slammed both his legs against the bed. 
Then the figure vanished. The next night the witness took a small statue of the Virgin Mary with him to bed. Later he heard metallic noises above him that lasted for about a minute. Then he heard the sounds of bells ringing. After this incident the strange figure did not return again.
     HC addition # 3968
     Source: Strange but True Corrine Kenner, Craig Miller Type: E

47. Location. Near La Parguera Puerto Rico
     Date: June 1991 Time: 2224

A family of five was driving slowly along a rural road when suddenly they experienced vehicle trouble; they were unable to re-start the vehicle. They then decided to stay in the car overnight. Moments later they saw numerous military jeeps heading at high speed to a nearby remote radar station. Twenty minutes later they all saw a huge multi-colored light hovering next to the radar aerial. The light suddenly descended over their vehicle and they could now see it was a huge disc-shaped craft. The frightened witnesses now saw a little humanoid jump on top of the hood of the car, it was short and thin with a large egg shaped head, with large bright red eyes that had a point of light in the center and had long arms with long thin fingers. 
It also had gray-white skin and wore a gray white skintight outfit. The witnesses suddenly heard a telepathic message telling them to calm down and not to resist. Suddenly they all felt a sudden calm and lost all will to resist. Two more similar beings then appeared and one of them took the youngest child, telling him that it was a special baby and that it had a special task in the future. The witnesses now got out of the car and were hit by a beam of light from the hovering disc; they all suddenly found themselves inside the object. 
They were all taken to a huge room resembling a laboratory and told to lie down on metallic tables. Several examinations and tests were performed on them. At one point a taller more human looking being appeared and told the witnesses of future events and coming world changes. Before releasing them, the humanoids told the witnesses that one day they were going to return and take their youngest son.
     HC addition # 283
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 58 Type: G

48. Location. Uintah Basin Utah
     Date: June 1991 Time: late night

The witness suddenly woke up from a sound sleep and felt someone holding her hand very gently. She opened her eyes and saw a huge hairy humanoid sitting besides her on her bed holding her hand. The witness screamed then the tall hairy creature ran down a hallway and into the family room and vanished.
     HC addition # 1650
     Source: James L Thompson, Aliens and UFOS Type: E

49. Location. Centerville Indiana
     Date: June 8 1991 Time: night

The 29-year old witness was standing in his backyard when suddenly he saw a bright light and was then transported into a triangular shaped object and into a triangular room. Inside the room two 7-foot tall entities with flat features and slanted eyes apparently made contact with him via telepathy. They applied a pen-sized black object to his right arm, which left marks, visible weeks later. They then put a small silver box near the witness right temple causing him to lose consciousness. He awoke later in his bed feeling very ill. Ground traces were reportedly found.
     HC addition # 193
     Source: Don Worley, Mufon Journal # 298 Type: G

50. Location. Gainesville, Florida
     Date: June 15 1991 Time: 1800

The two witnesses had gone into the woods outside the Gainesville Job Corps Center. As they were walking towards a campsite, one of the men stopped and claimed he had seen two werewolf-like beings float by, the other witness did not see this since he had been looking down at the time. They continued walking, when they spotted an object on the ground. It was roughly saucer-shaped and it was silent. They advanced slowly towards the object when it suddenly disappeared. As the witnesses moved on, an uncontrollable fear suddenly took hold of them and they began running away from the area. One of the men looked over his shoulder to see a tall, dark; large headed being wearing a dark robe with its hand folded in front of it. The witnesses did not stop and did not return to the area.
     HC addition # 3189
     Source: NUFORC Type: C

51. Location. Monte Grande, Puerto Rico
     Date: end of June 1991 Time: 2230

The witness had gone outside for a moment, when she felt compelled to look behind her and up. She then saw two hovering egg-shaped objects right above the house. One was bright silvery in color and was emitting a golden light from inside. The other object was totally black. From an opening on the bright silvery object a short thin figure was seen to emerge and walk on a beam of gold-orange light towards the black object. It seemed to enter the black egg-shaped craft, and then both objects abruptly vanished. The being was described as about 4-foot tall, very thin with a large head. It had large black slanted eyes and pale gray skin. It wore a tight-fitting silvery outfit that covered him up to his neck. 
     HC addition # 1189
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 47 Type: B

52. Location. Sacramento, California
     Date: mid 1991 Time: night

During a spate of poltergeist and other phenomena at a local residence one of the investigators saw an entity called The Black Guardian by members of the household. He described the entity as about 7-feet tall and wearing a black hooded robe. The only features on its face were its eyes, which were almond, shaped, and glowed a faint red. 3 other people who had seen it confirmed this description. 
     HC addition # 2907
     Source: Dean Ogden, Fate May 1993 Type: E

53. Location. Adjuntas, Puerto Rico
     Date: middle of 1991 Time: late night

During a period of intense UFO activity in the region, the witness was visited in her bedroom at home by a short gray-blue skinned humanoid with a large head and black oval-shaped eyes. He wore a white outfit. The entity communicated via telepathy with the witness and told her that he knew her daughter was sick in the hospital with kidney problems. He then gave her some medicinal herbs that are commonly used in the island and instructed her to have her daughter drink them.
     HC addition # 1198
     Source: Edwin Plaza, Jorge Martin, Luis J Marrero, Enigma # 43 Type: D

54. Location. Near Brewster, New York
     Date: July 1991 Time: late evening

The main witness had been receiving telepathic messages from an unknown source that invited him to come to a certain location. Along with two of his friends he went to the isolated wooded area for the prearranged meeting. As they walked down a dark road they began noticing peculiar cool spots and a tingling sensation in their feet. Moments later as the main witness walked ahead he was suddenly illuminated by a six foot circular shaft of blue light from above. As the other two watched he appeared to become transparent and his skeleton became briefly visible.
Moments later as all three walked down the road they noticed about a dozen beings about 5-foot tall and wearing dark hooded monk-like outfits moving towards them. The beings had glowing red eyes and were moving silently towards them. The witnesses then ran to their vehicle. The beings approached to within 10 feet of the car and turned sharply walking through some brush and disappearing into a rocky outcropping. Moments later the witnesses observed several red glowing eyes traveling down the other side of the road, however no forms seemed to be attached to them. At this point the witnesses decided to leave the area.
     HC addition # 1233
     Source: Anastasia Wietrzychowski, UFO Universe spring 1994 Type: C?

55. Location. Puerto Rico, exact location not given
     Date: July 1991 Time: 2120

The witness had gone to bed but was having problems falling sleep, feeling edgy and apprehensive. He then felt a presence in his room and opened his eyes, standing next to him were two short thin humanoids, described as having somewhat disfigured facial features, two small holes for a nose and wide thin lips. Both beings stared intently at the witness. The witness became frightened and attempted to move but was now completely paralyzed. The beings then communicated by using telepathy, assuring the witness that he was not going to be harmed. 
One of the beings then proceeded to examine the witness body form head to toe, gently touching many parts of the body. The witness noticed that the beings hands were very thin with only three fingers and a thin yellow membrane in between them. One of the beings then touched the witness forehead and he suddenly felt very lethargic and lost consciousness. Later he awoke to find himself lying naked on a hard transparent table. The witness felt calm and was able to look around; he noticed some type of smoke or vapor rising slowly from the floor. Moments later two short thin beings appeared and again examined him. 
He was then dressed in a thin close fitting transparent outfit and was rendered unconscious again. Later he woke up in a different room, this time standing but unable to move. The same smoke that continued to rise from the floor covered the room. Suddenly a very tall being wearing a long dark flowing robe appeared. The robe covered him from feet to neck. The being then walked backwards towards the witness, apparently in an attempt to conceal his face for some unknown reason. He stood next to the witness and performed a complete brain scan on him, without communicating with him.
The witness was then taken to another room where he met a tall human-like being with light skin, blond hair, bright blue eyes and wearing a white outfit and tall white boots. The being was friendly and communicated in a more open manner with the witness. The witness was eventually released and taken back to his bed by the two short humanoids.
     HC addition # 1971
     Source: Alfredo Colon Torres, Enigma # 72 Type: G

56. Location. Brooklyn Heights New York
     Date: July 3 1991 Time: 2100

The witness was standing on a street corner waiting for the light to change when he got the sudden urge to look up to his right. A sudden bizarre stillness came over the area at the same time. He then saw a brightly lit oval shaped object descend from the sky and hover above a nearby building. There were other witnesses in the area who were seen looking up at the object. The craft had four large rectangular-shaped openings. Several human-like figures both male and female could be seen looking out from the openings. The object was smooth with a small dome on top. 
There were two beings behind each glass panel, one male, and one female. All appeared to emit a certain radiance. One of the male beings seemed to be holding a round red-lighted device in his right hand. The male beings were described as taller than the females with long blond shoulder length hair. Some of the beings had blue eyes and others green eyes. All had high cheekbones and had a light tanned complexion. All wore close-fitting emerald colored outfits with what appeared to be glittering crystals imbedded in them. 
The craft tilted down as the beings looked down at the witness. The craft then drifted slowly away disappearing behind some trees. The witness apparently perceived some type of mental communication from the beings.
     HC addition # 1654
     Source: Emil C Rodriguez, Unsolved UFO Sightings Summer 1994 Type: A

57. Location. Near Springfield Missouri
     Date: July 21 1991 Time: 0200A

Three young teenage girls had stayed up late to watch a TV program and had gone into the backyard to play on a trampoline when they noticed a white oval-shaped light moving rapidly from the side of the house into a corner of the backyard near a large tree. One of the girls now noticed a strange humanoid figure standing near the trampoline. It was described as completely white in color, about 4- feet tall with thin long arms and a huge pear-shaped head with two large black almond-shaped eyes. 
The girls then ran back into the house and attempted to tell and older cousin of the incident, but the cousin ignored them and went back to sleep. The girls then re-entered the den and continued watching television. Moments later their cat began acting strangely and the television screen went blank. At this point all three then saw the same humanoid looking at them through a window. The humanoid moved its head in a jerking mechanical manner. The girls then ran to the basement where they stayed for the remainder of the night.
     HC addition # 726
     Source: Duane & Susan Bedell, Mufon UFO Journal # 282 Type: E

58. Location. Near La Tigra, Argentina
     Date: July 21 1991 Time: early morning

A lone truck driver was driving at 50 mph near the location when suddenly two very tall figures, one man and the other a woman, descended from the sky at high speed and landed on the truck's hood. The beings were described as blond haired, very pale with long hair and wearing tight-fitting white outfits. The beings remained sitting on the hood until the truck approached the outskirts of town, there they suddenly disappeared. Tracks were said to have been found on the hood of the truck.
     HC addition # 2
     Source: Rick Heiden Type: E

59. Location. Near Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
     Date: July 25 1991 Time: 2100

The same couple involved in an earlier case was driving in the same area, this time accompanied by their youngest daughter, when their vehicle engine suddenly stalled along a sugar cane field. They exited the vehicle and then heard some footsteps coming from the nearby brush. A human-like figure walked out of the brush and approached them. He was described as about 5-foot 9 inches tall, with long blond shoulder length hair, rosy skin, and hazel colored eyes. He wore a white uniform with a wide belt and hanging from his neck was a large round metallic medallion with a bearded face printed on it.
He wore tall white boots and was very well built. The being then easily climbed over a wire fence and told the witnesses to stop. At this point the witnesses felt a strange calm over them and were floated over the fence. They then followed the being through the sugar cane field. There they came upon a silvery metallic triangular-shaped object hovering four feet above the ground. They were all floated into the object and inside the man told them that the beings that they encountered previously were evil and were here to depopulate the earth. The witnesses were then floated out of the object and taken to their vehicle, which promptly started. They quickly drove away from the area.
     HC addition # 284
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 58 Type: G

60. Location. Near Baku Azerbaijan
     Date: early August 1991 Time: unknown

Students from a local military academy encountered a strange creature near the city. It was described as huge, covered with black hair, and with one large red eye in the center of its face, just like a Cyclops. No other information.
     HC addition # 1590
     Source: Fortean Times # 63 Type: E

61. Location. Olivares, Puerto Rico
     Date: August 1991 Time: evening

An eighty-year-old man was returning home late one night and was entering his front porch area when he was suddenly confronted and surrounded by five small gray-colored humanoids. He grabbed a stick and began to fight them off as they attempted to approach him. A taller entity of the same type now appeared and apparently communicated with the other five creatures, they then all jumped through an open window in the porch and fled running towards the nearby woods.
     HC addition # 662
     Source: Jorge Martin, Alien Update Type: E

62. Location. Missouri, exact location not given
     Date: August 1991 Time: night 

The witness was in bed sleeping when she suddenly began floating out of her bedroom towards a light and through the wall. She felt being pulled by a strong force with a quick movement. She then encountered a strange reptilian being described as five-foot nine inches tall with a green body that appeared scaly and rough. He had pea-green eyes with pupils slanted like a cat, black and yellow in color. The being lacked hair, had a small mouth, thin arms, duck-like hands with brown webbing in between four long fingers with sharp nails on the ends. The witness felt electricity going through her hands apparently after the being touched her. She was then told that they needed human beings to make their race stronger because it was dying out.
     HC addition # 1364
     Source: Linda Moulton Howe
     Glimpses of other Realities Vol. I Type: G

63. Location. Newcastle Australia
     Date: August 1991 Time: 2300

The young witness was in bed when suddenly large flashes of light surrounded the house and the room began to glow. He shut his eyes but he could still see the glow. He felt someone calling him inside his mind. Looking to his left he was able to see through the wall and saw his brother saying, the angels had come. The next morning his sister reported seeing a ball of light on the horizon that same night. It beamed a light on her and she felt scientific information being transmitted to her.
     HC addition # 2838
     Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico and The World Type: F

64. Location. Indianapolis Indiana
     Date: August 8 1991 Time: 1500

Under a pouring rain, the witness and her son noticed a strange figure that was apparently standing under the falling cascade of water from a rain gutter. The water seemed to outline its humanoid shaped body that included a baldhead. Apparently the being was invisible and could only be seen while the water fell on him. After a few minutes it left.
     HC addition # 1444
     Source: Debbie Tomey, Strange Magazine # 13 Type: E

65. Location. Maguayo, Puerto Rico
     Date: August 13 1991 Time: 0200A

The witness was awakened by strange noises next to her balcony, she got up and then heard a strange mumbling and gibberish sounds, she opened her Venetian blinds and saw two small 4-foot tall beings standing by her plants and apparently examining them. The beings hard large egg-shaped heads were skinny and gray in color, they appeared to be naked, and had large black elongated eyes on a flat face with two small holes for a nose. They had long skinny arms land left without noticing the witness, taking with several leaves and branches. They disappeared towards the nearby lagoon.
     HC addition # 659
     Source: Jorge Martin, Alien Update Type: E

66. Location. Near Victoria Argentina
     Date: August 13 1991 Time: 2200

Four men staying at a local guest house were alerted by two maneuvering lights, one yellow the other red, that moved up and down then in a triangular pattern. One of the lights then descended on the road near the guesthouse. Two dark human-like figures then appeared and seemed to float above the ground moving around back and forth. They were human-like with slightly larger heads. Suddenly the light shut off and a white bowl-shaped object could be seen. Some of the witnesses were not able to see the figures completely and only saw their arms and legs.
     HC addition # 1466
     Source: Dr. Roberto Banchs, Cuadernos De Ufologia Vol. 15 # 2, 1993 Type: C

67. Location. West Carleton Township, Ontario, Canada
     Date: August 17 1991 Time: late night

As other witnesses watched mysterious red lights coming from a wooded marshy area and a large white disc-shaped craft with a cone-shaped central dome descend over a field and then blink out. The main witness noticed her dog's unusual behavior and stepped out of her house to check the area, she then noticed a bright array of red lights through the trees across the street. As she continued to watch a huge object covered in multi-colored lights descended suddenly almost in front of her. The witness retreated closer to her house and watched as the object hovered. 
Two figures with glowing yellow-white skin emerged from the craft. These then opened a panel on the side of the object that exposed a tremendous amount of white light. As the beings attempted to close the panel everything seemed to go into slow motion and the witness blacked out. Here next recollection was waking up to the sound of a helicopter hovering low over the house. Two weeks later the witness was able to recall that she had boarded the object and had conversed via telepathy with its occupants.
     HC addition # 1110
     Source: Bob Oechsler, Intl. UFO Library Magazine, December 1993 Type: G

68. Location. Barrio Quebrada De San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico
     Date: August 27 1991 Time: late afternoon

The witness was walking by himself on an isolated field when a round dark object descended over him. The witness felt being lifted up into the craft. He found himself inside a metallic room, apparently inside the object. He was then placed in a metallic chair that molded itself around his body preventing him from moving. He was then surrounded by four to five humanoids described as six-foot tall, with large heads, small noses, thin mouths and lips, long dangling arms and gray-yellow skin. They mentally told the witness that they were here on a crossbreeding project between their race and our race and that it was vital for the survival of humanity. He was also warned of coming catastrophic earth changes.
     HC addition # 384
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 46 Type: G

69. Location. Maguayo, Puerto Rico
     Date: August 27 1991 Time: late night

The witness was awakened by strange noises from outside, she went to the window to look and saw two short thin gray-colored beings that were mumbling to each other. They heard the witness as she tried to open the window and both then ran quickly down the street and disappeared towards the nearby lagoon.
     HC addition # 660
     Source: Jorge Martin, Alien Update Type: E

70. Location. Pamplona, Spain
     Date: August 30 1991 Time: night

A night watchman saw a luminous disc-shaped with a clear dome land near his car. A small gray humanoid figure could be seen moving inside the dome. The object then took off and zigzagged away at high speed. Ground traces were found.
     HC addition # 2367
     Source: LDLN # 309 Type: A

71. Location. Central Georgia
     Date: August 31 1991 Time: near midnight

The witness was camping out with his family on a river and while trying to go to sleep, he heard a noise, like an animal outside. He went to check what was making the noise. On opening the flap of the tent, he saw a nine-foot humanoid staring at him. Standing only four feet away, the giant humanoid was dressed in a white robe like garment, and apparently had no arms. He wore no shoes or boots and had large feet. Yelling, he awoke his wife who came outside, she was then frozen in place. He was then towed by the floating humanoid to a clearing near the river where a white silvery sphere hovered about 20-30 feet from the ground. A large sliding door opened on the side and the humanoid towed the witness into the craft. Inside he was initially taken into a wide 35-50 foot long hallway. Then into a control center with bright flashing lights and consoles. 
There he saw about 10-20 other humanoids of the same size and clothed as the first one. The inside of the chamber was also so bright that resembled daylight. He was then taken into another room with a long black table inside. Laying him on the table, 8-10 humanoids looked at him. They examined him but did nothing to him. After a few minutes the same humanoid that brought him inside, took him back outside. He sat next to his wife, who became mobile again. They then watched jet fires from the bottom of the object, and it then shot away at a high rate of speed. The craft apparently left a 200-yard circle of burned grass on the ground. One of the interesting facets of this incident was that the inside of the UFO was much too large, as to what was seen from outside. (See the Lymington case of October)
     HC addition # 2645
     Source: John C Thompson Type: G

72. Location. Cuesta Blanca, Puerto Rico
     Date: late August 1991 Time: 1130A

A man riding his dirt-bike along an irrigation canal fell into a water filled hole as the engine of his dirt-bike sputtered and died, as he tried to re-start the bike he noticed a strange being standby by a nearby canal. The being was short, about 3-foot tall, with a large pear-shaped with large black oval-shaped eyes; it was crouching over a log next to a tree. Its skin was whitish pale, resembling that of a salamander. For a few moments the being and the witness stared at each other, then the being ran and jumped into the water and apparently swam away under the surface and did not come up again.
     HC addition # 661
     Source: Jorge Martin, Alien Update Type: E

73. Location. Near East Troy, Wisconsin
     Date: Fall 1991 Time: night

A motorist saw a large hairy coyote-ape like creature standing on all fours on the side of the road; the hairy figure stared at the witness then trotted off into the cornfield and out of sight.
     HC addition # 601
     Source: Linda S Godfrey, Strange Magazine #11 Type: E

74. Location. Berlin, Germany
     Date: Fall 1991 Time: night

The witness remembered that one night several persons came into her room and carried her downstairs, she was then taken into a brightly lit room and placed on a table. She recalled the entities as being humanoid of average height. They wore long white robes that covered their arms; no facial features could be seen. They took her into a landed lens-shaped object via a ramp and placed her on a table. The entities spoke to each other in an unknown language and brought some equipment to the bed and then began probing the witness. She felt something touch the back of her head, which gave her a pleasant electrical shock. At the same time she felt an icy cold penetrate her body and then passed out.
     HC addition # 888
     Source: Illobrand von Ludwiger, Mufon 1993 Symposium Proceedings Type: G

75. Location. Palm Springs, California
     Date: Fall 1991 Time: late night

For 3 nights in a row the witness young baby daughter had woken up screaming hysterically. As him and his wife ran into the room the child would point frantically towards the window. On the fourth night the witness was ready and ran immediately into the bedroom with a loaded gun, as he looked at the window he was stunned to see a short figure with a round head and huge eyes staring at him. The figure turned and ran. The figure hurdled over some bushes into the street at incredible speed then into a street, and under a streetlight it suddenly dematerialized in full view of the witness.
     HC addition # 3806
     Source: CAUS Type: E

76. Location. Sedona, Arizona
     Date: September 1991 Time: noon

The witness was alone at home when she suddenly felt very tired and had to lie down in her bed. Moments later she saw a man standing at the end of her bed, the bedroom walls them seemed to dissolve. The man was described as of average height, with slightly slanted eyes and wearing an unusual type of three-piece suit. The witness felt that the being was friendly and felt no fear. Suddenly numerous little beings then appeared all around the taller being. The witness then felt a severe pain on both sides of her groin. She attempted to gain control and asked the taller entity if they were form the light side? She received no answer. After much mental struggle the witness was able to command the entities to leave. 
     HC addition # 1395
     Source: Brad Steiger, Sherry Hansen Steiger
     Montezuma's Serpent & other true supernatural tales of the Southwest Type: E

77. Location. Moca Puerto Rico
     Date: September 1991 Time: evening

A group of about eight persons had gathered at the house of a local psychic when suddenly they all saw a flash of light and a tall figure suddenly appeared. It was a man wearing a tight-fitting silvery outfit with a metallic helmet and a long silver cape. He looked intently at the group and they all received a mental message asking them if they were ready for the message? He then walked out the door bending down a little as he walked under the threshold, he then threw a small golden disc into the air that flew in circles for some moments before disappearing. The small disc emitted a loud hum. The caped figure then left.
     HC addition # 432
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 52 & 53 Type: E

78. Location. Ashland Kentucky
     Date: September 1991 Time: night

The two witnesses had gone out one night in order to investigate a supposed haunted bridge in an isolated hilly area. As they looked around the area they heard rustling sounds coming from the woods about 50 yards away. They thought it was a deer so they decided to walk to a nearby abandoned barn to see what was in it. Suddenly there was a loud deafening scream-roar-growl noise and they head what sounded like heavy footsteps coming from the field adjacent to them. They then saw, running towards them, on what appeared to be somewhat all fours, a massive creature with long shaggy hair.
It stopped about 15 feet away and stood up and it had to have been at least 16 feet tall. They ran to their car and the creature apparently chased them. As they got to their car another vehicle was coming down the road, apparently scaring the creature away. They came back the next day and found some rather weird looking tracks or footprints in the field.
     HC addition # 2972
     Source: Ron Schaffner Type: E

79. Location. Canonsburg Pennsylvania
     Date: September 1991 Time: 2300

Two researchers from the group PASU were out on a stakeout for any signs of strange activity. They both had flashlights and communicated with each other with radio headsets. Soon they saw two pairs of green eyes staring at them from the darkness. Later they heard heavy footfalls crashing through the woods and sounds of metallic ringing coming form some nearby railroad tracks. Two figures then appeared, these were described as flat black in color with long swinging arms, about 6-foot tall and 150 pounds. They both ran across the two-witness line of sight moving in an erratic manner and disappeared from sight.
     HC addition # 1268
     Source: Keith Bastianini, PASU, Fate 2-94 Type: E

80. Location. Etowah Tennessee
     Date: September 20 1991 Time: 0100A

The witness was traveling on Interstate 75 when she and others in the vehicle looked towards the east and saw an oval shaped transparent object fly straight up from the ground. After going up, the object continued to pace their vehicle as it flew north alongside I-75. At one point, the object scripted an L with a smoke tail behind it. When the object was at its closest, about 100 yards away, the witnesses could see several figures inside it, moving their arms and hands very rapidly. The object changed directions at times, and turned abruptly and glowed. They lost sight of it north of Chattanooga. Two elderly witnesses in the car experienced severe health problems soon after the sighting, and died within a year and a half. If not known if there was any connection to the sighting and their health difficulties.
     HC addition # 2914
     Source: John C Thompson, ISUR Type: A

81. Location. Cerro La Matanza, Argentina
     Date: September 21 1991 Time: night

Several persons were inspecting an area of recent UFO encounters, when one of them heard soft footsteps in the woods nearby. They heard additional footsteps and one of them shone a lantern towards the wooded area. There they saw a one-meter tall figure, milky white in color with a large head, hide behind a tree. The being then, apparently annoyed by the light ran away, quickly followed by the witnesses. The being then joined several similar humanoids, which ran, towards an abandoned house near a local lagoon. The beings seem to emit a phosphorescent white light and were apparently naked resembling large babies.
     HC addition # 599
     Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 11 Type: D 

82. Location. Edinburgh, Scotland
     Date: October 1991 Time: early morning

George Niedzwiedz remembers lying face down on his bed and being woke up by someone in the room standing at the back of the bed just to his right, it was touching the witness shoulder with some kind of instrument. It brought on a tingling sensation. He also heard some words in his mind saying he wont be taking part of this one. The object was described as being small, cone shaped with a light at the tip. He remembers watching his wife leave the room without being able to prevent it. He felt that he was being deliberately being restrained in bed.
He received the impression that the entity was old or like a grandfather. Later the witness and his wife had a brief recollection of beings entering the room. These were small and wrinkly dressed in dark capes or cloaks. He felt that he had being picked up and carried out of the room.
     HC addition # 3128
     Source: BUFORA Type: G?

83. Location. Martinka, Hungary
     Date: October 3 1991 Time: 1800-1930

The witness was out doing some chores when she noticed a hovering bright pink disc-shaped object northwest of her position and close to the ground. She watched for a few minutes then continued her work. Later at 1930 she entered her house through the back door and the electricity suddenly went out, then she saw in front of the counter a luminous pink-silver figure with arm-like extensions. She ran away to locate her husband, but when they both returned to the room the figure was gone. 
A half hour later a glowing figure was seen approaching the house gate, it was described as short and moving his legs in a strange fashion, his hands did not move and his head was bent down. The witness went to confront the figure but was frightened of his non-human appearance, she ran again to get her husband, but again the figure had vanished when they returned. By this time the object was still hovering in the same location, it finally moved slowly away towards the west changing into a multi-colored light it then vanished.
     HC addition # 628
     Source: Gabor Tarcali, HUFON Type: C

84. Location. Lymington Hampshire, England
     Date: October 24 1991 Time: night

The main witness and a friend were attracted to a field by a hypnotic whirring sound. A strange object hovered over the field. The craft had several metallic leg-like protrusions with a rim and multicolored flashing lights. It also had a dome with a light on top. The whole object seemed silvery-metallic. The main witness approached the object and banged on it with his fists several times. Suddenly standing next to the object were three seven-foot tall beings that were very thin with pale complexions and normal facial features but with almond shaped cat-like eyes. 
All three wore tight-fitting one-piece outfits. One of the beings looked at the witness who suddenly felt light-headed and began loosing his balance, he was somehow drawn inside the object. Inside he found himself floating just above the floor. The floor of the object sloped down at an angle and was covered with symbolic tiles. In the center there was a pole and on the ceiling a spinning multi-colored light. The object somehow seemed larger inside that what it looked from outside, it seemed to be without end inside. The witness mind was apparently probed while inside the craft and he felt unable to resist. The next thing he knew he was at home in his bed.
     HC addition # 1562
     Source: Steve Gerrard, Southampton UFO Group Type: G

85. Location. Near Ponce Puerto Rico
     Date: October 27 1991 Time: 0400A

Six men were out camping in a farm area near a creek when one of them heard a noise outside. When he went to check he was confronted by two short humanoids, described as having oval-shaped heads, small noses and large protruding eyes. The beings were apparently looking over the cooked remains of a rabbit in a large pot. The beings quickly disappeared into the woods.
     HC addition # 1018
     Source: Julio Victor Ramirez, El Vocero Type: E

86. Location. Near Delavan, Wisconsin
     Date: October 31 1991 Time: 2030

A lone witness was driving on a rural road when she felt a bump on the front right tire and drove off the pavement. She stopped the car and stepped out. Suddenly from out of the foggy darkness, a large hairy figure emerged and charged up the road towards her. The frightened witness could see that the creature had a very wide chest and was covered with long brown hair. The witness ran back into her car and accelerated away as the creature ran behind the vehicle, jumped on it, and slid off. The same witness returned later with a second person and encountered a similar or the same creature.
     HC addition # 174
     Source: Scarlett Sankey, Strange Magazine # 10 Type: E

87. Location. Devon England
     Date: November 1991 Time: 0330A

A family experienced numerous paranormal and other events in their home, usually at night. They heard footsteps and other noises. One night the wife woke up with something pushing against her chest. She could not see anything. Another night she woke up and saw what appeared to be four people in her room. They were apparently transparent and were wearing what appeared to be old fashioned clothing. Incredibly, standing further back from them was what the witness described as a tall gray creature, similar to the oft-reported Grays of certain UFO incidents.
     HC addition # 3791
     Source: Malcolm Robinson, SPI Type: E

88. Location. Elkhorn, Wisconsin
     Date: November 1991 Time: night

An anonymous witness watched from his vehicle a wolf-like creature crossing the road in front of him in a bipedal fashion. No other information.
     HC addition # 176
     Source: Scarlett Sankey, Strange Magazine # 10 Type: E

89. Location. Pidan region, Russia
     Date: November 1991 Time: night

Tourist camping in an isolated area watched a dark winged man-like figure gliding over their tents. The creature flew over a nearby brook and then landed in a thicket. It stood there and observed the witnesses who did not approached. Later the creature disappeared into the woods.
     HC addition # 1281
     Source: Paul Stonehill, Fate, November 1992 Type: E

90. Location. Budapest, Hungary
     Date: November 5 1991 Time: night

The witness was walking home when three tall hooded figures approached him from a nearby open field. As they passed by him one of them touched him and he was suddenly overcome with a strange feeling. He turned around and the beings had already vanished. Later that same night while relaxing in his apartment the same three beings appeared before him and vanished. He felt a slight itching sensation on his forehead and after checking his face he found a small red spot on his temples.
     HC addition # 1994
     Source: Unicus Vol. 3 # 3 Type: E

91. Location. Budapest Hungary
     Date: November 8 1991 Time: night

The same witness as in the previous case was lying in his bed when he got the impression that someone was watching him. Moments later a man wearing a bright suit appeared near him. The alien told him via telepathy that he needed him because he was not an average man, he then walked through a wall and disappeared.
     HC addition # 1995
     Source: Unicus Vol. 3 # 3 Type: E

92. Location. Daviston, Alabama
     Date: November 9 1991 Time: night

The witness was riding around some back roads when he saw a bright light in the trees about 150 yards away. Next he saw the light come out of the trees and then noticed a round, but flattened cloud emerged behind the light. The cloud followed the bright light and flew over the witness and his vehicle. The light and cloud lit up the road around the witness. The vehicle engine then went completely dead. The next thing he remembers was traveling further down the same road and noticing behind him the white ball and two clouds this time. Upon reaching home his family noticed that he smelled like burnt cinnamon. He also found reddish purple stains on his hands that he could not explain. His vehicle had two 4-5 inches long, and wide, splotches on the front driver's side. 
He developed health problems weeks after the incident. The witness also noted a time loss. Later under hypnosis, he recalled that the bright light had been really a saucer shaped vehicle. He had attempted to grab a shotgun, but was prevented by a four-foot tall gray humanoid that took him onboard the object. Onboard his eyes were examined and apparently an implant was taken out from behind one of them. The being that performed the surgery was smaller and brown in color. Later he was taken to an upper floor inside the craft, and there he encountered humans in military style coveralls. One was apparently a flag rank officer. There he passed out while being examined again. On waking up he found himself being helped by a young soldier, athletic appearing with short cropped hair. The next thing he remembers was being escorted back to his vehicle by the gray type alien.
     HC addition # 2644
     Source: John C Thompson Type: G

93. Location. Near Delavan, Wisconsin
     Date: November 30 1991 Time: 1000A

A man and his wife driving on highway 11 spotted a strange creature that crossed the road in front of their vehicle. It was described as a large black furry wolf-like creature, which had a terrible unkempt look, it ran on all fours as it quickly ran into the brush.
     HC addition # 602
     Source: Linda S Godfrey, Strange Magazine # 11 Type: E

94. Location. Carolina Puerto Rico
     Date: late November 1991 Time: 2100

The witness was en route to a store on a roadway along a rural area when he heard some noises coming from the nearby brush. He looked in the direction of the noises and saw two strange looking short creatures. They were 3-foot tall and were wearing a tight fitting silvery outfit that was very shiny. Their heads were large and they had large pointed ears, they also had large bright white eyes. The witness did not notice a mouth or a nose. Both of the creatures were encased in a mild glow. The beings were collecting plant and rock samples and putting them in a small vase-like container. The beings suddenly noticed the witness and ran through the brush, quickly disappearing from sight.
     HC addition # 329
     Source: Jose Perez, Jorge Martin, Jorge Berrios, Enigma # 49 Type: E

95. Location. Bocana, Zihuatanejo, Guerrero Mexico
     Date: December 1991 Time: 0300A

Eleven year old Blanca Mares Diaz was playing with some friends at the beach front during a party, while her parents danced at a nearby saloon, when suddenly a tall, blond individual, wearing a maroon shirt, loose fitting black pants, and a pair of sandals appeared in front of them. The stranger sat on a lounge chair and stared at Blanca, he then looked towards the sky and she did too, she then saw an oval shaped craft shooting overhead leaving behind a silvery bluish trail. When she looked back at the stranger he had vanished. After the encounter the young witness has suffered from skin rashes and menstrual irregularities.
     HC addition # 3905
     Source: Luis Ramirez Reyes Type: C

96. Location. Devon, England
     Date: December 1991 Time: 0300A

The son of a family involved in numerous strange encounters and paranormal events, remembers that in the early hours of the morning he encountered a very strange being standing in his doorway. He could only described it as looking something like a local cartoon character, Captain Caveman. Unnerved he pushed against the figure and it felt as he was pushing against warm jelly, or warm air, but there appeared to be a distinct substance to it. The figure had long scraggly hair and looked decidedly hideous. After a few seconds the presence started to decompose, as if to frighten him even more, it then just melted away and it was gone.
     HC addition # 3792
     Source: Malcolm Robinson, SPI Type: E

97. Location. Puerto Rico, exact location not given
     Date: December 1991 Time: night

Delia V. reported that shortly after seeing a brilliant craft in the sky, she found herself standing in a metallic chamber occupied by a dozen or so very small, non-human beings, clad in gray. Delia remembers lying on a bed, screaming and crying, telling one of the bizarre figures that she could not give normal birth to the child she was carrying because her other children had been born by cesarean section. When she woke up she saw one of the beings with a child on his arms. Something deep inside her told her that the child was hers, but she was also afraid.
She considered the child strange since it appeared to be a hybrid between humans and extraterrestrials. She was given the child to hold and was told by the creatures that it could not live among humans because it could not eat human food.
     HC addition # 3304
     Source: Scott Corrales, Chupacabras and Other Mysteries Type: G

98. Location. Uintah Basin, Utah
     Date: December 1 1991 Time: late night

The witness again woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and as she came back to bed and lay down she felt something moving across the bed, she then saw two large hairy hands moving beneath her. She was then lifted from bed by a huge hairy Bigfoot type creature that then stepped back a few feet and rose straight up with her, apparently carrying her through floors and ceiling.
She closed her eyes and felt moving up. She does not recall what happened and next thing she knew she was being deposited back in her bed. The being again held hard and apparently became angry when she removed his hand and jumped on top of her but without any apparent harm to her.
     HC addition # 1651
     Source: James L Thompson, Aliens and UFOs Type: G?

99. Location. Laboulaye, Cordoba, Argentina
     Date: December 1 1991 Time: late night

Three young farm hands were playing cards in a small shack on the farm when a bright light coming from outside caught their attention. Frightened, they looked outside and saw a huge luminous object resting on the ground nearby. About 15 small humanoid figures were seeing walking and moving around near the object. The beings wore helmets with lights on them, resembling miners and seemed to have small capes on their shoulders. The object and humanoids were in the area most of the night. In the morning a circular ground trace was found at the landing site. A dog reacted during the incident.
     HC addition # 2764
     Source: Carlos Iurchuk, FAO Type: C

100. Location. Bekes County, Hungary
       Date: December 4 1991 Time: noon

After experiencing persistent vehicle trouble, the witness, a 65-year old farmer was doing some chores in the farm area, when he heard noises coming form pigs in a nearby sty. He went to check and suddenly felt a powerful odor and suffocating head, he passed out. He woke up 45 minutes later sitting in his work chair. He then left the room hearing a buzzing sound in his head and began seeing black rings in front of his eyes. The rings turned into a red sphere, he was then somehow forced to follow it completely loosing his will. He began doing odd chores around the house and as he did everything felt lightweight and every time he touched something he received an electric shock. 
The red sphere followed him everywhere he went. At 1600 he went to feed the pigs and when he was done he turned around and saw a human-shaped greenish figure standing in front of the door. The figure was described as of normal height and bright green in color. The witness walked to his house noticing that all the domestic animals were agitated. He went to bed and moments later the black rings and the red sphere returned. Later that night the witness went out into the yard and came face to face with the greenish figure. After 4 minutes the being rose into the air, leaving behind a V-shaped trail that became fog-like and disappeared. A booming voice was heard to say 3 times I will come back!
     HC addition # 331
     Source: Gabor Tarcali, Hungarian UFO Network Type: E?

101. Location. Catlett, Virginia
       Date: December 15 1991 Time: 1930

The witness was driving along an isolated farm road when she caught sight of a pair of low flying bright lights. The witness stopped the car and got out to look at the lights that were now blinking. The next thing she remembered was driving five miles further down the road. She arrived home with one hour of missing time and her ear lobes were bleeding. Later the witness had partial recall of being abducted by short pale beings with hollow eyes and long joint less fingers.
     HC addition # 1692
     Source: UFONS # 295 Type: G

102. Location. Adirondacks region New Jersey
       Date: December 21 1991 Time: unknown

The witness recalls being on a hillside with another person and going over to a field to observe a large descending object. The object landed very close to the witness. Three tall human-like figures emerged from the object. They wore one-piece dark colored clothing. They apparently approached the witnesses and took them inside the object. No other details were recalled.
     HC addition # 1668
     Source: Karla Turner, PhD, Taken Type: G

103. Location. Mainly Bekes, Hungary
       Date: December 26 1991 Time: midnight

The 21-year old witness had heard a very loud voice in his room on the night of 12-4-01, telling him You will meet us soon. This was repeated for 11 nights in a row. He could not locate the source of the voice. On the night of the encounter he was returning home from the movies when he caught sight of a hovering shiny gray disc-shaped object over the courtyard. He was suddenly compelled to walk under the object and a beam of light descended on him from the bottom of the craft. He found himself inside the object looking out a window at his courtyard. Two 4-foot and a half tall beings stood in the room with him. The beings were human-like except that they had large heads and eyes. 
They had long arms ending in three-fingered hands. One of the beings communicated with the witness telling him that they had been watching him for three years and that they travel via inter-dimensional portals. A beam of green light hit the witness on his forehead and after that he only had vague memories of traveling to a moon-like planet and of seeing pyramids from above. He later found himself in his courtyard suffering from a terrible headache and feeling dizzy.
     HC addition # 330
     Source: Gabor Tarcali, Hungarian UFO Network Type: G

Addendums inserted as they become available.


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