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Humanoid Reports - 1990
Complied By Albert S. Rosales

1990 Case Summaries
Humanoid Reports at the beginning of the last Decade of The 20th century. 

1.  Location. Vladivostok, Russia
    Date: 1990 Time: unknown

Aliens apparently abducted a 32-year old metal worker, Victor. Under hypnosis he was able to remember being in a white square room with round windows. Galina a being that looked like his wife but was not, apparently brought him to an area, blasted him with something, and he fainted, later he came to in the strange room. There was another entity there, a small man, dressed in black clothing. They questioned Victor, and urged him to reveal something he did not know. Then a humanoid that was different from the small man approached Victor. They probed his torso and he fainted.
Later he woke up in the same room. Victor was missing for several days, and when he returned home, his real wife informed investigators. Victor was tested, and strange cross-like marks were found on his body where the beings had touched him. Victor disappeared twice more. Later when hypnotized again, he recalled alien beings, screens, tentacles touching him, etc. He remained under medical care for a while. 
     HC addition # 3256
     Source: Paul Stonehill, The Soviet UFO Files Type: G

2. Location. Los Zazos, Tucuman, Argentina
    Date: 1990 Time: 1600

Goat herder, Flores de Mamani, was walking her animals back to her ranch along an isolated hillside when she suddenly felt paralyzed, completely unable to move. She was leaning back against a rock when she saw, a hovering sphere very close to her position. The normally fierce dog, remained quiet and the goats remained very still. A door like opening became visible on the sphere and two little men came out. They wore brown diver's suits, and had what appeared to be backpacks on their backs. The witness attempted to scream but could not. The beings were about 4-feet tall, heavy set and there appeared to be some stripes on their shiny brown suits. They wore helmets with a glass-like visor. She also noticed what appeared to be two antennas coming out of their suits. 
They seemed to glide just above the ground. The sphere was described as shiny and silvery with several multi-colored lights around it. One of the little men then approached the witness grabbed her arm and tied a rubber hose around it, and then he proceeded to extract blood from the witness arm using a syringe like instrument. She felt no pain. The other little man then preceded to milk one of the goats that remained completely still. Soon the little men glided back to the silvery sphere and went inside. The sphere then shot away at tremendous speed. Below where the sphere floated the ground turned white and nothing grew there for a long time.
     HC addition # 3459
     Source: Pablo Villarrubia Mauso Type: B

3. Location. Rural Western Australia
    Date: 1990 Time: night

While driving along in an isolated area, the 20-yer old witness found her vehicle suddenly flooded with light, it also became very warm. She blacked out. Later she had a conscious recollection of being taken onboard an object. Inside, strange beings with holes for nostrils performed medical tests on her. No other information.
     HC addition # 2665
     Source: Keith Basterfield Type: G

4. Location. Newcastle, NSW Australia
    Date: 1990 Time: night

After having gone to bed, the 60-year old witness woke up to find figures in her bedroom. A form of telepathic communication followed. She told them she was to old for their purposes, but they apparently still conducted an exam like a pap smear on her. The figures were short, with dainty and fragile bodies; they were very quick in their movements. The witness felt positive after the experience.
     HC addition # 2666
     Source: Keith Basterfield Type: E

5. Location. The Entrance, NSW Australia
    Date: 1990 Time: night

Winifred Crause was in her bed when she suddenly felt absolutely petrified. She began waking her husband and in her mind's eye could see outside. She could also see short creatures all around her. She then felt being taken up to a place, there she saw other people sitting around in a trance-like state. She was then placed on a bed, made out of aluminum. Several beings described as short with slanted eyes and wearing silvery outfits then approached. They communicated with one another using a strange sound. They treated the witness in a cruel indifferent manner, pummeling her stomach. She tried to reason with them but was apparently ignored. Suddenly she found herself back on her bed.
     HC addition # 3117
     Source: Bill Chalker, The OZ Files Type: G

6. Location. Moscow, Russia (?)
    Date: 1990 Time: night

Ex-military officer Moskalenko was walking with a friend, Major Oleg Belomestnov when a sudden powerful blow in the back knocked Moskalenko down and flung him off the road. Belomestnov helped him to his feet, shaken by what he saw, he accompanied Moskalenko home. Moskalenko was in pain and confused, he saw visions, vague and hazy landscapes. Suddenly they were ordered to stop and a short lean, unkempt man, clad in black, warned him that there may be another energized strike. The man in black communicated by using telepathy. He paid no attention to Belomestnov, who was shouting at him. 
The man told Moskalenko that this was a warning. The stranger then squatted down and touched Moskalenko swollen leg with the palm of his hand. It instantly got hot and the pain vanished as well as the pain in the rest of his body and the delusions and apparitions that had been bothering him from time to time since a previous UFO encounter. The stranger in black then asked several pertinent questions related to that UFO incident and moments later disappeared.
     HC addition # 3251
     Source: Paul Stonehill, The Soviet UFO Files Type: E

7. Location. La Caldera de Los Marteles, Gran Canaria Spain
    Date: 1990 Time: late night

The witness was driving alone on a desolate road when suddenly the car was enveloped in a dense mist. Moments later she found herself in another part of the island without any recollection how she got there, she had lost two hours of time and the gasoline in her vehicle was still the same amount. Later under hypnosis she remembered her vehicle being taken up in a beam of light into a hovering object. Inside she was apparently given a medical examination by several short humanoids with huge heads. No other information.
     HC addition # 3355
     Source: Ivan Castillo, Ano Cero Type: G

8. Location. Mesa Arizona
    Date: 1990 Time: late night

A 21-year old woman awoke in the night to discover she had half an ear missing. Rising form her blood soaked sheets, she saw what she called a flying reptile with large red oval shaped eyes, winging its way across her lawn. Local police could not find any logical explanation.
     HC addition # 2969
     Source: Gregory McNamee, Luis Alberto Urrea Type: E

9. Location. Tblisi, Georgia (Russia)
    Date: January 1990 Time: unknown

A short three-fingered dwarf-like creature that had a slit for a mouth apparently attacked a little girl. She was pushed to the ground and held down. Other children described various three fingered creatures and another boy saw one in his home apparently hopping down the stairs.
     HC addition # 2158
     Source: Helga Morrow, The Missing Link # 124 Type: E

10. Location. Melbourne Australia
     Date: January 1990 Time: night

An abductee six-year old son reported that one night five to six little men entered his bedroom and shone a light on him. He felt paralyzed. He then heard (apparently via telepathy), the little men telling him that he would not be hurt. They apparently examined him and introduced something up his nose. The little men were described as having gray skin, large heads, and huge black eyes.
     HC addition # 113
     Source: Keith Basterfield, IUR Vol. 17 # 5 Type: E?

11. Location. Ryazan, Russia
     Date: January 1990 Time: late night

The witness was in her apartment sleeping along with several other family members when she suddenly awoke feeling a presence in the room. She opened her eyes and a man of medium height was standing in the middle of the room. Down to his waist he wore light-colored clothing and from the waist down there was dense fog. The visitor's face was friendly and the witness then received a mental message telling her to look at the window. There she saw a hovering bright ball of light on the upper right corner. 
Her next conscious memory was of looking down at her street, then of being in a dark room. Later she found herself sitting on her bed looking at the humanoid and the luminous sphere. Something made her close her eyes and lay down. When she came to the humanoid and the luminous sphere were gone.
     HC addition # 1802
     Source: Vladimir V Rubtsov, PhD, Mufon Symposium Proceedings 1994 Type: G?

12. Location. Eschwege, Germany
     Date: January 1 1990 Time: 0030A

An eight-year old girl Jennifer Grabowski yelled at her mother from her room and reported that a short green skinned humanoid with long pointed ears had stood by her bed and apparently communicated with her. Her mother came into the room armed with a knife but the creature had somehow disappeared. Possibly returned on a later night.
     HC addition # 2441
     Source: Ulrich Magin Type: E

13. Location. Townshend, Vermont
     Date: January 6 1990 Time: midnight

The witness was awakened late at night by a strange-cloaked humanoid that stood by the side of the bed and communicated with him, telling him not to tell anybody of the visit.
     HC addition # 2437
     Source: Raymond Fowler, The Allagash Abductions Type: E

14. Location. Toquila Valley, Colombia
     Date: January 9 1990 Time: late night

Deontologist, Ivan Naranjo, and two passengers were traversing a lonely valley when their vehicle, a Nissan jeep, began to experience engine trouble. The vehicle soon ground to a halt by the roadside as its electrical system went dead. Stranded in the middle of the Andean foothills, Naranjo was doing his best to get the vehicle in motion again when one of the passengers gasped involuntarily at what was taking place in the night sky. In the horizon, headed their way, was an amazing interplay of red, green and yellow lights, which did not correspond to any atmospheric phenomenon, they could identify. They watched in sheer astonishment as the array of colors lit the sky and grew closer, increasing in size as it closed the intervening distance. Within seconds a huge disc-shaped device, was hovering unsteadily in the blackness over their heads. The object was out of control, and to their horror, about to crash land right on top of them. Naranjo and his passengers found themselves paralyzed by what he characterized as muscular sluggishness. Then suddenly out of nowhere, another massive disc-shaped craft appeared. Gliding into a space immediately above the dangerously wobbling craft, it fired a dense beam of white light at the vessel, stabilizing its erratic motion immediately. 
The surreal event became even more so as two humanoids emerged from the larger craft to ostensibly perform repairs on the now stabilized saucer. Soon the repaired saucer began spinning furiously on its axis, vanishing in a thick fog. The rescue ship vanished amid a powerful whirlwind that stripped earth, rocks, and dust from the surface below. Exhausted by the ordeal, the shocked witnesses spent a night of fitful sleep in the wilderness. In the morning they were stunned to see a landscape that gave the appearance of having been blasted by divine fire; water ponds adjacent to the highway had been turned into grim puddles of mud, and the carcasses of small desert rats and lizards littered the landscape, roasted by some form of radiation. One of the passengers would later die of an unknown malady, possibly related to the strange energies released by the alien vehicles over the valley.
     HC addition # 3111
     Source: Scott Corrales, UFO Files # 1 Type: B

15. Location. Vancouver British Columbia Canada
     Date: January 30 1990 Time: night

The witness was sitting at home watching television when she suddenly found herself being taken onboard a craft. She was taken to a very large round compartment resembling an airport hangar. There were many tables in the room each with a human on it, some were crying and screaming. She then was able to see several short gray colored humanoids with huge black slanted eyes and large heads, watching her through what appeared to be a large glass divider. They seemed to have an expression of fear on their faces, since the witness believed they had lost control of her. She also wandered into another room filled with upright containers. Inside the containers was a liquid and motionless human bodies. 
     HC addition # 1016
     Source: Lorne Goldfader, The Leading Edge # 21 Type: G

16. Location. East Hampstead, New Hampshire
     Date: February 1990 Time: 0400A

Two witnesses reported being awakened by a bright reddish light coming into the bedroom from a back window. One of the witnesses went to the window and saw a large circular object hovering 5 feet above the ground. He tried to open the door but could not, and then he hid in the closet. He heard his friend yell out, and came out and was confronted by a 4-foot tall heavy set bluish humanoid standing next to his friend. The being grabbed the witness hand and he suddenly felt calm. The being then smiled at him and the witness lost all memory until he awoke up in bed the next morning.
     HC addition # 729
     Source: Charles A Gallela, Mufon Journal # 289 Type: C

17. Location. Waldecker Mountain, Germany
     Date: February 18 1990 Time: 1830

The witness had taken his dog out for a walk, when the animal became agitated and ran away from him. He then heard a humming sound overhead and then saw a huge object descend and land nearby. The craft had a powerful light like the sun; the witness was illuminated by a blue beam of light and began having difficulty breathing. He then heard a metallic voice in his head that told him not to be afraid. The light became green in color and the witness calmed down. 
Soon two 5-foot tall figures, described as baldheaded with gray skin approached. The figures wore gray coveralls which had some type of symbol drawn on the chest area. The figures spoke in an unknown language that had a metallic quality to it. Suddenly the green light disappeared and the object and figures were gone. The witness who had been paralyzed was finally able to move. Some missing time was also reported.
     HC addition # 241
     Source: Ulrich Magin Type: C or G?

18. Location. Krasniye Stanki Russia
     Date: Spring 1990 Time: 1815

A man walking along a stream in a heavily wooded area was getting ready to return back home when suddenly he heard a thin squeaky voice yell at him. He turned and saw a very tall man with light hair and a tanned face standing very close to him. The man wore gray overalls with a wire running down from his neck. The man invited the witness to come with him and were crossing a field when a strange object suddenly appeared, as if it had come out of the ground. It was a metallic whitish gray craft with windows, bright yellow lights and emitted a buzzing sound. A door opened and both entered the object. 
Inside he saw three other men and two women, who were all busy with instrument. The witness entered a room and sat on an armchair by a window, outside he could see the roofs of the village. The witness suddenly became frightened and had a strange feeling. He begged to be taken back to his home. The object landed and the witness was let out, he could hardly walk and was very tired, he turned around and the object had disappeared.
     HC addition # 120
     Source: Sergei Bulantsev, UFO Universe October/November 1991 Type: G

19. Location. Elkhorn Wisconsin
     Date: March 1990 Time: 0200A

A local dairy farmer saw an unusual creature in the bright moonlight sitting along the edge of the road. It was described as dark haired bigger than a wolf. It was using its front paws to hold something that it was eating. As the witness passed by, the creature lifted its head and looked at him. It had a thick and wide head and a long nose. The legs were large and thick and it had wide front paws. The witness stopped the car and looked back but the creature had gone.
     HC addition # 179
     Source: Scarlett Sankey, Strange Magazine # 10 Type: E

20. Location. Ontario Canada, exact location not given
     Date: March 1990 Time: 1130A

An apparent bedroom visitation and missing time episode in which the witness reported encountering two round humanoids in his bedroom. No other information.
     HC addition # 2351
     Source: 1990 Canadian UFO Survey Type: E

21. Location. Barrio Borinquen, Atravesada Puerto Rico
     Date: March 1990 Time: 2200

The witness was alone at home meditating when she suddenly found herself transported to her backyard. A silvery disc-shaped craft then approached from the mountains and began hovering nearby. From under the object a tall human-like figure emerged. The being floated towards the witness. The figure was described as having fair white skin and blond shoulder length hair. He wore a white uniform with a bright red belt and red gloves and boots. He approached the witness and extended his hand. 
The witness attempted to run but the being grabbed her by her arm and held her. Four needles now emerged from the man's glove and were inserted into her arm. She then felt powerless and controlled. She was taken to where the object hovered and was told telepathically that they would return to contact her again. She was then taken back to the house and released.
     HC addition # 1194
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 37 Type: B

22. Location. Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
     Date: March 1990 Time: late night

Several small gray-colored insects like beings forcibly took the witness from her bedroom. She recalled going through a number of tunnels, then entering an object. Onboard the object she saw about 20 other humanoids of both sexes. The beings communicated with the witness using telepathy and was told she and the other women were going to be used in reproductive experiments. The witness reportedly had a miscarriage three months later. 
     HC addition # 964
     Source: Lorne Goldfader, UFONS # 263 Type: G

23. Location. Otter Tail County Minnesota
     Date: March 1 1990 Time: night

The witness ran into 11 inches of snow in her front yard to see a hovering disc shaped craft, this object ascended into a larger hovering object that suddenly appeared. At this point the witness suffered a black out and was apparently abducted. She vaguely recalled being taken onboard by tall blond Nordic type beings that predicted an earthly disaster between the years 2000 and 2011. An implant was also inserted into her nostril.
     HC addition # 2330
     Source: Don Worley, UFOS Alien Encounters 1995 Type: G

24. Location. Warburton Victoria Australia
     Date: March 4 1990 Time: 2300

Undocumented report describing some type of humanoid with green and orange lights that was attacked by a dog. No other information.
     HC addition # 2213
     Source: TUFOIC UFO Report 1991 Type: E? 

25. Location. Pocomoke Sound, Virginia
     Date: March 7 1990 Time: 1920

Two young boys were retrieving groceries from the car when they noticed a bright light approaching at great speed emitting a jet-like sound. It also emitted fuzzy balls of blue light over a field, which then dissipated before hitting the ground. The light was now a domed metallic disc shaped object that now hovered above the witnesses. A bright white beam of light shone on one of the witnesses while the other ran and hid under the car. Multiple beams of light now circled the car. 
The domed disc now slid back a panel revealing two short humanoids, described as having gray wrinkled sink and claw-like hands. A third humanoid now appeared and moved with a mechanical like motion as he joined the other two. The dome then closed and the disc departed with the same jet-like roar. An unconfirmed account indicated that the nearby NASA facility at Wallops Island had lost its radar about the same time.
     HC addition # 726
     Source: Mark Blashak, Don Lovett, Mufon Journal # 272 Type: A

26. Location. Marshfield Massachusetts
     Date: March 12 1990 Time: 0130A

The witness had previously heard strange sounds in the house around 2330 and discovered some overturned furniture. Later she heard loud knocking sounds coming from the crawl space underneath the living room floor. She ran upstairs and woke up her husband but he went back to sleep. She then grabbed a flashlight and went to the sunroom; there she found the heavy frame door lying on the grass. A 3- foot tall humanoid that was floating above the ground then confronted her. 
The being had a large oval shaped head with large black almond shaped eyes, smooth gray skin, a small slit for a mouth and nostril. The humanoid wore a black loose fitting cape-like garment. The witness dropped the flashlight then ran upstairs to alert her husband. A period of missing time was reported and an abduction event was later confirmed under hypnosis.
     HC addition # 723
     Source: Morton Schafer, Mufon Journal # 274 Type: G?

27. Location. Khabarovsk Russia
     Date: March 22 1990 Time: night

The day after several reported seeing low flying luminous objects over the area, the witness was watching television when suddenly static interference filled the screen. A breeze entered the room then a tall humanoid in a shiny suit with huge shining eyes and long dangling arms appeared. The being held a small oblong-shaped object in his hand. The witness blacked out and did not see the creature depart. Her dog whined incessantly the next morning.
     HC addition # 970
     Source: UFONS # 253 Type: E

28. Location. Lajas Airport Puerto Rico
     Date: early April 1990 Time: night

A police officer standing guard at the entrance to the local airport noticed some short figures that appeared to be running around on a platform that was going to be used to tie up the radar blimp. Upon investigating the site he was confronted by several short large headed humanoids that ran into different directions as he approached with his vehicle. The beings were thin, about 4-foot tall and with long thin arms. The beings ran into a nearby wooded area and disappeared. During the same time a large bright top-shaped object reportedly landed in the same location.
     HC addition # 1201
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 33 Type: D

29. Location. Erevan, Armenia
     Date: beginning of April 1990 Time: unknown

A 10-year old student was approached by a strange metallic robot-like figure, which spoke to him, telling him that they would meet again at the local school stadium. No other information.
     HC addition # 1520
     Source: Bronislaw Rzepecki, Robert Lesniakiewicz Type: E

30. Location. North Carolina, exact location not given
     Date: April 1990 Time: unknown

A little girl recalled being taken up into an object by a blue beam of light, inside the object she met several small gray humanoids that conducted a strange experiment on her. She was made to watch as a black panther-like animal tore apart a smaller animal; blood was apparently splattered on her. Later she was taken to the Black Panther, which was now caged and was told to touch it, she refused, the animal was later sedated, and she finally touched it. She also saw some strange looking children that were apparently hybrids, inside the object that had sparse white hair.
     HC addition # 635
     Source: Budd Hopkins, Mufon Symposium Proceedings 1990 Type: G

31. Location. Western Massachusetts
     Date: April 1990 Time: late evening

The witness was lying on his side in bed when he became aware of a presence in the dark room. The witness rolled over and confronted four to six short dark green-gray figures. He could not recall any facial features. The witness then felt a rounded instrument touching his neck and heard a buzzing sound at the same time, he became instantly paralyzed. His life flashed before his eyes and he felt like the beings were extracting information from his brain. A strong smell of sulfur accompanied the humanoids. Later the witness woke up and the beings were gone.
     HC addition # 899
     Source: Walter Webb, UFO Vol. 8 # 2 Type: E

32. Location. Erevan Armenia
     Date: middle of April 1990 Time: afternoon

The main witness and four of his friends were playing on a schoolyard when they noticed a silvery metallic sphere land nearby. As it landed it appeared to split in to two parts. Three figures were seen to come out and began walking around the area. One of the beings, described as robot-like, approached the boys. It had a screen on his chest area and on the screen it displayed the boys names. It spoke to the boys about future events in Armenia then boarded the object, which took off at high speed.
     HC addition # 1521
     Source: Bronislaw Rzepecki, Robert Lesniakiewicz Type: B

33. Location. Near Bishopville South Carolina
     Date: April 16 1990 Time: afternoon

A woman was fishing at a local pond when she heard loud splattering in the water. She thought a long had rolled over when suddenly a gigantic humanoid jumped out of the water. The terrified witness described it as huge, green, and scaly. It seemed to skim over the water. The witness ran from the area.
     HC addition # 2927
     Source: Mark Chorvinsky, Fate August 1990 Type: E

34. Location. Norwood Massachusetts
     Date: May 12 1990 Time: daytime

Jack Malacaria was busily washing a rug, as he did, he kept seeing a bright flash of light, flashing through the window. Then there was another bright flash of light and this time the light remained on. Something resembling a doorway of light or a portal then appeared in the middle of the floor. It opened and a man-like silhouette appeared. Malacaria heard a voice in his head. He received some brief information then the portal and figure disappeared. But as he kept working the voice kept talking to him in his head. He was apparently told that there were at least 170 different types of alien groups visiting the earth. He was to have further contacts.
     HC addition # 2991
     Source: Michael Lindemann Type: E

35. Location. Near Frunze Kirghizia, Russia
     Date: May 18 1990 Time: 2140

A 10-year old boy, Dima, came running to his home yelling that space creatures were outside. His mother looked out and saw several meter tall helmeted figures with glowing suits with stripes on their sleeves and trouser legs. The beings had hands with three claw-like fingers. Dima reported that when they noticed him, they pulled out a box like device from behind and aerial appendages appeared on their heads. When a car appeared the beings jumped into a nearby stream and stayed there until the car passed. A powerful vibrating sound permeated the atmosphere during the encounter. Later during a localized power outage several saw a huge red disc shaped object hovering over the area.
     HC addition # 2384
     Source: Timothy Good, UFO Report 1992 Type: D

36. Location. Frunze, Kirghizia, Russia
     Date: May 29 1990 Time: 0850A

Three women working at a garage heard extraordinary horn-like sounds, increasing in volume, coming from outside. Looking out the window, Ludmila Sadovskaia saw a strange creature with glowing eyes. Its face was a greenish gray and it had no nose and only a slit for a mouth. The women ran out of the office, shouting for help. Two boys living nearby, claim to have seen a saucer shaped object appear over the garage and land nearby, at the same time. Investigators on the scene the next day reported abnormal changes in atmospheric pressure at the site. 
     HC addition # 2383
     Source: Timothy Good, The UFO Report 1992 Type: C

37. Location. Northern Peru, exact location not given
     Date: May 29 1990 Time: night

After an earthquake, the remote area was visited by five hovering objects whose human-like occupants, encouraged the affected villagers and gave them advise on how to protect themselves from the aftermath of the disaster. No other information.
     HC addition # 1551
     Source: Uruguayan UFO Reporter Number # 10 Type: B?

38. Location. Calumet City, Illinois
     Date: May 30 1990 Time: 2215

A mother and her two young sons were resting in their home when they noticed a strange object hovering over a house across the street. The object was described as a domed gray disc with bright white windows around its circumference. The windows were wider at the bottom than at the top. A dark line seemed to rotate inside the windows. The object emitted a fuzzy white glow from its flat bottom. It then drifted slowly away. That same night the younger boy had a strange dream like experience.
He found himself at the nearby schoolyard where he saw several landed gray domed discs. A short gray skinned being befriended the boy then accompanied him back to the house. The boy remembers being told several things that he could not remember.
     HC addition # 1850
     Source: Francis L Ridge, Regional Encounters the FC Files Type: G?

39. Location. Novosibirsk Russia
     Date: Summer 1990 Time: 2040

The witness was talking with his sister in the living room when they saw on two occasions a short yellow humanoid figure with large almond-shaped eyes and a long black slit for a mouth. The figure was peering at them from behind an open door. The figure disappeared quickly each time. It seemed to smile at one of the witnesses.
     HC addition # 722
     Source: Richard F Haines, Joint USA-CIS
     Aerial Anomaly Federation Type: E

40. Location. Saint Just, Puerto Rico
     Date: Summer 1990 Time: night

Around the same time that the owner of some geese found several of them dead and mutilated, she saw, lurking in the nearby woods, a four-foot tall figure, with a large head and gray in color the figure ran and hid in the woods when it realized the witness had discovered it. It had a thin, frail, child-like body.
     HC addition # 2122
     Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 6 Type: E

41. Location. Near Rosamond California
     Date: June 1990 Time: early am

The witness remembers encountering a small pale colored humanoid wearing a black form-fitting one-piece suit with large head and eyes, standing at the stairs of her summer deck. She remembers arguing briefly with the entity. No other information.
     HC addition # 1341
     Source: William F Hamilton, Mufon UFO Journal # 304 Type: E?

42. Location. Cano Tiburones, Puerto Rico
     Date: June 1990 Time: 1730

Juan B Lopez was bicycling on his way to check some fishing nets, when as he neared the area he saw three short figures standing with their backs to him, apparently looking at the water. The figures were about 4-feet tall, and wore a tight fitting gray-white outfit. Thinking they were children he pedaled on to check on the nets. On his way back from the nets he again saw the short figures standing on the same spot. Still thinking they were children he approached them and reprimanded them. Suddenly all three figures turned around to look at him in unison. He was stunned to see that a red bright light came out of their eyes. 
All three were identical, and had sparse blondish white hair. They were thin, with long skinny arms, their heads were a bit larger than normal, with a small nose and slit like mouth. The witness panicked and attempted to flee but stumbled once, and heard a voice in his head telling him to stop, not to be afraid. He was finally able to regain his composure and left the area. Others had seeing strange balls of light in the same area.
     HC addition # 3407
     Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 20 Type: D

43. Location. County Tipperary Ireland
     Date: June 1990 Time: evening

In a farm area where numerous mysterious crop circles had appeared, the farmer had taken a walk on his property when a thin gaunt man, dressed in black stepped out from behind a shed and confronted the farmer. The witness was somewhat frightened of the man's appearance. The stranger began asking all kinds of peculiar questions in reference to the crop circles and made some threatening remarks. He talked in a strange monotone as if rehearsed. The witness ignored the stranger and left.
     HC addition # 56
     Source: Pat Delaney, Anne Griffith, BUFORA Ireland Type: E

44. Location. Yelverton, Devon, England
     Date: June 13 1990 Time: 2250

A witness was driving to work and when he neared the main road to town he noticed a six-foot tall human-like figure wearing a silvery suit and what appeared to be a type of headgear resembling silver bucket on his head. The figure walked quickly towards the witness close to the left hand side of the road. Then witness then drove to within six feet of the figure. He then turned the car around but could no longer see the strange figure. He then drove back along the road turned right into a dirt road then drove back to the road, at this point he saw the figure again standing by a large rock. 
The witness shone a spotlight at the figure without any apparent affect; he then became frightened and drove away from the area.
     HC addition # 1434
     Source: Bob Boyd, Plymouth Research Group Type: E

45. Location. Petrograd, Russia
     Date: June 17 1990 Time: 0100A

The witness encountered in a strangely deserted street, four tall strange helmeted men. He apparently then suffered a missing time episode and was possibly abducted. Remembered only a cover story.
     HC addition # 2363
     Source: Timothy Good, The UFO Report 1992 Type: G?

46. Location. Tapah, Perak, Malaysia
     Date: June 26 1990 Time: daytime

Witnesses reported encountering a tiny six-inch tall being with shiny red eyes. This type of humanoid seems to be the prevalent humanoid type seen in this country. No other information.
     HC addition # 3429
     Source: Ahmad Jamaludin Type: E

47. Location. Long Canyon, near Sedona Arizona
     Date: July 1990 Time: 0300A

Two men camping in the area were returning back to camp when they saw bright blue flashes of light over their vehicle, moments later a glowing white object with six portholes flew by at high speed. Later one of the men left the camp, going off to sleep alone. He was in his sleeping bag when he heard the sound of a rushing wind that suddenly stopped. He now began hearing footsteps outside his tent. 
The tent flaps suddenly opened and a strange being looked in at him. The being was described as reptilian in appearance with two huge round piercing eyes. The witness does not remember what happened next and only woke up when his friends arrived at his location.
     HC addition # 547
     Source: Tom Dongo, The Alien Tide Type: D?

48. Location. Burjasot, Valencia Spain
     Date: July 1990 Time: morning

Around lunchtime a group of farmers had gathered at a terrace of a local slaughterhouse when suddenly a strange beast jumped from the roof and landed on top of some cars, then walked slowly away on two feet. The men yelled at it but it did not even turn around to look at them. It was described as dark colored, hunchbacked, with a long black tail. Its head resembled that of a large dog, but it moved quickly like a feline. It left behind strange tracks on the ground, not resembling any known animals.
     HC addition # 3663
     Source: Bitacora Type: E

49. Location. Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
     Date: July 1990 Time: late night

The witness experienced several strange events while staying in a cottage by the lake. One night he had a dream-like experience in which he remembered standing outside the cottage with several persons near a barn. A female-like figure stood near him. She had a thin pointed face with large almond-shaped eyes. The witness asked her about her eyes and she smiled, replying Let me show you what I can do with my eyes'! Then from behind the barn emerged what resembled a huge toy-top shaped object; it was spinning on its axis. The witness suddenly woke up back in his bed.
     HC addition # 1437
     Source: John Robert Colombo, Dark Visions Type: G?

50. Location. Harare Zimbabwe
     Date: July 1990 Time: late night

The witness suddenly woke up to see a figure sitting in a garden chair next to his bedroom door. The figure rose and glided towards him. He suddenly became paralyzed. The figure apparently then pulled his hair and threatened him, advising him not to tell anybody what happened. The witness was then pushed violently on to the bed. The figure was described as very pale and with non-human features.
   HC addition # 1055
   Source: Cynthia Hind, Mufon Symposium Proceedings 1993 Type: E

51. Location. Tishomingo, Oklahoma
     Date: July 12 1990 Time: midnight

Two men were just below the Pennington Creek dam, when they saw a white humanoid blurry figure coming down through the trees from the nearby Rowe Septic tank co. The figure crossed the dam, entered the pump house, and then returned to the trees. Five minutes later, circular patterns of lights gleamed through the trees and rose to the top, then disappeared. One of the witnesses possibly had beneficial medical aftereffects. 
     HC addition # 2866
     Source: UFOs In New Mexico and The World Type: C

52. Location. Rybnik, Poland
     Date: July 23 1990 Time: 2330

The witness had stepped out of his house and noticed that his dog had broken the chain that he was tied up to. Looking up he noticed a powerful beam of white light in the sky and a small red light moving underneath it. The white beam of light moved around erratically as if searching for something. The witness signaled the beam of light with a flashlight several times and it apparently answered him by shining on the highway in front of him. The witness became frightened and hid behind a light pole. 
The white beam of light then approached and struck the witness on his leg. He then ran to a nearby house but it was deserted, he then ran back to the road and the object was now hovering lower and a red light and a ladder were now visible. On the ladder stood a humanoid figure, but no details could be seen because of the glare of a nearby streetlight. The being then re-entered the object, which was described as cigar-shaped. The ladder was drawn up and the red light was extinguished. The object then left the area.
     HC addition # 1652
     Source: Bronislaw Rzepecki, The Australian UFO Bulletin Type: A

53. Location. Kisbajcs, Hungary
     Date: July 24 1990 Time: night

A bus driver near the village reported encountering two powerful red lights on the road, next to the lights stood a short humanoid figure with a pear-shaped head with two large slanted eyes and extremely long dangling arms. The figure's body was steel blue in color. The witness suffered from headaches and blood-shot eyes after the incident.
     HC addition # 779
     Source: FSR Vol. 35 # 4 Type: C

54. Location. Oleiros La Coruna, Spain
     Date: July 25 1990 Time: night

Jose Garcia and three other witnesses saw a bright hovering light above the bay, it faded sway slowly. Later that same night four witnesses were leaving the beach area when they came upon two very tall humanoids, wearing long white tunics. Both had very fair skin and hand long hair, they seem to glide silently above the sand. Frightened the witnesses fled the area and hid in a nearby house.
     HC addition # 3353
     Source: Jose Lesta, Miguel Pedrero, Karma-7 Type: D

55. Location. Bratton, Wiltshire, England
     Date: July 26 1990 Time: late night

George Vernon, who 5 years before had suffered a near fatal car accident and soon received divine inspiration that enabled him to invent a mystical esoteric game, heard a mental voice that apparently was able to control his movements. Under its control he drove to a remote farm area and in a state of apparent altered consciousness he observed a hovering triangular shaped craft, and standing on the ground nearby a 2-meter tall figure dressed in black. Using telepathic means of communication the being instructed Vernon to place in the middle of several nearby crop-circles, six pieces from his esoteric game, some rocks and a wooded cross. He then left the area.
     HC addition # 3109
     Source: Bruno Cardenosa, Ano Cero 8-97 Type: C or F?

56. Location. Columbus, Ohio
     Date: July 29 1990 Time: 0200A

The witness woke up in the middle of the night to find a small humanoid being standing in the bedroom. He could only recall his tooth being drilled and possible an implant being inserted. No other information.
     HC addition # 1851
     Source: Francis J Ridge, Regional Encounters, The FC Files Type: G?

57. Location. Lexington Indiana
     Date: August 1990 Time: 1400

A farmer working in the field was somehow taken into an object by undescribed humanoids and restrained by straps on a table all the while assured that he would not be harmed. He was returned later after dark. He had bruises on his back and he was not able to talk for ten minutes after he was returned. No other information.
     HC addition # 3959
     Source: UFO Intelligence Newsletter, October 1994 Type: G

58. Location. Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
     Date: August 1990 Time: 1500

A couple swimming in the ocean noticed a strange figure floating in the waves nearby. It appeared to be an oval-shaped torso with a round head and two round black shiny eyes. No other facial features could be seen. One of the witnesses attempted to approach the figure but it slid back into deeper waters making heavy breathing sounds. It seemed to warn the witness to stay away. The surf was choppy but the being seemed to remain static in the water. Both witnesses left the water and later saw the being hiding among some rocks on the shore. 
One of the witnesses again attempted to grab the creature but he suddenly seemed to lose interest and left the area. They did not see how the being departed. (The witness speculated that some type of mind control was used on him)
     HC addition # 1192
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 39 Type: E

59. Location. Near Red Fork Falls, Uanaka Mountain, Tennessee
     Date: August 1990 Time: evening

Five persons reported watching a curious event. Near a large fire they saw an unusually tall naked man with long blond hair. Dancing around him were about 30 midget-like entities with large heads. No other information.
     HC addition # 2707
     Source: Don Worley, UFO Universe winter 1997 Type: E

60. Location. Wimbledon London England
     Date: August 1990 Time: night

The main witness and a friend were camped out in a tent in the garden of the main witness home when they began hearing buzzing sounds and a distant humming noise. In a dream-like state the main witness saw a man of average height, with sandy brown hair and dressed in a silver-blue metallic suit with a double cross crescent logo on the chest area. Three of four other humanoids accompanied the man. 
The other humanoids were shorter and jaundice looking with brownish hair that looked artificial; they also had weird eyes. The witness was apparently taken onboard a craft and was told by the more human looking being that their ship used crystal power as means of propulsion. He communicated by using telepathy. 
     HC addition # 1708
     Source: David Birch, Steve Holt
     London UFO Studies, Skylink # 6 & 7 Type: G

61. Location. Not given
     Date: August 1990 Time: night

In July 1990 the witness had seen a shiny moon-sized object hovering at treetop level and another maneuvering light near his home. On the night in question he awoke to see a large headed entity to the left of his bed. The entity appeared to be tucking the bedcovers in. Three other aliens who stood to the right of the bed accompanied it. The large headed entity had a skinny body, large eyes, and slits for its mouth and nose. It was light brown colored. 
The other creatures, all three of them, were short, ugly, and heavy set, with some kind of jackets on. The entity closest to him touched the witness hand as he put it under the covers and it felt like a frog. After that his memory became confused. The next morning he found out that his electricity had been off an hour and a half during the night.
     HC addition # 2272
     Source: Mark Chorvinsky, Fate April 1995 Type: D or E

62. Location. Elora, Ontario Canada
     Date: August 1990 Time: late night

The witness was sleeping in her bed when she suddenly woke up and was unable to move. She felt pain and pressure on her lower right side. She then saw a humanoid face looking down at her; the face was gray with large almond-shaped eyes and small nostrils. She could also hear machine-like noises. The being spoke to her and disappeared.
     HC addition # 1149
     Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research, Ontario Canada Type: E

63. Location. Owen Sound, Ontario Canada
     Date: August 5 1990 Time: 0345A

The Martens family woke up to see dancing lights that were apparently disturbing their cattle. The lights were yellow/orange in color and looked like their were connected to something very large. The lights gradually changed to a deep crimson red and began to revolve around each other, it gathered some kind of green haze or fog and suddenly vanished. That same night one son had a nightmare about a shining angel in the house. And the eldest daughter saw in the house a person who seemed to be quite bright, almost blinding her with light.
     HC addition # 2820
     Source: Barry Arnold Type: C?

64. Location. Miami Lakes Florida
     Date: middle of August 1990 Time: 0300A

A couple sleeping in bed were awakened by the sound of their back door opening and closing and footsteps leading to their bedroom. Both were unable to move from their bed and were curiously unafraid. The husband then saw three tall heavyset figures appear at the bedroom door. (The wife was faced down and did not see them). The figures were humanoid and dressed in black glittery coveralls. They seemed to be wearing some type of headgear that covered their faces. 
One of the figures then approached the bed and looked down briefly at the husband who noticed that the figure had five large thick fingers inside a gloved hand. The figure then walked back and joined the other two and all three then left. Both witnesses then went back to sleep.
     HC addition # 1215
     Source: Personal Investigation Type: E

65. Location. Island of Iona, Scotland
     Date: August 15 1990 Time: night

Edward Carlos saw an inexplicable beam of light coming down from the clouds. Shortly after, the beam struck him and he experienced a missing time episode. Later under hypnotic regression he recalled being examined by several entities, including a reptilian like humanoid, small white skinned humanoids and insect-like robotic creatures. He recalled having an anal examination to determine his health. The beings also examined his various organ systems, including his heart. They then used a laser-like light to clear Carlos's arteries.
     HC addition # 2537
     Source: Preston Dennett, UFO Healing Type: G

66. Location. Pulga California
     Date: mid August 1990 Time: late night

The witness and a group of friends were camping in an isolated area and he was sleeping in his van. Sometime during the night a loud high-pitched drone that quickly faded awakened him. Looking out he saw a very bright blue white light off in the distance. He was then startled to see the light moving and coming closer, expanding in size. The light seemed to expand into a rounded oval and began to grow rapidly. He closed his eyes but could still see the glow of the light. He opened his eyes and saw right in front of his face several small fluorescent balls of neon red, green, yellow, and blue light popping on and off. Beyond these down the meadow lay an arc-like light that he could not look directly at. It appeared to dissipate off to the left into a glowing haze. Within the misty light, there wee three shadowy figures that began to materialize. As they became clearer he could see that one stood at least a head above the others. This figure detached itself from the others and began to approach the witness.
The figure had a large domed head with the lower portion of the face sharply tapered in. It had a long thin neck and narrow sharply sloping shoulders, long very thin arms with bulging pod-like endings. The upper torso tapered down into a waspish waist that gently flared into narrow hips. It seemingly approached the witness at very high speed. Suddenly its face appeared at the window opening of the van. The being had huge glossy eyes and incredibly entered the van through the glass window. It grabbed the witness and pulled him out in the same manner. He was floated to the nearby haze and the two other figures, which were shorter and more robust. He closed his eyes and then found himself in a hallway that curved to the left. The tall being then led him a short way down the hall to an open doorway. He could feel the presence of others behind him. Inside the room he was urged toward an object that rose out of the floor. It resembled a table with a mirror finish, made out of light blue tinted metal. It also had what seemed to be tubes running within its sides partially protruding at various locations. 
The witness somehow received the impression that the table was alive. Without effort on the part of the thin being he was lifted onto the table, he was compelled to lay back; he then partially sunk into it, a soothing warmth surrounding him. All the time he felt other presences in the room. Later he became more aware of his surroundings and saw himself alone in the room with the Mantis-like being. He was again then led down a corridor. Looking into an opening he saw a room that seemed wider than the previous one. He saw a maze of round edge shapes of various sizes protruding from the walls and floor of the room. He also noticed a human female that stood upon a low, sculptured platform against the wall. She stood rigid, with heels together, arms loosely hanging by her sides, she stared straight ahead. Apparently his next memory was of being back in the camper van.
     HC addition # 2858
     Source: UFO BBS Type: G

67. Location. Coolidge Georgia
     Date: August 24 1990 Time: 0730A

Three children first noticed strange, snorting sounds coming from outside their house. Soon a high-pitched scream like a baby attracted Mollie Johnson's attention. Upon investigating she saw an eight-foot tall creature that walked upright on two legs. The broad shouldered long armed humanoid was covered with white hair. And it had long black fingernails and its teeth were longer than humans, apparently resembling fangs.
     HC addition # 3017
     Source: Mark Chorvinsky, Fate November 1991 Type: E

68. Location. Near Lake Cartagena Puerto Rico
     Date: August 31 1990 Time: 0300A

A group of people reported seeing five small gray-colored humanoids with large heads and huge bright eyes. The beings walked in front of the parked cars and continued down the road. One witness followed them and reported that two were 4 foot tall and the others 3 foot tall. They had large pointed ears, three large toes on their feet and only three fingers in their hands. 
At one point the beings briefly looked back at the witness who noticed a brilliant white light coming from their eyes. They eventually disappeared down a ravine into a wooded area. Small footprints were found in the area.
     HC addition # 878
     Source: Magdalena Del Amo Freixedo, FSR Vol. 36 # 4 Type: E

69. Location. Kolva Base, Verk, Komi, Russia
     Date: Late Summer 1990 Time: late night

The witness, Vasily A, was laying in bed next to his sleeping wife reading a book, when he heard a sound similar to a cork popping. At that moment the window opened and he heard a humming sound. This sound never wavered and was constant during the encounter. He got up and smoked a cigarette and closed the window. He then placed the book aside and went back to bed, he then heard a voice that said, Take the book, he could not see the source of the voice, it then said, You will be able to read faster than before. He then flipped through the whole book and apparently read everything. He then heard the voice said, We are going to examine you. He felt a strange whorl that seemed to spiral around his head moving downward. He was able to move his hands and legs but was unable to get up. He continued to hear voices and felt his teeth & jaw being fixed. He felt his whole body being scanned including his internal organs. His little finger that he had previously injured was apparently cured by this scanning procedure. He asked to be shown more, then suddenly found himself sitting on a chair with a woman sitting to his right. He described being in a very large room, with a very high ceiling and apparently no discernible corners. Everything was gray; there was a door across from him that was very large, resembling a gate. 
The woman was human and appeared somehow brighter than they gray background. She wore a white gown similar to a bathrobe. Her face had an expression of indifference without any emotion. Her eyes were black as coal and her nose was small resembling a knob. She seemed to have no chin or neck. She seemed taller than six feet, and was holding an object resembling a bar in her left hand. The bar was dark gray in color with a cloth like texture, more like a plastic material. While sitting in the chair he noticed that a man had entered the room. He seemed to be standing on a platform and was higher than everyone else. He was described as very tall, and muscular with a big body. Vasily had the impression that this man had great power and was a commander. No other details of this man could be seen. The man then appeared to talk to two figures standing behind the witness and asked them if the witness was prepared for transit. He was then told that he would be going with them. 
At this time he experienced considerable fear and a sense of loss. Vasily disagreed and refused to go with them, he suddenly found himself on his bed. He experienced a strange sensation like breaking free from some elastic wrappings. He jumped out of bed and looked at the mirror. He described his image as not quite like him, appearing skinny and gray. He then sat down to smoke a cigarette and noticed that the humming sound was still present. He still felt a presence of beings in the in the room and heard a voice asking why he did not want to go with them. He then felt being teleported to an imaged location where two unseen beings led him over a black band and into a lighted area. He was shown what appeared to be engines and structures; he was able to ask numerous questions. Later he was told by the beings that they were leaving, at that point he felt a sharp pain in his solar plexus. He then finally found himself lying in bed and heard the humming sound becoming more distant. He then went back to sleep.
     HC addition # 2688
     Source: Leigh Culver, Yuri Selenok Type: G

70. Location. San Diego, California
     Date: Fall 1990 Time: late night

The witness, who at the time was suffering from an incurable cancer, was just falling of to sleep with her husband when they were suddenly startled by a noise. She opened her eyes and saw four humanoid figures, about 3 foot tall standing besides her bed. She screamed and her husband attempted to rise but one of the beings waved his hand at him and he fell backwards unconscious. The woman was then levitated out of the house and down into a nearby schoolyard where a round craft with a blue beam of light touching the pavement hovered. She was then floated up the beam and into the object. 
They sat her on a chair and a taller alien entered the room, communicating with her telepathically. The tall alien then used an instrument with a roller at the end of it and rolled it over the witness arms and shoulder area. She remembers nothing else and woke up the next morning apparently cured of her cancer. She remembered seeing strange symbols on the walls of the craft.
     HC addition # 1938
     Source: Linda Biafore, Alternate Perceptions # 28, fall 1994 Type: G

71. Location. Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
     Date: September 1990 Time: daytime

Witnesses reported encountering in field five 5-inch tall beings. No other information. Later that month on September 28 a round object was seen landing on a field.
     HC addition # 3430
     Source: Ahmad Jamaludin Type: D

72. Location. West Farm Dorset, England
     Date: September 6 1990 Time: 0255A

A couple was camping on a field overlooking Chesil Beach when the husband got up in the middle of the night in order to use the toilet. As he walked over the toilet building he noticed an orange-golden glow coming from a nearby field. He then noticed several golden-orange balls of light rising and falling into the sky. He called his wife over and they both watched the lights. He thought of getting his camera from the car when everything suddenly became hazy and confused. 
The next thing remembered was being back in the tent telling his wife that they've now gone. A strange substance resembling lime mortar was found at the scene the next day. Later the husband was able to vaguely remember being in a strange room with glowing lights on the walls. And of being surrounded by several tall and short entities. 
     HC addition # 1982
     Source: Carl Nagaitis, Philip Mantle, Without Consent Type: G?

73. Location. Samara Russia
     Date: September 13 1990 Time: night

Witnesses reported seeing a small luminous white triangular-shaped craft flying above the rooftops. The object was apparently transparent and three dark human-like figures with large rounded heads could be seen inside. One figure was standing up, while the other two sat behind what appeared to be a control panel. The object later became dark and landed outside a perimeter fence of an Air Defense Radar Station. As armed guards approached the object it suddenly fired a powerful beam of light that destroyed the antenna on top of the communications building. Some of the sentries went missing temporarily and could not account for there whereabouts.
     HC addition # 1836
     Source: Antonio Huneeus, UFO Universe 1995, quoting Russian film: Cosmic Top Secret Type: A?

74. Location. Cambridge Ontario, Canada
     Date: September 30 1990 Time: 0300A

Undocumented report describing a bedroom visitation, involving a gray faced short entity in the bedroom. No other information.
     HC addition # 2352
     Source: 1990 Canadian UFO Survey Type: E?

75. Location. Sierra de Alcubierre, Huesca, Spain
     Date: September 31 1990 Time: 0110A

Two men, both ham radio amateurs, were driving through an isolated area on their way to meet other ham radio aficionados, saw a bright white light hovering low over the road. They remembered the car being surrounded by white light. Then they both found themselves in a bright room with a metallic rectangular table on its center. They then saw a short being come out of the light; it had large black oval shaped eyes, two holes for a nose, no ears or hair. Suddenly both men found themselves back in their vehicle, arriving at their destination, having lost four hours. Later under hypnosis both men were able to remember additional details. Inside the bright white room, the short humanoid approached them and spoke to them. They saw some column like supports and on top of the metallic table something resembling a sketch of a map. They also noticed something resembling a cage and inside of it a short ape-like animal. 
At that moment two tall thin men appeared. These were described as very pale, with shoulder length blond hair. They wore tight fitting coveralls with belt, and turtlenecks. These tow men conducted one of the men through a door that seemed to appear within the light. Now another short large headed being also wearing a tight fitting coverall now appeared and conducted the other witness through a corridor and to a door. Entering the door both the short humanoid and the witness proceeded to walk down another corridor that seemed to have small compartments on each side of it. At this point the witness noticed that they were being led by a huge hair covered creature, over two meters tall. The sight of this being apparently terrified the witness. Finally he reached a hatch-like door which opened up in front of him, there he was confronted by a being of tally human appearance, which at first he confused with the other witness. The being was wearing blue pants or jeans, a green shirt. He had long hair and was bearded. He also wore a cap with the letters NT engraved on the front. 
The witness had also noticed these same letters on the two tall longhaired men, but on their belt buckles. Inside this other room, the walls were shiny and metallic in appearance, there were many different types of machines and monitors, it looked like a command center to the witness. He also noticed two black seats and several transparent windows through which he could see a star filled sky. The bearded human was apparently explaining the function of the equipment in this room to the witness. Later he was escorted down the same corridor again by the short humanoid and saw the other witness being led back through a door by the two tall longhaired beings. Their next memory was of being back in the car and arriving at their destination four hours late.
     HC addition # 3543
     Source: Bruno Cardenosa Type: G

76. Location. Thurso, Quebec, Canada
     Date: October 6 1990 Time: 1800

Witnesses described an object hovering near the ground and a strange undescribed creature standing nearby. No other information.
     HC addition # 2353
     Source: 1990 Canadian UFO Survey Type: C

77. Location. Masson, Quebec, Canada
     Date: October 6 1990 Time: 1831

Three witnesses reported a huge frog-like or reptilian creature that appeared to be able to float in mid-air. No other information.
     HC addition # 2354
     Source: 1990 Canadian UFO Survey Type: E

78. Location. County Tipperary, Ireland
     Date: October 31 1990 Time: 1830

The witness, an employee at a local forestry preserve was doing some work at the pheasant hatchery when he noticed a yellowish light fall into the forest area. He rushed over the site in his truck thinking that it was a plane crash. Arriving there he saw no trace of an aircraft but did see a 5-foot tall man sitting on a wooded railing that surrounded that part of the forest. The man had long hair and wore brand new large jeans and a checkered shirt. Questioning the man, the witness was told that he was just here to help the poplar trees in the forest.
He acted in a strange fashion and proceeded to explain to the witness in very scientific terms ways to cure and correct tree disease. The witness felt that this last part of the experience had a dream-like quality to it. He last saw the short man walk off into the forest and disappear. Later the witness saw a bright light zigzagging over the forest.
     HC addition # 335
     Source: Diane Tessman, UFO Universe winter 1993 Type: C?

79. Location. Barrio Olivares, Puerto Rico
     Date: November 1990 Time: evening

The witness was taking a walk along an isolated roadway when he noticed a strange figure approaching him on the road. As it approached he could see that it was about 4-foot tall, hunched over and resembling some form of flying reptile. It suddenly jumped on top of a nearby wire fence. The being had large gray-colored wings, a large head with a pointed beak and some type of horn on top of its head. The being looked briefly at the witness then flew off silently and disappeared from sight.
     HC addition # 1199
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 43 Type: E

80. Location. Wales, Exact location not given
     Date: November 1990 Time: night

A twelve year old girl was on vacation and was staying in a log cabin when she was awakened by red and green lights shining from outside. She then found herself paralyzed and unable to move, and then she blacked out. Later she came to lying on a metal table, surrounded by several small bug-eyed type creatures wearing skintight turquoise colored suits. No other information. 
     HC addition # 2015
     Source: Gordon Millington SIGAP Type: G

81. Location. Kent, England
     Date: November 1990 Time: night

Maria Ward encountered a dazzling beam of light in her bedroom and a voice told her to follow the light, she then began to float upwards and could see the ground down below. She regained awareness inside a strange room where she was in the company of small hairless entities with large dark eyes and another, more human taller being who used powerful ESP to read her memories and emotions. 
Meanwhile the smaller beings conducted medical experiments, which included placing a probe into her navel and a worm-like instrument that moved about inside her womb. When she recovered consciousness, Maria was back in bed and covered with blood and wounds. She was then rushed to a hospital and treated as a victim of a sexual assault.
     HC addition # 2291
     Source: Jenny Randles, Star Children Type: G

82. Location. Near Arica, Chile
     Date: November 1990 Time: late night

The witness was suddenly awakened by a loud noise while her bedroom was filled with a bright light. At the bedroom door stood a 3-foot tall humanoid, with large oval shaped eyes and large pointy ears. His skin seemed to blow with a brilliant light. Several days before other residents had seen a huge brilliant object that briefly landed on a mountaintop.
     HC addition # 1197
     Source: Alejandro Mendez, Enigma # 45 Type: D

83. Location. St. Germain, Aube, France
     Date: November 5 1990 Time: 1900

During an intense UFO wave in the region numerous witnesses watched a large delta-shaped object flying at a low altitude. It shone several beams of light towards the ground. A man-like figure was seen moving inside a cabin-like structure. It flew towards the northeast and vanished.
     HC addition # 2362
     Source: LDLN unknown # Type: A

84. Location. Leipzig, Germany
     Date: November 5 1990 Time: night

A local artisan Rudolph Bauer reported seeing a short metallic robot-like entity equipped with antennas that flew soundlessly over the area. It disappeared at high speed. No other information.
     HC addition # 2442
     Source: Ulrich Magin Type: E

85. Location. Michigan, exact location not given
     Date: November 9 1990 Time: 0200A

Undocumented report about a woman and her 2 children encountering humanoids in their bedroom. Possible abduction. No other information.
     HC addition # 2210
     Source: Shirley Coyne Type: G?

86. Location. Plymouth Minnesota
     Date: mid November 1990 Time: 2030

The witness, who was feeling very lonely and depressed was walking alone, west on 45 Ave. when he suddenly found himself standing in a beam of white light. He was blinded by the intense brightness. Shielding his eyes he looked up and was able to see the silhouette of a large black disc-shaped object about 25 feet in diameter with an aperture in the center. It hovered silently above him about 35 feet up in the air. The beam of light emanated from an aperture. The disc seemed to move into position above the witness who then recalled a deep voice originating all around him.
He was then somehow lifted off the ground, and began floating towards the light. He apparently blacked out, but was able to recall lying flat on a table or bench and looking at a being with huge black eyes that seemed to be scanning him from head to toe. His next recollection was of walking east on 45 Ave. He then felt relaxed, warm, and to his surprise, very happy. He cannot account for 2 hours and 20 minutes of that evening. 
     HC addition # 2573
     Source: Minnesota Mufon Type: G

87. Location. Salisbury Plain, England
     Date: November 18 1990 Time: 2030

A young professional couple was driving back home after visiting relatives when they decided to visit the famous monument of Stonehenge. As they drove along they noticed ahead of them a small copse of trees from which an eerie orange glow emanated. As they neared the area a huge orange ball of light rose up from behind the trees and hovered about 50 feet above them. The driver was unimpressed by it, but the passenger was fascinated as the ball of light shot towards their vehicle and began pacing it. As they neared the monument area, the headlights illuminated a band of fog, which stretched across the road ahead of them. As soon as they drove through it they felt they had entered some type of twilight zone. 
Everything was silent and there was an overwhelming sense of stillness and isolation. The globe of orange light still followed them as the vehicle neared the security fence. Both witnesses exited the car and while one of them stared at the ball of orange light the other decided to look at the moon which was plainly visible. The orange sphere began performing incredible aerial maneuvers at times winking out and appearing in a different part of the sky. As the other witness admired the moon and the monument, he suddenly noticed a dark figure standing next to one of the large stones. It seemed to have suddenly appeared out of nowhere. 
The figure then began to plod purposefully towards him stomping its feet heavily. As the figure approached the high security fence, the witness realized that it was 7-foot tall, and almost as broad and completely black and featureless. The witness yelled at his companion and both ran to the car. The figure kept approaching eventually reaching the side of their vehicle as they drove away. The whole incident occurred as if in slow motion.
     HC addition # 2045
     Source: Albert Budden, The New Ufologist # 2 Type: C

88. Location. Plantsville Connecticut
     Date: November 19 1990 Time: late evening

The witness was at home and was just about to fall asleep when he saw a flash of strobe-like light and became paralyzed. He then heard a voice telling him that everything was fine. Moments later he realized that he was laid out flat on a table unable to move and nude. He then felt repeated pushing on both side of his chest and saw extremely delicate hands with only four digits working on him. He then became aware that a small gray figure was straddled on his waist area. All the time a voice kept telling him that he was in bed with his wife.
     HC addition # 1185
     Source: Lane Barnholtz, Connecting Link # 21 Type: G?

89. Location. Tsarichina, Bulgaria
     Date: December 1990 Time: unknown

Undocumented report of an encounter with a short 30-centimeter tall green-blue humanoid figure. And another describing a shining man-like silhouette. No other information.
     HC addition # 2161
     Source: Antonio Huneeus, Fate December 1995 Type: E?

90. Location. Dortmund Germany
     Date: December 1990 Time: late night

The witness suddenly woke to see a small figure pass by his bed. The figure was about a meter tall, and seemed to be wearing something resembling a hood. The figure ignored the witness and walked into a corner apparently disappearing into the wall. The witness girlfriend slept throughout the whole episode.
     HC addition # 2690
     Source: Dr. Johannes Feibag Type: E

91. Location. Melyvolgy Hungary
     Date: early December 1990 Time: 2230

The witness was driving home after visiting his sick daughter at the hospital when his car suddenly stopped and his engine quit along a quiet stretch of road. He then saw a small greenish figure with large eyes staring at him from the side of the road. The witness then apparently blacked out, later he had vague memories of being in a room with windows and lying on a table. He remembers several small green humanoids with large eyes looking over him. He later found himself sitting on the middle of the road in his car.
     HC addition # 627
     Source: Gabor Tarcali, Hungarian UFO Network Type: G

92. Location. Urbanizacion Valle Hermoso, Puerto Rico
     Date: December 11 1990 Time: 0320A

The main witness had just arrived home from work and was getting ready to go to bed, when he heard noises in the house, however after a brief search he failed to locate anything. As he lay in bed he suddenly felt a strong tingling sensation and became paralyzed. A small thin hand then appeared, it had only three thin digits. The hand began probing his chest and stomach area and seemed to be able to penetrate inside his body, touching the witness organs. The hand then retreated and the witness was able to move again. He went to look out the window and outside he saw 4 or 5 short thin white figures, which had large egg-shaped heads, thin bodies and extremely long thin arms, one or two were a bit taller than the others. 
One of the taller beings looked directly at the witness. The being had large greenish eyes and called the witness by his name. The witness then ran back to his bed and felt paralyzed again. The beings the appeared in the bedroom and began probing the witness internally. At one point the beings introduced a long thin silvery tube into the witness penis. At that point he lost consciousness. The witness claims he was apparently cured from persistent internal bleeding that he had been suffering from.
     HC addition # 1210
     Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 40 Type: E

93. Location. Sydney Australia
     Date: December 25 1990 Time: afternoon

The witness was selling 3D posters at the local railway station when he was approached by a very peculiar man, described as about 6' 10 tall, with large features, long white hair and looking very much like an American Indian. The stranger spoke about the human brain and of recovered craft being held by NASA that was apparently much bigger inside than what it looked from the outside. He also spoke about an alleged confrontation involving nuclear detonations against alien forces. The stranger soon left. The next day the witness saw a hovering silvery disc-shaped object, which quickly disappeared from view at high speed. 
     HC addition # 3319
     Source: NUFORC Type: D?

94. Location. Near Elkhorn Wisconsin
     Date: late December 1990 Time: 1630

Five children, the youngest 3 years old, were returning home from sledding when they spotted what they thought was a stray dog about a block away by a creek on a snow-covered cornfield. They began calling it and it just looked at them without reacting when it suddenly stood up on two legs, it was covered completely with long scraggly silvery hair. It then took four awkward steps, then dropped down on all fours, and ran towards the children. It followed the children for about 250 yards then it turned to another direction. It was described as having a wolf's like head, pointy-head, a man-like neck, wide shoulders, and dog-like body.
     HC addition # 178
     Source: Scarlett Sankey, Strange Magazine # 10 Type: E

95. Location. Huelva, Spain
     Date: late 1990 Time: late night

The witness was awake late one night when he suddenly heard strange noises and voices in the house. When he attempted to get out of bed in order to investigate, an object described as resembling a giant eye came towards him, preventing him from moving. Frightened he yelled to his wife, who woke up to see the bedroom filled with numerous luminous entities. Frightened she began to pray. Seconds later the luminous beings disappeared by walking straight through the bedroom wall.
     HC addition # 2603
     Source: Pedro P Canto, Visitantes de Dormitorio Type: E

96. Location. Sago, West Virginia
     Date: winter 1990 Time: early morning

The witness was standing in her kitchen looking down into the nearby valley when a dull gray metallic cigar-shaped craft suddenly flew by. The object had several windows. At one of the windows a figure apparently wearing a bowler hat was looking out. The craft was totally silent as it flew away.
     HC addition # 1956
     Source: Bob Teets, West Virginia UFOS
     Close Encounters in The Mountain State Type: A

Addendums inserted as they become available.


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