Although it would be impossible to maintain a complete archive of reports on anomalous airline crashes, we have kept some articles here for those who may wish to do further investigation.
Many of the original sources for these articles are no longer online.

First two cuts are just interesting observations...
Billy Dee reports that a witness writes, "Sightings seem to be picking up again. Although. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the airliner going down off the coast. The last time it was real active here was when the Egyptian airliner went down. On January 31, 2000, I saw another large triangular craft over the base. It was outlined with several very bright, non-blinking, red lights. Just like the last one, this one tilted to a completely vertical position and flew like this for quite some time. It then rotated back to horizontal, flew back and forth, and then descending straight down. Last night, I was watching a fighter over the base, when I noticed two dimly lit objects about a quarter of a mile in front of it. These objects were moving very erratically, back and forth, and up and down. The fighter appeared to maintain a steady distance behind them as they circled the base. <snip> God bless. Thanks to .

This from Steve Wingate > Anomalous Images Mailing List
I compiled a GOES-10 satellite image animation around the time of the crash, at 00:30 UT when the accident occurred. You may notice a weather anomaly coming from the west, south of Vandenberg AFB. The crash occurred just east of the three islands, west of Point Mugu.
Note the triangle formation that seems to form at the time of the accident just North of the larger island. I doubled the display time of the image at 00:00 UT because *the image immediately preceding the crash, at 00:15 UT was missing, the only image in the series that was missing*. I guess that was just a coincidence...
Was this a weather modification experiment based at Vandenberg AFB?
Regards, Steve

Alaska Airlines jet crashes off California coast; 88 aboard By JEFF WILSON
Copyright (c) 2000 Nando Media Copyright (c) 2000 APonline
OXNARD, Calif. (February 1, 2000 12:03 a.m. EST
[link no longer works]) -

An Alaska Airlines jet with 88 people aboard plummeted into the Pacific Ocean on Monday after its pilot reported mechanical problems and was diverted to Los Angeles for an emergency landing. Several bodies were recovered from the chilly water, but there was no sign of survivors hours after the crash.

Flight 261, heading from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to San Francisco and later to Seattle, went down at 4:36 p.m. PST, the airline said.

A large field of debris rolled in big swells about eight miles offshore as aircraft and small boats converged on the site just before sunset. Hours later, the high-power lights of commercial squid boats illuminated the darkness as a cutter and small boats continued the search.

Several bodies were found, Coast Guard Lt. Chuck Diorio said, but he could not give a specific number.

"Every resource is out there to find people," said Coast Guard Capt. George Wright. "We're actively searching for survivors. ... In 58-degree water temperature, people can survive. We're not going to quit until we're positive there's absolutely no chance."

Alaska Airlines spokesman Jack Evans said the plane was carrying 83 passengers and five crew members.

The plane was an MD-83, part of the MD-80 series aircraft built by McDonnell Douglas, now part of Boeing, said John Thom, a spokesman for Boeing's Douglas aircraft unit. The plane that crashed had been delivered to Alaska Airlines in 1992, Thom said.

The airline said the pilot reported having problems with the "stabilizer trim" and asked to be diverted shortly before the plane crashed. "Radar indicates it fell from 17,000 feet and then was lost from radar," San Francisco airport spokesman Ron Wilson told KRON-TV.

On the MD-80 series airplanes, the horizontal stabilizer looks like a small wing mounted on top of the tail. The stabilizer, which includes panels that pitch the nose up and down, is brought into balance, or "trimmed," from the cockpit.

If a plane lost its horizontal stabilizer, it would have no means to keep the nose pointed at the proper angle up or down, and the plane would begin an uncontrollable dive.

A source with close knowledge of the investigation, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the flight was normal and stable until the crew reported control problems. Radar showed the plane plunging toward the ocean shortly afterward.

Evans said the plane had no previous stabilizer problems, and FAA spokesman John Clabes said it had never been in an accident. [my emphasis--ed.]

Evans also said the plane was serviced on Sunday, went through a low-level maintenance check on Jan. 11 and had a more thorough routine check last January. It was unclear what Sunday's service entailed.

Alaska Airlines, which has a distinctive image of an Eskimo painted on the tails of its planes, has an excellent safety record. It serves more than 40 cities in Alaska, Canada, Mexico and five Western states.

The National Transportation Safety Board was assembling a team of investigators in Washington, D.C., and planned to send them to the crash site, spokesman Pat Cariseo said. Gov. Gray Davis said he had ordered the California National Guard to offer whatever help is needed.

The weather was clear at the crash site, where the water is between 300 and 750 feet deep, said Coast Guard Cmdr. Jim McPherson.

On Sunday, a Kenya Airways flight crashed into the Atlantic Ocean shortly after take off from Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The Airbus 310 carried 10 crew members and 169 passengers. At least 10 people survived.

Last Oct. 31, EgyptAir Flight 990 plummeted into the ocean 60 miles south of the Massachusetts island of Nantucket. All 217 people aboard the Boeing 767 were killed.

The most recent fatal crash in the United States involving an MD-80 series jet was last summer's American Airlines accident in Little Rock, Ark. Eleven people were killed and 110 injured when an MD-82 landed in high wind and heavy rain, ran off the runway, broke apart and caught fire.

The MD-80 is a twin-jet version of the more widely known DC-9, with a single aisle and an engine on each side of the tail. It went into service in 1980 and has had at least five variations that offer different ranges and seating capacities.
Alaska Airlines, based in Seattle, operates several flights from Puerto Vallarta, a resort on Mexico's Pacific coast, to the U.S. The airline had two fatal accidents in the 1970s, both in Alaska, according to Airsafe.com, a Web site that tracks plane crashes.
In 1971, an Alaska Airlines Boeing 727-100 approaching Juneau crashed into a mountain slope after the crew had received misleading navigational information. All 104 passengers and seven crew members and were killed.
In 1976, one passenger was killed when a 727 overran the runway after landing in Ketchikan.
San Francisco airport officials offered to help friends and families of the victims Monday night, Wilson said.
"Whatever they want us to do," he said. "We'll put them up for the night. We'll feed them. We'll console them. We'll bring to them whatever they desire."
Associated Press Writer Glen Johnson contributed to this report.
-----Steve Wingate,
Anomalous Images and UFO Files, http://www.anomalous-images.com

1.29.00 Pan Am 103: "Lockerbie + Pan Am 103 + crash + Libya +UN"
We were forwarded this from our respondent and trusted source Virginia McCullough. The REAL story about why this flight went down over Lockerbie, Scotland.
[link is no longer working]

This is probably the most important email I have received since I have been on the world wide net. The implications for the following are astronomical:

1) Campaign 2000
2) US-Iranian relationships
3) Overturning the convictions of DEA/CIA informant Michael Riconosciuto and whistle blower Lester Coleman
4) The Inslaw/Promis[e] case
5) The murders of 270 innocent passengers aboard Pan Am 103 and the victims on the ground at Lockerbie
6) The assassinations of journalists Jos "Danny" Casolaro, Anson Ng and Jonathan Moyle
7) Indictments for perjury and possibly murder of top DOJ/DEA/DIA/CIA/FBI officials.
8) The "reigning in" of officials out-of-control such as liar Michael T. Hurley.
9) The limiting of funds for our rogue "three initial" agencies.
10) The re-examination of our folly "war on drugs".

For those of you who REALLY want to know what happened at Lockerbie to the following web page and proceed as follows:
1) Click on "latest news page".
2) Click on "Rumor Mills News".
3) Click on both "Background info" following "new evidence" article.
4) Scroll down to "Israeli Report On New Evidence" article.
5) Click on "Background info" entitled "Death of Amiran Nir.
6) Scroll down to "Former FBI Official".
7) Click on "Background info" entitled "the truth about Oliver Nir".

The questions I would like to have answered are the following:
1) Who is the author of "Rumor Mills News" article, Graham K. Yost and what is his background?
2) What is the name of the defense attorney for Lester Coleman?
3) Can the defense attorney's FOIA request be posted?
4) What is the case number and name of the South Florida Civil Case in which Michael T. Hurley gave a deposition?
5) Are there any other cases that contain depos or testimony by Michael T. Hurley?
6) Who arranged to ship Michael T. Hurley off to Washington state to prosecute Michael Riconosciuto?
7) Did any of the following individuals help set up Michael Riconosciuto and/or Lester Coleman?

  1. Former LA FBI head Ted Gunderson
  2. Gunderson's close friend, international arms [and possibly drugs] dealer, Robert Booth Nichols?
  3. Linda Tumulty "The Tumultuous Lady" involved with the Fayed's lawsuit against those he alleges tried to sell him falsified documents in the death of his son and Princess Diana.
  4. Co-defendant and mystery man in the Fayed lawsuit, Pat McMillan.
  5. Cabazon Indian Controllers, "Dr." John Phillip Nichols and/or his sons Paul Nichols and Mark Nichols?
  6. Former or current alleged CIA Utah attorney, Alan Boyak.
  7. DEA/DIA political prostitute, Michael T. Hurley?
  8. Washington State Riconosciuto "defense" attorney John M. Rossellini?
  9. Is there an International law that covers "player's with the truth" such as Michael T. Hurley?
    For example: If a "player" lies or is found unbelievable can and/or must a court anywhere else in the world reject his testimony and can that court indict him or her for perjury?
  10. Are there state laws covering perjury that results in the murder of any individual?
  11. Is there any additional information available about the Kabbaras brothers from Rome with operated Kabbara

International Export [KINEX] whose phone was answered by the American Embassy in Rome?.

"Lockerbie + Pan Am 103 + crash + Libya +UN"
http://mindit.netmind.com/go/1/23073856/8079668/141/1  [link no longer works]
Please repost and distribute as widely as possible.

2.1.00 Fl 261--Which way was which? -- Airstrip only MINUTES away!
There is one OVERWHELMINGLY significant fact about the crash of Alaska Airlines Fl. 261: a fact we did know, but had forgotten. It took Anthony Hilder of the Free World Alliance www.freeworldalliance.com, who is INTIMATELY familiar with the area where the jet crashed, to remind us of this CRUCIAL fact.
Pt. Mugu is a NAVAL AIR STATION... with a fully equipped airport, which has runways long enough for C-130s to land and take off.
There is no way in HELL that ANY private or commercial pilot flying in that area would not have KNOWN this: and, if a serious air emergency were threatening their lives and those of their passengers, ANY pilot would have sought to make a landing at the Pt. Mugu facility.
Of this there can indeed not be ONE single if, and or but. It's a question of survival, PERIOD.
Fl. 261 was only several miles away from the runways at Pt. Mugu--in fact, the runways would have been CLEARLY visible from the jet at 17,000 feet, if by some incredible lapse of knowledge the pilots were not aware of their existence.
ANY aircraft in serious distress would be completely authorized to land there--and WOULD DO SO.
The fact that we are NOW being told that the pilots of Fl. 261, after experiencing some serious mechanical problems with the plane, were going to TURN AROUND and take the plane SOUTH about 40 miles to Los Angeles Int'l Airport, when there was a perfectly adequate place to land only MINUTES AWAY, is definitely the biggest and most BLATANT lie which has yet been disseminated by officialdom about the crash of Fl. 261; the latest in a string of DRASTICALLY suspicious air disasters.
One of the most startling differences in the way the crash of EgyptAir Fl. 990 was handled and the way the crash of Alaska Airlines Fl. 261 is being handled, is that news about Fl. 261 barely ever even reached mass media outlet's headlines in the first place; and regular updates are almost nonexistent--the total OPPOSITE of what was the case with Fl. 990.
We can only conclude that since there are no international ramifications and no foreign governments looking over the feds' shoulders on this one, the feds are going to screw the lid on tight IMMEDIATELY regarding Fl. 261, and do their best to keep it that way.
Having said this, we do concur with Hilder that for the Navy to take down a jet with EM/RF weaponry (Pt. Mugu's "specialty") mere miles from the base would hardly be an ideal scenario for the perpetrators. Maybe the Navy DIDN'T take the jet down. All we DO know, however, is that there was a perfectly good place for this jet to land, and yet it crashed into the ocean while supposedly attempting to return to an airport 40 miles away. Sound fishy? VERY.
And as for motive? Haven't a clue. ---NewsHawk(r) Inc.

2.1.00 Alaska Air Fl. 261//Zapped by HAARP (Tesla Transmitters)?
Ron Hannivig asks the hard question. And so does NewsHawk.
I happen know this area where the plane went down quite well. It is very
close to the Port Hueneme AND Pt. Mugu Naval facilities. These facilities, as anyone who has researched covert military facilities used for covert projects can attest, are reliably reported to have MASSIVE underground facilities and to be a hotbed of ultra-classified operations--some said to involve off-world entities and technology.
Strange indeed, that the plane, which had JUST BEEN SERVICED on SUNDAY, AND had passed a full inspection as recently as January 11, went completely haywire in this location.
The chance of either accidental or deliberate interference with the plane's systems and electromechanical functions caused by certain exceptionally high-powered equipment at the Naval facilities right nearby or from another location (as Hannivig notes) would seem to us to be EXTRAORDINARILY high. ---NewsHawk(r) Inc.

Alaska Airlines Flight 261
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000
From: "Ronald T. Hannivig"
John, It has been hours into this incident and CNN had NOT been able to cite the depth of the water where Alaska Airlines MD 80 series appears to have crashed off the coast of California.
According to my old National Geographic chart/map, the depth is approx. 130 - 150 fathoms ... and a fathom is equal to 6 feet. Therefore, this water is deep. Why they could not have found its fundamental information by now is indeed questionable.
Had Alaska Airlines Flight 261 been zapped by an E/M P or the Scalar Effect?
According to my quick check of the known, active, potential E/M P Tx sites - the two that directly align at the optimum right angle (90 degrees) happens to be the HAARP site in Alaska, and that recently found Tx site located very near to Padhuca, Kentucky. The US Navy's Jim Creek, Washington Tx site comes close ... but not that close. --Ron Hannivig, Simpson, PA

2.1.00 Fl 2+6+1 --From 17,000' To Upside Down In Water
WHY, if this plane was so far below standard cruising altitude, wasn't there some kind of effort to bring the plane down to a relatively soft water impact (you know, the kind they always imply CAN actually be accomplished, every time flight crews run through the emergency procedures on commercial flights before taking off)? And, WHY didn't pilots communicate via radio their intentions to make such a fully-warranted attempt at a soft water landing??
Further, respondent Walter Lee notes that MSNBC quoted crash witnesses as saying the plane was upside down in the water, apparently relatively INTACT, after the crash.
Commentators noted the lack of communication from the plane's cockpit about their altitude and attempts at a water landing was disturbing and puzzling, to say the least. ---NewsHawk(r) Inc.

Re: Alaska Air Fl. 261--Input from Readers 2/1/00 From: Walter Lee
Don't know any more than I have seen on the news, but Geraldo Rivera gave reports last night on his MSNBC show that "witnesses"(?) said that the plane was upside down in the water following the crash.
Commentators at that point were talking about ditching and flipping over and how unusual it was that there was no communication from the plane if the pilots were in a position to attempt to set it down on the water.
I haven't heard anything else about the plane being in one piece in the water since 8:15 p.m. (CST) but it is another case of initial reports disappearing. [my emphasis--ed.] Have you heard anything else about a water "landing"? --Walter Lee

2.1.00 Crash Victim Headed Group Owning 12 MILLION Acres at HAARP Site! --Possible Motive Uncovered
We've shown that although a cover-up regarding the crash of Alaska Airlines Fl. 261 is now OBVIOUS--as there's NO WAY pilots would have ever considered turning around and flying 40 miles to LAX when they could and WOULD have definitely been well able to attempt landing at Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station (and WHY aren't mass media outlets PURSUING THIS irrefutable and devastating TRUTH?!), if Pt. Mugu's KNOWN EM warfare technologies WERE used to bring down the jet, it must have been a rather desperate move, as it sure as hell looks suspicious as hell having the plane crash right in the Naval base's backyard (and never attempting a landing!!).
We also indicated we were uncertain as to the MOTIVE for the government (Navy) or anyone else to cause the crash.
Well, it looks as though a motive may now have raised it's gruesome head in this case.
We previously reported that one of the victims on board Fl. 261 was a Morris Thompson--until very recently the president of a Native American land corporation in Alaska called Doyon. This company is in fact the single LARGEST landowner in the U.S.! This is a BIG, BIG, BIG chunk of real estate we're talking about here, folks.
And guess what? The primary Navy HAARP transmitter site in Alaska sits RIGHT ON THE BORDER of the Doyon land holdings! Bingo, anyone?
We'd say the chances are EXTREMELY high that in relation to some aspect of the Navy's HAARP operations in Gakona, Alaska and possible current or future activities on adjacent Doyon land, and in order to ensure the death of this person Morris Thompson and to shut down some particular knowledge he possessed, Alaska Airlines Fl. 261 was taken out of the sky with EM warfare technology KNOWN to exist at Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station and associated facilities, including subterranean ones.
Kent Steadman of Cyberspace Orbit has some details below. ---NewsHawk Inc.

Doyon land and HAARP 2/2/00 From:
Look at this composite map at: http://www.cbjd.net/orbit/project/md-80.html
[this link no longer works], specifically: http://www.cbjd.net/orbit/project/Lands5.jpg  [link no longer works]
Recall that: Anchorage, Jan. 31- It's now known that at least five Alaskans were on the Alaska Airlines plane that crashed off the California coast Monday, including a well respected Native leader, along with a former lawmaker's son.
Former Doyon president Morris Thompson, his wife, Thelma, and their daughter were also among the 83 passengers and five crewmembers onboard. Thompson, 61, recently retired as head of the Interior regional Native corporation. He was at the helm of Doyon since 1985.
With the land entitlement of 12.5 million acres, Doyon is the largest private landowner in North America.
Hmmmm, looks like HAARP is on the border, slightly inside or outside, yet to be determined, of Native Doyon land.   ---Kent

2/2/00 American Airliner returns to Phoenix, Arizona HEADS UP!
From: "Virginia McCullough"
CNN's "Burden of Proof" has just announced that an American Airline plane enroute from Phoenix, Arizona to Dallas, Texas just declared an emergency citing a Stabilizer problem. The plane turned around and is now safely on the ground in Phoenix. Watch for follow ups. ---virginia.mccullough
Was this situation somehow deliberately engineered, in order to make what happened to Alaska Airlines Flight 261 seem more plausible, or WHAT?
OR, are certain unusual EM/RF transmissions either accidentally or intentionally interfering with and incapacitating on-board computerized flight systems on modern aircraft on a regular basis? --NewsHawk(r) Inc.

2.2.00 Fl 261 Crash Motive/Doyon Land Holdings in Alaska--
One of the victims of the crash of Alaska Air Fl. 261 was a Morris Thompson. Until very recently, Thompson had been the long-term president of the Doyon corporation, a Native American group which owns/administers over TWELVE MILLION acres in Alaska. Doyon, as we have noted, is the single largest landowner in the United States.
The Navy's original and "SUPPOSEDLY" still primary HAARP transmitter site in Gakona, Alaska sits RIGHT on the edge of Doyon land holdings.
It is irrefutable, hard-wired and FULLY documented fact that the Navy is seeking to implement a massive expansion of the size of their Gakona transmitter site: AND, is also seeking to implement an astronomical INCREASE in the power of transmitted signals--in the range of HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF WATTS--at ALL the Navy's HAARP transmitter sites, locations which are for the most part secret.
Obviously, more real estate is needed to implement these fervently and obsessively sought goals of HAARP operators and administrators.
Well, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, we'd say there's a darn good chance it IS a duck. We'd say that given the fact Morris Thompson, who had headed the Doyon group for FIFTEEN years since 1985, was on board Alaska Airlines Flight 261; and, in relation to the vast tracts of land controlled by the Doyon group in immediate proximity to the Navy's Gakona HAARP site; AND, in relation to the indisputable and avidly pursued intentions of the Navy to expand the physical size and effective transmitter power at their HAARP sites, a distinct possibility exists Fl. 261 was terminated using EM warfare technology known to exist at Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station for the purpose of murdering Morris Thompson and perhaps OTHERS about the flight.
We're including below an attached file of a map of Alaska showing the extent of Doyon land and the location of the Gakona HAARP site. ---NewsHawk(r) Inc.

2.3.00 Fl 261--NTSB, FAA, Navy, others are SICK, LYING DOGS
NOW the lying swine at NTSB are trying to infer that the aircraft had stabilizer problems earlier the same day it went down--a claim UTTERLY and strenuously refuted by Alaska Airlines.
What's more, we feel it likely the stabilizer on the American Airlines flight forced to return to Phoenix yesterday was deliberately messed with, in order to lend credence to the lying filth the feds are spewing to the far corners of the earth about the deliberate sabotage of Fl. 261.
We are SICK of our inconceivably corrupted federal government SHOOTING AIRCRAFT out of the sky with their EM/RF weaponry systems; and we are SICK OF THESE FILTHY LYING PIGS like Jim Hall, Hammerschmidt and other germs at NTSB covering for the psychotic murdering swine.
The article below, received from our recipient John Prukop, who is an airline transport pilot, makes a wealth of good points and poses a number of questions about this crash which our government MUST BE FORCED TO ANSWER! --NewsHawk(r) Inc.

Alaska Air FLT 261 - Oddly Haunting Questions 2/3/00
From: "CCW"
In addition to the well thought-out material from NewsHawk, Inc. regarding the crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 and the tragic loss of all 88 souls aboard, these further KNOWN FACTS AND THE QUESTIONS THAT THEY RAISE should be considered:

1. NTSB states that the previous flight crew flying this particular MD-83, with the flight originating in Anchorage, experienced "mechanical problems" on its way down to Mexico - the flight just before the one that ended with the deaths of all those aboard. NTSB states this crew reported control problems with the horizontal stabilizer. Alaska Airlines emphatically DENIES there was ANY anomaly with this aircraft. Who is telling the truth? Was this story 'planted' by NTSB as a cover? Was Flight 261 subjected to an intentional or accidental military mishap?

2. NTSB Chairman Jim Hall -- the same fellow who has continually LIED to the public about the cause of the downing of TWA-800 and how its center fuel tank caused the crash by 'exploding' (NOT!) -- said the pilots of Alaska Flight 261 - the Monday afternoon flight from Puerto Vallarta bound for San Francisco and Seattle - had turned to a maintenance crew in Seattle for help in their efforts to regain control of the plane. Where is the confirmation from Alaska Airlines regarding this statement? If, in fact, there are tapes of the crewmember conversations with the Seattle maintenance base regarding a control problem with the horizontal stabilizer in the possession of Alaska Airlines or the NTSB, why haven'tTRANSCRIPTS of those conversations or audio excerpts been released to the media? Why the "he said ... she said" routine as reported by the media?

3. At the time of the crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261, the MD-83 was located either within or slightly adjacent to, Restricted Area R-2519, which the Los Angeles (LAX) Sectional Aeronautical Chart as well as Low Altitude and High Altitude Enroute Charts depicts as being under control of Naval Air Station Point Mugu, to "unlimited" altitudes and "continuous" hours of operation. Restricted Area R-2519 is also contiguous to Warning Area W-289, which is located in an expanding arc further Southwest and South, out into the Pacific Ocean, encompassing Anacapa and Channel Islands. W-289 is also to "unlimited altitudes" but with "intermittent operation". The importance of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 being located in or adjacent to these Restricted and Warning areas is important from the aspect that Naval Air Station Point Mugu, in concert with the China Lake Naval Weapons Center and other military installations in the area, routinely conduct high-tech weapons testing in these areas, with potential danger to aircraft transiting the area.
For example, "Restricted Areas", such as R-2519, "denote the existence of unusual, often invisible, hazards to aircraft such as artillery firing, aerial gunnery, or guided missiles." (FAA Airman's Information Manual, Section 3-4-3). Similarly, a "Warning Area", such as W-289 is "airspace of defined dimensions, extending from three nautical miles outward from the coast of the United States, that contains activity that may be hazardous to nonparticipating aircraft." (FAA Airman's Information Manual, Section 3-4-4) It is EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT AND TROUBLING that Alaska Airlines Flight 261 DID NOT HAVE A PROBLEM UNTIL IT ARRIVED WITHIN, NEAR OR ADJACENT TO RESTRICTED AREA R-2519 ANDWARNING AREA W-289. Was there military weapons testing in progress as Flight 261 approached this area? Was the MD-83 or tail section of Flight 261 struck or damaged by some "invisible hazard" or "aerial gunnery", or "guided missile" that INDUCED control problems with the horizontal stabilizer, and subsequently caused the complete and total loss of control of the airplane?

4. It is also extremely significant and troubling to learn that NTSB placed a 'muzzle' on at least one eye-witness, who so far appears to be the closest eye-witness, to the crash site. The following quote from Associated Press dated February 2, 2000 at 12:05 ET raises the suspicion that NTSB is doing 'damage control' by limiting what the media is reporting, to wit:
"Drew Gottshall, 45, a Channel Islands National Park worker, was putting up a trail sign near the Anacapa Island lighthouse when he heard the jet, looked up and watched it slam into the water 2 1/2 miles to the north. 'The plane made a quick entry into the water upon impact, and disappeared,' Gottshall said in a statement released by the Park Service, which noted that at the NTSB's request it did not include observations of the plane's flight path and orientation."

5. Over the years we have come to know that the military industrial complex have experimented on various people, much like they were laboratory animals, with radiation, toxic poisons, etc., and in some cases "shock testing" an entire city to determine the results and effectiveness of the experiments. Is it possible that Alaska Airlines Flight 261 was determined to be an expendable resource, and because of certain personages on board, "terminated" for purposes of political expediency?

6. Perhaps the most disturbing commentary from the media is the absence and ABSOLUTE SILENCE BY THE FLIGHT CREW OF ALASKA 261 in the last six minutes before the airplane impacted the Pacific Ocean. This is extremely odd given the fact the PTT (push-to-talk) microphone button for radio transmission is located on the control wheel. Why didn't either of the pilots at least cry out to Los Angeles Center, "Alaska 261 is going down" or "we've lost control, we're going in" ... or at least something? If, in fact, there was total silence on the part of the flight crew, that raises the additional suspicion that perhaps they were incapacitated, given the further report by the media that the aircraft was spinning and tumbling. This AP report at 12:05 AM ET on February 2nd, raises the specter of something more sinister going on with Flight 261:
"NTSB member John Hammerschmidt released preliminary transcripts of air traffic control communications with the airliner. The last routine transmission came at 3:55 p.m. PST, when the flight was cleared to continue to San Francisco. At 4:10 p.m. the pilots said they had control difficulties and were descending below 26,000 feet. A few seconds later they advised they were at 23,700 feet and there was 'some discussion about their ability to control the aircraft,' Hammerschmidt said. Over the next few minutes, the pilots said they 'we're kind of stabilized and going to do some troubleshooting,' but then said they had a jammed stabilizer. At 4:16 they were cleared for an emergency landing in Los Angeles. The controllers cleared the plane to 17,000 feet. The crew acknowledged that in what was the last known transmission from Flight 261, Hammerschmidt said. At 4:21 p.m. the aircraft dropped from radar."

NewsHawk has already raised the issue of Flight 261 being cleared for an emergency landing at LAX, located 40 miles away, when Naval Air Station Point Mugu with its 12,000 foot runway was immediately adjacent to the crippled flight's location, a mere five or ten miles away. It does not make any sense that the flight crew would request an emergency landing at an airport over 40 miles distant, knowing that they might never make it with the kind of control problem they were apparently experiencing. It is further incongruous that LAX Center would not suggest or recommend NAS Point Mugu as a viable alternative to flying to an airport 40 miles away, versus one as close by as Point Mugu with all kinds of emergency equipment the Navy has at its disposal to deal with an airplane crash.

From the AP story above, roughly 5 or 6 minutes elapsed after the purported "last known transmission" from Flight 261, apparently after which the MD-83 went completely out of control. During these 5 or 6 minutes, did Flight 261 completely lose the rudder and horizontal stabilizer, or the ability to control them? And lastly, unlike the EgyptAir 990 crash into the Atlantic Ocean off Nantucket Island on October 31, 1999, where NO BODIES WERE EVER REPORTED AS HAVING BEEN RECOVERED, the NTSB reported in the instance of the Flight 261 crash that only four bodies were recovered, yet the debris field as shown by the media was of small pieces of the wreckage, as if the airplane disintegrated into a million pieces. We've all seen the shoe floating and some of the luggage. The debris field doesn't jive with the number of bodies recovered, and at least from this writer's perspective, is INCONSISTENT with an 80-degree nose-down impact of the airplane as reported by NTSB. An airplane striking the water at the speed and angle exhibited by Alaska Flight 261 would result in the utter explosion and disintegration of the airplane and its contents; it would be like slamming the airplane into a concrete wall. Where are the bodies, or body parts? And why haven't the media shown any thing other than the repeated showing of the 'shoe' and 'luggage'? We have seen literally no evidence of any of the 'salvage' of the MD-83.
Alaska Airlines Flight 261 may well have had a control problem with its horizontal stabilizer; but what external force initiated it? Remember, everything was "NORMAL" .... up until 3:55 PM, when Flight 261 neared Naval Air Station Point Mugu and the weapons testing area.
/s/ John R. Prukop, Airline Transport Pilot, Legal Researcher, Private Law Instructor
CCW Coalition: Concerned Citizens Of Washington
Citizens For A Constitutional Washington, John R. Prukop, Executive Director
11910-C Meridian Ave. E., #142 Puyallup, Washington 98373

2.3.00 Air Crash Anomalies Page/Leading Edge  From:  val_@trufax.org  
Scroll down the webpage listed below to get info on the Alaska Airlines Fl. 261 crash. See: www.trufax.org/w12.html [link no longer operational]

2.3.00 Conflict in stated times of Fl. 261 voice box recovery  -- NAVY SHIPS IN CRASH VICINITY; DoD News Briefing
The stench of mass murder and federal government involvement in same grows profoundly more foul with each passing second regarding the downing of Fl. 261. --NewsHawk(r) Inc.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Briefing - Mr. Kenneth H. Bacon, ASD PA Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 12:20:14 -0800
From: "CCW"
NewsHawk, et al:
The post farther below is the DoD Briefing from Assistant Secretary of Defense Kevin Bacon -- discussing the "Navy DEMOLITIONS team" that found one of the black boxes on Tuesday, February 1st. I'm sending this as I received it .. and I think it's IMPORTANT to note that NO ONE AT THE BRIEFING asks ANY QUESTIONS regarding the search/recovery operations being conducted by the Navy ... STRANGE INDEED! Were the reporters told ahead of time NOT to ask about FLT 261?
Notice the TIME of this briefing: 1:38PM EST on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1st.
Meanwhile, the AP story pasted in directly below my signature line is what the media broadcast yesterday, wherein the AP reporter states the CVR was found "shortly before sundown" on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd ...
Am I reading this correctly, or is there SOMETHING TERRIBLY WRONG WITH THE TIME AND DATE OF FINDING THE CVR BLACKBOX as reported by the media - a DAY LATER - and the DoD briefing as given by Assistant Secretary of Defense, Kevin Bacon, the DAY BEFORE? You might want to reconcile the dates and times.
/s/ John R. Prukop/CCW Coalition

Alaska Air Flight Recorder Recovered By LINDA DEUTSCH, AP Special Correspondent
Updated 10:25 PM ET February 2, 2000
PORT HUENEME, Calif. (AP) - Searchers recovered one of the "black box" recorders Wednesday that could reveal more clues about what caused an Alaska Airlines jet to crash in the ocean off the California coast.
A remote-controlled underwater robot called Scorpio broke the surface of the Santa Barbara Channel shortly before sundown clutching the cockpit voice recorder, which contains tape of conversations between crew members, air traffic controllers and any other sounds in the cockpit.
National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Terry Williams confirmed the box was the cockpit recorder. The search continued for a companion box - the flight data recorder - that records data on the planes mechanical operation.
Alaska Flight 261 plunged into the Pacific on Monday as the pilots struggled with a jammed horizontal stabilizer on the tail of the plane, according to radio conversations between the pilots and air traffic controllers. Killed were 88 crew and passengers on the flight to San Francisco and Seattle from Puerto Vallarta, a Mexican vacation spot.
Investigators confirmed Wednesday they were looking into a report that the plane had problems with a part of the stabilizer on the flight down to Mexico. The device keeps the plane flying level. The airline said it was unaware of any problems with the plane.
Authorities also began analyzing recordings of the pilots' conversations with a Seattle maintenance crew made while the pilots tried to control the plane in the terrifying moments before it nose-dived into the sea.
Earlier Wednesday, dozens of Coast Guard and Navy ships were ordered to abandon the search for survivors and shift their focus to recovering flight recorders and wreckage.
The wreckage is about 700 feet down. Divers cannot operate below about 300 feet, so the search is being carried out by three unmanned vehicles. //////SNIPPED///////
Now, here's the Dod Briefing ...
From: A.C.   Date: Tuesday, February 01, 2000 6:44 PM
Subject: NAVY SHIPS IN CRASH VICININTY; DoD News Briefing - Mr. Kenneth H. Bacon, ASD PA
DoD News Briefing
Kenneth H. Bacon ASD PA
Tuesday February 1, 2000 - 1:38 p.m EST
Also participating: Frank Rush, ASD, Force Management Policy and P.J. Crowley, PDASD PA
MR. BACON: Good afternoon. I know that all of you have incredible news holes today for Pentagon news in your papers and broadcasts, so I'll try to -- although I have a lot of ground to cover, I'll try to cover it quickly.
First, I want to bring you up to date on the Department of Defense involvement in the efforts to recover and rescue people from Alaskan Air Flight 261 and also in the salvage and recovery effort of parts of the plane.
As you probably know, the Coast Guard has announced that it's found one of the two black boxes. These were actually detected by a Navy underwater demolitions team. The black box was -- to the best of my knowledge, the black box has not been recovered, but it has been located, at this stage.
We've devoted a number of planes and ships to the rescue and recovery effort. There is a Navy fixed-wing P-3 Orion and S-3 Viking aircraft, some Sea Hawk helicopters are patrolling the area. The Destroyer USS Fife and the Frigate USS Jarrett, both of which are based in San Diego, are on the scene patrolling. And there is a support vessel, an ocean-going tug, called the U.S. Navy Ship Sioux, on its way to the scene. There are also two salvage ships, which are under contract to the Navy, although they're civilian ships, in nearby ports. One is the Motor Vessel Independence, which has side-scan sonar and diving rigs attached to it, which is nearby
at Point Mugu. This area may be difficult to search, it's hard to know. But the depth in the crash area ranges from 300 feet to 1,900 feet. It's over a canyon area. So I assume that Navy divers and support will be involved over the next couple of days in looking for parts of the plane and assisting in other ways.  <snip>

Ed. Note: Majority of dialogue involves "don't ask don't tell" policy of military/gays; Iraq, Hussein, etc. I have only included the part involving Alaska #261.

NOTE: This is a plain text version of a web page. If your mail program did not properly format this information, current Transcripts are online at http://www.defenselink.mil/news/#BRIEFINGS

2.5.00 Fl 261 Update--Lies, Cover-up Disintegrating
The lying fed rodents who several days ago tried to muddy the waters and throw out false leads regarding the crash of Fl. 261, by "hinting" the craft had experienced stabilizer difficulties earlier the same day it crashed, have now COMPLETELY backed off THAT pathetic, sickening lie--in the face of massive denial and outrage on the part of Alaska Airlines officials. It never happened. PERIOD.
NOW, we are told that the pilots of Alaska Airlines Fl. 261 were struggling with handling and maneuverability problems for a HALF HOUR before the flight terminated in the Pacific Ocean; that they pretty much completely lost control about 12 minutes before impact, as the plane began to dive; that the crew then apparently regained control to some degree, stopping the descent at around 17,000 feet. We're ALSO now told that at THAT point, pilots and other crew members were aware of two loud noises coming from the rear of the craft, as they can be heard discussing on the cockpit voice recorder. Then the plane wiped out.
And we're supposed to BELIEVE that at NO time during these events--which went on for a HALF HOUR altogether--did either pilots of Fl. 261, OR air traffic controller personnel in contact with the flight crew, OR those air traffic personnel monitoring that portion of the Pacific coastline, OR any of the the personnel at PT. MUGU NAVAL AIR STATION, mention the RATHER IMPORTANT FACT that there was an 11,000 foot runway, capable of handling a goddamn CONCORDE, for God's sake, just sitting there waiting for Fl. 261 utilize at Pt. Mugu.
And, at no time AFTER the crash was it ever ONCE brought up by the lying sacks of slime in the NTSB, the FAA, the NAVY or by any other "officials" (gag, retch) that the plane COULD have EASILY landed there, and like, why DIDN'T they; NOR was it ever ONCE mentioned by any of these "officials" that the runways at Pt, Mugu even exist.
Soon after the crash of Fl. 261, four bodies were recovered, and we were thinking that at LEAST we won't have the utterly strange and inexplicable "disappearing bodies" scenario as was the case with the intentionally terminated EgyptAir Fl. 990. Well, we were wrong. Not one single other body has been recovered, even though this latest crash did NOT occur way out to sea as did that of Fl. 990. In fact, although there are a number of differences, the crash of Fl. 261 (2+6+1) is beginning to remind us more and more of the EgyptAir disaster. We'd say the chances of any more bodies turning up from Fl. 261 are about as good as the chance of recovering more bodies from FL. 990. Zip. Zero. Zilch.
IF, perchance, Fl. 261 was ACCIDENTALLY hit by either an electromagnetic weapon OR a missile from Pt, Mugu, Vandenberg AFB or some other military location, WHY wouldn't the operators of the Naval Station have IMMEDIATELY contacted the plane and told them to bring it down at the Pt. Mugu airfield???
We stand FIRMLY behind our original assessment of the situation. Alaska Airlines Fl. 261 was INTENTIONALLY TERMINATED AND CRASHED, by military agencies of the federal government -- UNDOUBTEDLY with full complicity on the part of various and sundry spooky government intelligence factions.
Yet ANOTHER case of mass murder by the government--in pursuit of yet another malevolent, evil agenda.
--NewsHawk(r) Inc.

2.5.00 A Pilot's Analysis of Fl. 261 Crash
We received this important and thorough analysis of the crash from our respondent John Prukop, who holds an Air Transport Pilot's license. As John notes toward the end of his message: "I think it very important to keep in mind that all was well with FLT 261 ... UNTIL it reached the vicinity of Point Mugu."
How true.
Prukop also notes that for the jet's pilots to have requested and gotten permission to turn the plane around and head back to LAX when it was ALREADY in big trouble and down to 17,000 feet, "makes NO SENSE AT ALL, considering the circumstances and the closeness of NAS Point Mugu with its 12,000' runway."
Indeed.-- NewsHawk(r) Inc.

Alaska Airlines Flight #261
Sat, 5 Feb 2000 13:58:48 -0800
From: "CCW"
In addition to holding an ATP myself and airline experience with the commuters (turboprops with "T"-tail configuration), a close personal friend of mine is a senior check airman and sim instructor at one of the majors. We've discussed the Alaska FLT 261 scenario. A runaway stabilizer or jammed stabilizer is a controllable thing, which is routinely practiced with applicable emergency procedures to handle this type of thing.
Understand that FLT 261 was in cruise flight conditions at Flight Level 310 (31,000 feet) as best we can determine. Unless some EXTERNAL force would upset the longitudinal or lateral trim of the aircraft in cruise (which at the time would have been most likely on autopilot with only very minor inputs to the control servos to keep the aircraft level and in trim) -- or an input to the control surfaces from the pilots themselves (unlikely) -- IF for some reason the stab-trim motors activated which turn gears, which in turn change the pitch attitude of the entire "T" tail stabilizer (not the elevator hinged at the aft edge of the stabilizer), and were in what is termed a "runaway stabilizer" condition, the pilots would have immediately gone through an emergency checklist and pulled the CB's (circuit breakers) that control those motors and cutoff and remove electrical power from that system. There is evidence they did do this.
Then with normal control inputs via the control wheel, elevator control at the aft edge of the stabilizer would enable them to control the pitch attitude of the aircraft and commence a descent and emergency landing ... THE AIRCRAFT WOULD BE controllable. HOWEVER, it is possible on the DC-9 and MD-80 series with the "T" tail configuration (unlike the B737) to over-correct. That is to say, if the airplane is slowed up too much, so that the long fuselage and nose is shadowing or blocking airflow over the "T" tail, the aircraft COULD snap forward violently, inverted, because of the "T" tail no longer providing a balance of the weight distributed along the fuselage.
An example would be a teeter-totter, balanced in the middle, and all of a sudden you remove weight from one end -- the other end snaps violently downward -- but in the air, there is nothing to stop the forward snapping down, and so the airplane goes inverted and into a dive. If this anomaly occurred at 17,000 feet -- as we have been led to believe -- when FLT 261 was cleared for an emergency landing into LAX -- 40 miles away (which makes no sense at all considering the circumstances and the closeness of NAS Point Mugu with its 12,000' runway), the airplane would not have had sufficient altitude to recover from the resulting dive. The scenario would have played out as we have witnessed.
Also, the evidence of "popping" sounds as the aircraft was descending leads me to believe the engines, which are mounted below and slightly forward of the tail/stabilizer - which would have also been shadowed by the fuselage when slowing up the airplane too much - could have been compressor stall of the forward blades in the engine intakes, but this is conjecture on my part. The compressors would most likely have stalled in the above scenario.
So, what I'm saying here is that, YES, it is possible to land the plane with a jammed or runaway stabilizer and has been done on a number occasions without incident ... but at the same, time if over-correction was induced such that the "T" tail and engines were blocked of airflow in slowing the aircraft too much, the above scenario could play itself out with catastrophic results.
Something you need to know here, is that an airplane is slowed by reducing power and applying back-pressure on the control wheel; in addition, forward slats are extended on the MD-80 series increasing the lift of the wings by the increased upper curvature -- and when the airplane is slowed, the pitch attitude changes such that the nose is higher than the tail -- however, you can reach a point in the pitch attitude when slowing that the airplane stalls -- and this event on a "T" tail configured MD-80 series aircraft can be critical.
I think it very important to keep in mind that all was well with FLT 261 ... UNTIL it reached the vicinity of Point Mugu, Restricted Area R-2519, and Warning Area W-289. There is evidence to indicate that live firing of surface to air missiles were occurring at the time; but regardless of that, what "if" the military was experimenting with EM or laser enhanced warfare systems?
I maintain that something EXTERNAL initialized the series of events leading to the termination and destruction of FLT 261 ... and the pilots were simply attempting to cope with what they thought was a stabilizer problem. The "bangs" heard by the stewardess and flight crew raise suspicion of structural failure of some kind ... we still don't know if there was a sudden decompression of the cabin at altitude - which those kinds of sounds could be attributed to - a failing pressure bulkhead. And it is impossible to tell if some tail components of FLT 261 were missing in the fuzzy picture that's been circulated by the media. Something initialized the series of events ... perhaps part of the tail feathers were blown off ... this would make sense if a missile encounter occurred because the missiles would seek the exhaust heat of the engines mounted directly below the stabilizer tail area.
The strangest part of the story as told by NTSB is that there was NO further contact with FLT 261 subsequent to the airplane being cleared to descend from 17,000 feet. They acknowledged the clearance ... and then there was nothing further heard from FLT 261 for about 6 or 7 minutes.
They would have at least cried out, "LA Center ... 261 .. we're going down ... can't control the airplane" ... or something in those final minutes. That they did not say anything is indeed STRANGE. Were they incapacitated? How come only 4 bodies recovered? And how do you like the graphic presentation that's been shown by the media of the MD-83 with the Alaska Eskimo, leisurely descending to the water in almost a flat descent? Eye witnesses state the aircraft descended in almost an 80 degree nose down attitude - inverted. The entire NTSB-news media story doesn't jive. By the way, we don't think the crew of FLT 261 was ever contemplating a water-landing or ditching. Most likely they were navigating via J1-7 or J88-126 after passing the LAX VOR, enroute to SFO and went out over the ocean to prepare the airplane for landing back at LAX.
Hope this helps.
/s/ John R. Prukop/ATP

2.6.00 Another Jet Stabilizer Problem
The information being put out by us and others about the lies, deceptions and all-around coverup regarding the intentionally-terminated Alaska Air Fl. 261 must be really getting to those fed perpetrators and their accomplices.
In their desperate efforts to muddy the waters, throw up a smokescreen and in general create a "believable" decoy, red herring scenario for the cause of the Fl. 261 crash, feds FIRST tried to imply that the MD-83 used for Fl. 261 had experienced a stabilizer problem earlier the same day it crashed, while making a previous flight.
When THAT filthy lie didn't work, lo and behold the VERY NEXT DAY an American Airlines MD-80 going from Phoenix to Dallas reported experiencing the same kind of difficulty and was forced to return to Phoenix.
NOW, we have another Alaska Airlines MD-80 going from Reno to Seattle last night reporting the SAME kind of problem!
And we're actually expected to BELIEVE that these subsequent incidents happened by some incredible coincidence; or even MORE inconceivable, that the horizontal stabilizers on MD-80s are just wiping out left right and center ALL AT THE SAME TIME???!!!
Exactly HOW STUPID do these homicidal psychopaths in the federal government actually think the American people really ARE??!! ---NewsHawk(r) Inc.

Alaska Airlines-Reno to Seattle: Re: Another E/M-P Attack
Sun, 6 Feb 2000 From:
John, et al, This one's a "no brainer" ... what "they" are evidently doing is now getting too blatant.
Ref: Alaska Jet Lands After Problem (in Reno, NV) As Posted on The AP: 06-Feb-00 03:25 EST
RENO, Nev. (AP) -- An Alaska Airlines MD-80 jet returned to Reno's airport shortly after takeoff on Saturday night after its pilot reported problems similar to those under investigation in Monday's crash off the California coast, officials said.
The Seattle-bound flight left Reno/Tahoe International Airport at about 7 p.m. and returned about eight minutes later when the pilot reported motors controlling the plane's horizontal stabilizer were operating improperly, said Jack Evans, an Alaska Airlines spokesman.
The Saturday night flight made a rough landing, but none of the 140 people aboard were injured, airport officials said. Many passengers left Reno on a replacement plane shortly before midnight though the airline offered lodging, rental cars or later flights.
The stabilizer is the wide part of the tail that helps to keep a plane level. Investigators are looking into possible problems with the stabilizer on Alaska Flight 261, an MD-83 which crashed on Monday in the Pacific Ocean north of Los Angeles, killing 88 people.
On Tuesday, an American Airlines MD-83 reported trouble with its horizontal stabilizer after takeoff and safely returned to Phoenix. **END of AP Text.**

Simple Conclusion:
According to this, and subsequent reports aired on TV this morning regarding this event, the aircraft was only minutes out of Reno (approx. 8 minutes) when the event occurred ... and therefore, it was only a simple matter of running the flight's logical course from Reno, NV to Seattle, WA - and then, to try and find a right angle intersect to that course - whose sides would directly point toward two active E/M-P facilities.
In order to complicate the exercise, I ignored where these right angles might want to intersect along the logical course of the flight, in order to determine if the the intersect was well within the factor of time (approx. 8 minutes into the flight from Reno, NV).
Such an intersect pointed directly toward the USAF Base at Mountain Home, Idaho - and the second, from the lower end of the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation in Nevada.
As there are a few US Navy facilities located within this same general region of Nevada, the second E/M-P Tx site (electromagnetic particle, or pulse transmission site) could well be located upon one of these Military Reservations - as the 90 degree alignment ... required to properly implement: The "Scalar Effect" would be within the tolerance of this preliminary alignment assessment.
Mountain Home, Idaho: What was documented on weather charts at 2:15 PM, EST - 26/Jan/00 - appears to have been fired from the USAF Base at Mountain Home, Idaho.
Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation, Nevada: This is the same Reservation that necks down at its southern end and nearly borders Interstate 80 at Wadsworth, NV (approx. 3 miles east of Fernley, NV). It was recently documented on weather charts as being the possible site of an extremely active Tesla/HAARP site, per: 11:45 PM, EST - 26/Jan/00 ... and a second shot toward the Utah border at 12:15 AM, EST - 27/Jan/00.
Note: At 3:45 PM EST - 26/Jan/00 ... was another burst documented that sure seemed to have been transmitted from off the cited Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation in Nevada.
Suggestion: <http://members.xoom.com/_XMCM/flashradar/  [link no longer works]> might have captured some documentation on: "The Seattle-bound flight left Reno/Tahoe International Airport at about 7 p.m. (5/Feb/00) and returned about eight minutes later when the pilot reported motors controlling the plane's horizontal stabilizer were operating improperly ...."
The expected 90 degree intersect determined in this instance would likely have been very near to the community of Wendal, California - which is close to the Nevada border. ---RonHannivig, Simpson, PA

2.6.00 Alaska Air Retires 261 for 289: Same # as Pt. Mugu Designation!
We were alerted to this by Jeff Rense of Sightings. Jeff received a message pointing out that Alaska Airlines, in retiring flight designation number 261 as a result of the crash of Fl. 261 off Pt. Mugu, California last Monday, chose a VERY interesting flight designation number to replace it with.
Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station is identified to pilots in the following way(s): Warning Area W-289.
Well. Guess what the new designation number is for what used to be Fl. 261? Would you believe... 2*8*9*!
We think there's a good possibility that this is Alaska Airline's way of letting the feds know that Alaska Airlines KNOWS what the real deal is with the utterly inexplicable and indeed as-yet unexplained crash of Fl. 261.
It seems completely unlikely to us that this is a coincidence.
In fact, you know and I know the real cause of this crash will NEVER be made public by the homicidal psychopaths in the federal government. Same as with EgyptAir Fl. 990, same as with JFK. Jr., same as with TWA Fl. 800.
AND, as a number of our respondents have noted, the government seems to be going out of its way to avoid having to retrieve the bodies in this latest crash, just as was the case with Fl. 990.
WHAT IS IT about the bodies of the victims of these two crashes the Nazi feds don't want the public to see or know about???
Clearly, the condition of the bodies (or perhaps the utter disintegration of same) would be a dead giveaway that what befell the ill-fated flights was something HIGHLY unusual and MASSIVELY inconsistent with the crash scenarios that fed liars have tried to promulgate in these cases. ---NewsHawk(r) Inc.

Retirement of Alaska Airlines Flight 261
From: "Debra Arnold"
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2000 10:03:20 PST
This is regarding the Alaska Air crash and something I read in an article on your website, "A Pilot's Analysis Of The Flight 261 Crash". In this article, the author makes reference to the area that Alaska Airlines Flight 261 was flying near..... "Warning Area W-289."
"I think it very important to keep in mind that all was well with FLT 261 ... UNTIL it reached the vicinity of Point Mugu, Restricted Area R-2519, and Warning Area W-289."
Just yesterday when I was browsing on Worldnet Daily, I believe, I came across a story re: the crash with links to Alaska Airlines' web site, and if you hit "latest information" you will be taken to a page where there are press releases, passenger list, etc. Address to this page is below: http://www.alaskaairlines.com/E_latest.htm
- - - -
Scroll down to Feb. 3, 2000 entry: "RELEASED AT 3:15 P.M. February 3, 2000
Alaska Airlines announced today that it has officially retired flight number 261 in honor of the 88 passengers and crew members who were lost in Monday's accident off the California coast. The number 261 will never again be used to designate any of Alaska Airlines' flights.
The 3:29 P.M. departure from Puerto Vallarta to San Francisco and on to Seattle will now be designated flight #289. Flight 289 arrives in San Francisco at 5:14 P.M. The flight then departs San Francisco at 6:34 P.M. arriving in Seattle at 8:32 P.M.
All of Alaska's flight information will be changed to reflect the new flight number."

2.3.00 AOL REMOVES Fl. 261 Conspiracy/Cover-up Info From Message Boards
Most likely upper-echelon guys at AOL, like AL HAIG and other current/former spooks permeating not ONLY AOL but the Internet and in fact mass media & information outlets and systems in general, found the TRUTHS about the intentional downing of AlaskaAir Fl. 261 as set forth in the articles by NewsHawk and others HIT TOO CLOSE TO HOME. ---NewsHawk(r) Inc.

2.7.00 Identifying Fl 261 Victims' Remains Said LONG PROCESS
Gee. Wonder why.
And this with the bodies in only 600 feet of water and only a few miles from land, no less!
I guess such an impoverished, technologically-backward country as the U.S. shouldn't expect anything more.
Of course, they're so much more technologically-advanced in Africa that after the plane crash off the African Coast last week, not only were many bodies retrieved but there were over 20 survivors to the crash as well.
Well, maybe their planes are better than ours, too.
And HERE'S a real interesting point. An NTSB rep says that only after reviewing video footage of the aircraft wreckage will the agency THEN decide EXACTLY WHICH PORTIONS of the wreckage they will have brought up to the surface!! I mean, the feds just COULDN'T be trying to HIDE anything about the wreckage and the human remains, now COULD THEY??!!
Actually, the real story is that Americans have been lied to so often, so regularly and so unilaterally about issues ranging from relatively minor to the most overwhelmingly important, that we as a people obviously will believe virtually ANY weak, pathetic, threadbare, laughably inept and generally utterly malevolent LIE the feds feel like tossing to us. We just sit there like a bunch of trained wiener dogs and terriers and LAP IT UP!!!
Incredible... ---NewsHawk(r) Inc.
- - - - - - - -
Identification of Alaska Airlines crash remains could be a long process
February 7, 2000
PORT HUENEME, California (AP) -- Some families of victims who died in the Alaska Airlines crash may have to wait at least six months for officials to identify their loved ones.
The National Transportation Safety Board said Sunday that it could be midsummer when DNA tests confirm the identifies of the human remains that Navy crews were continuing to collect as they map and videotape the ocean floor near the crash site.
"It's definitely one of their main concerns at this time," NTSB family liaison Lauren Peduzzi said of the process to identify victims of Alaska Airlines Flight 261.
Ventura County Sheriff's spokesman Eric Nishimoto said that out of several hundred remains recovered, a few dozen are possibly identifiable through dental records, distinguishing marks and personal property such as wallets. Only four bodies have so far been identified.
"It is an exceptionally difficult process to identify the remains, even by conventional means, given the severe trauma to the plane, passengers and the passengers' personal effects," Nishimoto said.
After a week of grieving, family and friends of those lost aboard Flight 261 began packing Sunday to wait out the investigation from their homes. The probe itself is now being coordinated from Washington, D.C., where the flight data and cockpit voice recorders are being analyzed.
Also Sunday, more memorials were held. Among them was a service by Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles, who led a service near Los Angeles International Airport.
The Alaska Airlines MD-83 crashed last Monday, killing all 88 people on board, during a flight from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, bound for San Francisco and Seattle.
Before pieces of the plane are brought to the surface here, the NTSB wants a detailed picture of the aircraft debris. Spokesman Keith Holloway said the agency will decide exactly what will be hauled up after a review of the reams of video footage.
The debris area is about 10 miles offshore in the Santa Barbara Channel, covering an area about the size of a football field in water 640 feet deep.
The plane's voice recorder shows that for at least 30 minutes prior to the crash, the pilots were struggling to correct a problem with the tail-mounted horizontal stabilizer, which they said had jammed.
On Saturday, an Alaska Airlines MD-83 jetliner returned to the airport in Reno, Nev., shortly after takeoff when the pilot reported similar problems.

2.6.00 Debunking the Gov't/Media Lies on Fl 261
Respondent John Prukop, holder of a professional pilot's license, strikes again.
After meticulously researching the history of the SPECIFIC craft which was flying Alaska Airlines' Fl. 261 route last Monday (tail 963 [9+6+3-- there's that durn numerological "9" again!], he's found there ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to support the tapestry of lies woven by government liars about this disaster. NOTHING!
This aircraft just been through TWO recent safety checks; including the most thorough and exhaustive of such checks, called a 'C' check, COMPLETED ON JANUARY 13!! Not only that but it had of course been subjected to routine maintenance checks at every recent landing/departure location.
Somebody, please anesthetize me--I just can't take the avalanche of lies from these murdering fed much longer.
Anyway, as Prukop quoted in his message (a statement attributed to King Solon of 550 BC): "A half truth is the worst of all lies, because it can be defended in partiality."
Another of our respondents, a Boeing employee named Ryan Kleps, advised us to send our material and that of others such as John Prukop's on the crash to attorneys representing victims' families in this case. We HAVE already sent some articles directly to Alaska Airlines.
We're putting out an appeal here to the NewsHawk list: if anyone can help locate the attorneys representing victims' families, please get in touch with NewsHawk so we can do as Mr. Kleps suggested.
Maybe the ONLY way the bust these homicidal fed monsters is in the COURTROOM. Worth a try anyway. --NewsHawk(r) Inc.

Date: 2/6/00 Alaska 261: Debunking the Media's 'stabilizer' story
From: "CCW"
NewsHawk, et al:
This EARLIER news item from 'Business Wire' (posted below) contains some interesting information ... specifically, the 5th & 6th paragraphs.
Also posted farther below is the official FAA registration for the Fl. 261 craft. Note that this aircraft is one of a later model of the MD-80 series, built and certified in 1992. ESPECIALLY notice that this particular MD-83 (Tail #963) has virtually "NO HISTORY" of stabilizer trim problems. Also note the recent and rather complete maintenance cycles of Alaska Air #963, including a "C" check that was conducted on January 13th, an inspection that covers major and/or critical structural components, such as the tail and stabilizer, just 19-days prior to the crash, plus other subsequent routine maintenance prior to this airplane's departure from the SEA (Seattle) maintenance base and positioning at ANC (Anchorage) for the origination of FLT 261 to Puerto Vallarta.
This airplane was CERTIFIED under stringent FAA Regulations as being in a state of "AIRWORTHINESS" by Alaska's crew of meticulous and competent airframe and powerplant mechanics and inspectors. This MD-83, Tail number N963AS, had NEVER had any reported mechanical problems with its "T" tail mounted horizontal stabilizer and associated components.
Finally, note the statistical record of the MD-80 series accident rate, "less than one-quarter the industry average for all airplanes" - the LOWEST of ANY commercial jet airliner flying today. Given the fact that Alaska Airlines operates 35 of these later model MD-80 series, which comprises nearly half their fleet and Alaska's excellent safety and maintenance record, any number-cruncher who is familiar with compiling statistical information would be the first to tell us that the statistical record alone DOES NOT SUPPORT this type of accident occurring.
The news media tells us that, "The crew of Flight 261 apparently was confronted with a stabilizer locked at an angle that made the plane tend to nose downward," yet NO COMMERCIAL JET AIRLINER HAS EVER CRASHED AS A RESULT ... UNTIL ALASKA AIRLINES FLIGHT 261 ... AN AIRLINE AND AN AIRPLANE WITH IMPECCABLE SAFETY STATISTICS.
But, "we the sheople", are suppose to buy into the media blitz of a sudden and catastrophic stabilizer failure of FLT 261 and a sudden spate of MD-80's all having stabilizer control problems? Give me a break!
Regarding the news media and NTSB's offerings of ALL the recent air crashes, and especially the last five, TWA-800; SWISSAIR-111; JOHN F. KENNEDY'S PIPER PA-28R; EGYPTAIR-990; and, ALASKA-261: King Solon, 550 BC: "A half truth is the worst of all lies, because it can be defended in partiality."
/s/ John R. Prukop
Airline Transport Pilot; Legal Researcher; Private Law Instructor

Updated Information On Alaska Airlines Flight 261
-- Released at 9:20 p.m. --Updated 12:54 AM ET February 1, 2000
SEATTLE (BUSINESS WIRE) - Alaska Airlines Flight 261, which departed at 3:30 p.m. CST from Puerto Vallarta enroute to San Francisco, went down in the water late this afternoon approximately 20 miles off Point Magu, Calif.
The flight carried 83 passengers and 5 crew (two pilots based in Los Angeles and three flight attendants based in Seattle). Alaska Airlines extends its deepest sympathy to the families of the passengers and crew.
Thirty-two of the passengers were bound for San Francisco, Calif., 47 for Seattle, Wash., three to Eugene, Ore., and one to Fairbanks, Alaska.
The crew radioed a problem with stabilizer trim and the plane was diverted to Los Angeles. Flight controllers lost radio contact with the crew at approximately 4:36 p.m. PST.
The plane, a Boeing MD-80, HAS NO HISTORY OF STABILIZER TRIM PROBLEMS. The tail number is 963. It was manufactured in 1992 and powered by two JT8D Pratt and Whitney engines. Recent maintenance on the aircraft included routine servicing on Jan. 30, 2000; an `A' check on Jan. 11, 2000; and a 'C' check on Jan. 13, 1999. C-Checks are focused on extensive structural inspection, which involve opening access panels and looking at major structures such as wing spars, ribs and frames for any indications of corrosion, cracking or other wear.
The aircraft had 26,584 hours of flight time and had completed 14,315 cycles. A cycle is defined as one takeoff and one landing. Not including this afternoon's accident, the MD-80 accident rate is 0.41 ACCIDENTS PER I MILLION DEPARTURES, which is LESS THAN ONE QUARTER the industry average for all airplanes.
The airline will be releasing a passenger manifest as soon as possible.
Alaska Airlines is cooperating fully with accident investigators.
Alaska Airlines is a Seattle-based jet carrier that operates 89 aircraft, including 35 MD-80s. Alaska is the nation's 10th largest airline. Alaska has established a hotline for friends and family at 800/553-5117.
Contact: Alaska Airlines Media Information Center, 206/870-0406
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N-number Database Search Result
N-number : N963AS
Aircraft Serial Number : 53077
Aircraft Manufacturer : MCDONNELL DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT CO Model : MD 83
Engine Manufacturer : P & W
Aircraft Year : 1992
Registration Date : 11-Jun-1992
Airworthiness Certificate Type : Standard
Approved Operations : Transport

CCW Coalition: Citizens For A Constitutional Washington John R. Prukop, Executive Director
11910-C Meridian Ave. E., #142, Puyallup, Washington 98373

2.8.00 Another Alaska Air emergency!
Okay. This is just plain ABSURD. Who could POSSIBLY believe that Alaska Airlines, with one of the BEST SAFETY RECORDS in the airline industry, is all of a sudden having flight emergencies every time we blink!
Want to know what's REALLY going on here? Well, here's OUR hypothesis.
We have forwarded a number of our articles, and some other material sent to us on the crash of Fl. 261 on 1.31.00 off Pt. Mugu, DIRECTLY to Alaska Airlines. Chances are HIGH that this information has penetrated the corporate hierarchy to at least some extent.
The chances are that demonic, homicidal NWO swine in the federal government are sending Alaska Airlines a not-too-subtle message that they better shut up and play along with the lies these murderous fed vermin have constructed around the particulars of the Alaska Airlines crash, as they did with the crash of EgyptAir Fl. 990, the crash of JFK Jr., the crash of TWA Fl. 800, and that of SwissAir 111 (off Nova Scotia).
That's a pretty intimidating form of pressure to put on a commercial airline entrusted daily with the lives of thousands of people, and the feds know this well. We can only hope and pray that somehow or other, the truth of this latest mass murder comes to widespread public attention, so please--do ALL you can to help.
We want to renew our appeal issued yesterday to our list, for recipients with the connections or means to help us locate and contact the attorneys representing crash victims' families, so we can forward our material to them.
---NewsHawk(r) Inc.
- - - - - - - -
Another Alaska Air turns back
Tue, 8 Feb 2000
From: "Virginia McCullough"
It was announced on KTVU that yet another Air Alaska plane made an emergency landing. The plane had the same flight schedule [Puerto Vallarta via SFO to Alaska ] and the exact number of passengers as Flight #261. The officials are saying that sparks flew out the rear of the aircraft and are tentatively saying that it might have been a bird sucked into the engine.
The morning news is also saying that an appendage of the #261 plane apparently fell off before the plane went into the ocean. Now they are looking at a much larger debris field than the "football field" size location they had previously announced.
Why are the authorities saying it will take up to six months to recover the bodies? This kind of coroner service reminds me of the missing Polly Klaas and Christine Williams. Their bodies were recovered in areas that had been previously searched many times months after they were taken. The FBI was the only entity to see the bodies and identify them. This is too strange. ---  

2.8.00 Who Do Feds Think They're Fooling?
Get THIS! Liars at NTSB, covering for their mass-murdering brethren in the federal intelligence/military agencies--who were carrying out the orders of their fascist, NWO global government masters when they brought down Fl. 261, have NOW said that some "newly-discovered" (here we go again--shades of the JFK Jr. and EgyptAir Fl. 990 crashes) radar data shows that the MD-83 lost a significantly large "chunk" of it's tail apparatus at some point MANY MINUTES before the actual onset of the "horizontal stabilizer" emergency near Pt. Mugu. WHOA. Wait just a MINUTE.
Just HOW STUPID do these androids and robots think we, the people, are, anyway? Can you POSSIBLY believe that this plane was flying around for minutes missing some major portion of it's tail assembly??
Well, the feds aren't fooling US, and if you read and comprehend NewsHawk's material (never mind the typos and bloopers for now!), they WON'T be fooling you either.
The totality of evidence and information indicates overwhelmingly that Fl. 261 was intentionally brought down, most likely using an exotic weapons system of some kind, although it could have been some type of "missile" hit instead.
The most likely PRIMARY motive (although there were undoubtedly other motives as well) for this latest act of mass murder committed by the federal government was the termination of one Morris Thompson, an Alaskan resident and Native American leader, who until last month was the president of the Doyon corporation. Doyon, the largest single landowner in the United States with holdings of over 12.5 million acres, owns and administers virtually ALL the land surrounding the Navy's primary HAARP (Tesla Energy Transmission) site at Gakona, Alaska.
It's a matter of documented fact that the Navy is seeking to drastically expand the size of it's HAARP site in Gakona: in addition, the Navy I seeking to exponentially amp up the output power of its HAARP transmissions to levels in the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF WATTS effective radiated power.
Now... who's fooling who? ---NewsHawk(r) Inc.

2.8.00 Alaska Air, MD80-83/Some worthwhile questions
We're passing along some pertinent questions we received from respondent Ron Wheeler, about the Alaska Airlines crash last week and the string of "problems" which have beset OTHER of the airlines' jets since then.
These questions really indicate further just how threadbare and pathetic is the official tapestry of lies we're being blanketed with about the crash f Fl. 261 and other subsequent aircraft problems. ---NewsHawk(r) Inc.
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Who Do Feds Think They're Fooling?
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000
Hello: Yup, it is me with a question: If this aircraft problem is real, why hasn't the FAA called for a 24 hr stand-down of this craft for inspections? Did I miss such a thing? The military has with their planes.
Another question: Isn't the aircraft used by Alaska Airlines being used by other airlines around the world? Military also? If so, why no other problem areas? ---Ron W.

2.8.00 AlaskaAir CEO (A Pilot): ADDITIONAL Factor Present In 261 Crash!
We've had a feeling for some days that Alaska Airlines is not about to just lay down and take it with regard to the crash of Fl. 261.
Our respondent Ron in Seattle notes that in an interview on Seattle's KING-TV this morning, the airline's CEO, who is himself a pilot, was COMPLETELY UNABLE to "crash" his flight simulator by duplicating what "SUPPOSEDLY" happened to Fl. 261, despite REPEATED and varied attempts to do so. He indicated there had to be an additional factor or factors present which caused the jet to crash!
Check it out. ---NewsHawk(r) Inc.
- - - - - - - -
Hi John :
The Alaska Airlines Prez, interviewed at length by the local NBC affiliate KING in Seattle this morning, said the following: that he himself, got into the flight simulator, and tried and tried and tried and tried to "crash" the flight by locking-up or messing with the settings on the various parts of the tail control .....and couldn't! It couldn't be done. There has to be an additional factor or cause.
A neat guy. More than a CEO. A pilot and an air-savvy guy. Often dressed in his leather jacket he looks like a Howard Hughes or Smilin' Jack from the old funny-papers.
Alaska Air has always been the pilots' airline, from it's old bush flying days in the North onward. They plan to get on top of this; to REALLY LEARN from this.
These mavericks will be hard to manage. ---Ron

Another ringer of an analysis from pilot John Prukop. ---NewsHawk(r) Inc.
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ADDITIONAL Factor Present In 261 Crash!
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000
From: "CCW"
NewsHawk: NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and sidekick field report Robert Haggar just announced the 'radar anomaly', suggesting a part or parts of the rear section of the aircraft departed from the MD-83 just seconds before the final plunge from 17,900 feet into the Pacific Ocean ... in a time span of 1-minute.
The time frame alone suggests there was no tail. They symbolized the radar track to show that just as the jet plunged to the sea completely out of control, radar indicates another object or objects trailing behind the aircraft by some 4-miles.
They explained how the aircraft in cruise flight at 31,000 feet suddenly dropped with a loud bang to near 24,000 feet, at which time the crew regained partial control ... then a second loud bang and uncontrolled dive into the sea killing all aboard.
BUT what the media and NTSB have failed to tell us, is WHY a perfectly good airplane, in smooth, cruise flight conditions at 31,000 feet on a clear California afternoon, is SUDDENLY displaced 7,000 feet in an UNINITIATED DESCENT. SOMETHING INITIATED the events leading to the total destruction of this aircraft and its occupants, and it is our position that event was EXTERNAL to the aircraft.
The fuzzy image of Alaska FLT 261, which was shown by CNN and other media outlets, taken by a woman shooting pictures of the California sunset, was taken during the final plunge showing the aircraft was inverted on its back with a nose pitch down attitude of at least 80 degrees and spinning. As one of your recipients has pointed out after making a careful analysis of that fuzzy image, the airplane was MISSING ITS TAIL.
Isn't it interesting that the NTSB, the NAVY, and the FAA are ONLY NOW discovering the additional "blips" from the part or parts from FLT 261? Didn't they 'NOTICE' the radar returns as being a strange anomaly from the beginning? And didn't they just report yesterday of finding the tail with the Eskimo painted on it?
It would be pretty hard to use a 'checklist' for the stabilizer trim system ... if the TAIL was only hanging by a thread of metal after the first event that occurred at 31,000 feet, and then violently ripping away from the aircraft's fuselage at 17,900 feet.
The fact remains that UNTIL Alaska FLT 261 neared NAS Point Mugu, Restricted Area R-2519 and Warning Area W-289 ... everything was fine. And then BOOM.
/s/ John R. Prukop, Airline Transport Pilot, Legal Researcher, Private Law Instructor
CCW Coalition: Citizens For A Constitutional Washington

John R. Prukop, Executive Director
11910-C Meridian Ave. E. #142
Puyallup, Washington 98373

John Prukop points out that one of the major "players" in the MASSIVE and UNDENIABLE official cover-up regarding the crash of TWA Fl. 800 off Long Island in 1996, is STILL "getting in our faces" and lying through his teeth DAILY to the American people and to EVERYONE about the crash of Alaska Air Fl. 261.
Americans, have we become COMPLETELY BRAIN-DEAD, what?? GET A CLUE, PEOPLE!!!
Although I certainly don't claim to know the exact cause of the Fl. 261 crash (more on this to follow), nor the exact motive, nor the specific perpetrator(s), there is ONE irrefutable truth. We are NOT being told the truth about the particulars of this most recent commercial airliner crash by our government officials and agencies and by mass media "mouthpieces of the state." Not, not, not!
Prukop includes Commander Bill Donaldson's letter to Boeing and TWA regarding the crash of TWA Fl. 800, which he suggests we all read carefully, as I've done.---NewsHawk(r) Inc.

From: "CCW"
NewsHawk, et al: I think it's very important for every Citizen to review the following letter written to the CEOs of Boeing and TWA back in April of 1999 by Commander William Donaldson (USN-Ret), concerning the missile shoot-down of TWA Flight 800, keeping in mind the recent crash of Alaska FLT 261.
NTSB Chairman James Hall, the same man who LIED and COVERED-UP the 1996 crash of TWA-800 is still LYING to us today. The letter that follows explains some of the deception employed by the NTSB and sister alphabet agencies of the federal government designed to thwart an honest investigation and reveal the true causes of the downing of TWA-800. That James Hall is STILL at the helm as Chairman of the NTSB, speaks loads to the present deception being employed in the investigation of Alaska FLT 261. He should be let out to pasture, then indicted and tried as a criminal for Misprision of Felony Homicide. Strong words? YES! Read the letter below and you'll understand why.
/s/ John R. Prukop, , Airline Transport Pilot, Legal Researcher, Private Law Instructor,  
- - - - - - - -
( http://twa800.com/Sanders/CEO.htm
[this link no longer works])
Cmdr. William S. Donaldson, III - USN, Ret.
Aviation Mishap Analyst
P.O. Box 90
Clements, Maryland 20624
Web site: twa800.com

April 5, 1999
Mr. Philip M. Condit
The Boeing Company
P.O. Box 3707, Mail Code 10-10
Seattle, WA 98124-2207

Mr. Gerald L. Gitner
Trans World Airlines
One City Center
515 North Sixth St.
St. Louis, MO 63101

Re: The unexplained loss of TWA Flight 800
Over the last four months our investigation into the loss of TWA Flight 800 has produced information far surpassing that contained in our July 20, 1998 Interim Report to Congress. We can now prove, before a jury or other independent fact-finding body, that the aircraft was shot down. We can also explain why the Administration covered it up and expose some of the methods they employed to do so.
Your corporations are being scapegoated and defrauded by Administration officials because, had the truth about this incident been reported before November of 1996, it could have derailed the reelection of Clinton/Gore. Exposed now, it could send guilty parties to jail for Misprision of Felony Homicide.
We can provide your attorney's with witnesses, documents, or reference material that will support the following text:

White House knowledge of a threat prior to the loss of TWA Flight 800

1. The Administration knew that in 1996, surrogates from rogue states had access to MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense Systems) or shoulder-fired missiles in mid-eastern weapons bazaars. $5,000 would acquire the least capable model, the Russian SA-7. $50,000 would buy the most capable, the Chinese Vanguard, a deadly new missile upgraded from US Stinger technology transferred to the Chinese in the early 90's. Superior to the Stinger, this missile has a much longer range. The Administration also knew Iran had a limited number of US Stinger missiles in inventory.

2. The Administration was aware that, worldwide, MANPADS missiles had already claimed 26 civil transport aircraft and was only a matter of time before a U.S. Flag carrier would be targeted and hit. They knew the Administration had dodged a bullet in 1994 when Maryland State Police found a fully armed French Mistral MANPADS missile ready to fire on its tripod directly under a busy northeastern air route.

3. In response to sanctions unilaterally levied against Iran by Mr. Clinton in 1995, Iranian surrogate's car bombed US troops in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and later smuggled MANPADS missiles into the US from across the Canadian border. Iranian officials warned the Administration that they considered enactment of the Iran/Libya Sanctions Act tantamount to an act of war!

4. When Mr. Clinton signed the Iran, Libya Sanctions Act of 1996, a decision was made by the Iranian Supreme Council to approve attacks on major American targets. Terrorist surrogate groups from nine countries were summoned to Tehran to meet with Iranian officials in June of 1996. Later that month, a huge truck bomb was deployed against the US Air Force barracks complex at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia. Three weeks later, TWA Flight 800 was shot down only hours after an explicit warning of an attack was received in London and Washington that taunted the President.

5. The White House, the CIA and the FBI were aware of the threat and they knew preventing that attack was their primary responsibility.

6. We can show the Administration anticipated incorrectly that, if the missiles were used, they would be targeted against Olympic air traffic landing or taking off in the Atlanta area.

7. We can provide testimony that immediately after Flight 800 was shot down, Mr. Clinton called an FBI command post supporting the Olympics and informed them Flight 800 was downed with shoulder-fired missiles.

8. The White House, the CIA and the FBI political leadership have waged an unrelenting disinformation campaign from the onset. This has ranged from the White House spokesman stating, "Anyone in government that says this was a missile only has half a brain" to the CIA cartoon that libeled hundreds of eyewitnesses.

Witnesses or "Untouchables"?

1. The day after Flight 800 was shot down, the Justice Department, helped by 1,000 FBI agents, began the process of converting hundreds of witnesses into the first American "untouchable cast". The political leadership of the NTSB aborted its mission in one surrender of its responsibilities after another. When the Justice Department illegally ordered the NTSB crash investigators to have no contact with witnesses or their statements, and the NTSB complied, the investigation was over, the cover-up and Misprision of Felony Homicide had begun.

2. At the NTSB Public Hearing in December of 1997, the word "witnesses" was not even mentioned. Before and since, they have been ridiculed, slandered and liabled in official videotapes and statements made by government spokesmen.

3. On March 15, 1999 the derailment of the Spirit of New Orleans after she hit a steel truck at a railroad crossing in Bourbonnaise IL prompted a media-wide call for witnesses by NTSB officials. It seems a witness was needed to prove the truck had driven around the safety gate. Apparently, investigations are much simpler and witnesses more creditable for the NTSB when there is no White House interest.

4. We have access to 107 witnesses on 4 aircraft, 19 boats, and 31 locations ashore. They were located in a 360o circle around the missile engagement. Their live testimony alone will prove the aircraft was shot down. This is why the Justice Department has kept air crash investigators away from witnesses for 2 1/2 years and also one reason they are conducting a malicious show-trial prosecution of author and outside investigator James Sanders and his wife. It's hard to interview witnesses from a Federal prison. The FBI failed to identify and interview 17 of these people. Among these 17 are witnesses on a boat who may have seen the escaping shooter.

Justice Department suppression of Missile Evidence

1. It appears, aggressive FBI missile-team field agents eventually solved the problem as to the cause of the crash, but had no support in the FBI leadership. In fact, the FBI leadership seems to have deliberately withheld vital information from their own agents.

2. George Gabrial, the senior FBI Agent on Long Island and personal friend of Mr. Kalstrom, was a close witness on his boat. We can provide witnesses who overheard him say he believed what he observed was a missile. FBI missile-team members did not know he was a witness until we informed them.

3. The FBI has videotape that was shown to military experts of a missile shot from off the coast of Long Island that failed to engage a target. This first attempt was nearly coincidental to the Khobar Towers attack 3 weeks before Flight 800's loss.

4. By late September, 1996, FBI missile-team members had established informal liaison with military missile guidance experts. By that time the FBI knew witnesses at sea on all sides were pointing to a missile launch a few miles southeast of Flight 800's explosion point. What they observed fit the profile of a MANPADS missile engagement.

5. In December 1996, FBI missile team members told military experts that two separate commercial fishermen dredged up and threw back a MANPADS first stage, the missile ejector-motor can. The ejector motor, about the size of a Coke can, fires in the tube, ejecting the missile, then drops in the water when the missile 2nd stage booster ignites.

6. The fishing vessel Alpha Omega recovered one of these motor cans in early October, 1996, while trawling for scallops about 2 nautical miles from Flight 800's explosion point. The crewman, not realizing the importance of his find, noted the two distinctive ignition wires attached to the can before he threw it overboard.

7. Despite overwhelming forensic evidence of a weapon impact in the number 2 main tank of the left wing and witness testimony of a missile attack, the Administration would not fund military missile experts or allow the FBI to trawl for missile parts until after the November 1996 elections.

8. The Alpha Omega was one of five trawlers contracted by the Navy Supervisor of Salvage for trawler operations. When FBI agents finally came aboard in November 1996 to begin trawling and brought pictures of three objects they were looking for, it was that point the crewman told them they were too late, he had already found and discarded an ejector can!

9. Responding to the previous findings, Special Agents Bongardt and Otto took a live ejector motor can from a Stinger missile aboard all the trawlers under contract, showing it to captain and crew.

10. Interrogated for hours, the Alpha Omega crewman insisted the can he found had the same features, ignition wires, etc. but was somehow different.

11. That interrogation should have prompted the FBI leadership to suspect they may have been dealing with the longer-range Chinese Vanguard or Russian SA16/18 missiles.

12. It is clear from the Supervisor of Salvage's operational trawling maps depicting "missile firing zones" and the FBI Trawling Operations Manual in our possession, that the Justice Department's intent was to find and hide from "other Interested Parties", missile ejector cans, missile battery cooling units and the last Flight 800 Scavenge Pump the NTSB was trying to blame as a source of a spark.

13. The $ 5 million trawling operation was funded by NTSB, contracted to civilian scallop boats through the Navy Supervisor of Salvage from 4 November 1996 until it was suddenly terminated on 30 April 1997, yet the trawlers were manned 24 hours a day by teams of FBI agents. Up until 30 April 1997 the scallop boat captains had been told the operation would continue indefinitely for months or even years. FBI agents got the word via cell phone to shut down the operations. On two of the boats, when the captains refused to stop until the Navy contractor on board told them to, the agents threatened force to make the captains shut down. The first agent backed down when the captain told him he would go anywhere at gunpoint, but the agent could expect to be charged with piracy on the high seas when they got ashore. The second agent backed down when the captain informed him that he was armed also and he was the captain and they weren't going anywhere!

14. The FBI's trawling plan was flawed in the following ways.
a. The missile firing zones depicted on the charts were 1.75 NM and 2.7 NM radius circles. These distances are accurate for two types of MANPADS but the Chinese Vanguard exceeds those ranges.
b. They used the last transponder response from the aircraft as the aircraft explosion point. The aircraft was travelling east over 2,900 feet between each transponder response. A two-second error would move the trawling off by 1/4 mile.
c. They failed to notice, until December 1996, a recorded surface radar contact only 2.9 NM from Flight 800 when it exploded!
d. They failed to identify that boat!
e. They failed to adjust the trawling lines to cover that boat's surface track while it was in range of TWA Flight 800.

15. The FBI told military experts they had a witness who perfectly described a MANPADS engagement terminating in an impact on Flight 800's left wing root. It includes boost; sustainer-motor burn and total missile fly-out time typical of the US Stinger and its copies.

16. Military thermal imaging of B747-100's provided to the FBI by China Lake Naval Air Weapons Facility, indicate a MANPADS missile fired from a low forward quarter would guide toward the three air pack exhaust ports, directly under the center wing tank and not, as publicly stated for the engine nacelles. See attached Thermal Imaging.

17 .Military computer modeling of the TWA 800 engagement, using Stinger data, shows the missile's velocity would degrade to 400 meters per second as it climbed through 13,700 ft. This would cause the circular error probability (CEP) to expand to 20 ft. or more, allowing an impact almost anywhere on the aircraft.

18. Stinger guidance technology provides a last instant steer-forward command to avoid a miss by flying through an engine exhaust plume. Such a command would explain a missile, fired from in front, steering for the air pack exhausts under the center wing, impacting forward on the left wing root leading edge.

19. The Stinger, for example, has a two-pound warhead with three fusing options, contact, penetration and time-out.

20. Using stinger missile fly-out data provided to the FBI by military experts, the combined velocity of missile body and aircraft at impact would be 1950 ft/sec.

21. If the cockpit voice recorder hasn't been tampered with, an audio laboratory should be able to discern this velocity through its analysis of recorded frequencies. This may be why the NTSB has refused to allow the Cockpit Voice Recorder group to convene and study the data generated from the Bruntingthorpe tests done in England.

22. E = ? MV2 would predict kinetic energy available at impact of over 1.2 million foot pounds.

23. The kinetic energy from a missile body entering the number two main, ? full of fuel, at mach 1.8 would cause the tank to burst from hydraulic over-pressurization.

24. Fused for penetration, the two-pound high explosive warhead, bursting in the fuel could impart an additional 200-PSI spike of hydraulic ram overpressure.

25. Jet fuel is over 700 times the density of air. A MANPADS missile warhead&rsquo;s fragments would be stopped in a few feet of fuel, negating high velocity fragment damage to aircraft components. Mr. Kalstrom's public statements repeatedly used the lack of high velocity fragment damage as an excuse to ignore witnesses and shutdown the investigation.

26. The Navy China Lake missile impact "Quick Look Engineering Study" identified 4 criteria for expected damage if a shoulder fired missile hit a 747-100 inboard main fuel tank. All four are caused by hydraulic over pressurization of fuel tanks. All four are in evidence on the left wing. None of these criteria have ever been seen in previous air crashes.

27. The China Lake report's first two recommendations were to detonate shoulder-fired missile warheads in fuel tanks to determine if the fragments would be trapped and to do live firing of these missiles at inboard main tanks to compare to left wing damage on Flight 800.

28. Mr. Kalstrom ignored all seven recommendations; cherry picked statements out of the China Lake report and used them out of context in the media to argue the aircraft was not shot down.

29. When Mr. Kalstrom was faced with having to take action on the China Lake report he chose to shut down the investigation.

30. At the time the FBI investigation was prematurely shut down in November of 1997, the FBI had failed to identify a fast moving boat captured on radar only 2.9 nautical miles from Flight 800 when it exploded. Mr. Schirilo, who replaced Mr. Kalstrom, admitted that fact in a letter to Congressman Traficant.

31. After his retirement, Mr. Kalstrom was taped stating the boat captured on radar was really a helicopter. Considering the radar target was non-transponder and was tracked on the surface at speed below 36 knots for 35 minutes prior to disappearing over the horizon, even FBI agents have acknowledged Mr. Kalstrom's excuse is nonsense.

32. Witnesses afloat and ashore observed a six second missile burn (Stinger rocket burn is 6 ? seconds) coming from the near vicinity of the unidentified boat.

33. Senior Justice Department officials need to be compelled to answer under oath why testing essential to determine if Flight 800 was brought down by a shoulder fired missile was not funded and why they ignored the forensic evidence, military experts, witnesses and their own FBI field agents.

The search for the Black Boxes

1. Discovery of the plight of the Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder and their two Ducane pingers, after water entry, may be the key to unlocking the cover-up. We can show a Grand Jury how Mr. Clinton personally involved himself.

2. The NTSB is extremely sensitive to the subject of Black Boxes. They opened the boxes without any investigators from the Interested Parties present. They refused to allow TWA's investigator to listen to the voice recorder more than once.

3. The Voice Recorder has a "sound like damaged tape" precisely seven seconds prior to its end. Seven seconds prior to missile impact would be coincidental to MANPADS booster ignition. A visually bright event that could be seen by the First Officer.

4. Dr. Loeb has refused to release Addendum number two to the Flight Data Recorder Analysis that was written to rebut our interpretation of the last data line. The NTSB even refuses to let the Voice Recorder Analysis group reconvene!

5. The Administration's explanation of the circumstances under which the USS Grasp" divers found the Digital Flight Data Recorder and the Cockpit Voice Recorder is highly questionable.

6. According to divers we interviewed and the Navy Supervisor of Salvage Report, Navy divers from the USS Grasp found the recorders during Dive #2 and Dive #3 on the evening of 23 July 1996. The Administration maintains these same divers found them more than 24 hours later at 2330 hours on 24 July 1996. East coast TV news coverage ends at 23:30.

7. The most probable motive for this deception was to ensure investigators, who are Parties to the Investigation, were not witnesses when NTSB/FBI officials were alleged to have first opened the boxes in Washington during the early morning hours of 25 July 1996.

8. The boxes should have been found in the aircraft tail cone section, or within its debris. Instead, divers from the Grasp found each box 30 feet apart on a hard sand bottom, devoid of any attached debris and neither Ducane Pinger was operating. They appeared just as they would if dropped overboard from a boat!

9. Somehow both Ducane Systems fixed themselves while in FBI custody. They were found to be fault-free in laboratory test days later.

10. The small cylindrical Ducane Pingers are mounted on the narrow front face of each oblong rectangular box. They are protected from damage because they are bolted firmly to the inside angle of a short piece of angle iron. Because of their shape, the probability of either free falling box landing on the bottom with the pinger stuck in the sand, would be akin to a free falling domino landing on it's end and remaining standing in that position.

11. The only way Ducane Pingers can be silenced under water without evidence of damage is by partly unscrewing the battery connection.

12. The probability of both undamaged Ducane Pingers failing simultaneously in a shallow open ocean environment, on top of a hard sand bottom, approaches that of a spontaneous aviation kerosene explosion in an ignition-free Boeing 747-100 fuel tank.

13. We consider the fact the NTSB has remained mute about these alleged Ducane failures is Prima Facie evidence of either abject incompetence on the part of the NTSB who should have opened an inquiry into the cause, or proof of a cover-up of NTSB misconduct.

14. Weeks Marine, Inc. was verbally contracted by both the Coast Guard and FAA officials the night of the crash to position for salvage operations. They were on site the next morning with the best salvage equipment available in the Atlantic. It was superior to Navy assets, but Weeks Marine was stood down by the NTSB. It would be five more days before Navy divers would be on scene to recover recorders, bodies, etc! Why the forced wait?

15. Holding Weeks Marine, Inc. to standby while ordering Navy assets to respond from far away points deliberately condemned victims trapped in bottom wreckage to five additional days of ravage by natural elements. This grossly compounded the grief of the families and put at risk the ability of medical examiners to identify all remains. The White House was responsible for this order.

16. Circumstantial evidence indicates the Administration, knowing the aircraft to be shot down, may have ordered a covert recovery, laboratory examination and reinsertion of the recorders to ensure the aircrew did not describe the attack on audio tape. Scuba divers could have recovered the recorders on the afternoon of 18 July and dropped them back overboard after 10 am 22 July, before the USS Grasp and Navy divers were on scene. During that period of time NOAA research vessel Rude and the motor vessel Pirouette were simultaneously sent 5 miles off the main debris field on a "wild goose chase" by the NTSB. Both ships had been mapping that field with side scan sonar!

17. Properly done, a scuba team equipped with a Ducane locator amplifier tube, held over the side, could position a small boat directly over active Pingers, dive and recover the boxes in a single effort. Active pingers can be detected by divers 300 yards away.

18. We have a witness that has passed a polygraph test and has provided a sworn affidavit that a member of the NTSB leadership told him the recorders were found and examined by 20 July. The Coast Guard told both TWA maintenance and Congressman Forbes that the recorders were found on 18 July. The next day, 19 July, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence was told the aircraft was shot down by terrorists. Senators Hatch and D'Amato made public statements to the same effect.

19. White House, NTSB and Justice Department officials need to be compelled to explain these events and their actions under oath. We also have other individuals who have asked to remain anonymous who should be questioned under oath.

20. Despite a steep learning curve and the best efforts of some if its most aggressive field agents, FBI leadership has demonstrated itself to be functionally illiterate in the critical areas of; military weapons and tactics, radar interpretation and air crash investigation. The fact the White House failed to immediately assign appropriate elements of the Department of Defense as lead investigators in the missile inquiry is inculpatory.

21. Gentlemen, we have the "FBI Trawler Operations Manual" and Operations Order as well as other documents left behind aboard a contract boat by FBI agents. If found, the Justice Department intended to hide from your companies; the last fuel scavenge pump, a missile ejector can and the missile battery cooling unit!

TWA Flight 800 was the 27th civil aircraft shot down worldwide by shoulder fired missiles. The Administration's actions have greatly increased the danger of a recurrence, not only because of the deception of this case but because administration policy deliberately fails to link any terrorist act to the government of the Sponsor State. This provides political cover for the Administration's lack of action and sanctuary to deadly enemies.
I will point out the coincidence of the Clinton Administration's pro Arab, anti Israeli policy shift and the arrival on our shores of a creditable anti-aircraft threat under the control of rogue states. In 1994, the Maryland State Police found a fully armed French MANPADS missile, the Mistral, ready to fire on its tripod, directly under a heavily used air corridor near Westminster Maryland.
Our research also found U.S. Stinger technology transferred to China in the early 90's enabling them to produce the Vanguard, a quality shoulder fired Chinese missile. It was deployed first in 1996. If past history is an indicator, the China / Iran weapons transfer link bodes ill for future air commerce.
In a worse case scenario, absent a respected American Commander-in-Chief, Iran's Supreme Council, or other rogue state, could successfully shutdown or disrupt major traffic hubs worldwide by activating surrogate cells armed with Vanguard. If they can shoot down one, why not a half dozen on a single day?
Gentlemen, the time to act is now, regardless of any arrangements you may or may not have had to accept. Once the American people understand the truth, your corporations will be indemnified against any further political extortion from this administration.
We would ask, in the interest of long term air safety, that you take an aggressive and public pro-active stance. Challenge the Administration; educate the media and the electorate. Severance from a politicized and fraudulent Federal investigation is no penalty and maintenance of the status quo is certainly no prize.
Sincerely, William S. Donaldson

2.9.00 Boeing Response To Donaldson Re: Fl 800
Re: Commander Donaldson's Letter
The response letter from Boeing as well as other significant information is posted on Cmdr. Donaldson's ARAP website (Association Of Retired Aviation Professionals) at http://twa800.com/ -- /s/ John R. Prukop/ATP

= = = = = = = typed copy below, from document at twa800.com= = = = = = =
Header: Ronald J. Hinderberger, Director, Air Safety Investigation
Header: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, P.O. Box 3707 MC 87-PR, Seattle, WA 98124-2207
12 April 1999

Cmdr. William S. Donaldson III, USN - Ret., P.O. Box 90, Clements, Maryland 20624

Subject: TWA 747-100, N3119, Accident off Long Island, New York - 17 July 1999
Reference: Your letter to Mr. Condit, Dated April 7, 1999

Dear Cmdr. Donaldson;
Thank you for your letter of April 7 regarding the Investigation into the tragic loss of TWA flight 800. Mr. Condit asked me to respond on his behalf.
As a party to the accident investigation, Boeing is obligated to share all information it develops or obtains about the accident with the US National Transportation Safety Board. I have asked our representative participating in the NTSB's investigation to forward your letter to the safety board's investigator-in-charge, Mr. Al Dickinson.
We appreciate your interest in both the TWA 800 investigation and in enhancing the safety of the global aviation system.
Very Truly Yours, <signature>
Ronald J. Hinderberger, Director, Air Safety Investigation
Org. B-H200, M/C 67-PR, Telex 32-9430, STA DIR PURVIS, Phone (425) 237-8525, Fax (425) 237-8188

cc: Al Dickinson, National Transportation Safety Board
The Families of TWA Flight 800
P.O. BOX 1061
Clifton Park, NY 12065

2.9.00 Jim Hall--Lying ...
Okay, so we put our own headline on this Reuters item. Thing is, our headline tells the truth, unlike the apologist for mass murderers named James Hall from the NTSB.
Hall, twisting and distorting whatever shreds might remain of the truth about the crash of Alaska Air Fl. 261 (a dance Hall is quite familiar with by the way), said that a "screw" which was stripped of its threads, supposedly found by Navy divers and supposedly a piece of the tail stabilizer mechanism supposedly responsible for the crash, could be
significant if it's "determined" (by who we'd like to know) that the screw was stripped before the crash. Hall said if that were the case it could supposedly explain why pilots were having difficulty with the stabilizer.
Only one problem. Even if this were the case, any professional pilot can tell us that a stabilizer problem is not even considered an emergency situation and most CERTAINLY would NOT cause an aircraft to come plummeting out of the sky.
Furthermore, Alaska Air president indicated on KING-TV in Seattle yesterday that here was definitely some additional factor responsible for the crash other than the stabilizer problem.
So, shut the HELL up, Jim Hall. The continual deluge of lies being vomited out of your miserable mouth are so pathetic it's almost laughable--if there weren't EIGHTY-EIGHT DEAD PEOPLE involved.---NewsHawk(r) Inc.
- - - - - - - -
WIRE:02/09/2000 Jim Hall--Lying ...
CHICAGO (Reuters) - National Transportation Safety Board chief Jim Hall said Navy salvage experts had found part of the screw mechanism that is driven by electric motors to move the MD-83's horizontal stabilizer. The jackscrew was
stripped of its thread, he told Reuters.
He said if the screw was damaged before the impact of the plane hitting the water that could explain why pilots were having problems operating the stabilizer.
"If it was before the impact then it is very significant in terms of determining what caused the crash," Hall said.
Hall said metallurgists were heading to California to examine the piece of aircraft wreckage and to determine whether the screw was damaged before the plane slammed into the Pacific Ocean, killing all 88 people on board.

2.9.00 Fl 261-Similarities to EgyptAir Fl 990 Disaster
The similarities in many, though not all, aspects of these two utterly bizarre and terrible air disasters are starting to appear rather extraordinary at this point. --- NewsHawk(r) Inc.
- - - - - - - -
Alaska Airlines
I have to admit that I've been concerned over the tendency for people to see what they want to see when it comes to the recent airline mishaps but I'm more concerned about the lies the investigators expect us to believe.
In a news article this morning, I found it ironic that Alaska Airlines plane went into a steep nose dive simultaneously with the auto-pilot being switch off. Very similar to the Egypt Air disaster. After reading this, chills ran up and down my spine. I find it hard to believe a stabilizer would lock into a nose dive only to be controllable enough to attempt pulling out of a 3 G dive.
I want to commend you for your diligence in seeking out the truth of these disasters.
Good Luck-- Greg Gouwens, Seattle

2.10.00 NewsHawk Off Fl 261 Issue
Two of the longest-term and most trusted sources I have relayed a message to me yesterday.
It was pretty simple. I was informed that much of the material we've published on the Alaska Airlines Fl. 261 crash had gotten certain people or groups of people extremely pissed off--to the point where it could conceivably lead to some sort of activity being directed my which could be somewhat ... unpleasant, let's say. Maybe even more than unpleasant.
As I noted those who relayed this to me are my friends--they were advised to pass the message on to me, with the suggestion it might be good to find some other topic to chew on at this time.
I got the message.
We've done our part on the Fl. 261 crash. Anyone else who wants to work on it, be my guest. We're out. ---NewsHawk(r) Inc.

2.10.00 NewsHawk and FL. 261
I feel VERY unhappy about this situation. As it is I am not the only person whose well-being could be put at risk and, most distressingly, that's just the way it is right now.
I refer you all to the work already done especially by John Prukop of Citizens for a Constitutional Washington on this issue, much of which we've forwarded out to our list: he's a professional pilot and knows which end is up regarding the uncountable number of lies being thrown around on the FL. 261 crash.
Mr. Prukop says--PAY ATTENTION TO THE TIMELINE--it's been shifting every time the professional liars at NTSB open their mouths.
He also makes this VERY important comment: <<Here's a another ABSOLUTE LIE as being pandered by the media, in this case Associated Press, 9:52 AM EST 2/10/00:
"Flight 261's cockpit voice recorder revealed that pilots had problems with the horizontal stabilizer after taking off from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for San Francisco and Seattle."
FACT: The CVR only records the LAST THIRTY MINUTES OF THE FLIGHT! After 30 minutes of recording, it automatically ERASES audio inputs older than 30-minutes and starts over.
Again, I feel quite unhappy--to put it mildly--about what's come down here but there are other people I must consider. My hope is that other researchers and investigators can continue where we left off.
Thanks to all for your support. THIS SUCKS!!!
Best wishes, John Quinn/NewsHawk(r) Inc.
- - - - - - - -
From: "Burt Jurgens"
Dear Newshawk,
I am sorry to see you being forced to stand down on this issue but I cannot blame you either. You have done and still do much more than most anyone else and no one who is not willing to do more can rightfully say anything to you about it, including me. If you have not read it, I would like to refer you to Val Valerian's page on Flt. 261:
[link no longer works]
Maybe as a last comment on this issue, you could refer the rest of your list there as a starting point to consider what each of us should do or not do about this issue. If you would like to simply forward my e-mail to the rest of the list as is, that is OK with me.
Thanks for all that you do, Burt Jurgens
- - - - - - - -
From: Ronn
John .............. You did some really important and good work on the Flight 261 issues, raising key questions that were reasonable and obvious, that are not being addressed anywhere else. Yup, however, I also have been thinking for some time now, that we all should begin to think about having a lower profile. But, what a grim decision and realization this is, in this "the land of the free and brave."
Thanks again for all you have done and do. ---Ronn in Seattle
- - - - - - - -
From: Finnbar00
You ever need a bodyguard, give me a yell.
- - - - - - - -
From: "CCW"
NewsHawk/John Quinn . . .
You mean to tell me that 88 lives aren't worth squat to you? Those 88 souls are crying out from their watery grave for JUSTICE to be done! Are you going to let a bunch of backroom bullies dictate and control your First Amendment right to speak out and expose the clandestine, covert programs and agendas of these virmin? You are only AIDING and ABETTING their obstruction of justice.
May God have mercy on you. And may the James Hall 'jackscrew' spare you.---/s/ John R. Prukop/ATP
- - - - - - - -
From: mike volz

2.11.00 Surprise!--Recent NewsHawk Emails Blocked
The Fourth Reich seemingly gets bolder and more blatant in their actions by the day. It's a FACT that a number of our recipients did NOT even receive our message about warnings relayed to NewsHawk to "bail out" of the Fl. 261 issue.
As noted, we're going to either suspend or heavily curtail our activity for the time being, while this whole mess, including asset seizure & forfeiture tactics said to be in the process of being brought down on us, can be looked into more deeply.
However we're going to re-send several of our most recent emails in the hope that those who didn't get them last time will get them this time.
Also: here are some websites with significant information of the crash of Alaska Air Fl. 261 and that of EgyptAir Fl. 990 --
[this link no longer works]
[link is no longer working]

2.11.00 Re: Our Efforts on Fl. 261 Subject: Good work Hawkeye
From: Neil Taylor
You distribute exceptionally volatile information no other media outlet would dare.
I live in Australia where Murdoch run's amuck. He consistently feeds tripe to the adoring masses and avoids any major issues that conflict with his agenda (and that of his masters) - which is almost everything - except "emotive Sport".
You have filled a portion of the news vacuum for me caused by puppets like Murdoch.
But I have noticed a curious Action-Reaction-Action scenario that develops with newsletters like yours. I believe the authorities "tolerate" your existence for this sole purpose. I suspect you unintentionally serve "their" aims by attracting comment from persons with IQ's over their age and quietly amongst ourselves (them publicly over the Internet) workout effortlessly the flaws to their murderous, conspiratorial, NWO projects.
An example of this is:
Action:- Flt 261 "accident"
Reaction:- Logical statement by NewsHawk reader, Ron Wheeler" re: grounding all MD 80-83 craft (dated 8th Feb)
Action:- US authorities announce compulsory checking of MD 80-83 craft (20% of your domestic aircraft .. dated 11th Feb)
This amazingly simple stuff-up and others like this, should alert the most brain dead US politicians that their "appointed" experts, advisors, accident investigators are at best MORONIC; at worst IN CONTEMPT of their appointed office - and possibly - just possibly covering up something???
I admire your Newsletter enormously and when I am more financial will contribute to maintain its continuance. We need someone like you here in Australia to kick our pollies' butts - right out of their puppet, NWO,
"We are setting Australia up for the World to follow"-type scenario. ---Regards, Neil Taylor

2.11.00 Special note to all recipients with websites
We're asking all recipients with websites to please post all our bulletins detailing the whole history of recent official attacks and threats directed at NewsHawk regarding the Fl. 261 crash, as well as our bulletin on indications of asset seizure/forfeiture tactics being leveled against us.
Thanks for opposing the arrival of the FOURTH REICH! ---NewsHawk(r) Inc

2.13.00 Tesla (HAARP) Towers @ Navy China Lake Center
We've received a virtually rock-solid report that the China Lake Naval Weapons Research Center in California, (you know, the place which has a major DIRECT and DOCUMENTED operational link to Pt. Mugu Naval Air Warfare Station where Fl. 261 crashed) NOW sports a total of SEVEN new Tesla Transmitter towers. That's HAARP transmitters, by the way.
Just an interesting thing to keep in mind throughout BLIZZARD of chatter and noise being blown around the world about supposedly problematical "JACKSCREWS" in the tail/horizontal stabilizer sections of not only Alaska Air Fl. 261 but also now a number of airplanes.
Upon closer reading of these latest news accounts of supposed "jackscrew" troubles, many dissolve into routine reports of typical accumulations of grime, dust and grease which are certain to build up in any mechanical system of moving metal parts over time.
AND, as hundreds of (uncompromised or bought-off) pilots know, even SEVERE problems with a horizontal stabilizer do NOT a terminal air disaster make.
Somebody, shove that damn JACKSCREW down Jim Hall's "unable-to-speak-truth mouth, would they? Or better yet, UP HIS BUTT.
In relation to the information about the new Tesla transmitters at China Lake, we're reprinting an interesting message from a NewsHawk recipient below. ---NewsHawk Inc.
- - - - - - -
From: GenO
Hawkeye: Curious press report, but what do I know? I'm just a dumb farmer.
Sparks flying out of or near the engine rings a bell.
One day my son and I were driving back from the electronics "candy store" on the 57 headed north. My son picked up the Mike on the ham radio and keyed up the xmitter. Suddenly the car on his left started sputtering, coughing and backfiring and when he unkeyed the mike, the car resumed normal operation.
Big brother has made it known that they caught on to this trick and were intently developing a system to do this to cars they wanted to stop: that is, turn off the ignition or paralyzing the electronic ignition. The other avenue of approach is the electronic pulse. Remember how HAARP caused flashes to emanate from a wire in space....electronic pulse in FL 800? Perhaps the Kennedy flight too.
All near high powered transmitting locations and electronic fireball hit the fan. Coincidence? Perhaps, but the rash of incidents is similar to the rash of witnesses in Arkansas having their lights "turned-off."
But then what do I know, I'm just a dumb farmer. - GenO

2.13.00 Re: Tesla (HAARP) Towers @ Navy China Lake Center
From: David Feustel
There are several direct references in the book "Earth Rising", by Nick Begich of "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" fame, to patents for EMF weapons capable of terminating aircraft in flight See http://www.earthpulse.com for more info



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