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Independent Researchers' Association
Anomalous Phenomena


 The Independent Researchers' Association for Anomalous Phenomena (IRAAP), was founded in 1997

IRAAP's objectives are to investigate and research a wide variety of phenomena, including (but not limited to) Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) crop formations, cattle mutilations, spectral phenomena and Bigfoot, and to communicate this information to other interested researchers.

IRAAP will relay data by means of IRAAP's website and the IRAAP newsgroup, currently hosted by Topica. If you have a sighting, paranormal experience, or read any interesting articles you would like to see posted on this website https://experience.tripster.ru/articles/13-shedevrov-tretjakovskoj-galerei/, feel free to send , or use our contact form. Sources must be included with all articles.

All reports are strictly confidential.
Names will NOT be used without permission
or authorization from the contributor.

Networking and communication are the keys to solving the unexplained mysteries that exist around us. Professionalism, scientific methodology (as much as possible) and witness confidentiality are of the utmost importance.

  • DISCLAIMER: IRAAP endeavors to present information on a wide variety of anomalies from diverse sources. The statements and opinions expressed on this website are those of the referenced authors and sources cited, and not necessarily those of this website. Readers are encouraged to explore as many resources as possible, in order to formulate their own informed opinions / theories, which they are then kindly invited to share with us here!

Correspondence may be sent
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Send reports of anomalous or paranormal occurrences to:

use our online report form,
or print up a report form  
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IRAAP's Mission Statement

"To research and investigate UFOs and other anomalous phenomena in a reasonable and professional manner, using scientific methodology as much as possible."


"To communicate and share  information with interested investigators."

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