by Linda L. Laing

A best-selling trilogy with interesting UFO information:
Conversations with God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1)
Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 2)
Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book #3)
by Neale Donald Walsch

Summoned: Encounters With Alien Intelligence
by Dana Redfield

"I read a great deal — in fact, I’ll admit it! I‘m addicted to the written word and often purchase books in preference to anything else! On these pages I will share my book finds, insights and recommendations that are particularly interesting or enlightening to readers of the anomalous.

"Sometimes these will be recently published volumes with references to UFOs, other worlds and various anomalous events, although their titles won’t always indicate this. At other times I will review a new UFO title. Occasionally these books will even be on the bestseller lists."

A best-selling trilogy with interesting UFO information:
Conversations with God, an Uncommon Dialogue,

Books 1, 2 and 3.

Conversations with God Book 1For those unfamiliar with the series, it is a trio of pithy books purported to be a conversation between the author, Neale Donald Walsch, and God. Published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc., the first book appeared in 1995 and quickly rose to best seller status, remaining on the New York Times list for 91 weeks. Books 2 and 3followed within three years with similar results.

Although the word "channeled" is never used, one can infer that something like channeling occurred during the writing process. What is channeling? In metaphysical terms it is defined as the production of words and ideas, sometimes written and sometimes spoken, by a person acting as the channel of either a more knowledgeable part of him or herself, or another entity—take your pick. In many instances the channeled material is new to, and not necessarily accepted by, the person serving as the conduit (or channeler). There have been speculations that most major religious texts were originally channeled works, although most religious adherents will vehemently deny this. Still, there’s a mystery here.

Conversations with God Book 2However produced (Walsch explains that he wrote questions on a yellow pad and waited for the answers to come to him), the books cover practically everything you ever wanted to know about life and the Universe, and quite a few things you probably don’t want to know, don't agree with, or don’t even want to think about. But I guarantee that after reading one or more of these books you will not think about God / Goddess or the Universe in quite the same way ever again.

But what particularly interests those of us intrigued by the UFO and related phenomena are the ideas offered in Books 2 and 3 about the organization of the Universe and the role played by Beings Not of This World. Since those of you drawn to read this review are by inclination open to the more mysterious, esoteric, bizarre, weird and wonderful areas of exploration in life, our world and the universe, here are a few insights from the books.

According to God / Walsch there is indeed life on other planets. Furthermore, we humans are truly "primitive" when compared to "Highly Evolved Beings." There are literally thousands of advanced civilizations in the universe and most are far more advanced than humans.

Conversations with God Book 3"Travel as you know it in your culture does not exist in highly evolved societies. Technology has advanced far beyond the necessity of using fossil fuels to drive engines embedded in huge machines that move bodies around. ….it has become possible for [highly evolved beings] to disassemble and reassemble their bodies at will, allowing most beings in most highly evolved cultures to ‘be’ wherever they choose," God /Walsch writes.

He explains that humans are not "primitive" as we generally understand that word in the pejorative sense. Rather, we humans are filled with possibilities and wondrous "primitive" energies. Highly Evolved Beings, on the other hand, have already gone through the adventures, pain and trauma we are experiencing and do visit us. They are observing us and helping us on our journey to higher evolution —not helping us overtly, but covertly — giving us ideas and little intuitions, or nudges, rather than edicts and rules. For, God / Walsch says, if Highly Evolved Beings were known to us we would worship them and do what we were told, without making our own choices and learning and growing through the process of direct experience. Which is the only sure way we can grow out of our "primitive" ways.

God / Walsch writes that there are also Beings in other realms who do not wish us well. As inhuman societies, some creatures from other realms are much less evolved, and can cause trouble. They, too, can observe and interact within our dimension. God /Walsch, however, places a great deal of emphasis on the positive aspects of all this, stressing that ultimately ALL are ONE and we attract what we experience for good reason, which has to do with so many variables in each life it is impossible to pinpoint them. At various points, however, suggestions for a positive life experience are given in each volume.

Nevertheless, warnings are there that the human species has made some huge fumbles in this game of "Life on Earth" and we had better put ourselves into a more cooperative frame of mind and change many of our tactics. For if we continue to collectively destroy the earth’s ability to sustain life, we will be forced into catastrophic retreat and darkness instead of evolving higher into light. This could, assuming a remnant sample survives, cause the human species to spend many painful eons in regaining knowledge and opportunities lost.

Conversations with God - Complete "Advanced technology without advanced thought creates not advancement, but demise," warns God / Walsch.

This is an interesting quote because I cannot help but think of the grays and their hybrids — are they a dying race seeking extended life through stealing human genetic material, with no concern for our wishes or sensibilities? Are they US in a future guise? Can they succeed in revitalizing themselves regardless of the costs to other beings and the trauma they inflict? These and other questions you will find yourself pondering as you read these outrageous books filled with thought-provoking, unsettling, yet wonderfully expansive ideas. 

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Conversations with God, an Uncommon Dialogue;

Book 1, Book 2 and Book 3.

Summoned: Encounters With Alien Intelligence
by Dana Redfield;
published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc., 1999.

Summoned: Encounters With Alien IntelligenceThis is a tale of terror and reconciliation, a book written in the first person by one who is experiencing the life-shattering phenomenon often disdainfully labeled "alien abduction." Dana Redfield admits to not knowing whether she is interacting with extraterrestrials or angels and demons. Many questions are raised; few are answered. One thing is certain. A continuing series of strange, otherworldly things happened, and perhaps are still happening, to Ms. Redfield. Many descriptions, such as a continuously vibrating bed, sound like classic poltergeist activity. She describes dreams and visions as well as out of body experiences, yet never gets a clear sense of being on a solid, alien vehicle. And perhaps that is because she won’t permit it, or that it really isn't part of her reality.

A storyteller and fiction writer whose genre consists of fables, allegories and poetry, Dana Redfield said she wrote this book to share what is happening to her. She kept detailed journals of dreams and paranormal happenings over a period of years. Many are carefully catalogued in an Appendix that comprises one quarter of the book. The text sections, however, are far more interesting, since I, along with most readers, lack reference points to interpret her dreams. She clearly labels these "dreams," but the descriptions sometimes parallel abduction scenarios other writers have labeled "reality."

Redfield also received reams of messages from alien intelligences that amount to over a thousand journal pages. She feels that she was "summoned" to write down their communications, which is where the title of the book originated. Unfortunately, not many of these are included in this book. Rather, the book is a personal journal of discovery, tinged with fear and concern, not only for her sanity and the fate of humanity, but also for her continuing ability to function in a society that ridicules what is happening to her.

The messages from those who summon her are fascinating, but do not present new material as I’ve read these tales of human genetic manipulations by extraterrestrials in other books and articles. For example, Redfield is told that a breeding program is in progress, a program she feels she has been intimately involved with. She is told this breeding intervention is necessary because of complications in the spiritual evolution of humankind, complications caused by a race of aliens manipulating our DNA for their own ends in prehistory. The Summoners tell her humans are dual beings, part alien and part earth-based animal, (not exactly their words, but mine as I had trouble figuring out the line between the first humans, some of whom were changed, some not, and then the second humans—and now us). The alien intelligences were operating outside the cosmic rules of such genetic manipulation and thereby caused many problems. Religion, they advise her, was instated to keep human populations under control until we became mature enough to understand other dimensions of existence. At this point, apparently all humanity is part alien. Battles for control of the human will are the type of ongoing battles between our creators; control of humans is still being contested by two alien races. It isn’t very clear who is winning, and some of her dark and foreboding "dreams" are cause for concern.

Yet, the ancient weave of genetic materials will hold she is told, despite the choices of interbreeding we made throughout the eons. The genetic mixture guaranteed that when the time comes all will experience an expansion of consciousness more or less at the same time.

Redfield comes to believe there may be a merging of the left and right cerebral hemispheres, or activation of hidden potentials in her brain, which creates for her what she calls a meta-reality. She explains that this means her reality has changed and transcended the consensus viewpoint that she held before acknowledgement and experience of the abductions, if indeed that is what they are.

A red chrysanthemum graces the cover of the book, and also becomes a pivotal symbolic item in the latter half. The chrysanthemum is a sacred flower in Eastern traditions, known as one of the Four Gracious Plants, the other three being the orchid, bamboo and plum blossom. Red is traditionally thought by the Chinese, for example, to be a very auspicious color, one that indicates happiness, warmth, strength and fame, although Redfield doesn’t seem to be aware of this. Consider, however that her descriptions of the beings she is interacting with are often of Asian-like countenances. Of interest to me is that one of her most vividly perceived chrysanthemum holographs turns into a stunning rose before it fades, which surely signifies an evolution of some kind. I speculate: old into new; Eastern thought merging with Western?

While this book is an important addition to the emerging abduction literature, unfortunately, it is hard to follow, partly due to a jumble of subject matter presented in a fragmented fashion. We share her thoughts, jump to visions of her visitors, then a plunge into her journals, now to the alien messages, then her day to day life, oops --and now a vivid dream, etc., without a clear sense of chronology or direction. Then again, Redfield seems to have lost those in her life, too.

In the end, the thought that sticks with me is her speculation that the UFO/alien contact is a spectacular drama, a life-shattering drama orchestrated to gain our attention and introduce humankind to new dimensions and other modes of consciousness. 

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