by Marian DelVecchio

by Marian DelVecchio

A few months ago, I was reading Lytle Robinson's book, The Origin and Destiny of Man. It is a book about Edgar Cayce and his readings. I was also reading Salvatore Trento's The Search for Lost America. The two seemed unrelated at first but by book's end a long held mystery may have been solved.

Salvatore Trento is an archeologist who researches rock formations in the Hudson River Valley. These formations are strange in origin and purpose. Some of the rock piles look like chambers while others resemble altars, walls, or houses. The formations predate the Native Americans.

But the formations are not dwellings or houses; they are not root cellars or icehouses as some have proposed. This is according to Native Americans interviewed in the 1800s. Native Americans say that the rocks "have always been there." Native Americans did not build the rock chambers. Native Americans are not known to have built with rock. They preferred twigs, wood, and bark.

The Putnam chambers are 15 miles from Mahopac, New York. They are corbelled rock structures 10 feet wide, 6.5 feet high, and 27 feet long. The chambers look like houses but here has never been any evidence produced that they were used for that purpose.

The arranged slabs and rocks at Poughkeepsie and Wappinger's Falls weigh more than 1000 pounds each. They are similar to European standing stones called Menhirs. Salvatore Trento feels they show Celtic and Druid influence. Trento knows a lot about the stones except who built them. He reports that the rock formations were known as the "dwelling place of the Gods."

Enter The Origin and Destiny of Man. Edgar Cayce talks about the continent of Atlantis in this book. According to Cayce, the first cataclysm was under way on the continent of Atlantis around 50,700 B. C. The continent began slowly sinking. This gave the Atlanteans time to emigrate elsewhere. One of the places they emigrated to was North America, and they built dwellings when they arrived. Atlanteans built with rock. Their dwellings, as Cayce described, were corbelled and made out of locally-found rock. They built with rock in the same fashion as seen in the Hudson River Valley.

Ladentown, NY is home to an ancient rock construction known as Perched Rock. Perched Rock is a circular formation of 3 rocks arranged to form a "perfect" triangle. It is situated high atop Circle Mountain, and is not easily accessed. Deerpark, NY is home to another unusual formation called Lifting Rocks. Here atop Hawk's Nest Mountain, 1000 feet above sea level, is another formation of 3 rocks that form a triangle.

Balanced Rock is a 90-ton stone altar just east of Croton Reservoir, a place known for its frequent and spectacular UFO sightings. A triangle is carved into the Balanced Rock altar. Salvatore Trento has found that some of the conical rock piles high in the mountains were used as beacons. Soil Remains found in the base of the rock piles verify this. This leaves us to ask, what were the rock builders signaling?

I feel they were signaling the triangles often seen in the Hudson River Valley skies. I also feel the rock builders could be former residents of Atlantis. Atlanteans were said to be in contact with a higher order of beings; maybe extraterrestrials, maybe the pilots of the triangles.

What other explanations might there be for the numerous triangles etched into the rocks in the Hudson River Valley? Sometimes, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. A triangle could simply represent a triangle. If Salvatore Trento says these piles were beacons and there are triangles scratched into the piles, maybe they are beacons for the triangles.

Recorded New York State history shows that UFOs have visited since the 1800s.However, I feel that UFOs have been coming here for thousands of years. The triangles and lights in the Hudson River Valley seem quite comfortable cruising the New York skies. They seem to know exactly where they are going, especially around Pine Bush, NY. They are not timid or afraid of the area. To me, they seem to arrive out of habit. I believe ancient peoples did indeed signal the triangles. These ancient peoples might just have come from Atlantis. 


  Edgar Cayce's Story of the Origin and Destiny of Man
by Lytle Robinson

  The search for lost America:
The Mysteries of the Stone Ruins
by Salvatore Michael Trento (Hardcover - July 1978)
  The search for lost America:
Mysteries of the stone ruins in the United States
by Salvatore Michael Trento
(Paperback - August 1979)

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