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Followed: Pacific UFO Mystery
by Nebojsa Borkovich

Imagine yourself on the Pacific Ocean, hundreds upon hundreds of miles from shore, in a 29 foot sailboat. Your only companions are a friend ( a really good friend who went with you in spite of the dangers you might encounter), the sea (as fickle as she might be), and the starry sky ... with one exception ... UFOs, unexplained lights and crafts which seem to be following you in your slow, but steady, progress across the great expanse.

This is exactly what Neb Borkovich is trying to explain to those who will take the time to read his amazing story.

Neb and his Navajo friend, Don, set sail from the lower Baja peninsula in Mexico in April 2000. Destination: Hawaii. This had been a long time dream for Neb, whose heart is with the sea. Mira, their small but sturdy sailboat, is loaded with gear, and as ready for the long voyage as she could be. Both men realize that their fate is in the hands of their skill as sailors, the ruggedness of their boat, and the whim of the great Pacific.

This book is one of the first I’ve read in quite some time which is able to capture the vastness of the open ocean, giving the reader the sense of how tiny a sailor is amid the enormous sea... and how helpless. The author’s descriptions of sunsets, wind and waves is worth a read in itself. But there is more. Not long after leaving the harbor in Mexico, strange lights begin to manifest themselves to the two sailors. Sometimes the lights would show up on consecutive nights, other times there would be days in between their revealing themselves.

After days of lights moving in odd patterns in the sky, often dancing with each other, the oddities become more bold and approach the small boat much closer. Neb and Don are able to see clearly the shape of the objects, their light patterns, so much so that two craft which seem, at first, to be the same object, actually are two different objects, detectable from the pattern of lights on them. Neb took the time to record the events in his logbook, and both men tried to video tape the lights.

Upon reaching Hawaii, the story is only half finished. After their Hawaiian interlude, Neb and Don sail for San Francisco. The story continues with the UFOs dogging them all the way to their west coast destination.

"Followed" is not just a tale of UFOs. It is a story of two men who experienced the loneliness of the open sea and the helplessness one feels when you know that you are not entirely in control of your situation. More importantly, it is a story of how Neb Borkovich tries to come to grips with the reality that UFOs do exist. It becomes Neb’s quest to seek answers to what he saw, and prove it to the authorities. Unfortunately, that task becomes more difficult than he ever imagined.

Neb’s firsthand account is an informative read for any UFO researcher, and many of the observations he makes show a man who is seeking answers to a definite unknown. Here are a few to consider:

"It is entirely possible to read innumerable books, watch TV shows and listen to first hand accounts [of UFOs] from people one knows well, and still remain a skeptic. The mind simply wants to reject something that it is not used to processing, something that goes against the grain of comprehension and familiarity."

"Conflict, mayhem and murder are obvious human traits. To ascribe them to a completely unknown intelligent species is totally irresponsible but done regularly, even by some of our brightest scientific minds. On the other hand, to think of these beings as our ‘cosmic brothers’ who are here to help us solve our problems, an idea espoused by New Age cults and early ‘contactees’ who claimed to know the aliens on a first name basis, is equally ill-advised. The best and only course of action is to accept and understand the fact that they are here and it doesn’t seem that they are going away any time soon. We must learn all we can about them, and this is something that requires patience and, above all, open-mindedness."

"To the ruling elites in control of the government, the church and education, truth is often a real or perceived threat, ignorance an ally. The preservation of the status quo is their primary concern. To openly admit that there exists a little understood force capable of undermining even a small slice of their powerful monopoly over thought would be akin to political suicide. Therefore the silence."

I heartily recommend this book for, in its very simple style, it has much to offer the reader from many perspectives. As Neb Borkovich states on page ninety-one (softcover),  "If you want to find the truth, you have to look for it yourself."

I couldn’t have said it better. 

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Followed: Pacific UFO Mysteryy
Nebojsa Borkovich

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Additional information on Followed: Pacific UFO Mystery
by Nebojsa Borkovich

Book Excerpt: Chapter 6: The Night of the Flying Horseshoes

Imagine sailing across the Pacific Ocean in a twenty nine foot sailboat and being followed by UFOs throughout the voyage. This is exactly what happened to Neb Borkovich and his sailing companion, Donald Begay, a full blooded Navajo Indian. Followed is a narrative of the encounters with the unknown, as well as their struggle to understand who might be behind this, what their motives are, and what it means to Neb and Don personally, and to humankind in general. Followed puts the reader at the helm, allowing them to see what these men saw and feel what they feel. This is a bona fide, well publicized case, complete with documentation and supported by a thorough research of the subject. Combined with their everyday sailing exploits, it makes for a great read on many levels.

The book consists of two, equally fascinating parts:

  1. A description of the actual events as they happened during their voyage from La Paz, Mexico to Hawaii, and then to San Francisco in the Spring and Summer of 2000.
  2. An analysis of the case, including video enhancements, drawings, expert opinions and correlations to other similar experiences.

As with any investigation of this kind, each answer only poses more difficult questions. With each successive chapter, Followed brings the author and reader alike closer to the door of the ultimate and undeniable truth behind the appearances of UFO vehicles in the skies of the planet. That which we always took for granted may only be a fleeting illusion. What we thought belonged to us may never have. This book is not attempting to paint a rosy picture, nor does it seek a validation of the author's views, but presents you with the hard facts of a reality that is far stranger than fiction.

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About the author: Nebojsa Borkovich
Born in 1959, Nebojsa Borkovich immigrated to the United States from Yugoslavia in 1973. In contrast to many of his countrymen and others who came in pursuit of the American Dream, Borkovich’s own dreams repeatedly pursued him to leave the shelter of land, seek out and eventually discover a far more complex and rewarding reality.

An ordinary man, possessing an extraordinary desire to sail the high seas of adventure, be it on land or at the tiller of his vessel, he never before felt the need to advertise it. Writing was not supposed to be one of his ports of call. He would have rather left it to those who preferred the safety of a snug anchorage. But dreams and desires, being what they are, often have a tendency to take even a most ordinary man in the direction of uncharted lands. In the summer of 2000, at the end of a century, he found just such a land. Uncharted but real. Others have seen it, left their footprints upon its shores, talked and wrote about it, but, unlike the explorers of old, were never bestowed with titles of nobility. Fully aware of the fate that befell those before him, Borkovich is nevertheless sending his first, humble postcard from uncharted territory to all the natives of the Earth, in the sincere hope that it will revive a sense of wonder. Though all of us may not know or care about its existence, we all share a deed to it whether we like it or not.

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