by Raymond  Cecot
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The Deeper Truth: Uncovering the Missing History of Egypt
by Richard Russell Cassaro

Those of you who relish the concept of extraterrestrial visitation and like new outlooks on ancient Egypt may find this book of particular interest. The Deeper Truth explores areas that many would consider taboo, but does so in a way that is thought provoking, to say the least.

The book begins by explaining that mankind's idea of a "creator" may not be the same as most of us think of "God" the creator of all things. This is the Cosmic God, the Creator of the Universe, the Uncaused Cause which many religions hold as the Ultimate Being with no beginning or end. This is not the "god" that Richard Cassaro speaks of.

Mr. Cassaro's interpretation of ancient Egyptian history and religion is that possibly "several thousand years before the start of the First Dynasty, civilization did not exist. Homo sapiens were hunters and gatherers and lived in extended tribes in caves and shelters ... at some time, a strange and magnificent sight captured the attention of these primitive peoples. A surreal and ominous light appeared in the sky above the river Nile. The light was the disk of Ra. For years this light appeared in the heavens and attracted many followers."

From this beginning, when Ra (an extraterrestrial) appeared on this Earth, the Egyptian people grew to understand certain moral concepts. They were given the Maat, the moral code to live by. Later, Osiris comes to help them further understand the way they are to live. However, Osiris is murdered due to a conspiracy, eventually resurrects, and becomes immortal. All Pharaohs who succeed him are also considered immortal, and will rise with him at some undetermined time.

If this sounds similar to something you heard in Christianity, that is exactly the parallel that the author wishes to make. Jehovah, the Hebrew God, is the same as Ra. It is the Hebrew God who gives Moses the Commandments on Mt. Sinai (similar to the maat that is given the Egyptians). It becomes the Hebrew moral code of conduct. Later, Christ appears on the scene to help clarify and reinforce the commandments. He is killed by a conspiracy, rises from the dead to immortality, and his followers believe that they will rise with him at an undetermined time, if they are faithful to his teachings.

In effect, Christ and Osiris seem to be the same person.

The Deeper Truth goes into much detail to reinforce the concept of the Egyptian Ra/Osiris parallels with Jehovah/Christ. But what is interesting is the way Mr. Cassaro ties it all together in the end. He speaks of the moral code and conduct of the Egyptians, not only regarding the elite, but the way each and every Egyptian grew to understand that immortality was within the grasp of the common man. The maat was a way of life for all ancient Egyptians, if they had any hope of immortality and rising to be with Osiris. The similarities to Christianity are obvious.

It is the author's position that scholars should review their findings in light of Ra, not as myth, but as a reality. Ra is not the Cosmic God, Creator of all the Universe, but an extraterrestrial who came to Earth to teach man how to live with a moral code. This concept is carried throughout mankind's development, even so far as other Osiris figures, such as Christ, coming to further proclaim this moral code. Mr. Cassaro is a clear and novel thinker, one who is not afraid to express a different twist to ideas which many of us take for granted (and perhaps hold onto much too tightly).

Overall, there is a lot to absorb in The Deeper Truth, far too much to put into writing in a short review. Although the concept of extraterrestrial visitation is one I often entertain, this book looks at it in a way I had not expected. It places the Egyptians in a unique place in history, a place which makes them the first recipients of a moral code coming from beyond our planet.

Moses receiving the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai may not be the first time mankind has been taught by "god," as many have come to believe. God, in the form of Ra, might have come to us thousands of years prior. We just haven't been able to interpret the ancient message that has been left behind. 

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