Note From Mr. Mason:
My research into this subject began in early 1995. A geologist colleague and friend, John Watts of geo-science consult-ants Mackay & Schnellman and Associates, asked for my opinion of earthquake risk in an isolated area of the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. John knew of my long experience in the region, conducting geological and geophysical field exploration surveys there for gold mineralisation - hence the approach to myself for scientific advice.








( First Published in NEXUS Magazine April - May 1997)
By Harry Mason B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A.I.M.M., M.I.M.M., F.G.S. (Geologist-Geophysicist)
Copyright (c) February 1997 "All Rights Reserved"



Whilst visiting a small underground gold mine John Watts had noticed a "Kalgoorlie Miner" newspaper article dated 1-06-93 attached to the barracks kitchen fridge door. This reported that on 28-05-93 at 23.03 hrs. a meteor fireball was seen by several observers flying from south to north between Leonora and Laverton. This was immediately followed by a significant 3.9 Richter scale earthquake - picked up by 23 seismic receivers around Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Ed Paul --a geophysicist at the A.G.S.O. Mundaring Seismic Observatory near Perth - had received several telephone calls from the public, has had the Laverton Police. Ed had reasoned that there was a possible connection between the meteor fireball and the quake due to an impact with the ground.

The small gold mine (the Alycia Mine) had experienced this quake event as underground 3 inch steel pipes sheared clean in half and collapsed underground drives and shafts. My friend John has done a considerable amount of earthquake risk assessment during his consulting career and thought that this damage pattern was more like instantaneous blast damage - as is normally caused by nuclear explosions - rather than standard earthquake damage. The key to this was the underground damage and its style when compared to the more normal quake mine damage - usually limited to surface building collapse caused by quake induced seismic ground waves.

Many observers reported that the fireball passed over making a pulsed roaring noise, similar to a very loud road train diesel engine, and that after the seismic wave hit they heard a huge long drawn out explosion - similar to a very major, but long drawn out, mine blast - but somehow peculiarly different.

At the time we reasoned that Ed Paul was probably correct and that a meteor fireball (a bolide) could have impacted explosively into the ground and caused the apparent "earthquake" by impact, or by airburst explosion shock wave induction. This area has no record of quakes since West Australian seismograph's were first installed in 1900, nor Aboriginal racial memory of same.

As such an impact is a major geological curiosity, often observed in the Recent geological record, but rarely recorded as occurring in human history, we decided to embark upon a private research project to document the event - leading, we hoped, to scientific fame and glory. We did not then appreciate just where this research work and interest would lead to .......

I visited the area in May and June 1995 and began to interview, by personal visit or telephone, the inhabitants of a three hundred kilometre radius area - centred upon Laverton. This Eastern Goldfields region of W.A. is a semi-desert and very isolated with an extremely low population density.  It contains several very large sheep stations ("ranches"), a couple of small gold mining towns (Leonora and Laverton), plus several isolated gold mine sites, a few gravel or dirt roads, a lot of thick mulga bush and gum tree scrub vegetation, with some sand dune fields and spinifex "grass" cover. Each sheep station covers an area the size of the London "Home Counties" combined, and the area of the investigation is roughly equivalent to that of England.

I hired a light plane to visit outlying stations and Aboriginal settlements searching for eyewitnesses, and then to search for "ground zero" - this took some three weeks. A summary of all currently available witness data follows :

 A large orange red spherical "fireball" with a very small bluish white conical tail had flown from low down in the south over observers travelling to the north. Some observers reported that the fireball was cylindrical in form and more yellow-blue-white in colour. It was heard as a pulsed roaring or loud diesel engine sound - well BEFORE it arrived, it dropped off no glowing fragments, and had no long luminous tail or sparks - as is common meteor activity.

Its speed was similar to a 747 jet liner or a fast jet plane and obviously less than the speed of sound since loud noises were heard before the "object" arrived.

The sounds heard before it arrived were most definitely NOT "normal" electrophonic sounds as have been quite commonly reported from historical meteor fireball events - (Such electrophonic sounds are experienced as weird "pings" and "whees" of low volume intensity and are not fully understood at this time, but are believed to be due to hertzian E/M waves produced in the bolide plasma trail and propagated at the speed of light to the observer - in advance of the bolide. These E/M waves are thought to harmonically couple with the inner ear, or to cause nearby objects to vibrate sympathetically thus producing the observed low volume sounds).

No sonic booms were reported, and no observer believed that any explosion was heard until the "object" got to ground level - or very nearly so (behind low hills or tree line cover) - and exploded/or impacted.

It flew apparently parallel to the Earth's curvature in a long "nap of the Earth" arcing trajectory at low altitude (some 1-2000 metres ?) from  low down on the southern horizon, not with a "normal" meteor inbound high angle high altitude trajectory. The fireball lit up some observers and their vicinity as it passed overhead. It's flight trajectory was observed over a distance of least 250 km. (although it probably had a much longer flight path from well out over the Antarctic Ocean). It then appeared to arc down towards the ground and disappeared out of sight behind trees or low hills.

This was followed by a near blinding massive high energy burst of blue-white light that rippled for about 3-5 seconds. This lit up the night (windless, cloudless, and moonless) sky as if daylight. Observers could see for + 100 km. in every direction at ground level - "AS CLEAR AS DAY". The energy intensity involved in this light flash was similar to the light flash generated by a significant nuclear blast, and in many respects the incident strongly resembled a night time nuclear test.

A huge red coloured flare then shot vertically skywards for some considerable distance (several kilometres ?), and this was immediately followed by a massive seismic ground wave that hit the observers nearest to "ground zero" such that rocks and beer cans vibrated off of tables and the ground shook violently so that persons tending a camp fire fell over.

A very loud major explosive blast then followed that was heard over a 250 km x 150 km corridor, minor quake damage was reported as far as 150 km southeast of the "ground zero" - the other directions (excepting Leonora to the southwest) being largely uninhabited. One engineer situated that night in Laverton, with Gulf war experience of missiles and aircraft breaking the sound barrier, described it as "definitely a major explosive concussion wave blast (not a sonic boom) - similar to, but MUCH bigger than, a normal open pit mine blast".

A large deep red-orange coloured hemisphere of opaque light with a silver outer shell lining then rose from ground level to hover around over the "ground zero location". This structure when fully developed was approximately three times the size of a typical Goldfields setting Moon as seen by observers located 30-50km from it - (i.e. it was very big), and it "bobbed around a bit for NEARLY TWO HOURS, before disappearing suddenly - as if someone threw the light switch off".

This "half soup plate structure " (looking like a "deep red very large and half set Sun") was seen by two observers from widely separated  locations, one at the Banjawarn station buildings, and one at the Deleta station buildings.

Dogs at both locations went totally berserk whining and howling and attempting to get off their leads - whilst the aerial light hemisphere was up; presumably there was an ultra-sonic or vlf E/M wave propagation that the dogs were extremely sensitive to.  

Aboriginal prospectors who were camped very near to ground zero at the Freeman's Find gold prospect were extremely spooked by the event believing that it was "the end of the world"...... Some of them thought that they had witnessed a "jumbo jet" crash behind a range of low hills. They gathered their swags (bed rolls) close together - as they were too scared to sleep apart. In the morning they climbed a hill to look for fires in the distance but could see no smoke. They quickly departed the area for the safety of Leonora.  

One Aboriginal stockman observer located at the Banjawarn station buildings believed that he was witnessing a fairly slow moving "UFO" and  became very worried that they were going to land and abduct him and his two companions - since it flew directly at him and then passed very noisily low overhead - going into it's final downwards arcing plunge .....

Almost exactly one hour after the first big event three observers (located at the Banjawarn station buildings) also saw a second much smaller fireball - more blue-green-white in colour, which appeared to rise from ground level ?, but which definitely rose from behind distant trees well south of the station perimeter, and flew to the north in a high mortar shell type arc before coming down to ground level, behind distant bush. It's flight path was divergent to the north northeast when compared to that of the first major "fireball" event of that night.

This later event then created a second but very small explosion and concomitant minor ground shake - similar to the first event, but much smaller in size, and with no resultant rising hemisphere of opaque light. Another observer also reported seeing parts of this second event - a prospector located north of the Mulga Queen Aboriginal settlement. This second event does not appear to have been of a magnitude sufficient to register on A.G.S.O. seismographs.

Analysis of the best A.G.S.O. seismic records by U.S.G.S. energy conversion equations suggest that the energy involved in the first main event quake was probably of the order of 1 - 2 kilo-tonnes of TNT equivalent. The blast itself was probably bigger as not all such explosive energy is transmitted efficiently into the ground and along the Earth wave path to the seismograph observatories.

The main fireball eyewitness "explosion ground zero" was located near to the northern edge of Banjawarn station, whereas the calculated A.G.S.O. quake epi-centre fix was close to the southern perimeter of Banjawarn station, the difference apparently reflecting the difficulties involved in calculating accurate quake epi-centres from remote seismograph locations.

In spite of the finally excellent eye-witness "ground zero impact" cross fixes, a considerable time in the air in a Cessna 172 failed to find any crater or ground anomaly of any kind there or anywhere else in a 300km diameter search area. Ground and air examination of the nearby Celia fault-lineament could find no evidence of any movement on this structure.

Banjawarn is arguably the most isolated station area in the Eastern Goldfields region of W.A.

This sheep station, had achieved notoriety since it was purchased the same year (1993) by the Japanese AUM "Supreme Truth" sect - of 1995 Tokyo Subway gas attack fame. Research soon showed that a Japanese AUM "Supreme Truth" Sect representative (Deputy Leader Hayakawa) had been inspecting "for sale" sheep stations around and including Banjawarn in early April 1993.

Hayakawa had initiated purchase procedure for Banjawarn in late April 1993 desiring to "conduct experiments there for the benefit of mankind". The station actually changed hands when papers were signed and a bankers cheque was provided on the 1st of June - only three days after the fireball event. However the agreement re sale to the AUM was completed on the 23rd. of April 93 - some 35 days prior to the fireball event.

As the 28-05-93 event did not appear to fit any normal meteor impact scenario we began to joke that the AUM sect had probably sent a cruise missile with a pulse jet engine and detonated a nuclear weapon on the uninhabited desert fringe immediately north of Banjawarn station.......

Meteors usually travel at very hyper-velocities >25,000 m.p.h. and do not fly "nap of the earth" low level (1000 meters altitude) trajectories, plus they usually have long luminous tails, and drop off fragments, and are not documented as triggering earthquakes.

Pressure changes due to storms (or possibly pressure waves created by a meteor flypast ???) are known to trigger quakes in stressed plate regions of the crust, but this region can hardly be assigned a high stress fault signature - given the total lack of such quake events in it's known human history - it is a very stable Archaean Age cratonic shield area - with the nearest location demonstrating quake activity being located in the Fraser Range - some 5/600km to the south, and east of Norseman.

Then three truckies reported (in response to ABC radio interviews by the author) seeing yet another fireball soon after starting work at 5.00am (exact date unknown) in May or June of 1993. Their "moon sized" fireball flew from south to north at low level (some 1000 metres) with a high speed jet plane velocity. It was yellow-orange-red in colour and had a very small blue-white tail, and lit up the early morning dark sky in an intense blue white light flash that silhouetted the countryside, as it too headed immediately west of Laverton directly for Banjawarn station. As they were sitting next to loud diesel engines of their own we do not know if this third Banjawarn fireball made any pulsed roaring noise.

This third fireball held a course that, would not only pass over Banjawarn but, could ultimately reach the Exmouth peninsular in the far north west of W.A.

Now for three fireballs to be heading towards Banjawarn is just too much of a co-incidence for a meteor type event. Meteors of this size are very rare events let alone three heading at different times into one small space on the Earth's surface at Banjawarn. If we assume that fireball #3 was seen at 5.00am on the 29th of May 1993 and thus followed fireball #1 by six hours as in say a south to north travelling chain of bolides (rather like the recent Shoemacher-Levy -9 impacts on Jupiter) we have the problem that in six hours the Earth has rotated about it's north-south axis 90 degrees and fireball #3 should have come in over East Africa !

Subsequent to the initial publication and radio broadcasts of my research on the Banjawarn Event I was contacted by a Laverton "Dogger" (Dingo trapper) who reported seeing a yet forth fireball flying from Laverton to Banjawarn in late 1989. His orange fireball also flew at jet plane speed and at relatively low level altitude following around the Earth's curvature like an F-111 flying under radar with a loud diesel engine noise and gave off a vivid blue-white flash as it disappeared over the northern horizon.

Other Goldfields observers reported seeing huge glowing orange-red hemispheres or "shells" formed up on their respective horizons during the mid to late 1980's. Event reconstructions from several witnesses places these hemispheres in an area roughly north-west of Banjawarn Station.

All of these sightings mitigate strongly against meteors or bolides being the causative element in these events.


There have been many other post May 1993 Australian reports (in excess of 1000 - often multiple events) concerning aerial fireballs and associated light energy emission. These involve exotic diesel freight train noise making spherical fireballs, and some noiseless variants, flying long trajectories over different parts of Australia.

These fireballs have been observed in all our states (as recently as the 4th. of February 1997), and in many cases have exhibited variations on and combinations of the following actions: very low altitude "nap of earth" trajectories, small to non-existent tails, no fragment drop off, apparent velocity less than that of sound, no associated sonic booms, considerable sudden change in course, speed up, stop dead, reverse course, fly vertically upwards into space, create intense vibration of ground and housing as they pass over, or explode over the horizon in massive blue-white arcing light displays with major explosive sound events - or silent intense high altitude light flashes, create power generation over-voltage outages and other electrical potential effects.

The Banjawarn case demonstrates a cause-effect relationship with a 3.9 richter earthquake and other fireballs have possibly been related on at least two occasions to 3.0-4.0 richter scale earthquakes in eastern Australia. [NB. We now know of some 10 fireball-earthquake-explosion events in Australia since 1993].

If meteors are the source of these observations then lately we appear to be continually encountering a very odd species of meteor that exhibits a previously undocumented very exotic behaviour and a very high statistical rate of arrival in Australia - apparently (until recently -1996) largely ignoring the rest of the world.

Other possible causes such as natural gas fireballs, min-min lights, and earthquake stress lights may be easily discounted by many aspects of  these fireball events - but not least because of their usually very low energy output when compared to the very large energies involved in these recent Banjawarn type fireball incidents.


Probably the most spectacular of these fireball events was that of approximately 2.00am on the 1st. of May 1995 above Perth W.A.

At that time a large spherical orange-red fireball with a small conical blue-white tail was observed flying from the Indian Ocean over Bunbury in south western WA in a north northeasterly direction at a relatively high altitude, apparently flying a trajectory that was parallel to the earth's curvature. The altitude of this fireball is open to question as many observers thought that it was not too high in the sky but newspaper reports later placed it at several kilometres altitude.

The fireball soon arrived above the eastern side of the City of Perth (population + 1 million), and was seen and heard by many eye-witnesses over it's 150 km. land flight trajectory. Observers reported that the "object" emitted a loud roaring pulsed noise - similar to a diesel freight train - before it arrived - and that it flew at a steady speed similar to a high speed jet aircraft. There was no report of a sonic boom.

Whilst opposite the eastern side of Perth near Midland the fireball reportedly stopped dead in the sky and the tail inverted through the fireball to point towards the previous direction of travel.

There was then an enormous burst of blue-white arcing light energy that lit up the city and it's suburbs for many kilometres - briefly as clear as daylight - similar in many ways to that of a nuclear blast. A loud vibrating massive explosion cum seismic wave reverberated around Perth and the city buildings shook whilst books and objects fell off of shelves.

Several observers reported that at the instant of the explosion four white lights raced apart from the main "object's" centre forming a right angle white cross in the sky. No object was actually seen at any time - just a bright orange-red fireball of light emission and it's very small blue-white light conical tail.

One observer reportedly told the Perth Astronomical Observatory of seeing sparks drop off of the fireball during it's flight and that it had along tail or streak of orange colour. All other Police and Public eye-witnesses reported the fireball as having no, or at best a rudimentary very short, tail, and they definitely saw no sparks, noting that it was spherical or cylindrical in form as defined by light energy emission.

About half of the city's population i.e. some 500,000 people were woken up by the violence of this explosive and seismic wave event. The ground vibration wave was picked up by the A.G.S.O. Mundaring Seismic observatory as a paper analogue recording lasting some two minutes timed at 17.57utc i.e. commencing at 1.57am W.A. time.

This event raised some discussion in the W.A. press over the next few weeks and was generally explained in the media by the Perth Astronomical Observatory as the explosion of a meteor fireball with a power of ONE or MORE mega-tonnes of TNT equivalent, at an altitude of several (20 km. ?) kilometres.

Surprisingly this event was not apparently widely reported in the World press. One would think that something like the equivalent of a large Hydrogen Bomb detonating above a city like Perth would be worthy of great discussion. Obviously it was definitely not loud enough to wake Canberra............

Reports soon came in of small lights and strange aerial noises that had moved to the north northeast of Perth towards the small town of Toodyay and beyond, on the night in question. Amateur meteor astronomers spent a considerable amount of time interviewing farmers out that way but no meteor fragments have been recovered to date (December 1996).

Later reports noted that on the same night, some 1900 kms. to the north north east of Perth, a couple situated on Sunday Island, north of Broome, in the Kimberley region of WA, were woken some time around 3.00 am by a loud roaring pulsed diesel engine noise - similar to a D9 bulldozer or tank engine - advancing directly towards their front door. This noise rose to a crescendo and books and objects fell from their shelves. The seismic ground vibration wave and sound event lasted for some 1-2 minutes.

Believing they had experienced an earthquake the family listened to the early morning ABC radio, but the only story was of the explosive meteor fireball event above Perth. A check of the Mundaring seismic records has shown that no earthquakes of any magnitude at all occurred at Sunday Island or anywhere else in their region that night.

One possible interpretation of these events is that a meteor fireball exploded on contact with the Earth's denser atmosphere high above the east of Perth and that small fragments including a very large fragment flew north north east over Toodyay to eventually be heard flying low over Sunday Island in the Kimberley region.

This meteor interpretation ignores the slow speed of the fireball i.e. similar to a jet plane and, due to it's roaring sound being heard before it arrived, apparently less than the speed of sound at some 750 mph (whilst most meteors are generally hypervelocity objects flying at many thousands of miles an hour - often > 25,000 mph.).

The meteor hypothesis also ignores the strange aerodynamics of an "object" that reportedly stopped dead in the sky whilst it's very small luminous tail inverted through the spherical fireball, and ignores the lack of recovered fragments from so great an explosive event. It also ignores the accumulated evidence from many other similar fireball events that have occurred throughout Australia in recent years.

The observations of it's flight, or effects associated with the event, cover some 2,000 kilometres in strike across W.A. and thus allow a reasonably reliable attempt at reconstruction on a globe of the planetary perspective.

The trajectory starts somewhere to the south southwest of Perth - possibly in the Indian Ocean or in Antarctica, and projects north northeast towards the north eastern coast of Japan and across the centre of the Siberian Kamchatka peninsular. If continued the trajectory would cross over northern Alaska over Arctic Canada to emerge into the Atlantic somewhere near Nova Scotia.

It is interesting that the projected trajectory skims Antarctica along it's coast near Enderby Land. At this location is a complex of three research bases. The Japanese bases of Showa (approx. 40 degrees East) and Mizuho (approx. 45 degrees East and inland), and the former USSR base of Molodezhnaya (approx. 45 degrees East on the coast). Further northwest the former USSR base of Novolazarevskaya (approx. 15 degrees East on the coast) also lies approximately upon the projected trajectory.

The former USSR also has bases ringing the coast of Antarctica at the following approximate locations 15 deg E, 45 deg E, and 92 deg E (Queen Mary Land), 105 deg. E  (Vostock inland near the South Magnetic Pole), 163 deg E  (Oates Land), and 224 deg E  (44 deg W) (opposite the Rockerfeller Plateau). These bases effectively give a good arc coverage of the entire globe from the radio transmission viewpoint.

The Kamchatka Peninsular in Siberia was the site of the infamous KAL 007 incident. Recent research by David Pearson published in his book "KAL 007: the COVER - UP") concerning this 747 jumbo jet shoot down by the Soviets suggests that KAL 007 was attempting to gain intelligence on a very large transmitter site located in the central part of the peninsular. It has been suggested by Japanese journalists (Archipelago Magazine www.pelago.com) and an American scientific researcher (Tom Bearden) that this Kamchatka transmitter is one of a worldwide series of former Soviet electro-magnetic weapons transmitter complexes.

Such weapons are believed to be variants on designs proposed by Nicola Tesla in 1908 and to have the ability to transmit explosive, and other effects such as earthquake induction, across inter-continental distances to any selected target site on the globe, with force levels equivalent to major nuclear explosions.

Evidence for the existence of such exotic weapons is given in part by a recent 23rd December 1996 "Voice of Russia" radio broadcast on their Science and Engineering programme where they discussed modern Russian E/M weapons of the micro-wave plasma variety. The following is a part transcript of that programme featuring the interviewer Yekimenko and the science authority Belitzky ..........

YEKIMENKO: How would a microwave generator be used "in anger" Boris?

BELITZKY: It would be used to fire a plasmoid, that is, a blob of plasma into the path of an incoming missile, its warhead, or an aircraft. The plasmoid would effectively, ionize that, region of space and, in this way, disturb the aerodynamics of the flight of the missile, warhead, or aircraft, and terminate their flight. This makes such a generator and its plasmoid a practically invulnerable weapon, providing protection against; attack via space or the atmosphere.

YEKIMENKO: Boris, I hate to ask this question, but still...The generals and scientists who speak of this weapon - they couldn't be bluffing, could they?

BELITZKY: 0h no. This is evident if only from the fact that a few years ago in 1993, at the Russian-American summit in Vancouver, the Russians proposed a joint experiment in testing such generators - or plasma weapons, as they are called here - as an alternative to the Strategic Defense Initiative, SDI. In such an experiment, which it was proposed to code-name :'Trust," the system would be used to repulse a missile attack. In this way Russia hoped to strengthen the new climate of post-cold-war security in the world.

These comments of course emphasise that many observed "lights = objects" in the night sky may in fact have no mass associated with them at all, and are actually "holograms" of light being given off by "slugs" of dense E/M energy (moving, or static as a standing wave node). These light shapes being held in place by three or more transmitter's providing their "Tesla wave" output to manipulate "plasmoid blobs" in 3D space.


Another fairly typical (but silent) fireball event occurred in October 1994 at the iron ore mining town of Tom Price in the Pilbara region of W.A.

In mid October 1994 a family were having a patio barbecue at about 8.30pm at night. They saw a very large red-orange coloured ball of fire moving at very low altitude directly towards them at a steady slow light aircraft speed (<100mph ?)and 300 metres altitude. It was bigger than the moon in apparent size.

They rang the local police alerting them to a possible aircraft on fire. The two police raced outside to watch. By now many of the towns folk (population some four thousand) were outside watching the fireball. From front on it appeared to be a fiery orange-yellow-white colour - possibly rectangular or spherical in cross section (depending on observer), from the side it appeared to be a spherical yellow-white light - pulsing up and down in light intensity (as captured on video).

Our original barbecue observers, being some 200 metres directly below it by now, reported that it was an intense spherical ball of orange-red fire with the fire swirling in a spiral pattern and the flames disappearing internally upwards into a central black "hole" or void within the spherical mass of flames.

The fireball had no tail and made no noise at all - there was no ground seismic wave as experienced in many other recent Australian fireball events. It was described as a sort of "implosion ball of flames" with all the fire or flames originating in local space outside the firey sphere-like form, the flames being sucked into the centre where they disappeared - "like a moving plasma ball in a local space-time warp around a central black hole" - "Never ever seen anything like it before - therefore difficult to describe accurately". Really aware people these outback mining families - a scientist could not have done better !!!

The fireball took about 5 minutes to cover the distance from a line of hills west of Tom Price to a line of hills to their east. At this point it flashed a bright blue-white colour that lit up the area and it then took off at very high speed and disappeared almost instantly moving very fast to the east. Other observers simply believed that it just disappeared with the intense blue-white light flash/explosion - no explosive noise heard - just a very bright light energy emission flash.

The observers turned around to look back to the west.

Immediately a second fireball appeared in the west following the path of the first. This flew slightly lower but at the same slow light aircraft speed (i.e. about 100 mph) and similarly at constant low altitude. Again it flew directly over the barbecue observers and was identical in all respects to the first. It disappeared similarly in a massive blue-white flash of light energy moving at very high velocity to the east.

This was followed by a third fireball following the exact same low level (nearly in the tree tops), exact same size, exact same slow flight speed, exact same course, same flash of light followed by it's disappearance at high speed to the east.

The time between each separate fireball "pulse" appearing was almost identical and after one disappeared to the east as you swung around to look west another arrived - like clockwork.

There remains a difference of opinion between observers as to exactly how many fireballs were seen in the sequence that night. All observers agree that two were seen, but several claim that three were actually seen - but that strange time/space/mind distortion effects were in operation (emanating from the fireballs) such that confusion reigned immediately during and after the sightings which led to disagreement and argument over the number of discrete fireball events.

These entire events -or parts thereof - were seen by many of the inhabitants of Tom Price i.e. probably over a thousand people. Many attempted to take photos but all film rolls returned from Perth showed good family snaps but only white blanks of the fireballs. The films were developed by friends and were not tampered with, suggesting that X-ray or similar e/m radiation from the fireball fogged the film by concentration through the camera lens ?

One video camera tape was taken but later accidental over-recording led to only two minutes of this incident remaining - taped as a pulsing light or fireball, as seen from well south of the fireball track - this has since been appropriated by a NSW UFO researcher and has never since seen the light of day.

All residents were shocked by what they observed, eventually believing that someone deliberately wanted them to see these fireballs as some sort of test over an isolated outback town. They confirm that there appeared to be no solid mass object when seen close up, but from a distance many thought they were seeing an aircraft on fire - the second and third fireballs disabused them of this idea. No one could align their sighting with anything within their experiential memory. Some thought that "it was like the end of the world".

The two police were taken the next day to a point half way to the Paraburdoo townsite (Residents here also saw the fireballs to their north that night) - located some 50km south of Tom Price. The police were briefed by officials on what had occurred and thereafter refused to discuss the evenings events.

Being a small town with few inhabitants and pretty lonely if the other residents cold shoulder you one policeman later admitted that he would like to say what it was all about but had been ordered to keep his mouth shut and it was more than his job and life were worth to say more.

The residents of Tom Price discussed these events for days, but attempts to go public on Perth TV were met with last minute cancellation amid ridicule and loony epithets - after Channel 7 actually paid airfares for two resident eye-witnesses to fly to Perth.

Many residents had noticed that the fireballs had flown from the direction of the Exmouth Peninsular US "Radio Communications" base. Many suspect that there is a secret underground part to this base which contains large peculiar aerial systems at ground level.

It was later found out that the Dampier power station (150km north of Tom Price) went off line at the time of the Tom Price fireballs due to a huge overvoltage pulse on the transmission lines.

Residents of this district have commonly seen, or even been followed by bright white lights whilst traversing roads at night near the coast and the Exmouth base area. These lights move at low or high speed, at low or high altitude, and commonly alter course.

Very bright white glows have been observed at night emanating from uninhabited bush land just to the east of Tom Price. Fireballs have been reported on several occasions in the period 1973 to 1994 as flying from Exmouth towards the east and the Great Sandy Desert.

In this Tom Price fireball(s) incident we appear to have a possible direct link to a US base. Thus it is feasible that high powered E/M weapon systems are being tested by the USA on Australian soil - or possibly that foreign E/M systems, or off planet alien alien ufo, interest in the Exmouth USA base is being demonstrated by these sightings.

Regular passage of three such slow speed fireballs, ultimately increasing rapidly to very high speed fireballs, occurring exactly at equal timed intervals, along the same very low altitude trajectory and course, cannot involve any normal meteor or bolide train event. These fireball events do not appear to represent any known natural phenomenon, and certainly appear to fit either the alien "UFO", secret military space plane test, or E/M weapons testing scenarios.

Eyewitness information about the insides of the Exmouth Peninsular US "VLF Submarine Communication" base proves to be extremely interesting. The main Tx site consists of one central very high aerial called "Tower Zero" placed upon a low hill top and surrounded by 11 eqi-spaced smaller towers (each about 1000 ft. high), each tower is connected by aerial wire forming a series of three concentric circular loops (in excess of 3km diameter).

Tower zero is encased in wood/asbestos sheeting to form a very high enclosed oblong box, it has a two man elevator running up the inside of the tower - the top inner aerial shape is surrounded by a larger enclosed box.

The aerial array utilised enormous quantities of copper tube and wire "ground counterpoise" arrays buried in the ground under the entire complex.

Access into the hill side tunnel opening takes one into a large (at least three story) underground section at the base of Tower Zero. Here is something like the innards of a giant "transistor radio" with a huge heavy duty copper wire coil some 50 feet high and 15 feet in diameter - all supported on hard wood (Jarrah) frames fixed with wooden (Jarrah) nuts and bolts !!! Sections are lined with stainless steel sheeting. There may be further and deeper sections under the copper coil which were not seen by this witness.

There is a large power station (possibly running on gas from bore holes into a nearby large natural gas reservoir).

Although officially recently handed over by the US Navy to Australian Navy control the base still has many US "consultants" who live in the nearby town of Exmouth. The Jarrah fittings and copper coil in Tower Zero were installed in 1968, after the main building contractor teams had left the facility.

Supposedly this Exmouth Tx site is transmitting vlf or elf E/M radio messages to submarines. However this eyewitness description of the underground wooden frame and giant coil is a dead give away. It perfectly describes major elements of Tesla's Wardenclyffe, Long Island, and the earlier Colorado Springs research versions, Magnifying Energy Transmitters. The wooden construction is required to handle very high voltages and very high frequencies (possibly as high as microwave band frequencies) by containing the induced coil electro-static wave from discharge to ground - it is NOT needed to handle very low frequencies (vlf), or extremely low frequencies (elf).

Tesla claimed in 1908 that he could hit any antipodean planetary city with an enormous E/M energy pulse delivered in micro seconds that would "create an explosion equivalent to more than the power of the extant World navy's combined Dreadnought Battleship broadsides" (i.e. a huge force similar to that of a nuclear explosion) from just such a device.

Therefore it would appear that the US Exmouth Tx site contains a "Tesla" or "scalar" E/M weapon system - which has been active since about 1969 ....... i.e. in time to conduct the 1970 and younger tests that we see evidence of due east of there in the Great Sandy Desert as many grid rows of 10km spaced earthquakes - looking like a chess board - each of 3 to 5 richter power.

In 1965 this section of the Great Sandy Desert area was (uniquely for Australia) covered by high altitude U2 aerial photgraphy - paid for by the US government - why ???

In 1966 the French Oil company Aquitaine Oil (now called ELF ! Aquitaine) took out a large oil exploration permit in this most isolated and difficult to access area of Australia. Canberra even paid half the exploration costs to help explore the hinterland - no other company known to me got this type of deal - especially to explore an area of poor conceptual potential in a poor geological environment when many easier access and far better geological environments with excellent conceptual potential existed elsewhere in Australia and were open for acquisition and exploration.

Aquitaine commenced exploration in 1967 and carried out aeromagnetic, ground gravity, seismic traverses, and ground VLF/ELF E/M studies (These E/M techniques being quite rare and odd exploration techniques for oil).

In 1968/9 Australian Army MP's with 4wd. jeeps were airlifted in to the Great Sandy Desert to round up a couple of hundred nomadic Aboriginal tribes people and ship them out to Broome. This region was declared "OFF LIMITS TO THE PUBLIC" and all access tracks into the desert were guarded by military Police. The published reason was the danger from a series of test launches from Woomera in South Australia over the Great Sandy Desert and Broome of the British Blue Streak missiles, and of the European four stage space rocket satellite launching system - they even got this one into orbit eventually in early 1970 and 1971. Thereafter the British missile programme and the European space effort were rather mysteriously and suddenly closed down.

In 1970 Aquitaine did no field work. In late March 1970 a series of concentrated 3.0-5.0 richter earthquakes commenced in the eastern Great Sandy Desert (NB. none ever known previously since W.A. seismometers were installed in 1900 - also NO aboriginal racial memory of quakes in this region). These quakes stopped in early October 1970 only to recommence the following year again. Isolated quakes have continued every year since 1970. The late March to early October period each year is the only viable field period in this region - due to the extreme heat of +50 degrees Centigrade in the months of November - February.

In 1972/3 Aquitaine drilled two deep stratigraphic oil wells (both dry) and walked away from the permit. Their annual exploration work reports (1966-1973) should be on "open-file" at the Perth WA Mines Dept. library - however they are listed as confidential. No copies exist in Perth and they are held under lock and key in Canberra at the AGSO (ex BMR) offices - this is unique in all my W.A. exploration experience.

In 1973 the BMR published a report about the strange explosion of new earthquakes in the eastern Great Sandy Desert - this contained incorrect quake epi-centre maps - apparently biased to NOT show the strange regular positioning of these quakes along a 10km x 10km spaced grid over some 80km x 70 km area - with a central 2km spaced series of quakes along two lines forming an apparently central "aiming point" cross.

The 1996 AGSO Mundaring Observatory epi-centre data demonstrates this regular quake epi-centre pattern very well. The accuracy of epi-centre determination is thought to be +/-10 km. Other Australian areas of dense quake distribution show chaotic elliptical area spreads - clustered statistically around central points - not regular grid lines of quakes marching through the desert. These quakes are not due to seismic explosives - unless they used several kilotonnes at each shot hole !!!

The Great Sandy Desert earthquakes are distributed almost exactly due east of the Exmouth vlf Tx site, and intriguingly are also located upon a magnetic north pole great circle route from Exmouth's sister transmitter complex located at Cutler, Maine, on the north eastern seaboard of the USA near the Canadian border.

Thus if the several sightings concerning fireballs emanating from Exmouth (reported during the period 1973 to 1994) to the east towards the Great Sandy Desert are taken into account it would appear that this area of Australia has been utilised for the testing and eventual deployment of a diabolical E/M weapons system of prodigious power.

Slugs of E/M energy could have been fired from Exmouth and steered or explosively initiated from Cutler, and/or other US global transmitter sites onto the target test range within the Great Sandy Desert to initiate major earthquakes in a region previously and totally devoid of same.

On a globe one can see that the great circle geographic polar route north from Exmouth passes through the following locations Hong Kong, Thule (US Air Base in Greenland), Cutler - Main known vlf Tx, Arecibo - Puerto Rico =3D known vlf Tx, Tucuman - Argentina known vlf Tx, Palmer and Amundsen-Scott US Anarctic bases, back to Exmouth Tx in NW Australia. Such a series of Tx sites would allow good coverage of the entire planet.

Interestingly the Puerto Rico site is a near exact antipodean site for Exmouth, and both sites are common UFO sighting areas - especially Arecibo - which I suspect are mainly atmospheric Tesla light energy emission "ufo's" created by the testing and operations of both Tx E/M weapon sites pumping scalar E/M waves through the planet's core.

There are many fascinating co-incidences in this research. Take for instance the case of Harold E Holt, Prime-minister of Australia from 26-01-1966 to 19-12-67.

Holt disappeared whilst swimming one Sunday - apparently after reporting to family and close colleagues over the preceding days that he had discovered something about the USA, and their activities here in Australia, and their future intentions, that deeply offended and worried him. Intending to raise these issues in Cabinet, followed by Parliament on the following Monday, after his swim on the Sunday he was never seen again. The body was never found. Imagine something like that happening to Clinton, Reagan, Nixon, LBJ, or say Margaret Thatcher, Harold Wilson, Harold McMillan - don't you think demand for answers would keep being heard in the Australian / World Press???  Whereas in fact the case of Harold E. Holt is rarely raised in the Press at all.

Rumours of either CIA assassination, shark attack, heart attack, or best of all - removal by Chinese submarine !!!, have surfaced at intervals over the years. Recent rumour lines even suggest that Holt is alive and well in China ..........

The Exmouth peninsular communications base is now called the "Harold E. Holt" Naval Communication Station ........... Obviously in honour of the man - but why ???

One would think that our Australian Federal Police or ASIO/ASIS could have solved the disappearance, and/or possible murder, of an Australian Prime-Minister in some 30 years - you do not have to look too far for a connection and possible line of inquiry ..........

It is quite feasible that Holt found out about the true reasons behind the establishment of the US Navy Exmouth Tx site and objected strongly to Australian soil being utilised for such a horrendous weapon system base. Was he silenced to allow the US Navy controlled project to proceed ??? Was the base eventually named after Holt - (when recently officially "taken over" from the US Navy by the Royal Australian Navy) - as some sort of perverse honour to the very man who died trying to prevent it's installation on Australian soil ?

Then there is the case of the two young cattle station hands who died under very mysterious circumstances a few years ago in the Great Sandy Desert - south of Halls Creek - on the very seismic grid lines put in there in 1968 by Aquitaine Oil - and within the centre of the Great Sandy Desert earthquake "test range"............

It would appear to be high time for Australians to do something about this state of affairs - since we appear to actually host a weapon system that has probably led clandestinely to the death of not only Australians - but quite probably many tens of thousands of our fellow humans - in several countries across the Globe.

It appears that this system was utilised to create induced quakes in various parts of Russia, Japan, China, Iran, and also allowed the delivery of violent weather storms to North Korea that have inflicted famine and near total decimation of 50% of her agricultural land.

But all of that, the science of earthquake inducing E/M weapons systems, and their recent deployment and use on planet Earth must await the next articles in this three part series.


(First Publishen in NEXUS Magazine June - July 1997)
By Harry Mason B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A.I.M.M., M.I.M.M., F.G.S. (Geologist-Geophysicist)
Copyright (c) April 1997 Harry Mason "All Rights Reserved"



Whilst researching the 1993 Banjawarn fireball - explosion - earthquake incident I became aware of an entirely different spectrum of bizarre (non-fireball related) light phenomenon events being reportedly observed in our skies by reliable W.A. bush observers. In common with the fireball events these events were rarely if ever being reported in the press and did not appear to have been commented upon by our scientific community.

These events vary in style but nearly all involve essentially static atmospheric light emission events that have apparently never been reported or observed before the 1980's, have been rarely reported post 1985, but now have an increasing event periodicity in post 1993 years.

One such event type commonly reported consists of massive high energy 5 second bursts of blue-white light seen in the night time skies of the upper atmosphere. Such events have been reported in W.A. by many observers including meteor experts and amateur astronomers who are categorically certain that these are NOT transient light bursts due to single meteors or multiple meteor showers.

Normally no mass object or moving light source is seen in association with these events. However the massive blue-white light energy emission is at times quite similar in power output to those very bright blue-white light flash events often reported as occurring in conjunction with fireballs and their "explosion" - as described in Part One of this article series.

Similar events involving massive blue-white light burst emission have also been reported as occurring at ground level e.g. :

One October 1994 case that was seen from Minara station (50km. east of Leonora in the Eastern Goldfields of W.A.) possibly involved a night time UFO landing and small beings with torches coaming around the station buildings. The exotic brilliant blue-white flare was observed at ground level as the alleged alien space craft accelerated off of the nearby Minara airstrip. The light from this flash lit up the entirely dark station buildings in a brilliant and "beautiful" blue-grey glow silhouette.

Another 1996 night time case was observed near Rocky Gully in the south-west of W.A. and was described as a very scary event where massive blue-white streamers of arcing electricity issued from the forest floor into the atmosphere creating an intense violent blue-white glow (and an attendant "electrical noise") that was visible for miles - "like someone with a giant arc welder". This event persisted for at least several minutes in duration. The observers fled the area in fear for their lives - phased out by the apparently enormous energy involved in the event.

These massive energy bursts of high altitude blue-white light and/or ground level electrical arcs are reasonably common and I have about one hundred such documented events in the W.A. data base. Publicity from my first NEXUS article has caused three more similar events to be reported to me - one of these is from eastern Victoria. I am unaware of any such similar events being historically reported in the literature - anywhere on planet Earth - excepting as referred to below in connection with circa 1900 high frequency high voltage E/M wave experiments by Tesla.

Other exotic events involve post 1993 night time and day time observations of golden-orange or silver-blue-white beams or cylinders of energy propagating vertically downward from high altitude and hitting the Earth's surface (no noise or surface damage and no thunderstorm activity) - usually in isolated outback areas.

Another style of light energy emission event being observed involves orange-red coloured forms hanging statically in the night sky. Commonly pencil beam shaped (vertical or at 45 degrees), but including rare spherical forms, this style of event has been reported since about 1985 with an apparent increase since about 1990 with many more sightings reported since 1993.

Some 100 such events have been reported. Luckily in this case an alert meteor astronomer experienced in night time astro-photography captured one such case on film :-


Four colour images as captured by John Goldsmith (copyrighted by him and all publication rights currently held by H.Mason). John is an amateur meteor astronomer who photographed this beam from his home in Bedfordale (east of Fremantle in the Darling Ranges) at about 9.50pm on 24-05-90. John's photographs and my map reconstruction of the beam bearing are shown on the opposite page.

I took a compass reading (at the spot indicated by John Goldsmith near his telescope observing platform) across the trees as visible in photos 2-4, the bearing was about 262-263 degrees magnetic (local deviation is a degree or less as is the compass and reconstruction accuracy). The beam bearing is on a direct line to the "prohibited" area of the Fremantle Garden Island Naval Base. This "island" or promontory is riddled with underground installations from WWII when it was used as a Submarine base by the US Navy/Royal Navy/Royal Australian Navy. The southern end of Garden Island is occupied by HMAS Stirling - our current Submarine Base - where most of the Australian Collins Class subs are to be based. Navy yards are also present under the beam bearing on the main land.

Although we cannot deduce the exact range of the beam it has to be fairly close to the observer as it is in front of the clouds and lights up some clouds. It is therefore a good bet that this beam was hanging above, or very close to, the Garden Island Naval Facilities.

John Goldsmith came out of his house that night to do some astronomical telescope work. He saw the orange beam hanging vertically in the sky and raced back inside for his camera. Being used to capturing transient meteorite events he knew exactly how to capture the photo. He used 400 ASA film on settings of 30 sec, 60 sec, 120 sec, and 120 sec for respectively images 1-4.

John stated that the beam lit up some clouds and was not as bright as the images captured on film - probably due to light capture by the exposure time - or perhaps his recall of the intensity is a bit out. The beam did not appear to move around or change much over the about 5-6 minutes it was in view but he was concentrating hard on the camera. A video reconstruction utilising his four photos, each registered on the same bright stars, demonstrates that indeed the beam location is entirely static over the duration of the event.

Finally after about 5-6 minutes the beam just faded away to nothing. There was no sound event.

The stars are seen to move over the exposure time and possibly the centre of orange light intensity changes a bit downwards along the beam, and the overall beam light energy varies up and down in intensity from photo to photo (possibly due to the varying film exposure times ? or variation in the beam's actual light emission intensity).

On the original colour photos one can see a band of weaker "red" lines then "blue" lines, then an even weaker band of "red" lines and then "blue lines again - as follows (to the LHS of the major beam : O RRR BBB rrr bbb and so on). NB. similar spectra also exist to the RHS of the beam. The spectral lines are distributed either side of the major orange beam across a considerable width of sky - at least twice the visible beam length (possibly more). The photos also suggest a "ghost" basal tail of the central major beam goes much lower - possibly to ground level.

The photos were taken in the dark at about 9.50pm - (Sun set here in WA on 25-05-90 was about 5.30pm). NB. near vertical white line on LHS of image #2 is an original film glitch and not an event of the time. It was originally suggested that this beam was an effect created by a ground based LASER - but checks by atmospheric scientists who employ such devices in Australia and the USA have completely discounted such a theory - one major problem being that the light form appears well up in the atmosphere and is not connected to any ground laser, another problem is the large width of the beam when compared to normal pencil thick laser probes (normally only visible within 2 km. of the beam), and another problem is the harmonic spectral lines visible across the image.

Another suggestion was that the beam is a searchlight yet it cannot be a normal searchlight as it appears at high altitude with no connection from ground level, also it has no conical section diverging upwards, and it has exotic parallel harmonic spectral lines.

A Japanese Astronomers magazine published an article with a very poor black/white version of the photo in late 1991 suggesting the main beam was caused by refraction of ships lights by a horizontal layer of different density air ..........

If so why has this effect not been previously documented from anywhere over the worlds oceans ??? I now have many eye-witness accounts of such vertical orange beams seen at night on land over the past two years here in W.A. These land locations are generally uninhabited and have no light sources (such as searchlights etc.) for refraction by air layers as suggested by the Japanese magazine.

One 1996 Brisbane beam event report was very significant as the observers saw very high voltage blue-white discharge streamers issuing from their house wall mounted mains power box as an orange beam hovered nearby in the sky, another house reported their power box hummed violently as the orange beam hovered some distance away in the sky.

This data confirms the probability that Tesla style longitudinal scalar E/M potentials were involved in this Brisbane event (and therefore was possibly present during the other beam events) - probably created by a remote Tesla E/M transmitter and issuing from local space-time "vacuum" at the standing wave target node i.e. the beam location.

One quite feasible explanation for the orange beams is that they are due to electro-magnetic "holograms" of light energy being emitted from invisible but concentrated slugs of E/M standing waves. Such waves may be of natural (e.g. earth stress lights), human, or alien origin - all involving multiple scalar E/M wave interference.

The massive high altitude blue-white light energy flashes are possibly due to Tesla E/M wave emission coupling briefly with the upper atmosphere, whereas the ground level flashes are possibly due to the operation of a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter (located either in Australia or overseas) that is transmitting E/M energy through the planet to the antipodean target site where electrical arc energy is being violently released.

None of the reported events involving either blue-white light energy flashes, or orange-red beams or spheres, occurred during or near any kind of electrical storm or unsettled weather pattern. There is a possibility of some unknown natural phenomenon electrically charging selected earth fault plane systems across W.A. thence creating huge "earth stress lights" hanging above selected energy concentrations.

Solar charged particle output coupling in some peculiar style with the Earth's ionosphere/ground is a further possibility - but this implies a very significant recent change in the Earth-Sol electromagnetic and/or electrostatic equilibrium.

Such powerful and localised exotic light events (occurring in large numbers and in such a relatively short time span of a few years) have never been previously reported from W.A. (or anywhere else on planet Earth) in documented scientific history. However occasionally isolated single high energy (earth stress light ?) events have been reported e.g. 1947 Eastern Tibet - prior to the Red Chinese invasion - a large earthquake struck this border area and was followed by huge high power orange-red glows of spherical light forms which hung for days over the eastern sky.

Buddhist monks reported that these apparitions were visible from Lhasa and considered them at the time (and correctly so !) as very evil omens.

These Australian events are very "high power" events and should not be mistakenly compared with the average, isolated, and very rare, low power "earth stress light" reports and/or "Min-Min" light reports as occasionally observed near seismically active earthquake zones, and rarely reported in historical literature.

The concentrated high energies involved in recent Australian fireballs and their associated events, and in the exotic static light events, and their joint increasing event periodicity suggests a non-natural origin, or possibly a rapidly evolving natural system of unknown type.

At this time scalar E/M wave interference is the preferred physics mechanism for the formation of both fireballs and their associated phenomenon, and the exotic static light emission events.

Alien UFO activities cannot be completely discounted but do not fit the available human intelligence pattern - which strongly points to Earth based technological activity.


During my 1995 early research enquiries into the 28-05-93 "Banjawarn Bang" Australian ABC radio broadcast a news item from the USA referring to US Senator Sam Nunn who was chairman of a US Senate inquiry into the "Japanese AUM Sect and Weapons of Mass Destruction".

Nunn was reported to have stated that the Senate inquiry team had evidence that the AUM had attempted to purchase nuclear weapons from the Russians and had also attempted to develop same from their own scientific laboratory base, and had probably succeeded. I became worried that since the 28-05-93 Goldfields event did have characteristics similar to a nuclear blast that possibly these AUM sect loonies had indeed acquired nuclear weapons and some sort of pulse jet ( i.e. Nazi V1 type cruise missile) delivery system.

I contacted Dan Gelber chief council of the US Senate inquiry and told him of my data and research. His agitated response was "please express airpack everything that you have to us a.s.a.p. - at our expense". I complied with his request, and also spoke to him and his assistant several times more on the phone.

I now believe that although the energies involved in the Banjawarn event were of nuclear bomb power level that the explosion was not of nuclear but of scalar E/M technology origin.


In an early telephone call with Dan Gelber at the US Senate inquiry team he informed me that the US had found evidence that the AUM in 1992 had sent a research team to study at the Nicola Tesla museum in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Their objective was to get data on Tesla's electromagnetic wave transmission technology - as related to an earthquake inducing weapons system ...... Gelber being a Lawyer did not seem to understand much about this weapons system, but discussed it "in passing", as evidence for the AUM sect's deep desire to obtain exotic new weapons systems with potential for mass destruction - such as nuclear bombs and nerve gas technology etc.

Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943) was the scientific genius who single handedly invented modern A/C electrical rotating fields and electrical generators, motors, plus radio (Marconi apparently stole Tesla's ideas whilst apprenticing at Tesla's New York laboratory) and a host of other electrical and electromagnetic devices. Most of the foundations of modern 20th Century electrical civilisation is due to Tesla's pioneering work in the period 1880-1908.

As it happens I have a large library of Tesla's works and many books about him. Tesla's electro-magnetics and his understanding of Physics has always intrigued me, and I have spent many hours pouring over his patents attempting to visualise the circuits and his understanding.

I was greatly intrigued by Gelber's comments and pondered over their possible significance - if any - to the Banjawarn events of 28-05-93. I began to reread my Tesla library searching for any possibly relevant information.


I found references to Tesla constructing a vibrating mechanical oscillator with a perfect periodicity that he used to "ping" the Earth; he also tried it out on his laboratory building structure; when it received a return signal of longitudinal (i.e. scalar) seismic or sound wave energy it added a new impulse "ping" to the return, after a few minutes this wave re-enforcement built to such a level that harmonic oscillational forces created local ground earthquakes and/or began to vibrate the target building to pieces. This device was built to provide a mechanical analogy to Tesla's E/M wave research to help Tesla visualise the system dynamics.

Tesla describes taking a sledge hammer to one of his first devices as the only method able to stop the rapid collapse of his laboratory and nearby buildings - which were all vibrating increasingly violently and in sympathy with the mechanical oscillator's seismic wave packets.

There were vague references in the literature to his mechanical Telegeodynamics theories coupled to suggestions that he could create the same seismic effects with E/M "Tesla Waves" - as produced by his "Magnifying Energy Transmitter" - a giant Tesla coil linked to a special circuit design and a large spherically shaped "aerial".

He utilised "Tesla Waves" i.e. longitudinal (scalar) E/M waves (like sound waves) of pure electrostatic potential with no E (electrical) or H (magnetic) transverse vibrational fields.

Tesla certainly proved that he could transmit useable electrical energy in very large quantities, without any wires and with minor energy losses, by his E/M "Magnifying Energy Transmitter" device. He claimed that he was bouncing his "Tesla waves" through the Earth's core to the antipodes and back to the Tx site. A relatively small 10Kw generator energy supply of just a few horsepower would rapidly allow the build up by resonance of millions of horsepower in the coil circuits of this "Magnifying Energy Transmitter" device. Sheets of man made lightening and blue-white electrical streamers would arc out of the circuit to earth grounding points, or from the top spherical aerial system. Locals complained of experiencing sparks and blue-white streamers of electrical energy issuing from power lines, generators, electric motors, etc., and even from the soles of their boots to the ground, many miles away from his Colorado Springs laboratory.

Tesla had previously demonstrated that fire and flames can be exactly reproduced by very high tension high frequency electrostatic potential waves - in fact that is all a fire is when considered in physics - dimensions higher than the standard "burning of say Carbon in Oxygen" philosophy of atomic molecular chemistry.

In his patent for the E/M "Magnifying Energy Transmitter" Tesla mentions that it can transmit electrostatic potential energy to the planetary antipodes, or create a grid of standing waves and nodes of pure electrostatic potential energy across the entire planet. He provides a method for steering the antipodean target site by utilising two or more waves of differing frequency and amplitude from two or more widely separated transmitter (Tx) sites.

It is important to realise that he was NOT transmitting standard Hertzian waves which vibrate transverse to the string direction in normal 3D space with a constant rate of time flow - as in standard HF radio Tx. Lord Kelvin of the London Royal Society of Physics had a serious argument with Tesla at a scientific meeting in New York as Kelvin considered transverse vibrational E and H field Hertzian waves to be the only form of E/M wave propagation.

However when invited to Tesla's laboratory Kelvin was astounded to see by experimental demonstration that Tesla was indeed creating longitudinal vibrational or scalar E/M waves of pure electrostatic potential, or as Tesla called them NON-HERTZIAN radiations. Kelvin then apologised in public and confirmed the existence and nature of the new "Tesla Wave".

Recent private research in the USA has demonstrated that "Tesla Waves" can propagate in "n" dimensional space and may be engineered to operate in a non-linear time dimension at any speed from zero to infinite (not being limited to "c" - the speed of light). Several Tesla waves sent from different transmitters may also be engineered to combine by interferometry to produce an E/M slug of very high infolded or contained energy, with any desired light emission shape, colour, and intensity. This slug of E/M energy may be moved around the planet at will (visible or invisible). The contained energy may be released by a further specific transmission. The E/M slug can be moved into the Earth, through the air, or into the sea. If "detonated" in the earth an earthquake is the result. In a building or a city a violent explosion of pseudo-nuclear style is the result (even upto nuclear force levels).


In his later years Tesla claimed that he could produce a "Death Ray" with a range of hundreds of miles - useful against aircraft. Tesla also stated that another of his invention's would allow entire cities to be devastated by explosive E/M transmissions across intercontinental distances - to anywhere on the planet - with no defence possible, and that E/M "Tesla Shields" (produced by the same new device) could defend an entire country or a city against aircraft and shells.

He certainly made several public announcements about the death ray and city buster E/M weapons systems in the 1920's and 1930's - but gave no details of technique that have knowingly survived into the public domain. In 1924 a plethora of "death ray" and "anti-aircraft ray" stories appeared in the New York Times.

The West Australian "Kalgoorlie Miner" newspaper also published stories on these inventions during the 1920's. Various inventions were linked to several national scientists e.g.British (Grindell H. Mathews), USA (Dr.T.F.Wall), German (Herr Wolle), and Russian (Grammachikoff - revealed by belligerent statements of Trotsky). Details of the technology allegedly employed by these systems are currently unavailable in the Western Literature.

An Australian inventor of such a "death-ray" device, Charles Sidney Way, was found dead - shot through the heart under mysterious circumstances - on the promenade of an English sea side resort in late 1937.

News stories were also published in the USA about Tesla's "death ray" inventions in 1924, 1934, and finally in 1938. The 1938 press releases stated that Tesla would employ 50 million volts in a new form of ray wave only one-hundred-millionth of a centimetre in diameter based upon an entirely new principle of physics that produced a great repelling force.  Tesla stated that this device could melt any engine and that there was no defence. It could travel through interstellar space faster than light, and that if aimed at the moon it would turn a spot on the surface into incandescence.

It would appear that Tesla was referring to something vaguely similar to modern concepts of Laser or Particle Beam weapons but possibly utilising Microwave E/M transmissions of enormous power travelling at speeds > "c" - the velocity of light. In actual fact physicists call waves with dimensions of one-hundred-millionth of a centimetre (i.e. 10 to the power of -9 metres) X-Rays, but the size mentioned by Tesla is also quite close to the arbitrary boundary designated for even smaller radiations - defined as Gamma Rays.

To achieve such wave packet velocities of > "c" was thought to be impossible in Einsteinian Western Physics - until the recent redevelopment of new ideas in physics concerning the theoretical relativistic hyperspace transmission of scalar E/M waves - or "Tesla Waves".

[NB. It is also now known that longitudinal scalar E/M waves do indeed produce a great repelling force on the atomic nucleus - bypassing the outer electron shells - directly engineering or interfering with the components of the nucleus. ]

Tesla was not known to make idle statements - but some of his ideas were so incredible and beyond the "ken" of so many other "physics peers" that mainstream academics commonly just ignored his work. Only in recent years have some brave souls come out with experimental and theoretical studies that confirm the brilliance of this amazingly practical and innovative mind. Most modern Western University physicists simply ignore Tesla's work. Only East European and Russian Universities normally include a study of Tesla's work in the curriculum.

As early as 1914 Tesla predicted electrical control of atmospheric moisture and "weather control", and gave some thought to how this could be achieved by his magnifying transmitter. He implied that it would be possible to even affect the Sun's E/M fields and it's solar output, or certainly modify it's effects upon the Earth by means of E/M Tesla wave transmitters.

Tesla stated that this device could melt any engine and that tainly modify it's effects upon the Earth by means of E/M Tesla wave transmitters.

Tesla suggested means for lighting the ionosphere by E/M waves to produce a dull white glow - to turn night into day and make sea and air navigation safer. This apparently magical thesis would work along lines of an analogy between the rarefied upper atmosphere or ionosphere and an evacuated standard office fluorescent tube - both can be lit up by a Tesla Coil radiating "Tesla waves", without any wires necessary.

Tesla believed that nuclear radiation from specific isotopes, such as Radium, or Uranium, was not just the result of atomic nucleus instability but that the decay was caused by interaction of the nucleus with a special ray emanating throughout the Universe.

He stated that it would be possible to engineer E/M "shielding" to stop the rays and hence terminate the action of nuclear disintegration, and presumably therefore it would be possible to generate concentrations of such rays and stimulate the nucleus into explosive or rapid general transmutation.

These radiation and other theories of Tesla's, and more recent theoretical studies by US Physicist Tom Bearden have enabled a full elucidation of the reasons for a series of quite bizarre activities of the Japanese AUM Supreme Truth sect in W.A. at Banjawarn station during 1993, and demonstrated the AUM sect's close connection to the 28-05-93 Banjawarn Fireballs, explosion, and earthquake mini-Tunguska event. As research into the "Banjawarn Bang" has progressed an entire collection of bizarre events and coincidences has begun to unravel - but you will have to wait for Part 3 for that ...


(First Published in NEXUS Magazine August - September 1997)
By Harry Mason B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A.I.M.M., M.I.M.M., F.G.S. (Geologist-Geophysicist)
Copyright (c) June 1997 Harry Mason



Part 1 of this "Bright Skies" series of articles described an anomalous event consisting of a bright, low altitude flat-trajectory fireball, a huge flash of blue-white light, a major explosion, a red flare rising skywards to a great height, and a 3.6-3.9 Richter-scale earthquake which occurred on the late evening of 28 May 1993 on or close to Banjawarn sheep station (ranch) in the northeastern Goldfields region of Western Australia.

The majority of eyewitness evidence placed the "ground zero" of the one-to-two-kilotonne explosion on the northwestern edge of this Banjawarn property. A large hemisphere (some two times as large as a half-setting Sun) of opaque orange-red colour with a silver lining then rose from ground level to bob around for two hours before turning off as if a light switch had been thrown.

This sheep station soon became newsworthy due to its purchase and occupation in 1993 by the Japanese sect, the AUM Supreme Truth AUM Shinrikyo), of Tokyo subway gas-attack fame. The sect's stated purpose at that time was "to conduct experiments there [at Banjawarn] for the benefit of mankind". It was reported in the media in 1995 that AUM sect members had experimented there with sarin nerve gas on sheep as a as part of a large covert Japanese programme into futuristic weapons systems.

Hayakawa left Osaka University and soon found his way into the Unification Church - the Korean Moonies sect.

The Reverend Moon was a long time friend of the recently deceased North Korean "Great Leader", and is now known as an associate of George Bush in new Moonie ventures in South America. After some years Hayakawa became a high ranking member of the Moonies but broke with this sect under cloudy circumstances in 1987. He left the Moonies (with their permission?) with 20 million dollars of their funds, the deeds to several Tokyo buildings, and the rights to several Moonie businesses, and joined the AUM sect.

According to an analyst for the Japanese Police, Hayakawa was under surveillance at this time - believed to be a possible spy for the North Korean military. He inadvertently led them straight to the relatively unknown AUM sect.

Hayakawa apparently utilised these Moonie assets to buy his way into the AUM sect - to whom he brought some 35 fellow Moonies. He almost immediately rose to the position of deputy leader, and ran a nearly separate organisation, surrounded by his ex-Moonie cadres, in his so-called "AUM Construction Ministry". Hayakawa reportedly began to use the multi-faceted AUM organisation as a convenient cover for a variety of drugs, arms, and high-tech scientific equipment (of use in weapons manufacture) dealings around the world.

For instance, during the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein was included amongst his trading partners. Hayakawa visited Russia 22 times, and North Korea 17 times since 1992, and traded with KGB official Vitaly Masenko - operating under the cover of the Ukraine Ministry of Industry and Trade. Masenko had previously worked closely with the Ukranian chapter of the Unification Church since at least the mid - 1980's.


Yasuko Shimada, Hayakawa's contact and helper in Western Australia, also had an interesting career prior to her 1993 Banjawarn role, according to author Garry Greenwood.

In his 1997 book, "All The Emperor's Men", Greenwood discusses his experiences with the international Japanese cult Mahikari. He was a devoted member of this "New Civilisation" spiritual healing religion for some 17 years and was their number-two spiritual leader/executive in Australia for about 10 years.

Several years ago Greenwood left this sect upon discovering, on a private visit to Japan to research it's true nature, that its founder, Lt. Col. Yoshikazu Okada (ex-Emperor's bodyguard and Imperial Guards), had been instrumental in planning the Japanese Army's infamous "Rape of Nanking" in China - prior to World War II. He also found out that at the higher Japanese Mahikari command levels the cult was viewed as designed with just one purpose: to initiate the placement of the current Emperor of Japan back to his "rightful" position as Emperor of Planet Earth within our lifetime.

Apparently these people believe that in an earlier life time, many thousands of years ago, the present Japanese Emperor ruled this entire planet, and that it is now his ordained destiny to rule the Earth again. I have often wondered where the Asian "anti-christ" of Nostradamus's World War III armagedon predictions would surface from,  Greenwood noted that Hayakawa's 1993 Perth contact, Yasuko Shimada, was instrumental in establishing Mahikari in Australia in 1974. This cult has only some 2,000 members here, but it concentrates on the rich and powerful.

Jo Court, the wife of Western Australian Premier Richard Court, has been a member for some 15 years, and she and her husband celebrated his February 1993 election win nearly all the next day at the Perth Mahikari temple, before leaving a few weeks later on a holiday tour of Japan, reportedly involving many meetings with powerful and influential Mahikari-sponsored Japanese "businessmen".

[It is interesting just how many events in this Banjawarn story happened in sequence during early 1993.]

In April 1993 yet another Japanese group arrived in W.A. The Japanese Environment Ministry approached the Western Australian Government with a plan to undertake an "Anti-Desertification" study in the Eastern Goldfields area of W.A. This project went silent after the AUM affair exploded into the World news, but after help by Richard Court, deputy premier Hendy Cowan, and the Goldfields and Esperance Development Corporation it is now in full swing around Kalgoorlie and Laverton. Japanese university post graduate students are tending electronic monitoring equipment installed all over these areas of the Eastern Goldfields - "in-order to learn how to Green Third-World Deserts".

Anyone who has seen these actual Goldfields "Semi-Desert" areas over the last few years can attest to the ludicrous nature of this obvious cover story. Our "Semi-Deserts" are now very green with lush bush vegetation that has experienced enormous and historically anomalous rainfall during the 1990's such that low level mists, high humidity, and lakes of water have persisted during much of the Winter. These regions do not resemble any "Third World Deserts" - and I have seen many in my world resource exploration work in Asia, The Middle East, and Africa. This Goldfields region appears to be undergoing a major "Climate Engineering" change. We cannot be certain if this is of natural or "man-made" (eg. Hayakawa and Osaka University) origin. This entire scenario will be the subject of another article in the near future. However it would appear that the Japanese sensors are there to observe E/M fields and their environmental effects.

Joint research by Yoichi Shimatsu in Japan and Garry Greenwood has uncovered a trail of connections between the covert Japanese money-power supporters of both the AUM and Mahikari sects.

These included prominent LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) politicians such as Shintaro Ishihara, co-author with the late Sony chairman Akio Morita of a book entitled "The Japan That Can Say No".

This 1989 book's basic thesis suggested that Japan should ally with Russia, and that by mating Japanese microchips to Russian super-weapons they could put the finger up to the USA and jointly rule the world. It appears to describe the plan that is currently being followed by a covert money-power group that control the Japanese Government.

Mahikari and the AUM were also connected by major financial and political support from now deceased LDP "kingmaker" Shin Kanemaru. When his home was finally raided by Japanese Police, after the 1995 Tokyo Sub-way gas attack, he was found to have many odd discus shaped gold ingots in his safe, exactly similar to those found in the cellars of a major AUM factory complex. (NB. The US Senate inquiry team into the AUM were never allowed by Japanese Authorities to follow the AUM and Kanemaru money trail - no reason for this was ever offered by either party).

Much evidence suggests that both the Japanese AUM and Mahikari sects are cover for offshoots of covert Japanese God-Emperor worship groups and serve mainly as deniable political (and military technology) action arms intended to aid their particular Japanese brand of world hegemony. It is unlikely that most international members are aware of this or their dupe roles in this scenario. Jo Court was informed of this Mahikari-Emperor scenario by her (now ex-) friend Garry Greenwood, but she refused to believe it.

Greenwood also noted the strange adoption by the Mahikari sect of the Jewish "Star of David" emblem - which adorns the roof of their temples, and he uncovered evidence suggesting that Mahikari were following the tenets and indicated action plans of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in their push for World Dominion.

These "Protocols" first surfaced in Russia in the early 20th. Century and are variously alleged to be (a) fakes and forgeries - put out by the Tsar's Secret Police to link the revolutionary communist movement to a larger, but actually non-existent, plot by Jewish-Zionist groups in a push for World domination (the Jewish viewpoint), and/or (b) a true conspiracy plan of certain Jewish powers to take over the entire World (the non-jewish, largely right wing/fascist viewpoint).

It is intriguing that Hideo Murai's last words made immediately after his fatal knifing in Tokyo 1995 by a North Korean were interpreted as "The Jews got me ......".


In April 1993 Hayakawa, aided by a Perth real estate consultant, and a US geologist spent 12 days examining sheep station properties in the Leonora-Laverton outback region of Western Australia.

Several years of poor wool prices and very high interest rates had caused many station owners in this area to want out - if only they could find buyers to recoup some of their original investments and allow for retirement on the coast - any buyers would do.

Flying in to each station, Hayakawa strangely and openly asked to be shown immediately the uranium prospects that were located there. Hayakawa took small rock samples away for assay from each uranium prospect that he was shown. He then requested a station 4WD vehicle to "tour the station alone to view the property potential and make up his mind re purchase".

In the mid 1970's a mini-Uranium boom had led to the discovery in the Leonora - Laverton region of many small uneconomic Uranium mineral "shows", or "prospects", located in young carbonate sediments developed within or adjacent to salt lake depressions. The regional Archaean age granites are often quite "hot" with minor amounts of Uranium mineralisation. This has been leached out and re-deposited as higher concentrations in the recently formed local carbonate sediments. These Uranium occurrences have all received considerable attention by mineral exploration companies in the last few decades and reports about the individual prospects are on open file at the Perth W.A. Mines Department.

None of these Uranium prospects are considered to even approach potentially economic resource status - due to their very small size and very low grade ore.

According to information from the real estate agent, Hayakawa drove to locations within the central areas of the properties; often over the soil- covered granites. At first he attempted to drill two small holes into the ground with a small portable rock-drill, but the drill soon failed and he had to dig small holes by spade. He placed an electrode into each of the two ground holes, connected these to a small electrical instrument about the size of a fax machine, and proceeded to record some electrical or electromagnetic variable for several hours at each site. He did not move the electrodes at all during this process. Back at the station quarters he would "number-crunch" this data all night long on a powerful portable computer.

Hayakawa was reportedly aided in these field survey endeavours by female US geologist Vicky McNeil. Todate no one has been able to locate any information on McNeil or track her down to request further details on Hayakawa's work at these sheep stations.

Hayakawa was rather touchy when the real estate consultant asked him what these procedures were all about, and he mumbled that it was necessary for the AUM's future experiments "for the benefit of mankind" to choose the correct location. In fact, he carried out these ground geophysical surveys without the knowledge of any of the station owners, who thought the visitors were merely sightseeing around their properties in station 4WD vehicles.

As a geophysicist often involved in geophysical surveys of many types for mineral exploration purposes, I could not immediately understand or deduce what electrical system Hayakawa was utilising or for what purpose. Normal electrical and electromagnetic ground surveys involve moving the sensors along lines over the prospective ore-body location, not measuring some parameter for hours at one static location, and never involve number-crunching the measurements all night long. This procedure of uranium sampling, ground geophysics and all-night number-crunching was repeated at each sheep station that Hayakawa visited.

Eventually, after further aerial surveying of Banjawarn, Hayakawa decided that this station was ideal for the AUM's purposes. It appears that he chose Banjawarn due to its isolation rather than its contained uranium prospects which, if anything, were much smaller and lower in grade than those located on the other stations he had inspected.

Banjawarn is arguably the most isolated sheep station in the Eastern Goldfields, and the area lying along its northern, northeastern and eastern perimeter is even more isolated sand-dune/ spinifex country linked to the edges of the Gibson Desert. The entire area is almost totally devoid of inhabitants (the nearest neighbours in 1993, if any were in residence that night, being 100 kilometres or more distant), and it contains very limited infrastructure such as a few generally quite poor-quality bush access tracks and one entry road.

Hayakawa attempted to purchase the station then and there in mid-April 1993, showing the owner a briefcase full of Australian paper money notes. The owner, being a prudent man and well aware of colour ink-jet printers, refused to deal in that manner and requested a properly signed legal purchase document coupled with the exchange of a reputable W.A. bank cheque.

Obviously Hayakawa was keen for the AUM to own the Banjawarn station right away, in mid-April 1993 - which suggests he was operating to a tight time schedule.

Hayakawa then immediately returned to Perth and departed for Tokyo, but in early May 1993 he travelled to the Soviet naval base at Cam Rahn Bay in Vietnam - according to Japanese Police inspection of his travel agent's ticket stub lists.

Later in April 1993 two other AUM personnel arrived in Perth from Tokyo, whereupon they utilised the services of a firm of solicitors to establish a W.A. company and draw up a legal purchase document which would be satisfactory to the owners of Banjawarn station. These AUM representatives had a poor command of English and were quite agitated at the slow and lengthy legal process necessary to effect the purchase agreement - which again suggests a tight timetable for their agenda.

This Banjawarn purchase agreement was signed on 23 April 1993. Yasuko Shimada, being an Australian resident, was co-signatory on the AUM's W.A. company (Mahaposya Pty. Ltd.), and on the Banjawarn ownership papers, in order to help the AUM get past Australian land ownership regulations. Without her "Mahikari" help the AUM would have had severe problems in gaining title to Banjawarn and conducting their experiments there "for the benefit of mankind".

I find it interesting that the Mahikari sect includes amongst its members the wife of the Premier of Western Australia. The same Premier who had an investigation conducted into the AUM sect's activities in connection with the "Banjawarn Bang". He was prompted by my 1995 report to him regarding the early fireball/explosion/quake data that suggested this event could have been nuclear in nature and was certainly suspicious enough to warrant a full scientific investigation.

Premier Court stated in a letter to me (dated 15 May 1996) that this W.A. Police inquiry had established that the Banjawarn event was natural in origin.

Yet not one of the eyewitnesses (whose testimony and contact details were detailed in my report) was ever approached by the WA Police (or anyone else) during the alleged investigation. It appears there is room here for some interesting scenarios and, at least, a few important questions require answering.

The exchange of the AUM's bank cheque to the owner of Banjawarn took place on 1 June 1993. Thus, actual ownership of Banjawarn station was in the hands of the AUM sect via a front company (Mayaposa Pty. Ltd.) only three days after the fireball event of 28 May 1993, though this had been guaranteed by signed agreement some 35 days before the Banjawarn fireball event. The WA Government's Pastoral Board finally registered the official change of ownership on 1 September 1993; this slowness was presumably a combination of 'speedy' lawyers' paperwork, postal services and typical government bureaucratic 'efficiency'.


In mid-1995 the chief council of the US Senate inquiry into the AUM sect informed this author of the AUM's great interest in Nikola Tesla's E/M earthquake-inducing weapons technology. This suggested an interesting line of research and posed the question of whether there was a connection between the bizarre fireball-explosion-earthquake events of the night of 28 May 1993 and the interest shown by Hayakawa and the AUM sect in Banjawarn station.

On 26 May 1993 a party of Australian and Japanese amateur astronomers was touring the Goldfields en route from Leonora to Meekatharra when they encountered a group of several Japanese people camped in the bush north of Leonora. The Japanese astronomers remarked to their companions that these people were quite strange in their demeanour and conversation, and they were seen to be very oddly attired.

It is quite possible they were a group of AUM sect members - who were reknown in Japan for strange dress and behaviour. From where they were camped it was only about one hour by 4WD vehicle on bush roads to the 28 May event's ground-zero location near or on Banjawarn station. These people were ideally placed to cover the fireball events that occurred just two days later. Japanese tourists are very rare in this region which is well off the beaten track.

The Australian Federal Police informed me in April 1995 that AUM sect personnel, including their science minister Hideo Murai (a nuclear physicist, regarded as "the most intelligent living Japanese"), were at Banjawarn on 28 May 1993, having arrived in Australia in mid-May.

[Interestingly Hideo Murai also had a pre - AUM background in E/M technology. He had worked at Kobe Steel researching micro-wave and other E/M ray/wave technology applications for cold moulding of steel, having graduated as an astrophysicist specialising in cosmic X-ray analysis.]  His Kobe Steel laboratory was at the exact epi-centre of the great 17-01-1995 Kobe earthquake.

Amazingly this quake was predicted by Asahara some 9 days before the event. He stated in a Tokyo radio broadcast on the 8th. of January 1995 that "a foreign power" would initiate a quake at Kobe by means of an E/M weapons system. He was possibly forewarned by Russian "KGB" intelligence operatives ? Murai stated at the Foreign Press Correspondents Club in Tokyo on the 7th. of April 1995 that "There is a possibility that the Great Hanshin (Kobe) Earthquake was activated by electromagnetic power or some other device that exerts energy into the ground"].

About one month later the Federal Police retracted this "AUM at Banjawarn on 28-05-93" story, stating that there was no evidence of any AUM members being at Banjawarn (or in Australia) at the time of the fireball event, therefore the AUM could not have been involved in the events of the 28th. of May 1993. The amateur astronomers' information suggests that the Federal Police were at best mistaken.

Unknown AUM members could have easily arrived in eastern Australia posing as Japanese tourists and thus would have been missed by Australian immigration authorities. The Australian Federal Police also claimed later that ownership of the Banjawarn station was only transferred to the AUM sect as late as September 1993, hence there was no possible tie-up with the fireball events.

Technically this is correct, since this was when the WA Pastoral Board registered the change of ownership. However, this claim is very misleading since an agreement to sell the station was signed by both parties on 23 April 1993, and the AUM handed over the bank cheque on 1 June 1993. At the time of the "fireball" event at 23.03 hours on Friday evening 28th. May 1993, the AUM knew that Banjawarn was theirs by legally enforceable right. They also knew that there was rarely anyone in residence at the station buildings during weekends from Friday to Monday when, typically, the station owner and his wife would drive 100 kilometres to the south-west to stay with relatives.

The party of strangely dressed Japanese persons (AUM?) could easily have checked that all tracks in the event ground-zero were devoid of personnel - if such was even considered necessary. They could certainly have filmed the events of 28 May and/or carried out monitoring of field scientific parameters.

In late September 1993 Shoko Asahara, the bearded guru-leader of the AUM sect, arrived in Perth with deputy leader Hayakawa and several group members (including young teenage girls) carrying excess air freight baggage reportedly costing some A$330,000. This "baggage" included laboratory and "mining equipment" in the cargo hold, as well as dangerous chemicals (hydrochloric acid) concealed in toiletry containers and sake bottles in personal luggage. Many of these items were confiscated by Australian Customs, and two AUM members spent time in detention over their infringement of air safety regulations.

The AUM entourage hired a couple of twin-engined planes to fly them out to Banjawarn. They later utilised the planes for low-level aerial recce around the entire station area as well as examination of areas outside the station to the east, south and north.

The Australian Federal Police alleges that the AUM members tested sarin nerve gas on sheep at Banjawarn station during their September 1993 occupation. The evidence for this is slim and would probably fall down if ever tested in court. However, this is unlikely to happen as AUM leader Asahara is being tried in a Tokyo court, and the Banjawarn evidence has not been sought from the Australian Federal Police in his case. Moreover, there is copious published evidence that sarin was not the gas used in the Tokyo subway gas attack.

Nerve, and other type, gas attacks on the Japanese railway system and strange (possibly terrorist initiated) "accidents " to Japanese nuclear power station plants have continued well after Asahara's incarceration.

There is some evidence pointing to North Korean terrorist activities being the source of all of these incidents - including the original Tokyo sub-way gas attack. Immediately after the 1995 Tokyo gas attack half of the Japanese cabinet flew to North Korea for urgent talks. Tensions have remained high for some time in this region where North Korea has developed IRBM's capable of hitting Tokyo with "home grown" nukes, or biological and/or gas filled warheads.

Today, Asahara is generally being vilified in the Japanese/world media and is kept in a cold cell; but Hayakawa is hardly ever heard of - whilst held under "house arrest" where his 'warders' call him "Sir"!

It appears likely that the AUM were simply nominated as the source of the gas attack to shut down a compromised intelligence asset and hide the true state of affairs between Japan and North Korea.


The eyewitness observations of the Banjawarn explosion of 28 May 1993 resemble a description of a night time nuclear blast. Calculations utilising the seismic signals received around W.A. suggested that the energies involved in the explosion were at least 1 - 2 kilotonnes of TNT equivalent i.e. similar to a small nuclear bomb. Following mid-1995 press and radio reports that linked the AUM to attempts to procure nuclear weapons, I decided that this possibility was serious enough to alert the US Senate inquiry and the Australian authorities.

However, a lack of radioactive dust particles in Australian radiation laboratory dust collectors for that month, as well as intelligence information and other considerations, soon led me to discount the nuclear bomb theory. However the US Senate are still researching this possibility.

During their brief one-month major occupation of Banjawarn station in September-October 1993, the AUM entourage established a field chemical laboratory in one of the Banjawarn station houses. They also built a new graded track down to the edge of the large salt lake south of the station buildings - presumably to allow better access for uranium sampling .

There is solid evidence from Australian Federal Police sources that the AUM re-sampled many uranium mineral shows in the district and air-freighted a trunk load of local uranium ore back to Japan. Samples of this ore left in the Banjawarn laboratory and found by the Federal Police have been analysed by the W.A. Government Laboratory in Perth.

These rocks contained such low levels of uranium that the chemists and Police laughed at the AUM's apparent stupidity in attempting to use these ores for the purpose of nuclear bomb-making. There is no other evidence of any illegal uranium mining or large-scale sampling by the AUM at or near Banjawarn.

Thus Hayakawa had undertaken geochemical sampling of the local uranium shows before and after the 28 May '93 Banjawarn fireball event with its associated explosion, earthquake, and two-hour orange-red hemispherical structure.

Later news reports, originating from an AUM prisoner in Tokyo, suggested that the AUM had attempted to extract the fissionable 235U isotope from the Banjawarn ore.

This nuclear technology story fitted the earlier press releases of US Senator Sam Nunn, who, as senior member of the US Senate inquiry into the AUM sect and Weapons of Mass Destruction (October-November 1995), had argued that there was evidence the AUM had attempted to acquire nuclear weapons from their Russian contacts, and had also attempted to develop their own nuclear weapons in AUM factories.

On the available evidence, Nunn was worried that the AUM may have succeeded in either endeavour and had therefore acquired nuclear weapons. His worry was justified, given media information suggesting that AUM leader Asahara was not only predicting a future major nuclear war between Japan and the USA, but was also plotting to initiate such a war by detonating a clandestine nuclear weapon within the continental USA.

The ore available to the AUM at Banjawarn was very low in grade, and, in common with all uranium ore, consisted of 99.999% 238U with only very minuscule amounts of 235U - the highly reactive, fissionable bomb-making uranium isotope. Until the recent development of a laser extraction technology, it would take years to acquire useful amounts of this isotope, using large centrifuge and gas extraction industrial plants operating on huge amounts of ore with massive electrical power requirements. It still takes large amounts of ore but can now be achieved in months rather than years.

It was obviously impossible for the AUM to effect recovery of sufficient 235U for a standard uranium nuclear bomb in their field laboratory and with their limited mining actions at Banjawarn. But a "dirty" low-power bomb (238U-cased, non-nuclear normal explosive) or a "dirty" high-power bomb (238U-cased tactical or micro-nuke, as acquired from Russia?) could possibly have been achieved by the AUM's actions.

However, Hayakawa had expended a great deal of effort in his geophysical all-night-long number-crunching surveys and in his geochemical sampling of the local uranium shows. What was his purpose, and was there a link with the events of 28 May 1993?

The possible links between the AUM sect and the Banjawarn events can be summarised as:

(1) The AUM's interest in the same piece of Planet Earth as the strange "fireball" and its associated events, and at approximately the same time;

(2) Hayakawa's earlier "Landscape Engineering" work, i.e., E/M weapons studies at Osaka University, and Murai's E/M work at Kobe Steel;

(3) The US Senate inquiry chief lawyer's comments re the AUM's interest in Nikola Tesla's earthquake-inducing EM weapons system;

(4) The intel links between the AUM and Soviet E/M weapons systems in 1991.

(5) The strange nature of the multiple "fireball" events, as reported by eyewitnesses, apparently not fitting a normal and natural meteorite scenario, but resembling sentient controlled events.


Japanese seismologist's first inkling of E/M earthquake inducing weapons technology came at a joint meeting between them and Soviet seismologists after the large Armenian earthquake of 1988.

Strongly supportive evidence about these weapons came from a Moscow source developed by Japanese investigative journalists. This person was present during a conference in Moscow (January 1990) when a top Japanese delegation led by Foreign Minister Shintaro Abe met with USSR President Gorbachev and his aide and Politburo member Alexander Yakovlev. Their intent was to establish "bilateral co-operation".

At further meetings in January 1991 Gorbachev via Yakovlev offered the Japanese the USSR's super-secret intercontinental range E/M weapons technology - capable of producing earthquakes - for US $900 million. This E/M weapons system had been on active service in the USSR since the early 1960s.

The Yomiuri Shimbun reported on the 4th. of May 1991 in an article titled "Earthquake Weapons in the Latest Stage of Development" that Russian press reports indicated Russia was on the verge of producing an earthquake inducing weapon that artificially triggers large quakes in enemy territory by making use of the movement of the Earth's crust; and that such a weapon system was being offered for sale to Japan. This Russian weapon was alleged to consist of developed technology involving the detonation of a small nuclear bomb at a specific highly stressed plate boundary thus initiating a strong earthquake at the desired target location many thousands of miles away. This explanation was probably a plausible lie to hide knowledge of the true nature of the E/M weapon mechanism from the public. It is a known documented fact that nukes do initiate quakes at plate boundary locations.

[NB. In 1993 Zherinovsky (the Russian Presidential, KGB supported candidate ?) made belicose statements about a new Russian weapons system - termed the Ellipton Bomb - that could strike and destroy entire cities over intercontinental range - with no defense possible.]

Gorbachev also agreed with Japanese Diet member Toshio Yamaguchi to the setting up of a joint Japan-Russia University in Moscow that would be tasked with co-opting the brightest young nuclear physicist minds of both countries to develop new second- and third-generation E/M super-weapons by mating Japanese microchip and electronics know-how to Russian first- generation weapons technology. Note the scenario similarity to the book "The Japan That Can Say No" !

This university was soon formed, and under the cover of "Cultural Studies" was administered by the AUM sect and one Lobov. Lobov became Yeltsin's head of The Security Council - after the late 1991 coup that removed Gorbachov. The AUM cadres first arrived in Moscow in late 1991. Under the support of Lobov, given many hours free time on Radio Moscow and access to the Russian army, the AUM soon had more Russian members (> than 50,000) than Japanese (some 30,000).

The AUM were utilised to effect many covert arms purchases in Russia as cover for the Japanese Government - who had covertly begun to rearm with Russian weapons.

[Recently Japan went overt on arms purchases from Russia with press announcements of orders for large numbers of the latest Mig and Shukoi fighters and bombers - all presumably fitted with Russian scalar E/M radar systems (operation of such scalar radars is undetectable by western radar emission monitors) and also fitted with valve electronic systems (capable of surviving plasma weapon EMP bursts), such news being released co-incidently with their stated intentions of joint "communications" exercises. These exercises may indicate joint scalar E/M weapon transmissions ?]

Yakovlev still managed the Japanese/AUM relationship - but from behind Lobov - due to his close association with the now tainted Gorbachov. Both met Hayakawa repeatedly over the next few years.

The asking price for this E/M weapons technology exchange was US $900 million - but it was not destined for the USSR exchequer. The US Senate inquiry into the AUM found evidence that very large sums of money had indeed been transferred to Lobov's Swiss account, but did not know why! Several persons ended up very dead in Russia whilst attempting to research this scenario.

This intelligence raises the possibility that a test site would be required for demonstrating the intercontinental range and effectiveness of said E/M weapons system to the purchaser. The weapon would need to be 'fired' from an existing KGB transmitter (Tx) site somewhere inside Russia, and/or from a KGB-controlled naval vessel. (Remember, Hayakawa visited the Russian Navy at Cam Ranh Bay soon after his April 1993 visit to W.A.)

Probably two or three actual transmitters would be required to effect the fireball and associated events. This test site could not be in highly populated Japan for obvious reasons; neither could it be inside Russia's borders, where the Russians totally controlled the target site, since the purchaser might suspect a sham - set up to extract their money.

Western Australia demonstrates a similar intercontinental test-range distance from, say, the Siberian Kamchatka Peninsula to that from Japan to the eastern seaboard cities of the USA. Kamchatka contains a huge 30km diameter circular E/M weapons Tx site, on which the infamous flight KAL 007 was attempting to gain intelligence before being shot down by Soviet forces on 31 August 1983.

Obviously one or several test-firing demonstrations of the E/M weapon system's many capabilities would be in order before any US $900 million could be handed over for the weapon. What better way than to purchase an isolated Australian outback station to act as the independent Japanese target and test range? Practically no one lives in this desert to notice the tests. If someone did, they would obviously dismiss them as natural meteorites. And the biggest and most explosive test, and the one involving major earthquake initiation, was best conducted prior to the AUM's official residency there.

USA nuclear physicist and former US Army Lt.Col. Tom Bearden has researched Soviet E/M weapons systems for over twenty years. He has documented many eye-witness accounts from around the world of "Tesla Fireballs" and large spherical or hemi-spherical shaped orange-red "Tesla Shields". Bearden believes that the Banjawarn incident and associated events fit perfectly to known Soviet E/M weapons technology. These weapons effects are created by the interaction of ground, sea, or satellite based transmitters. They involve several variants utilising high frequency, micro-wave, or gamma ray longitudinal Tesla waves - scalar waves as they are termed in the USA, or "energetics" as they are known in Russia.

Tom Bearden believes that certain E/M weapon variants called "Tesla Howitzers" project plasma fireballs containing enormous amounts of infolded E/M energy for explosive action release over or within targets at intercontinental range. Smaller versions can project fireballs at aircraft to effect electrical overvoltage and disruptive demolition in flight. Certain high power "E/M" energy densities within the defensive "Tesla shield" can even cause catastrophic failure to incoming missile structures.

Tom Bearden's general Soviet E/M weapons thesis is supported by Dr. Stefan T. Possony - a former US Defence Department Intelligence officer who wrote in Defence & Foreign Affairs magazine that " Tesla weapons (could) mean a military transformation whose magnitude would exceed that of the nuclear and electronic space revolutions".

Dr. John Colman - a former British Intelligence operative - has also written a detailed manuscript about these Soviet Tesla "E/M" weapon systems. The topic was also covered by mid 1970's articles in a British electronics journal.

The Tesla fireballs are created by three or more transmitters broadcasting Tesla rays to create by ray interference a slug of very high "infolded" E/M energy that is moved across 3D space by manipulation of the ray Tx parameters. When over, or in, the target their contained E/M energy is released in micro seconds to create nuclear bomb sized explosions, or large earthquakes.

The Tesla shields consist of highly charged scalar E/M field generated plasmas capable of blowing electrical circuits in missiles or aircraft thus downing them or removing their threat potential for accurate weapons delivery. These shields are also believed to be capable of engineering changes within the atomic nucleus such that slow application of low level E/M energy can be designed to transmutes the nuclear isotopes within a warhead from say 235U to 238U.

Thus this technology can dud nuclear warheads in their silos or in flight. Alternatively rapid application of high E/M energy levels allows warheads to be prematurely detonated - where ever they are ..............

Therefore the nuclear bomb and the ICBM etc. are heading for the junk heap and will soon be as relevant militarily as the Polish cavalry charges against the Nazi tanks in World War II.


So why was Hayakawa carrying out a recce field geophysical survey on the sheep stations around Banjawarn in April 1993? The following scenario is considered plausible :

Hayakawa needed to know the Earth's local "infolded" E/M (Tesla ray) Earth telluric or magneto-telluric parameters. [Tom Bearden believes that to obtain the specific inner harmonic data required would necessitate measurement of these parameters over several hours and would require a powerful computer number crunching that data for several more hours].

This data would allow for accurate targeting of the Russian E/M weapon and allow for a study to detect changes induced during and after the actual fireball-explosion-quake weapon test. Obviously the Japanese powers wanted to know all they could about the technology.

For test purposes Hayakawa also required knowledge of the 235U/238U ratio in the local uranium ore shows around the district. Repeating these analyses after the tests would allow an assessment of the nuclear warhead "dudding" ability of the Tesla rays within the huge orange-red hemisphere that formed north of Banjawarn on the night of 28 May '93.

Thus, the simple AUM Banjawarn field laboratory could easily handle analysis to determine the 235-U/238U isotope ratios of the local uranium ore samples. Any changes in these ratios would demonstrate the Russian claims re transmutation of radioactive warhead material. Such a scenario appears more plausible than the impossibility of the AUM attempting to extract 235U from the Banjawarn ores in their small field laboratory.

A second fireball was reportedly seen at Banjawarn that night, at 24.00 hours. It appeared to arc up from ground level, high over Banjawarn, before crashing to Earth inside the orange-red hemisphere structure. Was this a small test missile, with electronic navigation and a payload of uranium ore, designed to aid testing of this Tesla shield's ability to dud both electronic and radioactive nuclei?


A third large fireball was seen over Banjawarn at 5.00 am by truck drivers in May or June of '93. It flew a nearly identical low-level nap-of-the-Earth trajectory and track to the first fireball of 28 May '93. It was similar in all respects, except we do not know if it made a Diesel-engine roaring noise in flight.

Another low-level, large roaring fireball was observed by a dogger (dingo trapper) flying this same track from Laverton to Banjawarn in about 1988-89. Other "Tesla Shield" structures consisting of orange-red hemispheres and spheres were seen north of Banjawarn much earlier in the 1980s, and in late 1988-89 and during 1992.

This data suggests that either a very strange natural Earth E/M system is operational in this region , or possibly "alien" activity has been occurring in this area for some time. Or perhaps a group other than the Japanese/AUM have been utilising the area as their private space vehicle, or E/M weapons system testing ground for some years.

Certainly I and several witnesses experienced odd effects just west of this area in 1988 whilst engaged in a gold exploration project. Three HF radio systems, a computer, and three 4WD vehicles all suffered burnt-out electrical circuits at 11.00 am one morning. All of these systems were isolated from each other and spread apart by distances varying from 10 to 50 kilometres. At the time we joked about nuclear EMP blasts or UFOs (none seen!).

This electronics burn-out incident now looks like a strike from an OTHR EMP plasma wave system - such as is currently being deployed at Laverton, WA, Alice Springs, NT, and Longreach, Qld.Sold to the public as simply "Over-the-Horizon Radar" (OTHR) utilising HF hertzian waves, these systems actually have other, hidden effects.

By utilising pulsed radar beams of high power, they can create and project a charged E/M plasma via waveguide layers in the ionosphere.

This can be triggered to cause severe Earth-dielectric induced currents, causing electronic damage, human electrocution, and other collateral damage upon ground targets located thousands of miles distant - a modern on-off switch equivalent of a nuclear bomb EMP blast.

The development of such modern covert E/M weapons (and much more re Tesla and the entire track history of E/M military research) is described by Gerry Vassilatos in his excellent Borderland Sciences 1996 book "Secrets of Cold War Technology - Project Haarp and Beyond".

Over recent years the Laverton district has had a history of strange electrical events involving the burn-out of power station generators, overvoltage blow-out of power lines, interference on microwave telephone links, and radio receivers picking up powerful, sparking current-flow interference at specific times.

It is quite possible that Hayakawa and the AUM were actually eavesdropping on someone else's E/M weapons tests in this area. If so, the best source candidate for that "someone" is the "ex-US" Harold E. Holt "Communication Base," located on the northwest tip of W.A. at the Exmouth Peninsula. A large series of VLF - HF - Microwave transmitters have been built at this isolated coastal site. This is where so many reported W.A. fireball flights appear to originate.

However, many other fireballs have been seen to fly towards this facility (due to Tx-reversed Tesla wave polarity?). The Banjawarn fireballs appear to have been on a course that would ultimately have lead to Exmouth, as were very recent 1997 major explosive New South Wales (1-05-97), and Victorian (24-06-97) fireballs.

This Exmouth site also contains a large "mushroom farm" (HAARP clone) aerial system - believed to be a prototype experimental OTHR plasma weapon. Presumably this system has been carrying out propagation tests for several years across the outback to target sites located on Australian soil.

Recently eyewitness evidence allowed a connection between the September 1991 Hoagland NASA Space Shuttle video of a UFO being apparently forewarned by a huge upper atmospheric light flash enabling it to instantly turn 180 degrees at some 14,000 g's and accelerate from 54,000 mph to over 200,000 mph and fly off planet to avoid being hit by two light energy (E/M pulses ?) slugs flying up beams from the Earth's surface, and the Exmouth base.

New Zealand and Australian UFO researchers have long claimed that the Shuttle was over Central Western Australia at the time it took this video and that pulse beam # 1 came from Exmouth whilst pulse beam # 2 came from near Alice Springs (Pine Gap presumably ?).

Onslow residents have contacted this author with details of events they witnessed when hunting Kangaroos one night in September 1991 - whilst about 80 km southeast of Exmouth. A very large and bright green-blue-white "fireball" suddenly lit up - appearing at ground level to their northwest (in the direction of Exmouth) - and blasted into space at a steep angle and at an ever increasing velocity. Several such events were seen over several evenings until they became quite spooked and left the area.

This sighting and much other local intelligence points to the Exmouth transmitter complex as being engaged in very modern and covert E/M research - not to mention actual E/M weapons deployment.

Hayakawa would still have needed to check for the Exmouth Tx infolded Tesla ray-wave, and ordinary E/M hertzian wave, signal strengths - in order to deduce which was the best sheep station area to purchase for eavesdropping on these presumably USA controlled tests.

The AUM would probably still have wished to test the nuclear dudding ideas by sampling the local uranium ores in an attempt to study the effects of the local Tesla shield developments.

During May 1994 the inhabitants of Deleta station and members of a local Mt. Isa. Mines. Ltd. exploration crew experienced a very loud and very large "snap" or sudden violent explosion that appeared to originate to their south-west i.e. from the direction of Banjawarn station. Two such detonations were heard about two weeks apart just after midday.

All who heard these bangs had experienced mine blasts to the south near Laverton and stated that these explosions were totally unlike mine blast ripple explosions but were much larger and almost instantaneous claps, also that mine blasts are never heard as far north as Deleta. The observers were "frightened out of their skins" by these blasts and were greatly perturbed by them for some hours - believing that they had experienced a very strange and unknown extremely powerful phenomenon that shook them mentally. No craters or signs of any surface damage were found during my aerial search of this area.

The AUM had two caretakers at Banjawarn during May 1994 and it is possible that these strange blasts were some type of weapons tests of AUM, or another man made, source.

These explosive events remain unexplained as to their origin. However other multiple aerial blasts heard at night from Mulga Queen, Laverton, and later at Broome on the same night in April 97, that correlate in time with the presence of the USS Independence Aircraft Carrier task force in WA waters (also present in Fremantle Harbour on 28-05-93) suggest a possible link to secret testing of a new exotic engine drive US space spy plane or other exotic E/M beam weapons during military manouvers ???

There is anecdotal evidence of possible covert weapons and military craft testing in WA skies and in outback remote areas. This thesis is NOT proven and we may also be looking at either exotic natural events of a very peculiar style or some kind of Alien "off-planet" originated events. Whatever the source of these events they involve extremely powerful energies and they are potentially very dangerous to human life.

On a possibly related note, there is evidence that in April 1993 the Japanese Mitsui Corporation sent a field crew into Australia to study "ground truth" geology obtained by their own Japanese high-definition Earth Resources Satellite. The images produced by this system appear to consist of very high military intelligence resolution definition rather than standard Earth resource exploration resolution. This Japanese team required the services of an Australian prospector to help them survive in the outback.

The prospector was asked to obtain stereo aerial photography over the Exmouth Tx site. This was queried by Canberra, but the sale of these photos was allowed when he notified Canberra they were for oil exploration. He noted the Japanese interest not only in outback geology but in the Exmouth, Laverton, Alice Springs (Pine Gap facility), and Longreach OTHR Tx sites (planned or constructed).

It would appear that certain powers in Japan viewed these locations as dangerous and in need of urgent covert intelligence gathering. They were probably alerted to these "OTHR" systems by the Russian KGB.

This intelligence and spying scenario probably explains the many lone Japanese motorcyclists who, from 1990 to the present, have been mapping the entire system of W.A./N.T. outback bush tracks at 1:50,000 scale on Mitsui Corporation satellite imagery (searching for other hidden US-Australian defence bases?). Their mapping is of much higher quality than our own Australian maps which are outdated and vary from 1:250,000 to at best 1:100,000 scale.

Similar reasoning could explain the strange Japanese "Desert Greening Technology" research being conducted in the Eastern Goldfields. Could this work be a cover for field instrumentation emplacement across the region to observe the Laverton OTHR E/M weapon system and any Exmouth Tx field emissions ? Remember Hayakawa's research at Osaka university in Greening Technology i.e. E/M weapons.


The US Senate inquiry under Senator Sam Nunn sent my early 1995 Banjawarn fireball incident report to the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS). IRIS is charged with developing US seismological methods and technology to search for any violations of the United Nations nuclear test-ban treaty using chains of digital seismograph receivers located around the World.

IRIS has published a preliminary report, by Gregory van der Vink et. al., suggesting that although the Banjawarn incident resembles in many ways a clandestine test scenario, it was not caused by an explosion (nuclear or otherwise), or a normal quake, but was probably due to a three-metre iron-nickel meteorite impact.

Van der Vink has been interviewed by (Australian) ABC radio and continues to propagate the meteorite impact theory in spite of the lack of any impact crater discovery, the peculiar evidence from eyewitnesses on the nature of the fireball flight and its other associated events eg. the large orange-red hemisphere structure, and the evidence of multiple fireball flights along the same track at Banjawarn - each occurring on different dates/times and demonstrating very odd, sentient, meteorite behaviour.

Continuing their research, IRIS established the best possible fix on the 28 May '93 earthquake epicentre. This brilliant work was achieved by studying the seismic energy paths from recent mine blasts at the newly developed Bronzewing gold-mine (located some 50 kilometres west of Banjawarn). IRIS re-computed the Banjawarn quake epicentre utilising new algorythms deduced from this mine blast wave path research - coupled with input from the seismographic record data provided by the chain of AGSO (Australian Geological Survey Organisation) receivers.

AGSO data has always demonstrated that the 3.6-3.9 Richter-scale quake epicentre was south of Banjawarn - but with wildly varying results from three different calculations. This is probably due to very poor epicentre calculation accuracy (+/- 100km radius errors are demonstrated by earlier Laverton-Leonora mine blasts) caused by a lack of knowledge of regional seismic wave path behaviour, since there has been no incentive to study a region where there are no previous earthquake recordings.

IRIS proudly sent me a map detailing the small rectangular area that, with a 95 per cent confidence, contained the Banjawarn 28 May '93 quake epicentre. It EXACTLY coincided with the plan outline of the Laverton-Jindalee Rx (receiver) site. IRIS was presumably operating on a "need to know" basis within US Government circles and was unaware of the existence of this Laverton OTHR Rx site. In fact, I supplied IRIS with most of its detailed topographic maps of this area, and I had not included information about the Laverton-Jindalee Rx site as it seemed irrelevant at the time.

` This "Jindalee" OTHR system consists of a Tx site located east of Laverton at White Cliffs, and an Rx site west of Laverton, close to the southern boundary of Banjawarn station. About 5% of eyewitnesses to the "Banjawarn Bang" suggested that this Rx site area, was where the fireball exploded into a huge red flare, and therefore was "ground zero". Most (95%) eyewitnesses placed "ground zero" much further north - to the northwest of Banjawarn station, so I discounted these few isolated reports, but I searched this location in mid-1995 from the air and on the ground - just in case.

The reason (if other than observational error) for this discrepancy between 95% of the eyewitness evidence of the explosion site and the quake epicentre calculation remains unexplained at this time, (the 5% of eyewitnesses who saw an explosive flare at the Rx site were present that night with the many other witnesses who reportedly saw the explosion well north of that location - on the north-western edge of Banjawarn station). Just possibly we are dealing with multiple events on that day since we now know of multiple Fireball/"Tesla Shield Structures" being observed in this region over several years.

At the time of the 28 May '93 "Banjawarn Bang" the Rx site location was virgin bush and just a planned rectangle noted on the local Mines Department maps - to warn prospectors that no mines could be allowed in this area due to future OTHR developments.

In mid-1995 whilst flying an aerial search for the Banjawarn "meteorite crater", I flew over this site and later visited it on the ground. Bulldozer clearing of bush scrub was in progress over an area of a few square kilometres. Unfortunately for IRIS, there was no meteor impact structure there; nor has one been found anywhere else within 300 kilometres of Banjawarn. The bulldozers were not filling in a crater, either !

However, one is left with the strong impression that this site is a very bad place to install an OTHR military system !

This conclusion is derived from a consideration of the rare but highly accurate "meteorite impacts", or the rapidly evolving exotic "natural" Earth E/M events, or the strangely co-incident earthquakes (in a region where non have ever been recorded since 1900), or from other - possibly "off-planet alien" phenomena.

Or perhaps someone else knows that it is not just a radar system. but also a projective plasma weapon system, and this someone sent one of his own E/M weapon blasts to hit the target fair and square at 23.03 hours on 28 May 1993 with a demonstrated warning: "I can take out your proposed weapons asset whenever I like."

Perhaps this same someone is responsible for the plus 1000 major fireball events now known to have occurred in Australia over the last four years (right up to June 24th. 1997), with 100 of these involving huge aerial explosions of nuclear bomb force levels, and 10 of these involving huge aerial explosions co-incident with medium power 3.6 - 4.0 Richter scale earthquakes (equivalent to 1-2 kilotonnes of TNT explosive).

Who, (or what), is that "someone" ?

One thing is certain - these fireballs and their other associated phenomenon often demonstrate, by much eyewitness evidence, a very powerful E/M radiative wave field component.

Whatever the source or cause of these fireball incidents it is now obvious that they pose a potentially severe and rapidly evolving threat to human life and property - it is only time before a modern "fly by wire" electronic control airliner is brought down by electrostatic ray-wave field coupling with onboard electronics.

Ground or air-burst explosions or induced earthquakes obviously threaten many "ground zero" deaths if any of these events occur within a habitated built up area.

Unfortunately we appear to have to await a fireball event destroying Canberra before any governmental action will occur .........

Given the rapidly evolving nature of these fireball events in 1997, such as the huge fireball-explosion-("impact") quake in Central NSW on 1st. May 1997, and another flying over Central Victoria on 24th. June 1997 exploding as an "airburst" between Ballarat and Ararat, we probably (and hopefully) will not have to wait too long !


(First Published in NEXUS Magazine October - November 1997)
By Harry Mason B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A.I.M.M., M.I.M.M., F.G.S. (Geologist-Geophysicist)
Copyright (c) August 1997 Harry Mason "All Rights Reserved"



Readers of previous episodes of this series of "Bright Skies" articles might be forgiven for believing that exotic fireball, light emission, electrical, electro-magnetic, and coupled explosive and/or seismic events have over recent years been observed solely within the continent of Australia. Although sightings "down under" have been prolific, and strongly suggest that we are being utilised as a major testing ground for someone, there have also been a significant number of similar events in other countries during the same time frame (say 1985 - 1997), as the following randomly chosen examples, provided to the author by Nexus readers, and reproduced below in their original (but abridged) format, amply demonstrate. :-


Ashley Rye wrote to SKYWATCH (Internet UFO News Server) the following e-mail report concerning an event that occurred in the early hours of November 12, 1987, at Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England, UK.

"On the night of November 12, 1987 a freak storm, or freak 'thunderbolt' damaged a number of properties in the Kirkby area, including one house that was almost destroyed. Mike West, who dealt with many of the insurance claims, will verify that this was no ordinary meteorological phenomenon. He told local residents, ''This just doesn't make any sense. Every claim that I've dealt with in the last 26 years has been logical and reasonable... but this defies reason. It did not even travel in a straight line (as you would expect with a thunderbolt, following the line of least resistance) It zigzagged across the sky, and people even saw it dive down over the hills... It's as if the whole area was blanketed with electromagnetic radiation." Effects were felt over a wide area. Mansfield residents were rudely awoken at 1:30 am by a sound 'like an explosion'.

Appropriately, perhaps, a few were immersed in an old war movie, The Battle of Britain, on TV, which by bizarre coincidence had just reached the point where German bombers were dropping their payload on a British aerodrome. During the explosion, lights reportedly switched on by themselves, while others which were already on exploded. Some TV aerials split in two. Forty insurance claims were made in one street for Video and TV equipment damaged by the 'thunderbolt'.

A local Video and TV repairman working late at home that evening reported that the lights suddenly dimmed and light bulbs started to pop in the house; furthermore, the electrical 'trip switch' blew and next day he was inundated with phone calls from individuals who's equipment had been damaged.

Some suggested ball lightening was the cause of all this, but one old lady saw it flying straight towards her house, looping, double-looping, and performing other manoeuvres. Another man watching from a distance described how the sky suddenly became bright red.

The explosion was heard and felt over an area of 7-8 square miles, throwing some people out of bed, somewhat more energy than is required for a standard manifestation of ball lightning, one is tempted to conclude. Mike West has dealt with numerous claims related to ball lightning and thunderbolt damage, but has never encountered anything to compare with this event. Newspaper headlines described how lightning had struck one house, demolishing its gable end.

Residents witnessed an object zigzagging very slowly over Mansfield, making a whining noise as if it were in trouble.

Two more objects were subsequently observed coming down near Blidworth, close to Sherwood Forest. According to the insurance claims objects came from three different directions and collided in mid-air just south of Mansfield.

The UFO's were reportedly heading towards Kirkby when one of them seemed to encounter difficulty, apparently losing power and coming down in a large wood near Blidworth. It appeared to 'bounce' on impact, releasing a tremendous shockwave. One report suggested that one object was a craft in trouble and the other two could have been missiles.

Numerous persons reported structural damage to their property. Powerlines collapsed. Curiously, meteorological reports confirmed that there was neither cloud, wind, rain nor lightning active that night, resulting in a number of property damage claims not being met, in spite of investigation.

Other witnesses spoke of a still and cloudless night. Eyewitnesses describe a number of balls of white light streaking to the UFO as it descended, near Annesley Hall which stands on private grounds, hampering attempts to obtain further information.

At 2:15 am seven military helicopters, including what appeared to be troop-carrying Chinook surrounded by Gazelles and Lynnx's flew in at low speed scanning the area with search lights, over Normanton, Sutton-In-Ashfield, and Kirkby. The police subsequently cordoned off the impact site and erected road blocks that remained for several days.

Trees at the site are still badly incinerated and many marked for removal. The army remained at the impact site for 3-4 days. The first impact of the object, before it bounced, caused a raging conflagration which burned some trees down, and caused others to burn on the opposite side of their trunks from the fire. Damage left in the wood was calculated to have been made by an object approximately 60 ft across, confirmed visually by one witness. The trees were oddly bent from the base to a height of six feet and further. In microwave-like fashion pine cones were burnt from the inside out.

The day after the incident heavy military lorries arrived at the site. Armed guards were posted to prevent access, Government officials and spotter planes were seen. At the first impact site top soil was then found to have been removed down to a level of about 9 inches. This was replaced with clay and covered with new top soil; new pines and silver birch were planted".

This excellent report is extremely interesting from a number of angles, especially as it involves intense electrical activity and nigh-time light emission phenomenon. The sightings of actual "objects" need to be treated with caution as (in common with most night time observations) it is highly likely that only light emission was actually observed and thus the object or mass was assumed to be present behind the visible light - and this may, or may not, be the true situation.

This Mansfield event may represent either a secret military test of an advanced propulsion system gone horribly wrong, or a similar night time flight of three such operational craft, or a true alien UFO accident scenario, or perhaps it consisted of three separate Tesla ray/wave plasma EM slugs ("three objects coming from different directions and colliding") being transmitted to one target point where mutual interference released an EM pulse (similar in character to a nuclear EMP blast)?

The "number of balls of white light streaking to the object as it descended" could be observers describing a dielectric Earth EMP effect blasting up (toward ?) the incoming EM pulse - similar to those seen in several early film recordings of nuclear blasts where a multitude of white lights streak upwards curving around the central fireball plasma - looking like rockets - but actually consisting of induced EM energy slugs derived from the Earth's own dielectric field by the sudden massive EM field in the nuclear blast's plasma fireball. It is this mechanism that actually creates a nuclear blast's EM pulse (EMP) and causes widespread regional damage to unshielded electrical systems.

If the later postulated EMP cause is correct for the Mansfield incident it is a perfect example of a defocused EM weapons strike. Perhaps a UK test?, or more likely a Russian test? - designed to ascertain if UK authorities would recognise the technology and react - it being quite probable that the UK defence units would not know what had actually taken place.

The subsequent high level UK military activity at the Mansfield site demonstrates a very strong interest in this type of event - so someone at least was on the ball - in sharp contrast to our Australian authorities who appear to be adopting an Ostrich type approach...................

Such zigzag or angular sine wave type fireball/lights have been quite commonly observed in the skies over the Kimberley region of Northern Australia in recent years. These events appear to be mega scale examples of oscilloscope type action with the moving EM energy light slug being controlled by electrostatic wave grids in the atmosphere/ionosphere.


The following excellent report (and quite typical of the genre) was written by Christine Gates of Blue Lake, California and recently e-mailed to the author :-

"Whilst driving (alone) from San Jose, California, north to my home in Eureka, California, on September 24, 1994 at 9:32 pm, I saw a blue fireball with a gold tail race by me.

These are my best guesses about distance and speed: It was not too far from me, maybe a half mile or so. It was travelling between me and the mountains near Highway 101. It was approximately 100 - 200 feet off the ground. Travelling from south to north at about 200 mph. I slowed the car down a little to watch this beautiful 'thing' It then continued north over another mountain and then a HUGE flash of blue-white light lit up the night sky as though it were daytime!

The flash came from where the fireball went over the horizon and radiated from that point out to the entire sky. I was about 25 minutes south of my home in Eureka. OH, MY GOD! I thought it was a missile that had targeted the Eureka area. My husband and my 2 year old daughter were home waiting for me! Would they be there when I arrived? Should I turn around? Are we at war? I nearly stopped on the Highway because I was struck with terror! There was a California Highway Patrol Officer and another car on the road with me. None of us actually stopped but we all slowed down and then sped towards the city.

When I got home and Eureka was still there, just as I had left it the day before. I was really confused. I ran into the house and asked my husband if he saw the flash of light? He looked at me funny and said, "Yes, I saw it while I was sitting in the living room watching TV. What was it?"

The next day, I asked everyone I knew and every stranger that I passed if they had seen the flash of light and/or the fireball? If I remember correctly, about 80% of everyone asked saw the flash. Most of them were inside their houses at the time. People inland reported that they also heard a very loud rumbling noise just before the flash. No one on the coast said they heard the rumbling. I don't think that anyone that I asked saw the fireball. I even called people up and down the west coast to see how far north and south it was seen. I, personally, spoke to people as far south at San Jose, as far east as Redding, CA, and as far north as Portland, Oregon, who saw the flash.

The day after, 9-25-94, there were two local TV stories, two local newspaper stories, and the large San Francisco Chronicle newspaper story about this bizarre occurrence. They were all asking, "What was it??" The media made promises to let the people know.

The next day, 9-26-94, there was no more coverage. And not another word after that! The local TV station called me on 9-25-94 to tell me that they were working on it, but the only official statement they could get was that it was, "Magnetic Interference in the Ionosphere." End of story.

The TV station said they checked with the airports, the police, the National Weather station here in Eureka -- nobody saw anything and there was nothing on any radar that night. The TV reporter that I had been talking with was very suspicious. We both wondered what it could have been ?

Even if it was as simple as a meteorite glancing past our planet, why was there so much silence about it by 6pm, 9-25-94? There was never another report about it by the media after that".

This report from California is absolutely identical to hundreds of Australian reports as regards the fireball appearance and flight style, it's performance, the power of the "explosion", and the initial media reaction, followed by total media silence. The lack of follow up stories may be purely due to ignorance, followed by disinterest, or is due to an official clamp down ? It is interesting to note that several identical type fireball reports were made in Northern Australia during October 1994 - just a few days after this event in California, suggesting these fireball events are planet wide in their scale of operation.


The illustration attached below is a black/white rendition of an original colour pastel sketch of a fireball seen in Northern Australia in mid October 1994.

The artist is a friend of mine and was in Kununurra (in the Eastern Kimberley) on the night in question. He saw this fireball barreling along from west to east - the same night as three such fireballs passed one after the other over Tom Price - apparently originating at the giant Exmouth "VLF" Transmitter (Tx) complex in Northwestern W.A. There was about one hour between the sightings at Tom Price and his observation at Kununurra.

The distance from Kununurra is some 1400km, or say 875 miles, to the ENE of Tom Price i.e. an average speed of 875 mph approx. would allow "IT" to get from Tom Price to Kununurra. This fits with the Tom Price sightings since they apparently suddenly accelerated after passing over Tom Price at slow speed (150mph ?) and disappeared over their eastern horizon in a brilliant and huge flash of blue-white light that lit everything up like day - i.e. identical to the artist's observation of the Kununurra event !!!

The bottom part of this picture shows the Kununurra fireball plus a smallish tail - following around the Earth's surface (like a low flight level F-111 bomber running under radar), the top part shows the strange "radial light explosion" and huge light flash observed as it went over the horizon !!! This one, like those at Tom Price, had NO noise associated. The Tom Price ones were travelling at some 150mph, the Kununurra one was going very fast "like a bat out of hell".


Most (65%) reported Australian fireballs have loud pulsed roaring diesel freight train noises accompanying their flight. NONE appear to give off sonic booms !!! Hence I suspect none have mass attached (this being necessary to create a sonic boom or shock wave moving at speeds greater than that of sound) and I postulate that they probably consist of concentrated slugs of infolded TESLA ray-wave E/M energy - emitting light (photons) as a by-product of interaction with air molecules to provide a hologram like spatial form ???

The transverse vibrational waves reported as shaking houses under the fireball flight path may be caused by the rapidly vibrating Tesla longitudinal scalar wave EM energy slug initiating harmonic wave coupling within the inter-atomic bonding of either (1) the nearby air molecules, (2) the house construction material's crystal lattice, and/or (3) the ground rock crystal lattice.

Severe high energy harmonic coupling would occur at the instance of the weapon's microsecond wave release of a concentrated EM energy pulse, and this would probably cause an explosive splitting apart of the inter-atomic level bonding of the targeted material eg. below ground rock, above ground building structures, or in the gases of the "air". This will create a huge explosion and a "regular" earthquake - probably quite indistinguishable from "normal" quakes, or in the air an "air-quake" will result.

Such an explosion would probably be quite similar to a low level nuclear fission blast and would involve essentially similar but EM initiated inter atomic processes that affect the atomic nucleus and it's bonding with it's neighbouring atomic nuclei. It would probably create some minor residual radioactivity due to the production of a number of exotic isotopes as a by product of the process.

This mechanism is probably the reason for Russian (as reported by "right wing" KGB ? Presidential candidate Zherinovsky whilst threatening Bosnian Muslims with annihilation) use of the code word "Ellipton Bomb" whilst referring to these EM weapon types. Rapid on-off alternating electrostatic EM field coupling would cause a Mohr stress ELLIPSOID oscillation in any material by effects on inter-atomic bonding - if powerful enough this energy input would ultimately lead to very fast explosive material rupture of the inter-atomic bonds - i.e. a major explosion of nuclear force levels and/or the creation of an apparently "normal" looking earthquake.


Whilst this series of Bright Skies articles (Parts 1 to 3) has been in progress during 1997 we have continued to experience many significant fireball events here in Australia; the following major events being particularly worthy of mention.

(1) Late Evening 1-05-97 CENTRAL NSW. FIREBALL :-

Massive blue-white ripple lights flashed through the night skies of central and eastern NSW late on the evening of 1-05-97. These were reported by phone calls to the author, and to Ross Dowe at the Melbourne National UFO "Hotline".

The following day TV Channel 10 ran a story picked up from the Sydney Reuters wire concerning many reports to the Police and to Astronomical Observatories of a huge fireball that flew at low level across central NSW with a loud roaring noise. This "object" appeared to arc down to the ground on the horizon where it exploded with a loud explosion and an associated "fireworks" light display. A related ground tremor was reported from Cobar and Broken Hill. Observers considered that there must have been an Earth bolide impact somewhere in western-central NSW, northeast of Broken Hill.

The events are believed by the media and astronomical observatories to represent yet another meteorite fireball impact in Australia !!!

However since this initial media discussion NO reports of any impact crater discovery have been forthcoming, in fact all news on this fireball went silent within one day of the event ...............

(2) 6.15pm (EST) 24-06-97 CENTRAL VICTORIA FIREBALL :-

This dramatic fireball was reported by hundreds of observers in Victoria and Tasmania as it flew over the Tasman Sea, then via the Mornington Peninsular to north of Melbourne, over the town of Ballarat and towards the town of Ararat in the state of Victoria.

There were some 240 phone calls from eyewitnesses to Ross Dowe in Melbourne at the National UFO Hotline re this Victorian 24-06-97 fireball.

The observers reported that in it's parallel to the Earth low altitude overland flight path it caused overvoltage explosive blow outs of house light (240 volt AC) globes, dimmed out car headlights by reducing vehicle DC voltage, and also discharged car batteries - as it passed by at relatively low level and very high speed (afterwards the car headlights/batteries returned to normal strength !!!). [These effects upon 12 volt DC battery systems are very significant indicators of Tesla style scalar electrostatic waves warping local space time.]

It also created shock or blast waves during it's flight - felt by observers as air pressure waves. Penetrative vibrational waves shook houses quite violently as it went past - these propagated at right angles to it's direction of travel, and appeared severe due to the low altitude of the fireball ?

The fireball was reported variously as a huge bright orange-red-white-green-blue illumination (exact colour appears in this case to depend upon the distance of the observer from the fireball). The fireball was commonly reported as the size of the full moon. It apparently was preceded by 3 bright blue illuminations. It made a very loud pulsed roaring noise in flight.

[NB. I am uncertain at this time if these blue lights were huge blue light flashes in upper atmosphere - as I suspect - and as previously reported by observers in many other Australian fireball and in many isolated (non-fireball) upper atmosphere or ionosphere "bright flash" cases - or if they were blue lights moving in front of the main fireball ?]

Night was turned briefly into day by the very bright light radiating from the Fireball. It had a longish vapor or cloud type trail. No sound barrier blasts were reported - but it was very-very fast - thus suggesting that NO mass was present, or else sonic booms would undoubtedly have been produced at it's low flight altitude.

The Victorian fireball was on a course that points directly at the Exmouth Peninsular Tx site in north-western Australia - possibly originating on a great circle track from New Zealand, or from further afield e.g. the Tucano Tx site in Argentina ?

This recent Victorian fireball would appear to be another prime candidate for a Tesla longitudinal E/M ray-wave plasma ball energy slug weapons test, but perhaps it was just another exotic meteorite !!! Trouble is lately we seem to be getting far too many of these monsters crossing our skies, and for some reason they just love flying on the 1st. of May (see Bright Skies Part 1 re 1-05-95 Perth event). Now who is it that celebrates that date every year !!!


Apparently this recent Victorian fireball exploded spectacularly in western Victoria - like a huge "fireworks" display. I say "apparently" since it is very common for observers to see a vivid fireworks light energy "explosion" after the fireball gets down to their horizon. I suspect that this is only an ionospheric EM coupling effect due to the evidence from multiple witnesses along several different fireball flight paths. Commonly each observer (spread along say 2000km of flight path) sees a fireball fly overhead, go down towards his horizon, disappear in a huge massive fireworks display explosion, then the next observer (positioned say 200km further along the flight path) sees exactly the same effect, and so on along the line of observers.

It could be that the fireball (EM energy slug) is reacting a la Tesla thesis with the atmosphere and/or ionosphere to give a brilliant but pulsed (every 200km or so) display of light energy ? Or perhaps the EM fireball hologram is pulsing on - off at low frequency and at the "off" there is a field collapse giving rise to the apparent explosion, or - more likely - at the "on" scalar EM field pulse there is a Tesla field transmission coupling from the Tx (transmitter site) to the atmosphere/ionosphere via local dielectric field ground to give the apparent explosive fireworks display.

The timing of the last two major Fireball/explosion events was about 10.00pm for 1-05-97 in central NSW, and just after 6.00pm for 24-06-97near Melbourne Victoria. This does not suggest any attempts to hide these possible "weapons tests" is going on - rather the opposite appears to be the case i.e. you were meant to see these things ??? I find this interesting - perhaps they are threat messages to our military - from say Russian-Japanese, or from little grey Aliens, or a new class of natural electrical event , or exotic meteors ???

Of course there is every possibility that we are dealing with a series of highly electrically charged meteorites that have very odd flight characteristics - preferring to fly over Australia in ever increasing numbers in recent years ..............

With all of these fireballs running wild over our skies - some getting pretty close to Canberra - you would think someone in authority would get agitated enough to do something !!! At least some official comments would be in order, but all we get is silence ............

Yes there have been historical meteor fireball events recorded on planet Earth over many centuries - but not with the present high periodicity, unique appearance, and flight style, nor with the commonly associated explosive and seismic effects. These recent fireball and other electrical events are HIGHLY anomalous and appear to represent a considerable danger to the population of not only Australia, but much of the entire planet.

Certainly just one of the associated explosion/earthquakes could completely flatten a town the size of Broken Hill, Kalgoorlie, Mt.Isa, Alice Springs, or Canberra - with enormous loss of life. It would approximate a nuclear blast in intensity and spoil the inhabitants whole day ..........

Determination of whether I am correct, or not, about the source or origin of these Fireballs (i.e. EM weapon "tests", alien UFO, or natural electrostatic meteor, or other evolving natural electrical phenomenon etc.) is quite irrelevant to this problem and should NOT cloud the discussion .........

Our Governments MUST initiate open, public, wide ranging, and honestscientific studies on the nature of these events, or they would appear at best to be unfit to represent us, and at worst to be in treason to the general population.

I cannot believe that any Government would be so irresponsible as to allow the testing of potentially highly dangerous scalar EM energy slug weapons around and over us, when they involve such enormous energies, so many unknowns regarding reliability of control, and possible side effects due to Tx waves on the general population's health. However similar irresponsible behaviour was often exhibited by the Australian, British, and USA Governments during the 1950's nuclear testing era. By all accounts the Soviet Government was even more careless of their citizens health during this time.

Therefore I suppose it is quite possible that new weapon toys would be similarly unleashed into the public domain. There is of course another possible scenario that could be contributing to the Government silence - see below ......................


R.Hoagland, ex NASA employee, and space archaeologist media personality released some spectacular video footage taken on a USA space shuttle mission in September 1991. This film was downlinked by radio from the shuttle to a NASA ground station in the USA, and was also intercepted en-route by a USA ham radio operator. Subsequent to this intercept and it's public distribution by the radio ham NASA initially encrypted and then totally ceased further shuttle video transmissions.

The shuttle was said by Hoagland to be in orbit over Indonesia heading south towards Western Australia. Subsequent research by Australian and New Zealand UFO groups demonstrated that the shuttle was in fact over Lake Carnegie in central Western Australia heading south-south-east.

The video film shows a small white light UFO that appears over the Earth's horizon to the east of Australia and flies north at a speed of some 54,000mph (this and subsequent data are according to Hoagland's calculations).

Suddenly the upper atmosphere or ionosphere below the shuttle flashes with an intense white light. The UFO appears to sense this flash and immediately executes a 180 degree 14,000g force turn accelerating out of orbit and away from the planet at some 200,000mph.

All of the above manoeuvres occur in a second or so, and are immediately followed in a micro-second by two very high speed bright "light energy pulses", riding straight (but fainter) light beams from the planets surface below the shuttle, projected up to a spot where the UFO would have been - had it not reacted so violently to the initial upper atmospheric light flash.

The Australian and New Zealand UFO research team claim that beam pulse # one came from Exmouth in north-western W.A., and beam pulse # two came from near Alice Springs in the N.T.

Hoagland believes this film demonstrates a US test of the "Brilliant Pebbles" particle beam weapon system aimed at a super secret US anti-gravity drive space craft/drone. The same film shows a few other orbital lights that are presumably other UFO's.

Recently I was contacted by an Onslow resident who had read NEXUS and Bright Skies Parts 1 and 2. He reported that his son had been totally spooked in late 1991 whilst Roo shooting one night south of Onslow on the Crow Plains (some 80km south east of the Exmouth Tx site). The son and another shooter had observed huge blue-green-white fireballs form at ground level and fire off into space along a light beam at a steep angle and at an ever accelerating velocity.

The fireballs were seen at ground level to their north-west (a reconstruction places them exactly in line with the Exmouth Tx site). The fireballs almost certainly originated from the "VLF" Tx site at the "Harold E. Holt" Exmouth EM base. Fireballs were seen on several nights and had been previously reported by the owner of the sheep station in this area.

The ground eye-witness reports couple well with the Hoagland space shuttle video film and the antipodean UFO research team findings.

The data collectively demonstrates that the Exmouth base is indeed a site of major EM weapon system deployment that can at the very least create and fire EM plasma energy pulses into space.

The data also explains the strange upper atmospheric light flashes seen around WA and in other parts of Australia as isolated incidents - no co-incident fireballs being seen with the majority of these high altitude flashes. It was this type of event occurring below the space shuttle that appeared to cause the UFO to turn and run.

I postulate that it represents a Tesla Energy Magnifying Transmitter "warming up" and energising the ionosphere to Earth ground space cavity - as a prelude to EM weapon pulse firing. The EM fireball plasma energy pulse is presumably shot skywards along an improved "Grindel H. Mathews" ultra-violet laser beam that "clears" the way and creates a conducting path through the atmosphere for propagation of the Tesla EM energy slug.

Unfortunately for the Exmouth weapons team the video film UFO was a slight technological jump ahead of their pulse weapon. I remain unconvinced by Hoagland's explanations of the action in this film being a weapon test against a USA "UFO" space craft/drone. The UFO demonstrates some very advanced abilities and although I can accept the USA is technologically advanced I really have to wonder if this UFO is truly of USA origin; or is it more likely to be of off-planet alien design and manufacture ???

The origin of this particular UFO is of great importance since this Hoagland film could demonstrate that a state of war exists between the USA (and by default Australia) and an off-planet alien power ???

Such an alien state of affairs could well explain (but not condone) the Government and media silence that exists on recent fireball and exotic light emission events. However other data and intelligence points more towards an exchange of fire with advanced technology craft operated by other Earth bound powers in a secret oligarchic war that has been evolving around us for several years.

One thing is totally certain - the Hoagland video film does not show a series of ice particles flying past the shuttle as NASA would have us believe. My research conclusions may well turn out to be incorrect and thus be good fairy stories !!! - but they pall into insignificance alongside NASA's eloquent explanations.


Top-Secret Weapons Deployment ?

Were Tesla-style EM weapons used in the Kobe earthquake, the Oklahoma City bombing and the downing of TWA Flight 800, in a secret war between unidentified oligarchic factions?

( First Published in Nexus Magazine Dec 97-Jan 98 edition )
By Harry Mason B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A.I.M.M., M.I.M.M., F.G.S. (Geologist-Geophysicist)

Copyright (c) August 1997 Harry Mason "All Rights Reserved"

[N.B. published version slightly re-written and re-edited]



On 17 January 1995, the Japanese city of Kobe was struck by a massive earthquake that devastated much of the city, killing over 5,500 people and injuring many thousands more. Shoko Asahara, the leader of the Japanese Aum Supreme Truth (Aum Shinrikyo) sect, had surprisingly predicted, in a Tokyo radio broadcast on 8 January 1995, that a major quake would soon occur at Kobe. Asahara went even further and stated that this quake would be initiated by a "a foreign power" utilising an electromagnetic (EM) weapons system.

Aum's Science Minister Hideo Murai later stated at the Foreign Press Correspondents' Club in Tokyo on 7 April 1995 that, "There is a possibility that the great Hanshin [Kobe] earthquake was activated by electromagnetic power or some device that exerts energy into the ground."

Although Asahara would undoubtedly have preferred his great predictive powers to be thought of as due to a highly developed and superior spiritual ability to examine the future time-track (thus attracting more gullible followers after this quake event), it is far more likely that he was fed warning intelligence re Kobe by Aum's Science Minister Murai, and/or Japanese Intelligence operatives who themselves were forewarned by Russian KGB officials.

In his pre-Aum days, Hideo Murai had worked on highly advanced microwave and gamma/cosmic-ray physics applications for cold moulding of steel at the Kobe Steel laboratories. This laboratory complex was located at the near-exact epicentre of the great Kobe earthquake. Japanese investigative journalists believe that this Kobe laboratory was one of several research facilities (located at Osaka, Tsukuba and Tokyo universities) engaged in top-secret research and development of EM weapons technology, under the cover of Kobe Steel industrial research and/or environmental "desert-greening" studies.

The Aum's deputy leader, Kiyohide Hayakawa, in his pre-Aum days studied at Osaka University in the Landscape Engineering section of the Environmental Engineering department. His thesis is highly confidential and not available to the public, but allegedly contains only "landscape gardening" studies. There is some suggestion that his area of study included the use of advanced EM weapons technology in Weather Engineering. Japanese scientists from their EM weapon research university departments are today conducting extensive field observations of Eastern Goldfields weather patterns and the factors required to "green" our Australian deserts - on behalf of the Japanese Environmental Ministry and our Western Australian Government.

Certain public observations on exotic cloud formations, new weather patterns, and unusually wet weather suggest to this author that experiments in weather engineering involving EM weapons technology transmissions have been underway in Western Australia over the past 4-5 years, with the apparent aim to green our central semi-deserts and create a series of huge forests - for commercial gain and to act as a CO2 sink.

A large group of Japanese scientists including military personnel (some 50 people) were observed east of Perth last Easter 96 photographing with telescopic tripod mounted cameras and observing by telescope such exotic weather tests.

Weather patterns observed on several occasions, including Easter 96, consisted of several perfectly symetrical and exactly similar circular cloud multi-ring complexes - each complex touching the next along the outer cloud ring - each complex consisting of one cloud ring inside the next - like a "Russian Doll" - creating five concentric "smoke rings" - each cloud ring being tube like in x-sectional form - each complex having a diameter of some 30km - the group of cloud ring complexes formed as a line over some 100km offshore of our western coast. Such totally symetrical cloud formations and the associated events have never been observed in previous W.A. history.

The individual cloud ring complexes formed as one ring puff followed by another each expanding until the entire cloud system was established over a few hours in the late morning. Heavy weather formed up to seaward of these cloud complexes by late afternoon and then swept inland in the early evening. These events always involved evening power outages caused by overvoltage generation in our Darling Ranges power line system - just prior to the eastward movement of the previously static storm systems. Persons sensitive to EM fields were in physical agony all day as the cloud system and heavy weather formed up. Such weather events have been seen several times in the 1995/96 time period and correlated well with cyclonic storms turning south off of our northern shores and rushing inland to connect up with the eastwards moving heavy weather fronts - the combination of two enormous storm systems then proceeding to dump highly anomalous rainfall into central and south-eastern Western Australia.

Note the recent press (Washington Post/Asia Wall Street Journal/Malaysian Star 14/13-11-97 ) re Malaysia's intention to engage the services of a Russian State company and it's secret orbital satellite technology to create large cyclones (hurricanes to you Yanks) in order to blow away the smoke and haze from the recent massive environmental disaster created by the huge Indonesian and Borneo Jungle Fires. This Russian company now provides weather to order - anywhere on the planet - at a multi-million dollar price.

To say that they have not used this system in the bad old days of the "Cold War", or in the more recent past in weather warfare, or at someone's very specific bequest would be at best naive. For instance the huge storm cell generated in the Bay of Biscay that hit the UK in October 1987 in a historically unknown manner, whilst the world stock market was crashing. The cyclonic winds destroyed entire areas of forest and knocked out significant sections of southern England's telephone system, and therefore locked many persons into a collapsing market - unable to sell. Someone made a lot of money out of that- by getting out first in New York - and bashed the British financial system at the same time. Of course it was a natural event - an act of God - but what if someone was playing at being God ???

There have been many other examples of very odd high power storm cells hitting many areas of the USA, Australia, Asia, and Europe over the past decade or so - all creating m,assive damage and significant loss of life - some creating very special economic pressure - eg. Lloyds great collapse was due to huge unprecedented insurance claims originating in damage from storms of this type over several years - how many of these storms were created by a Russian EM system (or a US system ?)- and with what economic intention ??? There is ample evidence of steered storms hitting special targets - eg the case a few years ago of a hurricane that hit southern Florida and appeared to specifically alter course to attack an isolated nuclear power station right on the nose.

In future insurance claims will have to include next to "Acts of God", a clause about "Acts of Fabians/old KGB etc.". Real estate in the central Australian semi-deserts could suddenly become very valuable - gives the MABO Native Title Rights a whole new meaning !!!

Coming to grips with the "new" Tesla EM field world will involve some high powered reality adjustment by many human mushrooms.

The existence of such an EM technology capable of weather engineering has been denied by Western Government, "scientists", and news media for many years - inspite of ground breaking observation by US scientists such as Tom Bearden and others - who were usually sneared at as "nutters or loony tunes". Now either the Malaysian Environment ministry has stuffed up big time by running this press release - when it should have been kept under wraps - or perhaps the news release announces in a subtle way that the Russians have come to the aid of Malaysia in her recent currency hammering by George Souros and the US Treasury - the message is "back off" or face a blast from our EM weapons.

Either way the Weather Engineering Technology doubters and ivory tower experts have now got a lot of explaining to do.

The EM technology for creating weather engineering, earthquakes, city busting explosions, or zapping space craft and/or UFO's is basically the same system - they just differ by the amount of energy per micro second per square meter poured into your target.

We are told that greenhouse gases are our worst enemy and are creating El Nino effects and massive weather changes across the planet. We are told we MUST all rally together to combat this CO2 plague by creating yet more pressure on jobs, and we MUST stop the great flurocarbon release that is hitting the Ozone layer for six.

I am all in favour of sound ecological management of our planet - but the recent Kyoto Vaudeville show could do with a new scientific perspective - now that there is US Newspaper "proof" of the existence of weather engineering technology, and a complimentary suggestion of my own that Ozone destruction could be due to the use of massive Tesla EM field transmission power (of both Russian and US sources) - concentrating via geomagnetic electron flow lines down to the South Pole where it effects the destruction of ever so unstable Ozone - rather than the effects of fluorocarbon molecules.

Some type of interference with normal EM field lines and regional potentials appears to offer a solution to the mysterious mass beaching suicide actions of whales, porpoises, and dolphins over recent years. These areas urgently require intelligent research by the Greens - now - but unfortunately they appear (just like all other parties) all to often to follow the dictated spin-doctor directions of their financial backers. Our lack of action in this regard could see such marine mammals disappear from our environment.

I am afraid that we are being conned yet again with the new environmental bogie replacing the Hitler clone type hate/fear spin doctor ikon - all in the name of covert control of the human mushroom population of our planet..............

A far better game would be to spur us all onto the discovery of a clean "Free Energy Source" - to replace oil, coal, and uranium fuel systems.

But meanwhile back at Kobe ................

For several days prior to the great Kobe earthquake there were reports of glowing orange-red and pink lights and spherical forms hovering over and along the Kobe fault line. Such Earth stress lights have been observed over major quakes in many parts of the globe since the 19th century, but the number and intensity of those that developed in the January 1995 pre-Kobe quake days appear to be highly anomalous.

The existence of geophysical weapons capable of creating or triggering earthquakes in highly stressed crustal regions has been discussed privately by geophysicists for a decade or more. Rumours have abounded over certain huge earthquakes of the 1970s and 1980s in the Central Asian republics of the former USSR. Some writers have suggested that these were caused by Israeli, French or American EM weapons systems used in retaliation for Soviet EM weapon strikes on the West.

US scientist Tom Bearden contends that the Soviets brought into service an intercontinental-range Tesla EM weapon in 1963 during the Khrushchev era.

The evidence that Kobe was not a natural earthquake is slender and is based primarily upon Asahara's prediction that was later proved so horrifyingly correct. There would appear to be some supporting evidence of an indirect nature involving political considerations and other more recent world events. Taking into consideration the entire Kobe and Aum Tokyo scenarios together with the earlier, possibly Aum-related, fireball-explosion-earthquake events of 28 May 1993 at Banjawarn, Western Australia, one is left with a very strong impression of a serious "EM fire" underlying the visible "dark plume of smoke" that rose over Kobe - (See Bright Skies Parts 1 to 4 for further evidence re the existence of EM Earthquake, City Buster, and Beam weapon systems).

But what motive could there possibly be for such a major city- busting weapon strike? Why choose an exotic EM weapon system?

It is quite possible that the EM strike was directed at the secret Kobe Steel EM weapons research laboratory and that the motive was in part to destroy this facility and cause such a resounding blow to the civilian population, similar in scale to the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that the Japanese oligarchic powers behind the scenes would think long and hard before attempting to continue their EM weapons project. Only the big boys on the block were going to have the modern magical equivalent of Merlin's staff - all the second order gangs should think again ???

If the USA (or a covert international power group based therein) were the belligerent party that struck down Kobe, then the motive would most likely have included a 'big stick' warning to the Japanese powers to do what they were told with regard to the New World (economic) Order, or face the consequences.

It would appear from subsequent events that the Japanese oligarchy did not grovel under this attack but in fact, after some further provocation, went on the offensive with its own (or a friend's) EM weapon system.


During 1995 and 1996 the following major events were literally blasted onto the world stage:

  1. 17 January 1995: The great Kobe "earthquake";

  2. 20 March 1995: Tokyo subway gas attack;

  3. 19 April 1995: Oklahoma City "terrorist bombing";

  4. 1 May 1995: Perth "fireball-explosion";

  5. 17 July 1996: Destruction of TWA Flight 800 off New York City and Long Island.

With the exception of the Tokyo subway gas attack, each of the above events can be proven to contain evidence for the apparent involvement of highly advanced exotic EM weapons systems. The Tokyo subway gas attack appeared to involve the Japanese Aum Supreme Truth sect and possibly several other players previously 'fingered' in the EM weapons game.

For some reason the 17th day of two event months appears to be significant; this may reflect payback timing based on the first major event on 17 January 1995.

Taken as a whole, these events appear to represent an escalating exchange of fire between opposing (but unidentified) factions. The nature of this ongoing war and the identities of the opponents and their leaders appear to have been very deliberately kept secret from the planetary population, whilst elaborate webs of lies have been erected in the world press and Japanese and US courts to nominate patsies as the perpetrators of these shocking events.

The development of apparently magical EM weapons capable of initiating earthquakes or nuclear-force-level explosions over or within targets located at a great intercontinental distance by transmission of scalar or Tesla EM ray-waves from two or three transmitter sites, or EM weapons able to strike target sites from an orbiting satellite, spacecraft or aircraft, or ground-based EM pulse-beam weapons capable of taking out orbital or airborne targets, has for the first time in our planetary history allowed the use of 'deniable' massive-force weapons in terrorist acts directed against the general population.

These EM weapons effects are "deniable" in that they can be blamed upon natural earthquakes, meteor air-burst explosions or bolide ground-impacts, or can be set up as terrorist-bomb, ground-to-air missile or even alien UFO scenarios. The ability to cause apparently magical-force events imparts an enormous advantage to certain individual power groups who appear to have stolen these weapons (from the states that originally developed them) to use solely for their own advantage.

Such weapons in the hands of secret power groups who are willing to use them without mercy against the innocent citizens of planet Earth, represents a horrifying future prospect in the power struggles of this planet. Defence against such weapons and the curs who control them must now be our primary objective. The nuclear terror has been replaced by something far worse: a usable, high-energy weapon.


The Tokyo subway gas attack on 20 March 1995 killed 11 people and injured thousands.

The Aum Supreme Truth sect was soon implicated by the Tokyo Police and the world Press.

The Aum was reported as initiating the gas attack as a prelude to a revolutionary "right-wing" takeover of Japan. Aum members were shown on film by the BBC being trained and armed by the Russians. Allegedly the Aum smuggled thousands of automatic rifles and other weapons into Japan from Russia. Apparently the Aum intended to use Russian helicopters and Spetsnaz troops landed on the coast as aids to allow Aum forces to take control of Japanese Government ministries during a series of major diversionary terrorist nerve-gas attacks on key population and government centers across Japan. The Tokyo subway attack was allegedly a preliminary operational test prior to the full-scale AUM action.

In Australia, ABC TV soon ran a prime-time news story with video showing a shed full of large chemical drums (allegedly found at Banjawarn by the new post-Aum owners) and trenches full of hundreds of dead sheep. The report also discussed Federal Police reports concerning sarin-gas-derivative chemicals found in the dead sheep, and interviews with the Aum's Australian sheep station manager. All of this was supposed to demonstrate that the Aum purchased Banjawarn station to carry out tests with home-made sarin nerve gas on sheep, as a precursor field trial to the Tokyo subway gas attack.

Problems soon surfaced with regard to this official Australian press scenario. The present owners of Banjawarn reported to this author that the ABC TV story was "a pack of lies", for the shed of chemicals shown on the 7.00 pm news was not on Banjawarn station; in fact, they had never seen it, and did not know where this video film had come from.

The owners insisted that they had only reported finding two relatively small bottles marked "HCl" (hydrochloric acid) in the old station building, which was previously used by the Aum sect in September 1993 as a mining field-laboratory.

The ABC news footage showing hundreds of dead sheep was actually stock video recorded the previous year when sheep were being shot on farms near Esperance, WA, due to extremely low market prices. Only a few tens of dead sheep were found by police on Banjawarn, and these had been put down by hammer-blows to the head by the Aum's real manager, appointed by the WA Pastoral Board, because the Aum had failed to tend the station's windmills, thus causing a shortage of water for the flocks, which resulted in many severely dehydrated sheep having to be put down.

In Japan, European chemical and nerve-gas experts who examined the Aum's chemical complex laughed at the notion that sarin or any other nerve gas had been made there, pointing out that the equipment and facilities would have leaked like a sieve, killing the operators and local villagers. They did find plenty of residual evidence in the plant that demonstrated that large quantities of designer drugs such as ecstasy had been manufactured there, right up to the time of the Tokyo subway gas attack.

Small samples of sarin and other nerve gases as well as other lethal gas and chemical types were found in the Aum complex, along with a few automatic rifle kits of Russian origin and equipment for duplicating further arms. However, Aum members were apparently deliberately warned about a week in advance that a police raid was coming - thus allowing them to remove any other stocks of arms, gases and drugs in advance.

It appears that deputy leader Hayakawa used the sect as cover for a range of foreign weapons purchases and weapons-related research apparently for the "right-wing" oligarchic power behind the Japanese Government. It is quite obvious that at least parts of the Aum organisation were not staffed with 'good guys' and that they were involved with some quite crazy and antisocial activities such as the manufacture of massive quantities of drugs.

Japanese investigative journalists believe that the drugs were being distributed worldwide by the Yakuza, possibly through a rogue CIA operation. Thus, in time-honoured planetary secret-service fashion, a "right-wing" Japanese oligarchic intelligence operation was being funded by illicit drugs.

These same Japanese journalists (see their web site, www.pelago.com) have suggested that the Aum sect was a cover for Japanese Intelligence operations involving covert re-arming of the Japan Self-Defense Forces with new Russian weapons systems. Recent Japanese Defense Agency press releases tend to support this view by revealing large, new purchases by Japan of modern frontline Russian jet fighters and bombers, as well as joint communications exercises between the two countries' defence forces. There is plenty of evidence concerning the Aum's activities in Russia, such as training with Russian troops and managing the joint Japan-Russia University in Moscow - a cover for a Russian-Japanese redevelopment of the first-generation Russian EM weapons systems mated to Japanese computer power.

As early as mid-1993, in his visa applications to enter Australia, Asahara complained of gas and laser attacks on his person and against Aum facilities. He continued to complain of such attacks in further correspondence with Australian Immigration in mid-1994.

If taken at face value, this data and much else of the press web re the Aum suggest that the Aum (and hence their backers?) have been the victim of a knockout blow delivered by a very influential foreign secret service. The Aum was set up as the perpetrator of the Tokyo subway gas attack - the patsy, if you like. The net result has been the apparent total destruction of the AUM programme, thus sealing off the tunnel that led to those behind them and their game plan motive.

It may be highly significant that over 50 per cent of the Japanese LDP Cabinet allegedly flew covertly to North Korea for one week's negotiations, the day after the gas attack. The Aum Science Minister Hideo Murai was murdered by a North Korean hitman's knife soon after the Tokyo subway gas attack. Someone was very afraid that he was going to talk.

Apparently Murai's last words in the ambulance were the equivalent of "The Jews got me!", although in fairness to Jews other interpretations of his final mumblings have also been advanced.

Hayakawa left his early "landscape engineering" studies and joined the Moonies, whereupon he was equipped with the deeds of several Tokyo buildings and vast sums of cash so as to buy his way to the top of the Aum sect. The Reverend Moon was a close friend of the North Korean "Great Leader". Reportedly the Moonies still have exceptional ties to North Korea and, more recently, to ex-US President George Bush, involving business ventures in South America.

Several previously reliable Japanese sources believe that the CIA planned and executed the Tokyo subway gas attack to destabilise the LDP government and/or force it to co-operate with US policy requirements. The exact nature of their evidence is unknown to me, but similar claims have been made by Debra von Trapp, an ex-CIA agent involved with bugging the Clinton White House for a George Bush-controlled faction of the CIA on behalf of certain Japanese industrial companies during key USA -Japan trade talks.

The strange ABC TV deception of its viewers, by implanting the Aum Sarin nerve gas / Banjawarn station testing / Tokyo subway gas attack - imagery across Australia, suggests an intelligence action - possibly in support of United States interests.


On 19th. April 1995, at a few minutes after 9.00 am, Oklahoma City was blasted by the "terrorist bombing" of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. One hundred and sixty eight men, women and children were killed, and hundreds more were maimed or injured in this callous attack.

The building was nearly totally destroyed by the explosion, whilst severe damage was inflicted on adjacent buildings, petering out at about a one-mile radius from ground zero.

This event was soon blamed upon a "right-wing militia group" composed of ex-Gulf War veterans utilising an ANFO bomb composed of from two to five tonnes of ammonium nitrate and Diesel fuel-oil set up in a hire truck parked in front of the target building. A robotic Timothy McVeigh was recently convicted of the OKC "bombing", and his alleged accomplice Terry Nichols awaits his trial (which is about to commence as this article goes to press).

On the day of the event, I, like many others, watched the CNN TV feed of the Oklahoma scene. Intriguingly, there were early reports of missiles being seen coming down vertically into the building, but these reports never resurfaced. A survivor with blood over his face was interviewed about one hour into the rescue effort. He described how his life had been saved by his previous domicile in California. When the Murrah Building began to shake violently he recognised an earthquake, just like those he had experienced in California, so he dived under his fifth-floor desk. Some five-to-ten seconds of shaking later, a huge explosion demolished the building around him, but the desk saved his life.

Then came reports that more bombs had been found, and a utility truck with a small armoured bomb box in its tray was shown, whilst the FBI/Police radio net delivered a conversation alleging large drums of mercury fulminate explosive had been found attached to building support pillars next to the lift shaft.

I became agitated, since I had never heard of earthquake-type effects hitting a building before a bomb went off, and I knew mercury fulminate to be an extremely unstable explosive and very unlikely to have survived a major explosion. Also, the size of explosive drum reported then and later photographed would have been far too large to fit in the armoured bomb box that reportedly drove away with these dangerous prizes.

Explosives experts in Australia, the UK and USA (e.g., the General Partin report) began to question the nature of the damage at OKC.

The gist of their theses is that low-velocity explosives like ANFO cannot have demolished so many support pillars in the strange pattern seen at OKC, since the blast pressure falls off according to the inverse cube distance law - yet some near-bomb pillars were still standing, whilst some further away from the bomb were demolished by the blast. Their reports generally invoke a need for very-high-velocity explosives and individual charges attached to certain pillars inside the building - requiring hours of work to fit out.

Personal friends with experience in mining explosives and Belfast IRA ANFO terrorist-bomb damage have confirmed these points to me and have noted that the crater that allegedly developed at OKC does not fit with the truck bomb explanation or the truck's alleged parking lot position.

Another possible weapon candidate soon surfaced: the "A-Neutronic" bomb. In this scenario, a mad criminal scientist (the infamous Michael Riconosciuto, currently serving time in a US prison), developed for the US Government a new super-weapon that involved blowing a cloud of chemicals into the air, charging the cloud with a large excess of electrostatic energy by means of a small rocket-carried "wire", and then detonating the resultant "fuel-air" mix to create a small nuclear-type explosion.

I began to collect eyewitness reports and evidence from official source publications and Internet sites relating to the OKC event. Then, in late 1996, I visited Oklahoma City and with the help of local author David Hoffman examined the "bombing" site and interviewed local witnesses.

The outpourings of grief and anguish in the messages and card wreaths of the victims' relatives and friends, on the targeted building site's protective fences, made me resolve to give this event my very best analysis - to try to deduce the true nature of this explosive event and thereby help indicate the culprits.

Seismic evidence recorded by local seismometers demonstrated a double-pronged explosive energy event with two nearly identical three-to-five-second, low-amplitude, multiple wave trains separated by a null field, occurring over a nine-second interval. USGS geophysicists argued that these two wave-packets were due to an initial ground "surface" wave arriving before a secondary wave that had traveled via deeper reflecting Earth layers, i.e., via the local basement. Other geophysicists argued that there were two wave-packets, representing the "bomb's" explosion followed by the building debris impacting with the ground.

These hypotheses were literally blown apart by the US Government's explosive demolition action on the Alfred P. Murrah Building remains, which failed completely to demonstrate a two-pronged seismic response that was in any way similar to the original event recordings. The original and best seismic recordings have been confiscated by the FBI, along with many other items of evidence such as the City video-surveillance tapes. Hardly surprisingly, none of this evidence surfaced in the McVeigh trial.

Along with the evidence of seismic action shaking the building some five-to-ten seconds prior to any explosion or blast wave hitting the building, there were several other mysterious pre-explosion events.

A policeman working at his computer noticed electrical sparks and streamers in the wiring under the table several seconds before the explosion brought the building down around him. A woman on an upper floor noted a strong ionising electrical sensation and hot air-flow entering the windows several seconds prior to the explosion which blew the same windows in on her. The lights in the building went out some five seconds before the explosion. A dictation tape recording made across the street from the "bombed" building recorded a loud "click" a few seconds before it recorded the sound of a huge explosion. This "click" was probably a local electromagnetic wave spike of considerable intensity picked up by the recorder circuitry.

An eyewitness located in a car a couple of hundred metres from ground zero observed a silver-white light flash or beam coming out of the top of the building, followed by a large blue-white electrical arcing flash or beam, followed by an orange-red light flash or beam that shot out from the top of the building.

These electrical and light effects took some five seconds and were immediately followed by a "loud swarm of bees type vibrational noise" which preceded the actual explosion. (Reports of missiles may have been mistaken identification of these pre-explosion energy beams.)

The light flashes with beams and the "swarm of bees noise" were followed immediately by two explosive shock waves, one trailing immediately on the other, that propagated out and away from the base of the building. These waves lifted the ground and buildings violently upwards. The witness called this the "lid effect". The outgoing expansion waves, that threw people away from ground zero, were immediately followed by return implosion shock waves - that threw the same persons back towards ground zero.

Several cars located on the above-ground carpark had electronic ignition computers completely burnt out electrically by the event. Two cars had factory-fitted digital magnetic compasses that were later found to have been thrown out by 180 degrees and 45 degrees respectively. Many nearby office computers went down with burnt-out circuit- boards. These facts point strongly to a major EM pulse having struck the area associated with the explosion.

The local area damage from the OKC event was huge. I cannot emphasise enough how devastated this area was. I was quite amazed when I visited the site. Entire blocks of damaged office buildings had been demolished since the explosion due to their shattered state, some nearly a mile away from ground zero. Large open spaces, where buildings had existed, were surrounded by boarded-up buildings with no windows, no roofs, and heavily shattered internal concrete beams and supporting pillars.

I saw the intense damage inside the nearby newspaper building - where internal dividing walls had been smashed asunder, and horizontal three-foot-square reinforced concrete beams sagged down everywhere. This building had been built to very high 1930s standards to withstand tornadoes, yet it was wrecked. Many buildings had entire windowsills forced back in with their front brick walls sagging inwards. Nearer to ground zero, large, one-foot-wide, floor-and-wall reinforcing steel H-girders were twisted like spaghetti into grotesque shapes amidst the ruins of entire floors blown away to dust and rubble.

I showed a suite of local damage photos to retired SAS trooper friends, with experience in IRA ANFO bomb damage. They were as amazed as I was, and stated categorically that this was no ANFO damage. They said it would almost not have mattered how large an ANFO bomb had been detonated, it could not have caused the damage seen in the photos and/or described in the US literature.

Funnily, the FBI released film of ANFO car-bomb test explosions that show significant fireball or fiery effects from such explosives. Yet no witnesses have described any fiery explosion or flames -just strange, pre-explosion light flashes or beams followed by pure energy waves, with very high temperature plasma-type heat effects noted on nearby car paint.

It is my contention that the OKC event was the result of a double-pronged Tesla type EM weapon strike that caused the Earth's dielectric field to erupt up through the building - the light flashes. The building shook first because of harmonic reaction of the building and bedrock to the first EM wave packet which also blew out the building's electrical supply and created the various computer, digital compass and ionising hot-air effects. Having rocked the building sufficiently to effect severe structural cracking damage, the EM weapon mode was advanced in power and style by a second strike to initiate explosive atomic-bond rupture and literally blow the building material apart.

No conventional or nuclear explosive, including a so-called "A-Neutronic" bomb, can cause seismic shaking and electrical light-energy effects in a structure, several seconds before the explosion blast-wave hits.

Oblique aerial photos of the Murrah Building show two nearly vertical, tubelike damage forms running through the building. These represent slightly displaced near-vertical but divergent beam-pulse orientations, suggesting an orbital platform was involved in the action.

Any bomb or militia-terrorist character to this event was set in train by those who hit the building, or by the US Government to ensure that the true nature of the weapon system and its technology was hidden from public, and possibly other US Government personnel, knowledge.

This implies that a faction from within, (or above !), the US Government was responsible. Either that, or the US Government was warned well in advance that this particular building would be hit that day by an advanced weapon over which there was no defence - so it quickly found a patsy and built up a cover story to keep the public in their advanced mental state of "mushroom" .

"Need-to-know" secrecy policy suggests that there then entered a cock-up of horrific dimensions. Lower-level personnel had been searching for a bomb earlier that morning, having been told that the building was targeted for bombing by terrorists, but, in failing to find it, they then did not proceed to evacuate the building. Higher government levels, having decided to hide the horrible truth from even their own operatives, had to have a plausible McVeigh militia-type event on hand. The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms personnel were better served, as were the Judges in the adjacent court house - they were all warned to stay away that day.

Secret Service personnel engaged in anti-drug operations were in their offices which lay in the centre of the damage and were wiped out by this OKC event.

Interestingly, similar terrorist- bombing events in the past were apparently aimed at the same anti-drug Secret Service in both the downing of the Lockerbie Pan Am jumbo and the "bombing" of the New York World Trade Centre. Indeed, it is possible that this entire series of events is being fought over a drugs empire.


In the early hours of 1 May 1995, a major fireball flew in a north-northeasterly direction towards Perth, WA, and detonated above the eastern side of the city at approximately 2.00 am in a huge explosion. Limited Australian press coverage of this event defined it as a meteor fireball. Unfortunately, too many such fireballs fly around our night skies, exhibiting exotic flight behavior and a preference for the first of May each year.

This Perth event has been described in more detail in Part 1 of this "Bright Skies" series (see NEXUS 4/03, April-May 1997), where I present evidence for the non-natural origin of this event and suggest that it represents an EM weapons incident of probably Russian origin, or possibly off-planet alien origin.

The megatonne-force level of this explosion woke up over half a million people and demonstrated that Perth could have been obliterated at the flick of a switch. This was the message in the wake-up call made that early morning to the people of Perth.

I strongly suspect it was pointing out that WA hosts a huge US-controlled EM weapons system at Exmouth in the north-western part of WA, and that we should wake up and bring order to our own house - or face the consequences.

The trajectory of this fireball suggests an origin in Enderby Land, Antarctica, where a number of Japanese and Russian bases are located.

The fireball flew on towards the Kamchatka Peninsula where a huge Russian (former Soviet Union) EM weapons complex/transmitter (Tx) site lies.

The seismograph record of this Perth "meteor" airburst explosive event is surprisingly similar to one of the two low-order wave-packet arrivals seen on the record of the OKC "bomb" events.

On the premise that such a fireball represents no mass object but is purely a concentrated slug of 'infolded' EM energy created by a Russian-type Tesla weapon system, I contend that this incident fits well with the other exotic events of 1995 and represents yet another stage in an escalating EM weapons exchange as part of an oligarchic war for control of our planet.

Some evidence in this study points strongly at a mainly Earth-based series of actions involving those who live by the profits of drugs, fighting against other oligarchic power-mad men - with both sides utilising very technologically advanced EM weapons systems. However, some evidence points to a battle between secret Earth-based power groups and off-planet aliens - possibly the little Greys or the greenish Reptilians (see Part 4, NEXUS 4/06). Perhaps we are involved in both scenarios, with two Earth-based oligarchic factions with separate off-planet allies fighting with horrific new weapons for control of planet Earth.

Rumours abound about all of these scenarios but then again, it is quite possible that none is correct and we are just dealing with strange, exotic, natural events that have been mistakenly identified.

Even so, these events have been, and continue to be, extremely dangerous to human life; thus, whatever is going on requires immediate attention by the people of this planet - as the next incident involving the fateful TWA Flight 800 amply demonstrates.


TWA Flight 800 was destroyed on the evening of 17 July 1996, and, with her, some 230 men, women and children perished.

I had been researching strange orange-red fireballs and other exotic light-energy beams observed around Australia when I was surprised by reports coming out of the USA about events surrounding the downing of TWA 800. I fly quite a lot on jumbo jets, and the thought of a bunch of nutters killing off hundreds of ordinary, innocent people made my blood boil.

Reports soon started coming in via the local New York press, one from a New York Air National Guard helicopter pilot who, on patrol that Wednesday night, was an eyewitness to the explosion of TWA Flight 800.

"I know the strike of a missile. What I saw didn't look at all like a missile," said Commander Fritz Meyer of the 106th Rescue Wing of the New York Air National Guard. "Our three-man crew saw the same thing: a flash of red-orange light, characteristic of a shooting star," he said. "Then we saw a small explosion followed by a large explosion, and a ball of fire fell into the sea."

I telephoned the Pentagon in Washington and surprisingly was put through to the pilot's air base, but after leaving messages I got no reply - until about a week later when I reached the base control-tower. By accident, this man was in the tower, having been grounded due to the very same news item and a very upset FBI and New York Mayor who had both ordered him gagged. I spoke with him for a few minutes and felt that he was an honest man and, like all military pilots, a damn good observer who was very perplexed at what he had seen that night.

He reiterated that he knew missiles from his Vietnam tours and it definitely wasn't one of those. The flash of orange-red light - a long tail with a larger head of light - had flown at very high speed in a nearly horizontal flight path - possibly from a slightly higher altitude - it was sort of like a shooting star - but different - that was the best description he could give. He and his crew watched it hit the jumbo which glowed initially and then exploded. He said he really would like to know what it was, and would love to chat with me further, but I had better get the okay for us to talk from the public relations officer at his base - since he was in trouble with the Mayor of New York over the previous newspaper and TV interviews.

A fax exchange later, I was reading that FBI investigators wanted no one to talk to this man until they had determined the cause of the "crash".

He and I are still waiting for that chat.

Over the next few months, several airline pilots saw apparently similar orange-red and green-blue mini-fireballs with tails (described in the media as meteor fireballs) flying at jumbo-jet height through this area. A TWA pilot returned to Kennedy Airport rather than proceed, after seeing one such meteor-like object fly past his wingtip.

In all, about 10 separate reports came in concerning strange sentient fireballs, or "meteors," flying in the air corridors of the New York and Long Island or their near vicinity.

Meanwhile, allegedly after demands from the French Government (which lost several Secret Service men on TWA Flight 800), the US authorities assembled a team of divers who recovered the wreckage from the sea for a crash investigation. The flight recorder was recovered but it was reportedly electrically dead due to burnt-out circuits and gave no clues to the events of that night. I had earlier predicted in e-mails to the FBI the likelihood of just such a fact by analogy with evidence from Australia that our orange-red lights and fireballs were EM field effects, possibly due to the testing of scalar EM weapon systems. The FBI did not reply.

[NB Recent disclosures by the FBI crash investigation team, and other specialists who examined the FBI released tape data, now suggest that although the black box flight recorders circuits were trashed it's tape does contain some highly interesting data in the last few digital lines (totally ignored by the FBI and the media). This data suggest that the aircraft was hit by a major external explosion that caused the various flight sensors to indicate a major upwards change in the wing "angle of attack" and a sudden dead stop to the aircraft's forward motion. Neither of these things actually happened to the plane - the instruments reacted this way due to a very violent increase in external air pressure and air flow over the relevant sensors.]

Theories began to execute a "do-loop" in the world's press. These revolved around a meteorite impact, a terrorist bomb, a terrorist missile, and, later, a US Navy missile or drone impact, a bird impact, a mechanical failure of some kind, and an explosion in the near-empty central fuel tank.

Recently the crash investigation team has come out with evidence for an electrical overvoltage spark in a valve component located within the nearly empty central fuel tank, and has suggested that this was the cause of the explosion and that Boeing should redesign this part.

Obviously their findings should also include considerations on what caused the external dramatic increase in air pressure recorded by the black box and the fuel tank overvoltage jump; for instance, was it an EM weapon pulse or an electrostatically charged meteor? Trouble is, meteors do not keep returning to the same piece of the Earth every few days for several months - as has been recent experience around New York and Long Island.

One is reminded of the last radio message from the Korean Jumbo KAL 007 shot down over the USSR on August 31, 1983 with total loss of life where the crew reported "experiencing rapid compressions". Although the World Press reported that the aircraft was downed by a Soviet Mig's air-air missile there is reasonable evidence that this only damaged an engine and that they flew on an evasive course for another 12 minutes successfully exiting USSR air space.

A possible scenario exists where the Russians having failed to destroy this jumbo and having no armed jet fighters in range with fuel sufficient for a chase turned to their EM Super weapons and hit the escaping aircraft with a plasma ball fired from a Kamchatka air defence Tx site. Thus the "rapid compressions" were scalar EM wave initiated vibrational explosions in the very air through which the jet was flying ?

The actual destruction of this jumbo jet was observed by Japanese fishermen in the Sea of Japan as a huge glowing expanding orange fireball explosion in the night sky. The aircraft disappeared from Japanese radar screens and fell into the sea - some 12 minutes after the earlier Russian air-air missile strike which occurred over the land area of Sakhalin.

Interestingly, there were many UFO reports from Long Island over the two months preceeding the demise of TWA 800, and a local UFO researcher was arrested under cloudy circumstances just five weeks before the TWA 800 event.

In late 1996 a leading British psychic, who often works with Scotland Yard and MI5, was approached by the CIA and asked to remote-view the TWA 800 incident. She reported seeing two beams flash down from high altitude; where they intersected they created a third orange-red beam which shot out, horizontally hitting the jumbo jet and causing the secondary major explosion.

This was fascinating stuff, since her description was almost the verbatim equivalent of the actual eyewitness evidence from the 1987 DC-8 crash near Gander in Newfoundland, northeast Canada, that killed hundreds of US Army personnel. She did not know of this event, and had seen only British news about the TWA 800 explosion - and nothing about light energy beams.

The overall evidence pattern here appears to link the destruction of TWA 800 to an EM-type event that strongly resembles certain of the Australian fireball-event observations. These are thought to represent covert exotic weapons testing in outback Australia.

We are left with yet another strong impression that this event - again on the 17th day of the month, involves Secret Service agents (French ones this time), and advanced EM weaponry that has been responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent people.

But there again - as in many other recent "meteor" incidents, during October 1997, in Texas, New Mexico, Queensland, and New South Wales, where orbital UFO's were apparently bought down by ground and/or orbital EM beam weapons on two opposing continents, within two days of each other, which after falling from orbit were finally destroyed as huge airburst explosions, that littered the ground in aluminum shards and plasma energy balls - all part of a series of planetary October 97 UFO incidents that lasted for several days - there are elements of the picture that suggest an ongoing war with alien, off-planet UFO's.

Perhaps a UFO really did knock down TWA Flight 800, and Triffid meteor showers or some modern derivatives have made us all blind to the new reality on our patch. Or maybe some strange, EM-style natural event, such as an electrostatically charged bolide, caused the demise of this plane and its passengers.

Or yet again perhaps some highly advanced EM beam weapon was deliberately (or accidentally) responsible ???

Personally I find it very difficult to buy the cracked wiring hypothesis - currently being advanced by US Government personnel and US Media. For this concept to work you have to ignore the eye-witness evidence of the Air National Guard - all highly trained observers.

The caliber of "spin-doctor" available for writing cover scenarios has dropped somewhat - to the point of insult to the regular public. But there again they are being horribly overworked these days with so many incidents - the true plot is in danger of bursting out into the public arena - Heaven forbid !!!

I, for one, think it's high time we found out the truth. Our lives, those of our children, and quite possibly the free future, or very existence of the human race, could easily depend upon it.


(First Published in THE STRANGE Newsletter, 13 April 98
Edited by; Louise A. Lowry louise@worldofthestrange.com
By Harry Mason B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A.I.M.M., M.I.M.M., F.G.S. (Geologist-Geophysicist)
Copyright (c) October 1997 By Harry Mason "All Rights Reserved"



"The nature of the universe is such that ends can never justify the means.
On the contrary, the means always determine the end." (Aldous Huxley)


(1) On Saturday 11th. October 1997 at 18.13hrs The Melbourne based National UFO Hotline operator Ross Dowe began receiving the first of well over 1000 telephone calls from Australian residents of the eastern states of New South Wales and Queensland. Ross estimates that some 2.5 million people saw the following events that shattered that peaceful sunset (daylight to dusk) night skies.

At 18.12 to 18.14hrs an extremely bright glowing fluorescent lime green illumination crossed the NSW skies from SW to NE taking some 8-10 seconds to do so. The light was said to be "extremely large", an "enormous light", "like a semi-trailer in the skies", and it flew with a very long illuminated green tail. As this light descended it got much larger - according to some eyewitnesses.

As the illumination dipped down some 20-30 degrees below it's initial high (orbital ?) altitude it appeared to break into 2 main lights; some observers saw 9 lights in a trail. Others (apparently underneath the final downwards trajectory explosion) reported that the initial single light exploded into a huge fireworks display as it approached ground level with literally thousands of lights exploding out in all directions before cascading downwards in an umbrella shape. Some exploded pieces reportedly spiraled downwards leaving dark brown smoke trails.

A crop-duster pilot operating near Warwick in southern Queensland spent 10 valuable last light minutes searching for glowing objects on the ground - after seeing many glowing plasma balls fly past his wing and over a nearby hill and apparently rain down to ground level around him.

He could find no evidence that anything had hit the ground and/or survived the fall, but the explosion "ground zero" was apparently near, and above, Warwick.  The "objects" flight and it's low altitude explosion left a huge sound trail that reverberated around in the clouds and sky for some five minutes as an intense shuddering noise. Cracks and booms with rolling thunder were heard from as far south as Bateman's Bay near Sydney.

The fluoro-green illumination's flight and it's explosion were witnessed from as far south as Sydney and the Snowy Mountains and from as far north as 300km. north of Brisbane.

2) At 18.15hrs observers in Southern Queensland saw a very bright silvery lime green light with a green-gold-purple tail flying at relatively low altitude from N to S. Observers in central and eastern NSW reported seeing a bright fireball plus tail flying at relatively low altitude from N to S between 18.17 to 18.20hrs.

Ross Dowe reasons that the initial sightings of a high altitude illumination flying from SW to NE at 18.12-18.14hrs and then other reports of a similar illumination flying from N to S at 18.15-18.20hrs are probably of the same "object" which has come in northwest of Dubbo and curved around to the south as it descended. This logical thesis is currently un-proven and more analysis of respondent reports is required.

3) At approximately 19.30hrs a bright orange illumination was reported as seen flying from N to S just east of Newcastle NSW (i.e. out to sea).

4) At 21.45hrs reports came in from the Hunter Valley NSW (north of Sydney) of a vertical "Cats Eye" orange illumination (like a fat pencil sharpened at both ends, bulging in the middle, hanging vertically in the night skies). This apparition was moving slowly from NW to SE and was leading a small orange fireball in a double formation flight.

5) On Sunday 12th October 1997 at 22.00hrs Ross Dowe received several calls from NW Sydney and other areas of NSW about two red lights flying from SW to NE at high (orbital ?) altitude.

One light stopped dead in the sky, whilst the other altered course to now fly towards the East. The hovering light then accelerated and continued at it's previous speed towards the NE. 90 minutes later another two red lights arrived from the SW and repeated the above mentioned maneuvers again - implying orbital revolution of the planet.

6) On Monday 13th October 1997 at 18.20hrs a policeman and his wife were some 20-30 minutes drive south of Gundagai NSW looking SW when they observed two lights approaching slowly from the South at some 30 degrees angle above the horizon. Sunset was about 18.35hrs, and this sighting lasted from 18.20hrs until about 19.00hrs.

Whilst they were driving towards these lights they observed the two lights in the same azimuth position for about 30 minutes or so, but the lights moved slowly to lower altitude over the same time period. When nearer they stopped to take a photo. The lights retained the same brightness in the early night sky as they had when seen in earlier daylight.

Suddenly one illuminated object thrust an orange-red fiery "exhaust trail" light out behind it. This lit up both objects well and allowed a better view of the forms and shapes behind the lights.

One illuminated object turned out to be a dark brown or black triangular shape estimated to be about one mile in length i.e. this thing was HUGE. It then rotated through 90 degrees and immediately jetted a larger enormous orange-red fiery exhaust (estimated to be ten miles in length !) from the rear, whilst it sped off at extremely high speed to the North - faster than any known jet aircraft, and rapidly disappeared over the horizon.

The second illuminated object was observed to be spherical with a large halo around it. This sphere remained static for a few more minutes then sped off to the South. Neither object made any sound whilst performing these maneuvers.

The Victorian policeman had previously believed that only "nutters and fruit-loops" saw and reported such events. He had been involved in high level security operations for VIP visits to Australia. This involved much vetting and psycho-profiling and he therefore regarded himself as a sane man with good observational powers.

7) Ross Dowe's initial analysis of the incidents on Saturday 11th. October 1997 came to the tentative conclusion that they could possibly reflect rubbish removal from the MIR Space Station. This thesis revolves around the idea of a large rubbish skip capsule, full of MIR's refuse and damaged parts, recently replaced by the Shuttle mission, being ejected from orbit and burning up in the atmosphere over Australia.

Perhaps this is so .........

Unfortunately for the space junk hypothesis another well connected source has claimed that it was panic stations that Saturday at the Australian Ministry of Defence as confusion and chaos reigned in all directions. He was certain that he sensed real terror in the MOD staff that day as they attempted to tackle the days events occurring in Australian air space.

(B) RECENT USA (October 97) EVENTS

However these Australian October 97 events should not, and cannot, be viewed in isolation from other recent events that have been reported from the USA.

(1) On Thursday 9th. October 1997 at 12.47pm. many western-central US observers reported strange "meteor" like illuminations and a final massive air-burst explosion.

A fiery "Sun" like light, or fireball, was seen flying across the midday skies of Texas and New Mexico. These events created a fairly severe fright for many of the thousands of American citizens who witnessed and experienced same.

The following newspaper report describes these events :

October 11, 1997 (Saturday) "Santa Fe New Mexican" newspaper:


Scientists from New Mexico defense laboratories will scour an area near El Paso, Texas, this weekend in search of a bright and noisy meteor that was tracked by equipment designed to monitor nuclear tests.

"The meteor made a huge sonic signal. They heard it like a freight train in El Paso," said Doug ReVelle, a meteorologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The meteor appeared at 12:47 p.m. Thursday as a flash about as bright as the surface of a setting sun, said Robert Simpson, a spokesman for McDonald Observatory 175 miles southeast of E1 Paso. The flash was seen and heard by people in Texas and New Mexico.

"If it had happened at night it would have lit up the countryside as bright as day," said Bill Wren, another McDonald Observatory spokesman.

ReVelle said Los Alamos scientists were able to track the meteor's path using data from Los Alamos listening stations set up originally to monitor nuclear explosions anywhere on Earth. Los Alamos lab was the birthplace of the atomic bomb in World War II.

Aside from the blast like sound people heard near the Texas New Mexico state line, meteors emit sound waves that are too low frequency for human ears. But the bomb monitoring equipment, an array of low frequency microphones, picked it up, lab scientists said Friday.

"The data from our array puts the meteor 441 kilometers (almost 275 miles) south of Los Alamos. We'll be looking for it in a location we've identified near E1 Paso," ReVelle said.

Based on its "infrasonic signature," or noise, the object was estimated to have been 20 to 30 inches in diameter, he said.

Besides searching for what's left of the meteor, which may have exploded into tiny bits in :he sky, the research team will interview witnesses about how bright it was and what it sounded like, according to a LANL statement. It said witnesses in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Albuquerque, El Paso and points in between saw the phenomenon.

ReVelle said he expects to spend the entire weekend looking for it with four other scientists, including two from Canada.

"It could take weeks to find," he said, "but it could take a day or less, depending on how lucky we get."

The Los Alamos nuclear listening stations have been in place since 1983 and still are used in U.S. non-proliferation efforts. But the array also has helped scientists detect bolides, meteors and other space debris that send brilliant streaks across the sky and sometimes crash into Earth.

The array detects meteors every year. ReVelle said about 10 meteors that are more than 6 feet in diameter, with energy equivalent to a 1 kiloton blast, enter the atmosphere annually. Most burn up in the atmosphere without hitting the ground.

Joining ReVelle on the weekend hunt will be Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario in Canada, Alan Hildebrand of the National Research Council in Ottawa, Canada, Mark Boslough of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, and a fifth researcher, from the University of New Mexico, whose name wasn't immediately available.

Fire and police agencies in El Paso County and southern New Mexico were flooded with reports of an explosion that shook homes and jangled nerves Thursday.

Some saw the flash; others heard a shuddering boom from Anthony, Texas, along the New Mexico state line, to Horizon City, in far east El Paso County.

2) Other USA reports mention military helicopter interest in the "impact" site and other strange flashes of light seen in the daylight mid-day sky. All in all this recent New Mexico event appears suspiciously like the recent NSW "meteor" event - right down to the final explosion and cascading ights, but some other internet reports throw some variations into the equation :-

News Alert!

I'm told this evening a meteor or satellite or possibly a UFO crashed tonight near El Paso Texas in an area which sits at the corners of the borders with the country of Mexico ( right across from Ciudad Juarez or Jaurez Mexico , look at a map ) It's a hop skip and jump into the US State of New Mexico from there...but the TV station trying to cover it is in the city of El Paso in the state of  TEXAS, USA...the UFO as described was videotaped over the area around El Paso last Thursday afternoon. It was seen in the skies in the El Paso area, and it was also there that residents were jolted by sonic boom and a glowing slow ballistic type entry impact. I'm also told the feds are all over the place, trying to keep a lid on things. I can't get confirmation on any of this.

---Terry James                                  

Sonic Blast From Meteor Rocks El Paso - El Paso (KVIA)

Shortly before 1:00 p.m. Thursday a series of sonic blasts rocked El Paso.

El Paso Police report that an acre of scorched earth twenty-seven miles east of El Paso and twenty miles north of Hueco Tanks confirms speculation that a meteor, or its remains, just missed the Sun City. The sonic boom which followed the meteor's crash was heard as far away as Anthony, NM and felt in El Paso.

One El Paso resident was startled to see what she described as "a streak of light, similar to a falling star, that ended in a ball of yellow and orange light and a brilliant explosion." Dr. Harold Slusher, Professor of Physics at the University of Texas at El Paso, said that description and a video recording of smoke that trailed off after the explosion were consistent with the destruction of a meteor: "I'd say off-hand...that it's the explosion of a daytime meteor or a swarm of meteoric objects, small objects made of rock and metal, that penetrate the atmosphere. They'd survive through the atmosphere and sometimes explode...[trailing] debris and what appears to be smoke like what you saw in the film you showed me."

According to Dr. Slusher, such highly visible traces of daytime meteoric activity are extremely rare. The glare of the sun usually blocks any evidence of a streak of debris trailing in the wake of meteoric collisions.

Lorie Hernandez was outside on the porch of her home in Socorro when an explosion overhead caused her to grab for a video camera. "It was like a flash and after maybe a minute, my cousin said, 'Look! Look up in the sky!'... That's when it popped. We heard a big 'pop.' It lasted for like a minute. The big pop lasted a long time, and then after that...all the smoke started coming out. That's when the little pops like firecrackers started to sound. That's when everyone was screaming and everyone was more scared...we expected something to fall out [of the cloud of smoke] like an airplane or something."

Frances McRimmon rushed out to record the event on video immediately after the blast shook her East El Paso home. McRimmon says she saw what looked like a military helicopter hovering over the site of the explosion. News 7 cameras also recorded several aircraft flying through the remaining plumes of smoke shortly after impact.

More information will surely follow from this extraordinary opportunity for the study of meteoric activity.

------Reported by Barry Carpenter and Elizabeth O'Hara

-----Steve Wingate N. California Director, Skywatch International


On Thursday, October 9, 1997, at 12:47 p.m., an unusual meteor flashed through the sky over El Paso, Texas, creating a massive explosion that shook homes from El Paso to Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Robert Simpson, spokesman for the McDonald Observatory in Texas, said the explosion was caused "by what appeared to be a small meteor... about as bright as the surface of the setting sun." The meteor was thought to have impacted in the West Texas "brush country" desert, south of the Hueco Mountains, about 30 miles east of El Paso.

"A police helicopter flying 25 miles east of the city spotted about an acre of scorched ground that might be the area where the meteor hit."

"A police command post was set up in the Organ Mountains as U.S. Army Reserve helicopters used infrared sensors to look for pieces of debris from the object. What they are looking for is any debris that is still hot or anything that came off the object." (Many thanks to Rebecca Schatte for forwarding this item.)

"Las Cruces (N.M.) police Sgt. Joel Cano said the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) tracked the object as it entered Earth's atmosphere until it fell to the ground 30 miles east of El Paso." (See Reuters story for October 9, 1997.)

The explosion triggered "hundreds of calls" to El Paso police and other law enforcement agencies. Most witnesses saw a "dark contrail" or "black smoke" or a "lightning flash in the sky."

(Editor's Comment: NORAD tracked the "meteor" all the way down, and then the Army Reserve choppers scrambled to retrieve it. I've seen lots of meteors fall, and I have yet to see a helicopter strike team show up looking for it afterward. Does anyone else think there may be more to this El Paso case than was reported by AP and Reuters?)

Dave Perkins, a writer based in the NM area said he had heard that at least one police officer had said he saw small strips of aluminum foil raining down shortly after the event. No corroboration as yet, no attempt to collect samples mentioned  ~GH

These events start to severely strain the meteor thesis of the news media and official scientific sources !!!


1) Then we have a short report from New Zealand :

This report is from the 8th of Oct.97 "A huge silvery ball with a glowing tail that lit up the northern NZ sky." Off course it was Mir rubbish, they say, but this can't all be Mir rubbish Harry or there would be no Mir left up there by now !

2) Just two weeks ago we were informed in our Australian press that a USA military "Two Metre Diameter Laser Weapon" was to be fired from the continental USA (at a low power setting) at a redundant orbiting satellite to see if it could damage same. Allegedly this was the very first such test of a ground based "Star Wars" Laser system. Then the test was reported as canceled ......

Could it be that they ran the "test" anyway - and it was very successful - on two separate occasions ? Eye-witness evidence suggests that the beam or pulse was actually fired from orbit and exploded on contact with some object flying in the lower atmosphere ???

But as for this being the first such test - well it would appear that some new "fairy stories" are being run on the mushroom public - why ?

Please refer to my Bright Skies Part 4 Nexus Magazine article about ground eye-witness, and STS -48 "Hoagland video tape", evidence of NW Australian Exmouth "VLF Radio" Base and "Pine Gap" Alice Springs based pulse beam weapons being fired at orbiting "UFO's" in September 1991.

Debris raining down on both the USA and Australia - three days apart - with sightings of strange fireballs, huge black flying triangles and hallowed spheres makes an interesting scenario.

3) The first object seen near Gundegai reminds one of the many reports in UFO circles and the popular press of huge black flying "triangles" from the USA, the North Atlantic and the UK over the last couple of years. Also internet reports, backed up by pers. com. reports from a British engineer resident in Moscow, describing Cosmospheres (anti-gravity drive space craft allegedly of Soviet manufacture) would appear to fit the second object sighted near Gundegai - the hallowed sphere.

Recent reports from the Russian underground suggest that there now exists a second generation Cosmosphere. Is this is a large black triangular craft ? According to Ross Dowe he had been expecting sighting reports of black triangular UFO's about now - they have been commonly reported for the past few years from around Australia in October each year.

Is it possible that they come down under every year in our, near perfect for flying, spring weather - for military maneuvers ??? Are they Russian, American, British, other, or alien in origin ???

British submariners have reported to UK UFO researcher Tony Dodds that the "Huge Black Triangles" observed in the North Atlantic over the past few years can dive under water and travel there at speeds of 150 knots - outstripping all nuclear subs and surface vessels - which cannot get close to them. Royal Navy submariners are told that these BT's and events involving same are top secret items and are ordered to not discuss any aspect of these vehicles at any time.

Try one out - you will get a robotic tape recorded message from them - often repeated two or three times for effect - word perfect each time!!! You may find one who will talk - they like a drink - rum will usually unscramble the tape recording and allow access to the inner hard drive memory banks !!!

They will complain that you probably know more than they do about the things - help them out if you can - since everyone is being kept out of the loop on this stuff. Whatever these things are, and whosoever they belong to, seems to be one of the most closely closeted secrets around.

In the UK there is currently a "D" notice on newspapers, radio, and TV forbidding mention of the "BT's" and events surrounding them. They reportedly vaporised a US Navy Destroyer in the North Atlantic, a year or so past, and they have been the cause of two major NATO fleet deployments into the North Atlantic in the last year or so.

"BT's" in groups and singularly have been seen recently by many commercial aircraft on the Canada - Iceland - UK leg. Tony has received many radiophone reports from fishing boats operating in the Greenland-Iceland region and from others in the North Sea who have observed these BT's flying in and out of the seas.

Over the last year or so reports have come in of BT's seen hovering at ground level in Fifeshire, Scotland, with landing parties of small grey aliens nearby handling box loads of equipment on and off.

Recently strange explosions and falling debris were seen near the Hebrides Islands NW of Scotland. Other large explosions and small earthquakes have been experienced close offshore - just SE of Edinburgh. The UK is currently building a "giga-joule EM beam plasma weapon" in northern Scotland, near the Dounray Nuclear Power Station - under advice from a US Californian company called "Physics International". Could this be a typical "alien zapper" as installed at Exmouth NW Australia ???

Many thousands of motorists on the British M 1 motorway stopped to watch a "BT" for several minutes whilst it hovered at low altitude (looking as large as the "Wembley Football Stadium") over this three lane national road artery some two years ago.

Fishing vessels NW of Iceland have reportedly seen as many as three BT's at a time rise out of the sea and blast away into orbit. One hovered right over a fishing boat and blew out their entire electrical and communications system, which reset back to normal when the black triangle flew away. This implies some kind of electromagnetic or electrostatic anti-gravity drive system powers the "BT's".

Large black triangular shaped craft were reported to the author several years ago, by highly trained USA observers who spent many days in remote field areas, such as miners and geologists.

These BT's were being commonly observed droning at slow speed and low altitude across the Californian "Mother Lode" gold country NE of Los Angeles in night skies during the early 1980's - "sounding like an airborne freight train with massive diesel engines". Sometimes they reportedly sped off at fantastic speed.

4) Perhaps Ross Dowe's initial thesis is correct and it's all just shit and rubbish being dropped on our heads from the ill fated MIR space station - "those bloody Russkies and their strange sense of sound eco-principles again".

Perhaps they are super secret USA, Russian, or British space craft, coupled with some recent military ground to space (or space to "ground") EM beam weapon tests - with hits on satellites or aircraft dropping debris on our heads???

Perhaps they really are just a bunch of meteors or bolides exhibiting some very strange flight characteristics and associated explosive or electrostatic charge effects???

Or could it be that there really is a very covert war going on between Earth and off-planet alien forces???

I am reminded of that meteor that flew across the USA a few months back. You will remember it easily from news reports of the day - since it came in from space traveling towards the east, dived from orbital altitude towards the ground heating up to bright orange and green incandescence with a reasonably long tail - before bouncing up and out of orbit, doing a 180 degree flip, before coming back in - now traveling towards the west .............

Don't you just love the antics of these aerial "meteor" beasties and that of the astronomers, and other "authorities", who have to fit an ever increasing number of highly strange public observations into their pre-conceived meteor, or bolide, mind set box ???

Spin Doctors issue orders - just make sure those earthlings keep their heads in the "We are the Centre of the Solar System/Universe Box" and the "We are only Surrounded by Inanimate Rocks and Natural God Driven Events Box". No peeping out now !!!

Heaven forbid that the public reports continually demonstrate sentient guidance behavior and other strange oddities in these recent events that somehow just fail to equate with nature - as we know it.

Are these events just another page in an evolving high tech space war involving real off-planet aliens and the beleaguered forces of planet Earth, or are they the continuing exchange of fire from two belligerent oligarchic planetary powers - possibly aided and abetted by opposing off-planet allies ???

Obviously someone, or some group out there, who think that they run this place really do not want us to know what is going down so to speak ! But honestly you guys please get some better fairy stories running, the current crop are somewhat insulting ........

By now, after the past few years of very odd "astronomical" events, even the most hide bound, died in the wool, stuck in the mud, flat earther, ivory tower professor, establishment diehard conservative, public purse research grant consumer, afraid of ridicule and loss of earnings, must be beginning to get a rather dim yet glowing light bulb in their forehead ........

One thing is certain folks - our skies are surely experiencing some amazing events these days. If it wasn't so interesting it would almost be getting scary........


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