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  US Navy insists:  "Vieques Is Irreplaceable"
 What is the US Navy hiding in Vieques, Puerto Rico?

 NOTE: For the past ten years Puerto Rico has experienced continuous UFO/Alien activities mixed with bizarre creatures, explosions, tremors, crop circles, black helicopters, disinformation, etc. .The number of cases reported here represent a very small example of the many such important situations going on today in the island.

he citizens of Vieques have been truly heroic in their attempts to evict the US Navy from their island. Vieques, 21 miles (33 kilometers) long and 3 miles (5 kilometers) wide, is located just east of the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station at Ceiba, P.R.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt set up Naval firing ranges on the island during World War II.  Vieques, under Puerto Rico's territorial jurisdiction in the Caribbean, has had two-thirds of its land -- 26 thousand of its 33 thousand acres -- seized by the US Navy. The Navy now occupies great tracts of land on the eastern and western ends of the island, leaving its 9,500 inhabitants a small strip of land in the island’s center in which to reside.

     The Navy allegedly conducts aquatic and terrestrial military exercises in Vieques. Bombing with live ammunition has destroyed the flora, fauna and marine environment, releasing toxic metals, chemicals and radiation into the air, land and sea. In fact, Vieques is the only place in the world where military bombing exercises are conducted in an inhabited area, using live ammunition. As a result of this situation, Vieques has one of the highest cancer rates in the area, more than double the rate for the rest of Puerto Rico.  On top of everything, it has been verified that the Navy has used bullets with depleted uranium as ammunition, without informing either the island's population or the Puerto Rican governmental authorities.

     David Sanes, a Vieques civilian, died one year ago on April 19, 1999, from a bomb ‘accidentally’ released by a US Navy combat jet.  After his death, a coalition of residents of Vieques, various Puerto Rican political groups, US Congressmen, environmental and religious groups invaded and occupied the land the US Navy now uses as a firing range. Relying on peaceful resistance and civil disobedience, these groups established protest camps in the area. Acting as human shields, they prevented the renewal of bombing on Vieques for an entire year. The presence of the protesters  deterred the US Navy from making financial contracts with other countries such as Holland, France, Venezuela and Brazil (to name a few) for the unethical and immoral purpose of using Vieques as a training ground and firing range as well.

     Then, on May 4, 2000, federal authorities arrested and evicted the protesters -- priests, nuns, Protestant ministers, elderly people, women, politicians and even US Congressmen Luis Gutiérrez and Nilda Velázquez, who were among them. This event was broadcast live, with all its crudeness as it happened,  by the local and international media.

  Vieques -- Experimental Site?

     Until now, the Navy has stubbornly repeated that its reason for staying in Vieques and for conducting bombing tests is that  "Vieques is irreplaceable." According to experts and public opinion, however, this is not the real reason. Those closest to the land are suspicious that something else is going on which is being withheld from the public.

     Puerto Rican journalist Jorge Seijo obtained information from highly placed confidential sources and from a US Navy Internet web site. Based on this information he made a series of denunciations after establishing that contrary to official statements, Vieques is not used for military exercises or practice, but serves as an experimental test site for newly-developed armament designed by the US military/industrial complex.

     In the United States there are only two fields for artillery testing. One of them is in Nevada, where subterranean atomic tests are performed. Since it is an underground facility, it is not suitable for artillery testing. Guided missiles and similar weapons under development cannot be released and tested in underground tunnels.

     For artillery tests, an open area with conditions similar to the places where the armament would be deployed would be preferable, because it would allow a more accurate determination of the effects and capabilities of these new weapons.  Vieques would be such a site.

     According to Seijo, although there never was any intention of producing any deaths, David Sanes did not die due to a bombing mistake during Navy 'practices.' He was killed accidentally in a fabricated incident intended to divert people’s attention to the place where he was found -- the building at Observation Point #1. This incident was designed to hide the fact that a recently developed mortal weapon, whose use is prohibited in populated areas, was being tested in Vieques.

     Later, it was discovered that from the day Sanes died on April 19, until April 23, 1999, both the US Navy and Raytheon Corporation had been testing a weapon in Vieques known as the Phalanx Block AB-1, a computerized  automatic armament which fires depleted uranium bullets.

     The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission had already filed complaints and had ordered the US Defense Department not to use this type of dangerous and toxic armament under any circumstances. The Commission had its eyes on what was happening in Vieques. To hide the fact that they were going to test the Phalanx Block AB-1 that day, the Defense Department created an “accident” to divert the attention of the Nuclear Regulations Commission to another area of the island.  Unfortunately, there were some dead and several wounded people when the bomb fell next to Observation Point #1.

     This armament, the Phalanx Block AB-1, fires 2000 depleted uranium bullets in one minute. When the bottom of the ocean near Vieques is examined (where the weapon was tested) millions of fired depleted uranium bullets will surely be found.

     All this proves that the island of Vieques is really a testing area, an illegal experimental site, and that in this situation its inhabitants are no more than mere laboratory guinea pigs.

     It is precisely in areas that are controlled by the US Navy that other important events have occurred which relate to the presence of unidentified flying objects and of other apparently non-human entities.

  Huge UFO Absorbs Water from the Ocean

     During our recent investigation of Vieques, resident Mr. Angel Encarnación reported the following: 

     "One night  fishing out at sea, to the south of the shooting range, in the east of Vieques, we saw a really big and shining light in the distance. Getting closer we saw that it was suspended in the air. It was ... a huge object, ... a round and huge flying saucer with lots of lights turning on and off intermittently all around the object.  There were yellow, green and red lights.

     "On the bottom, right in the middle of the saucer, there was only one really big green light, focused at the ocean's surface. It wasn't more than 100 feet above the ocean. But that thing wasn't from this world. What shocked us the most was seeing that the object was absorbing seawater from the ocean. You could actually see the water rising and entering the object through the area where the green light was coming from.  It was a really big column of water going up. You could not see any fish or anything else ... just the water going up ... and all of that without a single sound. Nothing.

     "As we got closer to the saucer,” continued Encarnación, “it stayed still for a while and then it immediately left, flew away very fast in the direction of El Yunque [a forested area in eastern Puerto Rico where there has been a lot of UFO / alien activity] or Ceiba [where the US Roosevelt Roads Naval Station is located], on land, in the island of Puerto Rico. It was really fast. It was gone in seconds ... Incredible.

     “We looked at each other and said, 'We have seen something extraordinary that has never been seen before. Let's not say anything on land, because they won't believe us.'  I only told my family about what happened."

     On another occasion while they were fishing at night, the witness and his partners saw a shining green light rising from the bottom of the ocean. They thought it could be a US Navy submarine surfacing in the area, but just when the submarine’s light should have surfaced, the green light disappeared and everything was dark again. They immediately heard the sound of water falling to the ocean near them. Whatever it was that emerged, it rose and took to the skies in the middle of the darkness of night and disappeared in total silence, and a subtle humid sprinkling fell over the group of fishermen. After the incident Encarnación and the others left the scene as soon as possible, returning to Vieques.

     "Besides that,” said Encarnación, “we have seen shining objects coming out from the lagoons, after which they leave at high speed, and get lost in the sky. They are shining lights, orbs or balls of light of a blue-white color. Of course, they could be something from the Navy ... since they have done lots of things of which we don't know yet.

     “But what we saw in the ocean,” he continued explaining, “was similar to what some people call a flying saucer.  I have no doubts about it. And I don't think it is from the Navy, because nobody on Earth can manufacture, I believe, something like that, an artifact like the one we saw, because that object disappeared in the sky in seconds, in the direction of El Yunque.”

  Aliens and ... “balls of Light”?

     In another interview with several young men in Vieques who were members of the local "Cadetes de la Marina" group (a Sea Cadets organization of the US Navy), we were informed about a series of enigmatic encounters they had experienced in some of the lagoons in the eastern part of Vieques, specifically in the area of the Navy’s shooting range near Camp García.

     According to the boys, on several occasions during drills and exercises conducted in the area of  “El Tapón” lagoon, they had encountered some “... very strange ... little dark men, gray or black in color ... who were very fast, and ran speedily from one place to the other, sometimes in a zigzagging motion and at other times in jumps. They would stand suddenly in front of us ... so that we could see them, and then they would leave, running really fast,” explained one of the young men while the others approved.

     "They were 3 or 4 feet high, and were skinny, with long arms...and their heads were kind of big and egg-shaped ... They were weird,” he added. Due to the darkness of the night and the speed of the movements of the strange figures, the boys couldn't see details such as eyes, mouth, nostrils, etc.

     The ex-cadets added that occasionally the little dark men would jump into the lagoon, disappearing underwater. They also revealed having observed, "...various shining blue-white spheres that vary in size, from 4 to 8 inches in diameter, that enter the water of the lagoons in the area,” something similar to the ones observed by witness Encarnación and his fellow fishermen. Due to these incidents and their degree of high strangeness, the young men decided not to perform any more exercises or drills at night in these areas.

     At the time of wrapping up the interview, one of their instructors joined us and corroborated what they had said, and assured us of having been a witness himself to such encounters in the area.

  Final Comments

     Mr. Encarnación, who gave us the initial information about the huge UFO that absorbed seawater from the ocean south of Vieques, told us the following before finishing his story:

"This type of thing has been going on here in Vieques for a long time now, but people were hesitant to talk about what they were seeing because of fear.  But the weirdest thing is that all of this type of activity is more common in restricted areas controlled by the Navy. The Navy department must know something or they're doing something with the people -- those that are behind those objects [the UFO occupants] ... or they're together [collaborating] ... and maybe that's the reason for the Navy's stubborn attitude of not wanting to let go of Vieques and letting us finally live in peace. They must be hiding something very important."

     Last but not least, we invite the readers to keep informed of the new disclosures we will soon be making about the situation in Vieques. In these reports we will be giving the readers more elements to ponder pertaining to the strange events that have occurred on our "Isla Nena" of Vieques for decades, in correlation with US Navy activities.

     The investigation in Vieques turned up a wealth of data suggesting an amazing, hidden story with profound implications for Puerto Rico and the rest of the world. It would indicate that besides illegally using the islands of Puerto Rico and Vieques for illegal testing and experimentation, the US Navy is somehow involved in the other strange events going on there. These events make us wonder if the US Navy is currently participating in an alien contact operation with alien beings, using the territory of Puerto Rico as its base.

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"Jorge Martin has been researching the UFO phenomenon in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for over 25 years. He has investigated and reported on many important UFO incidents that happen on the island, one of the world's most active places in the UFO / Alien enigma..."
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