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  MUFON's Ex State Director for Puerto Rico Arrested

  "GREEN BLOOD" and Alien Situations in Puerto Rico

  Important Aspects of the UFO/Alien Situation in Puerto Rico

MUFON's Ex State Director for Puerto Rico Arrested
By Jorge Martin UFO Researcher - Puerto Rico

n December 30,1997, Puerto Rico Police agents assigned to the town of Gurabo, arrested and denounced a U.S. federal agent [allegedly from the F.B.I.], called Cesar Remus Ramirez, who until recently was MUFON's [Mutual UFO Network], state director for Puerto Rico, appointed to such position in 1994 by Mr. Walt Andrus Jr., general director of the organization, based in Seguin, Texas, USA The agent had prepared an illegal shooting gallery in a wooded field located in sector Tulo Aleman of barrio Santa Rita [road 181, Km. 15,5], in the municipality of Gurabo. The agent was also accused for illegally owning and handling non registered automatic rifles and carbines which he had introduced illegally in the island. He was also denounced for doing countless shot rounds with such weapons with live bullets, risking the life of residents in the area.

Policemen Charlie Oyola and sergeant Soto, assigned to Gurabo Police Headquarters, arrested the agent after receiving several complaints by alarmed neighbors of sector Tulo Aleman, as they were listening shot blasts in the zone. Patrolling the area, Oyola decided to investigate, but upon listening continuous blasts in series, he requested back up. Several other patrol cars arrived at the place and a team of policemen studied a plan to enter the site, a mountainous forest, expecting the worst. They were surprised to find the agent firing an AK 47 automatic rifle, according to Oyola. Two young men, one of them an U.S. ex marine, according to some sources, were found at the site, together with the agent, but as they were not holding any weapon at the moment they were not denounced.

The agent showed his official ID, allegedly from the FBI agency, and attempted to free himself from being arrested, but as the policemen checked if the rifles and carbines were registered in Puerto Rico, and they were not, they proceeded to arrest him. Remus alleged the weapons were his personal property and that they were allegedly registered back in the United States, and that he had them because the agency he was working for [FBI] allowed him to mobilize them as he wished, and even to introduce them in the Island, due to the type of work he was doing for the agency [a work which never explained]. Upon verifying this was not true, again, the policemen proceeded to handcuff him and to his arrest.

The preliminary court hearing related to this case was celebrated on January 8,1998, in the Judicial Court Center of the City of Caguas. The agent faced seven charges, with a bail of 1,000 dollars per charge [$7,000], which was reduced to only a 10% of the total [$ 700], which he paid at once. Neither Remus nor his legal counselor, also employed by the FBI, made any comments to the representatives of the Puerto Rican press, among them reporter Carlos Weber, of TV channel 11 news dept.

The judgment in relationship to the accusations against the agent was to be carried out on January 26 , 1998, in the Judicial Court Center of Caguas, but was postponed to March 2, 1998, at 9:00 A.M. The FBI admitted the individual worked for that agency, although the agency denied having anything to do with the weapons the agent had in his possession, and stated that the Puerto Rican justice dept. and authorities of the country should continue on with the charges and legal procedures to the end.

The accusation and the arrest of agent Remus was a surprise to us, as we had had some anomalous "frictions" with him previously. The following are examples of such.

  Strange behavior

We originally met Mr. Cesar Remus Ramirez during MUFON’s 1990 UFO Symposium, which was held in Pensacola, Florida, USA In that occasion we gave a side non official lecture, sponsored by a group of friends, in which we informed on the Puerto Rican situation UFO / alien situation. After the lecture, Remus introduced himself to us and in perfect Spanish language told us he was very interested in UFOs and lived in Clearwater, Florida, USA He said he was a U.S. citizen with a Venezuelan father and a Puerto Rican mother.

We heard nothing else from the man until Remus moved to Puerto Rico in year 1992, allegedly due to reasons related to his job. According to him, he sought us due to his interest in the UFO topic. In that occasion he identified himself as "...a mechanical engineer" who worked with a company in the island. But we noticed a series of strange situations in connection to his person. On one hand, even though he had said he was a mechanical engineer who worked with a company in the island, he would appear at our home or at the office of the magazine in which we were working by those days, at all hours, by day or at night, letting us see that his work time schedule was a very irregular and strange one.

Equally, every time we talked about his alleged work, he would become very nervous and avoided talking about the matter immediately. This behavior made us suspicious about him, as it, together with his physical appearance and his body language, and also due to previous experiences, we became aware of the possibility that the individual could be related to the U.S. armed forces or to U.S. federal security agencies.

Becoming aware himself of the fact that we suspected about him, he "confessed" to us that he was an "F.B.I. agent", but that this had nothing to do with his interest on the UFO matter, that this was a personal and private interest of his. He requested us not to disclose his secret, as the F.B.I. agency would not see with good eyes his association with this matter, and furthermore, as he was allegedly a member of a "special task force " which investigated bank robberies and international drugs traffic, should it be known publicly who he really was, his life could be in danger. Understanding this, and as an act of humanity toward him, we acceded to keep his identity in secret until we were sure what he was looking for, but we made it very clear to him that we did not wanted to have anything to do with him.

However, little after that this individual started contacting several of our friends and collaborators in our UFO investigation in the island, and we were surprised to know that, even tough he requested us not to disclose his real work, he was telling all my friends and associates, as well as other people, that he was, indeed, an F.B.I. agent, and that he was working with me, something that was totally untruthful.

At the same time, he began asking to everyone, what did I know about the UFO / alien situation in El Yunque [the National Caribbean Rain Forest], located in the Sierra de Luquillo, a site in which there is a heavy UFO / alien presence. He even asked our my wife, in an insistent and coarse form, what did I knew about the situation in El Yunque, and she, becoming aware of his strange behavior, avoided his questions.

On the other hand, he insisted on asking us and our friends repeatedly to camp at night in the El Yunque rain forest. Upon our refusal to do this, he, very annoyed, discarded the whole idea. Why was he so annoyed? If he wanted to go to El Yunque, why was our presence so indispensable? Furthermore, why his unusual interest on whatever we knew about El Yunque? What can be happening up there he is so concerned about?

Little after this, we were invited to participate as lecturer in the MUFON UFO Symposium held on the days 2, 3 and 4 of July of 1993, in Richmond, Virginia, USA In our lecture we informed on the UFO / alien situation in Puerto Rico, but we also lectured, on certain facts pertaining to the UFO situation in El Yunque, a series of encounters with alien beings and our suspicion, due to certain facts, of the possibility that the U.S. Government kept flying saucer type crafts there, we also expressed ourselves on the possibility of there being official U.S. / alien contact in a site close to the rain forest: Roosevelt Roads U.S. Naval Station.

Right after we sent our paper on all this to Mr. Walt Andrus, general director of MUFON, for it to be published in the Symposium's Proceedings Book [ which is later sold to attendees of the Symposium and MUFON members to help collect funds and finance the activity], a strange set of events started happening. Apparently, the content of the paper touched a sensitive nerve somewhere and "someone" seemed to be very alarmed by it. But more interestingly, that same "someone" seemed to connected MUFON's higher levels. The following facts indicate this. Let's see them.

We were first surprised when we encountered agent Cesar Remus in Luis Muñoz Marin airport, in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, as were to board the plane to go to the MUFON Symposium. He explained that as he was "so interested" in the UFO matter, and as he had compensatory time accumulated in his job with the F.B.I., he had requested some time for a short vacation, which he would use to attend the Symposium . He assured us he had financed his air tickets with his own money, but we noticed that he did not travel with regular air tickets at all. In each stop of the trip the agent filled a series of " vouchers", a lot of papers, together with the air line employees, showing them his federal agency ID, but did everything possible, in an obvious manner, to prevent us from seeing the ID. Why such an attitude, if as he had said before, he worked for the F.B.I.? Was it, perhaps to conceal the fact that he worked for someone else than the F.B.I.?

According to some inquiries we made on this regard, the "vouchers" he filled at each stop were compatible with those which are to be filled when this sort of agents travel in official duty work and their expenses are covered by the agency they work for. Thus, it would seem that he was in official duty work, and not in a personal pleasure trip, as he alleged. And which could be his work? To monitor us? He explained to us he had to fill those papers because he was traveling with his official gun, and had to inform it to the representatives of the airline. But if that was the case, why did he did not have any regular air tickets with him? As a matter of fact, another member from the MUFON organization who was going to the Symposium, joined us later during the trip. The man was a police agent in Tampa, Florida, and he was also very surprised upon seeing that the agent was not traveling with regular air tickets, but was filling, instead, the already mentioned "vouchers" and papers at all stops.

Already in Richmond, our paper was the only one that was not published in the Symposium's Proceedings Book, under the excuse that it had arrived too late. Also, we experienced a heavy and systematic harassment that seemed to originate from the higher levels of MUFON itself [ we exclude Mr. Blashak, organizer of the Richmond Symposium, who at all times demonstrated to be a real gentleman and to be detached from this situation, of any responsibility on this ]. There were several stressing incidents during our stay there, but our greater surprise came in the morning of the day we were to return to Puerto Rico.

As a courtesy gesture, as we were by those days Puerto Rico's MUFON state director, we called to Mr. Blashak's room to expressed him our gratitude for inviting us to lecture there. Later on, we called Mr.Walt Andrus, general director of MUFON, to his room to also thank him for the invitation they had made to us, and he surprised us by asking if we knew Mr. Cesar Remus, who, according to him, had been chatting with him for a good part of the night in his room. We told him we knew the man, but it was a real surprise to us to know that Andrus had been talking in his room with the agent "...a good part of the previous night", as he said, as Mr. Andrus is not a very open person, and certainly not to someone he has just met, as the agent. Why such a sudden change of behavior?

At that point Andrus ordered us to appoint the agent as MUFON's assistant state director for Puerto Rico, which would have made him my direct assistant. I asked Mr. Andrus if he knew about the man's job back in Puerto Rico, and he answered: "Yes, he is an FBI agent, so what, is there any problem with that?"

Surprised by the turn of events, we said good bye to Andrus and once in Puerto Rico we called him back to his office in Texas and discussed the matter again with him. Mr. Andrus insisted in ordering us to appoint agent Remus to the position of MUFON's assistant state director for Puerto Rico, and we explained him that we did not agree with that. We told him that, clearly, the mere fact of being an active federal agent did not exclude or disqualify anyone from being a MUFON member if he was sincerely interested in the UFO matter, but we also explained him that there had been a series of harassment and threats situations on UFO witnesses in Puerto Rico, allegedly made by U.S. federal agents and this was known to our people and the Puerto Rican UFO community. Due to this, there was some fear pertaining to the presence of federal agents in relation to UFO situations. We explained Mr. Andrus that if MUFON appointed an active federal agent as assistant state director for Puerto Rico, even tough he may have been qualified, no one would trust the organization any more.

We also explained that our confidential military and police sources, etc., and our collaborators in different fields, would not trust us any more and would distance themselves from us, thus stopping the flow of data and cutting our access to the important information we were receiving and making public pertaining to the UFO / alien situation in Puerto Rico. We also explained him we considered our work to be very important and we would not allow anyone to endanger it, that unfortunately, there was a somewhat state of paranoia based on the harassment and threats to UFO witnesses already mentioned, allegedly made by U.S. federal agents, and that if the agent was appointed to the position of assistant state director, MUFON would become a dead organization in the island, as no one would trust it. We expected Mr. Andrus to understand this, but surprisingly, he demanded from us, ordered us directly, to appoint Remus to the position anyway. We did not accept this. We said goodbye politely and hung up the phone. Afterwards, we analyzed everything that happened at the MUFON Symposium in Richmond and the new situation created by Mr. Andrus, and after thinking about it all, we resigned to the position of MUFON state director for Puerto Rico.

A couple of days later, already informed about our conversation with Mr. Andrus, agent Remus called us by phone and said "...he could not understand how Mr. Andrus would think of something so 'absurd' as his being appointed to the position of assistant state director," that certainly, he could never have such a position in MUFON, because his work with the FBI would not allow him to do it. We asked him to refrain himself from contacting us, or to say we worked together, as that was not true and we would not allow anyone to jeopardize the trust our people and the Puerto Rican UFO community had on us. But he continued pressing on.

Ah!, as another strange coincidence", the office of the magazine we were working for by those days was broken into, and the robbers only took with them our computer, the secretary's computer and the fax machine, nothing else. This was rather strange, as our computers were small, old and cheap models, and there were several other more newer and more expensive ones there, as well as an expensive laser printer, but these were no taken. Were the robbers involved common criminals or was it that "someone special" wanted to know what type of data was in our computer?

In the meantime, the agent started contacting our closest associates and collaborators in UFO research, asking them all what was it that we knew about El Yunque, while, on the other hand, he started spreading negative comments about our work, obviously to dissociate our friends from us.

Also, he started attending some of our lectures on the UFO matter we were giving in a San Juan university, telling everyone he was working with us. Some of the attendees, knowing already he was a federal agent, alerted us about him, very alarmed. We had to explain them that apparently there was an operative to discredit us and affect the trust people had in us. This type of tactic is described as "burning an individual's character and trustfulness by association", and it pursues getting the public to associate a person, the target of the operative, with someone such as the agent, in order to prevent the public from trusting him, as it would seem that he was also a government agent, and therefore not to be trusted. This way we'd be deprived of future valuable data.

But what really alarmed us was that we started receiving reports from our friends and associates in the sense that the agent visited them and asked them to go outside their homes and to his car. Once there he opened the car's trunk and showed them several guns, asking them to hold them in their hands and examine them, which unfortunately they did [carbines, automatic rifles]. It was at this point that our suspicions really grew on the matter. Definitely, the agent's strange behavior was not a casual or normal one. Why would an active federal agent, who allegedly wanted to keep as a secret his identity, move around guns in his car, showing them and giving them on to be handled to several people who, as a matter of fact, were friends of ours and associates in UFO research? To the best of our knowledge, this behavior and actions from an active federal or FBI agent violate that agency regulations...unless an official operative from the agency is underway.

Alarmed, we called our friends and verified all of this, one by one. The next day the agent visited our office and asked us to go outside with him, he wanted to show us something "real cool". Suspecting his intentions we went out with him, and once at his car he opened its trunk and showed us the guns, asking us to handle and examine them. We refused to do it, explaining him we have never liked guns, and asked him to leave. At that same moment our wife arrived and we left.

Due to his strange behavior, we consulted on his actions with several police specialists, as well as lawyers, including well known U.S. lawyer Daniel Sheehan [well known due to his association with the "Karen Silkwood" and "The Pentagon Papers" cases, among other important ones]. After analyzing the situation, they all expressed the same opinion: we had to be careful, because such actions seemed to imply that an operation was under way, maybe to fabricate a case around us, as well as our friends, to implicate us in some type of illegal action and then accuse us and proceed against us, also discrediting us.

What would happen, for instance, if we were implicated in such an action and the agent's guns were used in it? As some of the group members fingerprints were already in them, who would believe we were innocent? Could it be possible that "someone" wanted to create a new " Maravilla Case", a tragic incident that still affects the people of Puerto Rico, but with a UFO angle, to accuse serious ufologists in Puerto Rico of being violent fanatics, as has allegedly, according to some, happened recently with Long Island UFO researcher John Ford, from the LIUFON group, in the United States?

Of course, we are not accusing the agent of planning such a thing, but certainly, his strange behavior, together with all other events already described, shows a panorama that worries us and would seem to imply that "someone" is trying to "burn us" as a researcher in this field. We have experienced more harassment situations from this individual, but they can be discussed at some other time.

With the events reported here, the UFO communities from Puerto Rico and abroad are aware of this situation, in case "someone" tries to implicate us in criminal or immoral acts to discredit us and our work in an effort to affect serious UFO research in the island. But, as we have seen, this whole situation seems to arise from "something" that would be occurring in El Yunque rain forest, something that same "someone" seems to be afraid of our knowing about it. We don't know whatever that so apparently important "something" is, but this situation motivates us to investigate more about it, and maybe we'll do it.

On the other hand, agent Cesar Remus, appointed, as we said, to the position of MUFON state director for Puerto Rico by Mr. Walt Andrus Jr., after we resigned from that position, also tried to relate himself with the main witnesses of the UFO / Chupacabras situation in Puerto Rico we had worked with during our research on the matter. He introduced himself to them in some occasions as an engineer, other times as a representative of a governmental job training program and also, sometimes, as a U.S. federal agent...and the guns angle surfaced again, at least in Campo Rico sector of the town of Canovanas, where he convinced several main witnesses to go with him and do a search looking for the creatures in the surrounding forested areas. Once there he took out a big bag which contained a set of carbines, etc. Upon seeing this, and already alerted by us in the sense that they had to be careful, because this man was doing this type of things, they left the place, avoiding any contact with him after that happened. Several other "anomalies" have been occurring, pertaining to this man’s behavior, an FBI agent who, allegedly, according to himself, was researching UFOs.

The agent resigned recently to the position of MUFON state director for Puerto Rico, and according to some sources some of his collaborators were appointed to that and other MUFON positions in the island.

After all this we must ask ourselves: Did his superiors in the FBI agency know about the agent’s behavior? Did they approve his actions? Were his actions part of a plan originating from that agency, a plant or operation to affect serious UFO researchers in Puerto Rico, or was it something casual? On the other side; Were the directive levels of MUFON, and more specifically Mr. Walt Andrus Jr., who appointed the agent as state director for Puerto Rico, aware of the situation described here? If so, to what degree, and what is his opinion about all this? It would be of interest to know his answers to this questions.

Members of the Puerto Rico Police department have expressed their worry and concern in the sense that the agent had the already mentioned carabines, etc., with him, and on the fact he had introduced them illegally in Puerto Rico. "If he had them with him and had introduced them illegally, how many more are being introduced in the country in the same way, and what would they be used for, if they are not registered? This really has to worry us", they have said.

Certainly, this case, if thoroughly investigated, may open a Pandora's box in Puerto Rico and maybe, also make evident the apparent infiltration main world UFO civilian research organizations are suffering at this moment. We should all remember that such an infiltration was the direct cause, decades ago, of the destruction of the NICAP [National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena] civilian UFO research organization. We can’t afford ourselves to let the same thing to happen to other very important organizations of the present, such as MUFON.

We wish to clarify, that we are not accusing the MUFON organization of working for those who are behind the UFO Cover Up, as we were members ourselves of this important organization and thus, we are aware of the very important work it does and of the really important and valuable interaction and communication it permits between its members, UFO researchers and the UFO community in general. This is a valuable aspect of MUFON's work, and we must say that we cherish the friendship and collaboration we have with many of its members, well known and serious researchers in the UFO field, such as our friend Ademar Gevaerd [from Brazil], John Carpenter, and Forrest Crawford, among many from the U.S. A., and many others from abroad. However, we are of the sincere opinion, with all due respect to MUFON, that the members of this organization should demand an explanation about the type of situations described in this report.

Finally, we invite any member of the UFO community who may have experienced themselves this same type of situations to step forward and inform about it. ‘

"GREEN BLOOD" and Alien Situations in Puerto Rico
By Jorge Martín - UFO researcher - Puerto Rico
C. Jorge Martin, 1995 - Puerto Rico. All rights reserved.

U.S. military forces have been involved in a wide number of situations in areas of heavy alien activity in the Island of Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean, and elsewhere. In some incidents, witnesses describe having observed a so described, "green blood" substance. In this article, we mention some of these incidents.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

     The many UFO incidents in which U.S. military forces have been involved in Puerto Rico indicate the possibility that special military elite forces and the Intelligence community have been assigned to deal with the situation, and according to some cases, it may be possible that the Government has already made official contact [directly or indirectly] by different means, with an alien species in Puerto Rico and that the U.S. Government has apparently installed secret facilities in the Puerto Rican territory with specially trained personnel to deal with the alien matter.

     The National Caribbean Rain Forest, located in the Sierra de Luquillo, in the east of Puerto Rico, is also known by our people as "El Yunque", this after the name of the best known mountain there. The place is known for its beautiful lands-capes and lush tropical rain forest vegetation, but for many decades it has been covered by an aura of mystery, being described as a place where strange things happen, such as encounters with incredible creatures, apparent alien beings, Bigfoot type creatures, UFOs, mysterious people disappearances in the area...and in the last ten years a clear U.S. military involvement with the alien situation unfolding there. The following cases are examples of this. In the night of February 19, 1984, a UFO allegedly crashed in a slope in one of the mountains of the National Caribbean Rain Forest, also known to our people as 'El Yunque' [after the name of the best known mountain there]. According to many sources we have interviewed on the issue, a flying saucer type craft DID CRASH there that night, and the whole situation was covered up by the U.S. Government. The craft and several alien corpses were allegedly taken to the U.S. by military personnel working out from Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, as well as intelligence / security personnel from several federal agencies in Puerto Rico. But some other anomalous events happened by those same days in this sector. Lets have a look at these.

  An armed encounter and... "green blood"?

     This account was given to us confidentially by a high ranking officer with the U.S. military in Puerto Rico. The officer asked us not to disclose his rank or name because his personal safety depends on it. He made some sensational disclosures to us pertaining to an encounter his unit had with an unknown "something" in the forest.

     According to the officer, when the UFO crashed in El Yunque in Feb. 19, 1984, the area had already been under U.S. military control since Friday 16. According to him, 15 soldiers and 3 commissioned officers part of a special U.S. Army Special Corps unit, were in the National Caribbean Rain Forest together with other units in a secret mission he would not talk any further about. The officer explained that the units were stationed in an area next to ‘El Toro’ mountain.

     "At about 1:00 A.M." - he said -, "a group of the soldiers went down in a jeep to Palmer [a sector at the foothills of El Yunque, in 65th. Infantry road] to get some cigarettes and other things in a gas station, said the officer. When they arrived to ‘La Coca’ waterfall sector, down in road 191, the men heard some strange noises in the brush which sounded like heavy footsteps on the dry leaves and branches in the forest. They stopped their jeep, got off it and checked the area in order to see who was there. Remember, they were there in a secret mission and no one was supposed to know about our presence in the forest. When they stopped, the jeep went dead. The lights, the jeep’s engine, the radio communicator... everything went dead. Their watches wouldn’t work anymore, even quartz watches."

     He continued: "They couldn’t understand what was happening. They tried to communicate with the others up in the classified area, but the radio equipment was dead. The men got off the jeep and took positions in the waterfall area as they kept hearing the sound of heavy footsteps in the brush approaching. It was as if someone or 'something' was coming towards them, but they couldn’t see who it was. Maybe it was terrorists who wanted to attack the federal government installations in the area [in Punta del Este peak there’s a powerful U.S. NAVY radar system, and in the summit of El Yunque mountain there are communications systems antennas which are used by the Puerto Rico Police, the F.B.I., the Federal Aviation Administration and other federal agencies], or maybe people checking on the presence of the special corps units there. They were ordered to be on alert and take positions in the perimeter. Their commanding officer shot a flare and they had 100 % visibility, complete, but they still couldn’t see whatever was approaching them".

     "The steps and noises continued" - said the officer-, "and everyone was nervous. They shot another flare and ordered whoever it was to stop, to identify himself and to come slowly out to where they were. No answer. They repeated the order, but still no answer, nothing happens, there’s no response. At this point they receive orders from their acting commander officer to shoot if necessary. That, whatever it was, kept on coming towards them. Then, the acting commander ordered them to shoot at will. One of the soldiers fired a round of shots in a crosslike motion with his automatic rifle, specially prepared for jungle combat, in the direction the sounds were coming from. Three of the bullets seemed to hit whatever was approaching. There were more shots, the men were in very stressed. Then a lot of noise was heard coming from the forest, and the sound of something running and stepping heavily over the branches and leaves, getting away from the place. Then everything stopped and a weird calm overtook the perimeter".

     According to the officer, the soldiers were ordered to a search in the perimeter. They found nothing. Minutes later their watches, electronic equipment and the jeep started working again and they contacted the others at the classified 'training area', reporting the event. After that, a series of important events unfolded . The officer elaborated on this: "After reporting the incident, in about half an hour El Yunque was full with military personnel. They were everywhere, and the area was declared off limits and under U.S. military control. At about 2:00 to 3:00 A.M. a lot of people from Roosevelt Roads Naval Station arrived, and with them came an unknown group of men in U.S. Navy marked vehicles. They all were dressed up in white one piece anti-contamination suits with masks. Only their eyes could be seen, through crystal openings . The type of clothing you use to prevent radiation or bacterial contamination. This people with the suits entered the forest with what seemed to be detectors of some sort , doing a extensive search in the perimeter, that was extended to the slope that descends to the west from the antennas sector in the summit of El Yunque and towards El Verde. I heard these men had found a trail of a strange green luminescent liquid substance on the ground and leaves, following it to an undisclosed place, where they found something."

     The officer implied the green substance was some type of ‘blood’ substance from the marauder they had apparently shot.

     "The soldiers involved with the encounter" - he added - "were placed on active duty and ordered to keep their positions. Everyone believed there’d be some type of military action there, a confrontation. Later on, the soldiers involved with the incident were ordered to board one of the trucks and go immediately to Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, in Ceiba. Once there they all were submitted to psychological tests, a rigorous medical exam and an intense debriefing session about the incident in El Yunque. Their weapons, equipment and all their clothing were analyzed and then destroyed, burned. In the morning they received new orders and classified instructions and they all were told that from that moment on they were out of active duty and of any military service, that they should continue with their civilian lives as if nothing had ever happened and that they could not talk to anyone ever, under no circumstances, about what happened that night in the forest."

     We asked how he knew about all this. "I was informed on this due to my involvement with the work being done in the forest when this happened and because of my rank and security clearance", and added: "...it would be impossible at this moment to obtain any verification of this incident from the soldiers military records through the Freedom of Information Act because their records were placed under a high security classification and there’s no possible access to them. What’s more" - he said - "at this moment there’s no mention in their records of their ever having been involved with any special forces unit. Their records were altered so this wouldn’t show up either."

     Finally, and to my surprise, with a grim and worried look he said: "Look, I know you are going to ask me...and I’m telling you... Yes, there’s official contact between aliens and the U.S. government. in Puerto Rico. Everything is controlled to the highest level by a military and security elite group related to the CIA The U.S. Army, the Air Force, the Navy and several security and intelligence agencies are involved in this, specially elite corps from the CIA"

     At this point he said: "I must leave. I shouldn’t have talked so much, walls can hear you...You have no idea on how things are..." I asked him why he was willing to talk to me on this. His answer was: "Look, there are things happening up there that are worrying a lot of us, and it is about time these things are known by the people. There are other things, but I won’t disclose them to you."

     Before he left, I told him that if what he had told me was true, then the military were up there in El Yunque several days before the UFO crash, and he said: "Yes, we were there since Friday 16, and the other thing, that crash, occurred on the19th., when the military were still dealing with the soldiers encounter at ‘La Coca’ waterfall. About that crash thing I really don’t know anything, only that something did crash there... That’s all." We verified this officer’s credentials and his military career. Everything checked out O.K. Also, there are several witnesses of our conversation.

     There are several important facts pertaining to this incident. First, the personnel that came together with the military from Roosevelt Roads Naval Station was already wearing anti-contamination suits, and this is an interesting detail. There was no reason for this to be if what happened, as explained by the officer, was only a casual incident in which there was a shoot-out by some soldiers, unless the military authorities already knew the nature of the alleged marauder [s] they allegedly shot, something that no one else there knew about. Why such a concern and such a hush-hush attitude?

     Second, what was the reason for the tests and analysis made on the soldiers and their equipment, and why were their uniforms and equipment destroyed after being analyzed? Third, why were their military records classified at once and altered so that there’d be no evidence of their ever being part of that special forces unit and having been there in El Yunque that fateful night? What was it the military authorities wanted to hide? What is happening in El Yunque that worries the U.S. Government so much? The mention of the apparent "green blood" always ringed suspicious to me, not knowing what to think about it. Surprisingly, some time later we came to the knowledge of another incredible incident that might give us some clues on the enigma pertaining to such 'blood'.

  A strange creature shot... and more "green blood"

     I met Mr. Edwin Godoy and his wife Myrna for an interview on several UFO related incidents they had witnessed in Cabo Rojo, in the southwest region of Puerto Rico, while scuba diving. These will be discussed in another report we are currently preparing, but during the interview he mentioned several other things, such as a UFO sighting he experienced from his mother in law’s home in Guzmán Arriba sector, in Rio Grande, next to El Yunque. There, together with his wife and others, he witnessed a bright star-like object fly out from a spot in a slope next to El Yunque mountain. After doing several fast zigzagging turns in the sky, the bright object made a sudden ‘jump’ downwards and seemed to merge with the mountain at the same spot it had come out from originally. But surprisingly, he revealed other important things to us.

     In 1978, Godoy was an E-4 soldier with the U.S. ARMY commissioned to Fort Lewis, in Washington State. Fort Lewis, is located next to a forested area in that western state. Mr. Godoy was also an expert marksman who came out as the third best marksman in the U.S. ARMY for that year.

     One night, as his platoon was returning in a truck from some war games in the forest, the truck malfunctioned and lost all power. Impossible to make it start, the acting commander decided to return to the base by foot with the soldiers and ordered Godoy, as he was the one who had signed for taking out the truck, to stay and guard it until morning, when a tow unit from the base would be sent to pick up him and the vehicle. To Godoy this was somewhat irregular, as normally, two men would be ordered to do this. Anyway, the others left at about 8:00 P.M. and he remained there with the truck.

     At about 12:15 A.M. he noticed a figure some 300 meters away from him, standing next to some pine trees in the forest. What shocked Godoy was the size of the figure, as it was very tall... and its body was completely covered with hair.

     "It was something very big, huge... a giant!" - he said-, "and it was all covered by a dark long grayish hair all over its body. It was standing next to a pine tree and swinging his body sideways while looking straight at me. It looked somewhat like a man, but it wasn’t a man...Very strongly built, with a broad chest... and his eyes glowed red in the dark. The moon was to the back of it and there were no lights in the area. It was totally dark...so this red glow was not due to light reflection...It was something... those eyes had a red glow to them, they were self luminous."

     "That thing started running towards me, so I shouted a halt three times, asking that thing to stop and identify itself. As it wouldn’t reply I made a first shot to the air and then I shot at him or 'it', I don't know how to call it. The hairy thing grabbed its chest and emitted a loud moan, stopped and then ran to his right, disappearing into the forest."

     Godoy, very nervous, reasoned he had just seen a ‘Bigfoot’, one of the forest’s legendary creatures the Indians in the region often talked about. Afraid, he locked himself inside the truck until 6:00 A.M.. when two mechanics from the base arrived in a tow unit to pick up the truck.

     He explained what had happened, but they wouldn’t believe him. They all went to where the hairy thing was shot and the men were surprised to see huge human-like footprints imprinted in the soft ground and several small pools of blood that looked red, but strangely oily and fresh looking. The mechanics stared at each other and then looked at Godoy in a strange way and mumbled something between them in low voice . From that moment on they kept at a distance and wouldn’t talk to him. They communicated by radio to the base and reported the incident. Later on, the truck started at first try. At about 7:30 A.M. an unknown personnel arrived to the site. Several men dressed in white lab coats, wearing thick grey ‘rubber’ [leaded?] gloves and boots took samples from the tracks impression on the ground, and the alleged ‘blood’. Several vials were filled with the liquid substance and handled with extreme care. The mechanics talked with these men, but Godoy was not allowed to do the same. Later, they all were ordered by radio to return at once to Ft. Lewis. Godoy was to report himself to the base hospital immediately at his arrival.

     To his surprise, an Air Force medical officer, a colonel, was waiting for him there. Fort Lewis is a U.S. ARMY base with no ties with the Air Force, so, why the presence of this Air force colonel there? He couldn’t say. The usual thing would have been for the regular medical staff in the base hospital to attend him. This man was not from the hospital’s medical staff. The officer debriefed thoroughly him on the incident and made a complete medical and physical exam to him. While examining him he kept asking at what distance he was from the creature when he shot at it, on the creature’s description, if he felt a tingling sensation or had a sore throat, headaches, if a rash had developed on his skin...and other things. The Air Force medical officer apparently knew what to ask. It was obvious to Godoy that he was looking for specific symptoms...and answers, but symptoms and answers to what?

     Several samples of his blood, skin scrapings, urine, saliva and other types of samples were taken from Godoy. The soldier knew something odd was going on, he kept asking the officer where he had come from, but he wouldn’t answer. After being examined, he was ordered to go to his barracks, then he took a shower and rested.

     Later, he was ordered to go to the base commander’s office. Once there, the base commander, a lieutenant general [name not remembered by Godoy], was there together with his company commander, Captain Underwood, and a colonel whose last name was, to his best recall, Kropsie. They debriefed him again on what had happened out in the woods and then the base commander ordered Godoy not to talk ever to anyone on what had happened, he was warned that if he ever talked about it he’d be court-martialed and would have to face the consequences. Godoy responded he would obey.

     Later, heading to his room, he was approached by L. Robles, another Puerto Rican soldier who commissioned in the hospital’s lab. Robles asked Godoy what was it he had shot. Godoy said he was not allowed to discuss the matter and Robles insisted on asking. He asked Robles why was it so important for him to know. Robles answered: "I, together with two other guys, had to analyze the blood samples taken from the ground, and we know you are the soldier involved because it was stated as such in the report... And you know? It’s crazy, but... what the hell was it you shot out there? When we examined the blood samples we found out three weird things in it... That blood contained human blood cells, animal blood cells...and chlorophyll! Man, that’s incredible! What the hell was it? It had to be something genetic... some type of aberration. Also, when the blood was taken away from the light and placed in a dark area ...it glowed green! It had a weird greenish phosphorescence to it...almost as if it was radioactive. Man, what was that thing?"

     Godoy, shocked by Robles words, stated he could not discuss the incident and left. Now , thinking back, he feels that the base commander, Colonel Kropsie, and Captain Underwood, all seemed to know what they were dealing with, and for that reason they had ordered him to keep his mouth shut on the incident. He remembered that on one occasion he had to enter a huge security vault in the base in which many bottles are stored. All these bottles were filled with a liquid substance that glowed green, similar to what Robles had described. The bottles in the vault were kept there under very heavy security, because, according to him, the liquid in the bottles seemed to be plutonium stored at the base. Was there a relationship between both substances? He didn’t know. But he found rather strange that he was ordered to stand guard on the truck alone. Why was he left alone? "I don’t know Martín, but after thinking it over I had a strange feeling... Who knows, maybe that thing was to capture me. All I know for sure is that the U.S. Government and the military know something weird is happening in the west of the USA, in the northwest, and they don’t want the people to know about it", stated Godoy.

     The description of the strange "green blood" from the Bigfoot type creature analyzed in the base lab, is similar to the alleged blood left by the marauder shot by the special forces unit in El Yunque in the night of February 16, 1984. Also, the same as in the incident in El Yunque, the personnel, apparently from Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, who arrived to take the samples in the forest, were already wearing special garments such as thick gloves and boots and anti-contamination or anti-radiation suits. Why this? They also seemed know what it was they were dealing with. But, what did they know?

  More "green blood" in a jetliner crash

     The already mentioned cases, are not the only ones in which the strange "green blood" has been reported. About four years ago there was a fatal jetliner crash in Colombia, South America. Among the mangled corpses of the ill-fated passengers was the corpse of a man, an alleged citizen from Israel. But there was something incredible about this man: instead of blood it had a bright green liquid fluid circulating in his body! The body of this man was claimed by the Government of Israel. It was also informed that the U.S. government had sent representatives to Colombia to investigate the matter and take samples from the corpse's tissue and "blood" before it was released to the Israeli government. This case was reported in the Spanish speaking U.S. network Telemundo, in their "Ocurrio Asi" TV Show.

     We must inform that this same type of "green blood" or liquid substance described here has appeared in several abduction cases in Puerto Rico and Mexico in several women who allege having been artificially impregnated by aliens du-ring abductions they had experienced. The green liquid, we hypothesize, seems to be a substance that helps prevent the rejection of implants or altered embryos inserted in the women and some UFO abductees. We are still checking this angle, but we must also mention that recently, several alleged alien implants were extracted surgically by surgeons, together with UFO researcher Derrel Simms, in the U.S., and these implants were covered with a substance that glowed bright green, a liquid similar in description to the one related to the cases we have reported on here. With this in mind, it is very possible that we might be on the right track.

     Finally, according to the details given by the witnesses in the events described in this article, it seems obvious that the U.S. military authorities involved with the situations reported here seemed to know what they were dealing with, and that different U.S. military agencies, such as the U.S. ARMY and the U.S. Air Force were collaborating in the matter [the Fort Lewis incident, in Washington State]. But there have been many more incidents in El Yunque, let’s have a look at some of these.

  Three small aliens and a UFO

     One night in July, 1987, four members of the Puerto Rico National Guard, off military duty, went, together with three young kids, to an area in "Las Tres T", next to El Yunque mountain, to fish fresh water shrimps in one of the rivers there... but they encountered alien beings instead.

     At about nine P.M., one of the men, an officer with the National Guard and who as a civilian has an executive position in one of Puerto Rico's best known food and beverages distribution companies, had separated from the group and was looking around next to the river when all of a sudden he noticed a small three to four ft. tall figure walking in the brush. believing it could be a child, he asked himself what could a child be doing there in the forest all by himself at that time of the night [the figure was not one of the children who were with him]. Curious and worried about the 'child' he followed him into the brush. The 'child' walked strangely, with a wavy motion gait to the sides. His partners saw him enter the brush and followed him. He turned towards them gestured them to be silent. Already closer to it, the figure stopped walking and turned around, facing them, at that moment they all saw that the figure was not that of a human being. It was what is now known as a "Grey" alien humanoid, skinny , with a big egg-like head and big dark eyes, with a skinny body and long arms and hands. The being had a membrane that connected his torso with his upper arms. The men and children stared at the humanoid, not believing what they were seeing.

     Suddenly, they noticed a glow to their backs, over the brush and turned around to see where the glow was coming from. They all were surprised to see that a flying saucer type craft was coming down from El Yunque mountain. The craft landed in front of them, right behind the strange humanoid creature. It had three powerful and blinding lights in front of it which prevented them from observing the craft's details clearly. At the moment the craft landed they all felt unable to move, they are not sure if this was due to some effect imposed on them or due to their fear, not knowing what might happen next.

     A hatch door opened in the front of the saucer and two more creatures similar to the one they had been following came out from it, walking down a ramp and positioning themselves one to each side of the first creature, placing their hands on the shoulders of the first creature while looking at the officer and his friends. He interpreted this as a warning for them not to get any closer, that they were there to protect the first creature. "We were afraid - he said - and did not know what to do, but in that moment the being in the middle made a sound in Spanish language with a funny accent that sounded as 'We come in...[here an unintelligible fast jargon was heard and the witnesses couldn't understand anything else]'. Then, the being talked again in Spanish, saying "...and we are going to..." [ the fast jargon was heard again , instead of the Spanish language]. Then, all three of the aliens turned their backs on the group and ran inside the saucer shaped craft. The hatch door closed behind them and the UFO made a deafening buzzing sound. After this the craft rose in the air and flew away very fast towards the antennas sector at the top of El Yunque mountain, where it disappeared. They were all perplexed as to what they had witnessed, and due to their positions in their military and civilian lives, they made a pledge between them never to talk about what happened to anyone. The experience affected them and the children deeply. For this reason they never returned to the site in which this happened. The officer finally told us: "You know, this affected me. Sometimes I'm at work... and all of a sudden I'm thinking on what happened, seeing it all over and over again...and I feel upset. I feel strange. It is something I can not explain."

  Strange creature photographed in El Yunque

     One afternoon, at 6:30 P.M., in March , 1993, Mr. Nelson Berríos and four other friends were having a picnic in the area of the forest known as "Las Minas Falls", well known for the several beautiful waterfalls there and their natural pools, in which many visitors swim. Nelson, taking a swim, asked Joaquín Ruiz, one of his friends, to take his camera, a 35 mm Concord camera he had bought in a department store, and take some pictures of the place, which he did. Unknowingly, he had photographed something else.

     Days later, when Berríos took the roll of film [a 400 ASA film of 24 exposure], to a photo lab in Carolina to have it developed, the developers found that a small figure had been photographed and appeared in at least four of the pictures of the roll. The figure is that of a small humanoid looking creature with a pale-pink skin and a strange looking clear colored straw-like standing up ‘punk-like’ hair, that raised its head from behind a rock next to the falls.

  Frequent UFO sightings

     There have also been numerous important UFO sightings in the rain forest. In Feb. 14, 1994, Mr. Víctor Delgado, who resides in Cubuy sector, close to El Yunque, saw, at 5:30 A.M., as he was driving down the road to go to his work in the town of Carolina, a huge flying saucer type craft with three levels and many colored lights circling on its underside, suspended over the edge of a slope next to the top of El Yunque mountain. According to Delgado,"... it was about 1,500 ft. in diameter and had many colored lights around it, as well as a huge yellow-green light on top of it that looked like a bright dome. " The same type of craft has been observed in that same area on many occasions by many people. The residents in the communities around the rain forest call it the "carrousel", as it resembles a fairy wheel circling around horizontally, with its many lights.

     Another example of the many such sightings there is the following one. On January 14, 1995, Mr. Orlando Morales, a well known radio broadcaster in Puerto Rico, who works in WSKN, a news network based in San Juan, was, together with four other friends, camping in the Mount Briton watchtower, up in the summit. At 10:30 P.M. they were all surprised to see a huge flying saucer type craft that came down from the sky and over-flew the watchtower at low altitude. The craft, emitting a low humming sound, flew downwards and was lost from sight as it entered the mist and clouds in the area, going down between the mountains. Morales and the others left the place at once. One of the campers had to receive medical assistance, as he suffered a nervous breakdown due to the experience.

     The craft was described as huge, about 600 ft. or more in diameter, with the shape of a classical flying saucer with many colored lights all around its underside [blue, red, purple, yellow, orange]. It also had many squared window like openings on its underside of about five ft. in size each, through which a bright white light was issuing out. The surface of the craft was described as metallic, dull grey in color. After this incident, the U.S. Forestry Service closed off the area to the public, allegedly because of repairs they were doing in road 191, in El Yunque. But 'coincidentally', from February to April,1995, several huge UFOs similar to the one observed by Morales and his friends, were observed flying into the forest or coming out from it by many residents in Rio Blanco and Florida communities, located to the southeast of the rain forest, at the foothills of the Sierra de Luquillo, in the municipality of Naguabo. Some of the sightings lasted from half an hour up to one hour, both at daytime and at night time. Most of the crafts were observed suspended in mid air right over a section of road 191 that has been closed off permanently by the U.S. Forestry Service because of an alleged landslide that has cut off the road.

     Interestingly, whenever some of the residents have tried to reach the site by foot after the sightings, U.S. soldiers in both black uniforms or camouflaged fatigue uniforms without any IDs stop them and order them in a gross manner to get out of the area, this at gun point. This area of road 191 is not a military restricted zone, as the Navy radar site in Pico del Este is. So, what is happening there? This site is well known for the many encounters visitors and U.S. Forestry Service rangers have experienced there with both Bigfoot type creatures and "Grey" type aliens. If we sum all this up and many other such incidents there, the answer seems obvious.

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Important Aspects of the UFO/Alien Situation in Puerto Rico


  Anomalous explosion and quake - How it all began

On May 31, 1987, at 1:55 P.M., the inhabitants of the southwest of Puerto Rico were shaken by both a strong tremor and the sound of a loud explosion which seemed to come from underground. Thousands experienced with fear the unexpected phenomenon.

The press media reported heavily on the earthquake, and published several accounts of neighbors from the towns of Cabo Rojo, Lajas and Mayaguez, stating how the ground shook up and down for some moments as they all heard the explosion. Also, homes and buildings in the region cracked due to the quake.

Originally, the tremor’s epicenter was pinpointed by the Puerto Rico Seismologic Service at 81,000 ft. deep under the Laguna Cartagena, a lagoon located between the towns of Lajas and Cabo Rojo, but the next day the report was strangely changed, stating that the explosion and tremor’s epicenter was located out at sea to the west of Puerto Rico, in the Mona Channel. This sudden change of the data was very suspicious, as it seemed that 'someone' wanted to veer the public's attention from the Laguna Cartagena site. Why do we think this? The following situations will explain it, as, together with the "earthquake", other events unfolded in that and the following days, which were not informed to the public, and after being disclosed by us during our investigation in the area, gave a broader aura of mystery to the situation.

The next day after the tremor and explosion, on Sunday June 1, 1987, at about 10:00 P.M., a huge unidentified flying object was seen hovering over the Laguna Cartagena. Many witnesses, residents in communities all around the site, saw the incredible object as it remained hanging there in the night sky, from their homes in the Betances Community, Maguayo community and others. Mr. Carlos Mercado, explained what he and others saw: "I was looking towards the Sierra Bermeja and the laguna and all of a sudden I saw two very big and bright stars or lights that were coming down very slowly side by side. I called my wife and got my binoculars. The lights were at the end of something very big that looked like a huge metallic looking silvery pipe. It was cylindrical with two big balls of greenish-white light at each end. On the object’s underside there was something like a revolving reddish light."

Mrs. Haydeé Alvarez, Mercado's wife, who we also interviewed on the incident, said: "...they were like two very big stars, the size of a half dollar coin, joined by a long, metallic big pipe with lights underneath it.

"Mercado and his family and neighbors have been witnesses to many of the UFO incidents in that sector because they live right in front of the main hot UFO spots there, the already mentioned Laguna Cartagena and the Sierra Bermeja, a small mountain ridge that for years have been a site of many UFO related incidents.

Mrs. Rosa Acosta, also a resident of the same community, said that: "It was really big! I was seeing it from about three kilometers away and I could still see it about six inches long from the distance... It was incredible! That thing came down and hovered there, motionless over the Laguna Cartagena, in the air. Then, about 15 minutes later, it flew up and disappeared to the south behind the Sierra Bermeja. This isn’t new here.

These mysterious lights and artifacts have been seen here for years, specially in that place. There have been occasions in which I’ve been in my hammock, here in the terrace, and all of a sudden a bright light is shining on me from above. When I look up, one of this things, something saucer shaped, is over me and shining a bright white light on me. This has happened a couple of times...Why they do it, I don’t know...and why me...I wonder about it."

Carlitos Muñoz, a young lad present during the interviews, explained his whole family has been seeing this type of objects for some time: "About a year ago [1986], one night, all of us at home saw a very big platform, something that came down from the sky and remained motionless there, over the Laguna Cartagena. It had very bright yellow and green lights, and many smaller luminous objects were coming out from the underside of that platform and flying away in different directions. They kept going in and out from that thing. After some minutes the smaller objects entered the big one and it flew away and disappeared up in the sky. It happens regularly... and always over the Sierra Bermeja and the Laguna."

Many people called the regional radio stations to report the sighting of the huge UFO over the lagoon, but astoundingly, these object returned for two more consecutive nights to the place, always at 10:00 - 10:30 P.M. , remaining motionless over the Laguna at about 500 ft. of altitude, for some minutes, before leaving.

  Enigmatic circles and beamed "X rays"

Some days later, moved by the reports from witnesses indicating that the objects always flew away over and behind the Sierra Bermeja, next to the Laguna Cartagena, we went to the sector behind the ridge, the Olivares sector and the garbage dump area there, already in the municipality of the town of Lajas, and next to "La Parguera" resort area, also in Lajas. While investigating there we made an unexpected finding, several perfect circular marks clearly defined as if cut over the terrain could be clearly seen in a field next to the Sierra Bermeja, in a land sector that belonged to Mr. Fidel Avilés, a land owner and businessman. When measured, most of the circles were 35 to 40 ft. in diameter and perfectly defined by a rim 3 ft. wide, a rim almost totally devoid of grass, in which the soil seemed to have been baked by a great heat effect and become harder than the soil outside the rim or inside of it. Only the soil inside the rim seemed to be affected, different. The small quantity of grass still in the rim’s area was totally dried up and dead.

When asked, all neighbors were surprised to see the circles, they had not noticed them before. The circles seemed to have formed there overnight. The neighbors stated they knew nothing about them, that they usually go to sleep early, so they couldn’t tell whatever happened or what formed them, but they all stated that for several nights, beginning with the night after the so called "earthquake" and "explosion" they had seen "... strange lights and a very big object with many colored lights hovering in the sky and flying over the Sierra Bermeja in the direction of Cabo Rojo and the Laguna, to the other side of the Sierra." The descriptions of the objects seen by them were similar to the ones given by the witnesses from the other side of the Sierra., towards Betances and Maguayo communities.

Mr. Roosevelt Acosta, his brother Heriberto and other relatives who live in Olivares sector all attested to this, also indicating that on some occasions neighbors there, as well as themselves, had seen strange small beings which seemed to have a faint glow to their bodies and which disappeared very fast whenever they were approached by the witnesses.

On one occasion Mrs. Dolín Acosta, another resident of Olivares sector, was in her home's balcony and a bright beam of light suddenly came from above and engulfed her. "It was a very bright white light- she said -, and it was coming from above the balcony’s ceiling. There was a hole in the ceiling and as I looked up... There was a thing up there... Something like a big ball of light, and a bright beam of light was coming out of it and shining on me. When I looked at myself... I couldn’t believe it! I could see my bones! It was as if I looking at an X ray plaque! I could see the bones in my fingers, in my arms, my body...even my toes! That object was up there and I could hear a soft sound coming out from it, something like air being ejected out from it at intervals, like pssss...pssss...pssss". It then left, but for some minutes I could still see myself like that. My sister Eunice came out from her room to see what was causing the bright light and we both could see the inside of our bodies, our bones. When I looked at her she had no eyes, I could clearly see her empty eye sockets, and she saw the same thing on me. After about five minutes we were back to normal." No after effects were ever felt by Dolín and her sister.

But let’s get back to the circles. Mr. Fidel Avilés, owner of the land where they appeared, stated: "I’ve lived here for 50 years and I never saw anything like this. Those circles appeared there overnight after the explosion and the tremor."

Avilés has a small foods store there in Olivares, and other three circles had appeared behind the store the morning we interviewed him. His son, Fillo Avilés, who attends the store, explained that that same morning a young man, very nervous, had come to the store and explained him and others there that he was camping with a group of friends farther down the road and went out for a ride in his motorcycle at about 3:00 A.M. As he passed in front of the store he saw that there were three strange luminous objects hovering next to the ground behind the store. According to what the young man told Fillo, the luminous things he saw were "... round, soundless, and looked like upside down dishes, with bright yellowish light emanating from them". He got scared and left the place at once.

About the circles we found, at first there were 8 circles, two days later there were 12 of them. Intrigued, we talked about it with our friends Captain Luis Irizarry, a certified airplane and airline pilot with many years of experience, and Julio César Rivera, a flying student. They agreed on taking us in Irizarry’s plane to over-fly the area and take some photos. As we did it we were surprised by what we saw: There were 38 of those circles there in the terrain! They looked totally symmetrical and tended to be in pairs. Some days later we took some samples from the soil in the circles and sent them to the Agricultural Extension Division Program in Mayaguez, a major city next to Cabo Rojo, in order to check if a type of mushroom that we found at the place could have formed the circles, but it was certified by the program’s cytologist that the type of fungus involved couldn’t have formed them. Also, the soil samples showed that the pH in the soil had changed, but only in the rim's area. The other samples taken from inside and outside the circles were totally normal. But there were many other strange things pertaining to the so called "earthquake". Let's see them.

  Cobalt blue smoke and mysterious men in Laguna Cartagena

We found more weird angles to what happened before, during and after the tremor of May 31, 1987. Several neighbors of Maguayo sector, next to the Laguna, stated that the night prior to the explosion and tremor they had seen a strange big "red ball of fire" which flew and made several turns over the Laguna and then descended in a controlled and slow fashion while making a buzzing sound, and disappeared slowly into the waters of the Laguna Cartagena.

At 2:00 A.M., many residents of Maguayo were awakened by a very strong and brilliant white light that was coming in through all the windows and openings in their houses. Curious about it, the neighbors looked out and were amazed by the sight of a huge flying saucer type craft that was hovering low over the laguna, as if searching for something there. According to them all, the craft was covered by bright white light and it was circling the area very slowly. After about 2 minutes the craft left, disappearing in the sky very fast. The next day, at 1:55 p.m. the tremor and explosion occurred. We must remember that the epicenter of the tremor and explosion was originally officially pinpointed by the authorities at 81,000 ft. deep under the Laguna Cartagena... An unidentified object is seen entering the laguna, another unidentified object is seen late at night hovering and circling over the laguna as if looking for something there ...and the next day an explosion that rocks the whole region is felt ...having originated in the Laguna Cartagena. What really happened in that place?

After this incident, many jet fighters, helicopters and big AWACs type radar planes were being seen constantly flying low and circling over the laguna as if searching for something there, and the fishermen and neighbors continued to report seeing UFOs going in and out from the sea, at the coastline, as well as hovering over the Sierra Bermeja and the Laguna Cartagena.

Several cracks in the land appeared after the explosion, in different places of Lajas and Cabo Rojo, and many witnesses stated that a bright cobalt blue colored smoke issued out with force from these crevices. Mr. Pedro Asencio Vargas, resident in sector "La 22", of Llanos Tuna, Cabo Rojo, and who is a teacher, stated this happened at his home: "I saw it clearly, some cracks appeared in the ground in my yard and this blue smoke came out from them with force. This frightened me and my family. I feared that maybe a volcano was forming in my land. Some people from the Mayaguez Agricultural and Mechanical Arts College [part of the University of Puerto Rico complex specialized in engineering and agricultural techniques] came to check on what happened, but strangely, they refused to take samples of the residues from the blue smoke and powder that remained on some of the plants and the ground. That was strange, because they said that they were investigating what happened... Then, why would they refuse to take the samples and analyze them? I still don’t understand their behavior."

But this bright cobalt blue smoke also issued out from the Laguna Cartagena, according to several witnesses. Mr. Carlos [Carlencho] Medina, together with other residents of the Maguayo community, stated that after the explosion there was a bright blue smoke issuing out from the lagoon [cobalt blue smoke has nothing to do with volcanism or seismic-geological activity], and the place was cordoned off by a strange unidentified personnel. This personnel was composed by some men dressed in camouflaged fatigue military uniforms with their ID tags covered with tape labels, others were dressed as civilians in plain clothes or elegant suits, but with rubber boots up to their knees, and still others were dressed in white head to toes coverall anti-contamination type suits. The men dressed in the anti-contamination suits had thick dark grey gloves and boots on and were taking samples in huge translucent canisters of the lagoon’s water, mud and soil, as well as of the plants there. According to the witnesses, they had some type of "radios" they were using to check something in the water, their descriptions of the "radios" reminded us of radiation counters.

The military and the men in suits prevented anyone from getting to the place, stating that special personnel was there "... to investigate whatever happened here", and that no one was to be allowed into the area. Medina and others explained that the second day a dark green military helicopter with no markings was brought to the area and a big metallic ball with something that looked like electronic equipment on it was lowered into the water attached to a very long metallic line that was attached to the helicopter. The personnel there seemed to be looking for something. The witnesses also noted there were a number of beige colored vans and Bronco type vehicles with small revolving parabolic type antennas on top of them.

Mrs. Zulma Ramírez de Perez, who was, at that time, one of the owners, together with her family, of part of the land where the Laguna Cartagena is located, went to the site with her sister to see what had happened because they had seen bright blue smoke issuing out from the lagoon in an area where there is water [the same area Carlos Medina and others went to]. Several American men dressed in dark suits with a rectangular red tag on the right side of their suits, some type of American agents, according to the ladies, approached them and ordered them to leave the place at once. They explained that the land was theirs and the agents replied that they didn’t care, that they would have to leave anyway, and said they were trying to find out what really happened there. This was strange, as in the previous occasion with Carlos Medina, the women were told that they were trying to determine what happened there... But wasn’t it officially informed by the authorities that it was a tremor what had happened there... or wasn’t it? These men were tall, Caucasian, blond and dressed in fine looking suits, but wearing, as already stated, what seemed to be black rubber boots. They also had metallic silvery briefcases with them, according to the two sisters.

At this point Mrs. Ramírez said something very important, she stated her entire family had been seeing flying saucer type crafts coming out from or entering the waters of the Laguna Cartagena since the year1956. "At first they were very bright and luminous - she said -, and as they came out you could define more clearly their shape. They were disc shaped, silvery, metallic, with trans-lucid domes on top and they had many beautiful colored lights all around them. They made a whooshing sound. You could see people, figures inside the domes, because on some occasions, when they came out we yelled at them and they would stop in the air in front of us. We tried to report these things we were seeing to the media, but no one would pay attention to us by then, so we just let it be.

"In fact, my brother Quintín, now dead, one night back in 1964, yelled at them that he wanted to know how they were, to see if they were really from outer space, as people said, and that same night he had an encounter with them. He went to bed and suddenly felt an urge to go to the laguna. He got dressed, got on his jeep and drove toward "Las Guanábanas" dirt lane, to the back of the laguna. Getting off the jeep he saw two figures approaching him from the laguna. They were tall white men, about 6 to 7 ft. tall. Men with long fair blond hair and dressed in one piece tight fitting silvery suits. They were very beautiful and delicate, almost women looking, he said. He was too nervous, and he asked them not to come any closer, that he couldn’t stand it. They smiled sweetly to him and walked back into the lagoon. He fled the place and in the morning explained everything to us. He was very upset because we wouldn’t believe him. After that he never said anything else to us. We know he had other encounters with this beings, because some nights he disappeared into the laguna, and he wouldn’t talk about what he was doing there all night. But we knew he was with "his friends", as he used to call them. I’m sorry he’s dead now, because I know he’d be happy hearing all the things people are saying about the laguna and aliens there, because it would back up everything he said."

The day after the explosion and tremor, a green military unmarked helicopter landed on top of one of the hills of Sierra Bermeja, just behind the residence of Mr. Milton Velez. Velez, his wife and children all saw several men dressed in green military fatigues and boots and wearing black berets get off the helicopter and start scanning the soil all over the hill with instruments which looked to Milton as metal detectors. "They looked as special forces people to me - stated Velez-, they were looking for something up there. After an hour so, they left in the helicopter without any explanations." In more recent days Velez, his family and neighbors have all seen luminous flying saucers that come down from the sky in the night and remain motionless next to a radar blimp installed there by the government. After some minutes the UFOs leave very fast. This has become a common event there. More on this radar blimp involvement with the situation will be discussed further ahead in this report.


Due to the many sightings of luminous objects and repeated explosions in the area, the authorities, this by means of official 'explanations' given by seismologists, stated that all the sightings were due to earth energies released to the atmosphere over these areas from geological faults deep underground. According to them, the friction in these faults produced the 'lights', dismissing the UFO sightings as misidentifications by the unknowing witnesses.

The real situation was that many of the sightings had to do with well defined solid, metallic objects that flew over the areas in an intelligently controlled fashion. Most of the UFOs were saucer-like and cigar shaped objects. Others were described as balls of light or balls that also flew in a controlled manner.

Mr. Luis Bonet, from the town of Hormigueros, about 20 miles away from Cabo Rojo, intrigued by the incidents in the Laguna Cartagena, visited the place late at night to see if he could see anything strange there. Instead he experienced this: "After the explosion, some days later, I went there to see what was happening. I was walking in the darkness and suddenly someone touched me in the back. That scared me and I let a foul word out. Whoever it was responded in English and asked me who I was and what I was doing there, that I had to leave at once or I'd get into a problem. I told him, an American blonde man dressed in a fine black suit with a tie, that I was investigating on what had happened there, and he ordered me to get out from the place, stating that they [whoever they were] were investigating if whatever happened there was something natural or something else. I didn't want any problems, so I left."

  Two policemen, a black helicopter and ‘federal agents’

Also, and this is the first time we are disclosing this, we interviewed a policeman who was at the laguna with another fellow policeman friend of his a couple of days before the explosion. Something happened there that day they’ll never forget.

According to the policeman, they had gone to the lagoon to do some fishing, and suddenly his friend and fellow policeman saw strange movements in a slope in one of the hills of the Sierra Bermeja and smoke issuing from the ground. He went up the hill to have a look and saw several men dressed in coverall silvery looking suits together with gloves and boots who were checking something in the area with what looked like geiger counters. His friend calls him and as he climbs up the hill they notice some other men, dressed likewise, hauling three big rolls of thick black electrical or communications rubber covered cables several inches wide in big black trucks. The men then entered one of the cables in the lagoon’s water, specifically in the area free from the grass that grows on most of it’s surface [the area where most of the sightings have occurred and from where the Ramírez’s used to see the UFOs come out from]. The other trucks entered a lane in one of the cattle ranches there to the right and was lost from their sight.

At that moment a helicopter appeared as from nowhere and someone ordered them through a speaker to stop where they were and get down the hill at once. The policeman, whose name we can’t give for obvious security reasons, explained that: "It was a big black helicopter with no markings. Someone inside of it ordered us to stop and said they knew we were armed. How did they know that we had our guns with us? I still can’t understand that. Maybe they had some type of equipment in the helicopter that enabled them to know about it. We came down from the hill and they landed next to us, very fast. Two men dressed in black jumpsuits and armed jumped down from the helicopter and asked my friend to come closer. They were white, with dark hair and mustaches, Hispanic looking. He joined them and came back very upset, with a worried look.

"Now we are in trouble - he said - they are federal people [agents]."I told him not to worry and we both went to the helicopter. They asked what we were doing and we explained that we were policemen off duty fishing at the place". They answered in perfect Spanish with Puerto Rican accent: "You can’t go up there. This is a restricted place under the U.S. federal government and we are doing an experiment here." What type of experiment, they never said [this statement from the helicopter men was a lie, because the area was not "leased" to the U.S. Federal Government by an "agreement" between the Puerto Rican local government and the U.S. Fishing and Wildlife Service until August 8, 1989]."

The policeman continued explaining: "They took us away to an area there between two hills in the sierra, and there was a camping tent. A tall white man dressed in a military suit came out from the tent, he seemed to be an American officer. This man talked to them, and we perceived he was asking them why they had taken us there. He seemed very concerned and annoyed by our presence."

After talking with the military man one of the men approached them and the next thing they are aware of is that they are lying face down on the ground in the dirt road that goes out from the Laguna Cartagena to road 101. Our policeman is the first one to react, and when he is coming to, he heard a man say in perfect Spanish: "Hey, they are waking up. Let’s go." Then some men got into a car and left very fast. Both policemen woke up, but remained dazed for some time, sitting there in the dirt road. They left the place and never returned to it. Our policeman’s friend remained somewhat disturbed after the experience, moving later to New York, and he’s not coming back to Puerto Rico.

"I don’t know what happened. Those men did something to us, because we can’t remember what happened after the man with the military officer came to us at the tent camp, only that we woke up in the dirt road and in a dazed state. It was as if we had been drugged and taken there. Now I can say that. I’m sure they drugged us somehow. But why? We didn’t see anything important... I think... Only these men in the silvery suites with the cables going into the water... Who knows... maybe that is what they didn’t want us to see... and the military officer... And then, some days later the explosion and the earthquake there... All this is weird, very weird", commented the policeman.


On March 4, 1988, at 2:00 P.M., another strong underground explosion was felt and heard in the Lajas-Cabo Rojo area. Radio broadcaster Raymond Stewart, from Super B radio station in Lajas, described the explosion as "Incredible!" , stating it seemed more like an underground blasting than an earthquake. Many people called the radio station to inquire on the situation, and also to report on the sighting of two huge balls of orange light that came down from the sky and hovered over the Laguna Cartagena. The sightings were explained away by the local authorities as observations of the planets Jupiter and Venus, but the fact is that both objects had a bright orange color and were observed moving in the sky by hundreds of witnesses, many of them from different observation points all over the region. Analyzing the many reports given by the witnesses, we came to he conclusion that both objects were right over Laguna Cartagena when sighted. Also, we verified Jupiter's and Venus's position in the sky that day and they were in an astral position to the northwest. Also, they had a whitish glow, not an orange one.

At the same time, squadrons of military U.S. jets began flying low over the area and specially over the Laguna Cartagena, together with a big green military airplane with a round radar dish on top of it [Hawkeye, AWAC?]. These type of radar is used for special missions. All this worried the residents in the zone. What was this special radar reconnaissance aircraft looking for in the Laguna? Were the jets escorting it for protection? If so, why? No one knows yet the answers to these questions.

After these "tremors" the number of sightings and incidents continued growing. In one of the many sightings in the sector, on Wednesday March 8, 1988, at about 5:40 P.M., Mr. Jesus Padilla and several other neighbors from Parcelas Betances community observed a strange black triangle- pyramid shaped object with colored lights fly over the sector and to the west.

In April 1, 1988, there was another explosion and another big ball of light was observed coming from the south and hovering over the Sierra Bermeja. Several residents of Betances community saw a huge cigar shaped object with colored lights and two smaller ones that came out from the first one which hovered over the Laguna and then flew away to the west, positioning themselves for some minutes over the Sierra Bermeja, right over the premises, then under construction, of a so called Voice of America Radio Station. The sector involved with this "Voice of America station" has been a place of many UFO sightings too. For some strange reason these objects seem to keep a surveillance on the area. The U.S. Government built something there, but the announced radio station has never operated. The area is off limits to everyone, but no one knows what really was built there. After hovering over the mountain the smaller light entered the bigger one and then the main object flew away to the west, disappearing from sight. Among the witnesses of this sighting were Mrs. Dora Rodriguez Acosta, Mr. Edgardo Plaza, Miss Karen Mercado and Miss Marylin Acosta, and some others.

In November, 1988, almost 300 people participating in a political rally saw a cigar shaped luminous UFO hovering above Betances community, and then over the Sierra Bermeja and the laguna, while releasing many smaller luminous objects from its interior. The sighting lasted for half an hour.

  Huge Triangle shaped UFO captured and disappeared two U.S. Jet fighters in Cabo Rojo

The situation continued going on and " in crescendo" until the night in which two U. S. Navy jet fighters were apparently abducted in mid air by a huge triangular shaped UFO and disappeared in front of more than 115 witnesses that have surfaced up to this moment. This event happened in the night of Dec. 28, 1988, at 7:45 P.M.

According to most witnesses, there seemed to be three jet fighters involved with the incident, two of them disappeared in mid air as they intercepted and closed in on the huge triangular UFO, and the third one fled the area flying to the north, being chased by several big red balls of light that came out from the UFO. After this, the UFO split into two separate triangular objects in a silent flash of light, after which one of the objects or sections flew off very fast to the north and the other one flew to the east, disappearing. As readers must realize, this incident has profound implications to all of us, and is one of the most important UFO incidents reported in the recent years in Puerto Rico and abroad.

  The United States Government "leases" the area

On August 8, 1989, after the jets/UFO incident, after rumors in that sense, the Laguna Cartagena was "leased" by an "agreement" to the U.S. Wildlife and Fishing Service, in order to "preserve" animal species there in danger of extinction. The area is now under U.S. control by this agreement for 50 years, and possibly for other 50 years after this. Later on, the federal authorities took control of another UFO hot spot in the Sierra Bermeja, a field next to the Pitahaya-Olivares sector, in the coast-line, next to the mangroves channels between La Parguera and the Cabo Rojo lighthouse or beacon, another area in which many UFOs are seen regularly going into the water or flying out from it, an area that has been closely watched upon by U.S. Navy vessels and planes, and by those days was restricted and placed under the control of numerous U.S. military troops for 2 months, with no explanations to anyone [the lighthouse area]. The ‘official’ reason for controlling the field in the Pitahaya-Olivares area? The authorities wanted to locate an aerostat, a potent radar blimp, in that area in order to detect and prevent drug smuggling by air and by sea. Eventually, the radar was deployed and anchored there and the place was declared off limits to everyone. Coincidentally, the same type of aerostat or radar blimp has been located at other UFO hot spots in the USA and other places. One of these hot places is the Gulf Breeze Pensacola region, where for some years now there has been a lot of UFO incidence. Another site is Marfa, Texas. But, is this only by ‘coincidence’? A strange pattern seems to emerge from all this ‘coincidences’.

Since then, on many occasions many witnesses, policemen, soldiers and neighbors to the area, have seen UFOs, both clearly defined metallic looking discs and luminous objects, fly next to the blimp and hover next to it emitting strange light flashes in a pattern similar to one the blimp emits. To some, this seems as if both airborne objects are communicating through the light flashes. Sometimes the UFOs are chased away by U.S. military aircraft, but as a matter of fact, whenever this happens [the UFOs coming down and hovering next to the radar blimp] the blimp malfunctions and has to be repaired. According to inside sources all the computer systems in the installation go blank, they erase, and have to be re-programmed. To many, the real reason for this installation there is a different one: the UFO situation in the area. Example of this is the following sighting by Mr. Luis Collado and some other residents of Olivares sector.

  A strange craft next to the aerostat compound

As we were talking to Mr. Miguel Figueroa, a resident of Lajas, about an encounter he had had with several 'Gray' type aliens in road 101, next to the Laguna Cartagena, another man, Mr. Luis Collado, approached us to tell us about something he had seen in the night of August 17, 1991, when he saw a strange craft next to the aerostat facilities.

After being introduced to us by Mr. Benito Collado, he guided us to the exact spot where he saw the craft, just in front of the dumping site and next to the aerostat installation, explaining that: "I was driving on this road in Olivares sector at about 2:00 A.M. after leaving the home of some friends in Las Palmas sector to go home...when suddenly I got here and saw a very weird thing there in front in the mountain, and stopped my car and got off it to have a better look. What I saw was something very strange that was suspended in mid air over that mountain that divides this sector from La Parguera sector, just in the farm Freddie Guindín administers. Look, it was something like one of those so called flying saucers, but it had something on top... You know the conical upper part of the witches hats? It was something like that, conical on top and a circular base around it. It was big and it had many lights around it. It was metallic, like silvery. But the strangest thing was there was something coming out from underneath it, like a swirling mist that went directly down to the mountain, to the ground, in a column, but swirling, in a spiraling column. That column was semi-luminous. It was a column of light and clouds or mist coming down from that object...I believe that thing was an OVNI [UFO]."

Luis continued: "I said to myself...What a strange thing! I had never seen something like that. And you could hear a humming sound coming from that thing. It just stood there, and after looking at it for a while I left. But that thing was really there and I’m sure I saw it. And the policemen who watch over that place [the aerostat facilities] surely saw it too, because that thing was on top of the mountain at the entrance of the place, so they also had to see it, there’s no doubt in my mind about it. If I felt the humming sound coming from it here, in the road, they must have heard it louder there, because they were closer to it. I don’t know, but we have a feeling here that the aerostat has nothing to do with the drugs problem, as the government wants us to believe. We think that it has something to do with the UFOs that are being observed here, maybe to keep an eye on them."

He made it clear that at first he was reluctant to talk on what he saw, fearing no one would believe him, but after hearing us talking to Mr. Figueroa, he realized the importance of what he saw pertaining to the UFO situation in the area and changed his mind, for which we thanked him deeply.

Collado’s information was very interesting, but there was nothing to back it up, fortunately, while visiting that same day Mr. Roosevelt Acosta’s residence, his sister Dolín [already mentioned as "the woman who was X rayed by a UFO"] and her daughters and a son in law all stated that on the early hours of august 17, 1990, they all saw while going to Roosevelt’s home a strange craft suspended in the air over a mountain next to the aerostat facilities. According to them it was about 2:00 - 2:30 A.M. when they saw it, and it was something "...like a flying saucer with a pointed thing on top and with many lights. It came flying from the west and then it suspended itself over that mountain [the same one Collado identified to us] and something like smoke came down from it in a swirling motion to the ground."

The sighting was confirmed! Four totally independent witnesses saw the same object reported by Luis Collado at the same hour and in the same place. Dolín Acosta and her family stated they observed the UFO for about an hour, after which they went to sleep, not knowing what happened to it after that.

Also, among others, Mrs. Jocelyn Irizarry and her family, residents in road 116 of Lajas, saw a huge flying saucer shaped craft in the air next to the blimp back in November 1991. Because of all these situations most residents in the southwest believe the radar blimp’s facilities were placed there to keep an eye on the UFO activity and try to detect the UFO's trajectories and pinpoint the exact areas they enter or exit constantly from both at sea and on land.

  Has there been reported direct alien presence in the area?
    Yes, there has been a lot, and the following are just some examples.

As already mentioned, Mr. Manuel Figueroa, a resident of Palmarejo sector, in Lajas, had a close encounter with several 'Gray" type alien beings in the early hours of August 31, 1990, a s he was driving down road 101, close to Laguna Cartagena. The creatures had been observed by several other people in the area, who told him about them and the direction they had taken walking down road 101. Surprising to him, he found the five aliens walking in the road in front of him. They were grey, thin, frail looking, with large heads, pointed ears, with a slit-like mouth with no lips, small nostrils for a nose, and large almond shaped luminous eyes, which issued out a bright white light.. They had long arms with hands with only three fingers, and feet with only three toes.

As Figueroa drove closer to them they turned around and looked at him with their bright eyes, which he understood as a warning for him to stay away from them. He stopped and then kept following them from a short distance, afraid, but also fascinated by the beings. At a moment, they all turned to the left and jumped over a small bridge in the road into a small creek that connected to Laguna Cartagena, disappearing there. Still nervous and shocked by the encounter, Figueroa left and went home. Bur in the morning something strange happened. Figueroa received a phone call at his home and a man, speaking in Spanish with an American English accent ,told him not to talk or say anything to anyone about what he had seen and where the little men had gone into [the Laguna Cartagena, site of most of the UFO incidents in the area], that if he did say " something bad could happen to him". That was it! He was already scared by what he had seen, and then that... What worried him the most was how the mysterious man had obtained so quickly his telephone number, because it was a private line, and even more, it was listed under another person’s name, not his. Even so, the man who called wanted to talk directly to him, Mr. Miguel Figueroa. How could he know...? Figueroa still can’t explain it.

At this moment Miguel Figueroa is convinced that what he saw at the early hours of august 31, 1990 was related to the many UFO incidents reported in the sector. At first I wouldn’t talk about it, but I have seen UFOs, flying saucers in this area before. And I tell you, what is happening here is real, and these beings must have a base or something underground in this area. I don’t think they are aggressive. I was alone, and that light they emitted indicated that they are powerful, even so, they didn’t harm me. They could have, but they didn’t. It was as if they were telling me "don’t get any closer’, but they didn’t want to hurt me. I only wish this hadn’t occurred...because I can’t deal with this. I would like to forget it all."

Coincidentally, both Timothy Good and I, together with other investigators, were in that very same area in the afternoon of August 31, 1990, but the report on the case did not come to our knowledge until days later.

  "Two weird creatures checking a plant..."

On the night of august 13, 1991, Mrs. Marisol Camacho, a young woman who lives at the rear of the Maguayo community, just next to the Laguna Cartagena, received an unexpected visit at her home by two strange and ‘weird’ creatures, as she described them.

"I was sleeping - she said-, it was about 2:00 a.m. in the morning, and I heard strange noises outside, next to my balcony. I got up and came to the balcony’s window [with metallic venetian blinds]. There was someone there mumbling something, a strange jargon. I opened the window very slowly and...Oh, God! There were two of the weirdest creatures you can imagine standing there in the balcony! They were checking one of the plants I have, the one we call Queso Suizo [‘Swiss cheese’ - the scientific name of this plant is ‘Monsterosa deliciosa’, an ornamental tropical plant with leaves with many holes, therefore such a name]. They were taking leaves from the plant and mumbling. They looked really interested in it. I was surprised, and...I don’t know why, but I couldn’t move, I was frozen there...looking at them. They were almost four ft. tall, and had big heads. The heads were egg shaped, big at the top and with a narrow chin. They were skinny and seemed to be gray in color, all gray, and they were naked. They had big black elongated eyes that tapered to the sides of their heads. No pupils and no white in them. Their faces were flat, with a narrow slit for a mouth, no lips, and two small holes for a nose. I never felt any fear, I was fascinated by what I was seeing. They seemed like children to me! "

Asked about their hands, she explained that: "...they had arms longer than ours, and long skinny hands with four long fingers. They didn’t seem to notice me at the window. They took leaves from the plant and left talking between them in that fast mumbling jargon. They left walking slowly toward the Laguna Cartagena, entered the brush there at the end of the street and disappeared. I just couldn’t believe it! What the people around here was saying was true! There are aliens here! I saw them, and I’m sure of what I saw. After they left I could move again. I went to bed and later explained what I had seen to my husband."

But the aliens came back two weeks later: "It was again late at night -she said-, I heard the same sounds, got up and went to the same window, it was partially closed... and there they were again! The same ones or others identical to the first ones... but I felt they were the same ones. They were checking the same plant again and talking in that mumbled jargon... But this time I was able to move and I tried to tell them something, I began to open the blinds, but when they heard the window opening they looked at me very fast and then ran very fast down the street toward the Laguna Cartagena again, disappearing there.

"I don’t know what they want, but they don’t seem to be dangerous. They didn’t harm me. And they didn’t harm my dogs, who slept all the time while they were here in the balcony... One thing is sure, they are already here, living with us. We should prepare to face that fact... and I’m convinced that they are there in the Laguna Cartagena. That’s their territory there."

A week after this second visit, many of her neighbors were witness to a brilliantly colored disc that hovered for about 3 minutes some 50 ft. above her home one night at 9:30 p.m.

  An alien in the irrigation canal

The witness to this other encounter is Mr. Ulises Pérez, a young man who lives in Lajas. One afternoon, at 11:30 a.m., he was riding his motorcycle on a dirt road in a desolate cattle ranch in Cuesta Blanca sector, located between La Parguera and the Laguna Cartagena, when: "... the bike fell in a water-filled hole and it sputtered and turned off. I began checking it, because it wouldn’t start, and after fixing what I believed to be the cause of the problem, when I was trying to start it again, I looked there, to that irrigation canal...and I saw that thing there!

"What I saw was like... something that was seated or crouched over a tree’s log there at the edge of the canal. That thing’s skin looked as if raw. You know, as when you cut off a slice of your skin, that the cut looks whitish with pink-reddish dots in it? That’s the way it’s skin looked. It was a pale whitish skin, colorless, like those pale salamander lizards?, just like that. We looked at each other for a moment, without moving. I was scared with that thing there. I’m not shamed to admit it, and I tried to start the bike to get away. As I moved, that thing jumped and disappeared under the water in the canal. I saw it’s feet as they disappeared under the water lilies there. The bike started and I fled. I got home, and nervously explained what I had seen. My friends and relatives wouldn’t believe me, but they went to the place with me to see. Seeing the trail of crushed water lilies there they believed me, and they were scared."

According to Ulises the creature was identical to the ones already described in the previous encounters. "What impressed me the most was it’s big head and those huge black eyes it had", he stated. As in the other cases, there’s a connection to the Laguna Cartagena, because the irrigation canal in which Ulises saw the creature connects eventually to the laguna.

All these cases seem to imply that these type of beings have possibly established their habitat deep under the Laguna Cartagena and other bodies of water in the region. It has been stated before by other investigators that this type of creature’s species may be amphibian in nature, due to the webbing described regularly between their fingers by many witnesses.

  An old man’s encounter with several "Grays"

Another such encounter case in the Sierra Bermeja or next to the laguna is that of Mr. Eleuterio Acosta, a very serious 80 years old man who lives in the Olivares sector, just in front of the radar blimp facilities, who confronted five of these small gray creatures at his home. Eleuterio, grabbing a heavy stick threatened to strike at them with it while yelling at them to get out from his house. At that moment he became aware of another taller but similar type of being that said something in a fast jargon to the others. Then the small ones ran towards the venetian blinds window outside of which was standing the taller one, and incredibly changed their shape, going out through the window through the blinds! Then all six of the creatures fled, running very fast up into the Sierra Bermeja mountains, at the back of his home.

  An abduction prevented?

There is also Mrs. Albita Acosta’s encounter case. Albita, also a resident in the Olivares sector, and who is also a witness to many of the UFOs seen next to the radar blimp, fought off and prevented an apparent intended abduction on her by this type of creatures in May,1991.

  Aliens in the aerostat's anchoring platform

Also, there is the encounter some policemen who guard the place had with several of these creatures in the radar blimp [aerostat] facilities, in the blimp’s anchoring section, after it was built. It happened one night of April,1990. One of the policemen noticed from a distance that there seemed to be some children playing in the concrete platform for the anchoring of the blimp. He approached the site in his patrol car and turned on his car's spotlight, only to see that instead of children the ones there were really several strange creatures described by him as 3 to 4 ft. tall, big headed and grayish in color. The small beings fled running in different directions and the policeman called by radio asking for back up, repeating the 1050 code. When help arrived the creatures had disappeared. An extensive search was made, but to no avail. We were able to interview confidentially one of the policemen involved with the incident, who verified the details reported here.

Some days later, another group of policemen there saw a top-like flying saucer with a golden aura around it that almost landed in the aerostat's premises. The next day another of the mysterious circles appeared in the ground right where the UFO was sighted. The circle was "erased" from the ground when orders were given to use a bulldozer and remove the ground.

But there are more important accounts that seem to give us an answer on the reason for what’s going on in this area. One of such is the following one.

  "They took me to their base..."

Mr. Carlos Manuel Mercado, also already mentioned, and one of the many witnesses who saw the two U.S. jet fighters abduction in mid air over the Laguna Cartagena by a huge triangular UFO in Dec., 1988, and whom we have come to know very well and to respect as a serious and honest man, revealed during our interview to him that something shocking had happened to him one night six months before the jets incident he witnessed. This other experience happened in June 1988:

"I was trying to get some sleep that night, but it was so hot that I just couldn’t do it. My family was asleep. I got up and lied down on the sofa in the family room, trying to get some fresh there, but to no avail. I just couldn’t sleep. As I was there, I suddenly saw a flash of light outside and heard a buzzing sound. Some moments later someone knocked three times on the venetian blinds windows in front of me. The upper half of the windows were open, but the lower half were closed. I got up and opened the window... and there they were! Three small men looking at me...but they weren’t human. I was surprised, but a voice told me in my mind 'Do not to be scared, everything is fine. Nothing is going to happen to you. Do not be scared. We want to show you something.' At first I was surprised, but when I heard the voice I felt calm, very calm. They asked me to come out, but not with their mouths, they never opened their mouths, it was in my mind. I opened the door... I felt I had to do it, somehow I knew that they wouldn’t harm me."

According to Manuel, the little men were almost four ft. tall in size, with big pear shaped heads, pale gray skin and big black slanted eyes with no pupils. The beings had no ears and a small slit for a mouth [see drawings by Mercado]. They only had two small nostrils for a nose. Another thing; these beings had like small bumps in the skin of their faces... "Like acne? Something like that," he said. According to him the beings were humanoid in shape, but their arms were a little longer than in humans. All three of them were dressed in tight fitting sandy colored one piece outfits, " like mechanics", he said, "and only their hands and heads were outside the suits. Two of them took me by my hands and down the road to the front of my home [in front of the Sierra Bermeja] I... I couldn’t believe it... There was a flying saucer there! It was standing on three metallic legs that came down from it’s underside. It was round, with a dome on top of it with windows, and many colored lights all around it by the rim. You know the shape of the water hydrants? That’s the shape that thing had [see drawing by Mercado]! There was an opening on it’s underside, a hatch, from which a long stair came down to the ground. They asked me to climb up the stair and we boarded the craft...because that was a craft... There were more of those little men there, and the place was full of machines with many colored lights and panels. That was in the many windows area, like a cockpit in the dome. The little men introduced me to a taller being that was about my size [5’9"]. I felt more comfortable with this one because, even being like the others, because he was taller and looked a little more human-like, less ordinary. This one was dressed with a white robe and they said that he was their captain-medic.

"This taller being explained they meant not harm to me, that they only wanted to show and tell me something so I could later relate it to other people. He said something to the others in the panels and I felt the legs coming up and a clamping sound, the hatch closed and the craft began moving. I was impressed, but not afraid. They kept me calm somehow. The craft shot up, and I believed we would go far away, but instead of that the craft veered to the left and fell toward the Sierra Bermeja. I was afraid we’d crash, but a hole appeared in a depression to the side of ‘El Cayúl’ mountain and the craft went all the way down it through a tunnel and came out down a big place that seemed to be underground, like a very big and long cavern! There were many barracks-like structures, buildings inside that place, and hundreds, many of the little aliens there working as in production lines assembling electronics or mechanical parts, machinery...


"There were many crafts down there, but not like airplanes or helicopters, no, no ... All the crafts there were saucer shaped or like triangles or hexagonals...

"The tall being explained: "As you can see, we have a base here for the maintenance of our craft’s systems, we have been here for a long time and we don’t intend to leave. We want the earth people to know that we mean no harm, that we don’t mean to conquer you either. We want to reach out to you and establish a direct relationship with you that will be beneficial to both parties. Earth people can rest assured that we don’t mean any harm in any way." "I said: 'why me, I’m a simple man, nobody would believe me', and he said "It doesn’t matter. People will hear you, as well as many others we are contacting and bringing here to see the same. When people with knowledge hear what you simple people, as you call yourself, are saying, they’ll know you are telling the truth."

"After that they brought me back home, and before leaving they told me that they’d come back someday. At first I was afraid to talk about this. I was afraid no one would believe me, even you... I only talked to my family about it. But when this thing of the jets happened, I worried. Maybe this has to do with the beings down there, and I know, I felt, that they are good, harmless. I feel they mean us no harm, and knowing all this might be important I decided to talk and let you know what had happened," Mercado finally said.

We know another man, a high ranking military officer in the west area of Puerto Rico, who was supposedly abducted and taken to this same underground UFO base by this same type of aliens. Therefore, we can’t reveal his name here, to prevent any harassment to him, but everything he says complies with the details given to Mr. Carlos Manuel Mercado, specially the place where the mountain slope opens down to the purported alien base, El Cayúl mountain.

There’s also a woman who resides in Lajas and works with the Lajas municipal government who was abducted by these same type of "gray" aliens. According to her she was examined by them and taken to an underground base under the Sierra Bermeja, pinpointing the same location for the ‘entrance’ in ‘El Cayúl’ mountain. All these are independent witnesses who do not know each other, but have given the same type of details pertaining to the base and to the ‘entrance’.

  Laguna Cartagena... Is there really an alien base there?

As we can see, there’s enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that something strange and very important pertaining to the UFOs is going on in the southwest of Puerto Rico, specially in the Lajas-Cabo Rojo area. As more incidents happen, more the people there believe there’s a UFO base in the area. Recently, a source gave us and other Puerto Rican investigators a sketch on what he purports is a joint U.S. / Alien UFO base under the Sierra Bermeja - Laguna Cartagena area he had access to.

Another source, a man we consider very serious and responsible, told us how he accidentally gained access, together with a fisherman friend from La Parguera whose last name was Vega, to this supposed facility through an apparently concealed ventilation shaft located near the premises. Our witness, whose name we can’t reveal for security reasons that will be logical to the readers after reading a little further in this article, explained that there really are aliens down there and that they had also seen U.S. military soldiers down there. Scared, they fled the place worried about having seen something maybe they shouldn’t have.

Our source returned to the site some days later and found the alleged opening sealed with a heavy concrete slab. Some days later his friend, the fisherman, was found dead hanging from a small nail imbedded in the wall of his home in La Parguera. According to the authorities he hung himself from the nail with one of his shoe laces. The strange thing was that his hands were free and the nail from which he supposedly hung himself was very low over his head. Also, no one could explain how such a small nail could hold his weight. We investigated this and the dead man’s brother, fisherman Víctor "Lindo" Vega, who works in La Parguera and who we knew already as a witness to other UFO incidents there, explained that no one in the family could understand his brother’s death: " My brother didn’t drink any alcohol until after having seen whatever he saw down there in the mangroves and the aerostat, nor used any drugs, he wasn’t depressed and didn’t have any emotional or sentimental problems, and he was in good health. So, why do this? I don’t know, but something isn’t clear in all this", ‘Lindo’ said.

In the last months of the year 1992 a strong disinformation program was set forth by Mr. Aníbal Roman, the director of the Mayaguez area Civil Defense Agency office and police Lieutenant Rodríguez, from the Lajas police headquarters, using all the Puerto Rican TV, radio and press media in order to show as lies and fabrications the reports by the witnesses and investigators about the UFOs and aliens seen in the area and ridicule the situation, this together with officers from the U.S. Wildlife and Fishing Service, such as Mr. Fred Schaffner.

As this was being done by Román, his supervisor, Colonel José A. M. Nolla, Director of the Puerto Rico Civil Defense State Agency, sent an internal directive order to all the regional offices in P.R. stating the guidelines for a secret investigation on the UFO situation in the island by the Civil Defense Agency and stating in the memo that the situation pertaining to the UFOs and USOs sightings in Puerto Rico was real and important. Copy of that directive was given to us by a source within the Civil Defense Agency. The source explained the findings, even after stating they were the responsibility of the agency, were really for analysis by the U.S. Defense Department. and the U.S. Air Force. In that way, this military agencies would not be seen as officially involved with the UFO investigation.

Also, recently, Colonel Nolla, who used to be the liaison officer of the Puerto Rican U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard with the Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA], similar to the CIA in U.S. military, stated under oath in a hearing at the Senate of P.R. that the military and the Civil Defense Agency had been investigating the many UFO sightings and cattle mutilations that had been happening in Puerto Rico since year 1975.

  The disinformation program is exposed

By those same days, Mr. Freddie Cruz, Director of the Civil Defense Agency of Lajas, exposed this disinformation program by Roman and RodrIguez in an interview we made to him on an important UFO incident he and several other people witnessed on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 28, 1992, when they all saw a jet fighter chasing a flying saucer in the area.

"It happened at 5:00 P.M., - he said-, ...I was repairing my truck here and we heard a jet flying low. One of the kids said "Hey!, look at that thing! We all looked up and saw a thing like a flying saucer being chased by a military jet [we showed all the witnesses several military jet aircraft photographs, and according to all of them it was an f-14 Tomcat]. The saucer was metallic, silvery, very polished, and it was as if playing with the jet.

"It was a little bigger than the jet, not much [it must have been about 70 ft. in diameter]. It would stop in the air suddenly and as the jet was about to catch on with it, it would move ahead very fast, stopping farther away. The saucer was just that, a flying saucer, like two flattened dishes joined by the rims, and it had a dome on top. At the last moment, as the jet was again about to reach it, the saucer split in half! The upper part became apart from the lower part and then each part or section flew away, one to the southwest and the other to the east. The jet remained there circling the area as if not knowing what to do, and then flew away to the east."

Cruz stated: "This convinced me I should say what I knew on the situation. It’s unfair to continue the disinformation by Roman and the others. Currently, there’s a secret investigation being made by the Civil Defense Agency of Puerto Rico. And I know everything is true, because I’ve seen the UFOs myself."

At this point Cruz revealed to us other important events he had witnessed, together with several other people. "Last November [1991], the police received a tip about an expected arrival of illegal aliens in boats coming from the Dominican Republic in ‘El Papayo’ beach sector, located between La Parguera, Lajas, and Guánica, a little more to the east. While there, at 9:00 p.m., we saw a big bright star in the sky. Suddenly the star began coming down very fast, and it was a huge thing! ...A UFO, a flying saucer the size of a stadium! It was very bright, with colored lights all around it.

"It remained there motionless at about 25 ft. from the sea surface. It was big, real big, and remained there for about half an hour. Then, it flew upwards very fast and disappeared in the sky. That really shook us up. I’ll be honest, when that thing came down I crawled down under my truck and remained there until it left.

"Also, Martin, we have surveyed the Laguna Cartagena and have seen brightly colored ovoid and round objects as they over-fly the place doing closed angle turns... and sometimes they enter it and disappear underwater! The UFOs are there, they really are! So, that’s why I can’t remain silent while Roman and the others ridicule and make fun of the people who have seen this things here! It’s not fair. Our people say what they’ve seen because they know that whatever is going on here is important. I know most of these people and they are serious, honest and decent people, and they deserve some respect."

Finally, Mr. Cruz stated that: "There are UFOs in the Laguna Cartagena, and something weird is going on in the aerostat radar facilities! If not, why does NASA white trucks have to enter the aerostat premises at about 2:00 a.m. in the morning, escorted by military omni [hummers] jeep vehicles, at a time when no one sees them? Why do this in such a concealed way? What does NASA has to do with the anti-drug war? Nothing that we know of. To me there’s an alien base around here and the authorities know about it or something, and they don’t want anyone else to get into the matter."

As a matter of fact, a high ranking police officer from the zone, explained confidentially to us that when the policemen who were selected the security at the entrance of the road to the aerostat installation were debriefed, this was done by American federal agents [supposedly from the FBI], and he, as well as the policemen, were all surprised by the many UFO and alien related questions they made to them. They would ask some things pertaining to the policemen’s experience and personal questions, but all of a sudden they’d change their line of questioning to such as the following: Have you seen UFOs or flying saucers? Have you been contacted by aliens? Do you believe in UFOs? Has anyone in your family had a UFO experience? From time to time this type of questioning would come out in their interviews and debriefings, while also using a polygraph or lie detector on the policemen during the questioning sessions.

As we said before, all this is circumstantial evidence, but circumstantial evidence that when analyzed together and logically, strongly suggests the possibility of there really being an alien base in the zone. The mentioned facts are but a small percentage of the many UFO / alien related incidents there. For us to report on all the information on the situation would require an entire book, but for the interested reader this report will give a general idea of the importance of what is currently happening in the southwest region of Puerto Rico.

But let's see some other cases from other regions of Puerto Rico.

  UFO chase in "El Yunque"

This incident happened on July 4, 1989, and several witnesses who live in the Sabana / Yuquiyú sector of the town of Luquillo, an area next to the National Caribbean Rain Forest, in the east of the island, were able to see when a UFO described as "...a bright star-like oval object" was chased by two jet fighters that were scrambled from the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, in Ceiba, next to the area.

According to Mrs. Rosa Dávila de Quiñones, resident in the Sabana sector [the only witness willing to be identified for the report], that night there was an electrical power blackout in the area and she was talking about it with her neighbors when they all saw at about 8:30 P.M. the UFO flying over the National Caribbean Rain Forest and the El Yunque mountain [famous for the many UFO sightings and incidents that have occurred there]. According to them the UFO was very bright and had an oval shape. "At first it looked like a very big and brilliant white-blue star, but then it began moving fast and doing several high speed angle turns and that’s when we all realized it was something strange, something not normal", said Mrs. Dávila.

She continued explaining that after several passes and turns over the mountains there in the rain forest, the UFO began descending, heading directly in a 45 degrees angle toward El Yunque mountain, and then, they all saw two jet fighters approaching the area from the east, heading towards the UFO. All witnesses were sure that the jet fighters had been sent from the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, and saw them closing in on the luminous object. At that moment the UFO changed course at high speed and lit up more brightly with a white light, disappearing in the sky over the Pitahaya Mountains, to the southeast of the Luquillo Mountain range, still being chased by the jet fighters. All the neighbors were astonished as to what they had seen.

Coincidentally, I was in the El Yunque sector that same day checking on other things reported to me pertaining to UFOs there, and because of that I’m a witness to the electrical power failure in Rio Grande and Luquillo, but unfortunately, I left the place at 7:30 P.M. and missed the UFO / jet fighters incident, otherwise I would have been able to videotape it with my video camera.

  "Ball of light" in Guavate

On Friday, June 22, 1990, Mr. José Antonio Valdés, his wife Matilde and a military officer friend of theirs who was visiting them at their home, were all witnesses to another startling UFO encounter.

That evening, at 6:30 P.M., the two men were making some repairs at Valdés’s wooden house in the "Los Piñeros" sector, in Guavate, Cayey, this in the eastern-central part of the island of Puerto Rico [see map], when all of a sudden they saw a big strange "ball of light" fly over Valdés’s house at great speed. The "ball" was described by them as "a round ball of bright yellow light with a very bright red light in its center." No more details could be observed on the UFO by them. According to the witnesses the "ball of light" was flying horizontally "on a northeast to southwest trajectory", and as soon as it had passed over them, "four military jets appeared as if trailing or chasing it at great speed."

The jets were described as of "... a strange blue-gray metallic color, with two booster engines and all of them had their wings positioned backwards and flew very fast". This description fits with that of U. S. Navy F-14 Tomcat jet fighters. "The jets were flying very low over the area and circling in the sky- according to the witnesses - as if searching for something, then they left in the same direction the ball of light took, to the southwest, and disappeared." The apparent size of the UFO was estimated as three times the size of the jets they all saw. So, if the F-14’s are about some 62 ft. long, then the UFO’s size must have been at about 180 ft. approximately.

"Only five or six minutes had elapsed after the jets flew over the area when we all saw a big jet with a round flattened thing on top fly over the sector and in the same direction the UFO and the jet fighters had previously taken," said Valdés. According to the military officer there, which we interviewed on the incident, that last big jet was an AWAC radar jet, and he, as well as the other witnesses were sure that the UFO was being chased by both the jet fighters and the AWAC jet, all of them coming surely from the east, from the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station. The officer stated being sure that what he saw was a pursuit and search operation by the jet fighters and the AWAC jet.

"I come frequently to this area, and this is not the first time I see UFOs here. On many occasions you can see this objects flying around and suddenly they descend into certain mountain areas and disappear there. To me these military aircraft, specially the AWAC, was trying to locate the place this objects possibly go into in this area. Maybe they go underground here someplace, and that’s what they are checking out," said the officer.

The UFO they all observed was totally soundless and very bright. Similar UFOs have been observed in the Guavate region frequently, and I’ve investigated a number of the sightings reported. We have the officer’s name and address, but he asked us not to disclose his name or rank because of fear of possible harassment due to his position. For those interested, we have several witnesses of our interview with him on this incident willing to come forward and verify what he said to us, should there be any need to do so.

  "Playful" UFO

On June 28, 1990, Mr. Jose Rodríguez, resident in the sector of Barrio Playita, in Yabucoa, east of the island, also near to the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, saw another surprising chasing of a UFO by U.S. jet fighters. "The UFO played with the jets, out-dodging them at great speed for a couple of minutes, and then flew off very fast and disappeared to the southwest, still being followed by the jets from a distance", he said during an interview.

  Encounter next to a Navy Communications Base in Juana Diaz

The following account was given to us by a confidential source, a military officer stationed at the U.S. Army Reserve and Communications Base of Fort Allen, in Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico, in the south. It had to do with yet another UFO / jet fighters encounter. After agreeing not to disclose his name or rank he explained what happened in that base in the night of July 18, 1990, at 12:10 A.M.

According to the officer, that night the soldiers and officers at the base were all in their barracks, except for those involved with their duties, when suddenly the base perimeter became lit with a powerful white light. Our source explained that at that very moment a high ranking officer gave the order through the base intercom system for "...everyone to stay indoors and not to come out of the barracks or any other base facilities under any circumstances."

The light was very bright, but when the order was given he was already looking out trough a window. What he saw gave him a shock.

"In an area to the coast, just over the base and a little to the south there was a brightly lit disc-like object. It was circular and metallic looking...as if it was made of aluminum -he stated- and it had what seemed like many windows on its center edge with yellowish-white lights revolving in them. At the underside of the object there was a round turbine like protrusion with many colored lights revolving around it [see drawing by officer], and from underneath the object a very bright beam of white-pinkish light was issuing, going downwards as if searching for something. That same light was the one illuminating the base perimeter."

He stood there for a moment, not believing his own eyes, he explained, when all of a sudden "...I heard the loud sound of jet engines and two jets flew at great speed over the base. To me [a man with military aircraft knowledge] the jets were of the F-18 type, and were scrambled from somewhere to check on the UFO next to the base. As soon as the jets appeared and went into the UFO’s direction, the object departed at great speed to the west with the sound of rushing wind, being followed by the jets. Those jets must have been scrambled from the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, because for all I know, there are no F-18s in the Muniz National Guard Air base in Isla Verde. By the way, those F-18s must be from a carrier participating in the UNITAS military exercises being done in Roosevelt Roads and Vieques island, because regularly, there are no F- 18s in Puerto Rico. "

What he said next surprised me: "Something big is happening here with all this UFO activity. Recently, all the military personnel in Fort Allen was shown several videos in which we were informed on the reality of UFOs. They showed an old black and white movie about a UFO crash that supposedly happened in New Mexico many years ago, and we all saw the craft, that was semi-buried in the ground in a 45 degrees angle, and there were several bodies of the UFO’s crew. According to what they showed to us these beings were about 5 ft. tall, thin, very pale and had big bald heads. They had big round eyes and a small nose, but I don’t recall any mouths nor ears.

"They also showed us another video of UFOs allegedly filmed by them around the island. They wanted us to know that UFOs are real, but they wouldn’t elaborate when asked about more details. You know; to me what they wanted [the officers briefing them on the UFOs] was for us to know this was real and that this beings are not perfect, that they are fallible, that their crafts do crash and they also die, that they are not invulnerable. Apparently they wanted to condition us to the idea that they exist and to accept the possibility of someday having to intervene with them. The officers wouldn’t say that these were alien crafts or anything like that, just that they were real and that the government is keeping a close eye on them. Finally; they told us that they are expecting something big, they wouldn’t explain what, but it had to do with this, and that if that happened we would have to deal with the situation and with the people, the public", said the officer.

This confidential report was later confirmed by two other independent military sources that approached us in the UFO Photo Exhibit we shared with Mr. John Timmerman, from CUFOS, in Plaza Las Américas Shopping Mall, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the week of August 13 -18,1990. They stated that special military groups in the island have been receiving official briefings on the UFO situation since 1988, the year in which the jet fighters were abducted by the huge triangular shaped UFO in Cabo Rojo and San Germán.

  UFO chased by helicopters in Caguas

At 5:30 P.M. of December 19, 1990, Mr. Mario Orlando Rodríguez, resident in the Bairoa Park urban development, in Caguas, to the center-east of Puerto Rico, saw something that he’ll never forget. According to his report, on that afternoon he was working at home in his studio [he is a free lance graphic commercial artist] when he heard the sound of helicopter engines flying very low over the his house. Curious, he went outside to see what was going on, and to his surprise and amazement he witnessed something he never expected to see:

"When I came out I saw military dark green helicopters with no markings, numbers or I.D.s flying very low over the houses. They seemed like the ordinary choppers used by the P.R. National Air Guard. One of them had an opening on it’s side and there was a man clinging out tied up or strapped with some type of belt. The man was shouting something that I couldn’t hear because of the helicopters engines, and he was pointing in a specific direction. When I looked in that direction there was a weird thing there... It was something like a big ball, like a big pearl with a yellowish aura surrounding it, and in the center, in the interior, there was like a reddish light [see drawing by Rodríguez]. It was a UFO, there’s no doubt in my mind about it. The UFO was flying in a southeast to northwest trajectory and the helicopters were chasing it."

We asked Rodríguez if he could say anything on the UFO’s dimensions and he replied that: "That thing was as big as a jumbo 747 airliner compared to the helicopters. And the strangest thing was that it was flying totally noiseless, no noise at all."

Zahíra Milagros Larregoity, a13 years old girl, another witness to the incident, explained that "I was coming to Mario’s house to ask for some ice, and suddenly I saw this big ball of yellow light flying overhead noiselessly and it flew over the mountain and disappeared, then I saw that there were some helicopters chasing it in the same direction. It was a very beautiful light. Something nice to see."

The mountain over which this happened is north to the Bairoa Park and Mirador Bairoa urban developments area, and in previous occasions other UFOs have been sighted over that same mountain. On one occasion I myself was witness to one such sighting in November, 1981.

The helicopters involved must have been either from the P.R. National Air Guard or from Roosevelt Roads, but neither of them would acknowledge such an incident or their participation in the chase. An interesting detail is that the object seen by Rodríguez is similar to the one seen by José Antonio Valdés, his wife Matilde and the military officer in Guavate, Cayey, some months before.

  "Electrical UFO" in Carraízo

For the readers to have a further idea on the importance of the type of incidents happening in Puerto Rico, we'll elaborate here on a shocking incident that happened in March,1991, in the town of Trujillo Alto.

It was the night of Sunday March 17, 1991. Everything was quiet and normal in the Carraízo sector of the town of Trujillo Alto. But just after midnight there was a sudden explosion of lights, colors and a strange strong sound.

For many miles around, the night darkness became lit and very bright with a light of incredible proportions. At the distance, it could be seen how the night sky had acquired an intense turquoise-blue color, and at the same time the electrical power failed in several sectors miles away from the place. At once everything was illuminated in a very bright greenish light that at once changed to orange light. Adding a spectacular touch to this all, a bright white ray of light could be seen projecting itself up into he sky, moving from left to right and vice versa, in a fanlike motion and with uniformity. This was seen by thousands of witnesses for miles around Trujillo Alto. However, those nearer to the area, and those in high places in the sectors of Rio Piedras, Carolina and Trujillo Alto, saw something even more spectacular.

Directly over an electrical power substation located just behind the El Conquistador urban development, in Carraízo sector, was an immense circular UFO, motionless in mid air and radiating an intense amount of light. Many residents of El Conquistador could see how the sub station electrical energy was being attracted by the strange craft above it. Something like an energy curtain was seen around the sub station, and in that "curtain" you could see the electrical energy flowing into the underside of the huge object. It just took some moments for people to congregate in the surroundings of the electrical substation, while many others called to the police or radio stations to report what was happening or asking for information on the phenomenon they were seeing.


One of those present there, Mr. Josue Marrero, described everything as something out from a Steven Spielberg film: "That was huge. And the light was as intense as sunlight. It was as if night had suddenly become day. And the electrical energy was going up in a wall of sparks and electrical discharges going upwards. I’ve never before seen anything like that! I even had to take my eyes away from it, the light was too bright and hurt them."

Mr. José Miranda, another witness that lives in Diego Velázquez Avenue, in El Conquistador, stated that: "What I saw when I looked through the back window after the bright light engulfed it all, was something of which I could only see about a fourth of its size and shape. It was motionless there in the sky and to me it was something round, some strange type of craft with a shiny nickel like metallic round edge and at the underside, that is the side I could see most of, following that edge was a thin line of phosphorescent green light and next to that one more to the center there was another one of blue-violet phosphorescent light and at its center that very powerful bright white light, like soldering light [see drawing by witness]. I saw that and electrical rays, discharges going up, in colors, something like that. All this area was as if in daylight, and the light changed from green to blue to orange...like that. I saw it up there for about 30 seconds...and when the electrical power failed completely that thing shot away to the north at great speed. I ran to the front window to see and it was already gone.

"My wife, who had seen part of what happened, was screaming in her bed due to the impression it made on her, because we had never seen a craft as big as that one so close and hanging there over our houses. That thing easily would cover most of these area because it was so big...It was enormous, huge. It was nothing like an airplane or anything like that. To me what I saw was an alien craft, something not normal...something not from this planet."

His neighbor, Mr. Rafael Benítez, a professional psychologist we know personally, added on what he saw: "When I looked out the rear window, because everything was as if in daylight and the electrical power was gone, I saw something with three very big bright light sources in it’s center under it. I also saw like a wall of electrical rays going upwards, like thousands of minute electrical capillaries, thin electrical discharges going up, and you could hear a chhh, chhh, chhh sound, something like when you hear the static electricity, something like that. The wall of electricity was wider on it’s base and as it went up to that thing in the air it became thinner. Around that thing there was something like a cloud surrounding it.

"That thing I saw was not anything I know from earthly technology. The lights were so intense...like spotlights shining downwards, but really intense, blinding. To me what I saw was an alien craft that visited us, absorbed the station’s electrical energy, they charged whatever they wanted to recharge in their ship, maybe they had energy problems, and they left."

Danny Rodríguez, a young man who lives next to the substation, also saw the incredible light effects there when the systems blew up, but unfortunately he did not look up above his house, not seeing the objects many others saw there. But he remembers clearly that after the incident ended, he could see for several minutes a strange green phosphorescent beam of light that was coming down from the sky in a 45 degrees angle towards the substation. The light beam was coming from the northwest. "It was like a powerful flashlight beam of light coming from the sky, and it stood there for some minutes. Something unnatural happened here," he said.

Mr. Genaro Bigas, also a neighbor who resides in the Diego Velázquez Avenue, explained that when he went to his balcony to see what was happening, he saw, over his ceiling something extending over it "...something like a huge semicircle of about 180 degrees. It was standing there in the air over our houses. At the moment I saw it was rather dark at the underside and it was flashing bright orange lights from its sides all around it. That was the source of the light that was illuminating everything here. That was something solid up there, because you could see on it’s rim some orange lights, and then above it you could see the clouds and the sky, but from the rim inwards you could see a solid dark surface. Then, after that some very bright white lights appeared there at it’s underside in the center of it [see drawing by witness].

"What I saw is compatible with what is called traditionally a flying saucer. It was huge, real big, as big as most of this urban residential area, but it was up there, motionless. How could that be, that thing up there just standing there in the air? It must have been very heavy... It was just incredible, but we all saw it. Another thing is that while that thing was up there, you could feel like a heat sensation, when it left the area we all felt a refreshing gust of wind at the same moment.

"I’m sorry I didn’t come out completely, to have a better look at it, but maybe it was our protection instinct that prevented me from doing so. This I can tell, if it was something alien it wasn’t hostile, because it didn’t harm us, except for the damages to the substation."

Mrs. Evelyn Suárez, resident in Colinas de Fairview, also in Trujillo Alto, but some 3 miles away from where the incident occurred, was able to see the object suspended over El Conquistador sector: "What I saw was huge, enormous. It was round and its outer metal looked like copper, with an orange luminosity all around it. If you saw the movie Starman, the UFO in it was something like a huge globe of red-orange light with many lights, it was something just like that. It also had green, and other colored lights around it. And I’m sure there were other smaller luminous objects all around it, close to it. Oh!, that was a hell of a craft, that is the best way to describe it to you. I never expected to see something like that, never."

José and Sonia Adorno, who live on floor 15 of Los Cedros Condominium, also in Trujillo Alto, about 5 miles away, revealed they saw it all from their apartment. She commented: " It was about 12:20 A.M., and suddenly everything became very bright. When we looked out we saw that something very big and round in the air surrounded by some kind of cloud. There was a bright yellowish - bluish light going up from the ground to something like a huge platform that was up in the air over El Conquistador. It was something round and a little flattened at the top with yellow- orange light all around it. I was frightened by what I saw, and my husband said that it was nothing, maybe only a malfunctioning electrical transformer, but it was not that, it was something weird. Then that thing flew away to the north and disappeared at great speed.

"It was something huge. I would compare it’s size with that of the Trujillo Alto Plaza Shopping Center’s parking lot, but of course, that at the distance I was seeing it. That’s how huge it was. I had never seen anything like that. Many more people must have seen it also." Sonia was right, because her neighbor, Mrs. Rosa Flores, saw it too.

Ramses Díaz, a youngster who lives in the Ciudad Universitaria urbanization, in the outskirts of Trujillo Alto, also saw it together with his brother: "It was luminous - he said - , something huge in a cloud, real big. A big ball of orange light with many smaller lights on it. I called the National Weather Service in Isla Verde, and their forecaster told me there was no electric storm that night and that they couldn’t explain what the people were describing and was happening. After it happened, I contacted CUFOS , in Illinois, USA, and talked with Mr. John Timmerman, who sent me some report forms for me to fill and specify the details of what I saw. He said that if what I was describing was accurate, what we saw was a UFO."

Mr. Sergio Serrano saw it all from the gas service station he works at in De Diego street, in Sabana Llana, Rio Piedras. "I saw that thing as it flew over us going to Trujillo Alto. It was coming from the El Yunque sector." The witness described the object similar to the other witnesses.

Many residents of the Covadonga Residential area, in Trujillo Alto, among them Miss Elizabeth Torres, also saw the incredible sight. "It was beautiful! - she said - It was a big flying saucer. When everything became illuminated we came out to see and we saw that big thing there in the air standing motionless over the mountains, over Carraízo. It was a saucer, very big, with orange light and smaller lights changing colors all around it. Beautiful! All this place was full of people seeing that thing there."

Mr. Luis Rodríguez, a security guard that patrols the premises of a company in Carolina, next to the Travenol company, stated he saw the object as it was flying over very fast to the west, towards Trujillo Alto. He stated that it was huge, like an orange ball of light with many smaller colored lights on it, and that it seemed to come from the west. "That thing came from El Yunque. It was immense. I still get nervous when I think on what I saw’", he explained.

Mr. Enzo Rizzo, who lives in the Los Olmos Condominium, in Rio Piedras, some 6 miles away from Carraízo, reported having seen the incident too, observing "...the object and it’s great luminosity, as well as a series of very potent and bright beams of white light coming out from the top of it and projecting themselves up into space while moving in a fanlike motion." Rizzo, an Italian who had come to Puerto Rico by those same days, said he had never before in his life seen anything like what he saw in the night of Sunday 17, March,1991. "It was an incredible sight, something out of this world.", he said.

  Electrical power system repair brigades

The next day, several brigades from the Puerto Rico Authority of Electrical Energy were repairing the damages at the substation, which amounted to $355,000.00 in losses. Burned out electrical posts, several high voltage power lines and a number of burned out transformers were among the equipment damaged. We interviewed two supervisors and engineers of the Puerto Rico Energy Authority there on what occurred, Mr. José Luis García and Mr. Orlando Lozada.

According to Lozada: "We still can’t explain what caused all this damages. There was no reason for this to happen as it did. First, there was a very powerful short circuit due to an apparent contact between two high voltage lines that were far enough from each other to prevent that from happening... but it happened somehow."

Technically, his answer already implied that there was a mysterious factor involved with whatever happened. But there was another question; if what happened was a short circuit, as it was explained officially, why weren’t the systems turned off by the security systems that prevent that from happening, instead of allowing the electrical energy to continue to flow as it did for several minutes, increasing the amperage to an astounding level?

To this, engineer García answered that: "This station has an automatic system to prevent that. As soon as there is an overcharge it is supposed to cut off the energy flow. If it fails to do this, there is an alternate one that cuts off the energy. However, what happened here was of such a magnitude that neither emergency system responded. This caused an extreme energy overcharge, and the energy level went to infinite. That explains the damages here..."

Another supervisor there said that: "What happened just wasn’t natural. There is no explanation for how things happened here last night."

After making contact with "a high positioned supervisor of the Electrical Power Authority agency he confided to us that "The controllers or "raisers" failed to function there, and the type of failure that happened there is not a common one, even more there, where the equipment has a good maintenance. We call that type of discharges ‘shoot-outs’, and in this case , because of the raisers failing to operate we called it just that, a shoot-out. But in Puerto Rico there are many ‘shoot-outs’ due to unknown and mysterious causes. Something that could explain this is what an employee told me pertaining to similar occurrences in Arecibo [about 40 miles from San Juan]. He explained to that he saw when a flying saucer came down and began absorbing energy from another substation there in Cruce Dávila, in Barceloneta, next to the Abbot Pharmaceutical Labs. compound, with effects similar to those seen in Trujillo Alto."

Everything indicates that a huge UFO was really observed by numerous witnesses in Trujillo Alto and neighboring communities, a UFO that apparently controlled somehow the substation emergency systems to prevent them from cutting off the energy flow. The subsequent great energy overcharge was apparently what this object or craft was looking for, maybe to recharge some internal systems or for something else we can’t even imagine at this moment. The important thing here is that up to this moment more than a hundred witnesses of this important sighting have surfaced already, all of them giving accurate similar descriptions of the object seen there, witnesses as far as 10 miles apart from each other who don’t even know each other, and the National Weather Service confirmed that there was no electrical storm in the vicinity of Puerto Rico, as explained officially by government and the Electrical Energy Authority officers, trying to cover up the incident. But to the residents of El Conquistador and of the Carraizo community one thing is clear: they are sure that they were visited by an alien craft, possibly from extraterrestrial origin.

  Peripheral phenomena

In addition to the sighting several other phenomena were reported:

  1. A number of residents in El Conquistador with ceiling fans in their homes reported that the fan’s arms were bending upwards while the UFO was above their homes, as if a strong magnetic force attracted them.

  2. Other witnesses say that their table fans began circling backwards, returning to normal after the UFO departed.

  3. Some witnesses’ telephone answering machines began working on their own and releasing their recorded messages.

  4. A lady resident in El Conquistador and a relative of witness José Miranda, who has a metal plate in her head due to a brain surgery, states that for as long as the UFO was there she felt a very sharp pain in her head, feeling better when it left the place.

  5. On the next day, after having seen the phenomenon and the UFO there, a 17 years old girl levitated, floating in her room, this being seen by her mother.

Another interesting detail was the behavior shown by the animals in the sector. Many roosters and dogs owned by neighbors there which were known for their noisy behavior remained totally silent all that night until the next day late. They were silent and seemed frightened. At least two special radio talk shows were broadcast for the people to talk on what they had seen and experienced. Most of the accounts were similar to those already presented here.

There are many questions still unanswered about all this important incidents presented in this report, incidents that are only a fraction of the plethora on such cases in the island of Puerto Rico. But without a doubt, this events indicate that the UFO / alien phenomenon is very close to Puerto Rico’s everyday reality.

On the other part, every day we receive more UFO / jet fighters chasing reports and abductions / encounters with aliens reports by credible and reliable witnesses from all around the island, just before finishing this report I received a couple more, but due to lack of space here I can’t present them with their details. Sometimes, due to the amount of UFO activity here, I wonder if Puerto Rico has been selected as a place where open contact with an alien species is tested to check on the psychological and sociological reactions and effects of such a contact. We must remember here that Puerto Rico is a U.S. colonial territorial possession and it is very possible that "someone" could have selected the island for such a test because it is under U.S. jurisdiction, and that would provide for a close scrutiny by the government on the developing situation. Many believe in the U.S. and abroad that there is a secret agreement between the U.S. government and a certain species of aliens, and even tough there’s no specific solid proof on that, there’s a lot of circumstantial evidence that tends to imply just that.

In most of the incidents described in this report the relationship between the UFO situation and the U.S. Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, a principal U.S. military installation in the east of Puerto Rico is evident. Because of that, and pertaining to the increasing number of UFO incidents of all types and the many UFO / jet fighters "chasing" reports, this together with what some witnesses have seen pertaining to UFOs coming out of that naval station, I can’t help but wonder and ask myself: Are the U.S. jet fighters seen with these UFOs chasing them... or are they really escorting them?    



"Jorge Martin has been researching the UFO phenomenon in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for over 25 years. He has investigated and reported on many important UFO incidents that happen on the island, one of the world's most active places in the UFO / Alien enigma..."
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